Tournament Dates                              Entry Fee Team Event

January 31-Feb 1                                      Bowling Fees   $35.00

February 7 -8                                             Prize Fund          40.00

Shifts 1:00 & 3:00 Saturday                              Expenses                   0

           12:00 Sunday                                        Total                 $75.00

                                                                        All Events(optional) $2.00


Entries close January 25, 2009 at Midnight

Team event will be held at Ridgewood Lanes and the Doubles and Singles will be                 held at Family Bowling Center.              

                           Please check preferred time to bowl below and circle event

                       Jan 31  1:00___  3:30 ___  T - D/S             Feb. 1      12:00___ T - D/S

                       Feb. 7   1:00___  3:30___   T - D/S             Feb. 8      12:00___ T - D/S        

        Team Name:______________________________                  ABC            All Events

            1.____________________________________________avg_______ yes__ no__

            2.____________________________________________avg_______ yes__ no__

            3.____________________________________________avg_______ yes__ no__

            4.____________________________________________avg_______ yes__ no__

            5.____________________________________________avg_______ yes__ no__  


Entry Fee Dbls                                                                  Entry Fee Singles                                  Bowling Fees    $ 14.00                                                     Bowling Fees $ 7.00

Prize Fund           16.00                                                     Prize Fund        8.00       Expenses               0.00                                                      Expenses           0.00             

Total                  $30.00                                                      Total              $15.00                                                                              

                              Doubles & Singles                                                ABC







Team Name ___________________ If sixth man is bowling on another team

            Captains Signature_____________________________Phone#________


            All entries must be completed and and turned to the bowling centers or tournament manager by closing date Jan. 25, 2009 no entries will be scheduled without entry form and fees.











1. Team captains must check in the team line up 30 minutes before scheduled bowling time.

2. This is a two division tournament: Class A and Class B both divisions shall be handicapped at 90% of the difference between the bowlers average and 220 (no limit).

3. Team average for class A-- 950 and above, class B 949 and below

    Team average for doubles class A 380 and above, class B 379 and below.

    Individual average for singles and all events class A 190 and above, class B

    189 and below.

4. Multiple entries will be allowed, USBC rule 315 applies. A bowler participating

    more than once in the team or doubles event must use the first score bowled in

    that event for there all-events entry. One entry is allowed for Singles. Two entries

    for Doubles(must change partners). Teams must change at least two bowlers.

    Entries close January 25, 2009 at midnight.

5. A bowler shall use the highest USBC winter book average of 21 games or more. If

    a bowler has no winter average, they must use there highest summer league average.

    A bowler with no winter or summer average must use there current USBC average

    of 21 games or more. If no current average a bowler must use a scratch average

    of 220.

6. It shall be each bowlers responsibility to determine that the submitted average is

     correct. Failure to use the proper average shall disqualify the score. USBC rule 319a-2

     does not apply.

     Rule 319c applies. A bowlers average maybe adjusted upward before participation in  any  

     event if determined the bowlers ability is higher than the entered average. If the assigned                           

     average is not accepted by the bowler, the entry fee shall be refunded.                                                                                                                7.  All entrants must be members of USBC and the Fort Dodge Area BA. Anyone living                                 

     within the jurisdiction of the FDABA that is not a member may participate by paying an 

     affiliate membership fee of $20.00. An affiliate fee of $9:00 shall be charged, if an entrant                           

     produces a valid current USBC card, and lives within the boundaries of the FDABA. No    

     one living out side the boundaries of  the FDABA will be allowed to bowl.

 8. Entries will be scheduled according to requests and order received(if possible).

     Each event will be bowled on a different pair of lanes, all assigned by the tournament

     manager. No changes will be made except for an emergency.

 9. Any player or team arriving after the shifts have started, will be allowed to bowl,

     starting with the frame then being bowled. No frames are to be made up and all

     missed frames will receive a zero score.

10. A tournament entrant will not be allowed to re-bowl a game or series except as

      authorized by the tournament manger when the scores are irretrievably lost from

      an automatic scoring device.

11. Any protests must be confirmed in writing to the tournament manager and within

      24 hours of any infraction. No prize monies will be paid until all protests are


12. All prizes are based on handicapped scores. Prizes will be determined by the number of          

      entries. Prize ratio will be one(1) for every five(5) entries.

13. USBC rules shall cover all other matters not stated in these rules.

      Thank you for bowling in the THIRD Fort Dodge Area USBC BA Championships