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Watch here and use the links provided to view results for state, youth, and mail-in tournaments as they become available.

2022 Iowa State SENIOR WOMEN'S State Tournament
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(Unofficial FINAL Standings - 5/22/2022)
Senior Women Singles Results
Senior Women Doubles Results
Senior Women  All Events Results
Youth State Tournament- (As of 5/7/2022)
Youth Singles Results
Youth Doubles Results
Youth Team Results
Youth All Events Results
2022 Tournament High Game & Series
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2022 IAUSBC Open Tournament Results

 (Unofficial Final As of 5/16/2022)
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Results By Event/Division
Singles Booster
Singles Open Singles Standard
Doubles Booster Doubles Open Doubles Standard
Team Booster Team Open Team Standard
All Events Booster All Events Open All Events Standard
2022 IAUSBC WBA Tournament Results
(As of 5/9/2022)
Final 2022 Singles Handicap
Final 2022 Singles  Scratch
Final 2022 Doubles
Final 2022 Team
Final 2022 All Events Handicap
Final 2022 All Events Scratch
Current Results (Searchable)

Upcoming Events

Event Date
Iowa State USBC 3rd Annual Meeting
June 25th & 26th
Stoney Creek Conference Center
Johnston, IA
Meeting Information
Iowa State USBC 9-Pin Youth Tournament
Des Moines, IA
June 25, 2022
More Information

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$1,000 Youth Scholarship Award Winners. 

Congratulations to the following youth bowlers.  Select the bowler name to go to the Youth Awards & Recognition page. 

We want to extend our congratulations to these four youth bowlers for all the accomplishments they had during their high school careers and wish them well in the next step of their lives.

Ryan Bys - 2022 Iowa State USBC Scholarship - North Liberty

Kelsey Rook - 2022 Iowa State USBC Scholarship - Bloomfield

Chiara Thompson - 2022 Iowa State USBC Scholarship - Forest City

Ethan Zieglowsky - 2022 Iowa State USBC Scholarship - Washington

Visit Youth Awards Page

Iowa State USBC Memorial

Honoring and remembering those who we lost.  Videos available for memorials 2019-2021.

2021 Memorial Video
(Remembering those 2020-2021)

2020 Memorial Video
(Remembering those  2019-2020)

Local associations should send a list of deceased members to memorial@iowabowl.com by March 1st of each year.  This will allow them to be added and remembered on the following year's memorial.

Adrian Erickson Memorial
Scholarship Application

Created in honor of Adrian Erickson who devoted over 60 years of his life to the sport of bowling. At least one $500 scholarship will be awarded each year. Based on number and quality of applications, additional scholarships may be awarded.

Adrian Erickson Memorial Scholarship Application Link

Point & Pay

Tournament fees may be electronically paid for the following tournaments in the  2021-2022 season.

Entry Forms:

2022 IAUSBC OPEN Tournament
2022 IAUSBC WBA Tournament
2021 IAUSBC Mixed State Tournament
2022 IAUSBC Senior Womens  Tournament

Visit the Point & Pay  site to pay your tournament fees.

Completed entry form MUST be emailed or faxed the same day to the IAUSBC Association Manager office..

2021 Iowa State USBC