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55th Annual Boone County USBC Tournament WINNERS

5 PERSON OPEN - F & P Sawyers  3468

  • Mike Carr
  • Mike Dooley    
  • Erick Biggs    
  • Curt Maddux    
  • Mike Latta

4 Person Open - Pat Clemons  2737

  • Jared Leeper  
  • Parker Winters    
  • Doug Swanson    
  • Al Glick

4 Person Women - Wiennie Wonderland  2490

  • Diana Wulf   
  • Ashlee Wulf   
  • Deb Sipple   
  • Tricia Bennett

Mixed Doubles 1424

  • Sheri Stephens    
  • Todd Bingman

Open Doubles 1600

  • Joe Stoneburner    
  • Larry Mathews

Open Singles  792    

  • Jody Stephens 

Open All Events   2302 

  • Joe Stoneburner 

Women’s Singles   735 

  • Carlene Aspengren

Women’s Doubles  1346 

  • Pat Cryder 
  • Peggy Duncan

Women’s All Events   2021 

  • Peggy Duncan

President’s Plaque

High Scratch Series  782 

  • Bobby Stephens

Secretary’s Plaque 

High Scratch Game  300 

  • Gary Quade

Director’s Plaque

High Handicapped Series  926

  • Joe Stoneburner

Director’s Plaque

High Handicapped Game 356

  • Joe Stoneburner

Hall of Fame   

  • Sheri Stephens 

Cindi Bushore 

  • Gary Kathman 
  • Lynn White 
  • Randy Eich

General Information

Congratulations to our 2013 Tom Evans Memorial Scholorship recipients!

Alex Anderson

Kristy Carr

Jordan Colvin

Alexander Kokjohn

Ryan Kokjohn

Keith Schreiber


2013 Average Books

Adult Yearbook

Youth Yearbook

Committee Assignments 2013/2014

Audit/ Finance: Chairperson Daryl Faust, Troy Brower and Mike Stout

Hall of Fame:
Men’s: Chairperson Alan Baldus, Troy Brower and Paul Faust
Women’s: Diana Wulf, Kathy Ahrens and Brenda Ross

Lane Certification: Les Mills and Tom Larson

Scholarship: Chairperson Cindi Bushore, Troy Brower, Don Duncan and Sheri Stephens

Bylaws: Chairperson Les Mills, Kathy Ahrens and Don Duncan


Manager: Tom Larson
Awards: Tom Larson, Alan Baldus and Troy Brower
Banquet: Sheri Stephens, Brenda Ross and Don Duncan

Nominating: Chairperson Tom Larson, Don Duncan and Daryl Faust

Publicity: Chairperson Don Duncan, Diana Wulf, Cary Wulf and Tricia Bennett

Youth Committee: Sheri Stephens, Rod Chitty, Kala Wisecup and Thomas Holmberg

Scholarship Tournament: Alan Baldus and Cindi Bushore

Board of Directors

Official Name
Thomas R. Larson
Youth Committee Member
Thomas Holmberg
Kala R. Wisecup
Vice President
Cindi Bushore
Alan F. Baldus
Patricia A. Bennett
Troy D. Brower
Donald L. Duncan
Daryl L. Faust
Les J. Mills
Brenda L. Ross
Cary Wulf
Youth Director
Rodney A. Chitty
Sheri L. Stephens
Association Manager
Kathy A. Ahrens


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Updated September 24th, 2013