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Iowa State USBC Hall of Fame

On March 14, 1959, the Iowa State USBC BA founded the Iowa Bowling Hall of Fame to perpetuate the names of those men who have displayed outstanding ability in the game of American Ten Pins and who have contributed through meritorious service, to the general welfare and progress of the game in the State of Iowa.

Since that time, the following men have been recognized:

Iowa State USBC BA Hall of Fame Class of 2018
Robert Springs
Meritorious Service
Steve Oneyear
Bowling Ability
Dan Jensen
Special Category
Cedar Rapids
William Seitz
Posthumous Category
Cedar Rapids

Hall Of Fame Class of 2015

** denotes deceased Charter member * denotes deceased

Induction  Year 
Nomination  BIO 
** Frank Bruggeman 1960 Burlington Bowling Ability
** Carl Schmidt 1960 Davenport Bowling Ability
** Roy Simmons 1960 Des Moines

Bowling Ability

** Max Jepson 1960 Clinton Meritorious Service
** H. Pat Finnegan 1960 Muscatine Meritorious Service
** Frank Campbell 1960 Davenport Posthumous
* Frank Stanek 1961 Cedar Rapids Meritorious Service
* Fred Van Allen 1961 Clinton


* Martin Unmacht 1961 Dubuque


* Charles Robinson 1962 Des Moines Meritorious Service
* John White 1963 Sioux City Posthumous
* W.T Ormstom 1964 Waterloo Meritorious Service
* Henry Rieder 1964 Dubuque Posthumous
* C.D. Fellingham 1965 Boone Posthumous
* Moses Robinson 1966 Burlington Bowling Ability
* Renus Lytle 1968 Mason City Meritorious Service
* Art Vinall 1971 Davenport Posthumous
* William Niedert 1972 Waterloo Meritorious Service
* Oliver Bently 1972 Muscatine Posthumous
* Karl Knodle 1973 Boone Bowling Ability
* George Bellingtier 1973 Fort Dodge Meritorious Service
* William Compton 1973 Sioux City Posthumous
* Ed Lenth 1974 Waukon Bowling Ability
* P. John Petersen 1974 Cedar Falls Bowling Ability
* Thomas McLaughlin 1974 Clinton Meritorious Service
* Walter Harmsen 1974 Waterloo Posthumous
* Roy Granneman 1975 West Union Bowling Ability
* Ivan Altman 1975 Newton Meritorious Service
* William Hessel 1975 Dubuque Meritorious Service
* Earl Van Meter 1975 Council Bluffs Posthumous
* Franklin Tate 1976 Clinton Bowling Ability
* Robert Jacobs 1976 Davenport Meritorious Service
* William French 1976 Mason City Posthumous
* Robert Hansen 1977 Waterloo Bowling Ability
* C.N. Nick Pauly 1977 Dubuque Meritorious Service
* Don Taylor 1977 Marshalltown Posthumous
* Merlin Tanner 1978 Dubuque Meritorious Service
* Harold Kauffman 1978 DeWitt Meritorious Service
* Richard Schmitt 1979 Waterloo Bowling Ability
* Charles Rut 1979 Davenport Posthumous
* T.W. Clarken 1980 Fort Dodge Meritorious Service
  Mike Berlin 1982 Muscatine Bowling Ability
* Warren Smith 1982 Davenport Meritorious Service
* Clark Haddy 1983 Cedar Rapids Bowling Ability
* Dr. M.T. Gordon 1983 Creston Meritorious Service
  Ron Yeager 1984 Maquoketa Bowling Ability
* Orlin Peters 1984 Spencer Meritorious Service
* Arnold Reynolds 1984 Waterloo Posthumous
  Ed Albers 1985 Mason City Bowling Ability
* Frank Scherbroeck 1985 Davenport Bowling Ability
* Ben Sywassink 1985 Muscatine Posthumous
* Syd Guest Sr. 1986 Ottumwa Meritorious Service
* Boyd Cook 1986 Clinton Posthumous
* Jack Rigdon 1987 Muscatine Bowling Ability
* Harold Green 1987 Ames Meritorious Service
  Fran Eighme 1988 Waterloo Bowling Ability
  Charles Kutsch 1988 Dubuque Meritorious Service
* Jerry Ramig 1988 Clinton Special Category
* Carl Berry 1988 Vinton Posthumous               Top of page
  Mike Erickson 1989 Dubuque Bowling Ability
* Ward Travis 1989 Council Bluffs Posthumous
  Dale Diamond 1990 Cedar Falls Bowling Ability
* Orville Harbeck 1990 Sioux City Meritorious Service
* Robert Ganahl 1990 Waterloo Special Category
* Walter Schreiber 1990 Sioux City Posthumous
  Bob Goede 1991 Burlington Bowling Ability
* George Harris 1991 Des Moines Meritorious Service
* Calvin Whitmore 1991 Moline, IL Special Category
* Joe Paulline 1991 Clinton Posthumous
Adrian Erickson 1992 Waterloo Bowling Ability
* Louis Kacere 1992 Cedar Rapids Special Category
* Raymond Swanson 1992 Ames Meritorious Service
* James Dixon 1992 Burlington Posthumous
  James Brenner 1993 Davenport Bowling Ability
* Dick Stoner 1993 Fort Dodge Meritorious Service
* John "Jack" O'Brien 1993 Cedar Rapids Posthumous
  Dr. John D. Calisesi 1994 Fort Dodge Bowling Ability
* Lawrence Witt 1994 Clinton Meritorious Service
* Thomas Senatra 1994 Bellevue Special Category
* Rick Eighme 1995 Waterloo Bowling Ability
* Ralph Briles, Jr. 1996 Cedar Rapids Bowling Ability
* Dick Hughes 1996 Mason City Meritorious Service
  Robert Wellner 1996 Davenport Special Category
  John Christiansen 1997 Clinton Bowling Ability
* Willis Harrison 1997 Marshalltown Meritorious Service
* Chris Christy 1997 Iowa City Special Category
  Joe Engelkes 1998 Waterloo Bowling Ability
* Joe Sollazzo 1998 Sioux City Meritorious Service
* Paul Marshall 1998 Burlington Special Category
* Walt Miranda 1998 Des Moines Posthumous
  Denny Torgerson 1999 Maquoketa Bowling Ability
  William Tucker 1999 Davenport Meritorious Service
  Russell Young 1999 Evansdale Special Category
* Ray Langham 1999 Cedar Rapids Posthumous
  Richard Crowe 2000 Ottumwa Meritorious Service
  Chuck Rutledge 2000 Clinton Special Category
* Richard Pepmeyer 2000 Cedar Rapids Posthumous
  Gary Garnaas 2001 Davenport Bowling Ability
  Arden Schoep 2001 Nevada Meritorious Service
* Dirk Wheat 2001 Cedar Falls Special Category
* Ernest "Wayne" Mineck 2001 Cedar Rapids Posthumous
  George Clark 2002 Des Moines Bowling Ability
  R. Jon McKeever 2003 Marshalltown Bowling Ability
  Edgar Wise 2003 Cedar Rapids Meritorious Service
  Marlin Gustin 2003 Royal Special Category
* Jim Eighmey 2003 Iowa Falls Posthumous           
  Joel Carter 2004 Davenport
Bowling Ability
  Gene Skinner 2004 Dubuque
Meritorious Service
* Don Bartlett 2004 Ottumwa
Special Category
* Wilfred "Bud" Norton 2004 Anamosa
Posthumous           Top of page
  Gary Brinker 2005 Waterloo Bowling Ability
* Adrian Skoda 2005 New Hampton Meritorious Service
* Eugene Thornton 2005 Mason City Special Category
* Lyle Jurgensen 2005 Sumner Posthumous
  Don Breeden 2006 Des Moines
Bowling Skill
  Bruce Strom 2006 Waterloo
Meritorious Service
* Fred Brown 2006 Newton Special Category
* Bob Brown 2006 Muscatine Posthumous
  Jim Novak 2007 Cedar Rapids BIO Bowling Skill
  John Kjergaard 2007 Clinton BIO Meritorious Service
  Larry Roberson 2007 Muscatine BIO Special Category
  Doug Anderson 2008 Davenport BIO Bowling Skill
* Jack Craw 2008 Mason City BIO Meritorious Service
* Vince Baldus 2008 Boone BIO Posthumous
  Bob Hochrein 2009 Dubuque
Bowling Skill
  Dennis Peckenschneider 2009 Arizona
Meritorious Service
  Darrell Fremont 2009 Madrid Special Category
* Hal DeWoody 2009 Cedar Rapids Posthumous
  Virg Cerveny 2010 Cedar Rapids BIO Bowling Skill
  Garl McLaughlin 2010 Iowa City BIO Meritorious
Duane Gustin 2010 Spencer BIO Special Category
* Rich Kemme 2010 Waterloo BIO Posthumous
  Ronald Emmett Tragord 2011 Waterloo BIO Bowling Skill
  Dennis Hebdon 2011 Cedar Rapids BIO Meritorious
  Stan Kolbe 2011 Marshalltown BIO Special Category
* Roger Yordy 2011 Waterloo BIO Posthumous
  Roger Wheeler 2012 Cedar Rapids BIO Bowling Skill
  Randy Naber 2012 Muscatine BIO Meritorious
  Tom Scott 2012 Fort Dodge BIO Special Category
* Greg Everett 2012 Evansdale BIO Posthumous
  Michael Peters 2013 East Moline, IL BIO Bowling Skill
  Doug Stouffer 2013 Clinton BIO Meritorious
* Elwin Clark 2013 Terril BIO Posthumous

Marc Lineberry
BIO Bowling Skill

Bob Cochran
Des Moines
BIO Meritorious Service

Merlyn Brown
Spencer Area
BIO Special Category
* John Kehoe
BIO Posthumous

Steve Berry
2015 Vinton BIO Bowling Skill

F. Eugene Logel
2015 Muscatine BIO Meritorious Service

Kevin Link
2015 Bondurant BIO Special category
* Jon "Dub" Cory
2015 Fort Dodge
BIO Posthumous

Bruce Pals
2016Greater Cedar Valley
BIOBowling Skill

Kenny Bern
2016Greater Siouxland
BIOMeritorious Service

Blake Lobdell
2016Mason CityBIOPosthumous

Scott Carpenter2017DavenportBIOBowling Skill

Kurt Krull
2017Cedar FallsBIOSpecial Category

Gary Wegner
2017New Hampton

Robert Springs
2018DavenportBIOMeritorious Service

Steve Oneyear
2018DubuqueBIOBowling Skill

Dan Jensen
2018Cedar RapidsBIOSpecial Category

William Seitz
2018Cedar RapidsBIOPosthumous