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Tom Evans Memorial Scholarship

Congratulations to our 2016 Tom Evans Memorial Scholorship recipients!

Skielar Bennett

Kala Wisecup

Crystal Wulf

2016-17 Scholorship Application

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57th Annual Boone County USBC Championship

Current Standings

Final Prize List


Current Average Book


Committee Assignments

Audit/ Finance: Troy Brower, Mike Stout, Diana Wulf

Hall of Fame: Chairperson Alan Baldus, Kathy Ahrens, Troy Brower, Brenda Ross, Diana Wulf

Lane Certification: Les Mills, Tom Larson

Scholarship: Troy Brower, Don Duncan, Tom Larson, Sheri Stephens, Daryl Schwarzenstein

Bylaws: Chairperson Les Mills, Kathy Ahrens, Don Duncan


Manager: Tom Larson

Assistant Manager: Rod Chitty

Awards: Tom Larson, Alan Baldus, Troy Brower

Banquet: Sheri Stephens, Brenda Ross, Don Duncan

Nominating: Chairperson Tom Larson, Don Duncan, Cary Wulf

Publicity & Photos: Chairperson Don Duncan, Diana Wulf, Cary Wulf, Tricia Bennett

Board of Directors

Official Name
Thomas R. Larson
Vice President
Les Mills
Alan F. Baldus
Patricia A. Bennett
Troy D. Brower
Donald L. Duncan
Curtis Maddux
Brenda L. Ross
Cary Wulf
Association Manager
Kathy A. Ahrens

Next Board of Directors Meeting

October 23rd @ 10 AM

Tiger Bowl / Madrid

Boone County USBC ByLaws


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Updated September 7th, 2016