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Plaza Bowl - January 31st thru February 8th 2009


Sponsored by:  Clinton USBC BA and Kirchhoff Distribution


2009 Team Event Winners:

Score:  3,622

Pictured Left to Right:  Mark Heppner, John Christiansen, Herb Christiansen, Jim Hickey

(Not pictured:  Zach Huff)

2009 Doubles Event Winners:

Score:  1,593

Pictured Left to Right:  Bryan Stolts, Nick Stolts


2009 Singles Event Winner:

Score:  840

Pictured:  Matt Reinhart

2009 All-Event Winner:

Score:  2,385

Pictured:  Bryan Stolts


2009 Sweet Sixteen Winners

Plaza Bowl - February 21, 2009


2009 Open Winner:

Score:  958

Pictured:  Doug Pennock

2009 Booster Winner:

Score:  793

Pictured:  Jeff King

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