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(As of  11/15/2022)

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Place Event Team Name Entry Score From
1Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedJagged Edge473,127Greene County USBC
2Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedPin Pals63,119Cedar Rapids USBC
3Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedWalco Mixed643,050Iowa City USBC
4Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedBru's Crew403,028Gr Des Moines USBC
5Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedPocket Punchers583,007Clinton USBC
6Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedScheels Lawn Care103,005Oelwein USBC
6Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedFriends By Choice523,005Clinton USBC
8Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedTombstone Bowl Friends172,995Burlington Area USBC
9Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedRoyal Strikers542,994Clinton USBC
10Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedPro Clean Ballz602,993Iowa City USBC
11Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedRubber Duckies512,991Maquoketa USBC
11Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedWho Gives a Split552,991Clinton USBC
13Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedGutter Ballers492,990Greene County USBC
14Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedThat Ain't It462,983Greene County USBC
15Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedLast Call II232,974Iowa City USBC
16Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedThe Ten Pins162,973Independence USBC
17Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedSplit Person Alley T's622,964Iowa City USBC
18Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedR.I.A. #2782,962Gr Davenport Metro USBC
19Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedPlaza Pro Shop572,944Clinton USBC
20Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedHammers & Hooters482,929Greene County USBC
21Team-Mixed, Div 1, Handicapped1861 Mead32,923Clinton USBC
22Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedSpare Change 1182,922Gr Davenport Metro USBC
23Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedFanatical Bowlers412,918Marshalltown Area USBC
24Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedDenco #7342,901Gr Des Moines USBC
25Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedMisfits442,894Greene County USBC
26Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedDenco #3302,861Gr Des Moines USBC
27Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedBangers632,858Iowa City USBC
28Team-Mixed, Div 1, Handicapped2+252,853Cedar Rapids USBC
29Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedPella Pals #2222,851Pella USBC
30Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedStley Crew692,844Muscatine USBC
31Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedDenco #1282,841Gr Des Moines USBC
32Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedLast Call202,840Iowa City USBC
32Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedDenco #2292,840Gr Des Moines USBC
34Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedCummins MFG612,839Iowa City USBC
35Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedPut Your Finger In It112,837Iowa City USBC
36Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedTaco Socks592,827Iowa City USBC
37Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedMCAC672,818Muscatine USBC
38Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedQuit your Bitchin142,815Clinton USBC
39Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedPin Busters82,812Cedar Rapids USBC
40Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedWho's Carrying Who?502,806Gr Davenport Metro USBC
41Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedJ&B's Girls122,804Iowa City USBC
41Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedSabers Lair Pro Shop432,804De Witt USBC
43Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedSpare Change 2192,802Gr Davenport Metro USBC
44Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedR.I.A #1772,795Gr Davenport Metro USBC
45Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedI'd Rather Be Golfing422,792Clinton USBC
46Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedViper Lanes132,791Oelwein USBC
47Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedNailed It452,784Greene County USBC
48Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedIIIowaCulvert (Loehndorf)532,774Camanche USBC
48Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedPapa's Paradise Campground662,774Muscatine USBC
48Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedMac's Trailer732,774Muscatine USBC
51Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedRose Bowl742,770Muscatine USBC
52Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedRose Bowl #3762,769Muscatine USBC
53Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedExit Realty Group652,763Muscatine USBC
54Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedMae's Crew712,757Muscatine USBC
55Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedAverage Bowlers252,753Mt Pleasant USBC
56Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedThunderbird Lounge562,745Clinton USBC
56Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedDEGA22,745Burlington Area USBC
58Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedPella Pals #1212,744Pella USBC
59Team-Mixed, Div 1, Handicapped2 Poles / 2 Holes72,742Dubuque Area USBC
60Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedTiff's Gang722,730Muscatine USBC
61Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedThe Ball Handlers272,729Fort Dodge Area USBC
62Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedRose Bowl #2752,728Muscatine USBC
63Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedDenco #9362,721Gr Des Moines USBC
64Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedThe Ball Strokers262,719Fort Dodge Area USBC
65Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedBerlin's Pro Shop42,717Muscatine USBC
66Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedDenco #4312,715Gr Des Moines USBC
67Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedDenco #10372,705Gr Des Moines USBC
68Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedIllowa Culvert242,704Camanche USBC
69Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedRoll, Drink, Repeat92,700Gr Cedar Valley USBC
70Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedRibbink Lawn Care682,682Muscatine USBC
71Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedBrown Town702,635Muscatine USBC
72Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedFamily Circus152,630Dubuque Area USBC
73Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedDenco #11382,621Gr Des Moines USBC
74Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedDenco #5322,608Gr Des Moines USBC
75Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedDenco #6332,607Gr Des Moines USBC
76Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedDenco #8352,595Gr Des Moines USBC
77Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedDan's Pro Shop12,592Cedar Rapids USBC
78Team-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedTurkey Bowlers392,538Gr Des Moines USBC
1Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedWohlleber Alexis \ Flake Adam J. 251,639Mt Pleasant USBC
2Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedGraves Becky S. \ Brashaw Robert Jr141,620Clinton USBC
3Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedBloodsworth Shirley L. \ Collins Duane R. 211,587Pella USBC
4Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedStaley Carin A. \ Staley Tim W. 691,566Muscatine USBC
5Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedOlson Lynette R. \ Olson Joel 401,564Gr Des Moines USBC
6Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedKing Johnny L. III \ King Afreya G. 771,555Gr Davenport Metro USBC
7Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedFerguson Jacque S. \ Casady Tod A. 121,554Iowa City USBC
8Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedSturtz Dawn D. \ Sturtz Wayne A. 391,552Gr Des Moines USBC
9Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedMullane Melissa M. \ Mullane Brad J. 601,550Iowa City USBC
10Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedHocke Judy J. \ Berlin Scott M. 41,532Muscatine USBC
11Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedSmith Krystal \ Smith David R. 111,526Iowa City USBC
12Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedMcLaughlin Nicole S. \ McLaughlin Matthew R.501,525Gr Davenport Metro USBC
13Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedAnderson Jill M. \ Anderson Jerry E. 471,524Greene County USBC
13Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedKuehn Norma M. \ Hamilton James L. 581,524Clinton USBC
15Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedMarchand Dolly L. \ Marchand James R. 181,517Gr Davenport Metro USBC
16Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedMyers Kerry \ Myers Ryan 491,515Greene County USBC
17Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedVraspier Christine R. \ Quintana Cristobal P. 611,512Iowa City USBC
18Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedLewis Treasur L. \ Middlebrook Selwyn P. 781,510Gr Davenport Metro USBC
19Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedClemens Amber M. \ Gladwell Ryan K. 741,507Muscatine USBC
20Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedBessine Brooke E. \ Kendall Cory T. 621,506Iowa City USBC
21Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedJones Angie J. \ Launderville Tom M. 441,505Greene County USBC
22Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedMc Chane Tracy A. \ Mc Chane Ronald W. 81,503Cedar Rapids USBC
23Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedMartin Lorenzo L. Jr \ Smith April R. 781,499Gr Davenport Metro USBC
24Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedNiaves Amber N. \ McCleary Sean P. 731,498Muscatine USBC
25Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedMiller Theresa A. \ Miller David B. 231,496Iowa City USBC
25Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedGreve Christine E. \ Greve Paul J. 241,496Camanche USBC
27Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedHartman Christine N. \ Hartman Shaun E. 551,494Clinton USBC
28Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedDolash Tamie S. \ Vest Andrew R. 201,487Iowa City USBC
29Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedWilson Jennifer J. \ Wilson Chad M. 461,485Greene County USBC
30Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedForrest Shannon \ Mellecker Mike 621,484Iowa City USBC
31Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedKrieger Amanda N. \ Krieger Andrew J. 441,483Greene County USBC
32Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedCrawford Tuesday L. \ Crawford Wyatt D. 111,481Iowa City USBC
33Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedFaust Liz \ Faust Thomas A. 161,472Independence USBC
33Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedBingham Cory C. \ Bingham Kaylene R. 491,472Greene County USBC
35Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedManis Sierra L. \ Coggins William S. 581,471Clinton USBC
35Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedGunsch Brooklynn \ Shaw Michael F. 641,471Iowa City USBC
37Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedJones Marsha K. \ Williamson Charles M. 771,468Gr Davenport Metro USBC
38Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedSteines Lacey A. \ Steines AJ 141,467Clinton USBC
39Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedRalston Sara A. \ Ralston Jeffrey "Jeff" L. 181,466Gr Davenport Metro USBC
40Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedWeggen Lee Ann J. \ Weggen Matt 41,458Muscatine USBC
41Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedElkins Amber \ Hartman David M. 541,449Clinton USBC
42Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedVos Carla \ Vos Stanley W. 221,448Pella USBC
42Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedGraham Amy M. \ Ribbink Lee R. 681,448Muscatine USBC
44Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedMcFall April A. \ Grinnall Timothy M. 551,446Clinton USBC
45Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedVick Annette C. \ Vick Daniel "Dan" R. 191,445Gr Davenport Metro USBC
46Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedStoebner Janna M. \ Stoebner Christopher L. 521,443Clinton USBC
47Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedTabor Shawna R. \ Tabor Thomas W. 761,442Muscatine USBC
48Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedCline Cobi T. \ Czerwiec Jennifer L. 691,441Muscatine USBC
49Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedGregerson Lisa D. \ Gregerson Bill C. 281,440Gr Des Moines USBC
49Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedLawrence Donna K. \ Lawrence Kris E. 521,440Clinton USBC
51Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedPace April L. \ Truitt Bryan 761,439Muscatine USBC
52Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedFiebelkorn Kim K. \ Reha Bruce A. 391,437Gr Des Moines USBC
52Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedFarrington-Howrey Vicky J. \ Howrey William 631,437Iowa City USBC
52Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedBudzyn Amanda E. \ Budzyn Edmund D. Jr21,437Burlington Area USBC
55Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedBerndt Debbie A. \ Maben Todd E. 451,436Greene County USBC
56Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedWeber Ben \ Weber Amy S. 101,435Oelwein USBC
56Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedRibbink Mya A. \ Crawford Lorn R. 671,435Muscatine USBC
58Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedHarrah Kayleigh C. \ Adams Brian M. 451,434Greene County USBC
58Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedGriffith Gina R. \ Franz Jeffrey A. 591,434Iowa City USBC
60Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedPol Lana K. \ Duinink Jayme L. 211,428Pella USBC
61Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedBirch Sandy J. \ Tomkins Matt J. 71,427Dubuque Area USBC
62Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedWatkins-Schoenig Jennifer M. \ Watkins-Schoenig N731,426Muscatine USBC
63Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedGregory Cyrilla A. \ Gregory Chad E. 301,424Gr Des Moines USBC
64Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedKrueger Kimberly R. \ Krueger Daniel J. 241,420Camanche USBC
65Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedGregerson Lisa D. \ Ruchti Tony J. 371,419Gr Des Moines USBC
66Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedDominacki Alyssa K. \ Dominacki Robert J. 501,418Gr Davenport Metro USBC
66Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedMoore Kimberly A. \ McFarland James R. Jr631,418Iowa City USBC
68Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedMcCleary Kim S. \ McCleary Jacob A. 741,416Muscatine USBC
69Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedInman Deneil A. \ Inman William E. 171,415Burlington Area USBC
70Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedHickey Maranda S. \ Davis Justin R. 31,412Clinton USBC
71Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedRoss Jennifer K. \ Ross Robert E. 481,410Greene County USBC
71Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedMadsen Lisa L. \ Madsen Kevin R. 701,410Muscatine USBC
73Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedPayton Lisa R. \ Bennett Mark A. 291,409Gr Des Moines USBC
74Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedRogers Don C. II \ Strand Samantha L. 381,408Gr Des Moines USBC
75Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedJack Erika J. \ Jack Douglas K. 231,407Iowa City USBC
76Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedReisner Teresa \ Reisner Hunter W. 131,405Oelwein USBC
77Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedStevenson Ronie L. \ Lankford Dick W. 291,404Gr Des Moines USBC
77Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedIrvin Mary K. \ Irvin Victor D. 321,404Gr Des Moines USBC
79Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedMcDowell Michelle C. \ McDowell Jason E. 461,403Greene County USBC
80Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedWood Chris A. \ Birnbaum Chris V. 261,400Fort Dodge Area USBC
81Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedCrawford Vanessa \ Burns Joshua R. 201,399Iowa City USBC
81Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedGreve Elise J. \ Loehndorf Kas D. 531,399Camanche USBC
83Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedLoehndorf Amanda \ Greve Karl A. 531,398Camanche USBC
83Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedOwen Jesse R. \ Clemens Amber M. 751,398Muscatine USBC
85Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedKunkle Brian \ Kunkle Amanda K. 101,396Oelwein USBC
86Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedVink Louise F. \ Vink Arlyn D. 221,395Pella USBC
86Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedPayton Lisa R. \ Gregerson Bill C. 341,395Gr Des Moines USBC
86Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedFinley Marcia M. \ Folkmann Jordan G. 51,395Cedar Rapids USBC
89Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedMc Bride Cindy K. \ Mc Bride Richard R. 51,391Cedar Rapids USBC
90Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedVick Danelle C. \ Weets Dale A. 191,390Gr Davenport Metro USBC
90Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedLasher Susie C. \ Lasher Richard C. 331,390Gr Des Moines USBC
90Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedBennett Natalie H. \ Gregory Rick E. 361,390Gr Des Moines USBC
93Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedRichards Amber L. \ Richards Jeremy A. 471,388Greene County USBC
94Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedMurphy Olive E. \ Murphy Steve W. 171,387Burlington Area USBC
95Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedCummins Connie M. \ Cummins Robert K. III611,386Iowa City USBC
96Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedVaverka Brenda C. \ Gilbert Michael A. 121,384Iowa City USBC
97Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedLewis Julie N. \ Lewis Rick J. 401,383Gr Des Moines USBC
97Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedPieper Erin N. \ Mc Morran Robert J. 641,383Iowa City USBC
99Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedStevenson Ronie L. \ Bennett Mark A. 351,382Gr Des Moines USBC
99Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedGibson Joe \ Jensen Deje 431,382De Witt USBC
101Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedIsam Samantha J. \ Hooker Jonathan J. 721,380Muscatine USBC
102Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedBrown Chris A. \ Brown Larry W. Jr \ Seiler Jessi701,377Muscatine USBC
102Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedMarshall Gerry G. \ Marshall Dian K. 21,377Burlington Area USBC
104Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedClayton Elizabeth A. \ Clayton Phillip D. Jr481,374Greene County USBC
105Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedDenkman Kortney L. \ Denkman Scott M. 681,370Muscatine USBC
106Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedPitts Jason L. \ Feaker Barbara O. 11,369Cedar Rapids USBC
107Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedLeibfried Peggy M. \ Pregler Zach R. 151,368Dubuque Area USBC
107Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedLosee Linda S. \ Renfeldt Tyler 341,368Gr Des Moines USBC
109Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedBrannen Lisa M. \ Brannen Wayne G. 651,366Muscatine USBC
110Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedMurray Brenda K. \ Cole Michael 511,364Maquoketa USBC
111Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedEdwards Shannon \ Ketelsen Seth 431,363De Witt USBC
112Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedEich Melissa M. \ Schwandt Andy 411,362Marshalltown Area USBC
113Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedThomas Gerry L. \ Gregory Chad E. 361,359Gr Des Moines USBC
114Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedBuck Carey A. \ Owens Sean M. 31,358Clinton USBC
115Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedEastwood Angela J. \ Eastwood Chad A. 271,356Fort Dodge Area USBC
116Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedBieri Tabitha M. \ Bieri Chad M. 661,354Muscatine USBC
117Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedLittlefield Lori J. \ Marquart Dennis J. 91,348Gr Cedar Valley USBC
118Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedDierks Susan I. \ Dierks Roger L. 421,346Clinton USBC
119Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedHonts Ronda L. \ Bodman Fred J. 661,345Muscatine USBC
120Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedCastle Austin K. \ Clemens Mariah 751,341Muscatine USBC
121Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedFranz Cathe M. \ Bunn Dan 591,338Iowa City USBC
122Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedKohl Julie K. \ Dammann Doug R. 71,336Dubuque Area USBC
123Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedWinker Tammy S. \ Winker Arthur C. 91,332Gr Cedar Valley USBC
124Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedHendricks Peggy \ Hendricks Dean 131,321Oelwein USBC
124Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedThurman Betty D. \ Thurman Danny J. Sr321,321Gr Des Moines USBC
126Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedPoldervaart Stacey L. \ Poldervaart Ronald L. 271,317Fort Dodge Area USBC
127Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedLipes Bill L. \ Lipes Roxann R. 331,316Gr Des Moines USBC
128Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedMcfadden Kate J. \ Pregler Bruce D. 151,315Dubuque Area USBC
129Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedReid Debra J. \ Reid Rod R. 81,314Cedar Rapids USBC
130Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedMccormick Carianne E. \ Gregory Rick E. 301,306Gr Des Moines USBC
131Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedAnderson Ray T. \ Pape Katie L. 791,302Clinton USBC
132Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedHunt Amanda M. \ Hunt Bradley B. 511,301Maquoketa USBC
133Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedEagle Brenda L. \ Eagle Wade W. 711,297Muscatine USBC
134Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedStalkfleet Hannah L. \ Stalkfleet Damon L. 671,291Muscatine USBC
135Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedGraham Jen M. \ Graham Curt J. 601,284Iowa City USBC
136Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedRollins Jenn D. \ Rollins Bruce G. 261,280Fort Dodge Area USBC
137Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedMccormick Carianne E. \ Bowers Bryan W. 371,278Gr Des Moines USBC
138Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedBarr Tammy R. \ Griffiths Edward J. 251,277Mt Pleasant USBC
139Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedSeiler Jessica J. \ Rogers Don C. II311,275Gr Des Moines USBC
140Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedStrand Samantha L. \ Moore Kevin M. 311,274Gr Des Moines USBC
141Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedRidinger Jessica M. \ Holliday Dustin R. 711,270Muscatine USBC
142Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedBernard Joanne R. \ Faust Mitchell 161,259Independence USBC
143Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedLosee Linda S. \ Calkins Kenneth G. Jr281,245Gr Des Moines USBC
143Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedNeff Cassandra A. \ Bundy Ryan A. 11,245Cedar Rapids USBC
145Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedKnee Tiffany R. \ Isam Eddie L. III721,242Muscatine USBC
146Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedHutchens Angie M. \ Hutchens Barry R. Jr411,215Marshalltown Area USBC
147Doubles-Mixed, Div 1, HandicappedRibbink Cathy J. \ Ribbink Warren S. 651,214Muscatine USBC
1All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedHamilton James L. 581,649Clinton USBC
2All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedAnderson Jerry E. 471,638Greene County USBC
3All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedHartman David M. 541,604Clinton USBC
4All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedKendall Cory T. 621,602Iowa City USBC
5All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedInman William E. 171,591Burlington Area USBC
6All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedCollins Duane R. 211,571Pella USBC
7All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedLaunderville Tom M. 441,569Greene County USBC
8All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedMcFarland James R. Jr631,568Iowa City USBC
9All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedOlson Joel 401,560Gr Des Moines USBC
10All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedMyers Ryan 491,559Greene County USBC
11All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedMcLaughlin Matthew R. 501,551Gr Davenport Metro USBC
11All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedMiller David B. 231,551Iowa City USBC
13All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedRuchti Tony J. 371,547Gr Des Moines USBC
14All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedBirnbaum Chris V. 261,535Fort Dodge Area USBC
15All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedJack Douglas K. 231,533Iowa City USBC
16All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedFlake Adam J. 251,531Mt Pleasant USBC
17All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedHartman Shaun E. 551,526Clinton USBC
18All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedLawrence Kris E. 521,517Clinton USBC
18All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedGreve Paul J. 241,517Camanche USBC
20All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedShaw Michael F. 641,516Iowa City USBC
20All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedMarshall Gerry G. 21,516Burlington Area USBC
22All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedMcCleary Sean P. 731,507Muscatine USBC
22All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedBingham Cory C. 491,507Greene County USBC
24All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedStaley Tim W. 691,506Muscatine USBC
25All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedFaust Thomas A. 161,501Independence USBC
26All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedRoss Robert E. 481,494Greene County USBC
27All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedGladwell Ryan K. 741,486Muscatine USBC
28All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedKrieger Andrew J. 441,484Greene County USBC
28All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedKunkle Brian 101,484Oelwein USBC
30All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedStoebner Christopher L. 521,483Clinton USBC
31All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedWilson Chad M. 461,481Greene County USBC
32All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedCasady Tod A. 121,480Iowa City USBC
33All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedSturtz Wayne A. 391,478Gr Des Moines USBC
33All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedOwens Sean M. 31,478Clinton USBC
35All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedRichards Jeremy A. 471,473Greene County USBC
36All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedQuintana Cristobal P. 611,472Iowa City USBC
37All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedMiddlebrook Selwyn P. 781,462Gr Davenport Metro USBC
38All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedBerlin Scott M. 41,460Muscatine USBC
39All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedMarchand James R. 181,443Gr Davenport Metro USBC
40All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedCrawford Lorn R. 671,439Muscatine USBC
41All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedGrinnall Timothy M. 551,435Clinton USBC
41All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedGraham Curt J. 601,435Iowa City USBC
41All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedFolkmann Jordan G. 51,435Cedar Rapids USBC
41All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedVest Andrew R. 201,435Iowa City USBC
45All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedClayton Phillip D. Jr481,434Greene County USBC
46All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedVos Stanley W. 221,426Pella USBC
47All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedBurns Joshua R. 201,425Iowa City USBC
48All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedRalston Jeffrey "Jeff" L. 181,422Gr Davenport Metro USBC
48All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedEagle Wade W. 711,422Muscatine USBC
50All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedTruitt Bryan 761,420Muscatine USBC
50All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedCrawford Wyatt D. 111,420Iowa City USBC
52All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedSchwandt Andy 411,419Marshalltown Area USBC
53All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedGregory Chad E. 301,418Gr Des Moines USBC
53All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedWeber Ben 101,418Oelwein USBC
53All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedCole Michael 511,418Maquoketa USBC
56All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedKetelsen Seth 431,416De Witt USBC
57All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedLewis Rick J. 401,408Gr Des Moines USBC
57All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedMullane Brad J. 601,408Iowa City USBC
59All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedMellecker Mike 621,407Iowa City USBC
60All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedBodman Fred J. 661,405Muscatine USBC
60All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedMcDowell Jason E. 461,405Greene County USBC
62All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedDavis Justin R. 31,401Clinton USBC
63All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedHowrey William 631,400Iowa City USBC
63All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedAdams Brian M. 451,400Greene County USBC
65All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedMc Morran Robert J. 641,399Iowa City USBC
66All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedBieri Chad M. 661,398Muscatine USBC
67All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedSmith David R. 111,394Iowa City USBC
68All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedReha Bruce A. 391,393Gr Des Moines USBC
69All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedMc Bride Richard R. 51,391Cedar Rapids USBC
70All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedHendricks Dean 131,387Oelwein USBC
71All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedWeggen Matt 41,385Muscatine USBC
72All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedKing Johnny L. III771,383Gr Davenport Metro USBC
73All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedMc Chane Ronald W. 81,381Cedar Rapids USBC
74All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedMartin Lorenzo L. Jr781,379Gr Davenport Metro USBC
75All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedGregerson Bill C. 281,377Gr Des Moines USBC
75All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedBennett Mark A. 291,377Gr Des Moines USBC
77All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedMaben Todd E. 451,376Greene County USBC
78All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedRibbink Lee R. 681,375Muscatine USBC
79All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedDierks Roger L. 421,374Clinton USBC
80All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedGreve Karl A. 531,372Camanche USBC
81All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedTomkins Matt J. 71,371Dubuque Area USBC
82All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedOwen Jesse R. 751,370Muscatine USBC
82All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedDuinink Jayme L. 211,370Pella USBC
84All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedBudzyn Edmund D. Jr21,368Burlington Area USBC
85All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedFranz Jeffrey A. 591,366Iowa City USBC
86All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedBrown Larry W. Jr701,361Muscatine USBC
87All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedMadsen Kevin R. 701,357Muscatine USBC
87All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedPregler Zach R. 151,357Dubuque Area USBC
89All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedMcCleary Jacob A. 741,356Muscatine USBC
90All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedGregory Rick E. 301,355Gr Des Moines USBC
91All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedIrvin Victor D. 321,352Gr Des Moines USBC
92All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedGibson Joe 431,349De Witt USBC
93All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedKrueger Daniel J. 241,346Camanche USBC
94All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedVick Daniel "Dan" R. 191,345Gr Davenport Metro USBC
95All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedTabor Thomas W. 761,341Muscatine USBC
96All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedMurphy Steve W. 171,334Burlington Area USBC
97All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedDominacki Robert J. 501,331Gr Davenport Metro USBC
97All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedDenkman Scott M. 681,331Muscatine USBC
99All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedReisner Hunter W. 131,330Oelwein USBC
100All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedMarquart Dennis J. 91,327Gr Cedar Valley USBC
101All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedBrannen Wayne G. 651,325Muscatine USBC
102All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedReid Rod R. 81,324Cedar Rapids USBC
103All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedCalkins Kenneth G. Jr281,323Gr Des Moines USBC
103All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedLipes Bill L. 331,323Gr Des Moines USBC
105All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedEastwood Chad A. 271,321Fort Dodge Area USBC
105All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedCummins Robert K. III611,321Iowa City USBC
105All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedLoehndorf Kas D. 531,321Camanche USBC
108All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedIsam Eddie L. III721,320Muscatine USBC
109All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedWinker Arthur C. 91,317Gr Cedar Valley USBC
110All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedGilbert Michael A. 121,316Iowa City USBC
110All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedWeets Dale A. 191,316Gr Davenport Metro USBC
112All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedLankford Dick W. 291,312Gr Des Moines USBC
113All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedAnderson Ray T. 791,311Clinton USBC
114All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedBunn Dan 591,308Iowa City USBC
115All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedPoldervaart Ronald L. 271,303Fort Dodge Area USBC
116All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedHunt Bradley B. 511,297Maquoketa USBC
117All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedHutchens Barry R. Jr411,294Marshalltown Area USBC
118All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedPregler Bruce D. 151,291Dubuque Area USBC
118All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedCastle Austin K. 751,291Muscatine USBC
120All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedWatkins-Schoenig Nile E. 731,289Muscatine USBC
121All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedVink Arlyn D. 221,286Pella USBC
122All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedFaust Mitchell 161,283Independence USBC
123All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedDammann Doug R. 71,282Dubuque Area USBC
123All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedPitts Jason L. 11,282Cedar Rapids USBC
125All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedBowers Bryan W. 371,278Gr Des Moines USBC
126All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedGriffiths Edward J. 251,267Mt Pleasant USBC
127All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedHolliday Dustin R. 711,263Muscatine USBC
128All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedCline Cobi T. 691,257Muscatine USBC
129All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedRogers Don C. II311,248Gr Des Moines USBC
130All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedThurman Danny J. Sr321,246Gr Des Moines USBC
131All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedHooker Jonathan J. 721,245Muscatine USBC
132All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedStalkfleet Damon L. 671,243Muscatine USBC
133All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedMoore Kevin M. 311,237Gr Des Moines USBC
134All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedBundy Ryan A. 11,230Cedar Rapids USBC
135All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedLasher Richard C. 331,218Gr Des Moines USBC
136All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedRibbink Warren S. 651,187Muscatine USBC
137All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedRollins Bruce G. 261,155Fort Dodge Area USBC
138All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedBrashaw Robert Jr14839Clinton USBC
139All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedWilliamson Charles M. 77730Gr Davenport Metro USBC
140All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedCoggins William S. 58656Clinton USBC
141All Events-Men, AE-Men, HandicappedGraves Chris J. 14636Clinton USBC
1All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedKing Afreya G. 771,618Gr Davenport Metro USBC
2All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedSmith April R. 781,617Gr Davenport Metro USBC
3All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedCzerwiec Jennifer L. 691,597Muscatine USBC
4All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedWilson Jennifer J. 461,592Greene County USBC
5All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedPieper Erin N. 641,575Iowa City USBC
6All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedWohlleber Alexis 251,566Mt Pleasant USBC
7All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedManis Sierra L. 581,559Clinton USBC
8All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedMullane Melissa M. 601,558Iowa City USBC
8All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedMarchand Dolly L. 181,558Gr Davenport Metro USBC
10All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedFaust Liz 161,548Independence USBC
11All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedVink Louise F. 221,543Pella USBC
12All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedMc Chane Tracy A. 81,538Cedar Rapids USBC
13All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedHartman Christine N. 551,535Clinton USBC
14All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedForrest Shannon 621,534Iowa City USBC
15All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedGraves Becky S. 141,528Clinton USBC
16All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedFerguson Jacque S. 121,517Iowa City USBC
16All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedOlson Lynette R. 401,517Gr Des Moines USBC
16All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedGriffith Gina R. 591,517Iowa City USBC
19All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedSmith Krystal 111,516Iowa City USBC
20All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedCrawford Tuesday L. 111,514Iowa City USBC
21All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedLewis Treasur L. 781,513Gr Davenport Metro USBC
22All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedDolash Tamie S. 201,511Iowa City USBC
23All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedMyers Kerry 491,508Greene County USBC
23All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedTabor Shawna R. 761,508Muscatine USBC
25All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedReisner Teresa 131,505Oelwein USBC
25All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedWeber Amy S. 101,505Oelwein USBC
27All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedBrannen Lisa M. 651,503Muscatine USBC
28All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedStevenson Ronie L. 291,500Gr Des Moines USBC
29All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedVick Danelle C. 191,495Gr Davenport Metro USBC
30All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedStaley Carin A. 691,491Muscatine USBC
31All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedLewis Julie N. 401,490Gr Des Moines USBC
32All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedMurphy Olive E. 171,489Burlington Area USBC
33All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedHunt Amanda M. 511,487Maquoketa USBC
34All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedCummins Connie M. 611,484Iowa City USBC
35All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedStalkfleet Hannah L. 671,483Muscatine USBC
36All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedRalston Sara A. 181,482Gr Davenport Metro USBC
37All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedVick Annette C. 191,481Gr Davenport Metro USBC
38All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedStoebner Janna M. 521,474Clinton USBC
38All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedWatkins-Schoenig Jennifer M. 731,474Muscatine USBC
40All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedRichards Amber L. 471,473Greene County USBC
41All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedGreve Elise J. 531,470Camanche USBC
42All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedBirch Sandy J. 71,467Dubuque Area USBC
43All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedPayton Lisa R. 291,464Gr Des Moines USBC
44All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedVraspier Christine R. 611,460Iowa City USBC
45All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedClemens Amber M. 741,456Muscatine USBC
46All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedAnderson Jill M. 471,455Greene County USBC
47All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedIsam Samantha J. 721,454Muscatine USBC
47All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedMurray Brenda K. 511,454Maquoketa USBC
47All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedHocke Judy J. 41,454Muscatine USBC
50All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedMcLaughlin Nicole S. 501,452Gr Davenport Metro USBC
51All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedDenkman Kortney L. 681,451Muscatine USBC
52All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedPape Katie L. 791,443Clinton USBC
53All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedHarrah Kayleigh C. 451,441Greene County USBC
54All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedVos Carla 221,439Pella USBC
55All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedBerndt Debbie A. 451,437Greene County USBC
56All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedMcFall April A. 551,435Clinton USBC
57All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedFinley Marcia M. 51,430Cedar Rapids USBC
58All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedKunkle Amanda K. 101,429Oelwein USBC
58All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedVaverka Brenda C. 121,429Iowa City USBC
60All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedNiaves Amber N. 731,428Muscatine USBC
61All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedElkins Amber 541,427Clinton USBC
62All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedGraham Jen M. 601,426Iowa City USBC
63All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedHickey Maranda S. 31,423Clinton USBC
64All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedGregerson Lisa D. 281,422Gr Des Moines USBC
65All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedKrieger Amanda N. 441,419Greene County USBC
65All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedBloodsworth Shirley L. 211,419Pella USBC
67All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedWinker Tammy S. 91,417Gr Cedar Valley USBC
68All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedMccormick Carianne E. 301,416Gr Des Moines USBC
69All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedDominacki Alyssa K. 501,415Gr Davenport Metro USBC
69All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedJones Marsha K. 771,415Gr Davenport Metro USBC
71All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedGunsch Brooklynn 641,414Iowa City USBC
71All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedLawrence Donna K. 521,414Clinton USBC
73All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedBessine Brooke E. 621,411Iowa City USBC
74All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedJones Angie J. 441,410Greene County USBC
75All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedEastwood Angela J. 271,409Fort Dodge Area USBC
75All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedEich Melissa M. 411,409Marshalltown Area USBC
77All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedLoehndorf Amanda 531,408Camanche USBC
77All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedFranz Cathe M. 591,408Iowa City USBC
77All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedWeggen Lee Ann J. 41,408Muscatine USBC
80All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedSeiler Jessica J. 311,406Gr Des Moines USBC
80All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedEdwards Shannon 431,406De Witt USBC
82All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedLosee Linda S. 281,404Gr Des Moines USBC
83All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedMiller Theresa A. 231,403Iowa City USBC
83All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedBingham Kaylene R. 491,403Greene County USBC
85All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedGregory Cyrilla A. 301,402Gr Des Moines USBC
86All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedKuehn Norma M. 581,401Clinton USBC
87All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedPol Lana K. 211,399Pella USBC
88All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedIrvin Mary K. 321,398Gr Des Moines USBC
89All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedRoss Jennifer K. 481,396Greene County USBC
90All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedWood Chris A. 261,395Fort Dodge Area USBC
90All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedMcCleary Kim S. 741,395Muscatine USBC
92All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedFarrington-Howrey Vicky J. 631,394Iowa City USBC
92All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedGreve Christine E. 241,394Camanche USBC
94All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedMcDowell Michelle C. 461,393Greene County USBC
95All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedBuck Carey A. 31,391Clinton USBC
96All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedClemens Mariah 751,390Muscatine USBC
96All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedJack Erika J. 231,390Iowa City USBC
98All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedClayton Elizabeth A. 481,389Greene County USBC
99All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedReid Debra J. 81,386Cedar Rapids USBC
100All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedKohl Julie K. 71,385Dubuque Area USBC
101All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedMc Bride Cindy K. 51,383Cedar Rapids USBC
101All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedInman Deneil A. 171,383Burlington Area USBC
103All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedFeaker Barbara O. 11,382Cedar Rapids USBC
104All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedPace April L. 761,381Muscatine USBC
104All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedSteines Lacey A. 141,381Clinton USBC
106All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedBudzyn Amanda E. 21,380Burlington Area USBC
107All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedRibbink Mya A. 671,379Muscatine USBC
108All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedJensen Deje 431,378De Witt USBC
109All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedHutchens Angie M. 411,373Marshalltown Area USBC
109All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedStrand Samantha L. 311,373Gr Des Moines USBC
111All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedBernard Joanne R. 161,372Independence USBC
112All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedSturtz Dawn D. 391,371Gr Des Moines USBC
113All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedPoldervaart Stacey L. 271,369Fort Dodge Area USBC
114All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedMadsen Lisa L. 701,359Muscatine USBC
115All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedCrawford Vanessa 201,355Iowa City USBC
116All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedMcfadden Kate J. 151,353Dubuque Area USBC
117All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedMoore Kimberly A. 631,351Iowa City USBC
118All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedGraham Amy M. 681,343Muscatine USBC
119All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedHonts Ronda L. 661,340Muscatine USBC
119All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedThomas Gerry L. 361,340Gr Des Moines USBC
121All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedThurman Betty D. 321,337Gr Des Moines USBC
122All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedDierks Susan I. 421,336Clinton USBC
123All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedKnee Tiffany R. 721,333Muscatine USBC
124All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedRidinger Jessica M. 711,331Muscatine USBC
125All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedBieri Tabitha M. 661,330Muscatine USBC
126All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedRibbink Cathy J. 651,328Muscatine USBC
127All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedLittlefield Lori J. 91,319Gr Cedar Valley USBC
128All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedRollins Jenn D. 261,314Fort Dodge Area USBC
129All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedNeff Cassandra A. 11,312Cedar Rapids USBC
129All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedLeibfried Peggy M. 151,312Dubuque Area USBC
131All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedEagle Brenda L. 711,308Muscatine USBC
132All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedBarr Tammy R. 251,305Mt Pleasant USBC
133All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedHendricks Peggy 131,295Oelwein USBC
133All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedMarshall Dian K. 21,295Burlington Area USBC
135All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedLipes Roxann R. 331,289Gr Des Moines USBC
136All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedFiebelkorn Kim K. 391,285Gr Des Moines USBC
137All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedLasher Susie C. 331,213Gr Des Moines USBC
138All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedBrown Chris A. 70882Muscatine USBC
139All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedKrueger Kimberly R. 24681Camanche USBC
140All Events-Women, AE-Women, HandicappedHarwood Lacy R. 35679Gr Des Moines USBC

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