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(Unofficial Final Standings As of  - 5/16/2022)

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Place Event Team Name Entry Score From
1TEAM BoosterGrid Iron3953,290Ames Area USBC
2TEAM BoosterWarrier Stellion6943,198Gr Des Moines USBC
3TEAM BoosterZeigler5133,143Estherville USBC
4TEAM BoosterMolacek Construction5193,141Estherville USBC
5TEAM BoosterSweet Deer3393,106Maquoketa USBC
6TEAM BoosterSSDD5073,105Appanoose/Davis County USBC
7TEAM BoosterFoul Language8633,104Gr Cedar Valley USBC
8TEAM BoosterWirth Concrete3913,098Ames Area USBC
9TEAM BoosterTen Pins Suck1773,096Belmond USBC
10TEAM BoosterBowl Better1623,058Council Bluffs USBC
11TEAM BoosterJesse Duinink7923,054Pella USBC
12TEAM BoosterHYB Black6743,040Jasper County USBC
13TEAM BoosterWell's Heating & AC3383,037Maquoketa USBC
14TEAM BoosterThunder Lanes2273,026Sumner USBC
15TEAM BoosterAlleys Pizza3963,025Ames Area USBC
16TEAM BoosterBird Dogs1923,022Cedar Rapids USBC
17TEAM BoosterMonahan Plumbing2243,012Manning USBC
18TEAM BoosterMudhens1913,010Cedar Rapids USBC
19TEAM BoosterAFFC1163,002Gr Des Moines USBC
19TEAM BoosterDougie Mo's BBQ623,002Iowa City USBC
21TEAM BoosterCBJ's Auto Wash1762,995Belmond USBC
22TEAM BoosterDriven 7125512,992Spencer USBC
23TEAM BoosterJM Studio1712,991St Ansgar USBC
23TEAM BoosterAmazing Roosters3332,991Dubuque Area USBC
23TEAM BoosterCJ Dirt Works4312,991West Delaware USBC
26TEAM BoosterCanvas Products III2892,990Dubuque Area USBC
27TEAM BoosterPocket Pounders (Z.Mitchell)2952,987Charles City USBC
28TEAM BoosterJohn's Towing922,984Gr Des Moines USBC
29TEAM BoosterLickety Splitz (R. Bissen)3572,981Stacyville USBC
30TEAM BoosterGreenfield Bowl992,976Greenfield USBC
31TEAM BoosterDavis County Lanes2832,968Appanoose/Davis County USBC
32TEAM BoosterStrong and Pretty4032,966Tripoli USBC
33TEAM BoosterSpare Me4452,964Iowa City USBC
34TEAM BoosterDeKalb4262,963Osage USBC
35TEAM BoosterHappy's Place7302,959Dubuque Area USBC
36TEAM BoosterSplit Happens (A. Smith)2192,958Burlington Area USBC
37TEAM BoosterFisher Controls #12112,957Marshalltown Area USBC
38TEAM BoosterSigns & More6982,956Independence USBC
39TEAM BoosterB&B Leasing1182,953Gr Des Moines USBC
40TEAM BoosterPioneer3592,949Stacyville USBC
41TEAM BoosterTaco Flavored Kisses6572,947Gr Des Moines USBC
42TEAM BoosterMr Rooter2912,946Dubuque Area USBC
43TEAM BoosterHere for the Beer (Uthoff)1412,945Cedar Rapids USBC
44TEAM BoosterRival's Sports Bar & Grill4272,944Osage USBC
45TEAM BoosterFarm Bureau2722,942Gr Des Moines USBC
45TEAM BoosterTurnbowl Lanes 3892,942North Lee County USBC
45TEAM BoosterBarngrover Glass #22212,942Burlington Area USBC
48TEAM BoosterBowl-Mor Lanes8292,940Sanborn USBC
49TEAM BoosterScott's DIY Garage3112,936Gr Des Moines USBC
50TEAM BoosterFisher Controls #22122,933Independence USBC
50TEAM BoosterEngler/Oberbroeckling Ins2442,933Dyersville USBC
52TEAM BoosterFran-Way Tree Moving432,931Pella USBC
52TEAM BoosterLGZ Construction2332,931Atlantic USBC
52TEAM BoosterJW Construction2662,931Mt Pleasant USBC
55TEAM BoosterNick's Plbg & Heating1662,930St Ansgar USBC
56TEAM BoosterMike's Detail5122,926Estherville USBC
57TEAM Booster3 Captians & A Royal Busch7982,925De Witt USBC
58TEAM BoosterThe Ultra Lounge7122,923Cedar Rapids USBC
59TEAM BoosterAfter Dark Pulling Team2552,922Fort Dodge Area USBC
60TEAM BoosterCrolake Wines II6142,919Jasper County USBC
61TEAM BoosterLucky 6 Lanes III1422,917Cedar Rapids USBC
62TEAM BoosterImlay Repair II3942,912Ames Area USBC
62TEAM BoosterMystery Team2592,912Mt Pleasant USBC
64TEAM BoosterMP Dirt #26192,911Iowa Great Lakes USBC
64TEAM BoosterThorpe Auto5722,911Greene County USBC
66TEAM BoosterTesch Trucking1722,909St Ansgar USBC
67TEAM BoosterValley 26822,908Sioux Rapids-Alta USBC
68TEAM BoosterHappy Hour Guys3922,907Ames Area USBC
69TEAM BoosterShondel's Creations5062,906Appanoose/Davis County USBC
70TEAM BoosterIncredi-Bowl5852,905Guthrie County USBC
71TEAM BoosterCyHawks of Iowa6542,904Mt Pleasant USBC
72TEAM BoosterImlay Repair3932,903Ames Area USBC
73TEAM Booster5 M's1682,902St Ansgar USBC
74TEAM BoosterEagle Point Software4652,900Dubuque Area USBC
74TEAM BoosterWebster Glass2562,900Fort Dodge Area USBC
76TEAM BoosterHYB Tie Dye6692,894Jasper County USBC
77TEAM BoosterDon's Roofing1402,893Cedar Rapids USBC
78TEAM BoosterSuper Valu2352,892Iowa City USBC
79TEAM BoosterDo-Overs3612,887Gr Des Moines USBC
80TEAM BoosterLoose Screws4482,884Iowa City USBC
80TEAM BoosterHip Shooters7412,884Gr Des Moines USBC
82TEAM BoosterMill's Marketing92,882Sioux Rapids-Alta USBC
83TEAM BoosterKendle Oil5332,880Manning USBC
84TEAM BoosterHeacock Construction4682,879Dubuque Area USBC
85TEAM BoosterElectronic Enginerring12,878Gr Des Moines USBC
86TEAM BoosterLinder Tire1112,876Iowa City USBC
86TEAM BoosterHanging Ten Pin Pro Shop #4592,876Ottumwa Area USBC
88TEAM BoosterCorner Tap1172,874Gr Des Moines USBC
89TEAM BoosterAckley Vet Center5772,873Gr Mason City USBC
89TEAM BoosterPocket Pounders (J. Gonzalez)5242,873Independence USBC
91TEAM BoosterGoodenow Upholstery4772,872Maquoketa USBC
92TEAM BoosterRowley Wrecker & Repair5232,870Independence USBC
93TEAM BoosterGot Handicap8572,869Gr Cedar Valley USBC
94TEAM BoosterBernard Orr5532,865Red Oak USBC
95TEAM BoosterFangman and Sons2102,864Independence USBC
95TEAM BoosterRadar Lanes1002,864Greenfield USBC
97TEAM BoosterHYB Purple6702,863Jasper County USBC
97TEAM BoosterHYB Blue6722,863Jasper County USBC
99TEAM BoosterLong Shots5862,862Guthrie County USBC
100TEAM BoosterCorydon2762,861Corydon USBC
101TEAM BoosterAshby's5042,860Appanoose/Davis County USBC
102TEAM BoosterBurlington Area USBC #22162,859Burlington Area USBC
102TEAM BoosterWho Cares We Don't3342,859Maquoketa USBC
104TEAM BoosterA2Z Lock Services 5952,857Iowa City USBC
105TEAM BoosterMort's Plumbing and Heating1812,855Belmond USBC
106TEAM BoosterFarmers Win2262,851Sumner USBC
106TEAM BoosterPriority Plastics #272,851Iowa City USBC
106TEAM BoosterPocket Pounders (T. Tucek)5672,851Muscatine USBC
109TEAM BoosterBooze Crew4072,850Tripoli USBC
109TEAM BoosterRed's Strikers342,850Jasper County USBC
111TEAM BoosterRobert Parker #2712,848Ottumwa Area USBC
112TEAM BoosterPerry Bowl1862,847Gr Des Moines USBC
113TEAM BoosterD-Ray Lanes5092,845Appanoose/Davis County USBC
114TEAM BoosterSandberg-Kirkpatrick8262,844Boone County USBC
115TEAM BoosterStrike Squad5352,841Manning USBC
115TEAM BoosterTurnbowl Lanes 2882,841North Lee County USBC
117TEAM BoosterF---7312,838Gr Davenport Metro USBC
118TEAM BoosterScott Weidemann Construction4572,837West Union USBC
119TEAM BoosterM2K Glass2672,836Mt Pleasant USBC
120TEAM BoosterShamrocks & Shinanigans5792,835Gr Des Moines USBC
121TEAM BoosterAccess Energy2602,834Mt Pleasant USBC
122TEAM BoosterHeiter Truck Line5472,831Spencer USBC
122TEAM Booster"We Got Nothin"32,831Ames Area USBC
124TEAM BoosterI-80 Subway332,829Jasper County USBC
125TEAM BoosterWrecking Ball5752,828Greene County USBC
126TEAM BoosterThe Gangsters512,827Gr Des Moines USBC
127TEAM BoosterTurnbowl Lanes 4902,823North Lee County USBC
127TEAM BoosterSears Construction1102,823Iowa City USBC
127TEAM BoosterAlley Katz5702,823Greene County USBC
127TEAM BoosterAdams Graphix3562,823Stacyville USBC
131TEAM BoosterR&R Restoration2362,822Iowa City USBC
131TEAM BoosterThe Dudes4242,822Iowa City USBC
131TEAM BoosterMisfits (K. Lenz)5432,822Iowa City USBC
131TEAM BoosterMonti Cubs7752,822Monticello USBC
135TEAM BoosterB's & W's4042,820Tripoli USBC
135TEAM BoosterThat Aint It5742,820Greene County USBC
137TEAM BoosterThe Brew Krew192,817Pella USBC
138TEAM BoosterNewman Upholstery392,816Red Oak USBC
138TEAM BoosterJim's Carpet One3702,816Fort Dodge Area USBC
138TEAM BoosterManning Dental5372,816Manning USBC
141TEAM BoosterBalls of Fury7512,813Muscatine USBC
142TEAM BoosterCountywide Electric5762,812Greene County USBC
142TEAM BoosterCedar Rapids Curling1692,812Cedar Rapids USBC
144TEAM BoosterKlenzman's Tire2882,811Sumner USBC
144TEAM BoosterCrystal Bowl Misfits #24292,811Grundy Center USBC
144TEAM BoosterLocomotion Lanes8302,811Sanborn USBC
144TEAM Booster5K Sports4362,811West Delaware USBC
148TEAM BoosterDayton Meats2372,810Iowa City USBC
149TEAM BoosterMr. Bibb's Bearz7092,809Gr Des Moines USBC
149TEAM BoosterLawson Auto6832,809Fort Dodge Area USBC
151TEAM BoosterSoy57282,807Gr Davenport Metro USBC
151TEAM BoosterTipsy Bowls7522,807Muscatine USBC
153TEAM BoosterHanging Ten Pin Pro Shop #2552,806Ottumwa Area USBC
154TEAM Booster"We Had Nothin"22,805Ames Area USBC
155TEAM BoosterTripoli Tax Service4022,804Tripoli USBC
156TEAM BoosterLinving on a Spare (D. Rockwel5872,803Guthrie County USBC
157TEAM BoosterSlick's2842,800Appanoose/Davis County USBC
157TEAM BoosterBeavers4372,800West Delaware USBC
159TEAM BoosterMoehr Painting7242,799Clinton USBC
159TEAM BoosterKramer Egg Industry3852,799Dubuque Area USBC
161TEAM BoosterAuto Tech #22502,798Dyersville USBC
161TEAM BoosterGerb's Starburst3582,798Stacyville USBC
161TEAM BoosterTodd Maben5692,798Greene County USBC
164TEAM BoosterRindy's Tree3202,797Iowa City USBC
165TEAM BoosterSchnabel Farms6472,795Eldora USBC
166TEAM BoosterPonderosa Towing3712,794Fort Dodge Area USBC
167TEAM BoosterMas Tequila6582,793Gr Des Moines USBC
168TEAM BoosterOverhake Farms982,791Gr Des Moines USBC
169TEAM BoosterStuart Bowl462,789Stuart USBC
170TEAM BoosterFlight School7232,787Fort Dodge Area USBC
171TEAM BoosterVictor Lumber1472,786Cedar Rapids USBC
171TEAM BoosterMiller Sports Cards4542,786West Union USBC
171TEAM BoosterTri County King Pins5382,786Manning USBC
174TEAM BoosterThe Incredubowls3162,785Gr Des Moines USBC
174TEAM BoosterSplitz2612,785Mt Pleasant USBC
174TEAM BoosterZip's AW Direct6042,785New Hampton USBC
177TEAM BoosterDirks Racing8812,784Monticello USBC
178TEAM BoosterPay Bitches2072,783Gr Des Moines USBC
179TEAM BoosterGreenwoods2282,781Gr Des Moines USBC
180TEAM BoosterJunkyard Dogs8672,779Gr Cedar Valley USBC
180TEAM BoosterUPS7792,779Gr Mason City USBC
180TEAM BoosterRobert Parker #1702,779Ottumwa Area USBC
183TEAM BoosterBig Dawgs4012,777Gr Mason City USBC
184TEAM BoosterJohn Herzog7382,776Dubuque Area USBC
185TEAM BoosterCedar Lanes1652,775St Ansgar USBC
186TEAM BoosterLucky Strikes7912,774Ottumwa Area USBC
187TEAM BoosterK&H5162,773Estherville USBC
187TEAM BoosterTactacom3492,773Waukon USBC
189TEAM BoosterGregory Carpentry1062,772Iowa City USBC
189TEAM BoosterSix balls and a split132,772Gr Des Moines USBC
191TEAM BoosterRenoux Builders9062,770Iowa City USBC
192TEAM BoosterJones Farms6292,769Iowa City USBC
192TEAM BoosterKing Pins6932,769Gr Des Moines USBC
194TEAM BoosterMac's Top Hat5182,765Estherville USBC
195TEAM BoosterChampion Seed II5262,763Monticello USBC
196TEAM BoosterTEI3632,761Gr Des Moines USBC
196TEAM BoosterGary's Tractor3442,761Waukon USBC
198TEAM BoosterJust Us Girls3982,760Ames Area USBC
198TEAM BoosterMidwest Drywall1462,760Cedar Rapids USBC
200TEAM BoosterBowlaway Lanes5992,757New Hampton USBC
200TEAM BoosterFill It5912,757Guthrie County USBC
202TEAM BoosterValley 16812,751Sioux Rapids-Alta USBC
202TEAM BoosterDa Bones2152,751Burlington Area USBC
204TEAM BoosterTurnbowl Lanes 1872,748North Lee County USBC
205TEAM BoosterNational Records Mgmt6552,746Gr Des Moines USBC
205TEAM BoosterTwang's Honey Hole 25842,746Manning USBC
207TEAM BoosterGot This?7812,745Cedar Rapids USBC
208TEAM BoosterSimpson Shear Shop1572,744Stuart USBC
208TEAM BoosterSunshine Kids8682,744Gr Cedar Valley USBC
210TEAM BoosterWreckless Bowlers5502,742Spencer USBC
210TEAM BoosterFirehouse Bar1292,742Gr Siouxland USBC
212TEAM BoosterFran's Pro Shop 78592,741Gr Cedar Valley USBC
213TEAM BoosterDinks4332,740West Delaware USBC
214TEAM BoosterAcces System2872,739Sumner USBC
215TEAM BoosterKirchhoff Detailing4052,738Tripoli USBC
216TEAM BoosterOdd Balls1752,737Belmond USBC
217TEAM BoosterAverage Joe's8622,736Gr Cedar Valley USBC
217TEAM BoosterToftech Consulting #24832,736Gr Des Moines USBC
219TEAM BoosterThe Crew6842,735Fort Dodge Area USBC
220TEAM Booster"Bottoms Up"7422,733Mt Pleasant USBC
221TEAM BoosterThe Outlaws4062,732Tripoli USBC
221TEAM BoosterMurdocks Wannabes9002,732Dubuque Area USBC
223TEAM BoosterPercival Scientific1122,728Ames Area USBC
224TEAM BoosterDo5082,727Appanoose/Davis County USBC
224TEAM BoosterJustin's Five1492,727Cedar Rapids USBC
226TEAM BoosterTombstone Bowl #5782,724Burlington Area USBC
227TEAM BoosterWe Are Here3642,721Gr Des Moines USBC
228TEAM BoosterSecond State Brewing7152,719Gr Cedar Valley USBC
229TEAM BoosterSigourney4962,718Sigourney USBC
230TEAM BoosterHaywire Electric #2362,717Jasper County USBC
230TEAM BoosterHanging Ten Pin Pro Shop #3582,717Ottumwa Area USBC
232TEAM Booster5 Guys Thrown' Rocks1932,716Cedar Rapids USBC
233TEAM BoosterIris Bowling Center2582,714Mt Pleasant USBC
234TEAM BoosterPin Pushers8692,713Gr Cedar Valley USBC
234TEAM BoosterMisty Lanes5732,713Greene County USBC
234TEAM BoosterBetter at Drinking6462,713Eldora USBC
234TEAM BoosterBi-Polar Rollers5882,713Guthrie County USBC
234TEAM BoosterHardee's1222,713Gr Mason City USBC
239TEAM BoosterGregory Farms1072,711Iowa City USBC
239TEAM BoosterIncredi Bowlers282,711Iowa City USBC
241TEAM BoosterPin Rollers2292,710Gr Des Moines USBC
242TEAM BoosterCamanche Fire Dept.2012,708Camanche USBC
243TEAM BoosterKill the Spare4232,706Iowa City USBC
244TEAM BoosterThe Beers6312,704Iowa City USBC
244TEAM BoosterFairfax Chiro II1452,704Cedar Rapids USBC
246TEAM BoosterAM Fam Osky 28092,703Oskaloosa USBC
247TEAM BoosterK&K Construction7202,702Fort Dodge Area USBC
247TEAM BoosterUpsie Downsie4182,702Red Oak USBC
249TEAM BoosterBrooklyn Boyz7822,701Humboldt Iowa USBC
249TEAM BoosterSuds N Gutters8322,701Lenox USBC
251TEAM Booster7 Pockets of Audacity6612,699Gr Des Moines USBC
252TEAM BoosterSmokin5442,698Iowa City USBC
253TEAM BoosterWho Caring Who3182,695Gr Des Moines USBC
254TEAM BoosterWay2Go Butch3652,693Gr Des Moines USBC
254TEAM BoosterCorydon #22752,693Corydon USBC
254TEAM BoosterFitzgerald Construction5592,693Muscatine USBC
257TEAM BoosterHoly Rollers3602,692Gr Des Moines USBC
257TEAM BoosterRich's Trains & Treasures2232,692Burlington Area USBC
259TEAM BoosterDeWitt Lanes2412,691De Witt USBC
259TEAM BoosterEasy LIvin' Lawn Care7802,691Humboldt Iowa USBC
261TEAM BoosterFisher Controls #32132,690Independence USBC
261TEAM BoosterJim & Charlie's6892,690Ottumwa Area USBC
261TEAM BoosterIda 16752,690Ida Grove USBC
264TEAM BoosterHemann Farms1672,686St Ansgar USBC
265TEAM BoosterHaywire Electric #1352,683Jasper County USBC
266TEAM BoosterExit Realty #18352,677Muscatine USBC
267TEAM BoosterKevin Lake8162,676Eldora USBC
268TEAM BoosterCellsite Solutions7732,674Monticello USBC
268TEAM BoosterRussell's Snow Removal5932,674Iowa City USBC
270TEAM BoosterCrystal Bowl Misfits #14282,673Grundy Center USBC
271TEAM BoosterHenry Ranch Built4522,670West Union USBC
272TEAM BoosterBT Tax Service2302,669Gr Des Moines USBC
273TEAM BoosterDarrells8822,664Monticello USBC
273TEAM BoosterIIIowa Culvert #27192,664Camanche USBC
275TEAM BoosterRalphie's Team6912,659Ottumwa Area USBC
275TEAM BoosterPut Together2642,659Mt Pleasant USBC
275TEAM BoosterMahaska Drug8022,659Oskaloosa USBC
278TEAM Booster#Merica5942,658Iowa City USBC
279TEAM BoosterBridgeside Pub and Links5602,655Muscatine USBC
279TEAM BoosterThe Shed 46092,655Gr Davenport Metro USBC
281TEAM BoosterCR Balls5102,654Cedar Rapids USBC
281TEAM BoosterWicked Pins7532,654Muscatine USBC
283TEAM BoosterJassies Cafe8912,652Gr Cedar Valley USBC
284TEAM BoosterAuto Tech #12512,651Dyersville USBC
285TEAM BoosterPitchers Too4882,650Cedar Rapids USBC
285TEAM BoosterGBI5782,650Gr Mason City USBC
285TEAM BoosterIda 26762,650Ida Grove USBC
288TEAM BoosterLott's Lawn Care2172,648Burlington Area USBC
289TEAM BoosterAM Fam Oksy 18082,646Oskaloosa USBC
289TEAM BoosterCord Smith8172,646Ames Area USBC
291TEAM BoosterDilly Dilly2322,645Boone County USBC
291TEAM BoosterHurricane Lanes2472,645Dyersville USBC
293TEAM BoosterTeam Menthol1392,642Cedar Rapids USBC
293TEAM BoosterRauger Bauger7962,642Gr Des Moines USBC
295TEAM BoosterPB&J3622,641Gr Des Moines USBC
296TEAM BoosterLGB for FJB7212,636Fort Dodge Area USBC
297TEAM BoosterLux Club - Dubuque8422,635Dubuque Area USBC
298TEAM BoosterSunday Sleepers1502,634Cedar Rapids USBC
298TEAM BoosterFred's Girls7992,634Forest City USBC
300TEAM BoosterLTFO5312,632Gr Des Moines USBC
301TEAM Booster#GFY1242,627Ames Area USBC
302TEAM BoosterTeam Louise's6902,625Ottumwa Area USBC
303TEAM BoosterMore Bust'n Balls4782,621Creston USBC
303TEAM BoosterManly Drug 16872,621Grundy Center USBC
305TEAM BoosterGame Stop1432,620Cedar Rapids USBC
306TEAM BoosterNothing but Trouble8102,619Ames Area USBC
307TEAM BoosterDanish Mutual Ins.2342,618Atlantic USBC
308TEAM BoosterLeroy's4432,617Oelwein USBC
308TEAM BoosterNorm Dieleman182,617Pella USBC
310TEAM BoosterViper Lanes4422,615Oelwein USBC
310TEAM BoosterMines in the Gutter8312,615Lenox USBC
312TEAM BoosterSchreiber Chiropractic5892,613Guthrie County USBC
313TEAM BoosterIda 66802,611Ida Grove USBC
313TEAM BoosterNutech2452,611Dyersville USBC
315TEAM BoosterKeller Home Inspection3372,609Maquoketa USBC
315TEAM BoosterKB Automotive 5522,609Spencer USBC
317TEAM BoosterGTTA8702,602Gr Cedar Valley USBC
317TEAM BoosterWho Gives a Split2632,602Mt Pleasant USBC
317TEAM BoosterJordan's Heating & Cooling2972,602Cedar Rapids USBC
320TEAM BoosterShelby County KC's82,598Harlan USBC
320TEAM BoosterBusch Latte4932,598Sigourney USBC
320TEAM BoosterGrandview Heights3022,598Grundy Center USBC
323TEAM BoosterSpare Parts1152,597Gr Des Moines USBC
324TEAM BoosterOver the Top5462,596Spencer USBC
325TEAM BoosterSmith's Strikers7712,593Anamosa USBC
326TEAM BoosterKetelsen Mixed2982,586Cedar Rapids USBC
327TEAM BoosterClinic Pharmacy II212,585Gr Mason City USBC
328TEAM BoosterThe Shed 66112,584Gr Davenport Metro USBC
329TEAM BoosterUtility Lines Construction5022,582Gr Mason City USBC
330TEAM BoosterSunday Nooners1482,581Cedar Rapids USBC
331TEAM BoosterSkin Gallery6122,576West Union USBC
332TEAM BoosterTry It Out9052,566Iowa City USBC
333TEAM BoosterMCI2652,564Mt Pleasant USBC
333TEAM BoosterRobert Hills1052,564Jasper County USBC
335TEAM BoosterCottonballz5422,561Iowa City USBC
336TEAM BoosterJones County Tire7902,560Anamosa USBC
337TEAM BoosterPin Up Girls5712,556Greene County USBC
338TEAM BoosterMomma Dawn's Kitchen5052,554Appanoose/Davis County USBC
339TEAM BoosterSat Mixed Nuts3152,552Gr Des Moines USBC
340TEAM BoosterRon's Septic6302,549Iowa City USBC
341TEAM BoosterJakira Farms7292,542Gr Mason City USBC
342TEAM BoosterAl Ostedgaard Construction LLC302,541Iowa City USBC
343TEAM BoosterConsistantly Inconsistant7432,534Cedar Rapids USBC
344TEAM BoosterB.K. Drywall3862,532Dubuque Area USBC
345TEAM BoosterRichard Witham5812,529Humboldt Iowa USBC
346TEAM BoosterSherry's Berries7072,528Grundy Center USBC
347TEAM BoosterBecause We Can4532,527West Union USBC
348TEAM BoosterAbove and Beyond Heating and A5922,520Iowa City USBC
349TEAM BoosterRailsback Hog Farm5902,519Guthrie County USBC
349TEAM BoosterMurph's Sports Bar6922,519Ottumwa Area USBC
351TEAM BoosterWapsi River Wildlife Project7702,514Anamosa USBC
352TEAM BoosterShenanigan's8372,513Dubuque Area USBC
353TEAM BoosterNew Hawks6592,512Gr Des Moines USBC
354TEAM BoosterCarousel Girls3972,507Ames Area USBC
354TEAM BoosterES Group7082,507Fort Dodge Area USBC
356TEAM BoosterBrad Ready8272,487Camanche USBC
357TEAM BoosterSunset Mixed #28762,485Gr Cedar Valley USBC
358TEAM BoosterBowling Up Beer #28392,465Gr Cedar Valley USBC
359TEAM BoosterHere for the Beer #18452,461Gr Cedar Valley USBC
360TEAM BoosterSpare Me4872,441Anamosa USBC
361TEAM BoosterToftech Consulting #14822,429Gr Des Moines USBC
361TEAM BoosterIda 36772,429Ida Grove USBC
363TEAM BoosterTeam Koozies4492,420Iowa City USBC
364TEAM BoosterOff Again292,415Iowa City USBC
365TEAM BoosterEpic Wear3422,387Waukon USBC
366TEAM BoosterKacena Signs #28072,375Cedar Rapids USBC
1TEAM - Open ScratchTrophy King7163,631Gr Davenport Metro USBC
2TEAM - Open ScratchFreeze Frame Bowl1743,601Gr Mason City USBC
3TEAM - Open ScratchCodi's Crusaders7103,595Gr Des Moines USBC
4TEAM - Open ScratchCarroll Bowl Pro Shop6233,556Carroll Area USBC
5TEAM - Open ScratchNew Image Construction LLC8223,536Cedar Rapids USBC
6TEAM - Open ScratchFran's Pro Shop #18553,530Gr Cedar Valley USBC
7TEAM - Open ScratchMaple Lanes I8833,509Gr Cedar Valley USBC
8TEAM - Open ScratchDave Jordan's Pro Shop3253,496Marshalltown Area USBC
9TEAM - Open Scratch11th Frame Pro Shop #26673,494Cedar Rapids USBC
10TEAM - Open ScratchWhiskey River #1933,488Gr Des Moines USBC
11TEAM - Open Scratch11th Frame Pro Shop #16683,468Cedar Rapids USBC
12TEAM - Open ScratchRob Aimers #26493,454Cedar Rapids USBC
13TEAM - Open ScratchSeymour Flash Photography4673,447Dubuque Area USBC
14TEAM - Open ScratchJims Knoxville Tap #23053,441Cedar Rapids USBC
15TEAM - Open ScratchElite Lighting2713,429Gr Davenport Metro USBC
15TEAM - Open ScratchTanks Tunes4353,429West Delaware USBC
17TEAM - Open ScratchJims Knoxville Tap #13063,427Gr Davenport Metro USBC
18TEAM - Open ScratchTeam 17443,422Cedar Rapids USBC
18TEAM - Open ScratchBowlers' Connection Pro Shop2093,422Gr Des Moines USBC
20TEAM - Open ScratchRob Aimers #16483,415Cedar Rapids USBC
21TEAM - Open ScratchZoned In3263,404Marshalltown Area USBC
22TEAM - Open ScratchSPS Security6513,401Dubuque Area USBC
23TEAM - Open ScratchBW Flooring4613,394Dubuque Area USBC
24TEAM - Open ScratchTeam Bowlifi9013,392Cedar Rapids USBC
25TEAM - Open ScratchSkyler Funk5963,390Gr Davenport Metro USBC
25TEAM - Open ScratchCobra Lanes Pro Shop3893,390Dubuque Area USBC
27TEAM - Open ScratchThe Spot5403,366Marshalltown Area USBC
28TEAM - Open ScratchHouse of Tyme #16433,363Muscatine USBC
29TEAM - Open ScratchDS Services4153,348Gr Davenport Metro USBC
30TEAM - Open ScratchTimber Lanes3303,346Maquoketa USBC
31TEAM - Open ScratchJRD Cards #11633,336Council Bluffs USBC
32TEAM - Open ScratchBecker Electric4323,328West Delaware USBC
33TEAM - Open ScratchWillenborg Plumbing6383,325Dubuque Area USBC
34TEAM - Open ScratchPape Funeral Home8193,322Camanche USBC
35TEAM - Open ScratchImperial Lanes3503,320Camanche USBC
36TEAM - Open ScratchNorm's A/C #14713,319Council Bluffs USBC
37TEAM - Open ScratchWolfe Contracting5543,315Muscatine USBC
37TEAM - Open ScratchFran's Pro Shop/Fusion8533,315Gr Cedar Valley USBC
39TEAM - Open ScratchStonecutters Pro Shop7943,312Ames Area USBC
40TEAM - Open ScratchGrid Iron Grill1893,310Fort Dodge Area USBC
41TEAM - Open ScratchAspro Inc.8643,308Gr Cedar Valley USBC
42TEAM - Open ScratchMatt Rois Painting 7853,304Iowa City USBC
43TEAM - Open ScratchBarrett Auto3843,302Dubuque Area USBC
44TEAM - Open ScratchBad Boyz Pizza2383,297Camanche USBC
45TEAM - Open ScratchElite Electric2703,296Gr Davenport Metro USBC
46TEAM - Open ScratchExit Realty #28343,293Muscatine USBC
47TEAM - Open ScratchRPS 16993,291Cedar Rapids USBC
48TEAM - Open ScratchKendric's Krew 16273,278Gr Davenport Metro USBC
49TEAM - Open ScratchAce Construction2863,277Cedar Rapids USBC
49TEAM - Open ScratchChocolate Thunder 20223523,277Camanche USBC
51TEAM - Open ScratchBilly P4953,269Sigourney USBC
52TEAM - Open ScratchMcNabbs Mob 24113,266Cedar Rapids USBC
53TEAM - Open ScratchBalls Against Humanity #24223,262Iowa City USBC
54TEAM - Open Scratch#C Plumbing7333,258Cedar Rapids USBC
55TEAM - Open ScratchAmes Ford Lincoln8113,255Ames Area USBC
56TEAM - Open ScratchUnion Station Bar & Grill2773,249Cedar Rapids USBC
57TEAM - Open ScratchRPS 27003,248Cedar Rapids USBC
58TEAM - Open ScratchBerlin's Pro Shop5653,243Muscatine USBC
59TEAM - Open ScratchMay City Bowl613,242Cedar Rapids USBC
60TEAM - Open ScratchRevolutions Pro Shop7343,230Cedar Rapids USBC
60TEAM - Open ScratchUnderground Pro Shop7353,230Oskaloosa USBC
62TEAM - Open ScratchFran's Pro Shop #28563,229Gr Cedar Valley USBC
63TEAM - Open ScratchHuck and Chuck4473,224Iowa City USBC
64TEAM - Open ScratchWilson Toyota7663,223Ames Area USBC
65TEAM - Open Scratch900 Global4093,221Cedar Rapids USBC
66TEAM - Open ScratchCustom Auto Glass6953,216Keokuk USBC
67TEAM - Open ScratchExtractors8433,214Gr Cedar Valley USBC
67TEAM - Open ScratchFreeze Frame Bowl (T. Witham)3733,214Gr Mason City USBC
69TEAM - Open ScratchJRD Cards #21643,210Council Bluffs USBC
69TEAM - Open ScratchWeber Excavating6403,210Bellevue USBC
71TEAM - Open ScratchKLJB Properties823,206Gr Davenport Metro USBC
72TEAM - Open ScratchYaws Auto Salvage Inc.2083,204Gr Des Moines USBC
73TEAM - Open ScratchTrusler Farms #2323,202Gr Des Moines USBC
73TEAM - Open ScratchFolson Farms II373,202Gr Siouxland USBC
75TEAM - Open ScratchTeam BS6013,185New Hampton USBC
76TEAM - Open ScratchCookie Crushers8383,184Gr Cedar Valley USBC
77TEAM - Open ScratchFairfax Chiro1383,179Cedar Rapids USBC
77TEAM - Open ScratchRound Two7263,179Dubuque Area USBC
79TEAM - Open ScratchCherry Lanes4693,172Dubuque Area USBC
80TEAM - Open ScratchSmitty's Lawn Care1903,167Fort Dodge Area USBC
81TEAM - Open ScratchBalls Against Humanity #14213,162Iowa City USBC
82TEAM - Open ScratchActive Chiropractic II493,161Clinton USBC
83TEAM - Open ScratchD&B Painting #1953,156Gr Des Moines USBC
84TEAM - Open ScratchJody's Bar #18953,153Muscatine USBC
84TEAM - Open ScratchTimberline Golf3903,153Dubuque Area USBC
86TEAM - Open ScratchOld Timer3233,152Marshalltown Area USBC
87TEAM - Open ScratchValley Park8903,147Gr Cedar Valley USBC
88TEAM - Open ScratchScott Mears3093,141Gr Des Moines USBC
89TEAM - Open ScratchL&N Transportation Svcs. Inc8743,134Gr Cedar Valley USBC
90TEAM - Open ScratchDarren Grimm8133,131Ames Area USBC
90TEAM - Open ScratchTeam 27453,131Cedar Rapids USBC
92TEAM - Open ScratchFran's Pro Shop/Maple Lanes8543,128Gr Cedar Valley USBC
93TEAM - Open ScratchDuffy's4623,126Dubuque Area USBC
94TEAM - Open ScratchIowa Donor Network4813,125Gr Siouxland USBC
95TEAM - Open ScratchH&H Construction5633,116Muscatine USBC
96TEAM - Open ScratchCPS2493,107Dyersville USBC
97TEAM - Open ScratchAuntie J's Embroidery8513,105Gr Cedar Valley USBC
98TEAM - Open ScratchTriple E Manufacturing1963,104Cedar Rapids USBC
98TEAM - Open ScratchThe Imperial Pro Shop3513,104Camanche USBC
100TEAM - Open ScratchG.B.S. Auto2683,087Mt Pleasant USBC
101TEAM - Open ScratchKinpin Social8843,083Gr Cedar Valley USBC
102TEAM - Open ScratchShriners 13073,076Gr Des Moines USBC
103TEAM - Open ScratchNickel Family Reunion6973,074Keokuk USBC
104TEAM - Open ScratchSchultz Process Service 6503,065Dubuque Area USBC
105TEAM - Open ScratchDennis' Crew1593,062Council Bluffs USBC
106TEAM - Open ScratchD&B Painting #2963,061Gr Des Moines USBC
107TEAM - Open ScratchPlumb Supply Company2803,055Cedar Rapids USBC
108TEAM - Open ScratchRindy Turf3193,054Iowa City USBC
109TEAM - Open ScratchSmitty'sBar - Waterloo8413,034Gr Cedar Valley USBC
110TEAM - Open ScratchFamily Beer & Liquor4703,011Dubuque Area USBC
111TEAM - Open ScratchHouse of Tyme #36453,010Muscatine USBC
112TEAM - Open ScratchWhite Llightning3533,005Camanche USBC
113TEAM - Open ScratchKendric's Krew 26262,998Gr Davenport Metro USBC
114TEAM - Open ScratchEnvision Tees 1642,961Dubuque Area USBC
115TEAM - Open ScratchMatt Rios Painting II7842,901Iowa City USBC
116TEAM - Open ScratchB.D. Bernice7222,883Fort Dodge Area USBC
117TEAM - Open ScratchKacena Signs #18062,858Cedar Rapids USBC
118TEAM - Open ScratchHere for the Beer #28462,763Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1TEAM - Standard HcpSubway3673,569Fort Dodge Area USBC
2TEAM - Standard HcpL&M Bowl5343,560Manning USBC
3TEAM - Standard HcpPJ's Bar & Grill4403,559Oelwein USBC
4TEAM - Standard HcpKO Pro Shop1133,531Gr Des Moines USBC
5TEAM - Standard HcpKris's Boys4943,516Sigourney USBC
6TEAM - Standard HcpTwang's Honey Hole 15833,472Manning USBC
7TEAM - Standard HcpBurlington Area USBC #12143,471Burlington Area USBC
8TEAM - Standard HcpRobert Parker #3723,454Ottumwa Area USBC
9TEAM - Standard HcpSpencer USBC5483,446Spencer USBC
10TEAM - Standard HcpMTS5553,444Muscatine USBC
11TEAM - Standard HcpTombstone Bowl #3753,434Burlington Area USBC
12TEAM - Standard HcpDW Racing3123,433Gr Des Moines USBC
13TEAM - Standard HcpJody's Bar #28963,432Muscatine USBC
14TEAM - Standard HcpChubb Hub7053,429Gr Des Moines USBC
15TEAM - Standard HcpICE Basketball1363,422Ames Area USBC
16TEAM - Standard HcpSesame Street453,409Stuart USBC
17TEAM - Standard HcpBerry's Lanes7683,406Cedar Rapids USBC
18TEAM - Standard HcpCheap Shots7973,402Gr Des Moines USBC
19TEAM - Standard HcpKurrent Electric1853,397Gr Des Moines USBC
20TEAM - Standard HcpTwin Anchors7883,394Ames Area USBC
21TEAM - Standard HcpClinic Pharmacy I203,389Gr Mason City USBC
22TEAM - Standard HcpSportsmens Unlimited3453,387Waukon USBC
23TEAM - Standard HcpMFI9033,380Pella USBC
24TEAM - Standard HcpFagan Graphics & Tees3313,376Maquoketa USBC
25TEAM - Standard HcpBrett Hanson4803,363Gr Siouxland USBC
26TEAM - Standard HcpTracy's Kids6643,359Gr Des Moines USBC
27TEAM - Standard HcpHaefners Construction7693,353Cedar Rapids USBC
28TEAM - Standard HcpWitham Collision4393,350Oelwein USBC
29TEAM - Standard HcpNo Weak Links973,347Gr Des Moines USBC
30TEAM - Standard HcpOEM4923,339Sigourney USBC
31TEAM - Standard HcpDenton Casting1973,336Independence USBC
32TEAM - Standard Hcp5 Guys Plumbing3353,335Maquoketa USBC
32TEAM - Standard HcpLucky's523,335Keokuk USBC
34TEAM - Standard HcpMartinson Used Cars1353,334Ames Area USBC
35TEAM - Standard HcpEdwards Construction7603,329De Witt USBC
36TEAM - Standard HcpIIIowa Culvert #17183,327Camanche USBC
37TEAM - Standard HcpO'Shea & O'Shea PC6363,324Cedar Rapids USBC
38TEAM - Standard HcpIs What It Is5223,323Independence USBC
39TEAM - Standard HcpThe Shed 56103,322Gr Davenport Metro USBC
40TEAM - Standard HcpRoll-On 11083,321Cedar Rapids USBC
40TEAM - Standard HcpBritt Bar & Grill1793,321Belmond USBC
42TEAM - Standard HcpCrossroads Supper Club7723,320Monticello USBC
42TEAM - Standard HcpKing and his Court4133,320Gr Davenport Metro USBC
44TEAM - Standard HcpPinhub.com3103,319Gr Des Moines USBC
45TEAM - Standard HcpRevolt #143,318Cedar Rapids USBC
46TEAM - Standard HcpCheryl and the Boys2033,317Gr Des Moines USBC
47TEAM - Standard HcpPella Lawn Care2023,313Gr Des Moines USBC
48TEAM - Standard HcpTriple B Proshop #22823,311Greene County USBC
48TEAM - Standard HcpCountry Heights4663,311Dubuque Area USBC
50TEAM - Standard HcpMAAD Lanes3463,310Waukon USBC
51TEAM - Standard HcpLucky 10 Lanes1823,309Independence USBC
52TEAM - Standard HcpDick's Boys573,306Ottumwa Area USBC
53TEAM - Standard HcpBig Uglies II2433,305Gr Davenport Metro USBC
54TEAM - Standard HcpMatt Jacobson5683,302Greene County USBC
55TEAM - Standard HcpWapsi Valley Creamery143,301Independence USBC
56TEAM - Standard HcpMoehr Painting 27253,300Clinton USBC
57TEAM - Standard HcpLarry's Team3143,299Gr Des Moines USBC
57TEAM - Standard HcpHawkeyes 52053,299Gr Des Moines USBC
59TEAM - Standard HcpTombstone Bowl733,297Burlington Area USBC
60TEAM - Standard HcpTombstone Bowl #4773,295Burlington Area USBC
61TEAM - Standard HcpBegalske Construction4593,293West Union USBC
61TEAM - Standard HcpMeinders Racing563,293Ottumwa Area USBC
63TEAM - Standard HcpDoc's Punks123,291Gr Des Moines USBC
64TEAM - Standard HcpThe Gamblers503,290Gr Des Moines USBC
64TEAM - Standard HcpThe Keg Stand1883,290Gr Des Moines USBC
64TEAM - Standard HcpCASE793,290Burlington Area USBC
64TEAM - Standard HcpSchuller's Knights6003,290New Hampton USBC
68TEAM - Standard HcpIf we don't win it's fake news673,285Dubuque Area USBC
68TEAM - Standard HcpDixon Home Improvement2223,285Burlington Area USBC
70TEAM - Standard HcpThe Shed 26073,283Gr Davenport Metro USBC
71TEAM - Standard Hcp4 Pins 1 Pocket1613,276Council Bluffs USBC
72TEAM - Standard HcpRed Ball Printing1953,273Cedar Rapids USBC
73TEAM - Standard HcpMoveero5143,272Estherville USBC
74TEAM - Standard HcpSlinger Chiropractic163,271Charles City USBC
74TEAM - Standard HcpTeam Kryptonite8863,271Gr Cedar Valley USBC
76TEAM - Standard HcpMajor Ink7503,269Muscatine USBC
77TEAM - Standard HcpSaber's Lair Pro Shop2403,267De Witt USBC
78TEAM - Standard HcpLucky Six Lanes1373,266Cedar Rapids USBC
79TEAM - Standard HcpTombstone Bowl #6763,265Burlington Area USBC
80TEAM - Standard HcpNE Iowa Auto Sales4413,264Oelwein USBC
80TEAM - Standard Hcp4 Guys and a Girl4203,264Cedar Rapids USBC
80TEAM - Standard HcpChris Brown7623,264Gr Des Moines USBC
80TEAM - Standard Hcp6R Upland Kennels633,264Iowa City USBC
80TEAM - Standard HcpIda 46783,264Ida Grove USBC
85TEAM - Standard HcpHerb & George1213,263Gr Mason City USBC
86TEAM - Standard HcpManly Drug 26883,262Grundy Center USBC
87TEAM - Standard HcpBud Light (M. Ames)5293,259Gr Mason City USBC
87TEAM - Standard HcpRobby Michels7633,259Bellevue USBC
87TEAM - Standard HcpScheels Lawncare4383,259Oelwein USBC
90TEAM - Standard HcpSpin Em4643,258Dubuque Area USBC
91TEAM - Standard HcpTeam Get A Life6323,257Gr Des Moines USBC
91TEAM - Standard HcpTeam Have A Life6333,257Gr Des Moines USBC
93TEAM - Standard HcpCan't Outlaw Right1273,256Sigourney USBC
94TEAM - Standard HcpMonahan Plumbing II2253,255Manning USBC
94TEAM - Standard HcpBalliy Construction3293,255Maquoketa USBC
96TEAM - Standard HcpGary's Pro Shop6623,254Gr Des Moines USBC
97TEAM - Standard HcpThe Armada7933,253Gr Des Moines USBC
97TEAM - Standard HcpStevens Seeds1783,253Belmond USBC
99TEAM - Standard HcpFunCity PBR4893,251Burlington Area USBC
100TEAM - Standard HcpMurdocks Adopted8993,247Dubuque Area USBC
100TEAM - Standard HcpGreen Mountain423,247Marshalltown Area USBC
102TEAM - Standard HcpMP Dirt #16183,245Iowa Great Lakes USBC
102TEAM - Standard HcpNorwood Inn5303,245Gr Des Moines USBC
102TEAM - Standard HcpGoldmine1603,245Council Bluffs USBC
105TEAM - Standard HcpBear Creek Floors3433,243Waukon USBC
106TEAM - Standard HcpFolsom Farms I383,242Gr Siouxland USBC
107TEAM - Standard HcpZurcher Tire913,239Gr Des Moines USBC
108TEAM - Standard HcpB&B7743,238Monticello USBC
109TEAM - Standard HcpBMW Music6533,237Dubuque Area USBC
110TEAM - Standard HcpSpare Time - Belmond1803,234Belmond USBC
111TEAM - Standard Hcp5-Stooges4193,233Cedar Rapids USBC
112TEAM - Standard HcpWhat About Bob7573,232Eldora USBC
113TEAM - Standard HcpPiece Together6173,231Greene County USBC
114TEAM - Standard HcpTeam Smitty5803,230Independence USBC
115TEAM - Standard HcpJD Flooring II1843,229Council Bluffs USBC
115TEAM - Standard HcpMisfits (Gary Bryan)6653,229Gr Des Moines USBC
115TEAM - Standard HcpAll the Way In3663,229Gr Des Moines USBC
118TEAM - Standard HcpCobra Strikes7833,228Dubuque Area USBC
119TEAM - Standard HcpRyler Rau7543,225Gr Mason City USBC
120TEAM - Standard HcpStrasser Trucking1513,224Cedar Rapids USBC
121TEAM - Standard HcpCrolake Wines I6133,222Jasper County USBC
121TEAM - Standard HcpCaseys2188663,222Gr Cedar Valley USBC
123TEAM - Standard Hcp5th Quarter Bar & Grill1143,221Gr Des Moines USBC
124TEAM - Standard HcpBurlington Family Eyecare2183,220Burlington Area USBC
125TEAM - Standard HcpMi-T-M7593,218Dubuque Area USBC
126TEAM - Standard HcpTrusler Farms #1313,214Gr Des Moines USBC
127TEAM - Standard HcpAJ's Pro Shop3473,212Waukon USBC
127TEAM - Standard HcpGodfrey Motors5013,212Jasper County USBC
129TEAM - Standard HcpStiles Pro Shop #1683,210Fort Dodge Area USBC
129TEAM - Standard HcpME's5173,210Estherville USBC
131TEAM - Standard HcpMy Daily Choice2313,208Gr Des Moines USBC
131TEAM - Standard HcpDick Van Dykes6603,208Gr Des Moines USBC
133TEAM - Standard HcpHere 4 Heer (Bushore)7673,207Ames Area USBC
134TEAM - Standard HcpBiatchy's Boyz3173,206Gr Des Moines USBC
135TEAM - Standard HcpRalph's Pro Shop6633,205Gr Des Moines USBC
135TEAM - Standard HcpPentz Appliance3223,205Marshalltown Area USBC
137TEAM - Standard HcpAll Star Lanes5153,203Estherville USBC
137TEAM - Standard HcpCook's Auto533,203Keokuk USBC
139TEAM - Standard HcpPerfect Games413,201Ames Area USBC
139TEAM - Standard HcpTurkey Pluckers7063,201Grundy Center USBC
139TEAM - Standard HcpBOHICA4973,201Muscatine USBC
142TEAM - Standard HcpMelba Toast6563,200Gr Des Moines USBC
142TEAM - Standard HcpWhiskey River #2943,200Gr Des Moines USBC
142TEAM - Standard HcpPercy's Crew4003,200Tripoli USBC
145TEAM - Standard HcpOld R&R Well3693,199Fort Dodge Area USBC
146TEAM - Standard HcpClark County Tax6963,198Keokuk USBC
146TEAM - Standard HcpCool Shirts5213,198Independence USBC
148TEAM - Standard HcpHearst Wall-Biz5623,197Muscatine USBC
148TEAM - Standard HcpMidwest Financial153,197Ames Area USBC
150TEAM - Standard HcpMystic Lanes (Corsello)1333,195Gr Mason City USBC
150TEAM - Standard HcpPregler Properties8793,195Gr Cedar Valley USBC
150TEAM - Standard HcpJanning Tile5363,195Manning USBC
153TEAM - Standard HcpTails a Waggin Pet Resort233,193Cedar Rapids USBC
154TEAM - Standard HcpLiberty Lanes5643,192Muscatine USBC
155TEAM - Standard HcpMcNabb Mob 34103,191Cedar Rapids USBC
155TEAM - Standard HcpHYB Green6713,191Jasper County USBC
155TEAM - Standard HcpWise Guys7173,191Gr Davenport Metro USBC
158TEAM - Standard HcpSharpshooters7393,187Cedar Rapids USBC
159TEAM - Standard HcpBentons Buddies4143,185Gr Davenport Metro USBC
160TEAM - Standard HcpI-35 Connection3743,184Gr Mason City USBC
161TEAM - Standard HcpMystic Lanes (R. Petersen)5033,183Gr Mason City USBC
161TEAM - Standard HcpShriners 23083,183Gr Des Moines USBC
163TEAM - Standard HcpArea 411013,182Greenfield USBC
164TEAM - Standard HcpBurlington Points Bet4903,180Burlington Area USBC
164TEAM - Standard Hcp1861 mead5003,180Clinton USBC
164TEAM - Standard HcpIda 56793,180Ida Grove USBC
167TEAM - Standard HcpDenver Underground3773,178Gr Mason City USBC
167TEAM - Standard HcpCyclone Liquor6213,178Ames Area USBC
167TEAM - Standard HcpBarngrover Glass #12203,178Burlington Area USBC
170TEAM - Standard HcpWhatcha Smokin BBQ7953,177Ames Area USBC
170TEAM - Standard HcpOsage Bowl4253,177Osage USBC
170TEAM - Standard HcpW.W.M.M.T.1533,177Gr Des Moines USBC
173TEAM - Standard HcpLivin on a Spare (S. Stephens)6203,176Ames Area USBC
173TEAM - Standard HcpHYB Orange6733,176Jasper County USBC
175TEAM - Standard HcpButler County Boys3783,175Gr Mason City USBC
176TEAM - Standard HcpHouse of Tyme #26443,172Muscatine USBC
176TEAM - Standard HcpCreative Art6053,172New Hampton USBC
178TEAM - Standard HcpFrench Paint603,170Cedar Rapids USBC
179TEAM - Standard HcpPounding Pockets2793,169Cedar Rapids USBC
179TEAM - Standard HcpTeam Bud4583,169West Union USBC
179TEAM - Standard HcpHere for Da Beer 24993,169Gr Des Moines USBC
182TEAM - Standard HcpStick um Tackle3803,168Dubuque Area USBC
183TEAM - Standard HcpKetelsen RV2993,167Cedar Rapids USBC
183TEAM - Standard HcpThrown Together8773,167Gr Cedar Valley USBC
185TEAM - Standard HcpNew London Dental2573,166Mt Pleasant USBC
186TEAM - Standard HcpMorgan's Crew8123,165Ames Area USBC
187TEAM - Standard HcpBowl Mor8243,164Boone County USBC
187TEAM - Standard HcpFidelity Bank3793,164Dubuque Area USBC
187TEAM - Standard HcpThe Shed 16063,164Gr Davenport Metro USBC
190TEAM - Standard HcpMcNabbs Mob 14123,163Cedar Rapids USBC
190TEAM - Standard HcpBachman Tiling3723,163Fort Dodge Area USBC
192TEAM - Standard HcpSmokin Butt BBQ813,162Gr Davenport Metro USBC
192TEAM - Standard HcpFilling Station1263,162Gr Davenport Metro USBC
194TEAM - Standard HcpCurbtender8443,160Gr Cedar Valley USBC
194TEAM - Standard HcpB&K Heating & Plumbing3483,160Waukon USBC
196TEAM - Standard HcpBurge Farms113,158Anamosa USBC
197TEAM - Standard HcpStork Lake Lodge7043,156Gr Des Moines USBC
197TEAM - Standard HcpMusco Lighting5613,156Muscatine USBC
197TEAM - Standard HcpSchmidt Pulling2933,156Charles City USBC
197TEAM - Standard HcpGreat River Squad B843,156Cedar Rapids USBC
201TEAM - Standard HcpI Can't Remember7133,155Council Bluffs USBC
202TEAM - Standard HcpPink Caddy Daddies4843,154Council Bluffs USBC
202TEAM - Standard HcpFran's Pro Shop #38733,154Gr Cedar Valley USBC
204TEAM - Standard HcpNortheast Iowa Appraisal & Rea4603,153West Union USBC
205TEAM - Standard HcpKamp Auto & Tire I3873,152Dubuque Area USBC
205TEAM - Standard HcpFamily Bowling Center 38043,152Fort Dodge Area USBC
205TEAM - Standard HcpThe Wolfpack6283,152Iowa City USBC
208TEAM - Standard HcpCut Above Construction7773,151Monticello USBC
209TEAM - Standard HcpTeam #2 - Roll, Drink, Repeat7473,150Gr Des Moines USBC
209TEAM - Standard HcpPerfect Game2463,150Dyersville USBC
211TEAM - Standard HcpTombstone Bowl #2743,149Burlington Area USBC
212TEAM - Standard HcpGreen Valley Chemical5273,148Red Oak USBC
212TEAM - Standard HcpKinzenbaw Earhmoving1443,148Cedar Rapids USBC
212TEAM - Standard HcpBurke's Bar & Grill3763,148Gr Mason City USBC
215TEAM - Standard HcpNorm's A/C #44743,147Council Bluffs USBC
216TEAM - Standard HcpRhine Body Repair4793,144Creston USBC
216TEAM - Standard HcpThe Shed 36083,144Gr Davenport Metro USBC
218TEAM - Standard HcpAndy Schwandt8143,143Marshalltown Area USBC
219TEAM - Standard HcpAJGx34633,142Dubuque Area USBC
220TEAM - Standard HcpRoll, Drink, Repeat7463,141Gr Des Moines USBC
221TEAM - Standard HcpJD Flooring 11833,139Council Bluffs USBC
221TEAM - Standard HcpFour Seniors Plus One803,139Burlington Area USBC
221TEAM - Standard HcpCentral Iowa Collision1583,139Stuart USBC
224TEAM - Standard HcpElwick Electric7113,138Cedar Rapids USBC
224TEAM - Standard HcpBryan Gibson Trucking6163,138Greene County USBC
226TEAM - Standard Hcp7 Pin Pro Shop5393,137Manning USBC
226TEAM - Standard HcpBeer Thirty1553,137Gr Des Moines USBC
226TEAM - Standard HcpLilac Lanes4553,137West Union USBC
229TEAM - Standard HcpAdrian's Auto Too2003,136Camanche USBC
230TEAM - Standard Hcp1st Citizen's Bank3753,134Gr Mason City USBC
231TEAM - Standard HcpNeyen Feed N Seed 23813,133Dubuque Area USBC
232TEAM - Standard HcpTeam Hight Life6343,132Gr Des Moines USBC
233TEAM - Standard HcpD.J.'s Pro Shop6393,131Bellevue USBC
234TEAM - Standard HcpB&B Outdoors8983,130Monticello USBC
234TEAM - Standard HcpDennis Supply1283,130Gr Siouxland USBC
234TEAM - Standard HcpC-R Tire3273,130Maquoketa USBC
237TEAM - Standard HcpHonkamp Kroeger2523,129Dyersville USBC
237TEAM - Standard HcpDamifino863,129Cedar Rapids USBC
237TEAM - Standard HcpNorm's A/C #54763,129Council Bluffs USBC
237TEAM - Standard HcpVeno's Pizza3993,129Tripoli USBC
241TEAM - Standard HcpThe Replacements7653,128Gr Des Moines USBC
241TEAM - Standard HcpKC 510 Guards663,128Dubuque Area USBC
243TEAM - Standard HcpHanging Ten Pin Pro Shop #1543,126Ottumwa Area USBC
244TEAM - Standard HcpKin Pin Knockers7363,125Gr Davenport Metro USBC
244TEAM - Standard HcpI Don't Even Know7143,125Council Bluffs USBC
246TEAM - Standard HcpCedar Valley Strikers8653,124Gr Cedar Valley USBC
247TEAM - Standard HcpJim Polito #11313,123Gr Des Moines USBC
247TEAM - Standard HcpNeyen Feed N Seed 33833,123Dubuque Area USBC
247TEAM - Standard HcpNew Image Construction LLC #28233,123Cedar Rapids USBC
250TEAM - Standard HcpStiles Pro Shop #2693,122Fort Dodge Area USBC
251TEAM - Standard HcpTriple B Proshop #12813,120Greene County USBC
252TEAM - Standard HcpSunset Mixed #18753,119Gr Cedar Valley USBC
252TEAM - Standard HcpNorth Iowa Cleaning 7553,119Gr Mason City USBC
252TEAM - Standard HcpChampion Seed I5253,119Monticello USBC
252TEAM - Standard HcpGreat River Squad A833,119Gr Davenport Metro USBC
252TEAM - Standard HcpHackett Auto #21993,119Marshalltown Area USBC
257TEAM - Standard HcpButch's Place6023,115New Hampton USBC
258TEAM - Standard HcpMake a Splash3323,114Maquoketa USBC
259TEAM - Standard HcpConcept to Creation8873,113Gr Cedar Valley USBC
260TEAM - Standard HcpTimber Center3363,111Maquoketa USBC
261TEAM - Standard HcpKnoxville Racing Team 26863,110Gr Des Moines USBC
262TEAM - Standard HcpAnamosa 24853,109Anamosa USBC
263TEAM - Standard HcpCar Wash (Bellevue)5973,108Bellevue USBC
263TEAM - Standard HcpBoot Leggers2533,108Fort Dodge Area USBC
265TEAM - Standard HcpStuart Bowl Pro Shop443,107Stuart USBC
266TEAM - Standard HcpPickled Fish1703,106Cedar Rapids USBC
266TEAM - Standard HcpOzzy's - Carroll6253,106Carroll Area USBC
268TEAM - Standard HcpThe Dark Side3013,105Cedar Rapids USBC
269TEAM - Standard HcpExit Realty8933,100Muscatine USBC
270TEAM - Standard HcpThe Framers6223,099Gr Des Moines USBC
270TEAM - Standard HcpWaugh Auto3283,099Maquoketa USBC
272TEAM - Standard HcpWalk it Off4503,097Iowa City USBC
273TEAM - Standard HcpCory's Team243,094Council Bluffs USBC
274TEAM - Standard HcpFamily Bowling Center 28053,091Fort Dodge Area USBC
275TEAM - Standard HcpCedar Rapids Bowl7323,090Cedar Rapids USBC
275TEAM - Standard HcpThe 10th Inning8523,090Gr Cedar Valley USBC
275TEAM - Standard HcpSparetime Lanes6153,090Greene County USBC
278TEAM - Standard HcpHere for Da Beer 14983,089Gr Des Moines USBC
278TEAM - Standard HcpSplit Talkers1873,089Gr Des Moines USBC
280TEAM - Standard HcpFloor-to-Ceiling1343,086Gr Mason City USBC
280TEAM - Standard HcpGrand Tap5203,086Dubuque Area USBC
282TEAM - Standard HcpAlison Powers Photography2393,084Gr Davenport Metro USBC
282TEAM - Standard HcpOh Spare Me7613,084Fort Dodge Area USBC
284TEAM - Standard HcpCR Stump Grinding1023,083Cedar Rapids USBC
284TEAM - Standard HcpKing Pin Shooters7373,083Gr Davenport Metro USBC
284TEAM - Standard HcpSona and the Boys6033,083New Hampton USBC
287TEAM - Standard HcpAllstar Team273,081Council Bluffs USBC
288TEAM - Standard HcpMama and the Kids8493,080Gr Cedar Valley USBC
289TEAM - Standard HcpSiedelmann Construction Inc5323,079Manning USBC
290TEAM - Standard HcpMurdocks Boys8973,077Dubuque Area USBC
291TEAM - Standard HcpLucky 6 Lanes1523,076Cedar Rapids USBC
291TEAM - Standard HcpAmerican Family Insurance4343,076West Delaware USBC
293TEAM - Standard HcpHere for Fun8883,075Gr Cedar Valley USBC
294TEAM - Standard HcpKamp Auto & Tire II3883,074Dubuque Area USBC
295TEAM - Standard HcpBig Uglies I2423,073Gr Davenport Metro USBC
296TEAM - Standard HcpBeer Here4443,072Iowa City USBC
297TEAM - Standard HcpFawn Creek Country Club103,071Anamosa USBC
298TEAM - Standard HcpTom Stahowick7873,070Gr Des Moines USBC
298TEAM - Standard HcpAdrians Auto3553,070Camanche USBC
298TEAM - Standard HcpMurdocks Knut Saks9043,070Dubuque Area USBC
301TEAM - Standard HcpGrinders8013,065Marshalltown Area USBC
302TEAM - Standard HcpNeyen Feed N Seed 13823,064Dubuque Area USBC
302TEAM - Standard HcpSteampro4163,064Gr Davenport Metro USBC
302TEAM - Standard HcpA Hair Ahead1563,064Gr Des Moines USBC
305TEAM - Standard HcpNorwood Bar & Grill1543,062Gr Des Moines USBC
305TEAM - Standard HcpStrothman Ag2623,062Mt Pleasant USBC
307TEAM - Standard HcpMaple Lanes II8853,061Gr Cedar Valley USBC
308TEAM - Standard HcpAnamosa 14863,059Anamosa USBC
309TEAM - Standard HcpLamb Gravey6663,058Gr Des Moines USBC
309TEAM - Standard HcpTraditions473,058Stuart USBC
311TEAM - Standard HcpEnvision Tees 2653,053Dubuque Area USBC
311TEAM - Standard HcpWALCo Sheet Metal #21203,053Iowa City USBC
313TEAM - Standard HcpSomethin' Ugly2733,052Gr Des Moines USBC
314TEAM - Standard HcpBerry Lanes2963,050Cedar Rapids USBC
315TEAM - Standard HcpAmerican Home Services7033,049Gr Des Moines USBC
315TEAM - Standard HcpCoppers Creek6423,049Muscatine USBC
317TEAM - Standard HcpHorsey Stables4563,048West Union USBC
318TEAM - Standard HcpLittle Panther Daycare4083,047Tripoli USBC
319TEAM - Standard HcpC&W Transport Solutions6373,043Cedar Rapids USBC
320TEAM - Standard HcpEnglert Chiropratic3043,042Muscatine USBC
321TEAM - Standard HcpYoung Guns8363,041Gr Des Moines USBC
321TEAM - Standard HcpCanvas Products IV2903,041Dubuque Area USBC
321TEAM - Standard HcpPower Grafx1253,041Gr Davenport Metro USBC
324TEAM - Standard HcpPin Crashers8723,039Gr Cedar Valley USBC
325TEAM - Standard HcpHit and Miss5563,035Muscatine USBC
326TEAM - Standard HcpPorky's1233,034Keokuk USBC
326TEAM - Standard HcpBreak Room1943,034Cedar Rapids USBC
328TEAM - Standard HcpPriority Plastics #163,033Iowa City USBC
329TEAM - Standard HcpBenjegerdes Machine3403,030Waukon USBC
330TEAM - Standard HcpLD's7783,029Gr Mason City USBC
331TEAM - Standard HcpJ&T Construction3243,028Marshalltown Area USBC
332TEAM - Standard HcpRPS 47023,026Cedar Rapids USBC
333TEAM - Standard HcpRibbco Screenprint8943,025Muscatine USBC
334TEAM - Standard HcpDeez Nutsss8583,023Gr Cedar Valley USBC
335TEAM - Standard HcpRitchie's Sound and Music5573,022Muscatine USBC
336TEAM - Standard HcpHammerheads6523,019Dubuque Area USBC
337TEAM - Standard HcpThe Crew2063,017Gr Des Moines USBC
338TEAM - Standard HcpHeartland Liquidation5663,016Muscatine USBC
338TEAM - Standard HcpLighting Lanes4303,016West Delaware USBC
340TEAM - Standard HcpBig Johnson Tool Company253,013Council Bluffs USBC
341TEAM - Standard HcpRevolt #253,012Cedar Rapids USBC
342TEAM - Standard HcpActive Chiropractic483,011Clinton USBC
342TEAM - Standard HcpOP Redgeway8503,011Gr Cedar Valley USBC
344TEAM - Standard HcpCold Beer4463,010Iowa City USBC
345TEAM - Standard HcpOutdoor Heavn5453,008Spencer USBC
346TEAM - Standard HcpTails a Waggin Dog Daycare223,007Cedar Rapids USBC
347TEAM - Standard HcpNorm's A/C #24723,006Council Bluffs USBC
347TEAM - Standard HcpMoler Sanitation3213,006Marshalltown Area USBC
349TEAM - Standard HcpEldora Bowl5413,004Marshalltown Area USBC
350TEAM - Standard HcpAC Flooring2543,003Fort Dodge Area USBC
351TEAM - Standard HcpOld Guys263,001Council Bluffs USBC
352TEAM - Standard HcpRPS 37012,998Cedar Rapids USBC
353TEAM - Standard HcpEvans Pro Detail7562,997Gr Mason City USBC
354TEAM - Standard HcpTim Meyer1042,990Decorah USBC
355TEAM - Standard HcpGutterball Express2942,988Charles City USBC
356TEAM - Standard HcpJesse Gifford172,983Charles City USBC
357TEAM - Standard HcpDilly Dilly8482,982Gr Cedar Valley USBC
358TEAM - Standard HcpJim Polito #21322,981Gr Des Moines USBC
359TEAM - Standard HcpGolf First8002,980Forest City USBC
360TEAM - Standard HcpCarroll Bowl Pro Shop 26242,977Carroll Area USBC
361TEAM - Standard HcpRoll-On 21092,973Cedar Rapids USBC
361TEAM - Standard HcpR&R Well LLC3682,973Fort Dodge Area USBC
363TEAM - Standard HcpLebowski's2852,971Cedar Rapids USBC
364TEAM - Standard HcpGuys with Balls3132,970Gr Des Moines USBC
365TEAM - Standard HcpHouts Construction3002,963Cedar Rapids USBC
365TEAM - Standard HcpEastern Iowa Dairy2482,963Dyersville USBC
367TEAM - Standard HcpAJ's #18892,959Gr Cedar Valley USBC
368TEAM - Standard HcpTeam Low Life6352,955Gr Des Moines USBC
369TEAM - Standard HcpTeam Focus4512,954Iowa City USBC
369TEAM - Standard HcpPitchers Bar5112,954Cedar Rapids USBC
371TEAM - Standard HcpOutcasts8612,953Gr Cedar Valley USBC
372TEAM - Standard HcpBudweiser (M. Ames)5282,952Gr Mason City USBC
373TEAM - Standard HcpHackett Auto #11982,950Marshalltown Area USBC
374TEAM - Standard HcpBowlers Edge Pro Shop4912,934Sigourney USBC
375TEAM - Standard HcpT&T Line X402,933Ames Area USBC
376TEAM - Standard HcpR/T Seamless Gutters3412,931Waukon USBC
377TEAM - Standard HcpNorm's A/C/#54752,930Council Bluffs USBC
378TEAM - Standard HcpTwo Left Makes Three Right2042,928Gr Des Moines USBC
379TEAM - Standard HcpDave's Team7402,919Ames Area USBC
379TEAM - Standard HcpComet Bowl2922,919Charles City USBC
381TEAM - Standard HcpNorm's A/C #34732,916Council Bluffs USBC
382TEAM - Standard HcpFamily Eye Center5582,909Muscatine USBC
383TEAM - Standard HcpH&H Home Crafters7762,898Monticello USBC
384TEAM - Standard HcpSta-Dry Roofing3542,892Camanche USBC
385TEAM - Standard HcpKnoxville Racing Team 16852,883Gr Des Moines USBC
386TEAM - Standard HcpWe're Back7582,875Cedar Rapids USBC
387TEAM - Standard HcpMani-Cave6412,872Bellevue USBC
388TEAM - Standard HcpBackstretch Gang8802,867Monticello USBC
389TEAM - Standard HcpAnamosa Raiders5822,848Anamosa USBC
390TEAM - Standard HcpFarmers Insurance5492,843Spencer USBC
391TEAM - Standard HcpHawkeye Electric2782,841Cedar Rapids USBC
392TEAM - Standard HcpBDI8602,835Gr Cedar Valley USBC
393TEAM - Standard HcpSchuey Here7272,825Dubuque Area USBC
394TEAM - Standard HcpWALCo Sheet Metal #11192,822Iowa City USBC
395TEAM - Standard HcpFamily Bowling Center 18032,808Fort Dodge Area USBC
396TEAM - Standard HcpHere for the Beer #38472,805Gr Cedar Valley USBC
397TEAM - Standard HcpBowling Up Beer #18402,789Gr Cedar Valley USBC
398TEAM - Standard HcpC&C Productrions5982,778Bellevue USBC
399TEAM - Standard HcpAcadmey Roofing8252,770Boone County USBC
400TEAM - Standard HcpBNC Electric8182,768Camanche USBC
401TEAM - Standard HcpSego Electric1732,754Gr Mason City USBC
402TEAM - Standard HcpMugz3032,751Muscatine USBC
403TEAM - Standard HcpLydon Seeds4172,746Red Oak USBC
404TEAM - Standard HcpCorydon #32742,737Corydon USBC
1DOUBLES - BoosterNordeen Kyle T. \ Hodnefield Isaac D. 3911,400Ames Area USBC
2DOUBLES - BoosterDunham Lee D. \ Wieser Daniel R. 6941,389Gr Des Moines USBC
3DOUBLES - BoosterWilkins Joshua J. \ Schmuecker Jareth 1921,367Cedar Rapids USBC
4DOUBLES - BoosterReese Kyle A. \ Genskow Adam B. 6731,334Jasper County USBC
5DOUBLES - BoosterKrukow Harley F. \ Venteicher Brian J. 201,326Gr Mason City USBC
6DOUBLES - BoosterWagner Galen \ Gerbig Jerry M. 3581,322Stacyville USBC
6DOUBLES - BoosterJoblinske Connor L. \ Schremser Ryan P. 1821,322Independence USBC
8DOUBLES - BoosterEllis Ryan \ Ellis Bruce A. 2761,320Corydon USBC
9DOUBLES - BoosterAries Andrew J. \ Dreckman Jonathon J. 6021,306New Hampton USBC
9DOUBLES - BoosterSimpson Chris M. \ Simpson Michael D. 8421,306Dubuque Area USBC
11DOUBLES - BoosterBoege Jennifer L. \ Junker Jacob T. 4281,302Grundy Center USBC
12DOUBLES - BoosterDecker Ryan R. \ Grillo Paul M. 1821,299Independence USBC
13DOUBLES - BoosterRestrepo Jaime C. \ Swanson William C. 4451,298Iowa City USBC
14DOUBLES - BoosterHodnett Steve J. \ Spaur Larry D. 341,292Jasper County USBC
15DOUBLES - BoosterBrockmeyer Edward \ Hawkins Charles A. 2761,287Corydon USBC
16DOUBLES - BoosterWest Hanna L. \ Plymale Jordan L. 6571,285Gr Des Moines USBC
17DOUBLES - BoosterOlson Joel \ Olson Mark A. 1001,283Greenfield USBC
18DOUBLES - BoosterFranck Nick \ Shannon Nick M. 6981,276Independence USBC
19DOUBLES - BoosterStephens Trevor W. \ Lee Brian C. 6211,275Ames Area USBC
20DOUBLES - BoosterWelter Allen L. \ Welter Michele L. 3331,270Dubuque Area USBC
21DOUBLES - BoosterBrennan Shanna \ Brennan Samantha M. 2551,268Fort Dodge Area USBC
22DOUBLES - BoosterHull Daniel \ Small Beau R. 2831,267Appanoose/Davis County USBC
23DOUBLES - BoosterRiley Neil J. \ Leraaen Eric K. 1711,263St Ansgar USBC
24DOUBLES - BoosterStanley Janet L. \ Stanley Shane M. 8301,261Sanborn USBC
24DOUBLES - BoosterVogt Sean D. \ Stone Craig R. 1911,261Cedar Rapids USBC
26DOUBLES - BoosterThesing Trent E. \ Van Wey Dan P. 3451,260Waukon USBC
27DOUBLES - BoosterPaar Grant C. \ Breitbach Nick A. 2911,257Dubuque Area USBC
28DOUBLES - BoosterFerguson Roger L. \ Belloma Alex J. 5071,255Appanoose/Davis County USBC
29DOUBLES - BoosterMenne Marc A. \ Bumgardner Brett D. 4561,254West Union USBC
30DOUBLES - BoosterSogard Nathan T. \ Sogard David L. 3941,253Ames Area USBC
31DOUBLES - BoosterSurber Robin L. \ Surber Brandon C. 771,252Burlington Area USBC
32DOUBLES - BoosterArbaugh Joseph \ Hodnefield Dan W. 8031,251Fort Dodge Area USBC
33DOUBLES - BoosterZaugg Justin R. \ Renoux Troy A. 9061,249Iowa City USBC
34DOUBLES - BoosterShannon James M. \ Wendt Eric L. 2341,244Atlantic USBC
35DOUBLES - BoosterChristensen Alex C. \ Broadie Marshall 5471,242Spencer USBC
36DOUBLES - BoosterDettbarn Dustin R. \ Rhoades Cody R. 2871,240Sumner USBC
36DOUBLES - BoosterJergens Michael B. \ Poock Travis M. 2881,240Sumner USBC
36DOUBLES - BoosterEasley Kyle J. \ Bilky Paul A. 3751,240Gr Mason City USBC
39DOUBLES - BoosterMorris Michael W. \ Redding Neal W. 3631,239Gr Des Moines USBC
39DOUBLES - BoosterJochum Tim J. \ Weimerskirch Keith A. 3381,239Maquoketa USBC
41DOUBLES - BoosterIvanov Michael R. \ Brahm Bill E. 4651,237Dubuque Area USBC
41DOUBLES - BoosterScott Craig A. \ Scott Chance A. 3111,237Gr Des Moines USBC
41DOUBLES - BoosterKoopman Bridget A. \ Voelker Andrew L. 1921,237Cedar Rapids USBC
44DOUBLES - BoosterLaunderville Tom M. \ Carlson Michael L. 5731,236Greene County USBC
45DOUBLES - BoosterMclaury Tim S. \ Starr Cheyanne D. 3631,235Gr Des Moines USBC
46DOUBLES - BoosterGourley Wendell K. \ Van Wyhe Ken L. 391,234Red Oak USBC
46DOUBLES - BoosterRook Jamie M. \ Hunt Sam A. 7721,234Monticello USBC
48DOUBLES - BoosterCase Terrence L. \ Balzer Max K. 1291,233Gr Siouxland USBC
48DOUBLES - BoosterZenor Randy D. \ Guffey Nathan 391,233Red Oak USBC
50DOUBLES - BoosterJacobson Benjamin R. \ Hopkins Drew E. 5681,232Greene County USBC
51DOUBLES - BoosterBickford Jake L. \ Keil Keith A. 3381,231Maquoketa USBC
52DOUBLES - BoosterVry Curtis S. \ Vry Brad L. 1571,227Stuart USBC
53DOUBLES - BoosterJohnson Michelle \ Johnson Chad L. 8051,226Fort Dodge Area USBC
53DOUBLES - BoosterIrvin Dan S. \ Eckhoff Jonathon J. 5441,226Iowa City USBC
55DOUBLES - BoosterAlbrecht Monty R. \ Clayton Phillip D. Jr5721,225Greene County USBC
55DOUBLES - BoosterMcClurg Bryce T. \ Johnson Brett W. 9021,225Gr Mason City USBC
57DOUBLES - BoosterColvin Jeff \ Buerckley Raymond L. 8251,223Boone County USBC
58DOUBLES - BoosterSmith Mike B. \ Ross Lisa 331,222Jasper County USBC
59DOUBLES - BoosterPrather Shawn D. \ Prather David C. 1471,221Cedar Rapids USBC
60DOUBLES - BoosterRandolph Douglas S. \ Thompson Cory L. 1161,220Gr Des Moines USBC
61DOUBLES - BoosterBeck Jamie J. \ Wirth Jason E. 3911,219Ames Area USBC
62DOUBLES - BoosterEddards Robert A. \ Folkmann Nicole E. 1491,218Cedar Rapids USBC
63DOUBLES - BoosterBrant Corey M. \ Corwin Greg L. 351,217Jasper County USBC
64DOUBLES - BoosterMunson Kariann L. \ Grimm Joel E. 6701,214Jasper County USBC
64DOUBLES - BoosterCarriere Teresa A. \ Branchcomb Al 3171,214Gr Des Moines USBC
66DOUBLES - BoosterHagen Brian L. \ Mc Nulty Brian J. 1911,213Cedar Rapids USBC
67DOUBLES - BoosterBlakeman David M. \ Ties Jacob W. 2891,212Dubuque Area USBC
67DOUBLES - BoosterVanMersbergen Wayne A. \ Zantingh Ron E. 431,212Pella USBC
69DOUBLES - BoosterBerns Alex M. \ Johnson Steven J. 3421,211Waukon USBC
70DOUBLES - BoosterWendel Jessica J. \ Crampton Dennis R. 6821,210Sioux Rapids-Alta USBC
70DOUBLES - BoosterTesch Cordell G. \ Ackerman Joseph M. Jr5521,210Spencer USBC
72DOUBLES - BoosterSchwering Alicia M. \ Saldana Shaun R. 5091,209Appanoose/Davis County USBC
73DOUBLES - BoosterMc Intosh Richard L. \ Wenstad James A. 991,208Greenfield USBC
73DOUBLES - BoosterEads Ron L. Jr \ Sessions Charles E. 7411,208Gr Des Moines USBC
75DOUBLES - BoosterWoodside Bruce W. \ Clark Lenny 1231,207Keokuk USBC
75DOUBLES - BoosterLenoch Nick M. \ McFarland James R. Jr9051,207Iowa City USBC
77DOUBLES - BoosterChance Bob W. \ Walter Samantha M. 1151,206Gr Des Moines USBC
78DOUBLES - BoosterKiner Kyle D. \ Fellers Anthony 6191,203Iowa Great Lakes USBC
79DOUBLES - BoosterWaltz Chad M. \ Waltz Dillon E. 1531,202Gr Des Moines USBC
80DOUBLES - BoosterCook Michelle J. \ Stacy Cheryl A. 6591,201Gr Des Moines USBC
81DOUBLES - BoosterSimpson Brandon A. \ Bowlin Greg A. 6851,200Gr Des Moines USBC
82DOUBLES - BoosterHancox Scott A. \ Palmer Scott L. 5071,199Appanoose/Davis County USBC
83DOUBLES - BoosterBetts Bob E. \ Imlay Ronald E. 3931,198Ames Area USBC
83DOUBLES - BoosterHalsrud Jason \ Smith Kevin J. 5121,198Estherville USBC
83DOUBLES - BoosterDausel Darin D. \ Earl Michael J. 6761,198Ida Grove USBC
83DOUBLES - BoosterBast David A. \ Baxter Jason D. 8401,198Gr Cedar Valley USBC
87DOUBLES - BoosterLangreck Brandon \ Bock Trevor A. 2261,197Sumner USBC
88DOUBLES - BoosterMolacek Alex \ King Hunter A. 5191,196Estherville USBC
88DOUBLES - BoosterCurtis Brenda \ Nelson Dale 1281,196Gr Siouxland USBC
88DOUBLES - BoosterBoche Roger J. \ Underwood Lance B. 2181,196Burlington Area USBC
91DOUBLES - BoosterBrown Timothy D. \ Foss Robert A. 991,195Greenfield USBC
92DOUBLES - BoosterLicht Ronnie G. \ Gregory Allen L. 1061,194Iowa City USBC
93DOUBLES - BoosterRohach Mike A. \ Parks Leslie M. 7071,193Grundy Center USBC
93DOUBLES - BoosterDerifield Matt \ Shonka Jazmine E. 4391,193Oelwein USBC
95DOUBLES - BoosterKafer Dave L. \ Vermeulen Joe S. 4681,191Dubuque Area USBC
95DOUBLES - BoosterClubb Skyler C. \ Clubb Steve M. 4961,191Sigourney USBC
97DOUBLES - BoosterMitchley Mark V. \ Jensen Lukas 9001,189Dubuque Area USBC
98DOUBLES - BoosterWolf Brian J. \ Eynon William R. 4241,188Iowa City USBC
98DOUBLES - BoosterCollins Duane R. \ Vander Molen Gary W. 7921,188Pella USBC
98DOUBLES - BoosterSheridan Tim R. \ Strand Samantha L. 6581,188Gr Des Moines USBC
98DOUBLES - BoosterHess Sarajane L. \ Hess Derek A. 6331,188Gr Des Moines USBC
102DOUBLES - BoosterHuebbe Todd H. \ Houghton Nicole K. 921,187Gr Des Moines USBC
102DOUBLES - BoosterRummery Charles D. \ Williams Randy A. 7381,187Dubuque Area USBC
104DOUBLES - BoosterHorner Ken L. \ Knapp Bob M. 1301,186Gr Des Moines USBC
104DOUBLES - BoosterLovejoy Kodie \ Hoffman Zachary 4801,186Gr Siouxland USBC
106DOUBLES - BoosterHertel Jessica E. \ Hertel Bryan A. 8631,185Gr Cedar Valley USBC
107DOUBLES - BoosterHeeren Jeff A. \ Hodnefield Dan W. 3951,184Ames Area USBC
107DOUBLES - BoosterEhlers Kurt E. \ Straw Daniel L. 5211,184Independence USBC
109DOUBLES - BoosterOder Roxanne M. \ Munson Roger A. 911,183Gr Des Moines USBC
110DOUBLES - BoosterCarpenter Shane \ Wolfe Gary L. 6221,182Gr Des Moines USBC
110DOUBLES - BoosterGlover Rick \ Urias James D. 191,182Pella USBC
110DOUBLES - BoosterTye Kristina \ Blanchard Zachary J. 2331,182Atlantic USBC
113DOUBLES - BoosterHare Brian J. \ Davison Austin C. 4771,181Maquoketa USBC
114DOUBLES - BoosterEllithorpe Jacob L. \ Clark Tristan M. 3291,180Maquoketa USBC
114DOUBLES - BoosterNord Lesley R. \ Niksich Michael R. 1261,180Gr Davenport Metro USBC
114DOUBLES - BoosterMathes Shelbee Y. \ Svendsen Brendon L. 6601,180Gr Des Moines USBC
117DOUBLES - BoosterHadley Daniel J. \ Hadley Victoria R. 1481,179Cedar Rapids USBC
117DOUBLES - BoosterDePoorter Kelsey R. \ Depoorter Justin L. 1491,179Cedar Rapids USBC
117DOUBLES - BoosterRader Kristi K. \ Rader Gary D. 4021,179Tripoli USBC
117DOUBLES - BoosterDalen Logan \ Clabaugh Kelly 5191,179Estherville USBC
121DOUBLES - BoosterHolub Stephen R. \ Naugle Jeremiah L. 4031,177Tripoli USBC
121DOUBLES - BoosterMunson Jason L. \ Gifford Nathan B. 6711,177Jasper County USBC
123DOUBLES - BoosterMiller Peyton E. \ Warrington Austin H. 2371,176Iowa City USBC
123DOUBLES - BoosterRook Russell S. \ McCauley Charles M. 8721,176Gr Cedar Valley USBC
125DOUBLES - BoosterHolder Salana J. \ Lenihan Mckenzie L. 1621,174Council Bluffs USBC
126DOUBLES - BoosterSlechta Michael \ Mortimer Steven L. 7131,173Council Bluffs USBC
126DOUBLES - BoosterEpperson Maureen A. \ Jones Andy E. 8681,173Gr Cedar Valley USBC
128DOUBLES - BoosterMiller David B. \ Sears Jeffrey L. 1101,172Iowa City USBC
128DOUBLES - BoosterRogness Kurt \ Mc Bride Brad D. 1431,172Cedar Rapids USBC
130DOUBLES - BoosterHackathorn Adam G. \ Grimm Stanley J. 6701,171Jasper County USBC
131DOUBLES - BoosterWheeler John H. \ Schanbacher Brian A. 1911,170Cedar Rapids USBC
132DOUBLES - BoosterAlter Bronson E. \ Alter Ramey S. 1061,169Iowa City USBC
132DOUBLES - BoosterSchlaht Kyle J. \ Lacey Dustin D. 621,169Iowa City USBC
132DOUBLES - BoosterKetchum Jonathan \ Ott Roman K. 7791,169Gr Mason City USBC
135DOUBLES - BoosterPolum Nick D. \ Pint Jerry L. 8391,168Gr Cedar Valley USBC
135DOUBLES - BoosterHosch Robin A. \ Pacheco Neil 8031,168Fort Dodge Area USBC
135DOUBLES - BoosterHall Brian L. \ Shilling Tom L. 6141,168Jasper County USBC
138DOUBLES - BoosterGlantz Sara V. \ Glantz Joe J. 5081,167Appanoose/Davis County USBC
138DOUBLES - BoosterAnderson Jill M. \ Anderson Bret W. 5761,167Greene County USBC
138DOUBLES - BoosterStevenson Colby J. \ Versendaal Andy L. 631,167Iowa City USBC
141DOUBLES - BoosterBirkedal Mark P. \ Hofland Don A. 1721,166St Ansgar USBC
141DOUBLES - BoosterHorton Dallas D. \ Thompson Amos L. 531,166Keokuk USBC
143DOUBLES - BoosterWhitcher Dalton M. \ Orr Bernard D. 5531,165Red Oak USBC
144DOUBLES - BoosterScholten Ray \ Venenga Todd D. 8291,164Sanborn USBC
144DOUBLES - BoosterKuntz David E. \ Pejchl Robert 5261,164Monticello USBC
146DOUBLES - BoosterJanovick Jim P. \ Lawrence Dennis M. 8261,163Boone County USBC
146DOUBLES - BoosterGodfrey Gavin R. \ Hember Jay M. 5481,163Spencer USBC
146DOUBLES - BoosterPrice Jason M. \ Haldeman Jeff M. 6741,163Jasper County USBC
149DOUBLES - BoosterVenenga Logan R. \ Swenson Chad J. 8291,162Sanborn USBC
150DOUBLES - BoosterHolm Danielle L. \ Graham Logan M. 8571,161Gr Cedar Valley USBC
150DOUBLES - BoosterBalvanz Bruce \ Schwemm Chad E. 4081,161Tripoli USBC
150DOUBLES - BoosterBulleit Greg R. \ Bowman Lee R. 2131,161Independence USBC
153DOUBLES - BoosterHenry Richard L. \ Hruska James E. Jr2561,160Fort Dodge Area USBC
153DOUBLES - BoosterLombard Gary A. \ Filloon Travis G. 3701,160Fort Dodge Area USBC
155DOUBLES - BoosterVandersee Kalob D. \ Kacena Justin L. 8071,159Cedar Rapids USBC
155DOUBLES - BoosterGarber Thomas J. \ Brand David E. 5381,159Manning USBC
155DOUBLES - BoosterHetland Jamie S. \ Schminke Lori A. 3971,159Ames Area USBC
155DOUBLES - BoosterCrannell Vicki A. \ Tetrev Maria M. 5871,159Guthrie County USBC
159DOUBLES - BoosterBoege Kyla L. \ Willis Kyle P. 8751,158Gr Cedar Valley USBC
159DOUBLES - BoosterWehling Dylan \ Boger Melissa A. 4041,158Tripoli USBC
161DOUBLES - BoosterFedeler Steven J. \ Rathe Tim J. 2261,157Sumner USBC
161DOUBLES - BoosterSmith Missy S. \ Ewing Doug J. 331,157Jasper County USBC
161DOUBLES - BoosterRalston Jeffrey "Jeff" L. \ Buesing Marc D. 6091,157Gr Davenport Metro USBC
164DOUBLES - BoosterBerry Ryan J. \ White Shawn J. 7111,156Cedar Rapids USBC
164DOUBLES - BoosterWhitney Greg H. \ Slings Eric D. 7931,156Gr Des Moines USBC
164DOUBLES - BoosterWenger Mike T. \ Gunn Charles D. Jr5761,156Greene County USBC
164DOUBLES - BoosterKaufman Casey L. \ Hiles Cory J. 5681,156Greene County USBC
164DOUBLES - BoosterMoran-Lellig Chelsea \ Thurmond Marisa D. 8581,156Gr Cedar Valley USBC
164DOUBLES - BoosterHadlock Elizabeth A. \ Fenton Dean A. 8021,156Oskaloosa USBC
164DOUBLES - BoosterDenekas Bryan J. \ Arbaugh Rick S. 3941,156Ames Area USBC
171DOUBLES - BoosterMcGuire Jacob N. \ Bolte Ben P. 2271,155Sumner USBC
171DOUBLES - BoosterBak Brian D. II \ Allen Matthew A. 2241,155Manning USBC
171DOUBLES - BoosterStuekerjuergen Christian \ Shoemate Jeffrey W. 881,155North Lee County USBC
174DOUBLES - BoosterRandolph Tammy L. \ Culp Lawrence T. 1161,154Gr Des Moines USBC
175DOUBLES - BoosterVrieze Jessica L. \ McMillen Shawn P. 8701,153Gr Cedar Valley USBC
175DOUBLES - BoosterVanKleek Matt S. \ Hoch Heath M. 5471,153Spencer USBC
177DOUBLES - BoosterNovak Jason T. \ Novak Donald L. 6191,152Iowa Great Lakes USBC
177DOUBLES - BoosterDunivan Mark \ Christensen Joshau S. 2761,152Corydon USBC
177DOUBLES - BoosterCrew Kathi A. \ Schwering Dawn D. 5091,152Appanoose/Davis County USBC
180DOUBLES - BoosterDirks Pat A. \ Cutsforth Troy J. 6041,151New Hampton USBC
180DOUBLES - BoosterTheilen Kenya R. \ Bierbrodt Daniel J. 7701,151Anamosa USBC
180DOUBLES - BoosterHoll Connie \ Holl Chris H. 5171,151Estherville USBC
183DOUBLES - BoosterCarper Deena M. \ Weich Raymond E. 8701,150Gr Cedar Valley USBC
183DOUBLES - BoosterGrobstick Tony W. \ Boffeli Josh J. 7631,150Bellevue USBC
185DOUBLES - BoosterHamand Ralph A. \ Billmeyer Joseph E. 7291,149Gr Mason City USBC
186DOUBLES - BoosterMcLean Daekaree J. \ Rohm Jeffrey S. 4481,148Iowa City USBC
186DOUBLES - BoosterKey Kelvin R. Jr \ Key Robert J. 2891,148Dubuque Area USBC
186DOUBLES - BoosterMangin Michee Y. \ Agan Bradley M. 6611,148Gr Des Moines USBC
186DOUBLES - BoosterHenry Ralph F. Jr \ Miller Wayne W. 8371,148Dubuque Area USBC
190DOUBLES - BoosterHindman Joe \ Watts Chad 7961,147Gr Des Moines USBC
190DOUBLES - BoosterAshby Renee A. \ Ashby Robert M. 5041,147Appanoose/Davis County USBC
190DOUBLES - BoosterHund Thomas D. \ Hettinger Jordan J. 2101,147Independence USBC
190DOUBLES - BoosterWenner Jack \ Weremont Cody 5131,147Estherville USBC
194DOUBLES - BoosterDeJong Justin R. \ Blunck Nathan P. 431,146Pella USBC
195DOUBLES - BoosterStone Carrie A. \ Stone Kathy L. 5791,145Gr Des Moines USBC
195DOUBLES - BoosterAdams George \ Jordan Michael 2971,145Cedar Rapids USBC
197DOUBLES - BoosterNissen Benjamin P. \ Dohlman Darrin D. 4121,144Cedar Rapids USBC
197DOUBLES - BoosterBearbower Ayden W. \ Goodell Matthew J. 7691,144Cedar Rapids USBC
197DOUBLES - BoosterBricker Joseph L. \ Evinger Brad J. 6891,144Ottumwa Area USBC
197DOUBLES - BoosterHermsen Ron J. \ Hermsen Andrew E. 5231,144Independence USBC
197DOUBLES - BoosterYearling Candi J. \ Fangman Abigail N. 8501,144Gr Cedar Valley USBC
197DOUBLES - BoosterQuass Rodney W. \ Saint Kevin J. 4051,144Tripoli USBC
197DOUBLES - BoosterJero LeRoy L. \ Hagen Harley L. 2111,144Marshalltown Area USBC
204DOUBLES - BoosterDodge Luke A. \ Beelner Jeremy D. 5461,143Spencer USBC
205DOUBLES - BoosterBublitz Jerry L. \ Kittleson Travis A. 1661,142St Ansgar USBC
205DOUBLES - BoosterPaulette Breanna D. \ Slife Mike P. 6181,142Iowa Great Lakes USBC
205DOUBLES - BoosterRussell Jim P. \ Bear Michael A. 5931,142Iowa City USBC
208DOUBLES - BoosterHawbaker Sonja R. \ Hawbaker Ben 4441,141Iowa City USBC
208DOUBLES - BoosterPope James A. \ Stevens Randy A. Jr5021,141Gr Mason City USBC
208DOUBLES - BoosterLackore Joshua M. \ Lackore James M. 4261,141Osage USBC
208DOUBLES - BoosterKube Darren K. \ Younker Daniel R. 6461,141Eldora USBC
208DOUBLES - BoosterKramer Tanner J. \ Olson Cody S. 3881,141Dubuque Area USBC
208DOUBLES - BoosterCarney Allissa \ Carney Ronald L. 3661,141Gr Des Moines USBC
208DOUBLES - BoosterSeevers Dennis W. \ Munford Timothy J. 2721,141Gr Des Moines USBC
215DOUBLES - BoosterGregory Chad E. \ Gregerson Bill C. 941,140Gr Des Moines USBC
215DOUBLES - BoosterFoster Anna \ Olson Tony 6841,140Fort Dodge Area USBC
215DOUBLES - BoosterReady Brad \ Possehl Mallory J. 8271,140Camanche USBC
218DOUBLES - BoosterRobinson Randy A. \ Bugs Elliott S. 5771,139Gr Mason City USBC
219DOUBLES - BoosterBaldwin Liz L. \ Moses Michael T. 5911,138Guthrie County USBC
220DOUBLES - BoosterGregory Serena \ Montgomery Adam J. 1071,137Iowa City USBC
220DOUBLES - BoosterWehling Christopher A. \ Warnke Donald J. 4041,137Tripoli USBC
220DOUBLES - BoosterKanke Jock W. \ Potts Adam W. 1421,137Cedar Rapids USBC
220DOUBLES - BoosterGraves Darla J. \ Graves Craig E. 6661,137Gr Des Moines USBC
220DOUBLES - BoosterSchwandt Andy G. \ Dooley Daniel E. Sr8141,137Marshalltown Area USBC
225DOUBLES - BoosterDrumm Marvin E. \ Elam James B. 4161,136Gr Davenport Metro USBC
225DOUBLES - BoosterForbes Dennis W. \ Koedam Doug P. 5431,136Iowa City USBC
225DOUBLES - BoosterTesch Melody \ Tesch Don A. 1721,136St Ansgar USBC
228DOUBLES - BoosterWykert Jack C. \ Wykert Harry G. 2611,134Mt Pleasant USBC
228DOUBLES - BoosterCarnahan Amanda M. \ Carnahan Shawn L. 581,134Ottumwa Area USBC
228DOUBLES - BoosterHolmes Shane M. \ Graham Michael D. 6921,134Ottumwa Area USBC
228DOUBLES - BoosterBrittain Michael L. \ Schillinger Tim J. 2721,134Gr Des Moines USBC
228DOUBLES - BoosterZilmer Ashley L. \ Larocca Robert W. 2721,134Gr Des Moines USBC
233DOUBLES - BoosterCampbell Tracy M. \ Fleming Heather A. 131,133Gr Des Moines USBC
233DOUBLES - BoosterWestrem Lester M. \ Nelson Lucas L. 3561,133Stacyville USBC
233DOUBLES - BoosterWebster Ammy M. \ Douglass Deb L. 5871,133Guthrie County USBC
236DOUBLES - BoosterSchmidt Molle J. \ Schmidt Kenneth D. 5751,132Greene County USBC
236DOUBLES - BoosterDavidson Randy J. \ Krueger Kasey S. 4021,132Tripoli USBC
236DOUBLES - BoosterPrichard Sonny K. \ Hawkins Marshal L. 191,132Pella USBC
236DOUBLES - BoosterCohrs John M. \ Howe Nick N. 5061,132Appanoose/Davis County USBC
240DOUBLES - BoosterMeier Chris J. \ Bartels Zachery J. 4241,131Iowa City USBC
240DOUBLES - BoosterFitzsimmons Robert O. \ Armbrust Gerald 261,131Council Bluffs USBC
240DOUBLES - BoosterMeyers Marisa G. \ Horsfall Karen S. 8451,131Gr Cedar Valley USBC
240DOUBLES - BoosterRuba Daniel P. \ Blatz Ben J. 7301,131Dubuque Area USBC
244DOUBLES - BoosterBoege Travis J. \ Boege Derick L. 8761,130Gr Cedar Valley USBC
244DOUBLES - BoosterHavlovic Mark J. \ Chatfield Josh 3591,130Stacyville USBC
244DOUBLES - BoosterSigwarth Robert J. \ Sigwarth Jared M. 661,130Dubuque Area USBC
247DOUBLES - BoosterBesler Craig P. \ Kenneally Ryan W. 3861,129Dubuque Area USBC
247DOUBLES - BoosterHougham Danielle R. \ Coffman Pamela J. 1171,129Gr Des Moines USBC
247DOUBLES - BoosterMichels Jamie L. \ Tofteland Barry M. 4831,129Gr Des Moines USBC
247DOUBLES - BoosterBerndt Debbie A. \ Maben Todd E. 5691,129Greene County USBC
247DOUBLES - BoosterRockwell Debbie J. \ Klinge Kathy M. 5871,129Guthrie County USBC
247DOUBLES - BoosterGerk James A. \ Hemann Jerry L. 4251,129Osage USBC
253DOUBLES - BoosterTharp Robert G. Jr \ Adams Cory M. 8171,128Ames Area USBC
253DOUBLES - BoosterRiggen Michael T. \ Klyn Teag M. 9031,128Pella USBC
253DOUBLES - BoosterParks Nathan J. \ Parks Robert J. 7911,128Ottumwa Area USBC
256DOUBLES - BoosterDolphin Wesley J. \ Taylor Danny J. 4651,127Dubuque Area USBC
256DOUBLES - BoosterRouse Amy J. \ Soukup Grant E. 2971,127Cedar Rapids USBC
256DOUBLES - BoosterFuller Tyler \ Triggs Brett 5181,127Estherville USBC
256DOUBLES - BoosterEven Ronald J. \ Boots David 1761,127Belmond USBC
260DOUBLES - BoosterPortz Tom J. \ Ehlers Tony J. 3281,126Maquoketa USBC
261DOUBLES - BoosterScheppler Kris C. \ Neel David S. 7291,125Gr Mason City USBC
261DOUBLES - BoosterHalverson Tyler J. \ Wyninger Eric C. 3421,125Waukon USBC
263DOUBLES - BoosterJensen Steven M. \ Penney Mark A. 4261,124Osage USBC
263DOUBLES - BoosterAvis Abagail J. \ Murray Brian L. 8571,124Gr Cedar Valley USBC
263DOUBLES - BoosterFeltes John W. \ Kautz Tony L. 1931,124Cedar Rapids USBC
266DOUBLES - BoosterWalker Zachary D. \ Wallace Billy D. Jr3161,123Gr Des Moines USBC
267DOUBLES - BoosterHughes Robert J. \ Mapes Pamela S. 6721,122Jasper County USBC
267DOUBLES - BoosterMayer Anthony J. \ Mayer John D. 1711,122St Ansgar USBC
269DOUBLES - BoosterKonrady Kayla M. \ Konrady Skylaur J. 5511,121Spencer USBC
269DOUBLES - BoosterPaulsen Darrell E. \ Watts Dwain A. 3961,121Ames Area USBC
269DOUBLES - BoosterDavis Brittany L. \ Davis Marcus D. 2651,121Mt Pleasant USBC
269DOUBLES - BoosterSmith Chance J. \ Flake Adam J. 2661,121Mt Pleasant USBC
273DOUBLES - BoosterHolm Kevin L. \ Jennings Teri L. 3961,120Ames Area USBC
273DOUBLES - BoosterSherrard Rob A. \ Cimmiyotti Glenn J. 1651,120St Ansgar USBC
273DOUBLES - BoosterStewart Erin N. \ Stewart Andy J. 5691,120Greene County USBC
273DOUBLES - BoosterHuffaker Scott B. \ Keith Craig R. 6691,120Jasper County USBC
273DOUBLES - BoosterHodson Ronald D. \ Waller Steve 2291,120Gr Des Moines USBC
278DOUBLES - BoosterSchulze Dennis E. \ Slaymaker Steven E. 1441,119Cedar Rapids USBC
279DOUBLES - BoosterBaker Joshua N. \ Pugh Evan D. 3711,118Fort Dodge Area USBC
279DOUBLES - BoosterClark-Marchant Katie J. \ Ballard Pete M. 2051,118Gr Des Moines USBC
279DOUBLES - BoosterBeuthien Melissa \ Beuthien Chris 7601,118De Witt USBC
279DOUBLES - BoosterOetken Penny F. \ Cheers Alexander B. 4781,118Creston USBC
279DOUBLES - BoosterSchindler Cassandra M. \ Hubble Jillian L. 5921,118Iowa City USBC
284DOUBLES - BoosterGunn Robin L. \ Wilson Izabelle E. 5711,117Greene County USBC
285DOUBLES - BoosterFlater Jay \ Wikert Matthew M. 3021,116Grundy Center USBC
285DOUBLES - BoosterBlomme Brian \ Butler Jason 6751,116Ida Grove USBC
285DOUBLES - BoosterO'Brien Joseph W. \ Butler Rick E. 5951,116Iowa City USBC
285DOUBLES - BoosterAnnis Shylah D. \ Phillips John C. 351,116Jasper County USBC
289DOUBLES - BoosterKirk Jake J. \ Eagle Zacharie R. 3311,115Maquoketa USBC
289DOUBLES - BoosterBrown Aaron P. \ Stone Jared C. 5791,115Gr Des Moines USBC
289DOUBLES - BoosterHubble Jesica J. \ Hubble Ryan 7021,115Cedar Rapids USBC
289DOUBLES - BoosterCasper Emalee R. \ Russell Kendra D. 5921,115Iowa City USBC
289DOUBLES - BoosterGreenlee Mariea L. \ Hosier Diane M. 5441,115Iowa City USBC
289DOUBLES - BoosterDrews Tom \ Allen Brian (Bo) 3201,115Iowa City USBC
295DOUBLES - BoosterCrees Mike L. \ Crees Richard L. 5121,114Estherville USBC
295DOUBLES - BoosterStevenson Ronie L. \ Losee Linda S. 2071,114Gr Des Moines USBC
297DOUBLES - BoosterStainbrook Brad L. \ Bohnsack Todd 7111,113Cedar Rapids USBC
297DOUBLES - BoosterWatkins-Schoenig Jennifer M. \ Cline Carin A. 8351,113Muscatine USBC
299DOUBLES - BoosterLemke Rick \ Hamblen Barb 851,112Gr Des Moines USBC
300DOUBLES - BoosterWhittington Sharyn M. \ Whittington Julia L. 2291,111Gr Des Moines USBC
300DOUBLES - BoosterCampbell Josie J. \ Campbell Destry D. 1491,111Cedar Rapids USBC
300DOUBLES - BoosterLeber Adam J. \ Kahn Rob M. 6691,111Jasper County USBC
300DOUBLES - BoosterKalb Chris \ Kilcoyce Rob 2911,111Dubuque Area USBC
300DOUBLES - BoosterKraus Jordan D. \ Felton Tanner J. 7751,111Monticello USBC
305DOUBLES - BoosterBarton Ryan J. \ Wellington Justis T. 2661,110Mt Pleasant USBC
305DOUBLES - BoosterBergquist Jessica L. \ Bergquist William J. 6461,110Eldora USBC
305DOUBLES - BoosterWatson Brad R. \ Hong Hyung K. 2211,110Burlington Area USBC
305DOUBLES - BoosterMumby Steven W. \ Bamrick Colin J. 1411,110Cedar Rapids USBC
309DOUBLES - BoosterJensen Susan K. \ Jensen Danny R. 2981,109Cedar Rapids USBC
309DOUBLES - BoosterLawson Brad \ Kemnitz Daniel 6831,109Fort Dodge Area USBC
309DOUBLES - BoosterGilge Kathryn A. \ Gilge Sarah C. 5911,109Guthrie County USBC
312DOUBLES - BoosterSnakenberg Bryce J. \ Goldman Joe P. 7351,108Oskaloosa USBC
312DOUBLES - BoosterKenney Steve \ Crawford Barbara S. 7081,108Fort Dodge Area USBC
314DOUBLES - BoosterBinns Dennis L. Jr \ Renard Larry D. 6141,107Jasper County USBC
314DOUBLES - BoosterCheek Linda S. \ Garrey Jack E. 151,107Ames Area USBC
314DOUBLES - BoosterHosier Diane M. \ Allen Theresa 8691,107Gr Cedar Valley USBC
314DOUBLES - BoosterMundt James W. \ Bennett Matt C. 2751,107Corydon USBC
314DOUBLES - BoosterHeppe Kendall R. \ Lilienthal Ivan 4361,107West Delaware USBC
319DOUBLES - BoosterMurphy Eric P. \ Riley James D. 6901,106Ottumwa Area USBC
319DOUBLES - BoosterBamrick Mindy M. \ Potts Stephanie L. 1411,106Cedar Rapids USBC
321DOUBLES - BoosterCourter Kent E. \ Hesse Cheyne R. 7051,105Gr Des Moines USBC
321DOUBLES - BoosterWeideman Douglas L. \ Smith Susan A. 6471,105Eldora USBC
321DOUBLES - BoosterCarson Michael F. \ Ross Robert E. 5721,105Greene County USBC
321DOUBLES - BoosterRhoades Duane D. Jr \ Mayer Brad A. 1681,105St Ansgar USBC
321DOUBLES - BoosterCline Brad \ Kirsch Raymond E. 2921,105Charles City USBC
326DOUBLES - BoosterGrimes William C. \ Jurgensen Cole M. 2871,104Sumner USBC
326DOUBLES - BoosterHertel Larry P. \ Westpfahl Scott A. 2271,104Sumner USBC
326DOUBLES - BoosterStritz Brian A. \ Stritz Courtney L. 6561,104Gr Des Moines USBC
326DOUBLES - BoosterFaust Scott D. \ Schroeder Dustin 5241,104Independence USBC
326DOUBLES - BoosterWiegand Kristine M. \ Wiegand John A. 1051,104Jasper County USBC
326DOUBLES - BoosterHoerner Bryce R. \ Mueller Jared D. 3851,104Dubuque Area USBC
332DOUBLES - BoosterBerg James R. \ Shaw Robert J. 2471,102Dyersville USBC
332DOUBLES - BoosterLaRue Jamie L. \ Bridgman Tom J. 2841,102Appanoose/Davis County USBC
332DOUBLES - BoosterFleming Greg J. \ Glick Steve W. 551,102Ottumwa Area USBC
332DOUBLES - BoosterPettijohn Jeff D. \ Wignall Glen 3121,102Gr Des Moines USBC
332DOUBLES - BoosterGreenwood Hugh L. \ Wheeler Les D. 2301,102Gr Des Moines USBC
332DOUBLES - BoosterGrimm Dustin A. \ Jensen Greggory 1451,102Cedar Rapids USBC
332DOUBLES - BoosterBublitz Jacob D. \ Hackbart Alex M. 1661,102St Ansgar USBC
339DOUBLES - BoosterLunning Myron L. \ Olson Kevin D. 1211,101Gr Mason City USBC
339DOUBLES - BoosterPowers Amanda H. \ Mayer Kathy M. 4271,101Osage USBC
339DOUBLES - BoosterCotton John J. \ Cotton Brandy A. 5421,101Iowa City USBC
339DOUBLES - BoosterCarder Gale A. Jr \ Herrmann Larry E. 6321,101Gr Des Moines USBC
339DOUBLES - BoosterBrackett Jeffery \ Gulyash Tim 4431,101Oelwein USBC
344DOUBLES - BoosterOrr Vincent \ Orr Stephen 5531,100Red Oak USBC
344DOUBLES - BoosterSpittell Jessica L. \ Keenan Annette 7081,100Fort Dodge Area USBC
344DOUBLES - BoosterShaffer Steven C. \ Tish Greg D. 2361,100Iowa City USBC
344DOUBLES - BoosterPaulsen Ryan R. \ Totten Melvin L. 6791,100Ida Grove USBC
344DOUBLES - BoosterMonahan John L. \ Bak Brian D. 2241,100Manning USBC
349DOUBLES - BoosterKolln Aaron J. \ Heiden Griffin G. 5841,099Manning USBC
349DOUBLES - BoosterMeierotto Jamie A. \ Coffin Justin R. 901,099North Lee County USBC
349DOUBLES - BoosterBooms Melissa \ Booms Aaron 4041,099Tripoli USBC
349DOUBLES - BoosterTownsend Daniel J. \ Thomas Anita G. 4731,099Council Bluffs USBC
349DOUBLES - BoosterAllen Tim A. \ Nadermann Pat F. 8371,099Dubuque Area USBC
354DOUBLES - BoosterTesch Miranda E. \ Tesch Quentin D. 5511,098Spencer USBC
354DOUBLES - BoosterWedebrand Bryan C. \ Peterson Reese D. 5161,098Estherville USBC
354DOUBLES - BoosterJohnson Tayt R. \ Hermsen Brian J. 5231,098Independence USBC
354DOUBLES - BoosterBlack Eric M. \ Strupp Travis J. 7311,098Gr Davenport Metro USBC
358DOUBLES - BoosterEaglen George W. Lll \ Thompson Hunter B. 1001,097Greenfield USBC
358DOUBLES - BoosterDeJesus Tina M. \ DeJesus Anthony 2231,097Burlington Area USBC
358DOUBLES - BoosterWeis Seth A. \ Kuhlmann Jason L. 5841,097Manning USBC
361DOUBLES - BoosterGransow Terry \ Rix Brian K. 6811,096Sioux Rapids-Alta USBC
361DOUBLES - BoosterPieper John B. \ Wacker Austin C. 881,096North Lee County USBC
361DOUBLES - BoosterRausch Chris R. \ Russell Gordon J. 3rd5941,096Iowa City USBC
361DOUBLES - BoosterPolito James M. \ Konen Mickey P. 1311,096Gr Des Moines USBC
365DOUBLES - BoosterStanton Alexander L. \ Stanton Mackenzie S. 3621,095Gr Des Moines USBC
365DOUBLES - BoosterKelly Eric \ Bowman Zachery S. 2231,095Burlington Area USBC
365DOUBLES - BoosterGlaser Dennis H. \ Earles Darin D. 3341,095Maquoketa USBC
365DOUBLES - BoosterSchindler-Hubble Dana \ Erhart Anthony G. 5921,095Iowa City USBC
365DOUBLES - BoosterWicks Bryan R. \ Graham Steve D. 3951,095Ames Area USBC
365DOUBLES - BoosterBrown James A. \ Kramer Ryan W. 7791,095Gr Mason City USBC
371DOUBLES - BoosterRoss Jennifer K. \ Clayton Elizabeth A. 5711,094Greene County USBC
371DOUBLES - BoosterSchumacher Gabriel A. \ Deckert Jim A. 4661,094Dubuque Area USBC
371DOUBLES - BoosterStanley Ronald-Ray \ Stanley Elizabeth C. 1541,094Gr Des Moines USBC
374DOUBLES - BoosterDecker Kevin R. \ Wiese Duane J. 2011,093Camanche USBC
374DOUBLES - BoosterShannon Bryant C. \ Gonzalez Jennifer M. 5241,093Independence USBC
374DOUBLES - BoosterPeterson Ryan D. \ Engelhardt Chris A. 3911,093Ames Area USBC
374DOUBLES - BoosterMcatee Dennis K. \ Eagleburger Dewayne K. 5261,093Monticello USBC
378DOUBLES - BoosterHeidemann Kailey L. \ Galligan Kenneth 4071,092Tripoli USBC
378DOUBLES - BoosterGoehring Kevin E. \ Goehring Devin A. 2321,092Boone County USBC
378DOUBLES - BoosterSchaufenbuel Bryan L. \ Gonnerman Tim W. 2881,092Sumner USBC
378DOUBLES - BoosterBruns Keith \ Clark Roger 4931,092Sigourney USBC
378DOUBLES - BoosterShinogle Steve H. \ Laird Darin M. 3151,092Gr Des Moines USBC
378DOUBLES - BoosterLeo Roger \ Fryar Dean S. 3691,092Fort Dodge Area USBC
384DOUBLES - BoosterMcCauley Emily A. \ Wood Justin L. 8721,091Gr Cedar Valley USBC
384DOUBLES - BoosterMullane Melissa M. \ Graham Jen M. 4491,091Iowa City USBC
386DOUBLES - BoosterKruse Justin R. \ Eagle Robert 8351,090Muscatine USBC
386DOUBLES - BoosterKeeran Mark A. \ Bates Cory L. 5861,090Guthrie County USBC
386DOUBLES - BoosterShondel Kris A. \ Shondel Kevin J. 5061,090Appanoose/Davis County USBC
386DOUBLES - BoosterRettig Thomas L. \ Kester Randall M. 2201,090Burlington Area USBC
386DOUBLES - BoosterHills Robert E. \ Hills Bobbi J. 1051,090Jasper County USBC
391DOUBLES - BoosterFults Luke G. \ Trease Todd E. 6691,089Jasper County USBC
391DOUBLES - BoosterHarrison Suzan C. \ Harrison Brandon C. 2671,089Mt Pleasant USBC
391DOUBLES - BoosterHoden Dave A. \ Wichman Daniel C. 1601,089Council Bluffs USBC
394DOUBLES - BoosterPutman Brian V. \ Waterworth Joann E. 3491,088Waukon USBC
394DOUBLES - BoosterThien Joseph D. \ Duncan Curtis L. 1121,088Ames Area USBC
394DOUBLES - BoosterBurtnett Adam R. \ Elsberry Dennis R. 8761,088Gr Cedar Valley USBC
394DOUBLES - BoosterEvans Jason T. \ Slings Drew 7931,088Gr Des Moines USBC
398DOUBLES - BoosterMekemson Joe \ Plathe Daniel A. 7411,087Gr Des Moines USBC
398DOUBLES - BoosterClabaugh James G. \ Ricke Duane H. 3701,087Fort Dodge Area USBC
398DOUBLES - BoosterRitter Scott A. \ Rodas Karolyn K. 2871,087Sumner USBC
398DOUBLES - BoosterDahlstrom Kealy M. \ Brink Darrold 3411,087Waukon USBC
402DOUBLES - BoosterKnight Ashley \ Main Carrie D. 8311,086Lenox USBC
402DOUBLES - BoosterRiesberg Richard A. \ Stefl Dave 6871,086Grundy Center USBC
402DOUBLES - BoosterOstrem Jared S. \ Cavan Lom 3931,086Ames Area USBC
402DOUBLES - BoosterHorner James A. \ Babb Kevin W. 1301,086Gr Des Moines USBC
402DOUBLES - BoosterSpitz Michael J. \ Mayer Joe 3561,086Stacyville USBC
402DOUBLES - BoosterWickman Dan L. \ Wickman Jenny L. 5801,086Independence USBC
408DOUBLES - BoosterMeisenburg Martin J. \ Vorbeck Austin L. 3391,085Maquoketa USBC
408DOUBLES - BoosterRoder David L. \ Moe Timothy G. 6001,085New Hampton USBC
408DOUBLES - BoosterAncell David F. \ Jefferson Jerry L. 511,085Gr Des Moines USBC
408DOUBLES - BoosterBurkhart Bob A. \ Hatch Derrick 1751,085Belmond USBC
408DOUBLES - BoosterPeyton Ryan C. \ Peyton Clifford "Butch" C. 7151,085Gr Cedar Valley USBC
408DOUBLES - BoosterGiesmann Julie A. \ Giesmann Neil N. 5941,085Iowa City USBC
414DOUBLES - BoosterHuntley Jessica M. \ Schwake Megan A. 8631,084Gr Cedar Valley USBC
414DOUBLES - BoosterTenEyck Charlene \ Watje Kelsey 6801,084Ida Grove USBC
416DOUBLES - BoosterSego Marty J. \ Sego John H. 1731,083Gr Mason City USBC
416DOUBLES - BoosterBrandenburg Janice C. \ Harris Noah 5951,083Iowa City USBC
418DOUBLES - BoosterGregory Tammie J. \ Dayton Josh L. 2351,082Iowa City USBC
418DOUBLES - BoosterMcDowell Michelle C. \ McDowell Jason E. 5741,082Greene County USBC
418DOUBLES - BoosterBelt Dane \ Fleming Daniel 4181,082Red Oak USBC
421DOUBLES - BoosterSteiner Xavier \ Steiner Zander 5531,081Red Oak USBC
421DOUBLES - BoosterCoons Abigail A. \ Coons Carrie A. 7361,081Gr Davenport Metro USBC
421DOUBLES - BoosterHron Jeff A. \ Hartwig Jeff D. 6931,081Gr Des Moines USBC
421DOUBLES - BoosterTonsfeldt Michael A. \ Hilsabeck Virgil L. 1121,081Ames Area USBC
425DOUBLES - BoosterMyhre Roger L. \ Myhre Phil J. 7561,080Gr Mason City USBC
425DOUBLES - BoosterNosbisch Richard J. \ Thompson John P. 4851,080Anamosa USBC
425DOUBLES - BoosterLa Point Rikki L. \ Manary Del L. 591,080Ottumwa Area USBC
428DOUBLES - BoosterEllis Scott J. \ Nunez Jose M. 2131,079Independence USBC
428DOUBLES - BoosterBurke Jordan A. \ Burke Joshua M. 6001,079New Hampton USBC
430DOUBLES - BoosterJohnson Michelle \ Elkin Tadd A. 2531,078Fort Dodge Area USBC
430DOUBLES - BoosterSepter David \ Septer Kathy M. 5941,078Iowa City USBC
430DOUBLES - BoosterLichtenberg Harvey H. \ Drahota Richard P. 91,078Sioux Rapids-Alta USBC
433DOUBLES - BoosterPeterson Sam J. \ Severson Jake H. 3921,077Ames Area USBC
433DOUBLES - BoosterLombard Frederick P. \ Johnson Jeff 3711,077Fort Dodge Area USBC
433DOUBLES - BoosterGreene Brian J. \ Kriegel Doug A. 1401,077Cedar Rapids USBC
433DOUBLES - BoosterCole David B. \ Beetem James L. 651,077Dubuque Area USBC
433DOUBLES - BoosterNunez Jorge L. \ Macbeth Scott J. 2121,077Independence USBC
433DOUBLES - BoosterVos Carla \ Vos Stanley W. 7921,077Pella USBC
439DOUBLES - BoosterSchumacher Anna L. \ Schumacher Tyler J. 5441,076Iowa City USBC
440DOUBLES - BoosterClark Kyle E. \ Orsborne Jesse L. 3371,075Maquoketa USBC
440DOUBLES - BoosterHayes David J. \ Hayes Pat 3391,075Maquoketa USBC
442DOUBLES - BoosterEveritt Jennifer A. \ Drips Tom D. 4531,074West Union USBC
442DOUBLES - BoosterHughes Christie D. \ Rother Mke J. 6721,074Jasper County USBC
442DOUBLES - BoosterEly Evan T. \ Vest Andrew R. 61,074Iowa City USBC
445DOUBLES - BoosterHeinrich Lindsay T. \ Ford Jesse J. 4971,073Muscatine USBC
445DOUBLES - BoosterMathes Taylor J. \ Fisher Zachary A. 6651,073Gr Des Moines USBC
447DOUBLES - BoosterMitchell Trelys H. Sr \ Mitchell Trelys H. Jr1481,072Cedar Rapids USBC
447DOUBLES - BoosterTjarks Trey M. \ Tjarks Tanner M. 301,072Iowa City USBC
449DOUBLES - BoosterBoger Jeni J. \ Boger Doug 4061,071Tripoli USBC
449DOUBLES - BoosterLandsness Mikayla R. \ Norland Taylor J. 6821,071Sioux Rapids-Alta USBC
449DOUBLES - BoosterHibbs Larry V. \ Reyes Raymond P. 801,071Burlington Area USBC
452DOUBLES - BoosterWilwert Ron J. \ Shaull Jeff E. 2441,070Dyersville USBC
452DOUBLES - BoosterGulbranson Patrick R. \ Henderson Jeff L. 461,070Stuart USBC
452DOUBLES - BoosterWilson Jennifer J. \ Wilson Chad M. 5741,070Greene County USBC
452DOUBLES - BoosterRockwell Ashlee A. \ Smith Cord O. 8171,070Ames Area USBC
456DOUBLES - BoosterClayton Megan C. \ Clayton Levi D. 5751,069Greene County USBC
457DOUBLES - BoosterMoad Randy L. \ Reser Richard L. 3771,068Gr Mason City USBC
457DOUBLES - BoosterDirks Barney G. \ Dirks Joseph E. 8811,068Monticello USBC
459DOUBLES - BoosterGaravalia John A. \ Tye Jason N. 2331,067Atlantic USBC
459DOUBLES - BoosterTarr Kristi L. \ Terrell Donald W. 8081,067Oskaloosa USBC
459DOUBLES - BoosterBilyeu Patrick A. \ Anderson Heath J. 1811,067Belmond USBC
459DOUBLES - BoosterMedina Brittany A. \ Medina Ryan R. 1051,067Jasper County USBC
463DOUBLES - BoosterGeselbracht Mark A. \ Burkle Jeff 2501,066Dyersville USBC
463DOUBLES - BoosterKasper Dan L. \ Schuster Adam J. 2471,066Dyersville USBC
463DOUBLES - BoosterMcCuen Jule J. \ Cox Nickie 5271,066Red Oak USBC
463DOUBLES - BoosterSchade Scott M. \ Schade Brittney B. 1501,066Cedar Rapids USBC
463DOUBLES - BoosterHicks M. Michelle \ Hicks Terry L. 6641,066Gr Des Moines USBC
463DOUBLES - BoosterBrady Chris \ Harms Keith A. 7541,066Gr Mason City USBC
463DOUBLES - BoosterKrieger Andrew J. \ Mallicoat Jade J. 5721,066Greene County USBC
470DOUBLES - BoosterMcHawes Timothy S. \ Helleur Carson W. 8021,065Oskaloosa USBC
470DOUBLES - BoosterSmith Nikki \ Smith Derick D. 981,065Gr Des Moines USBC
470DOUBLES - BoosterReseland Peggy \ Schillinger William J. 3181,065Gr Des Moines USBC
473DOUBLES - BoosterKrieger Amanda N. \ Skoglund Abigail L. 5701,064Greene County USBC
473DOUBLES - BoosterPatterson Nancie L. \ Patterson Tony L. 8691,064Gr Cedar Valley USBC
473DOUBLES - BoosterMeyer Dale A. \ Nissen Stan D. 5471,064Spencer USBC
476DOUBLES - BoosterBeck Diane L. \ Whaley Janelle 3981,063Ames Area USBC
476DOUBLES - BoosterWassom Janet L. \ Wassom Joel 8301,063Sanborn USBC
476DOUBLES - BoosterPowell John C. \ Powell Jeffrey A. 1561,063Gr Des Moines USBC
476DOUBLES - BoosterCash Jennifer L. \ Shaull Curtis A. 1501,063Cedar Rapids USBC
476DOUBLES - BoosterWhite Joyce E. \ Will Jason E. 7611,063Fort Dodge Area USBC
476DOUBLES - BoosterMoehr Jerry C. \ Richmond Jason R. 7241,063Clinton USBC
482DOUBLES - BoosterSvoboda Steven M. \ Wagner Brandon M. 8231,062Cedar Rapids USBC
482DOUBLES - BoosterBruening Steve L. \ Durst Kim K. 5851,062Guthrie County USBC
482DOUBLES - BoosterHaze Shelly R. \ Vraspier Christine R. 281,062Iowa City USBC
485DOUBLES - BoosterAdams Brian M. \ Hagedorn Jeffrey L. 3961,061Ames Area USBC
485DOUBLES - BoosterDittmer Randy \ LaTendresse Charles 6871,061Grundy Center USBC
485DOUBLES - BoosterPossehl Mike \ Griffin James C. 1701,061Cedar Rapids USBC
485DOUBLES - BoosterWalker Kelsey C. \ Walker Kathie M. 3161,061Gr Des Moines USBC
485DOUBLES - BoosterFolsom John \ Kullen Joe 4381,061Oelwein USBC
485DOUBLES - BoosterLeafgreen Christina J. \ Dau Austin S. 7181,061Camanche USBC
491DOUBLES - BoosterDieleman Norm L. \ Gaughan Tom G. 181,060Pella USBC
491DOUBLES - BoosterShinogle Ronda R. \ Steinkamp Tasha J. 3151,060Gr Des Moines USBC
491DOUBLES - BoosterWedebrand Brian L. \ Wedebrand Hunter A. 5161,060Estherville USBC
491DOUBLES - BoosterLarson Ryan \ Herke Michael W. 5191,060Estherville USBC
491DOUBLES - BoosterProffitt Logan \ Beichley Lynn L. 421,060Marshalltown Area USBC
496DOUBLES - BoosterGilge Benjamin M. \ Gilge Kenneth B. 5891,059Guthrie County USBC
496DOUBLES - BoosterSchmuecker Cassie S. \ Kepler Tereni L. 1511,059Cedar Rapids USBC
496DOUBLES - BoosterThomas Daniel L. \ Heffron Larry E. 5071,059Appanoose/Davis County USBC
499DOUBLES - BoosterMc Donald James C. \ Gonzalez Tre 1451,058Cedar Rapids USBC
499DOUBLES - BoosterMattern Dave B. \ Shuput Mark A. Mr7871,058Gr Des Moines USBC
499DOUBLES - BoosterBauer Michael \ Brungardt Joe T. 6801,058Ida Grove USBC
499DOUBLES - BoosterGregory Neva A. \ Gregory William V. 1071,058Iowa City USBC
499DOUBLES - BoosterWellman Bill \ Wellman Ben A. 891,058North Lee County USBC
504DOUBLES - BoosterLorentzen Jesse L. \ Adamson Caytlyn L. 6161,057Greene County USBC
505DOUBLES - BoosterReiland Andrew S. \ Thayer Mark E. 1771,056Belmond USBC
505DOUBLES - BoosterFeltes Adam C. \ Sherman Jeff S. 6291,056Iowa City USBC
507DOUBLES - BoosterNemmers Danny \ Graham Warren E. 7901,055Anamosa USBC
507DOUBLES - BoosterRichards Brittani A. \ Jones Angie J. 5741,055Greene County USBC
507DOUBLES - BoosterMoss George E. \ Stanley Elizabeth C. 511,055Gr Des Moines USBC
507DOUBLES - BoosterWilcox Andrea L. \ Myers Ryan J. 361,055Jasper County USBC
507DOUBLES - BoosterHempstead Mark A. \ Black Andrew S. 4331,055West Delaware USBC
512DOUBLES - BoosterKluesner Bill L. \ Kintzle Donald J. 4311,054West Delaware USBC
512DOUBLES - BoosterWilliams Cheyenne M. \ Wetterling Tanner W. 701,054Ottumwa Area USBC
512DOUBLES - BoosterHemann Nicole M. \ Hemann Cody A. 1671,054St Ansgar USBC
512DOUBLES - BoosterTollufsen Tammy \ Newman Tyler J. 6781,054Ida Grove USBC
512DOUBLES - BoosterBartels Brandon \ Koogler Michael E. 4231,054Iowa City USBC
517DOUBLES - BoosterEaston Kurt \ Maynard Taylor 7981,052De Witt USBC
518DOUBLES - BoosterRyan Patrick G. \ Pablonis John 541,050Ottumwa Area USBC
518DOUBLES - BoosterAdams Cole \ Ruddy Kristy J. 8491,050Gr Cedar Valley USBC
518DOUBLES - BoosterCarley Robert J. \ Carley Ralph C. 7381,050Dubuque Area USBC
521DOUBLES - BoosterHoeft Shelby L. \ Usher Steve W. 8001,049Forest City USBC
521DOUBLES - BoosterGraplar Kelly \ Graplar Dereck R. 5521,049Spencer USBC
521DOUBLES - BoosterJohnson Mike A. \ Brown Cory L. 1751,049Belmond USBC
521DOUBLES - BoosterBoge Matt L. \ Topping Matthew D. 4681,049Dubuque Area USBC
521DOUBLES - BoosterOberbroeckling Chad D. \ Kohl Kenneth J. 5201,049Dubuque Area USBC
521DOUBLES - BoosterGreenwood Megan E. \ Sells Hayley R. 2281,049Gr Des Moines USBC
527DOUBLES - BoosterShipley Jim R. \ Bruggeman Josh 5281,048Gr Mason City USBC
527DOUBLES - BoosterRahde Ron E. \ Eckroth Andrew 5431,048Iowa City USBC
529DOUBLES - BoosterKnight Joshua \ Abben-Goodwin Lori A. 7391,047Cedar Rapids USBC
529DOUBLES - BoosterHartman Bruce E. Jr \ Samuel Noah 2171,047Burlington Area USBC
531DOUBLES - BoosterBollman Dennis D. \ Funk Kelly R. 4001,046Tripoli USBC
531DOUBLES - BoosterBeland Jeffrey R. \ Meitner Leland J. 1661,046St Ansgar USBC
531DOUBLES - BoosterPitts Ryan A. \ Aronson Bradley L. 6811,046Sioux Rapids-Alta USBC
534DOUBLES - BoosterBooge Todd M. \ Illg Jason M. 5451,044Spencer USBC
534DOUBLES - BoosterOetken Morgan E. \ Oetken Bailey M. 4781,044Creston USBC
534DOUBLES - BoosterHeins Nattalee M. \ Pierce Dustin 4031,044Tripoli USBC
534DOUBLES - BoosterHillyer Colden M. \ Gadbois Derek A. 4841,044Council Bluffs USBC
534DOUBLES - BoosterStevens Andy \ Graham Bruce A. 6911,044Ottumwa Area USBC
534DOUBLES - BoosterBrunsman Chad M. \ Boots David R. 5111,044Cedar Rapids USBC
534DOUBLES - BoosterHeid Stephan A. Jr \ Dooley Ben L. 7201,044Fort Dodge Area USBC
541DOUBLES - BoosterBoetje William J. \ Oder Tyler J. 921,043Gr Des Moines USBC
541DOUBLES - BoosterPace Dayton N \ White Steve J. 4961,043Sigourney USBC
541DOUBLES - BoosterEngelken Steve \ Funke Greg A. 4371,043West Delaware USBC
544DOUBLES - BoosterHepperly Matt L. \ Hanson Troy D. 5021,042Gr Mason City USBC
544DOUBLES - BoosterKellogg Nickolas R. \ Mitchell Sarah A. 2951,042Charles City USBC
544DOUBLES - BoosterDouglass Eric \ Hansen Jordan J. 7201,042Fort Dodge Area USBC
544DOUBLES - BoosterSmith Andrea I. \ Kelly Ian M. 7811,042Cedar Rapids USBC
544DOUBLES - BoosterPalmer Micki D. \ Parker Linda R. 701,042Ottumwa Area USBC
544DOUBLES - BoosterCaldwell Colton \ Ziegmann Marc A. 4581,042West Union USBC
550DOUBLES - BoosterCountryman Travis M. \ Jarvis Brandon M. 8081,041Oskaloosa USBC
550DOUBLES - BoosterSmith Larry J. \ Waltz Shane M. 7151,041Gr Cedar Valley USBC
552DOUBLES - BoosterNewby Erin M. \ Fredrickson Jaime J. 7991,040Forest City USBC
552DOUBLES - BoosterBarner Michael \ Klocke Jason D. 5371,040Manning USBC
552DOUBLES - BoosterCanny Bryan A. \ Elder Kourtney C. 711,040Ottumwa Area USBC
552DOUBLES - BoosterTonderum Scott A. \ Brown Steven A. 1001,040Greenfield USBC
552DOUBLES - BoosterGryp Wes \ Parker Todd W. 1421,040Cedar Rapids USBC
552DOUBLES - BoosterFrohardt Matt P. \ Berns Neil A. 4831,040Gr Des Moines USBC
552DOUBLES - BoosterBrenizer Brian S. \ Backus Mark L. 5301,040Gr Des Moines USBC
559DOUBLES - BoosterRick Tim D. \ Gier Donald C. 5081,039Appanoose/Davis County USBC
559DOUBLES - BoosterAnderson Jerry E. \ Robbins Rod A. 5761,039Greene County USBC
561DOUBLES - BoosterWymore Sarah E. \ Jarvis Trae D. 8091,038Oskaloosa USBC
561DOUBLES - BoosterHaukap Kreg \ Milder David A. 3041,038Muscatine USBC
561DOUBLES - BoosterRenoux Tanner J. \ Renoux Tucker J. 9061,038Iowa City USBC
561DOUBLES - BoosterLarson Rodney R. \ Kohrs Kevin D. 6121,038West Union USBC
561DOUBLES - BoosterLivingood Craig \ Rue Marc D. 4571,038West Union USBC
561DOUBLES - BoosterParkinson Kimberly J. \ Parkinson Ronald C. 781,038Burlington Area USBC
567DOUBLES - BoosterFerrell Jim H. \ Watson Mike R. 2211,037Burlington Area USBC
567DOUBLES - BoosterSlings Joseph D. \ Johnston Brevin D. 6741,037Jasper County USBC
567DOUBLES - BoosterMarriott Daniel J. \ Marriott David M. 7311,037Gr Davenport Metro USBC
567DOUBLES - BoosterChristensen Lynn R. \ Stalker Thomas J. 1211,037Gr Mason City USBC
567DOUBLES - BoosterCollins Larry D. \ Anderson Scott A. Jr5031,037Gr Mason City USBC
572DOUBLES - BoosterHise Jentry A. \ Kopaska Lisa 5881,036Guthrie County USBC
572DOUBLES - BoosterVaughn Jacob T. \ Thyng Charles R. 1241,036Ames Area USBC
572DOUBLES - BoosterSnitker Kirk D. \ David Jacob A. 3441,036Waukon USBC
572DOUBLES - BoosterCirillo Laura A. \ Rife Jennifer L. 5931,036Iowa City USBC
572DOUBLES - BoosterKlapperich Jan F. \ Klapperich Paul A. 3591,036Stacyville USBC
572DOUBLES - BoosterCockburn Jamie L. \ Cockburn Jim 1011,036Greenfield USBC
572DOUBLES - BoosterOwens J. Neil \ Koloc Michael 3601,036Gr Des Moines USBC
579DOUBLES - BoosterGreenwood Joshua A. \ Greenwood Nicholas A.2281,035Gr Des Moines USBC
579DOUBLES - BoosterSantiago Lopez Elmer \ Hernandez Alejandro 7281,035Gr Davenport Metro USBC
579DOUBLES - BoosterVick Daniel "Dan" R. \ Brandt Shaun M. 6101,035Gr Davenport Metro USBC
579DOUBLES - BoosterKnighton Marcus Sr \ Robertson Kenneth 8321,035Lenox USBC
579DOUBLES - BoosterGilge Nikki C. \ Gilge Julie A. 5881,035Guthrie County USBC
579DOUBLES - BoosterFisher-Krug Jenny R. \ Holmes Ryan 5501,035Spencer USBC
585DOUBLES - BoosterMills Toi A. \ Moore Sean G. 2601,034Mt Pleasant USBC
586DOUBLES - BoosterClubb Mark E. \ Clubb William J. 4931,033Sigourney USBC
586DOUBLES - BoosterMapes Chadd R. \ McKinney Brian W. 6721,033Jasper County USBC
588DOUBLES - BoosterPapesh Richard E. \ Snyder Alex M. 1461,032Cedar Rapids USBC
588DOUBLES - BoosterMcLean Bobby L. \ Brown Aaron P. 5351,032Manning USBC
588DOUBLES - BoosterForrest Shannon \ Buck Jason M. 4451,032Iowa City USBC
591DOUBLES - BoosterBlum Chelsey D. \ Minger Sharon R. 4871,031Anamosa USBC
592DOUBLES - BoosterBurke Lindsay R. \ Moore Kimberly A. 9051,030Iowa City USBC
592DOUBLES - BoosterThompson John P. \ Walter Andrew T. 1111,030Iowa City USBC
592DOUBLES - BoosterSchultz Tanner B. \ Claussen Scott 5841,030Manning USBC
592DOUBLES - BoosterKeenan Sara L. \ Graves Justin D. 7651,030Gr Des Moines USBC
592DOUBLES - BoosterFleming John \ Campbell Charles T. 131,030Gr Des Moines USBC
592DOUBLES - BoosterYeomans Arlene R. \ Yeomans John T. 5041,030Appanoose/Davis County USBC
598DOUBLES - BoosterSoy Christopher D. \ Soy Scott M. 7281,029Gr Davenport Metro USBC
598DOUBLES - BoosterMulholland Lynn \ Sealine Nicholas 7231,029Fort Dodge Area USBC
598DOUBLES - BoosterThompson Jay A. \ Wessels John D. 211,029Gr Mason City USBC
598DOUBLES - BoosterBrown Randy L. \ Fear Kent D. 7421,029Mt Pleasant USBC
598DOUBLES - BoosterSchulz Shane A. \ Schulz Skylar N. 1841,029Council Bluffs USBC
603DOUBLES - BoosterBelcher Adam J. \ Kramer John J. 5601,028Muscatine USBC
603DOUBLES - BoosterKingery Eric S. \ Thompson Dennis D. 1111,028Iowa City USBC
603DOUBLES - BoosterHinders Scott L. \ Schulz Nick 5771,028Gr Mason City USBC
603DOUBLES - BoosterBorkowski James A. \ Kendle Larry G. 5331,028Manning USBC
603DOUBLES - BoosterWardlow Kirk B. \ Jones Chris A. 5041,028Appanoose/Davis County USBC
608DOUBLES - BoosterWeets Dale A. \ Buck Mark D. 6081,027Gr Davenport Metro USBC
608DOUBLES - BoosterKloser Larry J. \ Demmer Michael J. 2511,027Dyersville USBC
608DOUBLES - BoosterHines Frank E. \ Kessler Blake D. 11,027Gr Des Moines USBC
608DOUBLES - BoosterSullivan Timothy M. \ Glover Jacob A. 6941,027Gr Des Moines USBC
608DOUBLES - BoosterCloos Philip J. \ Shanks Aaron M. 4821,027Gr Des Moines USBC
613DOUBLES - BoosterSherman Jon A. \ Sherman David 1431,026Cedar Rapids USBC
613DOUBLES - BoosterHarrison Terry W. \ Pote Ethan 451,026Stuart USBC
613DOUBLES - BoosterSeifert Debora J. \ Maynard John R. Jr7981,026De Witt USBC
613DOUBLES - BoosterJones Sydney \ Jones James 391,026Red Oak USBC
613DOUBLES - BoosterEngle Allison A. \ Swank Shane A. 4231,026Iowa City USBC
618DOUBLES - BoosterHalbach Paul A. \ Wagner Pete E. 3581,025Stacyville USBC
618DOUBLES - BoosterLewis Larry \ Cummings Kelly 4421,025Oelwein USBC
618DOUBLES - BoosterScott Craig A. Jr \ McCartney David F. 3111,025Gr Des Moines USBC
618DOUBLES - BoosterGronewold Jane A. \ Gronewold Galen "Butch" A. 6591,025Gr Des Moines USBC
622DOUBLES - BoosterVega Mark W. \ Brantner Jerry L. 1221,024Gr Mason City USBC
623DOUBLES - BoosterPerez Jason C. \ Gold Justin L. 7501,022Muscatine USBC
623DOUBLES - BoosterHelmerson Kyle B. \ Burgus Justin A. 2661,022Mt Pleasant USBC
623DOUBLES - BoosterStrothman Sue \ Wellington Peggy 2611,022Mt Pleasant USBC
623DOUBLES - BoosterMcSweeney Samantha J. \ Schwering Derek A.5091,022Appanoose/Davis County USBC
627DOUBLES - BoosterChanley Breanne C. \ Sutliff Larry L. 1281,021Gr Siouxland USBC
627DOUBLES - BoosterFoster Tanda R. \ Merfeld Brad J. 8821,021Monticello USBC
627DOUBLES - BoosterSommerfelt Dustin L. \ Sommerfelt Jordan T. 4011,021Gr Mason City USBC
627DOUBLES - BoosterColvin Janna D. \ Norwood Bradley J. 8251,021Boone County USBC
631DOUBLES - BoosterFarrington-Howrey Vicky J. \ Sworthout Craig A.2641,020Mt Pleasant USBC
631DOUBLES - BoosterWelch Richard E. \ Gordon Danny L. 1861,020Gr Des Moines USBC
631DOUBLES - BoosterZamago Ray \ Lindemoen Erik M. 6581,020Gr Des Moines USBC
631DOUBLES - BoosterZerr Kimberly D. \ Mrozek Tiffanie 4881,020Cedar Rapids USBC
635DOUBLES - BoosterHenderson Amy J. \ Nosbisch Krystal R. 4871,018Anamosa USBC
635DOUBLES - BoosterFord Joshua P. \ Wulf Joseph E. 6151,018Greene County USBC
637DOUBLES - BoosterForeman John V. \ Begalske Arlin A. 4591,017West Union USBC
637DOUBLES - BoosterWilson David J. \ Kuhse Adam J. 1971,017Independence USBC
639DOUBLES - BoosterRittel Daniel F. \ Renslow Sean B. 461,016Stuart USBC
639DOUBLES - BoosterJensen Trey M. \ Myers Gayla C. 7701,016Anamosa USBC
639DOUBLES - BoosterEvans Bradley J. \ Worrall Scott A. 2351,016Iowa City USBC
639DOUBLES - BoosterSchwarting Denise \ Griffith Gina R. 4491,016Iowa City USBC
643DOUBLES - BoosterHenningsen Jill R. \ Dorenkamp Jamie L. 6821,015Sioux Rapids-Alta USBC
643DOUBLES - BoosterMerrifield Josh J. \ Meyer David J. 5101,015Cedar Rapids USBC
643DOUBLES - BoosterBates Stephanie M. \ Bates Brian J. 3641,015Gr Des Moines USBC
643DOUBLES - BoosterWeems Cindy A. \ Wunsch Sue E. 1151,015Gr Des Moines USBC
647DOUBLES - BoosterHosler Kyle C. \ Renes Shelley R. 6611,014Gr Des Moines USBC
647DOUBLES - BoosterBritt Butch E. \ Willadsen Todd P. 6021,014New Hampton USBC
647DOUBLES - BoosterMensing Dennis D. \ Robinson Randal L. 31,014Ames Area USBC
647DOUBLES - BoosterStevens Thomas R. \ Lentz Lonny F. 2361,014Iowa City USBC
651DOUBLES - BoosterEggink Larry G. \ Thill Dan R. 181,013Pella USBC
651DOUBLES - BoosterFarrell Richard P. \ Good Jim 3381,013Maquoketa USBC
653DOUBLES - BoosterBrinkmeyer Wade J. \ Brinkmeyer Robert J. 8161,012Eldora USBC
654DOUBLES - BoosterMichels Robby D. \ Grobstick Stewart 7631,011Bellevue USBC
654DOUBLES - BoosterSpringmier Erik L. \ Havlik Logan F. 5991,011New Hampton USBC
656DOUBLES - BoosterHull Megan L. \ Rook Alisha 2831,010Appanoose/Davis County USBC
656DOUBLES - BoosterBerkhoudt Russ J. \ Kurriger Brian R. 5611,010Muscatine USBC
656DOUBLES - BoosterBlake Dennis W. \ Leraaen Scott A. 1711,010St Ansgar USBC
659DOUBLES - BoosterRosenberg Zach L. \ Flugge Andy D. 1651,009St Ansgar USBC
659DOUBLES - BoosterRichmond Jason \ Ralph James D. 871,009North Lee County USBC
659DOUBLES - BoosterChapman James M. \ Chapman Brandon 6581,009Gr Des Moines USBC
659DOUBLES - BoosterBlack Gary L. \ Trampel Ryan D. 6341,009Gr Des Moines USBC
659DOUBLES - BoosterCable-Larson Hannah C. \ Wheeler Scott A. 4201,009Cedar Rapids USBC
659DOUBLES - BoosterGorman Shannon \ Lawrence Kris J. 4881,009Cedar Rapids USBC
659DOUBLES - BoosterHenry Jaden \ Brayton Chad M. 691,009Fort Dodge Area USBC
666DOUBLES - BoosterEaly Kevin R. \ Godsey Lisa L. 1391,008Cedar Rapids USBC
666DOUBLES - BoosterDausel Kylee M. \ Renze Maggie 6761,008Ida Grove USBC
668DOUBLES - BoosterHarwood Stacy A. \ Long Rachel 5861,007Guthrie County USBC
668DOUBLES - BoosterMurphy Marlys J. \ Murphy Dennis P. 5821,007Anamosa USBC
668DOUBLES - BoosterDonovan Matthew W. \ Nelson Rickey J. 471,007Stuart USBC
668DOUBLES - BoosterVan Pilsum Shirley \ Kellogg Phyllis J. 3641,007Gr Des Moines USBC
668DOUBLES - BoosterBlaisdell Sherry A. \ Blaisdell Larry D. 3611,007Gr Des Moines USBC
673DOUBLES - BoosterKirkpatrick Gary R. \ Lombardi Duane M. 8261,006Boone County USBC
674DOUBLES - BoosterHoisington Allan D. \ Blaisdell Tyler D. 2321,005Boone County USBC
674DOUBLES - BoosterWilliams Kim R. \ Hansen Elizabeth A. 5501,005Spencer USBC
674DOUBLES - BoosterHowrey William \ Thomas Myra D. 2581,005Mt Pleasant USBC
674DOUBLES - BoosterShinn Alexis D. \ Stanton Denise J. 3621,005Gr Des Moines USBC
678DOUBLES - BoosterHendrickson Mercedes A. \ Hendrickson Qwinten C. 981,004Gr Des Moines USBC
678DOUBLES - BoosterMichener Brian \ Olson Felicia 6831,004Fort Dodge Area USBC
678DOUBLES - BoosterKremer Daniel G. \ Pruett Tom C. 3541,004Camanche USBC
681DOUBLES - BoosterMichel Jason C. \ Locke Durell T. 6101,003Gr Davenport Metro USBC
681DOUBLES - BoosterVander Heiden Gary L. \ Dubois Chelsea D. 9031,003Pella USBC
681DOUBLES - BoosterCohrs Dan M. \ Barnes Deborah A. 1621,003Council Bluffs USBC
681DOUBLES - BoosterThompson David M. \ Hedden Aerol 1811,003Belmond USBC
685DOUBLES - BoosterFrye Steven G. \ Freyermuth Lane O. 5581,002Muscatine USBC
685DOUBLES - BoosterSmith Ronald C. \ Davis Larry L. 2751,002Corydon USBC
685DOUBLES - BoosterGregory Roger L. \ Thompson Gary L. 1061,002Iowa City USBC
685DOUBLES - BoosterLee Shelby \ Armstrong Jennie E. 3611,002Gr Des Moines USBC
689DOUBLES - BoosterArndorfer Michael J. \ Katschke Donald J. 5781,001Gr Mason City USBC
689DOUBLES - BoosterGreiner Brandy J. \ Thompson Greg 3921,001Ames Area USBC
689DOUBLES - BoosterKeltner Angie D. \ Jones Jenny M. 3971,001Ames Area USBC
689DOUBLES - BoosterZirtzman Ray F. \ Nefzger Jeffrey F. 4301,001West Delaware USBC
693DOUBLES - BoosterStreet Sara L. \ Goodmanson Kim K. 3981,000Ames Area USBC
693DOUBLES - BoosterKaraba Erik S. \ Timmerman Dale 1811,000Belmond USBC
693DOUBLES - BoosterLogel Karlyn S. \ Morgan Michelle A. 5591,000Muscatine USBC
693DOUBLES - BoosterSchroeder Isaac D. \ Morgan Nick J. 5601,000Muscatine USBC
693DOUBLES - BoosterWatson Sarah L. \ Polman Crystal R. 7511,000Muscatine USBC
693DOUBLES - BoosterMaiers Larry G. \ Elsinger Steve A. 2501,000Dyersville USBC
693DOUBLES - BoosterHoeger Terry J. \ Hillers Robert R. 2501,000Dyersville USBC
700DOUBLES - BoosterKohles Joe L. \ Slaven Stanley A. 8999Harlan USBC
700DOUBLES - BoosterKinnan James A. \ Epstein Keith R. 693999Gr Des Moines USBC
702DOUBLES - BoosterWarrington John D. \ Hackenmiller Lucas A. 357998Stacyville USBC
702DOUBLES - BoosterGibson Jessica \ Edwards Shannon 241998De Witt USBC
702DOUBLES - BoosterTyrrel Sheri L. \ Rubel Monte A. 535998Manning USBC
705DOUBLES - BoosterBriner Mike E. \ Briner Cindy 479997Creston USBC
705DOUBLES - BoosterOlson Jim \ Hawkins Alan J. 320997Iowa City USBC
705DOUBLES - BoosterOltmanns Shannon R. \ Bard Josh S. 771997Anamosa USBC
705DOUBLES - BoosterKluesner Mark J. \ Kremer Mike D. 637997Cedar Rapids USBC
705DOUBLES - BoosterKohl Julie K. \ Birch Sandy J. 904997Dubuque Area USBC
710DOUBLES - BoosterNeal Mindy L. \ Robinson Jerry L. 296996Cedar Rapids USBC
710DOUBLES - BoosterMaloy Bret \ Stevens Adam 691996Ottumwa Area USBC
712DOUBLES - BoosterSchaer Donnie L. \ Spies Litisha E. 453995West Union USBC
712DOUBLES - BoosterHeid Miranda \ Helton Alexander D. 721995Fort Dodge Area USBC
712DOUBLES - BoosterKutsch Vincent J. \ Edwards Steve K. 837995Dubuque Area USBC
715DOUBLES - BoosterStreit Billy L. \ Kopf John W. 296994Cedar Rapids USBC
715DOUBLES - BoosterWaddell Dixie L. \ Boucher David G. 230994Gr Des Moines USBC
715DOUBLES - BoosterBush Darin \ Warnke Robert L. 226994Sumner USBC
718DOUBLES - BoosterLockhart Aaron V. \ Robinson Kenneth J. 3993Ames Area USBC
719DOUBLES - BoosterTempel Sara L. \ Bachman Amy K. 570992Greene County USBC
719DOUBLES - BoosterEverman Blaine W. \ Steffans Cody L. 455992West Union USBC
721DOUBLES - BoosterSchmidt Leonard M. \ Summers Carl T. 522991Independence USBC
721DOUBLES - BoosterShotts Jason \ Shotts Seth E. 59991Ottumwa Area USBC
723DOUBLES - BoosterLarsen Jimmy L. \ Maley Steve J. 605990New Hampton USBC
723DOUBLES - BoosterGroen John \ Miller Cory D. 378990Gr Mason City USBC
725DOUBLES - BoosterMayer Casey A. \ Mayer Terry G. 168989St Ansgar USBC
725DOUBLES - BoosterRhine David B. \ Rhine Tammy L. 479989Creston USBC
725DOUBLES - BoosterShanks Wesley E. \ Horton Andy W. 274989Corydon USBC
725DOUBLES - BoosterSchroeder Sonny F. \ Murphy Patrick J. 689989Ottumwa Area USBC
725DOUBLES - BoosterKohles Terry D. \ Stein Kenneth P. 8989Harlan USBC
730DOUBLES - BoosterBishop Don E. \ Knee Tiffany R. 752988Muscatine USBC
731DOUBLES - BoosterHinrichs Jay N. \ Luensman Jeff T. 776987Monticello USBC
731DOUBLES - BoosterWitham Richard S. \ Holtan Rod W. 581987Humboldt Iowa USBC
733DOUBLES - BoosterNorth Robert D. Sr \ Kolpin Rick D. 9986Sioux Rapids-Alta USBC
734DOUBLES - BoosterMcLaughlin Garl \ Clark Gerald L. 29985Iowa City USBC
734DOUBLES - BoosterSedlock Allyson M. \ Annis Tyler J. 35985Jasper County USBC
734DOUBLES - BoosterMolitor Nick B. \ Renard Shaun P. 613985Jasper County USBC
734DOUBLES - BoosterWilliams Glen \ Williams Anthony R. 358985Stacyville USBC
734DOUBLES - BoosterReinhardt Timothy K. \ Haynes Mark A. 215985Burlington Area USBC
734DOUBLES - BoosterDeich Kyle R. \ Hansell Richard A. 655985Gr Des Moines USBC
740DOUBLES - BoosterKress Travis D. \ Cole Brad 698984Independence USBC
740DOUBLES - BoosterFoxen Tony \ Engler Michael J. 244984Dyersville USBC
740DOUBLES - BoosterCarlson Jonathan C. \ Mattes Timothy E. 30984Iowa City USBC
743DOUBLES - BoosterPhillips Kelly L. \ Fineran Patrick D. 538983Manning USBC
743DOUBLES - BoosterLong David A. \ Long Gary A. 586983Guthrie County USBC
745DOUBLES - BoosterNiaves Amber N. \ Ribbink Mya A. 894982Muscatine USBC
745DOUBLES - BoosterPoortinga Gene A. \ Blunck Rodney L. 43982Pella USBC
747DOUBLES - BoosterBean Larry \ Gipple Sam 298981Cedar Rapids USBC
747DOUBLES - BoosterHemann John A. \ Powers Meghan L. 167981St Ansgar USBC
749DOUBLES - BoosterMayer Russell \ Mayer Kevin R. 427980Osage USBC
749DOUBLES - BoosterPace April L. \ Tabor Shawna R. 752980Muscatine USBC
749DOUBLES - BoosterOriger Sarah \ Case Terry L. Jr129980Gr Siouxland USBC
749DOUBLES - BoosterBromell Charlin \ Hartman Keri J. 217980Burlington Area USBC
753DOUBLES - BoosterKluesner Anthony J. \ Kramer Dalton A. 385979Dubuque Area USBC
753DOUBLES - BoosterSimon Kevin M. \ Ludwig Josh 482979Gr Des Moines USBC
753DOUBLES - BoosterCole John C. \ Fournier Michael D. 176979Belmond USBC
753DOUBLES - BoosterLockhart Tonya M. \ Hawkins Keith L. 2979Ames Area USBC
753DOUBLES - BoosterTopp Nathan M. \ Allen Charles M. 816979Eldora USBC
753DOUBLES - BoosterYounker Robert L. \ Sindelar Gary E. 646979Eldora USBC
759DOUBLES - BoosterBruns Alisia A. \ Erickson Donna K. 799978Forest City USBC
759DOUBLES - BoosterRoederer Deborah S. \ Sizemore Mendy J. 263978Mt Pleasant USBC
759DOUBLES - BoosterFoster Tom A. \ Smmons Joshua D. 313978Gr Des Moines USBC
762DOUBLES - BoosterParker Kirk D. \ Watson Thomas J. 308977Gr Des Moines USBC
762DOUBLES - BoosterSmith Wayne D. \ Johnson Nate M. 531977Gr Des Moines USBC
762DOUBLES - BoosterRobinson Debra S. \ Boege Maggie L. 2977Ames Area USBC
765DOUBLES - BoosterTabor Thomas W. \ Truitt Bryan 752976Muscatine USBC
765DOUBLES - BoosterSoukup Nate E. \ Soukup Chad E. 300976Cedar Rapids USBC
767DOUBLES - BoosterHamdorf Karla K. \ Matt Benjamin A. 743975Cedar Rapids USBC
767DOUBLES - BoosterScott Terry J. \ Dickson Shelly C. 360975Gr Des Moines USBC
769DOUBLES - BoosterHorning Shane D. \ Blackwell Garrett J. 758974Cedar Rapids USBC
769DOUBLES - BoosterKnudson Gerry R. \ Henry Thomas L. 254974Fort Dodge Area USBC
771DOUBLES - BoosterVanDeBerg Dave \ Sommerfelt Loren 402973Tripoli USBC
772DOUBLES - BoosterKlindworth Ralph O. \ Sindelar Gary E. 747972Gr Des Moines USBC
772DOUBLES - BoosterOberbroeckling Patrick J. \ Wessels Tyler J. 248972Dyersville USBC
774DOUBLES - BoosterGogel Gregg P. \ Long Bryce A. 193971Cedar Rapids USBC
774DOUBLES - BoosterFolken Joseph M. \ Meyer Dennis E. 880971Monticello USBC
774DOUBLES - BoosterThompson Cliff R. \ Harrington Jillian 585971Guthrie County USBC
777DOUBLES - BoosterLockwood Jerry Jr \ Lockwood Jerry R. 177970Belmond USBC
777DOUBLES - BoosterPlayle Brian L. \ Tarr Jason W. 808970Oskaloosa USBC
777DOUBLES - BoosterScherff Jesse \ Scherff Corey D. 721970Fort Dodge Area USBC
777DOUBLES - BoosterKern Shelly \ Mears Crystal N. 318970Gr Des Moines USBC
777DOUBLES - BoosterSexton Mark D. \ Fulton Michael A. 414970Gr Davenport Metro USBC
777DOUBLES - BoosterCrowe Richard K. \ Crowe Gail C. 55970Ottumwa Area USBC
783DOUBLES - BoosterKotz Ken G. \ Klaren Mark F. 245969Dyersville USBC
783DOUBLES - BoosterStanton Brenton E. Sr \ Reyes Marco 362969Gr Des Moines USBC
785DOUBLES - BoosterLadurini David O. \ Van Pilsum Keith R. 364967Gr Des Moines USBC
786DOUBLES - BoosterGibson Justin G. \ Preston Paul L. 622966Gr Des Moines USBC
787DOUBLES - BoosterCrampton Randy \ Sanders Tyler D. 675965Ida Grove USBC
787DOUBLES - BoosterRobbins Sara A. \ Kaufman Nancy K. 570965Greene County USBC
789DOUBLES - BoosterWill James F. \ Henry Beau N. 452964West Union USBC
789DOUBLES - BoosterZumbach Jim \ Stocks Jacob J. 431964West Delaware USBC
791DOUBLES - BoosterBoyter Robbie A. \ Taylor Jeremy A. 505963Appanoose/Davis County USBC
791DOUBLES - BoosterManess Diane M. \ Monthei Rich D. 590963Guthrie County USBC
793DOUBLES - BoosterMcClellan Jennifer \ McClellan Lucas A. 550962Spencer USBC
793DOUBLES - BoosterWesthoff Matt J. \ Kramer Kevin J. 783962Dubuque Area USBC
795DOUBLES - BoosterRutherford Wyatt \ Schreiber Brandon J. 589961Guthrie County USBC
796DOUBLES - BoosterLindauer Marty J. \ Reuter Michael A. 774960Monticello USBC
797DOUBLES - BoosterCaryl William D. \ Shannon Kaitlyn D. 220959Burlington Area USBC
797DOUBLES - BoosterSondag Jerome F. \ Sondag Joseph P. 8959Harlan USBC
799DOUBLES - BoosterMedinger Brian A. \ Medinger Mark A. 598957Bellevue USBC
800DOUBLES - BoosterRobeson Dave \ Koonce Craig 302956Grundy Center USBC
800DOUBLES - BoosterRodekamp Rob D. \ Tichler Colin S. 827956Camanche USBC
802DOUBLES - BoosterSwenka Jobyna J. \ Miller Jillian L. 454955West Union USBC
802DOUBLES - BoosterGroom Amy E. \ Kopf Preston 429955Grundy Center USBC
802DOUBLES - BoosterReuter Betty A. \ Richmond Tracy E. 847955Gr Cedar Valley USBC
805DOUBLES - BoosterGross Brad A. \ Davis Jerry W. 780954Humboldt Iowa USBC
806DOUBLES - BoosterDoll Louie P. \ Pottorff Bryce B. 690952Ottumwa Area USBC
807DOUBLES - BoosterHuber Mitch D. \ Rouse Rayce 298951Cedar Rapids USBC
807DOUBLES - BoosterKouba Keith \ Carlson Gary D. Jr790951Anamosa USBC
809DOUBLES - BoosterJacobs Jon M. \ Hicks Austin J. 773949Monticello USBC
809DOUBLES - BoosterLowe Matt B. \ Newcomb Brent R. II546949Spencer USBC
809DOUBLES - BoosterLydon Joe P. \ Culver Wade 417949Red Oak USBC
812DOUBLES - BoosterBradley Doug J. \ Schnabel Rodger G. 647948Eldora USBC
812DOUBLES - BoosterRidinger Jessica M. \ Perez Julianna J. 753948Muscatine USBC
812DOUBLES - BoosterDuncan Chris B. \ Hauser Dustin M. 110948Iowa City USBC
815DOUBLES - BoosterHummel Dave \ Christensen Mike 302945Grundy Center USBC
815DOUBLES - BoosterThole Allan L. \ Johnson Jordan 417945Red Oak USBC
815DOUBLES - BoosterWolf Melissa J. \ Costanzo Mike A. 360945Gr Des Moines USBC
815DOUBLES - BoosterKnipper Dennis M. \ Keppler Ronald D. 437945West Delaware USBC
819DOUBLES - BoosterRidlen Jay A. \ Haywood Michael J. 692943Ottumwa Area USBC
820DOUBLES - BoosterStruecker Diane M. \ Struecker Albert E. 581942Humboldt Iowa USBC
820DOUBLES - BoosterRoder Shannon C. \ Corcoran Larry E. 9942Sioux Rapids-Alta USBC
820DOUBLES - BoosterWilcox Spencer C. \ Beach Justin T. 7942Iowa City USBC
823DOUBLES - BoosterOtto Jerry W. \ Walton Mark A. 719941Camanche USBC
823DOUBLES - BoosterKreis Bill L. \ Stansbury Darin L. 143941Cedar Rapids USBC
825DOUBLES - BoosterBonjour Douglas C. \ Porter Gene H. 882940Monticello USBC
826DOUBLES - BoosterSchwarting Ronni A. \ Garringer Karey L. 30939Iowa City USBC
826DOUBLES - BoosterParks Sherry L. \ Parks Joe H. 707939Grundy Center USBC
826DOUBLES - BoosterJames Jeff R. \ Thornburg Gary E. 157939Stuart USBC
829DOUBLES - BoosterSlaugh Kelly L. \ Van De Kreeke Troy A. 796938Gr Des Moines USBC
830DOUBLES - BoosterBurg Charles A. \ Andersen Richie 234937Atlantic USBC
831DOUBLES - BoosterGoreham David P. \ Bermel Matthew L. 566936Muscatine USBC
831DOUBLES - BoosterDavis Tim \ Stone Shannon L. 406936Tripoli USBC
831DOUBLES - BoosterBallensky William E. \ Ballensky Ann L. 810936Ames Area USBC
834DOUBLES - BoosterKiley Dan E. \ Ruess Ronald R. 582935Anamosa USBC
835DOUBLES - BoosterGarringer Michael D. \ Westcott Mark A. 628933Iowa City USBC
835DOUBLES - BoosterRailsback Frankie R. \ Railsback Jeff L. 590933Guthrie County USBC
835DOUBLES - BoosterKleppe David C. \ Wilson Jewell M. 869933Gr Cedar Valley USBC
835DOUBLES - BoosterHosch Roger J. \ Hosch Tyler J. 251933Dyersville USBC
835DOUBLES - BoosterCotte Mechelle D. \ Cormeny Troy M. 791933Ottumwa Area USBC
840DOUBLES - BoosterBronemann Carter G. \ Bronemann Brian J. 777925Monticello USBC
841DOUBLES - BoosterGreve Elise J. \ Greve Paul J. 719923Camanche USBC
842DOUBLES - BoosterWilcox Steve \ Meyer Stanley 677922Ida Grove USBC
843DOUBLES - BoosterKoester Cory E. \ Koester Jennifer L. 349921Waukon USBC
843DOUBLES - BoosterLaverman Stanley G. \ Dieleman Ed L. 18921Pella USBC
845DOUBLES - BoosterMerfeld Gregg L. \ Merfeld Daniel J. 882920Monticello USBC
845DOUBLES - BoosterWilcox April \ Martin Linda K. 677920Ida Grove USBC
847DOUBLES - BoosterJohnson Douglas A. \ Ellis Mollie A. 505918Appanoose/Davis County USBC
847DOUBLES - BoosterReilly Mark A. \ Elam Rodney G. 762918Gr Des Moines USBC
849DOUBLES - BoosterDavis Mary E. \ Hanselman Mary 581917Humboldt Iowa USBC
850DOUBLES - BoosterPowers Todd J. \ Moore Jeff D. 201915Camanche USBC
851DOUBLES - BoosterWeiermann Cory L. \ Weiermann Joseph R. 628911Iowa City USBC
852DOUBLES - BoosterOswald David D. \ Bachman Randy K. 372907Fort Dodge Area USBC
853DOUBLES - BoosterLove Amber L. \ Weber Michael L. 453899West Union USBC
854DOUBLES - BoosterRoling Angie R. \ Ludwig Teresa 397896Ames Area USBC
854DOUBLES - BoosterFrerichs Lonnie L. \ Weeks Eric R. 549896Spencer USBC
856DOUBLES - BoosterFitzpatrick Jeff M. \ Kirchhoff Randy D. 405894Tripoli USBC
857DOUBLES - BoosterPfister Teresa L. \ Staake Loren L. 612892West Union USBC
858DOUBLES - BoosterEagle Brenda L. \ Skidmore Tiffany A. 753882Muscatine USBC
859DOUBLES - BoosterStanley Dave B. \ Wakefeld Dave M. 433880West Delaware USBC
860DOUBLES - BoosterSpringer Mason M. \ Springer Randy R. 477878Maquoketa USBC
861DOUBLES - BoosterLawler Clyde L. \ Sharpshair Ken 211873Marshalltown Area USBC
862DOUBLES - BoosterBurke Stacy L. \ Wohlleber Danny L. 263871Mt Pleasant USBC
863DOUBLES - BoosterMoore Benjamin (BJ) \ Kemp Brandon J. 332868Maquoketa USBC
864DOUBLES - BoosterBuford Brianne M. \ Schmitt Debra J. 264864Mt Pleasant USBC
865DOUBLES - BoosterPeppel Kevin M. \ Clark Kristopher M. 337862Maquoketa USBC
866DOUBLES - BoosterHunt Jacob L. \ Hofer Chad N. 34857Jasper County USBC
867DOUBLES - BoosterSmith Logan A. \ Krieger Russell H. 219855Burlington Area USBC
868DOUBLES - BoosterZear Michelle R. \ Zear Chad D. 905847Iowa City USBC
869DOUBLES - BoosterSeeders Mike J. \ Poole James D. 44381Oelwein USBC
1DOUBLES - Open ScratchMettee Bill \ Calkins Kenneth G. III931,587Gr Des Moines USBC
1DOUBLES - Open ScratchHabel Stephen W. \ Cottrell Ben J. 4671,587Dubuque Area USBC
3DOUBLES - Open ScratchLobdell Brett A. \ Bates Richard B. 1741,578Gr Mason City USBC
4DOUBLES - Open ScratchThomas Richie H. \ Thomas Chip 8111,563Ames Area USBC
5DOUBLES - Open ScratchCantrill Josh M. \ Roseman Joseph M. 7161,554Gr Davenport Metro USBC
6DOUBLES - Open ScratchDentlinger Dave T. \ Krull Kurt A. 6231,547Carroll Area USBC
7DOUBLES - Open ScratchPogar Tye C. \ Stansbury Jake R. 3261,534Marshalltown Area USBC
8DOUBLES - Open ScratchMccann Jeff E. \ Healy Daniel G. 7441,532Cedar Rapids USBC
9DOUBLES - Open ScratchWerthmann Spencer A. \ Werthmann, Jr. Robert A. 3261,529Marshalltown Area USBC
10DOUBLES - Open ScratchHouzenga Scott W. \ Graves Chris J. 3521,527Camanche USBC
11DOUBLES - Open ScratchWhite Cody A. \ Link Kevin W. 7661,525Ames Area USBC
12DOUBLES - Open ScratchGrieves Gary A. \ Satre Tyler 8131,518Ames Area USBC
13DOUBLES - Open ScratchSchneiders Stephen F. \ Zilmer Doug D. 8381,516Gr Cedar Valley USBC
14DOUBLES - Open ScratchHedrick Colton L. \ Scheffert Kevin T. 7261,509Dubuque Area USBC
15DOUBLES - Open ScratchMikkelson Jason J. \ Vermeer Tyler D. 7951,507Ames Area USBC
16DOUBLES - Open ScratchEighme Richard F. \ Bedard Jacob H. 8541,506Gr Cedar Valley USBC
17DOUBLES - Open ScratchTschantz Steven J. \ Prucha Zach J. 2861,504Cedar Rapids USBC
18DOUBLES - Open ScratchCalkins Kenneth G. III \ Jipson Brad 4351,499West Delaware USBC
19DOUBLES - Open ScratchSchlueter Jeff A. \ Kilts Duane G. 6481,497Cedar Rapids USBC
20DOUBLES - Open ScratchHale Harry R. \ Gifford Dan T. 3051,496Cedar Rapids USBC
21DOUBLES - Open ScratchMoore Jeff E. \ Richtsmeier Lane A. 2821,490Greene County USBC
22DOUBLES - Open ScratchEhrlich Kelsey M. \ Ehrlich Andy J. 4701,489Dubuque Area USBC
23DOUBLES - Open ScratchMc Intosh Scott A. \ Henderson Nick L. 4741,485Council Bluffs USBC
24DOUBLES - Open ScratchPeck Thomas R. \ Peck Michael J. 6631,479Gr Des Moines USBC
24DOUBLES - Open ScratchCorey Justin \ Aimers Robert J. 6491,479Cedar Rapids USBC
26DOUBLES - Open ScratchMcDonald Philip L. \ Sims Dennis "Duke" L. 4151,476Gr Davenport Metro USBC
27DOUBLES - Open ScratchBrice Michael J. \ Weber Zach R. 7341,473Cedar Rapids USBC
28DOUBLES - Open ScratchGrimm Darren L. \ Morse Adam D. 8131,472Ames Area USBC
29DOUBLES - Open ScratchPeterson Jason M. \ Beschorner Zachary J. 8541,471Gr Cedar Valley USBC
30DOUBLES - Open ScratchStump Jay J. \ Brandau Cody M. 1741,470Gr Mason City USBC
31DOUBLES - Open ScratchArmstrong James L. \ Green Kevin J. 2061,465Gr Des Moines USBC
32DOUBLES - Open ScratchLeFever Ben D. \ Schwiesow Cory L. 241,462Council Bluffs USBC
33DOUBLES - Open ScratchKucera Dave K. \ Shaw John P. 7101,459Gr Des Moines USBC
34DOUBLES - Open ScratchGerleman Brent J. \ Knapp Travis M. 1741,457Gr Mason City USBC
34DOUBLES - Open ScratchKrull Kurt A. \ Fuller Troy A. 8551,457Gr Cedar Valley USBC
36DOUBLES - Open ScratchMikkelson Ethan L. \ Jorgensen Randy L. 4801,455Gr Siouxland USBC
36DOUBLES - Open ScratchHockett Gregory J. \ Cook Todd M. 3061,455Gr Davenport Metro USBC
38DOUBLES - Open ScratchMckeever Jace A. \ McKeever Jeremiah J. 3261,454Marshalltown Area USBC
39DOUBLES - Open ScratchMccormick Carianne E. \ Yaw Michael E. 2081,453Gr Des Moines USBC
39DOUBLES - Open ScratchSeaba John J. \ Piere Matt J. 4471,453Iowa City USBC
41DOUBLES - Open ScratchTometz Anthony M. \ Hein Darin N. 4211,452Iowa City USBC
41DOUBLES - Open ScratchAkin Ethan 'Adam' A. \ Trueg Ben M. 8831,452Gr Cedar Valley USBC
43DOUBLES - Open ScratchDau Kent A. \ Korth David L. 6061,447Gr Davenport Metro USBC
44DOUBLES - Open ScratchCrawford Craig A. \ Tackett Zachery P. 3061,445Gr Davenport Metro USBC
44DOUBLES - Open ScratchKrager Jeffrey A. \ Peters Mike 7161,445Gr Davenport Metro USBC
46DOUBLES - Open ScratchSharp Jimmy L. \ Wiegand Jim L. 5401,444Marshalltown Area USBC
47DOUBLES - Open ScratchBreitsprecker Nathan J. \ Buelow Andy T. 8531,443Gr Cedar Valley USBC
47DOUBLES - Open ScratchMarquart Dennis J. \ Penne Mark E. 8901,443Gr Cedar Valley USBC
49DOUBLES - Open ScratchSpaulding Harry E. II \ Logsdon Andy J. 831,441Gr Davenport Metro USBC
49DOUBLES - Open ScratchRios Kalen J. \ Rios Justin J. 7851,441Iowa City USBC
49DOUBLES - Open ScratchKramer Grant M. \ Mackey Randy L. Jr3871,441Dubuque Area USBC
52DOUBLES - Open ScratchElam Derek J. \ Newman Billy C. 2711,440Gr Davenport Metro USBC
53DOUBLES - Open ScratchCarson Scott D. \ Dobesh Joseph E. 4161,439Gr Davenport Metro USBC
54DOUBLES - Open ScratchHabel Anthony J. \ Cottrell Terry P. 4671,437Dubuque Area USBC
55DOUBLES - Open ScratchMcKeever Rodney J. \ Salter Brett D. 3251,436Marshalltown Area USBC
55DOUBLES - Open ScratchSchuldt Zach T. \ Krack Andrew J. 6261,436Gr Davenport Metro USBC
57DOUBLES - Open ScratchShutt Andrew J. \ Wohlwend Scott B. 2091,434Gr Des Moines USBC
57DOUBLES - Open ScratchSiedelmann Terry D. \ Tyrrel David E. 5321,434Manning USBC
59DOUBLES - Open ScratchBevelacqua Joseph M. \ Kelly Michaela M. 2711,430Gr Davenport Metro USBC
60DOUBLES - Open ScratchRoggentien Jason D. \ Garringer Tavis 1381,429Cedar Rapids USBC
60DOUBLES - Open ScratchCrawford Lorn R. \ Stalkfleet Damon L. 8951,429Muscatine USBC
62DOUBLES - Open ScratchPospisal Andrew L. \ Witte Chad A. 7951,428Ames Area USBC
63DOUBLES - Open ScratchChirpich Angela L. \ Guest Jason A. 2091,427Gr Des Moines USBC
64DOUBLES - Open ScratchBrice Alex M. \ Bloomquist Darin J. 7441,426Cedar Rapids USBC
65DOUBLES - Open ScratchOlnes Jason E. Jr. \ Holman Hunter L. 8481,424Gr Cedar Valley USBC
66DOUBLES - Open ScratchWeber Justin M. \ Bartlett Gabe W. 8381,423Gr Cedar Valley USBC
66DOUBLES - Open ScratchRoers Maxwell D. \ Durant Jared D. 7441,423Cedar Rapids USBC
66DOUBLES - Open ScratchRuiz Eddie W. \ Haring Matt L. 3501,423Camanche USBC
69DOUBLES - Open ScratchKetels Jeffery L. \ Wilson Ryan C. 8831,421Gr Cedar Valley USBC
70DOUBLES - Open ScratchAult Dustin \ Arnold Jacob W. 801,418Burlington Area USBC
71DOUBLES - Open ScratchWellmann Darrin R. \ Winker Arthur C. 8901,417Gr Cedar Valley USBC
71DOUBLES - Open ScratchKlein Kody M. \ Althaus Zach P. 4691,417Dubuque Area USBC
73DOUBLES - Open ScratchEwalt Dacoda J. \ Maciejewski Nathan K. 6561,416Gr Des Moines USBC
73DOUBLES - Open ScratchCross Robert L. \ Felton Ryan J. 6621,416Gr Des Moines USBC
75DOUBLES - Open ScratchDornbush Blake A. \ Dornbush Andrew C. 491,415Clinton USBC
76DOUBLES - Open ScratchHosch Jason L. \ Schnoor David C. 3301,414Maquoketa USBC
77DOUBLES - Open ScratchPeverill Kevin L. \ Peverill Joshua A. 8511,413Gr Cedar Valley USBC
78DOUBLES - Open ScratchLarson Robert "Rob" D. \ Genz, Jr. Robert D. 6271,411Gr Davenport Metro USBC
78DOUBLES - Open ScratchOertel Nathan R. \ Cole Clayton A. 641,411Dubuque Area USBC
80DOUBLES - Open ScratchThomas Josh M. \ Neyen Keith A. 3821,409Dubuque Area USBC
81DOUBLES - Open ScratchSchuler Daniel J. \ Rude Cory J. 4321,408West Delaware USBC
81DOUBLES - Open ScratchWilliams Logan S. \ Wiley Christopher J. 2701,408Gr Davenport Metro USBC
81DOUBLES - Open ScratchWalton Riley T. \ Walton John D. 3051,408Cedar Rapids USBC
84DOUBLES - Open ScratchWood Justin M. \ Wood Larry G. 681,407Fort Dodge Area USBC
84DOUBLES - Open ScratchHancock Bob F. \ Specht Richard R. 3901,407Dubuque Area USBC
86DOUBLES - Open ScratchZilmer Thomas D. \ Zilmer Doug D. 8641,402Gr Cedar Valley USBC
87DOUBLES - Open ScratchMeyer Robert A. \ Marland Todd A. 4151,400Gr Davenport Metro USBC
88DOUBLES - Open ScratchPrice Brian J. \ Howard Jim M. 8531,398Gr Cedar Valley USBC
88DOUBLES - Open ScratchJohnson Nathan \ Kullen Josh B. 8411,398Gr Cedar Valley USBC
88DOUBLES - Open ScratchLineberry Marc L. \ Gile Cory 3501,398Camanche USBC
91DOUBLES - Open ScratchRobinson Michael J. \ Mitts Marcus D. 611,397Cedar Rapids USBC
92DOUBLES - Open ScratchGlick R. Allen \ Kock Mike C. 1361,395Ames Area USBC
93DOUBLES - Open ScratchLawthers Dean E. \ Dutton Brandon W. 3231,394Marshalltown Area USBC
94DOUBLES - Open ScratchBreitbach Steve J. Jr \ Breen Brian P. 4611,392Dubuque Area USBC
94DOUBLES - Open ScratchMraz Sam M. \ Jordan James J. 6991,392Cedar Rapids USBC
94DOUBLES - Open ScratchRains Scott B. \ Weggen Matt L. 7161,392Gr Davenport Metro USBC
97DOUBLES - Open ScratchTrusler Darren W. \ Hutchinson Teddy J. 321,391Gr Des Moines USBC
97DOUBLES - Open ScratchTragord R. Emmett \ Wittenburg Jennifer L. 8551,391Gr Cedar Valley USBC
99DOUBLES - Open ScratchMurtha Mike J. \ Kosby Jason K. 7941,390Ames Area USBC
99DOUBLES - Open ScratchCruse Russ Jr \ Taylor Scott A. 951,390Gr Des Moines USBC
101DOUBLES - Open ScratchSims Dennis "Duke" L. \ Marland Todd A. 821,389Gr Davenport Metro USBC
102DOUBLES - Open ScratchOwen Jesse R. \ Castle Austin K. 8951,384Muscatine USBC
103DOUBLES - Open ScratchBodman Alan E. \ Kirk Rodney D. Jr5561,383Muscatine USBC
104DOUBLES - Open ScratchDonner Chaise L. P \ Donner Joel A. 4121,382Cedar Rapids USBC
105DOUBLES - Open ScratchKostric Aleksander \ Foster Cameron D. 4951,379Sigourney USBC
106DOUBLES - Open ScratchWagoner Bradley D. \ Wagoner Dennis P. 3031,378Muscatine USBC
106DOUBLES - Open ScratchGuge Mike D. \ Tilson Michael J. 611,378Cedar Rapids USBC
108DOUBLES - Open ScratchGates Josh A. \ Smedley Toby A. 8831,377Gr Cedar Valley USBC
109DOUBLES - Open ScratchClair Dustin L. \ McGaffic Jason C. 4091,376Cedar Rapids USBC
109DOUBLES - Open ScratchKacena Thomas G. \ Kacena Thomas M. 8061,376Cedar Rapids USBC
109DOUBLES - Open ScratchRisetter Burke J. \ Helmers Jerad A. 1891,376Fort Dodge Area USBC
112DOUBLES - Open ScratchFitzsimmons Roger K. \ Nielsen Michael J. Jr771,375Burlington Area USBC
113DOUBLES - Open ScratchRiley Shawn T. \ Spaur Justin D. 961,374Gr Des Moines USBC
113DOUBLES - Open ScratchCalcott Charles (Chip) J. III \ Thumma Corey A.8341,374Muscatine USBC
113DOUBLES - Open ScratchCharland Joe A. \ Conzett Kyle D. 3901,374Dubuque Area USBC
113DOUBLES - Open ScratchReppert Robert \ Weber Brad J. 3531,374Camanche USBC
117DOUBLES - Open ScratchHume Brian S. \ Cross Lance M. 7011,373Cedar Rapids USBC
118DOUBLES - Open ScratchNegus Troy D. \ Flower Stephen D. 4131,372Gr Davenport Metro USBC
119DOUBLES - Open ScratchMccabe Richard D. \ Kopacek James E. 7461,371Gr Des Moines USBC
119DOUBLES - Open ScratchHalverson Stan R. \ Gerst David D. 8561,371Gr Cedar Valley USBC
121DOUBLES - Open ScratchStout Bryan D. \ Reseland Mark A. 961,370Gr Des Moines USBC
121DOUBLES - Open ScratchCundiff Zac A. \ Rief Daniel K. 1611,370Council Bluffs USBC
123DOUBLES - Open ScratchStewart Jason M. \ Starmer Jonah S. 3091,367Gr Des Moines USBC
123DOUBLES - Open ScratchZaugg Cameron R. \ Zaugg Rick E. 4111,367Cedar Rapids USBC
123DOUBLES - Open ScratchHarrison Dustin \ Kass David 51,367Cedar Rapids USBC
126DOUBLES - Open ScratchHomolar Dana J. \ Bush Scott R. 8841,366Gr Cedar Valley USBC
127DOUBLES - Open ScratchHansen Travis L. \ Lenth Nick L. 8431,365Gr Cedar Valley USBC
127DOUBLES - Open ScratchSander Seth H. \ Frye Mark S. 6441,365Muscatine USBC
127DOUBLES - Open ScratchEggleston Terrence \ Pelham Mike T. 3541,365Camanche USBC
130DOUBLES - Open ScratchPitts Jason L. \ Schoettmer Jordan A. 4121,364Cedar Rapids USBC
130DOUBLES - Open ScratchWalding Lance E. \ Strait Brandon J. 1901,364Fort Dodge Area USBC
132DOUBLES - Open ScratchSchuur Logan \ Hall Haley M. 8051,363Fort Dodge Area USBC
133DOUBLES - Open ScratchHonts Tanner J. \ Anderson Joshua A. 6431,362Muscatine USBC
134DOUBLES - Open ScratchPalmer Bailey E. \ Cook Jake R. 4951,360Sigourney USBC
134DOUBLES - Open ScratchStephens Jody J. \ Stephens Bobbie J. 7041,360Gr Des Moines USBC
134DOUBLES - Open ScratchWebel Jim L. \ Lenhardt Caleb R. 4721,360Council Bluffs USBC
134DOUBLES - Open ScratchHauskins Kirk M. \ Mesecher Jonathan P. 4351,360West Delaware USBC
138DOUBLES - Open ScratchJump Gregory N. \ Schopper Alan J. 8561,359Gr Cedar Valley USBC
139DOUBLES - Open ScratchNovak Russ A. \ Hullinger Shawn L. 9011,358Cedar Rapids USBC
140DOUBLES - Open ScratchWayman Jason R. \ Smith Nathan A. 1591,356Council Bluffs USBC
140DOUBLES - Open ScratchBowers Bryan W. \ Poli Jason W. 2091,356Gr Des Moines USBC
140DOUBLES - Open ScratchHuseboe James M. \ Grieves Gary A. 3251,356Marshalltown Area USBC
143DOUBLES - Open ScratchTravis Jacob R. \ Harrell Thomas J. 5411,355Marshalltown Area USBC
143DOUBLES - Open ScratchBrem Nick \ Oskerson Jason S. 2681,355Mt Pleasant USBC
145DOUBLES - Open ScratchSommerfelt Mark A. \ Leuenberger Ken L. 4011,354Gr Mason City USBC
145DOUBLES - Open ScratchSchild Eric F. \ Flanagan Kevin 6671,354Cedar Rapids USBC
147DOUBLES - Open ScratchDammann Doug R. \ Ames Jacob J. 8971,352Dubuque Area USBC
147DOUBLES - Open ScratchSchultz Curtis E. \ Schultz Cory J. 6501,352Dubuque Area USBC
149DOUBLES - Open ScratchHudson Zach A. \ Hudson Terry 8191,351Camanche USBC
149DOUBLES - Open ScratchWilliams Terry L. \ Holman Scott T. 8481,351Gr Cedar Valley USBC
149DOUBLES - Open ScratchRockwell Lance L. \ Neff Cassandra A. 8111,351Ames Area USBC
149DOUBLES - Open ScratchBeaham Dustin L. \ Beaham Garrett A. 5631,351Muscatine USBC
153DOUBLES - Open ScratchBundy Ryan A. \ Bruce Quincy R. 8221,350Cedar Rapids USBC
153DOUBLES - Open ScratchSummers Todd S. \ Wilcox Joshua J. 3051,350Cedar Rapids USBC
155DOUBLES - Open ScratchLeach James D. \ White Brian M. 4611,349Dubuque Area USBC
155DOUBLES - Open ScratchLogan William \ Stark Shane A. 4341,349West Delaware USBC
157DOUBLES - Open ScratchGarvey Jay E. \ Garvey Kenneth J. 3511,348Camanche USBC
157DOUBLES - Open ScratchBills Ronald L. \ Roulson Brian A. 4551,348West Union USBC
157DOUBLES - Open ScratchHofmeister Cory A. \ Rush Doug M. 371,348Gr Siouxland USBC
160DOUBLES - Open ScratchPeters Chad W. \ Sterbenz Paul A. 3521,347Camanche USBC
160DOUBLES - Open ScratchVrotsos Blaise A. \ Gronner Lloyd A. 6381,347Dubuque Area USBC
162DOUBLES - Open ScratchWilke Jeff D. \ Brashaw Robert Jr481,345Clinton USBC
162DOUBLES - Open ScratchRoseman Dustin "Dusty" R. \ Roseman Robert R. Jr7171,345Gr Davenport Metro USBC
162DOUBLES - Open ScratchHergenrader Doug S. \ Breeden Don J. 7101,345Gr Des Moines USBC
165DOUBLES - Open ScratchJohnson Chad L. \ Bacon Marvin A. Jr2561,344Fort Dodge Area USBC
165DOUBLES - Open ScratchHanson Justin T. \ Utley Dustin T. 611,344Cedar Rapids USBC
165DOUBLES - Open ScratchKiddoo Dustin R. \ Freyermuth Tyson L. 6421,344Muscatine USBC
165DOUBLES - Open ScratchCrouse Lowell D. \ Prescott Jarad W. 411,344Ames Area USBC
165DOUBLES - Open ScratchGantenbein Andrew T. \ Breitbach Phillip J. 6511,344Dubuque Area USBC
165DOUBLES - Open ScratchSchaefer Shane A. \ Melton Jonathan D. 2381,344Camanche USBC
165DOUBLES - Open ScratchKlostermann Sean M. \ Deutmeyer Cory S. 2461,344Dyersville USBC
172DOUBLES - Open ScratchPace David L. \ Thomsen Mitch L. 8961,343Muscatine USBC
173DOUBLES - Open ScratchChapman Tyler J. \ Bieri Chad M. 5551,342Muscatine USBC
173DOUBLES - Open ScratchVonderLieth Kenneth L. \ VonderLieth Korey C.381,342Gr Siouxland USBC
173DOUBLES - Open ScratchJorgensen Phil M. \ Jorgensen John R. 4811,342Gr Siouxland USBC
173DOUBLES - Open ScratchPalar Brock J. \ Goodman Isaac P. 8111,342Ames Area USBC
173DOUBLES - Open ScratchLindstrom Kenneth T. \ Cook Cody L. 4741,342Council Bluffs USBC
178DOUBLES - Open ScratchDuffy Michael J. \ Thomsen Zachary J. 3221,340Marshalltown Area USBC
179DOUBLES - Open ScratchMunn Jerry L. \ Wheatly Thomas L. 3071,339Gr Des Moines USBC
179DOUBLES - Open ScratchVan Wyk Dylan M. \ Van Wyk Mark A. 7351,339Oskaloosa USBC
181DOUBLES - Open ScratchSteen Brandon L. \ Landry Steven D. 8541,338Gr Cedar Valley USBC
181DOUBLES - Open ScratchWachs Matt W. \ Reinhardt Jeremy J. 6451,338Muscatine USBC
183DOUBLES - Open ScratchHite Mikayla A. \ Hiatt Max 4111,336Cedar Rapids USBC
184DOUBLES - Open ScratchWoodford John F. \ Woodford Daniel J. 6151,335Greene County USBC
185DOUBLES - Open ScratchStrouth Jeffrey A. \ Fries Zach J. 2701,334Gr Davenport Metro USBC
186DOUBLES - Open ScratchBiernat Tony D. \ Kightlinger Tim P. 7941,333Ames Area USBC
187DOUBLES - Open ScratchGribbins Alex W. \ Taylor Roger T. Jr931,332Gr Des Moines USBC
188DOUBLES - Open ScratchLeafgreen Cody M. \ Edmunds Troy S. 7181,331Camanche USBC
189DOUBLES - Open ScratchHarms Robert \ Lebeck Ricky E. 4221,330Iowa City USBC
190DOUBLES - Open ScratchShannon Pat D. \ Shannon Michael D. 8661,327Gr Cedar Valley USBC
191DOUBLES - Open ScratchKacena Joshua T. \ Smith Russell D. 8061,325Cedar Rapids USBC
191DOUBLES - Open ScratchFriedlein Rod R. \ Schultz Chris M. 6501,325Dubuque Area USBC
193DOUBLES - Open ScratchKooi Koby A. \ Jackson Kyle 3531,324Camanche USBC
193DOUBLES - Open ScratchCollins Melissa A. \ Hoskins Matthew M. 7001,324Cedar Rapids USBC
195DOUBLES - Open ScratchJosephson Dan D. \ Mears Scott M. 3091,323Gr Des Moines USBC
195DOUBLES - Open ScratchTrotter Brandon C. \ Hampe Rick M. 6351,323Gr Des Moines USBC
195DOUBLES - Open ScratchKaesbauer Michael R. \ Birch Kevin M. 4621,323Dubuque Area USBC
198DOUBLES - Open ScratchJohnson James L. \ Johnson Jeffrey A. 8411,322Gr Cedar Valley USBC
199DOUBLES - Open ScratchDicks Dennis M. \ Machacek Rodney J. 7101,321Gr Des Moines USBC
199DOUBLES - Open ScratchNadermann Blake M. \ Besler Brett F. 3841,321Dubuque Area USBC
201DOUBLES - Open ScratchFries Blake A. \ Malloy Shawn R. 831,320Gr Davenport Metro USBC
202DOUBLES - Open ScratchBreemeersch Jeff \ Dippel Sean C. 2771,319Cedar Rapids USBC
203DOUBLES - Open ScratchKurseth Dennis R. \ Watters Steve C. 1941,318Cedar Rapids USBC
203DOUBLES - Open ScratchLarson Brock \ Mohr Christopher A. 6271,318Gr Davenport Metro USBC
203DOUBLES - Open ScratchFreesemann Clark L. \ Wentz Larry C. 3731,318Gr Mason City USBC
206DOUBLES - Open ScratchWerning Vaughn J. \ Hildreth Tyler E. 1891,317Fort Dodge Area USBC
206DOUBLES - Open ScratchRyan Thomas J. \ North Justin M. 8141,317Marshalltown Area USBC
208DOUBLES - Open ScratchBianchi Zach \ Eckstein Joe J. 3071,315Gr Des Moines USBC
208DOUBLES - Open ScratchYarrington Seth C. \ Meyer Jace L. 7771,315Monticello USBC
208DOUBLES - Open ScratchEngelkes Greg \ Engelkes Joseph A. 8551,315Gr Cedar Valley USBC
211DOUBLES - Open ScratchSpecht James L. \ Moore Dan W. 6381,314Dubuque Area USBC
212DOUBLES - Open ScratchSchissel Brice L. \ Skoda Todd M. 6011,312New Hampton USBC
212DOUBLES - Open ScratchUthoff Thomas B. \ Tippett Bryan A. 1371,312Cedar Rapids USBC
214DOUBLES - Open ScratchPetsche Robert T. \ Welu Jon G. 4631,311Dubuque Area USBC
215DOUBLES - Open ScratchHarford Roger L. Jr \ Tegtmeier Seth M. 6491,310Cedar Rapids USBC
216DOUBLES - Open ScratchSnyder Vince J. \ Stark Kendall R. 7841,309Iowa City USBC
217DOUBLES - Open ScratchMcGaffic Jim C. \ Core Mike E. 861,307Cedar Rapids USBC
217DOUBLES - Open ScratchBalta Daniel P. \ Staub Andy J. 6671,307Cedar Rapids USBC
219DOUBLES - Open ScratchEdler Larry D. \ Jacobs Arthur J. 8891,305Gr Cedar Valley USBC
219DOUBLES - Open ScratchBall Tyler P. \ Wagner Seth G. 5031,305Gr Mason City USBC
221DOUBLES - Open ScratchHahn Bradd P. \ Hahn Beau P. 5641,304Muscatine USBC
221DOUBLES - Open ScratchMerkes Jason M. \ Kamp Steve W. 3871,304Dubuque Area USBC
223DOUBLES - Open ScratchFuller Dan W. \ Petersen Rick A. 3511,303Camanche USBC
223DOUBLES - Open ScratchHenkle Anthony E. \ Boyle Travis K. 8841,303Gr Cedar Valley USBC
225DOUBLES - Open ScratchFarley Charles \ Metzler Dave M. 3191,302Iowa City USBC
225DOUBLES - Open ScratchChamberlain Tyler J. \ Chamberlain Justin D. 3091,302Gr Des Moines USBC
227DOUBLES - Open ScratchAdam Eric D. \ Rollins Bruce G. 7221,300Fort Dodge Area USBC
227DOUBLES - Open ScratchBartlett Mathew O. \ Blair Chris 1631,300Council Bluffs USBC
229DOUBLES - Open ScratchGeesaman Bob E. \ Sheffield Stefan L. 2771,299Cedar Rapids USBC
230DOUBLES - Open ScratchRobinson Todd A. \ Gibbs Jon M. 271,298Council Bluffs USBC
231DOUBLES - Open ScratchLanser Jason D. \ Lanser Justin J. 6511,297Dubuque Area USBC
232DOUBLES - Open ScratchSchlueter Matt J. \ Porter Austin L. 6481,295Cedar Rapids USBC
233DOUBLES - Open ScratchNewman Billy C. \ Petersen Mark D. 4151,294Gr Davenport Metro USBC
233DOUBLES - Open ScratchErtz Aaron M. \ Kaestner Kyle L. 4891,294Burlington Area USBC
233DOUBLES - Open ScratchVerplaetse Jason R. \ Parker Timothy W. 321,294Gr Des Moines USBC
236DOUBLES - Open ScratchHolub Brock A. \ Rosekrans Scott B. 4091,293Cedar Rapids USBC
236DOUBLES - Open ScratchDeering Jace T. \ Pruett Austin J. 3551,293Camanche USBC
238DOUBLES - Open ScratchCook Ryan \ Cook Jake R. 6951,292Keokuk USBC
238DOUBLES - Open ScratchLanser Jerry D. \ Watters Chris L. 6521,292Dubuque Area USBC
240DOUBLES - Open ScratchGreenley Grant T. \ Sander Trey A. 6431,291Muscatine USBC
241DOUBLES - Open ScratchHuffman Daniel J. \ Schueller Tim J. 6001,290New Hampton USBC
242DOUBLES - Open ScratchKlauer Greg A. \ Schueller Jeff 7261,289Dubuque Area USBC
243DOUBLES - Open ScratchOskerson Jason S. \ Bowers Timothy J. 2691,288Mt Pleasant USBC
243DOUBLES - Open ScratchVogt Chris J. \ Vogt Cameron J. 1961,288Cedar Rapids USBC
245DOUBLES - Open ScratchRuddy W. Ken \ Cox Brian C. 8431,287Gr Cedar Valley USBC
246DOUBLES - Open ScratchAmes Mike R. \ Johnson B Jay 5281,286Gr Mason City USBC
246DOUBLES - Open ScratchSchmitt Adam G. \ Schmitt Jason P. 4811,286Gr Siouxland USBC
246DOUBLES - Open ScratchRook David J. \ Rook Russell S. 7721,286Monticello USBC
246DOUBLES - Open ScratchKroeger Barrett \ Ammeter Mike J. 101,286Anamosa USBC
250DOUBLES - Open ScratchOltmann Chad \ Arrington Adrian 7331,283Cedar Rapids USBC
250DOUBLES - Open ScratchJensen Jay C. \ Peacock Daniel J. 4601,283West Union USBC
250DOUBLES - Open ScratchMcCleary Sean P. \ Bright Maxwell M. 8941,283Muscatine USBC
250DOUBLES - Open ScratchJones Larves R. Jr \ Wilson Gregory E. 8861,283Gr Cedar Valley USBC
250DOUBLES - Open ScratchHeiberger Allen B. \ Sweeney James P. 3891,283Dubuque Area USBC
255DOUBLES - Open ScratchHochrein Robert J. \ Hochrein Michelle A. 4691,280Dubuque Area USBC
256DOUBLES - Open ScratchSimpson Amber L. \ Swanson Jason R. 8511,278Gr Cedar Valley USBC
257DOUBLES - Open ScratchHildebrand Ryan A. \ Cain Zach J. 2711,277Gr Davenport Metro USBC
258DOUBLES - Open ScratchPuffett Jeff \ Puffett Jen L. 6231,275Carroll Area USBC
259DOUBLES - Open ScratchDaniels Austin C. \ Kelly Michael P. 2381,274Camanche USBC
260DOUBLES - Open ScratchKendall Tom W. \ Lake Tim 8851,273Gr Cedar Valley USBC
261DOUBLES - Open ScratchShaw Michael G. \ Kingery Kelly D. 4251,271Osage USBC
261DOUBLES - Open ScratchNicholson James M. \ Morris Nicholas A. 1641,271Council Bluffs USBC
263DOUBLES - Open ScratchHedrick Casey T. \ Huekels Bradley K. 7261,270Dubuque Area USBC
264DOUBLES - Open ScratchShields Dennis E. \ Ommen Scott M. 7331,269Cedar Rapids USBC
264DOUBLES - Open ScratchMccalley Collin R. \ McCalley Bob 8411,269Gr Cedar Valley USBC
266DOUBLES - Open ScratchMihalovich Zach J. \ Keeney Richard M. 3121,268Gr Des Moines USBC
266DOUBLES - Open ScratchSeabold Adam A. \ Broadwell Jesse 6961,268Keokuk USBC
268DOUBLES - Open ScratchBlessing Light Trevor E. \ Reseland Alec D. 1871,267Gr Des Moines USBC
268DOUBLES - Open ScratchMilder Peter J. \ Bach Curtis J. 3191,267Iowa City USBC
270DOUBLES - Open ScratchBell Tracy J. \ Kohrs Tim L. 2861,266Cedar Rapids USBC
270DOUBLES - Open ScratchGrapp Joshua E. \ Henkle Anthony E. 8511,266Gr Cedar Valley USBC
272DOUBLES - Open ScratchStarkweather Aaron D. \ Staley Tim W. 8341,265Muscatine USBC
272DOUBLES - Open ScratchFunk Shanne R. \ Funk Skyler F. 5961,265Gr Davenport Metro USBC
274DOUBLES - Open ScratchO'Dell Brad J. \ Jackson Rodney R. 6491,264Cedar Rapids USBC
275DOUBLES - Open ScratchCoberley Adam R. \ Kohl Tyler J. 5201,263Dubuque Area USBC
276DOUBLES - Open ScratchBickford Chuck B. \ Reinhardt Adam D. 6451,262Muscatine USBC
277DOUBLES - Open ScratchBrockney David L. \ Brockney Tyler J. 161,261Charles City USBC
277DOUBLES - Open ScratchWeets Brennan \ Schroeder Nathan R. 3551,261Camanche USBC
279DOUBLES - Open ScratchSchwarz Tom E. \ Andresen Clint D. 8181,260Camanche USBC
279DOUBLES - Open ScratchWilson Kevin M. \ Schuhmacher Nathan L. 8861,260Gr Cedar Valley USBC
281DOUBLES - Open ScratchBauge Jason A. \ Emery Austin J. 1361,259Ames Area USBC
281DOUBLES - Open ScratchKane Joe D. \ Lundeen Michael J. 761,259Burlington Area USBC
281DOUBLES - Open ScratchOlberding Derek J. \ Olberding Dan J. 3891,259Dubuque Area USBC
284DOUBLES - Open ScratchYoung Brett \ Young Galen J. 7391,258Cedar Rapids USBC
285DOUBLES - Open ScratchGarmon Troy D. \ Geigle Josh J. 5541,257Muscatine USBC
286DOUBLES - Open ScratchPoutre William L. \ Bingaman Brian T. 6211,255Ames Area USBC
287DOUBLES - Open ScratchBabcock Jordon E. \ Bruce James L. 9011,254Cedar Rapids USBC
288DOUBLES - Open ScratchWolff Larry E. Jr \ Wolff Kevin M. 4471,253Iowa City USBC
289DOUBLES - Open ScratchVermeer Tyler D. \ Bruns Norman K. 4921,252Sigourney USBC
290DOUBLES - Open ScratchBright Jason K. \ Rausch Jeffrey L. 6261,251Gr Davenport Metro USBC
291DOUBLES - Open ScratchLarson Kevin M. \ Holder Raymond W. 1591,250Council Bluffs USBC
291DOUBLES - Open ScratchMellott Jennifer S. \ Mellott Jeffrey S. 6641,250Gr Des Moines USBC
293DOUBLES - Open ScratchSmith Larry \ Roper Donald L. 5801,249Independence USBC
293DOUBLES - Open ScratchPals Craig S. \ Smith Bruce W. 8461,249Gr Cedar Valley USBC
295DOUBLES - Open ScratchKnutson Michael B. \ Bolt Shawn D. 5401,248Marshalltown Area USBC
296DOUBLES - Open ScratchPape Brian R. \ Voda Brian A. 3511,247Camanche USBC
296DOUBLES - Open ScratchSpringman Barry A. \ Yeisley Kelly J. 2801,247Cedar Rapids USBC
298DOUBLES - Open ScratchWolter Chris L. \ Wolter Tim R. 7221,246Fort Dodge Area USBC
298DOUBLES - Open ScratchBergan Michael L. \ Novak Chad J. 3761,246Gr Mason City USBC
300DOUBLES - Open ScratchStrasser Adam J. \ Arnold Aaron J. 1511,244Cedar Rapids USBC
300DOUBLES - Open ScratchShontz Steven L. \ Mcauley Michael 4341,244West Delaware USBC
302DOUBLES - Open ScratchWalters Dylan Z. \ Begley Andrew J. 7451,243Cedar Rapids USBC
302DOUBLES - Open ScratchMacLearn Brian L. \ Nolte Andrew M. 8611,243Gr Cedar Valley USBC
304DOUBLES - Open ScratchTeague Anthony C. \ Fries Blake A. 6091,242Gr Davenport Metro USBC
305DOUBLES - Open ScratchDavis Steven M. \ Noble Anthony Q. 4511,239Iowa City USBC
306DOUBLES - Open ScratchFox Thomas C. \ Pierce Daniel D. 6991,237Cedar Rapids USBC
307DOUBLES - Open ScratchTimmerman Alex T. \ Till Riley J. 6401,236Bellevue USBC
308DOUBLES - Open ScratchBallew Eric \ Bird Justin J. 6681,232Cedar Rapids USBC
308DOUBLES - Open ScratchHuston Rory L. \ Petersen Jeremy J. 811,232Gr Davenport Metro USBC
310DOUBLES - Open ScratchCrooks Darin L. \ Slinger Anthony G. 161,230Charles City USBC
311DOUBLES - Open ScratchQuakenbush Austin M. \ Quakenbush Mike A. Jr4711,229Council Bluffs USBC
312DOUBLES - Open ScratchBurke Chuck W. \ Novak Josh 6031,227New Hampton USBC
313DOUBLES - Open ScratchFrelund Tom W. \ Ortiz Alex J. 7051,225Gr Des Moines USBC
313DOUBLES - Open ScratchMaschke Justin M. \ Fane Chad S. 3661,225Gr Des Moines USBC
315DOUBLES - Open ScratchLessenger Brandon D. \ Cline Cobi T. 5541,221Muscatine USBC
316DOUBLES - Open ScratchTippett April L. \ Erickson Angela R. 8501,220Gr Cedar Valley USBC
316DOUBLES - Open ScratchSeverson Timothy B. \ Ryner Mike L. 3741,220Gr Mason City USBC
318DOUBLES - Open ScratchHill Jeremy A. \ Jacobs Greg J. 7001,219Cedar Rapids USBC
319DOUBLES - Open ScratchEllingson Mark R. \ Sherwood David A. 3751,218Gr Mason City USBC
320DOUBLES - Open ScratchSkerik Bruce D. \ Feese Edward J. 8741,216Gr Cedar Valley USBC
321DOUBLES - Open ScratchLarson Matthew D. \ Crowley Jerry A. 1961,215Cedar Rapids USBC
322DOUBLES - Open ScratchNelson Philip \ Vanderah Grant M. 3231,214Marshalltown Area USBC
323DOUBLES - Open ScratchRoberson Larry D. \ Nelson David A. 5651,213Muscatine USBC
324DOUBLES - Open ScratchStanford John E. Jr \ Little Christopher J. 8711,212Gr Cedar Valley USBC
324DOUBLES - Open ScratchNye Cory J. \ Robertson Martin R. 6671,212Cedar Rapids USBC
324DOUBLES - Open ScratchElsbernd Mike A. \ Snitker Bill 4561,212West Union USBC
327DOUBLES - Open ScratchBurn Paul M. \ Whitehead Tommy D. 8181,209Camanche USBC
328DOUBLES - Open ScratchGriebel Michael W. \ Ries Joseph B. 6401,206Bellevue USBC
329DOUBLES - Open ScratchSchumacher Aaron W. \ Brown Lonie V. 4691,205Dubuque Area USBC
330DOUBLES - Open ScratchDelano Robert A. \ Delano Skylar A. 7371,204Gr Davenport Metro USBC
331DOUBLES - Open ScratchHorner Joshua T. \ Barry Don J. Jr1631,203Council Bluffs USBC
332DOUBLES - Open ScratchHofer Dan L. \ Bengston Karl 8641,202Gr Cedar Valley USBC
333DOUBLES - Open ScratchMyers Nick E. \ Myers Robert M. 7661,201Ames Area USBC
333DOUBLES - Open ScratchKelly Brendan J. \ Kelly Bryce M. 2381,201Camanche USBC
335DOUBLES - Open ScratchAnderson Walter L. Jr \ Grego Mark J. 1991,199Marshalltown Area USBC
335DOUBLES - Open ScratchDominacki Robert J. \ McLaughlin Matthew R.6261,199Gr Davenport Metro USBC
335DOUBLES - Open ScratchDvorak John R. \ Swanson Aaron A. 6681,199Cedar Rapids USBC
338DOUBLES - Open ScratchNolte Olivia \ Ervin Ethan I. 8361,198Gr Des Moines USBC
339DOUBLES - Open ScratchDetmering Dennis J. \ Terranova Logan D. 1901,197Fort Dodge Area USBC
339DOUBLES - Open ScratchHogan Michael J. \ Hogan Greg 6961,197Keokuk USBC
341DOUBLES - Open ScratchLamb Justin D. \ Lamb Doug C. 6661,195Gr Des Moines USBC
342DOUBLES - Open ScratchAhn Kyle F. \ Gehrke Braedon W. 8361,194Gr Des Moines USBC
343DOUBLES - Open ScratchWill Mason \ Kraft Jacob C. 7611,193Fort Dodge Area USBC
344DOUBLES - Open ScratchReves Todd M. \ Snapp Michael N. 2771,191Cedar Rapids USBC
345DOUBLES - Open ScratchFisher Scott \ Fisher Jacob D. 7851,178Iowa City USBC
346DOUBLES - Open ScratchDougan Ryan E. \ Thomsen Kenneth R. 3211,174Marshalltown Area USBC
347DOUBLES - Open ScratchWeinschenk Richard H. \ Alleman Rob M. 5971,169Bellevue USBC
347DOUBLES - Open ScratchGuge Kirby M. \ Svoboda Doug E. 8221,169Cedar Rapids USBC
349DOUBLES - Open ScratchTheisen Kevin T. \ Theisen Dave C. 3831,166Dubuque Area USBC
350DOUBLES - Open ScratchNickel Jerrad \ Nickel Jacob A. 6971,162Keokuk USBC
351DOUBLES - Open ScratchBooth Scott A. \ Booth Devyn 8181,154Camanche USBC
351DOUBLES - Open ScratchHarken Raymond D. \ Harken Aaron E. 6991,154Cedar Rapids USBC
353DOUBLES - Open ScratchLogsdon Jim J. \ Logsdon Alex J. 841,152Cedar Rapids USBC
354DOUBLES - Open ScratchClarkson Travis E. \ Dilks W. Bryan 6851,151Gr Des Moines USBC
355DOUBLES - Open ScratchRusch Tim R. \ Rusch Chris D. 7891,140Cedar Rapids USBC
356DOUBLES - Open ScratchWalker James R. \ Bruce Adam N. 2061,135Gr Des Moines USBC
357DOUBLES - Open ScratchGage Logan G. \ Farr Cody A. 4591,130West Union USBC
358DOUBLES - Open ScratchHayslett Keegan S. \ Eckrich Joseph L. 4441,122Iowa City USBC
358DOUBLES - Open ScratchNadermann Drew A. \ Ernzen Dameon C. 3841,122Dubuque Area USBC
360DOUBLES - Open ScratchNorton Adam B. \ Zimmerli Jeff L. 1631,120Council Bluffs USBC
361DOUBLES - Open ScratchChitty Cody D. \ Tucker Drew D. 7041,112Gr Des Moines USBC
362DOUBLES - Open ScratchGibson Dana \ Gibson Bryan E. 6161,096Greene County USBC
363DOUBLES - Open ScratchSauter Tim D. \ Bakeoven Maurice J. 1961,089Cedar Rapids USBC
364DOUBLES - Open ScratchChesmore Keith L. \ Bruce Jerry R. 8221,078Cedar Rapids USBC
365DOUBLES - Open ScratchWeber Daniel D. \ Simmons Kent D. 6401,074Bellevue USBC
366DOUBLES - Open ScratchAustin Bob \ Luebbers Brice L. 4441,054Iowa City USBC
367DOUBLES - Open ScratchBrink Keith A. \ Brink Garrett L. 3411,003Waukon USBC
1DOUBLES - Standard HcpWayman James E. IV \ Mercer Alan D. 1611,567Council Bluffs USBC
2DOUBLES - Standard HcpOverhake Michael D. Jr \ Yanda Trevor B. 971,553Gr Des Moines USBC
3DOUBLES - Standard HcpGibbs Shawn \ Stewart Darren L. 781,546Burlington Area USBC
4DOUBLES - Standard HcpWessels Chadd N. \ De Joode Matt J. 1371,529Cedar Rapids USBC
5DOUBLES - Standard HcpMittelstadt Herbert Jr \ Rau Tyler S. 7541,521Gr Mason City USBC
6DOUBLES - Standard HcpDanner Dylon \ Danner Clayton L. 1271,496Sigourney USBC
7DOUBLES - Standard HcpWeber Ben \ Weber Doug 4381,488Oelwein USBC
8DOUBLES - Standard HcpRuckman Shawn E. \ Click Gary L. Jr541,485Ottumwa Area USBC
9DOUBLES - Standard HcpTomkins Russ M. \ Maxwell Ryan J. 6521,473Dubuque Area USBC
10DOUBLES - Standard HcpKing David M. \ Sackett Kirk E. 7971,469Gr Des Moines USBC
11DOUBLES - Standard HcpCox Christopher \ Schultz Justin R. 5271,468Red Oak USBC
12DOUBLES - Standard HcpSwanson Mark A. \ Wilder Donald E. Jr5401,463Marshalltown Area USBC
13DOUBLES - Standard HcpMcDaniel Randy A. \ McDaniel Chad S. 3541,462Camanche USBC
14DOUBLES - Standard HcpMarks Trenton \ Coffman Steven H. 1141,461Gr Des Moines USBC
15DOUBLES - Standard HcpShannon Michael S. \ Doyle William B. 2201,458Burlington Area USBC
16DOUBLES - Standard HcpChristianson Jeff A. \ Christie Brad J. 6241,457Carroll Area USBC
17DOUBLES - Standard HcpPregler Zach R. \ Surber Auston 8791,456Gr Cedar Valley USBC
18DOUBLES - Standard HcpKuper Al L. \ Clinton Cory 1971,453Independence USBC
18DOUBLES - Standard HcpMoyer Kelly L. \ Mondl Anthony S. 2991,453Cedar Rapids USBC
20DOUBLES - Standard HcpKnepper Benjamin J. \ Mclees Mike J. 8971,451Dubuque Area USBC
21DOUBLES - Standard HcpJacobson Coleton J. \ Long Ray 6971,446Keokuk USBC
22DOUBLES - Standard HcpNail Justin R. \ Kepler Josh W. 1461,445Cedar Rapids USBC
23DOUBLES - Standard HcpHarwood Lacy R. \ Harwood Richard (Buddy) E.501,443Gr Des Moines USBC
24DOUBLES - Standard HcpRief Michael R. \ Riessen Matt P. 2251,440Manning USBC
25DOUBLES - Standard HcpBales Shawn \ Turnbull Shaun 901,439North Lee County USBC
26DOUBLES - Standard HcpSchwandt Andy G. \ Eirikson Christoper A. 8011,437Marshalltown Area USBC
26DOUBLES - Standard HcpLyons Kim E. \ Lyons Robert L. 8011,437Marshalltown Area USBC
28DOUBLES - Standard HcpLink Gary A. \ Hockaday Scott 411,435Ames Area USBC
29DOUBLES - Standard HcpGrismore Nathan A. \ Johnson Jeremiah G. 971,430Gr Des Moines USBC
30DOUBLES - Standard HcpHerington Collin E. \ Gross Adam J. 4631,429Dubuque Area USBC
31DOUBLES - Standard HcpRamsdale Julie M. \ Dobesh Ann M. 4141,428Gr Davenport Metro USBC
32DOUBLES - Standard HcpCarriere Phillip A. \ Carriere Nathan 3171,425Gr Des Moines USBC
33DOUBLES - Standard HcpUmsted Mark D. \ Eastwood Chad A. 681,424Fort Dodge Area USBC
33DOUBLES - Standard HcpMaiers Chance J. \ Engelken Tyler D. 3791,424Dubuque Area USBC
33DOUBLES - Standard HcpBraun Christopher M. \ Johnson Jared K. 2181,424Burlington Area USBC
36DOUBLES - Standard HcpRichardson Larry D. \ Garcia Marcus R. 801,423Burlington Area USBC
37DOUBLES - Standard HcpBries Kristopher \ Bries Brian C. 1521,421Cedar Rapids USBC
38DOUBLES - Standard HcpWessling Douglas A. \ Wessel Dana J. 6791,420Ida Grove USBC
39DOUBLES - Standard HcpWeber Michael J. \ Sears Larry R. 8711,418Gr Cedar Valley USBC
39DOUBLES - Standard HcpHarris John R. \ Kammerer Tim L. 4171,418Red Oak USBC
39DOUBLES - Standard HcpCoffey Shawn M. \ Reppert Lucas P. 3531,418Camanche USBC
42DOUBLES - Standard HcpDudley Arthur H. \ Cameron Craig R. 141,417Independence USBC
42DOUBLES - Standard HcpEdeker Jason \ Huff Aaron L. 3781,417Gr Mason City USBC
44DOUBLES - Standard HcpShepherd Josh E. \ Shepherd David E. 7251,416Clinton USBC
44DOUBLES - Standard HcpSheets Zachary S. \ Graves Ethan Z. 2551,416Fort Dodge Area USBC
46DOUBLES - Standard HcpStokka John C. \ Steinmetz Lance R. 6651,414Gr Des Moines USBC
47DOUBLES - Standard HcpBeck Brandon R. \ Clark James A. 6331,413Gr Des Moines USBC
47DOUBLES - Standard HcpMitchell David \ Dobson Chad V. 7401,413Ames Area USBC
49DOUBLES - Standard HcpSchmitz Benjamin V. \ Begalske Ryan A. 8871,412Gr Cedar Valley USBC
49DOUBLES - Standard HcpForgy Matt J. \ Jones Jason R. 1131,412Gr Des Moines USBC
51DOUBLES - Standard HcpJacobsen Josh J. \ Knight Josh W. 5221,411Independence USBC
52DOUBLES - Standard HcpPromnitz Paul W. \ Snitker Ryan A. 3451,409Waukon USBC
53DOUBLES - Standard HcpMcKee Dylan T. \ McKee Joey M. 201,407Gr Mason City USBC
53DOUBLES - Standard HcpCottrell Jesse M. \ Cottrell Justin A. 7681,407Cedar Rapids USBC
55DOUBLES - Standard HcpFishnick Eric M. \ Beery Allen R. Jr121,406Gr Des Moines USBC
55DOUBLES - Standard HcpMoyers Adam B. \ Cox Matt J. 4901,406Burlington Area USBC
55DOUBLES - Standard HcpBraga Emily K. \ Stice Melanie E. 6731,406Jasper County USBC
55DOUBLES - Standard HcpPieper Erin N. \ Clark Don L. 4451,406Iowa City USBC
59DOUBLES - Standard HcpSmith Tim J. \ Spencer David E. 1791,405Belmond USBC
59DOUBLES - Standard HcpJacobs Rick U. \ Moody Steven J. 7591,405Dubuque Area USBC
59DOUBLES - Standard HcpBiel Todd A. \ Slater Daniel M. 1131,405Gr Des Moines USBC
62DOUBLES - Standard HcpBenjamin Gary L. \ Svendsen Brett M. 6591,404Gr Des Moines USBC
62DOUBLES - Standard HcpCase Michael W. \ Sinnott James T. 7011,404Cedar Rapids USBC
62DOUBLES - Standard HcpDodson Cliff L. \ Nichols Rod 521,404Keokuk USBC
65DOUBLES - Standard HcpKunkle Brian \ Sommerfelt Dillon 4381,402Oelwein USBC
66DOUBLES - Standard HcpLindstrom Bob C. \ Weirup Chad R. 3341,401Maquoketa USBC
66DOUBLES - Standard HcpLubka Drew \ Fangman Abigail N. 8791,401Gr Cedar Valley USBC
68DOUBLES - Standard HcpGingerich Nicholas S. \ Hightower Mark D. Jr4971,400Muscatine USBC
69DOUBLES - Standard HcpBrown Dan J. \ Schwarting Arthur C. 4461,399Iowa City USBC
70DOUBLES - Standard HcpRathke Daniel \ Maurice Eric A. 1601,398Council Bluffs USBC
70DOUBLES - Standard HcpSchuler Daniel J. \ Brinker John J. 8741,398Gr Cedar Valley USBC
70DOUBLES - Standard HcpFuessley Joshua D. \ Obiedzinski Andy O. 3011,398Cedar Rapids USBC
70DOUBLES - Standard HcpMarion Chad R. \ Lehr Jeremiah J. 1091,398Cedar Rapids USBC
74DOUBLES - Standard HcpHotek Zachary W. \ Chapman Josh T. 1311,397Gr Des Moines USBC
74DOUBLES - Standard HcpBrashaw Rodney J. \ Swaim Shawn L. 491,397Clinton USBC
74DOUBLES - Standard HcpWilhelm Curtis W. \ Ransom Brian J. 3331,397Dubuque Area USBC
77DOUBLES - Standard HcpJensen Glenn L. \ Geurink Tyler J. 6091,396Gr Davenport Metro USBC
77DOUBLES - Standard HcpGottschalk David E. \ Brandt Ivan V. 8621,396Gr Cedar Valley USBC
79DOUBLES - Standard HcpDresselhaus Mark \ Hootman Thomas 4481,395Iowa City USBC
80DOUBLES - Standard HcpDuncalf Kevin J. \ Roseman Robert R. Jr821,394Gr Davenport Metro USBC
80DOUBLES - Standard HcpVan Arsdale Todd \ Oakes Bryce J. 6961,394Keokuk USBC
82DOUBLES - Standard HcpDowning Dan \ Bohlen Quinton H. 1041,393Decorah USBC
83DOUBLES - Standard HcpCrouse Justin D. \ Elliott Craig S. 411,392Ames Area USBC
83DOUBLES - Standard HcpDye Tony L. \ Dunning William Sr6951,392Keokuk USBC
83DOUBLES - Standard HcpEudaley Devin J. \ Connolly Patrick T. 4641,392Dubuque Area USBC
86DOUBLES - Standard HcpHuggins Kevin M. \ Fabor Eric T. 1371,391Cedar Rapids USBC
86DOUBLES - Standard HcpBirnbaum Chris V. \ Birnbaum Edwin L. 3681,391Fort Dodge Area USBC
88DOUBLES - Standard HcpMay David J. \ Cook Jeremy J. 6521,390Dubuque Area USBC
88DOUBLES - Standard HcpPence John L. \ Ash Todd L. 741,390Burlington Area USBC
88DOUBLES - Standard HcpFunk Caeden M. \ Funk Cody A. 4071,390Tripoli USBC
91DOUBLES - Standard HcpFoley Jake L. \ Kramer Timothy M. 6251,387Carroll Area USBC
92DOUBLES - Standard HcpVashaw Ryan \ Vashaw Zachary C. 7671,385Ames Area USBC
93DOUBLES - Standard HcpMacLearn Brian L. \ Dougan Ryan E. 8781,384Gr Cedar Valley USBC
93DOUBLES - Standard HcpLorimor Leonetta(Stitch) K. \ Russell Dylan J. 4751,384Council Bluffs USBC
93DOUBLES - Standard HcpEwing Justin H. \ Ewing Ivan 751,384Burlington Area USBC
93DOUBLES - Standard HcpGibson Jason \ Saunders Travis J. 3351,384Maquoketa USBC
97DOUBLES - Standard HcpBieri Tabitha M. \ Lessenger Jenny A. 5551,383Muscatine USBC
97DOUBLES - Standard HcpEash Jerry D. Jr \ Rook Bruce M. 1981,383Marshalltown Area USBC
99DOUBLES - Standard HcpMoorman Tadd M. \ Beitz Brian V. 4341,382West Delaware USBC
100DOUBLES - Standard HcpRitter Corey A. \ Wink Eric D. 111,381Anamosa USBC
100DOUBLES - Standard HcpDodge Randy W. \ Walker Kevin S. 8731,381Gr Cedar Valley USBC
100DOUBLES - Standard HcpRingier Cory A. \ Ford Stephen G. 7361,381Gr Davenport Metro USBC
103DOUBLES - Standard HcpKingery Dustin J. \ Druyff Danielle L. 6711,380Jasper County USBC
103DOUBLES - Standard HcpClayton Jason S. \ Weiss Michael D. 4221,380Iowa City USBC
105DOUBLES - Standard HcpWilliams Chris M. \ Henkens Kevin L. 2571,379Mt Pleasant USBC
106DOUBLES - Standard HcpGruhn Todd K. \ Schultes Tony J. 5391,378Manning USBC
106DOUBLES - Standard HcpLatta James J. \ Latta Timothy J. 8261,378Boone County USBC
106DOUBLES - Standard HcpSapp Matt \ Sapp Kody M. 521,378Keokuk USBC
106DOUBLES - Standard HcpNuss Gary D. \ Davis James D. 4411,378Oelwein USBC
110DOUBLES - Standard HcpElwick Mark \ Berry Stephen C. 7121,377Cedar Rapids USBC
111DOUBLES - Standard HcpHansen Mark D. \ Davison Joel R. 3271,376Maquoketa USBC
111DOUBLES - Standard HcpMarshall Gerry G. \ Marshall Jerran C. 731,376Burlington Area USBC
113DOUBLES - Standard HcpPetsch Joel J. \ Robey Dean F. 7831,374Dubuque Area USBC
113DOUBLES - Standard HcpBrandt Donald K. \ Barnes Michael A. 1521,374Cedar Rapids USBC
113DOUBLES - Standard HcpAbben Steven W. \ Johnson Bruce W. 3741,374Gr Mason City USBC
116DOUBLES - Standard HcpSpencer Megan L. \ Burton Robert 8031,373Fort Dodge Area USBC
117DOUBLES - Standard HcpJanning Chris J. \ Janning Keith B. 6231,372Carroll Area USBC
118DOUBLES - Standard HcpScheffert Steve L. \ Becker Justin R. 7271,371Dubuque Area USBC
118DOUBLES - Standard HcpSummers J R W. \ Hefel Jeremy A. 8991,371Dubuque Area USBC
118DOUBLES - Standard HcpRobb Jeff A. \ Loving Roger L. 831,371Gr Davenport Metro USBC
118DOUBLES - Standard HcpFry Mike D. Jr \ Holliday Dustin R. 7501,371Muscatine USBC
122DOUBLES - Standard HcpFoubert Brian L. \ Utterback Willard Jr4941,370Sigourney USBC
122DOUBLES - Standard HcpLeach Corey \ Wiggins Willie V. 4631,370Dubuque Area USBC
124DOUBLES - Standard HcpFredrick Chris J. \ Herzog John B. 7381,369Dubuque Area USBC
124DOUBLES - Standard HcpStewart Jeff M. \ Meisner Don A. 791,369Burlington Area USBC
124DOUBLES - Standard HcpArnold Paul C. Sr \ Bray Zachery C. 8071,369Cedar Rapids USBC
124DOUBLES - Standard HcpCaldwell Zak N. \ Bunn Dan 4501,369Iowa City USBC
128DOUBLES - Standard HcpGates Brian M. \ Fisher David L. Jr251,368Council Bluffs USBC
128DOUBLES - Standard HcpStewart Mike A. \ Furgison Larry D. 6131,368Jasper County USBC
130DOUBLES - Standard HcpLawrence Donna K. \ Mundhank Lee D. 7241,367Clinton USBC
130DOUBLES - Standard HcpMc Craw Burley H. Jr \ Frost John D. 261,367Council Bluffs USBC
130DOUBLES - Standard HcpHeuer Randy \ Stalkfleet Hannah L. 8941,367Muscatine USBC
130DOUBLES - Standard HcpHemann Cole M. \ Meierotto Dustin L. 901,367North Lee County USBC
134DOUBLES - Standard HcpBoltz Kevin P. \ Drain Chris N. 2181,366Burlington Area USBC
134DOUBLES - Standard HcpPatterson Justin J. \ Swanson Greg L. 691,366Fort Dodge Area USBC
136DOUBLES - Standard HcpOder Troy C. \ Humphrey Madison R. 311,365Gr Des Moines USBC
136DOUBLES - Standard HcpFrank Thomas D. \ Beem Rod L. 1551,365Gr Des Moines USBC
136DOUBLES - Standard HcpDuinink Jesse L. \ Duinink Jayme L. 7921,365Pella USBC
136DOUBLES - Standard HcpNuss Dennis L. \ Lindermann Scott 4401,365Oelwein USBC
136DOUBLES - Standard HcpMullane Brad J. \ Holmes William A. 4501,365Iowa City USBC
141DOUBLES - Standard HcpHaag Pete M. \ Haag Tye J. 8291,364Sanborn USBC
141DOUBLES - Standard HcpKedley Jacob M. \ Cook Cory 2391,364Gr Davenport Metro USBC
141DOUBLES - Standard HcpRoloff Brent R. \ Mormann Terry 141,364Independence USBC
141DOUBLES - Standard HcpIrvin Victor D. \ Thurman Danny J. Sr951,364Gr Des Moines USBC
145DOUBLES - Standard HcpSnyder Bill D. \ Meck Gene W. 1391,363Cedar Rapids USBC
145DOUBLES - Standard HcpBenesh Blane W. \ Foss Steven M. 61,363Iowa City USBC
147DOUBLES - Standard HcpManchester Hunter E. \ Shoafstall Spencer M. 7781,362Gr Mason City USBC
147DOUBLES - Standard HcpJohnson Tracey J. \ Johnson Randy E. 6641,362Gr Des Moines USBC
147DOUBLES - Standard HcpMorford Thomas J. \ Fann Tony R. 3231,362Marshalltown Area USBC
150DOUBLES - Standard HcpYauslin Darin G. \ Butler Richard E. 1021,361Cedar Rapids USBC
150DOUBLES - Standard HcpHaskell Mike L. \ Kerby April D. 2841,361Appanoose/Davis County USBC
150DOUBLES - Standard HcpBurgett Glen A. \ Burgett Tommy A. 6131,361Jasper County USBC
150DOUBLES - Standard HcpGates Christopher M. \ Gates Dale V. 251,361Council Bluffs USBC
154DOUBLES - Standard HcpHanson Nick J. \ Swatek-Briggs Dylan D. 8651,360Gr Cedar Valley USBC
154DOUBLES - Standard HcpKnipper Larry D. \ Molony Mike J. 3891,360Dubuque Area USBC
156DOUBLES - Standard HcpSandhagen Jay \ Nuss Levi 4401,359Oelwein USBC
156DOUBLES - Standard HcpHackbarth Robert L. \ Greenfield Travis R. 7571,359Eldora USBC
158DOUBLES - Standard HcpHeath Bryer D. \ Eagle Wade W. 7501,358Muscatine USBC
159DOUBLES - Standard HcpEckman Jeff C. \ Eckman James M. 211,357Gr Mason City USBC
159DOUBLES - Standard HcpDix Dakota \ Lenz Lucas M. 3861,357Dubuque Area USBC
159DOUBLES - Standard HcpHuggins Cameron T. \ Kingery Samantha R. 6701,357Jasper County USBC
159DOUBLES - Standard HcpHolford Delwin H. \ Holford Tim D. 751,357Burlington Area USBC
163DOUBLES - Standard HcpPurdy Gary L. Jr \ Huffman Holden 4931,356Sigourney USBC
164DOUBLES - Standard HcpHoisington Kevin \ Moore Andy J. 3471,355Waukon USBC
164DOUBLES - Standard HcpCallison Cody L. \ White Scott L. 131,355Gr Des Moines USBC
166DOUBLES - Standard HcpHuinker Cory A. \ Leiran Kevin T. 3431,354Waukon USBC
166DOUBLES - Standard HcpJohnson Shane A. \ Severson Dave 1201,354Iowa City USBC
168DOUBLES - Standard HcpSwank Christin E. \ Swank Jeff B. 5651,353Muscatine USBC
168DOUBLES - Standard HcpCrouse Ronald D. \ Jacobs Douglas E. 5731,353Greene County USBC
168DOUBLES - Standard HcpWilliams Michael D. \ Holliday Rodney A. 3181,353Gr Des Moines USBC
168DOUBLES - Standard HcpPederson David J. \ Hebdon Jayson P. Sr2991,353Cedar Rapids USBC
168DOUBLES - Standard HcpBoyd Dewayne A. \ Wilbanks Duane V. 571,353Ottumwa Area USBC
173DOUBLES - Standard HcpHall Lauren N. \ Hall Zachary T. 5801,352Independence USBC
173DOUBLES - Standard HcpTurner Dale R. \ Milder Keith W. 3041,352Muscatine USBC
173DOUBLES - Standard HcpMenster Bruce W. \ Dowell Zach J. 8981,352Monticello USBC
173DOUBLES - Standard HcpKelly Leonard K. Jr \ Kelly Shawn M. 7641,352Bellevue USBC
173DOUBLES - Standard HcpEly Laurel L. \ Ely Jordan L. 61,352Iowa City USBC
178DOUBLES - Standard HcpKluesner Andrew M. \ McAllister Matthew T. 2521,351Dyersville USBC
178DOUBLES - Standard HcpIngwersen Ken L. \ Stonehocker Larry L. 4991,351Gr Des Moines USBC
178DOUBLES - Standard HcpMedearis Baden T. \ Watson James P. 3081,351Gr Des Moines USBC
181DOUBLES - Standard HcpJensen Matthew S. \ Kelsen Paul E. 1691,350Cedar Rapids USBC
181DOUBLES - Standard HcpJuchem Keith \ Mast Eric 4401,350Oelwein USBC
181DOUBLES - Standard HcpRousselow Aaron D. \ Glawe Victor S. 8881,350Gr Cedar Valley USBC
181DOUBLES - Standard HcpCheville Matt E. \ Cheville Nathan M. 7061,350Grundy Center USBC
185DOUBLES - Standard HcpSmith Jennifer L. \ Zahner Jason D. 8501,349Gr Cedar Valley USBC
185DOUBLES - Standard HcpSommerla Austin J. \ Sommerla Cary L. 4841,349Council Bluffs USBC
185DOUBLES - Standard HcpLombard Ed J. \ Lombard Robert E. 3681,349Fort Dodge Area USBC
188DOUBLES - Standard HcpSanders Willie Lll \ Kloster Jordan M. 7461,348Gr Des Moines USBC
188DOUBLES - Standard HcpRose Lynn A. \ Hicks Marlin M. 3461,348Waukon USBC
190DOUBLES - Standard HcpGliem Richard \ Ott Roger 2821,347Greene County USBC
190DOUBLES - Standard HcpDavis Greg T. \ Stuhrenberg Dean 3701,347Fort Dodge Area USBC
192DOUBLES - Standard HcpGardemann Tristin T. \ Wille Shawn M. 4111,346Cedar Rapids USBC
192DOUBLES - Standard HcpKey Timothy A. \ Ties Charlie W. Jr2891,346Dubuque Area USBC
192DOUBLES - Standard HcpOlson Justin D. \ Vancil Travis M. 771,346Burlington Area USBC
192DOUBLES - Standard HcpMichels Tyler A. \ Fisher Mike D. 5001,346Clinton USBC
196DOUBLES - Standard HcpRohm Dylan J. \ Green Bradley C. 5961,345Gr Davenport Metro USBC
196DOUBLES - Standard HcpRissi Connor J. \ Nicholson Stephin T. 8401,345Gr Cedar Valley USBC
196DOUBLES - Standard HcpHansen Brett M \ Rix Laura 4801,345Gr Siouxland USBC
199DOUBLES - Standard HcpEggers Brian A. \ Taylor Zach 641,344Dubuque Area USBC
199DOUBLES - Standard HcpShively Scott I. \ Rook Jason W. 2831,344Appanoose/Davis County USBC
201DOUBLES - Standard HcpDiefenbach Ashlee N. \ Nord Craig A. 1251,342Gr Davenport Metro USBC
201DOUBLES - Standard HcpSheredy Billy J. \ Petersen Mark D. 811,342Gr Davenport Metro USBC
201DOUBLES - Standard HcpCarden Jason \ Schulze Nick D. 1521,342Cedar Rapids USBC
201DOUBLES - Standard HcpWorkman Brett \ Hale Brian W. 891,342North Lee County USBC
205DOUBLES - Standard HcpBurns Joshua R. \ Crawford Wyatt D. 71,341Iowa City USBC
205DOUBLES - Standard HcpThiedeman Gene G. \ Buck Aaron 5381,341Manning USBC
205DOUBLES - Standard HcpBowers Nick \ Starr Andrew M. 3651,341Gr Des Moines USBC
205DOUBLES - Standard HcpMoon Wesley S. \ Ellis Tom A. 1541,341Gr Des Moines USBC
205DOUBLES - Standard HcpFaust Mitchell \ Faust Thomas A. 2101,341Independence USBC
210DOUBLES - Standard HcpKooi Steve J. \ Kooi Danniel J. 2001,340Camanche USBC
210DOUBLES - Standard HcpGalle Brian G. \ Pregler Joe R. 671,340Dubuque Area USBC
210DOUBLES - Standard HcpSchueler Jordan T. \ Leach Cody J. 4641,340Dubuque Area USBC
210DOUBLES - Standard HcpIverson Trace A. \ Iverson Trevor A. 5151,340Estherville USBC
214DOUBLES - Standard HcpValley Kenneth R. \ Hein Derek J. 4211,339Iowa City USBC
214DOUBLES - Standard HcpHolland Timothy J. \ Carpenter Daniel J. 6321,339Gr Des Moines USBC
216DOUBLES - Standard HcpEngelken Kevin R. \ Luensmann Eric A. 2461,338Dyersville USBC
216DOUBLES - Standard HcpWatson Jeronical \ Buck Ben J. 7551,338Gr Mason City USBC
218DOUBLES - Standard HcpLuloff Joe D. \ Peters Anthony 'AJ' 8571,337Gr Cedar Valley USBC
218DOUBLES - Standard HcpAdams Erik W. \ Adams Neal T. 5561,337Muscatine USBC
218DOUBLES - Standard HcpMills Randy D. \ Reding Cory J. 5201,337Dubuque Area USBC
218DOUBLES - Standard HcpSteward Michael G. \ Lorenz Dwayne D. 4131,337Gr Davenport Metro USBC
218DOUBLES - Standard HcpPentico Ronald G. \ Welch Todd C. 1861,337Gr Des Moines USBC
223DOUBLES - Standard HcpSteffen Tony J. \ Tomkins Matt J. 671,336Dubuque Area USBC
224DOUBLES - Standard HcpGardner Tony P. \ Holland Scott J. 501,335Gr Des Moines USBC
224DOUBLES - Standard HcpLenz Keith A. \ Hamel Robert 5421,335Iowa City USBC
226DOUBLES - Standard HcpMcCleary Jacob A. \ Ribbink Lee R. 8961,334Muscatine USBC
226DOUBLES - Standard HcpPetersen Keith R. \ Edwards Keith E. 2421,334Gr Davenport Metro USBC
226DOUBLES - Standard HcpMorgan Jim P. \ Tevis Shawn K. 5211,334Independence USBC
229DOUBLES - Standard HcpCooley Dustin W. \ Nyenhuis Chris M. 2421,333Gr Davenport Metro USBC
229DOUBLES - Standard HcpEddy Todd D. \ Eddy Dennis B. 1011,333Greenfield USBC
229DOUBLES - Standard HcpKent Dwayne A. \ Kent Eric A. 9011,333Cedar Rapids USBC
229DOUBLES - Standard HcpCecil Mike R. \ Genung Eric S. 6441,333Muscatine USBC
229DOUBLES - Standard HcpCalkins Craig \ Shaw Michael F. 1191,333Iowa City USBC
229DOUBLES - Standard HcpOtto Angie M. \ Hutchens Barry R. Jr8011,333Marshalltown Area USBC
235DOUBLES - Standard HcpHower Rick L. \ Schwake Michael J. 8311,332Lenox USBC
235DOUBLES - Standard HcpMcdade Joshua D. \ Thurm Jennifer J. 4001,332Tripoli USBC
235DOUBLES - Standard HcpRichmond Richard M. \ Anderson Ray T. 7241,332Clinton USBC
235DOUBLES - Standard HcpHare Benjamin D. \ Sagers Adam J. 3351,332Maquoketa USBC
239DOUBLES - Standard HcpJensen Jerry \ Siedelmann Nick S. 5321,331Manning USBC
239DOUBLES - Standard HcpFreese Kendall \ Goettsch Ryan L. 6751,331Ida Grove USBC
239DOUBLES - Standard HcpRewinkel Matthew A. \ Van Lenning Sonny A. 6181,331Iowa Great Lakes USBC
242DOUBLES - Standard HcpCook Jordan P. \ Wright Stanley C. 1791,330Belmond USBC
242DOUBLES - Standard HcpMayer Richard E. Sr \ Uhl Terry N. 4711,330Council Bluffs USBC
242DOUBLES - Standard HcpMickey Don D. II \ Payne William P. 2151,330Burlington Area USBC
242DOUBLES - Standard HcpKies Daniel R. \ Briggs Scott K. 4891,330Burlington Area USBC
242DOUBLES - Standard HcpJacobsen Harry R. \ Albertson Earl IV6341,330Gr Des Moines USBC
242DOUBLES - Standard HcpHannemann Jeffrey T. \ Ritchie Ryan D. 6631,330Gr Des Moines USBC
248DOUBLES - Standard HcpPackingham David L. II \ Routhe Robert L. 1081,329Cedar Rapids USBC
248DOUBLES - Standard HcpVrba Brian J. \ Vrba Jeff 4181,329Red Oak USBC
248DOUBLES - Standard HcpBeichley Brent R. \ Beichley Duane K. 421,329Marshalltown Area USBC
251DOUBLES - Standard HcpDixon David C. \ Brockett Rickie W. 2141,328Burlington Area USBC
251DOUBLES - Standard HcpBader Scott R. \ Bader Brandon 7011,328Cedar Rapids USBC
251DOUBLES - Standard HcpMallon Lonnie L. \ Junk James H. 8891,328Gr Cedar Valley USBC
254DOUBLES - Standard HcpFunk Ryan \ Drewis Brian J. 3991,327Tripoli USBC
254DOUBLES - Standard HcpArndt Tyler \ Swanson Lee 7601,327De Witt USBC
254DOUBLES - Standard HcpEllis Sona L. \ Pape Drew D. 6031,327New Hampton USBC
257DOUBLES - Standard HcpBudzyn Edmund D. Jr \ Budzyn Charles J. 2141,326Burlington Area USBC
257DOUBLES - Standard HcpSanders Timothy A. \ Toledo Robert R. 7861,326Cedar Rapids USBC
257DOUBLES - Standard HcpJohnson Douglas M. \ Humphrey David M. 311,326Gr Des Moines USBC
257DOUBLES - Standard HcpJuza Jessica R. \ Bussell David J. 5481,326Spencer USBC
261DOUBLES - Standard HcpRiessen Nick \ Wessel Joshua D. 2251,325Manning USBC
261DOUBLES - Standard HcpNewby Eric D. \ Gerleman Tyler R. 1761,325Belmond USBC
261DOUBLES - Standard HcpFranklin Elizabeth A. \ Stauffer Josh J. 2651,325Mt Pleasant USBC
261DOUBLES - Standard HcpWood Rick L. \ Mourlam Matt R. 7681,325Cedar Rapids USBC
261DOUBLES - Standard HcpMcDermott Seth \ Goodenow Colton A. 4771,325Maquoketa USBC
261DOUBLES - Standard HcpKruser John J. \ Walker Michael D. 7591,325Dubuque Area USBC
267DOUBLES - Standard HcpVan Pelt Tyson A. \ Van Pelt Steven C. 1181,324Gr Des Moines USBC
267DOUBLES - Standard HcpStarcevic Ryan J. \ Cates Jason A. 7051,324Gr Des Moines USBC
267DOUBLES - Standard HcpLewis Justin \ Poldervaart Ronald L. 681,324Fort Dodge Area USBC
267DOUBLES - Standard HcpCollins Mike J. \ Aguero Rudy 5661,324Muscatine USBC
267DOUBLES - Standard HcpHeinrich Chris M. \ Stolba Shannon L. 4971,324Muscatine USBC
267DOUBLES - Standard HcpMcMorran Robert J. \ Piere Karl R. 1191,324Iowa City USBC
273DOUBLES - Standard HcpKeleher Nate A. \ Fluharty Eric Z. 1281,323Gr Siouxland USBC
273DOUBLES - Standard HcpMeyer Katie L. \ Meyer Andrew J. 8871,323Gr Cedar Valley USBC
273DOUBLES - Standard HcpWilke Petra \ Farrier Jason M. 481,323Clinton USBC
273DOUBLES - Standard HcpKetelsen Seth \ Perdieu Lucas 2401,323De Witt USBC
277DOUBLES - Standard HcpHarrell Joshua D. \ Harrell Thomas J. 7571,322Eldora USBC
277DOUBLES - Standard HcpThomas Howard J. \ Thomas Scott A. 4711,322Council Bluffs USBC
277DOUBLES - Standard HcpKruse Jerry L. Jr \ Feldman Don E. 6451,322Muscatine USBC
277DOUBLES - Standard HcpLock Jeff A. \ Boettcher Brian D. 1191,322Iowa City USBC
277DOUBLES - Standard HcpTaylor Anthony M. \ Taylor Mickeal L. 2351,322Iowa City USBC
282DOUBLES - Standard HcpSnow Jennifer L. \ Breashears MaryJane K. 4871,321Anamosa USBC
282DOUBLES - Standard HcpBoysen Ross H. \ Weber Heath E. 8001,321Forest City USBC
282DOUBLES - Standard HcpHubka Jordan D. \ Hubka Daniel W. 201,321Gr Mason City USBC
282DOUBLES - Standard HcpArbaugh Joseph \ Gandara Adan 3941,321Ames Area USBC
282DOUBLES - Standard HcpStewart Tanner J. \ Silvestri David H. Jr4391,321Oelwein USBC
287DOUBLES - Standard HcpBrustkern Kyle P. \ Williams Theo S. 8791,320Gr Cedar Valley USBC
287DOUBLES - Standard HcpMahoney Chris T. \ Flanagan Randy D. 1841,320Council Bluffs USBC
289DOUBLES - Standard HcpKrenz Lonnie R. \ Krenz Keylon R. 6441,319Muscatine USBC
289DOUBLES - Standard HcpAlthaus Rick A. \ Althaus Luke P. 4701,319Dubuque Area USBC
289DOUBLES - Standard HcpAdams Kory D. \ Adams Kenneth P. 3561,319Stacyville USBC
289DOUBLES - Standard HcpErtz Jason D. \ Dunn Tanner V. 4901,319Burlington Area USBC
293DOUBLES - Standard HcpSchmitt Verne \ Rotter Steve C. 2571,318Mt Pleasant USBC
293DOUBLES - Standard HcpBrandt Jack L. \ Brandt Bradley 8621,318Gr Cedar Valley USBC
295DOUBLES - Standard HcpBrown Charles C. \ Painter Terry L. 731,317Burlington Area USBC
295DOUBLES - Standard HcpLewis Jerome T. \ Mcgregor Johnnie L. 6551,317Gr Des Moines USBC
295DOUBLES - Standard HcpJanssen Mat D. \ German Rodney N. 4981,317Gr Des Moines USBC
298DOUBLES - Standard HcpBlackwell Joey D. \ Blackwell Robby 7581,316Cedar Rapids USBC
298DOUBLES - Standard HcpLanning Zachary M. \ Gerischer Kolton 3291,316Maquoketa USBC
298DOUBLES - Standard HcpPossehl Paul W. \ Holt Taylor 8271,316Camanche USBC
301DOUBLES - Standard HcpStair Justin D. \ Demmer Joshua J. 7301,315Dubuque Area USBC
301DOUBLES - Standard HcpLeyse Kelly J. \ Ingalls Mark A. 221,315Cedar Rapids USBC
301DOUBLES - Standard HcpKelso Chuck P. \ Hines Bryce J. 7471,315Gr Des Moines USBC
301DOUBLES - Standard HcpWeaver Terry L. \ Glover Glen A. 6941,315Gr Des Moines USBC
301DOUBLES - Standard HcpMcConaughy Kevin L. \ McConaughy Matthew D. 3771,315Gr Mason City USBC
306DOUBLES - Standard HcpHosch Austin M. \ Kluesner Ethan J. 3851,314Dubuque Area USBC
306DOUBLES - Standard HcpMorgan Jamie R. \ Gonzalez Jason O. 5211,314Independence USBC
308DOUBLES - Standard HcpHingtgen Melvin J. \ Hingtgen Anthony J. 661,313Dubuque Area USBC
308DOUBLES - Standard HcpIngalls Jacob A. \ Ingalls Cole 221,313Cedar Rapids USBC
310DOUBLES - Standard HcpBeener J. J. \ Armstrong Chris L. 2051,312Gr Des Moines USBC
310DOUBLES - Standard HcpNichols Darren S. \ Nichols Jim W. 791,312Burlington Area USBC
310DOUBLES - Standard HcpUkasick Blaine J. \ Smith Steve J. 5131,312Estherville USBC
310DOUBLES - Standard HcpMcDowell Klint \ Bruns Austin J. 4921,312Sigourney USBC
310DOUBLES - Standard HcpPolman Brian A. \ Sheets Scott J. 4221,312Iowa City USBC
315DOUBLES - Standard HcpEdgington Todd E. \ Brinker Gerald G. 8741,311Gr Cedar Valley USBC
315DOUBLES - Standard HcpTrimble William Jr \ Pullen Ethan B. 751,311Burlington Area USBC
315DOUBLES - Standard HcpBromberg Joseph C. \ Knight Chuck F. 7391,311Cedar Rapids USBC
315DOUBLES - Standard HcpFisher Eric A. \ Clark Nathan D. 3241,311Marshalltown Area USBC
319DOUBLES - Standard HcpAdams Michael P. \ Carlson Gary R. 1881,310Gr Des Moines USBC
319DOUBLES - Standard HcpTurner Steven M. \ Jerome Brandon D. 7971,310Gr Des Moines USBC
319DOUBLES - Standard HcpSundberg Carl L. \ Watkins Jason J. 5141,310Estherville USBC
322DOUBLES - Standard HcpLawson Erik M. \ Teff Rob G. Jr7881,309Ames Area USBC
322DOUBLES - Standard HcpPalmer Adam L. \ Petersen Randall J. 5021,309Gr Mason City USBC
322DOUBLES - Standard HcpBohr Brian L. \ Bohr Chad M. 3481,309Waukon USBC
322DOUBLES - Standard HcpTownsend Matthew A. \ Townsend Ronald D. 1831,309Council Bluffs USBC
322DOUBLES - Standard HcpKummerfeldt John \ Stejskal Thomas J. 7321,309Cedar Rapids USBC
322DOUBLES - Standard HcpFisher Jason L. \ Fowler Randy L. 1981,309Marshalltown Area USBC
328DOUBLES - Standard HcpGrimes Cody P. \ Lynch Christofer D. 2021,308Gr Des Moines USBC
328DOUBLES - Standard HcpHabel Mike J. \ Heacock Luke J. 4671,308Dubuque Area USBC
328DOUBLES - Standard HcpPopp Marvin A. \ Schmidt Jonathan J. 7541,308Gr Mason City USBC
328DOUBLES - Standard HcpSwisher Troy G. \ Corbitt Cody J. 7881,308Ames Area USBC
328DOUBLES - Standard HcpWilliams Andrew C. \ Micou Michael D. Jr8581,308Gr Cedar Valley USBC
328DOUBLES - Standard HcpCole Dixon G. \ Borkowski Brad J. 5341,308Manning USBC
334DOUBLES - Standard HcpShelburg Robert L. \ Freeman Jason C. 8911,307Gr Cedar Valley USBC
334DOUBLES - Standard HcpLunning Marcus \ Moore Mike D. 1221,307Gr Mason City USBC
334DOUBLES - Standard HcpPerdieu William \ Lyness Christopher L. 2401,307De Witt USBC
334DOUBLES - Standard HcpBumgardner Bruce K. \ Leinen Brent L. 1861,307Gr Des Moines USBC
334DOUBLES - Standard HcpSankey Kurtis \ Brott Travis D. 1171,307Gr Des Moines USBC
334DOUBLES - Standard HcpKremenak Zach J. \ Galloro Lucas C. 4101,307Cedar Rapids USBC
334DOUBLES - Standard HcpChapman John L. \ Rogers Greg 4321,307West Delaware USBC
341DOUBLES - Standard HcpKonrardy David A. \ Juchter Jeffrey T. 6081,306Gr Davenport Metro USBC
341DOUBLES - Standard HcpHystad Matthew \ Benhart Koty 8431,306Gr Cedar Valley USBC
343DOUBLES - Standard HcpWeir Matthew R. \ Diercks David F. 171,305Charles City USBC
343DOUBLES - Standard HcpHearst Lonnie E. \ Schreurs Ron C. Jr5621,305Muscatine USBC
343DOUBLES - Standard HcpBreitbach Shawn J. \ Breitbach Donald L. 4621,305Dubuque Area USBC
343DOUBLES - Standard HcpShannon Alex M. \ Hershey Joshuwa 5241,305Independence USBC
343DOUBLES - Standard HcpSoden Mason J. \ Gingerich Anthony 7021,305Cedar Rapids USBC
343DOUBLES - Standard HcpPalmer Bradley D. \ Price Mike C. 311,305Gr Des Moines USBC
349DOUBLES - Standard HcpMeinders Seth M. \ Meinders Tyler R. 561,304Ottumwa Area USBC
349DOUBLES - Standard HcpCerka David A. \ Cerka Benjamin A. 2121,304Independence USBC
349DOUBLES - Standard HcpWells Nick L. \ Baldus Rodney D. 8241,304Boone County USBC
349DOUBLES - Standard HcpMeeker Michael L. \ York Kevin S. 8101,304Ames Area USBC
349DOUBLES - Standard HcpGeerdes Kyle J. \ Hanson Michael J. 7151,304Gr Cedar Valley USBC
354DOUBLES - Standard HcpEdwards Dennis O. \ Goodier Gary I. 381,302Gr Siouxland USBC
355DOUBLES - Standard HcpElder Brennon E. \ Parker Robert B. 711,301Ottumwa Area USBC
355DOUBLES - Standard HcpRausch Sara M. \ Allen Bradley G. 1261,301Gr Davenport Metro USBC
355DOUBLES - Standard HcpLemon John \ Mord Brandon D. 2791,301Cedar Rapids USBC
358DOUBLES - Standard HcpHowe Joseph R. \ Ramirez Juan G. 1951,300Cedar Rapids USBC
358DOUBLES - Standard HcpVanfleet Brandon \ Smith Austin T. 8041,300Fort Dodge Area USBC
358DOUBLES - Standard HcpKelso Rebekah M. \ Hahn Brock W. 5641,300Muscatine USBC
358DOUBLES - Standard HcpTrecker Bill J. \ Eischeid Frank G. 5361,300Manning USBC
362DOUBLES - Standard HcpKeiner Anthony \ Naberhaus Michael 5831,299Manning USBC
362DOUBLES - Standard HcpSteenblock Andrew \ Lewis Timothy C. 7561,299Gr Mason City USBC
362DOUBLES - Standard HcpSmart Travis C. \ Selken Wayne W. 7451,299Cedar Rapids USBC
362DOUBLES - Standard HcpWhite Colton C. \ Sash James C. Jr1871,299Gr Des Moines USBC
362DOUBLES - Standard HcpAdkins Alan V. \ Schrader Dana L. 1881,299Gr Des Moines USBC
362DOUBLES - Standard HcpRay Mark E. \ Flaherty Tim M. 7171,299Gr Davenport Metro USBC
362DOUBLES - Standard HcpGacioch Mike T. III \ Pregler Jeff J. 671,299Dubuque Area USBC
369DOUBLES - Standard HcpHougham Ryan A. \ Coffman Gary W. 1171,298Gr Des Moines USBC
369DOUBLES - Standard HcpWilcox Jeff L. \ Reiland Rick 7201,298Fort Dodge Area USBC
369DOUBLES - Standard HcpDawson Chad R. \ Hunt Bradley B. 5981,298Bellevue USBC
369DOUBLES - Standard HcpHangartner Austin B. \ Arduser Andy A. 7741,298Monticello USBC
369DOUBLES - Standard HcpNewhard Mason J. \ Felton Tyler B. 7751,298Monticello USBC
369DOUBLES - Standard HcpPeitz Gary B. \ Peitz Nick 871,298North Lee County USBC
375DOUBLES - Standard HcpVollstedt Jared M. \ Ewoldt Jake 5371,297Manning USBC
375DOUBLES - Standard HcpHarn Jim M. \ Hansen Kevin J. 8471,297Gr Cedar Valley USBC
375DOUBLES - Standard HcpCuthbert Barry D. \ Hind Neki L. 2141,297Burlington Area USBC
378DOUBLES - Standard HcpLawrence Kris E. \ Hartman Shaun E. 7251,296Clinton USBC
378DOUBLES - Standard HcpKeller Jesse \ Dotson Jerrod J. 3371,296Maquoketa USBC
378DOUBLES - Standard HcpCornelius Kyle L. \ Aye Travis J. 6251,296Carroll Area USBC
378DOUBLES - Standard HcpVink Arlyn D. \ Luedtke Doug 2021,296Gr Des Moines USBC
378DOUBLES - Standard HcpCrawford John T. \ Crawford Nick A. 1551,296Gr Des Moines USBC
378DOUBLES - Standard HcpRenfeldt Tyler \ Dreckman Chad J. 6571,296Gr Des Moines USBC
384DOUBLES - Standard HcpMc Bride Richard R. \ Folkmann Jordan G. 1471,295Cedar Rapids USBC
384DOUBLES - Standard HcpHorsfall Timothy J. \ Wandro Eugene C. 8461,295Gr Cedar Valley USBC
384DOUBLES - Standard HcpBingaman Richard L. \ Artis Jay J. 6201,295Ames Area USBC
384DOUBLES - Standard HcpGates Carl E. \ Baxter Tyler L. 251,295Council Bluffs USBC
384DOUBLES - Standard HcpBoone Terry L. \ Lanfier Gary W. Jr3211,295Marshalltown Area USBC
389DOUBLES - Standard HcpBlackwell Brandon L. \ Blackwell Rodney 7581,294Cedar Rapids USBC
390DOUBLES - Standard HcpBell Brett J. \ Casey Tyler P. 6571,293Gr Des Moines USBC
390DOUBLES - Standard HcpCarney Logan R. \ Maschke Kyle J. 3661,293Gr Des Moines USBC
390DOUBLES - Standard HcpKeiper Jayson A. \ Cox Eric S. 1801,293Belmond USBC
393DOUBLES - Standard HcpMorgan Aadam J. \ Morgan Michael L. 8121,292Ames Area USBC
393DOUBLES - Standard HcpBeenken Dennis D. \ Beenken Justin D. 4291,292Grundy Center USBC
393DOUBLES - Standard HcpNelson Bret J. \ Caspers Brett A. 7121,292Cedar Rapids USBC
393DOUBLES - Standard HcpRyan Joe M. \ Lex Douglas E. 4611,292Dubuque Area USBC
397DOUBLES - Standard HcpRoss Jeff M. \ Bahl Eric A. 6371,291Cedar Rapids USBC
397DOUBLES - Standard HcpHalleran Tanner O. \ Smith Bryce A. 1151,291Gr Des Moines USBC
397DOUBLES - Standard HcpHopkins John D. IV \ Slater Connor J. 1131,291Gr Des Moines USBC
400DOUBLES - Standard HcpGreenwood Russ E. \ Bastow R. Keith 2291,290Gr Des Moines USBC
400DOUBLES - Standard HcpSchminke Todd A. \ Jeter David A. 51,290Cedar Rapids USBC
400DOUBLES - Standard HcpBewley Tim L. \ Kelso Michael E. 761,290Burlington Area USBC
400DOUBLES - Standard HcpMorlan Brandon D. \ McDowell Neil E. 6151,290Greene County USBC
404DOUBLES - Standard HcpLewis James A. \ Hentges Gordie L. 5451,289Spencer USBC
404DOUBLES - Standard HcpArndt Chad L. \ Rosendahl Doug D. 5281,289Gr Mason City USBC
404DOUBLES - Standard HcpWitham Tom J. \ Erickson Daryl A. 3731,289Gr Mason City USBC
404DOUBLES - Standard HcpMishler Nate A. \ Mishler David S. 971,289Gr Des Moines USBC
408DOUBLES - Standard HcpParsons Larry D. Jr \ Parsons Forrest G. Sr6341,288Gr Des Moines USBC
408DOUBLES - Standard HcpHoelscher Lonnie L. \ Greimann Donald W. 5781,288Gr Mason City USBC
408DOUBLES - Standard HcpHall Ket A. \ Molacek Shane 5181,288Estherville USBC
408DOUBLES - Standard HcpDeRuiter Austin J. \ Opperman Kyle G. 3241,288Marshalltown Area USBC
412DOUBLES - Standard HcpLangholdt Josh S. \ Bruck Darren M. 5831,286Manning USBC
413DOUBLES - Standard HcpGinther Ashley S. \ Gronowski Rich Jr8461,285Gr Cedar Valley USBC
413DOUBLES - Standard HcpJones Gregory A. \ Corsello James J. Jr1331,285Gr Mason City USBC
413DOUBLES - Standard HcpBildstein Todd J. \ Feldman Mark A. 2441,285Dyersville USBC
416DOUBLES - Standard HcpCrossland Brian N. \ Luneckas Darin H. 6361,284Cedar Rapids USBC
416DOUBLES - Standard HcpBushore Cindi K. \ Newell Brandon W. 6201,284Ames Area USBC
418DOUBLES - Standard HcpSchweizer Nicholas D. \ Brown Steve 3781,283Gr Mason City USBC
418DOUBLES - Standard HcpPaper Wayne A. \ Bonfig Eric J. 7061,283Grundy Center USBC
418DOUBLES - Standard HcpRohwedder Kenneth N. \ Roberson Aaron D. 5641,283Muscatine USBC
418DOUBLES - Standard HcpWagner Curt J. \ Wagner Blair A. 1321,283Gr Des Moines USBC
418DOUBLES - Standard HcpCoppinger Chad A. \ Roseman Dustin "Dusty" R.811,283Gr Davenport Metro USBC
423DOUBLES - Standard HcpSellers Randy L. \ Erickson Matthew J. 7681,282Cedar Rapids USBC
423DOUBLES - Standard HcpUhl Justin M. \ Gwennap Kenneth D. 4731,282Council Bluffs USBC
423DOUBLES - Standard HcpJohnson Aaron G. \ Heick Dalton P. 4211,282Iowa City USBC
426DOUBLES - Standard HcpRiddle Christopher M. Jr \ Riddle Chris M. Sr631,281Iowa City USBC
426DOUBLES - Standard HcpMoran-Lellig Chelsea \ Holman Scott T. 8751,281Gr Cedar Valley USBC
426DOUBLES - Standard HcpBoyd Lonnie \ Cunningham Kenneth R. 6071,281Gr Davenport Metro USBC
429DOUBLES - Standard HcpMaiers Marv D. \ Engelken Richard A. 3791,280Dubuque Area USBC
429DOUBLES - Standard HcpSlife Dan J. \ Peper Lon G. 1081,280Cedar Rapids USBC
429DOUBLES - Standard HcpYeisley Conor R. \ Yeisley Andrew J. 2801,280Cedar Rapids USBC
429DOUBLES - Standard HcpBrown Chris P. \ Walsted Dan J. 7621,280Gr Des Moines USBC
429DOUBLES - Standard HcpSchwarting Christian A. \ Miller Alex R. 4461,280Iowa City USBC
434DOUBLES - Standard HcpBrockman Tony \ Knight Norman R. 5351,279Manning USBC
434DOUBLES - Standard HcpThammarath Vritie V. T \ Ruby Chad S. 3101,279Gr Des Moines USBC
434DOUBLES - Standard HcpDaniels Jeffrey C. \ Chrisinger Ryan D. 1851,279Gr Des Moines USBC
434DOUBLES - Standard HcpRedmond D'Carlos L. \ Mc Kinley Aaron D. 2781,279Cedar Rapids USBC
434DOUBLES - Standard HcpOwens Sean M. \ Davis Justin R. 5001,279Clinton USBC
434DOUBLES - Standard HcpSchatzman John B. III \ Schatzman John B. Jr1991,279Marshalltown Area USBC
440DOUBLES - Standard HcpOhl Tyler M. \ Thole Luke A. 3361,278Maquoketa USBC
440DOUBLES - Standard HcpMeyers Larry D. \ Thielen Ernie 6831,278Fort Dodge Area USBC
440DOUBLES - Standard HcpWolfe Jody L. \ Spring Craig W. 6221,278Gr Des Moines USBC
440DOUBLES - Standard HcpPetersen Ben J. \ Meyer Bernie M. 5151,278Estherville USBC
440DOUBLES - Standard HcpBrown Larry W. Jr \ Brown Chris A. 8931,278Muscatine USBC
445DOUBLES - Standard HcpKetchum April S. \ Elliott Chad 7551,277Gr Mason City USBC
445DOUBLES - Standard HcpSann Dwight A. \ Reiland Steve C. 1781,277Belmond USBC
445DOUBLES - Standard HcpAlachniewicz Todd \ Camamo Ted 3671,277Fort Dodge Area USBC
445DOUBLES - Standard HcpHuber Dakota L. \ Horne Douglas A. 1401,277Cedar Rapids USBC
445DOUBLES - Standard HcpAndrews Sonny J. \ Dixon Brandon S. 2221,277Burlington Area USBC
445DOUBLES - Standard HcpGates Rusty D. \ Hammel Douglas N. 1231,277Keokuk USBC
451DOUBLES - Standard HcpMiller Jay S. \ Allen James M. 1211,276Gr Mason City USBC
452DOUBLES - Standard HcpBoege Justin \ Snodgrass Joshua M. 31,275Ames Area USBC
452DOUBLES - Standard HcpBorkowski Eric \ Schultes Collin J. 5331,275Manning USBC
452DOUBLES - Standard HcpHeisterkamp Edwin W. \ Heisterkamp Eric J. 6241,275Carroll Area USBC
452DOUBLES - Standard HcpWaugh James R. \ Woerdehoff James A. SR2431,275Gr Davenport Metro USBC
452DOUBLES - Standard HcpHampe Ashley M. \ Moore Brian D. 6351,275Gr Des Moines USBC
452DOUBLES - Standard HcpWesterly James B. \ Bryan Gary 6621,275Gr Des Moines USBC
458DOUBLES - Standard HcpClasen Louie L. \ Quinlan Tom W. 3301,274Maquoketa USBC
458DOUBLES - Standard HcpRuopp Greg R. \ Knop Chad A. 401,274Ames Area USBC
458DOUBLES - Standard HcpFoster Michael V. \ Olson Greg M. 7951,274Ames Area USBC
458DOUBLES - Standard HcpWoten Breanne L. \ McHawes Samantha J. 8021,274Oskaloosa USBC
458DOUBLES - Standard HcpWulff Dylan T. \ Milder Michael W. 3041,274Muscatine USBC
463DOUBLES - Standard HcpStevens Russ D. \ Wiezorek Scott R. 1781,273Belmond USBC
463DOUBLES - Standard HcpMorgan Tia M. \ Chamberlain Mark C. 8121,273Ames Area USBC
463DOUBLES - Standard HcpElliott Travis D. \ Tilleraas Jared O. 4561,273West Union USBC
466DOUBLES - Standard HcpGraap Holly L. \ Houseman Donald E. 7361,272Gr Davenport Metro USBC
466DOUBLES - Standard HcpMaiers Luke M. \ Sweeney Tim L. 3881,272Dubuque Area USBC
466DOUBLES - Standard HcpBelcher Nick L. \ Belcher Chris P. 7031,272Gr Des Moines USBC
466DOUBLES - Standard HcpKurtz Johnny S. \ Twitchell John R. 1551,272Gr Des Moines USBC
466DOUBLES - Standard HcpJacobsen Harry R. \ Mikkelson Jason J. 1321,272Gr Des Moines USBC
466DOUBLES - Standard HcpCalkins Kenneth G. Jr \ Gregory Rick 941,272Gr Des Moines USBC
466DOUBLES - Standard HcpStahl Mark R. \ Rolands Roland H. 3461,272Waukon USBC
473DOUBLES - Standard HcpFranz Cathe M. \ Franz Jeffrey A. 4491,271Iowa City USBC
473DOUBLES - Standard HcpSchmitt Sharon A. \ Schmitt Steve 4281,271Grundy Center USBC
473DOUBLES - Standard HcpHessenius Jacob D. \ Schaefer Eric J. 1701,271Cedar Rapids USBC
473DOUBLES - Standard HcpHall William C. \ Johnson James D. 6381,271Dubuque Area USBC
473DOUBLES - Standard HcpAllen Larry G. \ Wernick Brian P. 2001,271Camanche USBC
478DOUBLES - Standard HcpCook Michael G. \ Kenyon Joe W. 7411,270Gr Des Moines USBC
478DOUBLES - Standard HcpAllen Adam J. \ Rief Kevin 2241,270Manning USBC
478DOUBLES - Standard HcpAhles John A. \ Hackbarth Michael C. 7571,270Eldora USBC
478DOUBLES - Standard HcpSanders Ryan J. \ Thompson Jeff J. 5291,270Gr Mason City USBC
482DOUBLES - Standard HcpLasack Wayne M. \ Theilen Kevin D. 101,269Anamosa USBC
482DOUBLES - Standard HcpLemkau Bryan L. \ Schroeder Ethan F. 5601,269Muscatine USBC
482DOUBLES - Standard HcpSunderland Jacob J. \ Gruber Anthoney D. 3101,269Gr Des Moines USBC
482DOUBLES - Standard HcpPrado Bradley M. Jr \ Smith Dustin W. 571,269Ottumwa Area USBC
486DOUBLES - Standard HcpLa Rue Terry M. \ Caldwell Blaine C. 561,268Ottumwa Area USBC
486DOUBLES - Standard HcpNorris Rick E. \ Ellingson Dan L. 3141,268Gr Des Moines USBC
486DOUBLES - Standard HcpKing Elijah \ Edwards Sanford (Alan) 7601,268De Witt USBC
486DOUBLES - Standard HcpHenley Sean M. \ Gardner Alan C. II4761,268Council Bluffs USBC
486DOUBLES - Standard HcpBrinker Jared \ Griffith Andy D. 5391,268Manning USBC
491DOUBLES - Standard HcpMaxson David M. Jr \ Lindgren Tim R. 8901,267Gr Cedar Valley USBC
491DOUBLES - Standard HcpDohrmann Dana R. \ Lawrence Lance J. 5781,267Gr Mason City USBC
491DOUBLES - Standard HcpCannon Tom A. \ Christoffersen Rick 2331,267Atlantic USBC
491DOUBLES - Standard HcpReid Cory P. \ Quintana Cristobal P. 281,267Iowa City USBC
491DOUBLES - Standard HcpConner Michael V. \ Wallin Dan G. 2901,267Dubuque Area USBC
491DOUBLES - Standard HcpCamp Austin M. \ Paar Noah D. 2911,267Dubuque Area USBC
491DOUBLES - Standard HcpMorris Robert W. Jr \ Lamphier Todd 4321,267West Delaware USBC
498DOUBLES - Standard HcpElwick Andrew M. \ Page Kirk E. 7111,266Cedar Rapids USBC
498DOUBLES - Standard HcpSuhr Christopher A. \ Pierce Brandon J. 4191,266Cedar Rapids USBC
498DOUBLES - Standard HcpWehling Elizabeth A. \ Lohmann Eric E. 4071,266Tripoli USBC
498DOUBLES - Standard HcpBond Ryan M. \ Martinez Chad C. 8861,266Gr Cedar Valley USBC
502DOUBLES - Standard HcpParsons Terry R. \ Morrison William L. 2591,265Mt Pleasant USBC
502DOUBLES - Standard HcpWilhelm Ted B. \ Byers Jamie A. Jr7651,265Gr Des Moines USBC
502DOUBLES - Standard HcpRuchti Tony J. \ Flood Shaun J. 7971,265Gr Des Moines USBC
502DOUBLES - Standard HcpWalter Adam \ Walter Tim M. 1181,265Gr Des Moines USBC
502DOUBLES - Standard HcpDeflieger Chester D. \ Mcdermott Lucas D. 3791,265Dubuque Area USBC
507DOUBLES - Standard HcpSmith Charles R. \ Bianchi Jeff L. 961,264Gr Des Moines USBC
507DOUBLES - Standard HcpBertagnolli Dr. Rico L. \ Van Andel Rusty L. 121,264Gr Des Moines USBC
507DOUBLES - Standard HcpGrimes Jay D. \ Coulson Tim J. 1461,264Cedar Rapids USBC
507DOUBLES - Standard HcpTrue Eric \ Parsons Cory W. 3751,264Gr Mason City USBC
511DOUBLES - Standard HcpMontgomery Robert J. \ Sturtz Wayne A. 461,263Stuart USBC
511DOUBLES - Standard HcpEggerss Robert P. \ Nisser Steve D. 5311,263Gr Des Moines USBC
513DOUBLES - Standard HcpRynearson Todd A. \ Solum Marvin Jr6861,262Gr Des Moines USBC
513DOUBLES - Standard HcpVance Troy A. \ Vance Tony D. 1311,262Gr Des Moines USBC
513DOUBLES - Standard HcpRollins Jenn D. \ Carlyle Brian R. 7231,262Fort Dodge Area USBC
513DOUBLES - Standard HcpMarshall Dian K. \ Brown Charles D. 731,262Burlington Area USBC
513DOUBLES - Standard HcpVashaw Kelci J. \ Esch Samuel A. 7671,262Ames Area USBC
513DOUBLES - Standard HcpLarson Tim L. \ Domek Martin J. 5161,262Estherville USBC
513DOUBLES - Standard HcpMallon Andrew J. \ Groenewald Michael A. 8651,262Gr Cedar Valley USBC
513DOUBLES - Standard HcpMyers Tyler J. \ Espinoza Miguel J. Jr4761,262Council Bluffs USBC
521DOUBLES - Standard HcpPelzer Mark E. \ Irwin Mark D. 5611,261Muscatine USBC
521DOUBLES - Standard HcpErps Andrew J. \ Richardson Andy A. 11,261Gr Des Moines USBC
521DOUBLES - Standard HcpWatts John J. \ Danner Travis L. 1271,261Sigourney USBC
521DOUBLES - Standard HcpHeim John J. \ Erichsen Luke 4141,261Gr Davenport Metro USBC
521DOUBLES - Standard HcpPote Alicia A. \ Reha Bruce A. 441,261Stuart USBC
526DOUBLES - Standard HcpBents Jacob J. \ Bents Dorsey J. 2851,260Cedar Rapids USBC
526DOUBLES - Standard HcpHermsen Matt W. \ Winner Chris J. 9001,260Dubuque Area USBC
528DOUBLES - Standard HcpYoung Austin J. \ Christensen Dan A. 41,259Cedar Rapids USBC
528DOUBLES - Standard HcpGlawe Brian A. \ Thilges David M. 7321,259Cedar Rapids USBC
528DOUBLES - Standard HcpKenney Marc \ Elkin Taylar 8041,259Fort Dodge Area USBC
528DOUBLES - Standard HcpCamarata David E. \ Palmer Brian D. 7931,259Gr Des Moines USBC
528DOUBLES - Standard HcpDavid Justin J. \ David Jeff S. 3441,259Waukon USBC
528DOUBLES - Standard HcpPowell Chase A. \ Gladwell Ryan K. 8961,259Muscatine USBC
534DOUBLES - Standard HcpSchreurs Thomas D. \ Littleton Marcus 2731,258Gr Des Moines USBC
534DOUBLES - Standard HcpFoster Emily A. \ Foster Rodney 6841,258Fort Dodge Area USBC
534DOUBLES - Standard HcpBlack Ryan J. \ Dostal Bob J. 1091,258Cedar Rapids USBC
534DOUBLES - Standard HcpAkers Clive E. \ Akers David E. 5411,258Marshalltown Area USBC
538DOUBLES - Standard HcpWheatly Norman D. \ Van Winkle Steven T. 3071,257Gr Des Moines USBC
538DOUBLES - Standard HcpLankford Dick W. \ Bennett Mark A. 2071,257Gr Des Moines USBC
538DOUBLES - Standard HcpBogle Bruce A. \ Ruble Herb W. 6861,257Gr Des Moines USBC
538DOUBLES - Standard HcpTucker Tiffani B. \ Burkmire Bill R. Jr7031,257Gr Des Moines USBC
538DOUBLES - Standard HcpDammeier Kameron \ Scheibe Zach T. 3291,257Maquoketa USBC
538DOUBLES - Standard HcpShowalter Christopher \ Freeman Jason C. 8921,257Gr Cedar Valley USBC
538DOUBLES - Standard HcpMiller Michael L. \ Taylor John W. Jr6171,257Greene County USBC
545DOUBLES - Standard HcpSchmidt Corey K. \ Witham Mike 2931,256Charles City USBC
545DOUBLES - Standard HcpMcElmeel Nic E. \ McElmeel Luke T. 7731,256Monticello USBC
545DOUBLES - Standard HcpKuetz Mike A. \ Backus Richard L. 5301,256Gr Des Moines USBC
548DOUBLES - Standard HcpAldrich Jon C. \ Mckee Patrick M. 7471,255Gr Des Moines USBC
548DOUBLES - Standard HcpBiver John F. \ Klostermann Logan M. 4651,255Dubuque Area USBC
550DOUBLES - Standard HcpTeague Vernon D. \ Hahn Mark 2421,254Gr Davenport Metro USBC
550DOUBLES - Standard HcpSnyder Tony E. \ O' Connor Michael J. 7341,254Cedar Rapids USBC
550DOUBLES - Standard HcpGibbs Anthony E. \ Arduser Kegan 8981,254Monticello USBC
550DOUBLES - Standard HcpReeves Daron B. \ Long Chris 5851,254Guthrie County USBC
550DOUBLES - Standard HcpHuisman Jesse D. \ Jessup Steven M. 6871,254Grundy Center USBC
555DOUBLES - Standard HcpEckhoff Jonathon J. \ Jarchow Adam L. 8751,253Gr Cedar Valley USBC
555DOUBLES - Standard HcpJanning Mitch \ Brandt Jonathon J. 5371,253Manning USBC
555DOUBLES - Standard HcpSchoep Arden J. \ Mason Terry W. 151,253Ames Area USBC
555DOUBLES - Standard HcpStuekerjuergen Greg \ Stuekerjuergen William P.871,253North Lee County USBC
555DOUBLES - Standard HcpChristensen Casey J. \ Christensen Zach A. 8231,253Cedar Rapids USBC
555DOUBLES - Standard HcpWear Draven M. \ Cochran Robert E. 1561,253Gr Des Moines USBC
555DOUBLES - Standard HcpKramer Austin H. \ Kramer Russell J. 3881,253Dubuque Area USBC
555DOUBLES - Standard HcpSeibert Eric S. \ Dubois Adam M. 9031,253Pella USBC
555DOUBLES - Standard HcpWeidemann Scott R. \ Cannon Cory 4571,253West Union USBC
564DOUBLES - Standard HcpMack Emily \ Novinski Levi C. 6061,252Gr Davenport Metro USBC
564DOUBLES - Standard HcpStigers Michael R. \ Furne Eric J. 6071,252Gr Davenport Metro USBC
564DOUBLES - Standard HcpPhillips Greg \ Lane Rudy L. 2311,252Gr Des Moines USBC
564DOUBLES - Standard HcpVan Heiden Brian D. \ Fisher Andrew L. 1401,252Cedar Rapids USBC
564DOUBLES - Standard HcpRibbink Cathy J. \ Ribbink Warren S. 8931,252Muscatine USBC
564DOUBLES - Standard HcpKracht Chris M. \ McRobie Mike W. 2591,252Mt Pleasant USBC
570DOUBLES - Standard HcpHepker James W. \ Wagner Garry L. 2851,251Cedar Rapids USBC
570DOUBLES - Standard HcpGerrard Keegan D. \ Foster Matthew L. 2551,251Fort Dodge Area USBC
570DOUBLES - Standard HcpBockenstedt Andy W. \ Bockenstedt Luke J. 3801,251Dubuque Area USBC
570DOUBLES - Standard HcpDemmer Tim A. \ Steffensmeier Scott J. 2481,251Dyersville USBC
570DOUBLES - Standard HcpDavis Gary S. \ Lowary Mike D. 4891,251Burlington Area USBC
575DOUBLES - Standard HcpGoetz Joseph \ Watson Keith 6971,250Keokuk USBC
575DOUBLES - Standard HcpBecker Michael L. \ Becker Paul L. 3681,250Fort Dodge Area USBC
575DOUBLES - Standard HcpBrink Greg G. \ Winke Ken 3451,250Waukon USBC
578DOUBLES - Standard HcpWilbanks Payton M. \ Johnson Justin T. 561,249Ottumwa Area USBC
578DOUBLES - Standard HcpJudson Derald L. \ Graves Jeff J. 1541,249Gr Des Moines USBC
578DOUBLES - Standard HcpAckerson Ian \ Lee Cassie 8361,249Gr Des Moines USBC
581DOUBLES - Standard HcpMc Quiston Trent G. \ Viers Lance A. 2861,248Cedar Rapids USBC
581DOUBLES - Standard HcpMurtha Shawn A. \ Wilcox Joshua R. 1471,248Cedar Rapids USBC
581DOUBLES - Standard HcpAllen Christopher L. \ Bingham Ronald R. 191,248Pella USBC
581DOUBLES - Standard HcpSchmidt Denny K. \ Cotton Michael R. Jr2931,248Charles City USBC
585DOUBLES - Standard HcpGarringer Jeremy L. \ Provin Jeremy M. 6281,247Iowa City USBC
585DOUBLES - Standard HcpHull Jonathan J. \ Burton Chad R. 11,247Gr Des Moines USBC
585DOUBLES - Standard HcpLickly Thomas C. \ Schultz James A. 4751,247Council Bluffs USBC
585DOUBLES - Standard HcpNadermann Mark M. \ Schmitt Rick J. 3821,247Dubuque Area USBC
589DOUBLES - Standard HcpHarris Doug M. \ Lawrence Devon 4551,246West Union USBC
589DOUBLES - Standard HcpBowers Timothy J. \ Kirchner Kevin 2681,246Mt Pleasant USBC
589DOUBLES - Standard HcpJack Douglas K. \ McDowell Don E. 1101,246Iowa City USBC
589DOUBLES - Standard HcpClark Mike D. \ Sabin Matt 4921,246Sigourney USBC
593DOUBLES - Standard HcpSaehler Daniel J. \ Saylor Brian P. 4501,245Iowa City USBC
593DOUBLES - Standard HcpTalbert Ricky E. \ Talbert Colton R. 2361,245Iowa City USBC
595DOUBLES - Standard HcpHeath Bryan J. \ Heath Robert C. Jr2811,244Greene County USBC
595DOUBLES - Standard HcpO'Neill Tyler J. \ Brookins Dalton H. 921,244Gr Des Moines USBC
597DOUBLES - Standard HcpMarchant J W IV \ Marchant Gordon L. 2051,243Gr Des Moines USBC
597DOUBLES - Standard HcpVan Lenning Sam L. \ Baines Dillon P. 6181,243Iowa Great Lakes USBC
599DOUBLES - Standard HcpMcRobie Mike W. \ Albers Todd K. 8611,242Gr Cedar Valley USBC
599DOUBLES - Standard HcpAldersen Danny J. \ Brown Robert L. II1201,242Iowa City USBC
599DOUBLES - Standard HcpDowell Jerry R. \ Lewis Rick J. 6851,242Gr Des Moines USBC
599DOUBLES - Standard HcpGrau Adam \ Michaelsen Matthew V. 7981,242De Witt USBC
599DOUBLES - Standard HcpReighard Brian \ Gibson Joe 2401,242De Witt USBC
599DOUBLES - Standard HcpOlberding David J. \ Mescher Scot S. 2481,242Dyersville USBC
605DOUBLES - Standard HcpGosse Jacob W. \ Graves Zachary G. 6661,241Gr Des Moines USBC
605DOUBLES - Standard HcpJuett Jonathon D. \ Juett Justin R. 4201,241Cedar Rapids USBC
605DOUBLES - Standard HcpPaisley Robert P. \ Nichols Dalton W. 2601,241Mt Pleasant USBC
605DOUBLES - Standard HcpRobinson Eddie J. III \ Boyland Marcus P. 8601,241Gr Cedar Valley USBC
609DOUBLES - Standard HcpLangfitt Dana D. \ Trees Justin M. 1731,240Gr Mason City USBC
610DOUBLES - Standard HcpOrr Glenn A. \ Pendegraft Ronald E. 4791,239Creston USBC
610DOUBLES - Standard HcpTrecker Tyler J. \ McLaughlin Hayden N. 5341,239Manning USBC
610DOUBLES - Standard HcpWaffle Doug K. \ Dunn James D. 1831,239Council Bluffs USBC
613DOUBLES - Standard HcpMain Wiley \ Mathany Wes R. 8311,238Lenox USBC
613DOUBLES - Standard HcpLarkin Sean \ Eberling Andrew R. 3401,238Waukon USBC
613DOUBLES - Standard HcpSnow Jason J. \ Jensen Tim K. 4851,238Anamosa USBC
613DOUBLES - Standard HcpBauer Warren K. \ Kee Chris J. 3721,238Fort Dodge Area USBC
613DOUBLES - Standard HcpWarrior Ryan J. \ Sellman Ben H. 471,238Stuart USBC
613DOUBLES - Standard HcpSchmitz Jake J. \ Steele Eli C. 3131,238Gr Des Moines USBC
613DOUBLES - Standard HcpPayne Chris \ Loney Matt R. 8971,238Dubuque Area USBC
613DOUBLES - Standard HcpSteffen Tom J. \ Steffen David J. 6011,238New Hampton USBC
621DOUBLES - Standard HcpWood Jayson D. \ Olsen Michael R. 3311,236Maquoketa USBC
621DOUBLES - Standard HcpWalls Robert R. \ Pote Chad R. 441,236Stuart USBC
621DOUBLES - Standard HcpFowler Tyler \ Fowler Mathew J. 7851,236Iowa City USBC
621DOUBLES - Standard HcpRuppe Jessie E. \ Dunn Tim A. 1831,236Council Bluffs USBC
621DOUBLES - Standard HcpSolomon Dylan J. \ Mitchell Tyler R. 2941,236Charles City USBC
626DOUBLES - Standard HcpCorcoran Larry E. \ Werkmeister Brian L. 8601,235Gr Cedar Valley USBC
626DOUBLES - Standard HcpKronlage Scott D. \ Urbain Bill D. 3801,235Dubuque Area USBC
628DOUBLES - Standard HcpSnyder Daniel J. \ Husman Nick R. 4101,234Cedar Rapids USBC
628DOUBLES - Standard HcpHaar Larry D. \ Haar Mikael D. 3141,234Gr Des Moines USBC
628DOUBLES - Standard HcpEwurs Frank G. \ Boone Daniel J. 7871,234Gr Des Moines USBC
628DOUBLES - Standard HcpDanner Carmen \ Danner Corey 1271,234Sigourney USBC
628DOUBLES - Standard HcpLyons Judd \ Wilson Jason D. 6881,234Grundy Center USBC
628DOUBLES - Standard HcpMcRill Evan E. \ Pearson Geno R. 3211,234Marshalltown Area USBC
634DOUBLES - Standard HcpHoing Travis J. \ Schwake Michael J. 8631,233Gr Cedar Valley USBC
634DOUBLES - Standard HcpWeber Collin A. \ Sears Shane S. 8711,233Gr Cedar Valley USBC
634DOUBLES - Standard HcpIdler Ryan L. \ Solomon Bernie J. 2921,233Charles City USBC
634DOUBLES - Standard HcpSonnee George \ Canby Anthony L. 2681,233Mt Pleasant USBC
634DOUBLES - Standard HcpNye Tony D. \ Penrod Billy M. 2171,233Burlington Area USBC
639DOUBLES - Standard HcpSchneider Rachel L. \ Schneider Tad C. 6051,232New Hampton USBC
639DOUBLES - Standard HcpBrown Donald Butch R. \ Blough Jeff 4981,232Gr Des Moines USBC
639DOUBLES - Standard HcpTrue Wesley L. \ Throndson Larry M. 6361,232Cedar Rapids USBC
639DOUBLES - Standard HcpHarris Samuel C. \ Harris Rusty 5611,232Muscatine USBC
639DOUBLES - Standard HcpKleppe Kevin K. \ Craun Denny 8441,232Gr Cedar Valley USBC
644DOUBLES - Standard HcpTaylor Brandon M. \ Skokan Shane M. 7131,231Council Bluffs USBC
644DOUBLES - Standard HcpBeitz Roger L. \ Beireis Steve W. 5251,231Monticello USBC
644DOUBLES - Standard HcpKukral Robert J. \ Schwarze Travis J. 4081,231Tripoli USBC
644DOUBLES - Standard HcpSaunders Tony A. \ Kilts Gerald S. 1021,231Cedar Rapids USBC
648DOUBLES - Standard HcpCore Ryan M. \ Kane Scott A. 861,230Cedar Rapids USBC
648DOUBLES - Standard HcpFenner Clarence S. \ Ashley Jason R. 3171,230Gr Des Moines USBC
648DOUBLES - Standard HcpDeich Brad W. \ Mcgregor Tommy E. 6551,230Gr Des Moines USBC
648DOUBLES - Standard HcpBuckner Chris D. \ Buckner Tyler L. 1011,230Greenfield USBC
648DOUBLES - Standard HcpWhiteman Scott M. \ Dudley Ronald K. 7061,230Grundy Center USBC
648DOUBLES - Standard HcpBruner Joel D. \ Gillespie Robbin G. 161,230Charles City USBC
648DOUBLES - Standard HcpHolmberg Thomas J. \ Newbanks Jordan D. 8131,230Ames Area USBC
655DOUBLES - Standard HcpPayne Thomas L. \ Groth Bryce W. 1341,229Gr Mason City USBC
655DOUBLES - Standard HcpEischeid Alan J. \ Halbur John L. 5361,229Manning USBC
655DOUBLES - Standard HcpBigelow Steven R. \ Paar Daniel R. 2901,229Dubuque Area USBC
655DOUBLES - Standard HcpPfeiler Brian M. \ Arnold Todd M. 2521,229Dyersville USBC
655DOUBLES - Standard HcpDannen Hunter W. \ Dannen Aaron W. 3221,229Marshalltown Area USBC
660DOUBLES - Standard HcpDicken Joshua J. \ Cole Nick W. 8731,228Gr Cedar Valley USBC
660DOUBLES - Standard HcpButteris Zachary J. \ Alger Matt W. 101,228Anamosa USBC
662DOUBLES - Standard HcpRuddy Makenzie C. \ Biscontine Sydney M. 8491,227Gr Cedar Valley USBC
662DOUBLES - Standard HcpStedman Dan A. \ Vancleve Kaleb J. 6531,227Dubuque Area USBC
662DOUBLES - Standard HcpEllis Forrest R. \ Barragy Christopher M. 6031,227New Hampton USBC
662DOUBLES - Standard HcpWilliams Roger L. \ Brown Rodney A. 1891,227Fort Dodge Area USBC
666DOUBLES - Standard HcpStahowick Thomas H. \ Stanton Richard T. 7871,226Gr Des Moines USBC
666DOUBLES - Standard HcpKern Brian L. \ Yusko Darren A. 6071,226Gr Davenport Metro USBC
666DOUBLES - Standard HcpMoore Cheri D. \ Moore Larry L. 2811,226Greene County USBC
666DOUBLES - Standard HcpSwenson Chad A. \ Swenson Kyle 1351,226Ames Area USBC
666DOUBLES - Standard HcpJackson Barry L. \ Hoing Travis J. 8321,226Lenox USBC
671DOUBLES - Standard HcpSmith James R. Sr \ Toenjes Ryan S. 7761,225Monticello USBC
671DOUBLES - Standard HcpSorrowfree Robert J. \ Doy Nick J. 5571,225Muscatine USBC
671DOUBLES - Standard HcpTrimble David D. \ Raushenberger Austin J. 5571,225Muscatine USBC
674DOUBLES - Standard HcpKuntz Craig J. \ Zell Todd N. 631,224Iowa City USBC
674DOUBLES - Standard HcpBerger William J. \ Jacobson Matthew D. 5681,224Greene County USBC
674DOUBLES - Standard HcpCarper Deena M. \ Smith Eric J. 8581,224Gr Cedar Valley USBC
674DOUBLES - Standard HcpHagge Thomas L. \ Hagge Tommy C. 6081,224Gr Davenport Metro USBC
674DOUBLES - Standard HcpStoll Troy D. \ Shelton Stephen D. 7031,224Gr Des Moines USBC
679DOUBLES - Standard HcpKuennen Steven G. \ Schneider Trevor W. 6051,223New Hampton USBC
679DOUBLES - Standard HcpTheisen Ben E. \ Breitbach Robert J. 3821,223Dubuque Area USBC
679DOUBLES - Standard HcpCole Tim A. \ Mootz Robert G. 641,223Dubuque Area USBC
679DOUBLES - Standard HcpDole Kyle T. \ Zenkovich Patrick J. 5481,223Spencer USBC
683DOUBLES - Standard HcpForthmann Michael A. \ Jeffries James(Jay) 1341,222Gr Mason City USBC
683DOUBLES - Standard HcpHolzwarth Benjamin D. \ McCarthy Jamie M. 3431,222Waukon USBC
683DOUBLES - Standard HcpKlaassen Michael S. \ Hersom Tyler 3721,222Fort Dodge Area USBC
686DOUBLES - Standard HcpCocayne Michael J. \ Miller Jeffrey D. 8991,221Dubuque Area USBC
686DOUBLES - Standard HcpOsmundson Derwin K. \ Williams Steven 4591,221West Union USBC
686DOUBLES - Standard HcpEichhorst Bill G. \ Rinderspacher Ed 3201,221Iowa City USBC
686DOUBLES - Standard HcpRagsdale Noah L. \ Stover William J. II8771,221Gr Cedar Valley USBC
690DOUBLES - Standard HcpKlimowski Kevin M. \ Klimowski Elliot C. 8881,220Gr Cedar Valley USBC
690DOUBLES - Standard HcpPope Aaron J. \ Stalker Evan R. 7551,220Gr Mason City USBC
690DOUBLES - Standard HcpKasper Dean E. \ Kasper Bobbie J. 5421,220Iowa City USBC
693DOUBLES - Standard HcpBrock Anthony J. \ Barr Tammy R. 2611,219Mt Pleasant USBC
693DOUBLES - Standard HcpJones Gary E. \ Smith Jay J. 6391,219Bellevue USBC
693DOUBLES - Standard HcpHansel Troy J. \ Hansel Tanner J. 371,219Gr Siouxland USBC
693DOUBLES - Standard HcpMorrison Marty W. \ Basconcillo Romeo C. 2041,219Gr Des Moines USBC
697DOUBLES - Standard HcpPierce Justin D. \ Cubbage Earnest L. Jr4191,217Cedar Rapids USBC
697DOUBLES - Standard HcpCleary Ryan S. \ Rice Bailey D. 3841,217Dubuque Area USBC
697DOUBLES - Standard HcpSlobodnik Doug A. \ Koenen Eric C. 2581,217Mt Pleasant USBC
697DOUBLES - Standard HcpEnnenga Jason R. \ Huffman Paul E. 8671,217Gr Cedar Valley USBC
701DOUBLES - Standard HcpMeyer Kody \ Janssen Mat D. 6771,215Ida Grove USBC
701DOUBLES - Standard HcpWixom Bronson L. \ Lee Jonathan W. 6541,215Mt Pleasant USBC
701DOUBLES - Standard HcpShaffer Kevin M. \ Bauer Troy M. 8811,215Monticello USBC
701DOUBLES - Standard HcpHeeter Rich \ Wyatt Dewey 2231,215Burlington Area USBC
701DOUBLES - Standard HcpPatterson Neil L. \ Rempt Dave J. Sr7431,215Cedar Rapids USBC
701DOUBLES - Standard HcpDoke Paul W. \ Walker Billy R. 3151,215Gr Des Moines USBC
707DOUBLES - Standard HcpBloom Cheryl K. \ Mason Brad J. 2031,214Gr Des Moines USBC
708DOUBLES - Standard HcpWooldrik Joseph E. \ Fuchs Shane A. 3011,213Cedar Rapids USBC
708DOUBLES - Standard HcpHomeyer Cody \ Schmale Monty 1801,213Belmond USBC
710DOUBLES - Standard HcpDonald Lyle D. \ Alderson Scott W. 4951,212Sigourney USBC
710DOUBLES - Standard HcpBrink Gerald G. \ Brink Billy A. 3401,212Waukon USBC
710DOUBLES - Standard HcpCox Chuck R. \ Pierson Joe S. 2731,212Gr Des Moines USBC
710DOUBLES - Standard HcpMohr Doug A. \ Fagan Adam S. 3321,212Maquoketa USBC
710DOUBLES - Standard HcpSlaght Andrew P. \ Schultz Michael E. 6531,212Dubuque Area USBC
715DOUBLES - Standard HcpBissen Ryan M. \ Gerbig Jake 3571,211Stacyville USBC
715DOUBLES - Standard HcpClavey Mike R. \ Fredericks Brian L. 3691,211Fort Dodge Area USBC
717DOUBLES - Standard HcpLong Scott A. \ Corporon Douglas V. 1941,210Cedar Rapids USBC
717DOUBLES - Standard HcpHopkins Bruce L. \ Stanton Frank C. 721,210Ottumwa Area USBC
717DOUBLES - Standard HcpBeenken Whitnee \ Boege Nathan 4281,210Grundy Center USBC
720DOUBLES - Standard HcpSchellhorn Jessica \ MYER MORGAN L. 8451,209Gr Cedar Valley USBC
721DOUBLES - Standard HcpThesing Tyler J. \ Averhoff Forry E. 3431,208Waukon USBC
721DOUBLES - Standard HcpVan Klavern Jim H. \ Graham Patrick D. 6891,208Ottumwa Area USBC
721DOUBLES - Standard HcpFoster Michael A. \ Ita Joseph E. 2161,208Burlington Area USBC
721DOUBLES - Standard HcpLoeffelholz Robert E. \ Bolibaugh Russell P. 6501,208Dubuque Area USBC
721DOUBLES - Standard HcpGreenstreet Kevin W. II \ Greenstreet Kaylynn S.581,208Ottumwa Area USBC
726DOUBLES - Standard HcpHaefner Payten J. \ Haefner Kevin D. 7691,207Cedar Rapids USBC
726DOUBLES - Standard HcpPowers Anthony J. \ Mumm Allen 2391,207Gr Davenport Metro USBC
726DOUBLES - Standard HcpCappiello Tim J. \ Schuldt Luke D. 3991,207Tripoli USBC
729DOUBLES - Standard HcpWeber Dale J. \ Weber Randall C. 6391,206Bellevue USBC
729DOUBLES - Standard HcpLouis Kelvin E. \ Nutz Rick L. 231,206Cedar Rapids USBC
729DOUBLES - Standard HcpEspe Kurt R. \ Ashbrook Russ A. 3671,206Fort Dodge Area USBC
729DOUBLES - Standard HcpBlessing Light Allison R. \ Carder Tyler A. 6321,206Gr Des Moines USBC
729DOUBLES - Standard HcpDaniels Alyssa L. \ Daniels Craig T. 1851,206Gr Des Moines USBC
734DOUBLES - Standard HcpReynolds Rodney K. \ Reynolds Terry L. 7421,205Mt Pleasant USBC
735DOUBLES - Standard HcpBlack Bronson B. \ Brooks Brandon M. 4911,204Sigourney USBC
735DOUBLES - Standard HcpMitchell Zachary B. \ Stone Brody C. 2951,204Charles City USBC
735DOUBLES - Standard HcpHaynes Shane A. \ Almendinger David J. Jr2221,204Burlington Area USBC
735DOUBLES - Standard HcpGibson Raelynn \ Stewart Justin 2411,204De Witt USBC
739DOUBLES - Standard HcpTotten Jesse L. \ Paulsen Matt R. 6791,203Ida Grove USBC
739DOUBLES - Standard HcpHintze Kent W. \ Gifford Robert J. 5171,203Estherville USBC
741DOUBLES - Standard HcpBushore Alexandra M. \ Bushore Christian L. 7671,202Ames Area USBC
741DOUBLES - Standard HcpAbben James P. \ Powers Darren M. 4251,202Osage USBC
741DOUBLES - Standard HcpKnipfer Todd D. \ Knipfer Josh L. 6541,202Mt Pleasant USBC
741DOUBLES - Standard HcpBoche Thomas M. \ Boltz Logan P. 2191,202Burlington Area USBC
741DOUBLES - Standard HcpStarr Michael E. \ Rosine Richard D. 3651,202Gr Des Moines USBC
741DOUBLES - Standard HcpArnold Damien C. \ Lane Christopher L. 8061,202Cedar Rapids USBC
741DOUBLES - Standard HcpRoth Chris A. \ Hume Kevin J. 4201,202Cedar Rapids USBC
748DOUBLES - Standard HcpBehnke Russell \ Kruse Brett R. 3011,201Cedar Rapids USBC
748DOUBLES - Standard HcpMyers Timothy E. \ Farrell Jeff A. 2751,201Corydon USBC
748DOUBLES - Standard HcpGarden Aaron M. \ Gifford Jessie D. 171,201Charles City USBC
748DOUBLES - Standard HcpBoege Travis J. \ Dougan Ryan E. 8771,201Gr Cedar Valley USBC
752DOUBLES - Standard HcpFecher Shannon R. \ Fecher Matt A. 6171,200Greene County USBC
752DOUBLES - Standard HcpSpear Gregg R. \ Vasey Jaret T. 1351,200Ames Area USBC
752DOUBLES - Standard HcpJaeger Steve \ Graham Curt J. 4511,200Iowa City USBC
752DOUBLES - Standard HcpBerlin Scott M. \ Harris David L. 5621,200Muscatine USBC
752DOUBLES - Standard HcpVan Otegham Jacob J. \ Uthoff Elizabeth M. 1421,200Cedar Rapids USBC
757DOUBLES - Standard HcpProbasco George L. \ Wonderly Paul J. 2061,199Gr Des Moines USBC
757DOUBLES - Standard HcpMcAllister Doris A. \ McAllister Randy T. 2451,199Dyersville USBC
757DOUBLES - Standard HcpDonnelly Donald J. Jr \ Way Darryl W. 1601,199Council Bluffs USBC
760DOUBLES - Standard HcpEdwards Jock D. \ Scott Chaz M. 3281,198Maquoketa USBC
761DOUBLES - Standard HcpCarrier-Gonzalez Shelby D. \ Marchand James R.6061,197Gr Davenport Metro USBC
761DOUBLES - Standard HcpFisher Jesse J. \ Moore Kevin M. 941,197Gr Des Moines USBC
761DOUBLES - Standard HcpThorson Dane S. \ Smith Don J. 8801,197Monticello USBC
764DOUBLES - Standard HcpLoveless Greg L. \ Hoffmann Gary A. 7781,196Gr Mason City USBC
764DOUBLES - Standard HcpRobert Joshua J. \ Richmond Jeremiah 'Jp' P. 8441,196Gr Cedar Valley USBC
764DOUBLES - Standard HcpTobey Nathan R. \ Hofer Dan L. 8881,196Gr Cedar Valley USBC
764DOUBLES - Standard HcpReed John R. \ Meyer Chad L. 4661,196Dubuque Area USBC
764DOUBLES - Standard HcpBakula Scott W. \ Blong Leon I. 5991,196New Hampton USBC
769DOUBLES - Standard HcpJensen Brian L. \ Johnson Robert O. 5141,195Estherville USBC
769DOUBLES - Standard HcpTurney Jeff A. \ Dunne William J. 6411,195Bellevue USBC
771DOUBLES - Standard HcpLerch Wayne A. \ Smith Gary G. 7711,194Anamosa USBC
771DOUBLES - Standard HcpSealine Douglas D. \ Baldus Alan F. 8241,194Boone County USBC
771DOUBLES - Standard HcpFowlkes Jeremy \ Schiltz Tom 4411,194Oelwein USBC
771DOUBLES - Standard HcpLasher Susie C. \ Lasher Richard C. 2041,194Gr Des Moines USBC
775DOUBLES - Standard HcpRenslow Steven L. \ Waddell Chad A. 1581,193Stuart USBC
775DOUBLES - Standard HcpHowell Jeromy J. \ Kies Nick K. 3391,193Maquoketa USBC
775DOUBLES - Standard HcpStephens Sheri \ Bushore Christopher L. 6201,193Ames Area USBC
775DOUBLES - Standard HcpWittenberg Matthew L. \ Whittington Dustin R.7511,193Muscatine USBC
779DOUBLES - Standard HcpDuncan Donald L. \ Duncan Marty A. 1121,192Ames Area USBC
779DOUBLES - Standard HcpEngel James T. \ Lott Caleb E. 2161,192Burlington Area USBC
779DOUBLES - Standard HcpBrumley David A. \ Wahman Gregg D. Jr451,192Stuart USBC
779DOUBLES - Standard HcpCarl Daniel J. \ Tisl Mark F. 441,192Stuart USBC
779DOUBLES - Standard HcpKeiper John E. \ Rollf Randy E. 541,192Ottumwa Area USBC
779DOUBLES - Standard HcpFuller Bill J. \ Barber David L. 2791,192Cedar Rapids USBC
779DOUBLES - Standard HcpWolfe David F. \ Scott Chris D. 7321,192Cedar Rapids USBC
786DOUBLES - Standard HcpGraybill Gary W. \ Medearis Hal K. 261,191Council Bluffs USBC
786DOUBLES - Standard HcpPeterson Jesse \ Waterworth William E. 3471,191Waukon USBC
788DOUBLES - Standard HcpAyers Gary L. \ Mortimer Kenneth L. 7131,190Council Bluffs USBC
788DOUBLES - Standard HcpBates Brian J. \ Chavez Justin 571,190Ottumwa Area USBC
790DOUBLES - Standard HcpFranks Joseph A. \ Carlson Beau A. 6421,189Muscatine USBC
791DOUBLES - Standard HcpThomas Andrew J. \ Quakenbush Jodi R. 4741,188Council Bluffs USBC
791DOUBLES - Standard HcpHunter Max \ Meyer Tim J. 1041,188Decorah USBC
791DOUBLES - Standard HcpSmeins Duncan C. \ Klostermann Drew J. 1701,188Cedar Rapids USBC
791DOUBLES - Standard HcpCoffman Trisha A. \ Hayden Dominic M. 1141,188Gr Des Moines USBC
791DOUBLES - Standard HcpBierman Jason W. \ Einck Kevin A. 6041,188New Hampton USBC
796DOUBLES - Standard HcpBartlett Sarah \ Tolentino Danny 1641,187Council Bluffs USBC
796DOUBLES - Standard HcpFolsom Delayne \ Gonshorowski Steve 381,187Gr Siouxland USBC
798DOUBLES - Standard HcpArduser Drew D. \ Behrends Quinn S. 7741,186Monticello USBC
798DOUBLES - Standard HcpBlack Derrick J. \ Olson Tyler J. 401,186Ames Area USBC
800DOUBLES - Standard HcpKruser Jamie L. \ Ninneman Gene A. 7591,185Dubuque Area USBC
800DOUBLES - Standard HcpJohansen Lee A. \ Rodenberg Blake W. 4601,185West Union USBC
802DOUBLES - Standard HcpSwank Eric E. \ Applegate Michael J. 741,184Burlington Area USBC
802DOUBLES - Standard HcpHall Robert L. \ Ostedgaard Alan R. 291,184Iowa City USBC
804DOUBLES - Standard HcpHinrichs Brian J. \ Hinrichs Nathan T. 7761,183Monticello USBC
804DOUBLES - Standard HcpGrady Daniel L. \ Fulton John J. 1381,183Cedar Rapids USBC
804DOUBLES - Standard HcpCarson Kristina E. \ Heefner Jay P. 841,183Cedar Rapids USBC
807DOUBLES - Standard HcpEdwards Ryne M. \ Tesch Cale A. 1691,182Cedar Rapids USBC
807DOUBLES - Standard HcpKenney Marc \ Pearl Nick A. 2531,182Fort Dodge Area USBC
807DOUBLES - Standard HcpKramer Jerry N. \ Kramer Nick M. 7801,182Humboldt Iowa USBC
807DOUBLES - Standard HcpMinger Mark (Jeff) II \ Holub Loras J. 4861,182Anamosa USBC
811DOUBLES - Standard HcpSmith Terry A. \ Thurm Bud R. 4001,181Tripoli USBC
811DOUBLES - Standard HcpBillman Wade D. \ Billman Dan L. 1981,181Marshalltown Area USBC
813DOUBLES - Standard HcpBemiss Graig T. \ Chapman Charlie 4431,180Oelwein USBC
813DOUBLES - Standard HcpGalle Brian J. \ Kennedy Danny L. 7271,180Dubuque Area USBC
813DOUBLES - Standard HcpPearson Jay P. \ Pearson Andy L. 2791,180Cedar Rapids USBC
816DOUBLES - Standard HcpLewis Brett M. \ Stein Douglas R. 7331,179Cedar Rapids USBC
816DOUBLES - Standard HcpHassman Randy L. \ Sharp Michael R. 3741,179Gr Mason City USBC
818DOUBLES - Standard HcpEngler Steven A. \ Honts Greg P. 2461,178Dyersville USBC
818DOUBLES - Standard HcpMiller Randy L. \ Miller Derek L. 4541,178West Union USBC
820DOUBLES - Standard HcpPosey Jake M. \ Turner Brandon M. 3131,177Gr Des Moines USBC
820DOUBLES - Standard HcpRoss Kaleb L. \ Ross Doug 2941,177Charles City USBC
820DOUBLES - Standard HcpThygesen Derrick C. \ Thygesen Wes E. 5331,177Manning USBC
823DOUBLES - Standard HcpBird Monte D. \ Foubert Mike L. 4941,176Sigourney USBC
823DOUBLES - Standard HcpSander Christopher \ Sander Douglas R. 2021,176Gr Des Moines USBC
823DOUBLES - Standard HcpVaske Nathan P. \ Kass Marty W. 3831,176Dubuque Area USBC
826DOUBLES - Standard HcpHarris Tyler E. \ Wood Patrick L. 5631,175Muscatine USBC
827DOUBLES - Standard HcpPowers Jack A. \ Powers Gary R. 271,174Council Bluffs USBC
827DOUBLES - Standard HcpGoffinet Mark W. \ Spear Todd M. 1351,174Ames Area USBC
827DOUBLES - Standard HcpTucker Donnie L. \ Norris Brad J. 6101,174Gr Davenport Metro USBC
827DOUBLES - Standard HcpMeinsma Tom A. \ Hudson Carter J. 8191,174Camanche USBC
831DOUBLES - Standard HcpShea Ian W. \ Shea Brian W. 3321,173Maquoketa USBC
831DOUBLES - Standard HcpBuonanni Buzzy \ Benshoof Jesse L. 2311,173Gr Des Moines USBC
831DOUBLES - Standard HcpSchiltz Stan M. \ Hennick Mike B. Sr3111,173Gr Des Moines USBC
831DOUBLES - Standard HcpGrimm Jerry W. \ Mc Guire Lyle D. 1441,173Cedar Rapids USBC
831DOUBLES - Standard HcpVanderheiden Drew C. \ Matthews Shawn A. 1571,173Stuart USBC
831DOUBLES - Standard HcpCryder Christian \ Cryder Robert L. 151,173Ames Area USBC
831DOUBLES - Standard HcpWolken Greg S. \ Uhlenberg Ron L. 2111,173Marshalltown Area USBC
838DOUBLES - Standard HcpBoyles Charles E. \ Wax John R. 5011,172Jasper County USBC
839DOUBLES - Standard HcpHurmence Roger L. \ Liddle Terry J. 861,171Cedar Rapids USBC
839DOUBLES - Standard HcpJohnson Trent W. \ Parson Todd E. 4821,171Gr Des Moines USBC
839DOUBLES - Standard HcpMarshall David G. \ Bierbrodt Al 5821,171Anamosa USBC
842DOUBLES - Standard HcpOhloff Jacob K. \ Stiner Logan 3481,170Waukon USBC
842DOUBLES - Standard HcpKalinosky Adam M. \ Jasper Gerald D. 241,170Council Bluffs USBC
842DOUBLES - Standard HcpKiburz Klayton \ Menster Cody C. 8981,170Monticello USBC
842DOUBLES - Standard HcpDresden Doug R. \ Adams David A. 521,170Keokuk USBC
846DOUBLES - Standard HcpNewman Adam D. \ Newman Dale H. Jr6781,168Ida Grove USBC
846DOUBLES - Standard HcpHickman Damon L. \ Lindemann David J. 5491,168Spencer USBC
846DOUBLES - Standard HcpMarbach Jerry J. \ Vorwald Jeffrey J. 4361,168West Delaware USBC
849DOUBLES - Standard HcpGoldman Perry J. \ Clark Kyle A. 7351,167Oskaloosa USBC
849DOUBLES - Standard HcpTraylor James T. III \ Birkey Mark E. 4721,167Council Bluffs USBC
849DOUBLES - Standard HcpRauen Bill J. \ Kass Matt W. 3811,167Dubuque Area USBC
849DOUBLES - Standard HcpPfeiler Randy J. \ Gates Justin A. 651,167Dubuque Area USBC
853DOUBLES - Standard HcpCox Donald Paul \ Harford Dennis E. 1251,166Gr Davenport Metro USBC
853DOUBLES - Standard HcpWeeks Eric R. \ Juza Tim C. 5521,166Spencer USBC
855DOUBLES - Standard HcpBrown Robert D. \ Peters Brian J. 7281,165Gr Davenport Metro USBC
855DOUBLES - Standard HcpHoughton Glenn L. Jr \ Oder Troy C. 911,165Gr Des Moines USBC
857DOUBLES - Standard HcpKinrade Scott M. \ White Justin D. 5111,163Cedar Rapids USBC
857DOUBLES - Standard HcpMeier Billy \ Pietsch Thomas 4911,163Sigourney USBC
857DOUBLES - Standard HcpGage Denzil R. \ Morris Jonathan 7141,163Council Bluffs USBC
857DOUBLES - Standard HcpSmith David R. \ Gilbert Michael A. 621,163Iowa City USBC
861DOUBLES - Standard HcpPatterson David M. \ Possehn Kurtis E. 7081,162Fort Dodge Area USBC
862DOUBLES - Standard HcpHarris Daniel J. \ Kimball Shawn D. 1081,161Cedar Rapids USBC
863DOUBLES - Standard HcpSickels Ralph \ Jass Kendall R. 6911,160Ottumwa Area USBC
863DOUBLES - Standard HcpBurroughs Jeff S. \ Smith Brandon L. 3031,160Muscatine USBC
863DOUBLES - Standard HcpHamand David A. \ Kamberger John W. 7291,160Gr Mason City USBC
863DOUBLES - Standard HcpJewell Brandon \ Lucht Dale A. 5131,160Estherville USBC
867DOUBLES - Standard HcpMeyer Joseph \ Schleininger Ken 5141,159Estherville USBC
867DOUBLES - Standard HcpSchellhorn Donald A. \ Bond Robert F. 8471,159Gr Cedar Valley USBC
867DOUBLES - Standard HcpKohl Jennifer M. \ Kohl Heath R. 9041,159Dubuque Area USBC
870DOUBLES - Standard HcpArgo James D. \ Guest Lisa 721,158Ottumwa Area USBC
870DOUBLES - Standard HcpJandik Red \ Thompson Travis 51,158Cedar Rapids USBC
870DOUBLES - Standard HcpPalmer Danny L. \ Palmer Austin L. 701,158Ottumwa Area USBC
870DOUBLES - Standard HcpMathes Haley J. \ Louis Doug G. Jr6601,158Gr Des Moines USBC
870DOUBLES - Standard HcpStevens Larry J. \ Stevens Rick R. 1781,158Belmond USBC
875DOUBLES - Standard HcpHolder Brittany N. \ Hansen Kaleb J. 1611,157Council Bluffs USBC
875DOUBLES - Standard HcpPayton Lisa R. \ McCormick Cody J. 2081,157Gr Des Moines USBC
875DOUBLES - Standard HcpMartin Douglas J. \ Trcka Tom F. Jr601,157Cedar Rapids USBC
875DOUBLES - Standard HcpRodriguez Marco A. \ Rodriguez Salvador 1951,157Cedar Rapids USBC
875DOUBLES - Standard HcpLamb Brenda S. \ Vickroy Mike L. 341,157Jasper County USBC
880DOUBLES - Standard HcpJohnson Phillip M. \ Plambeck Doug A. 5271,156Red Oak USBC
880DOUBLES - Standard HcpWear Draven M. \ Wear Don D. 501,156Gr Des Moines USBC
880DOUBLES - Standard HcpHarding Steve D. \ Bishop Beaver S. 5541,156Muscatine USBC
880DOUBLES - Standard HcpChapman Brian W. \ Watkins-Schoenig Nile E. 8341,156Muscatine USBC
884DOUBLES - Standard HcpMetz David L. \ Wagner Dell G. 5591,155Muscatine USBC
884DOUBLES - Standard HcpArnold Amy \ Arnold Bill 531,155Keokuk USBC
886DOUBLES - Standard HcpWaugh Doug L. \ Waugh Dalton 3281,154Maquoketa USBC
886DOUBLES - Standard HcpGroth Darrell C. \ Ennenga Jason R. 5661,154Muscatine USBC
888DOUBLES - Standard HcpSchmitz Dennis J. \ McCann Jake 8591,153Gr Cedar Valley USBC
888DOUBLES - Standard HcpStansbery Roger E. \ Boehmer Andrew G. 5991,153New Hampton USBC
890DOUBLES - Standard HcpShoafstall Terrance M. \ Boone Thomas D. 7781,152Gr Mason City USBC
890DOUBLES - Standard HcpKehm Theodore Jr \ Matthews Martin A. 4721,152Council Bluffs USBC
892DOUBLES - Standard HcpWellington Kevin G. \ Strothman Scott F. 2621,151Mt Pleasant USBC
892DOUBLES - Standard HcpMorse Wesley J. \ Dietz Chad D. 7371,151Gr Davenport Metro USBC
894DOUBLES - Standard HcpNord Donald W. \ Allen Wendy E. 1251,150Gr Davenport Metro USBC
894DOUBLES - Standard HcpJenkins Dan K. \ Hill Kyle M. 331,150Jasper County USBC
894DOUBLES - Standard HcpBecker Alan C. \ Benn Fred F. 2491,150Dyersville USBC
897DOUBLES - Standard HcpHarrison Rae \ Wisecup Kala 2541,149Fort Dodge Area USBC
898DOUBLES - Standard HcpRandall Mark A. \ Dufoe Alex J. 41,147Cedar Rapids USBC
898DOUBLES - Standard HcpMcDowell Richard D. \ Kuntz Derek E. 5251,147Monticello USBC
898DOUBLES - Standard HcpJones Justin H. \ Heath Robert C. Sr2821,147Greene County USBC
901DOUBLES - Standard HcpSouder Ray A. \ Clements Scott D. 2621,146Mt Pleasant USBC
901DOUBLES - Standard HcpOwens Matthew R. \ Ely Sean T. 1951,146Cedar Rapids USBC
903DOUBLES - Standard HcpEiben Hayo T. \ Nolan Shawn B. 7721,145Monticello USBC
904DOUBLES - Standard HcpSweezer Craig L. \ Bloom Phillip A. 7421,144Mt Pleasant USBC
905DOUBLES - Standard HcpBrown Rick A. \ Kayle Ryan J. 8521,143Gr Cedar Valley USBC
905DOUBLES - Standard HcpLawrence Jonathan D. \ Merrifield Jason J. 5101,143Cedar Rapids USBC
907DOUBLES - Standard HcpWoerdehoff James J. Jr \ Bebout Justin S. 2431,142Gr Davenport Metro USBC
907DOUBLES - Standard HcpNelson Kevin A. \ Lemper Chris D. 8911,142Gr Cedar Valley USBC
907DOUBLES - Standard HcpShoppa Thomas F. \ Shoppa Brady T. 5621,142Muscatine USBC
910DOUBLES - Standard HcpMitchell Thomas E. \ Fisher Benjamin 7401,141Ames Area USBC
910DOUBLES - Standard HcpMatlage Darrell N. \ Matlage Phil L. 1531,141Gr Des Moines USBC
912DOUBLES - Standard HcpBenge Matthew A. \ Collier Archie D. 231,140Cedar Rapids USBC
913DOUBLES - Standard HcpGlawe Rick C. \ Saunders Scott P. 1021,138Cedar Rapids USBC
913DOUBLES - Standard HcpMerrifield Jaron T. \ Miell Bret 5101,138Cedar Rapids USBC
913DOUBLES - Standard HcpRiesberg Eunice L. \ Riesberg Andrew P. 6881,138Grundy Center USBC
913DOUBLES - Standard HcpChick Danny E. Jr. \ Keller Richard J. 5571,138Muscatine USBC
917DOUBLES - Standard HcpRenne Jeremy J. \ Johnson Darwin 3481,137Waukon USBC
918DOUBLES - Standard HcpHellman Eddie C. \ Nash Todd D. 1801,136Belmond USBC
918DOUBLES - Standard HcpKimberley Dillon \ Hamersley Bruce A. 6621,136Gr Des Moines USBC
920DOUBLES - Standard HcpFarley Joshua S. \ Banes Mitchell G. 2601,135Mt Pleasant USBC
920DOUBLES - Standard HcpKelly Mark L. \ Kelly Bruce J. 5971,135Bellevue USBC
922DOUBLES - Standard HcpBrown Rick A. \ Good Donald E. 8091,134Oskaloosa USBC
922DOUBLES - Standard HcpHaas Terrell \ Wilson Blaine 4301,134West Delaware USBC
924DOUBLES - Standard HcpGreve Karl A. \ Greve Jeff A. 7181,133Camanche USBC
924DOUBLES - Standard HcpHammel Lacey \ Hammel Doug C. Jr1231,133Keokuk USBC
926DOUBLES - Standard HcpHudson Paula \ Konz John F. 2311,132Gr Des Moines USBC
927DOUBLES - Standard HcpBrown Matt R. \ Nepple Kevin J. 6251,130Carroll Area USBC
927DOUBLES - Standard HcpLake Kevin R. \ Epperson Brian W. 8161,130Eldora USBC
929DOUBLES - Standard HcpBreashears Tom E. \ Barner Barton S. 4851,129Anamosa USBC
929DOUBLES - Standard HcpLuze Steve P. \ Becker Eric P. 7311,129Gr Davenport Metro USBC
931DOUBLES - Standard HcpDerganz Sara \ Brame Randy L. 3271,128Maquoketa USBC
931DOUBLES - Standard HcpMason Chris M. \ Gragg Christopher D. 2031,128Gr Des Moines USBC
931DOUBLES - Standard HcpMoore Travis A. \ Edgerton Xavier 7231,128Fort Dodge Area USBC
931DOUBLES - Standard HcpSherlock Kevin M. \ Andrews Karl R. 6161,128Greene County USBC
931DOUBLES - Standard HcpPowers Andrew D. \ Meyer Dennis D. 1681,128St Ansgar USBC
936DOUBLES - Standard HcpSpies Justin P. \ Henry Owen W. 4521,127West Union USBC
937DOUBLES - Standard HcpFaux Jody L. \ Mathews Mike M. 4991,126Gr Des Moines USBC
937DOUBLES - Standard HcpSizemore Bob W. \ Wohlleber Alexis 2631,126Mt Pleasant USBC
939DOUBLES - Standard HcpSchmidt Erik D. \ Schriever Chad D. 2931,125Charles City USBC
940DOUBLES - Standard HcpChapman Jeffrey \ Chapman Jacob A. 5011,124Jasper County USBC
941DOUBLES - Standard HcpGrimm Daniel L. \ Grimm Dion T. 2961,122Cedar Rapids USBC
941DOUBLES - Standard HcpRistau Richard J. \ Newby Eric D. 8001,122Forest City USBC
943DOUBLES - Standard HcpDelagardelle Nicole M. \ Delagardelle Blake W.8521,121Gr Cedar Valley USBC
944DOUBLES - Standard HcpJensen Ryan \ Burke Daniel J. 3761,120Gr Mason City USBC
944DOUBLES - Standard HcpLenhart Doug K. \ Frost Dylan 1881,120Gr Des Moines USBC
944DOUBLES - Standard HcpFagan Kyle \ Wessels Mike F. 4361,120West Delaware USBC
947DOUBLES - Standard HcpBrindle Jerry A. \ Holden Jon M. 8101,119Ames Area USBC
947DOUBLES - Standard HcpNaber Randy \ Carpenter Rick D. 5581,119Muscatine USBC
949DOUBLES - Standard HcpDew Robert C. Jr \ Newman Candace A. 8681,118Gr Cedar Valley USBC
949DOUBLES - Standard HcpErnzen Dan C. \ Hoffmann Gary D. 3811,118Dubuque Area USBC
951DOUBLES - Standard HcpChatfield Melinda M. \ Fortin William L. 2571,117Mt Pleasant USBC
952DOUBLES - Standard HcpAdams Kris J. \ Darrah Josh M. 1241,116Ames Area USBC
953DOUBLES - Standard HcpGriffiths Edward J. \ Brem Stephanie 2671,113Mt Pleasant USBC
953DOUBLES - Standard HcpOswald Paul J. \ Oswald Josh J. 8811,113Monticello USBC
953DOUBLES - Standard HcpLarsen Todd J. \ Benson Tharin M. 3461,113Waukon USBC
956DOUBLES - Standard HcpCaffrey Daniel R. \ Mitchell Jerry 2941,111Charles City USBC
957DOUBLES - Standard HcpAhmann Robert J. \ Michels Dennis J. 7631,109Bellevue USBC
957DOUBLES - Standard HcpStanton Kenneth R. \ Lawrence Robert E. 5251,109Monticello USBC
957DOUBLES - Standard HcpWright Antonio \ Wright Dave L. Jr4301,109West Delaware USBC
960DOUBLES - Standard HcpStepanek Trent D. \ Barron Art P. 2781,105Cedar Rapids USBC
960DOUBLES - Standard HcpLane Robert M. \ Smith Garrett 601,105Cedar Rapids USBC
962DOUBLES - Standard HcpWeirup Christopher L. \ Weirup Randy L. 3341,100Maquoketa USBC
963DOUBLES - Standard HcpEgan Bradley M. \ Christie Dennis J. 7621,099Gr Des Moines USBC
964DOUBLES - Standard HcpHouts Brett A. \ Ahmann Tom J. 3001,094Cedar Rapids USBC
964DOUBLES - Standard HcpCarpenter Casey F. \ Carpenter Ricky J. 5581,094Muscatine USBC
966DOUBLES - Standard HcpMueller Jeffrey P. \ Medinger Chris J. 5971,093Bellevue USBC
966DOUBLES - Standard HcpMiculinich Jordan L. \ Nguyen Joshua J. 8391,093Gr Cedar Valley USBC
968DOUBLES - Standard HcpShurtz Jeff D. \ Bishop Jonny 7811,091Cedar Rapids USBC
968DOUBLES - Standard HcpMcLaughlin Casey M. \ Carr Tony A. 3351,091Maquoketa USBC
970DOUBLES - Standard HcpMcCarville Jason C. \ Starr Johanas L. 6371,089Cedar Rapids USBC
971DOUBLES - Standard HcpCheville Steven E. \ Eppens Michael D. 1331,088Gr Mason City USBC
972DOUBLES - Standard HcpGrasso Ashley R. \ Rausch Ryan N. 8391,087Gr Cedar Valley USBC
973DOUBLES - Standard HcpLessard John R. \ Zeeryp Randy R. 2001,086Camanche USBC
974DOUBLES - Standard HcpBemiss Kevin \ Gumm Kennon W. 4581,084West Union USBC
974DOUBLES - Standard HcpSommerfelt Matt J. \ Kirchhoff Kyle M. 4061,084Tripoli USBC
976DOUBLES - Standard HcpLustig Tom A. \ Sorenson Douglas J. 5291,083Gr Mason City USBC
977DOUBLES - Standard HcpWeimerskirk Todd A. \ Manders Jason J. 6411,081Bellevue USBC
978DOUBLES - Standard HcpConnolly Matt J. \ Pillard Scott A. 7831,078Dubuque Area USBC
978DOUBLES - Standard HcpFoxen Andy \ Recker Terry J. 2491,078Dyersville USBC
980DOUBLES - Standard HcpBeswick John P. \ Dornbush Brian R. 481,068Clinton USBC
981DOUBLES - Standard HcpFowler Wendy R. \ Droessler Scott O. 7841,067Iowa City USBC
982DOUBLES - Standard HcpHorton Justin T. \ Lovett Dustin J. 2741,060Corydon USBC
983DOUBLES - Standard HcpZobrist Alan W. \ Andersen George (Andy) K. 1331,059Gr Mason City USBC
984DOUBLES - Standard HcpCasillas Jerri R. \ Pals Bruce R. 8851,058Gr Cedar Valley USBC
984DOUBLES - Standard HcpSchmitt Marvin \ VanHorn Rob W. 4581,058West Union USBC
986DOUBLES - Standard HcpHayes Chad M. \ Garien Tyler R. 3361,052Maquoketa USBC
987DOUBLES - Standard HcpSlaughter Harry F. \ Morgan Pat W. 7141,049Council Bluffs USBC
988DOUBLES - Standard HcpMays Scott A. \ Stern Scott M. 4981,043Gr Des Moines USBC
989DOUBLES - Standard HcpBlum Rodger V. \ Henderson Anthony N. 4861,041Anamosa USBC
990DOUBLES - Standard HcpHowe Aarin W. \ Schimunek Aaron R. 1241,039Ames Area USBC
990DOUBLES - Standard HcpBenge Marilyn M. \ Fulton Jacob J. 231,039Cedar Rapids USBC
992DOUBLES - Standard HcpBrink Nick G. \ Brink Tasha R. 3401,032Waukon USBC
993DOUBLES - Standard HcpTucek Tyler D. \ Geurink Luke A. 5671,021Muscatine USBC
994DOUBLES - Standard HcpReese Darin W. \ Burge Keaton J. 111,015Anamosa USBC
995DOUBLES - Standard HcpGrant Mike D. \ Johnson Adan E. 5301,009Gr Des Moines USBC
996DOUBLES - Standard HcpForcht Cory L. \ Forcht Andrew S. 158979Stuart USBC
996DOUBLES - Standard HcpEtherington Nathan D. \ Miller Michael 825979Boone County USBC
998DOUBLES - Standard HcpMartin Loren C. \ Wolmutt Steven 770965Anamosa USBC
999DOUBLES - Standard HcpBaumler Allan C. \ Klaren Matt M. 251960Dyersville USBC
1000DOUBLES - Standard HcpHendricks Dean \ Hendricks Peggy 442127Oelwein USBC
1SINGLES - Open ScratchFreyermuth Tyson L. 642824Muscatine USBC
2SINGLES - Open ScratchWagoner Dennis P. 303813Muscatine USBC
2SINGLES - Open ScratchJosephson Dan D. 309813Gr Des Moines USBC
4SINGLES - Open ScratchSeaba John J. 447805Iowa City USBC
5SINGLES - Open ScratchHarford Roger L. Jr649802Cedar Rapids USBC
6SINGLES - Open ScratchClark Kyle A. 735798Oskaloosa USBC
7SINGLES - Open ScratchSalter Brett D. 325792Marshalltown Area USBC
7SINGLES - Open ScratchSharp Jimmy L. 540792Marshalltown Area USBC
9SINGLES - Open ScratchHarrison Dustin 5791Cedar Rapids USBC
10SINGLES - Open ScratchMettee Bill 93784Gr Des Moines USBC
10SINGLES - Open ScratchMason Brad J. 203784Gr Des Moines USBC
12SINGLES - Open ScratchJohnson B Jay 528782Gr Mason City USBC
13SINGLES - Open ScratchMorse Adam D. 813781Ames Area USBC
13SINGLES - Open ScratchHampe Rick M. 635781Gr Des Moines USBC
15SINGLES - Open ScratchYaw Michael E. 208780Gr Des Moines USBC
15SINGLES - Open ScratchScheffert Kevin T. 726780Dubuque Area USBC
17SINGLES - Open ScratchHoward Jim M. 853774Gr Cedar Valley USBC
18SINGLES - Open ScratchBreitbach Steve J. Jr461772Dubuque Area USBC
19SINGLES - Open ScratchLeuenberger Ken L. 401771Gr Mason City USBC
20SINGLES - Open ScratchHarwood Richard (Buddy) E. 50770Gr Des Moines USBC
20SINGLES - Open ScratchHarris Daniel J. 108770Cedar Rapids USBC
22SINGLES - Open ScratchGifford Dan T. 305768Cedar Rapids USBC
23SINGLES - Open ScratchCarriere Phillip A. 317764Gr Des Moines USBC
24SINGLES - Open ScratchWhite Cody A. 766763Ames Area USBC
25SINGLES - Open ScratchBarry Don J. Jr163761Council Bluffs USBC
25SINGLES - Open ScratchRoseman Joseph M. 716761Gr Davenport Metro USBC
27SINGLES - Open ScratchRiley Shawn T. 96759Gr Des Moines USBC
27SINGLES - Open ScratchOrtiz Alex J. 705759Gr Des Moines USBC
27SINGLES - Open ScratchFane Chad S. 366759Gr Des Moines USBC
27SINGLES - Open ScratchGronowski Rich Jr846759Gr Cedar Valley USBC
27SINGLES - Open ScratchDammann Doug R. 897759Dubuque Area USBC
32SINGLES - Open ScratchSherwood David A. 375757Gr Mason City USBC
32SINGLES - Open ScratchHolder Raymond W. 159757Council Bluffs USBC
34SINGLES - Open ScratchSpencer David E. 179755Belmond USBC
35SINGLES - Open ScratchBalzer Max K. 129753Gr Siouxland USBC
35SINGLES - Open ScratchJerome Brandon D. 797753Gr Des Moines USBC
37SINGLES - Open ScratchReseland Mark A. 96752Gr Des Moines USBC
37SINGLES - Open ScratchHess Derek A. 633752Gr Des Moines USBC
37SINGLES - Open ScratchSchwiesow Cory L. 24752Council Bluffs USBC
40SINGLES - Open ScratchSpaur Justin D. 96751Gr Des Moines USBC
40SINGLES - Open ScratchGarmon Troy D. 554751Muscatine USBC
42SINGLES - Open ScratchHubka Daniel W. 20750Gr Mason City USBC
42SINGLES - Open ScratchRobinson Michael J. 61750Cedar Rapids USBC
44SINGLES - Open ScratchWink Eric D. 11749Anamosa USBC
44SINGLES - Open ScratchHuseboe James M. 325749Marshalltown Area USBC
46SINGLES - Open ScratchKohl Heath R. 904748Dubuque Area USBC
46SINGLES - Open ScratchVonderLieth Korey C. 38748Gr Siouxland USBC
46SINGLES - Open ScratchSmith Eric J. 858748Gr Cedar Valley USBC
49SINGLES - Open ScratchGlick R. Allen 136747Ames Area USBC
49SINGLES - Open ScratchSmith Nathan A. 159747Council Bluffs USBC
51SINGLES - Open ScratchJack Douglas K. 110746Iowa City USBC
51SINGLES - Open ScratchAllen Bradley G. 126746Gr Davenport Metro USBC
53SINGLES - Open ScratchJones Larves R. Jr886745Gr Cedar Valley USBC
53SINGLES - Open ScratchBedard Jacob H. 854745Gr Cedar Valley USBC
55SINGLES - Open ScratchTevis Shawn K. 521744Independence USBC
55SINGLES - Open ScratchPiere Matt J. 447744Iowa City USBC
57SINGLES - Open ScratchCrawford Craig A. 306743Gr Davenport Metro USBC
58SINGLES - Open ScratchPenne Mark E. 890742Gr Cedar Valley USBC
58SINGLES - Open ScratchHahn Beau P. 564742Muscatine USBC
58SINGLES - Open ScratchMerkes Jason M. 387742Dubuque Area USBC
61SINGLES - Open ScratchLobdell Brett A. 174741Gr Mason City USBC
61SINGLES - Open ScratchHouseman Donald E. 736741Gr Davenport Metro USBC
61SINGLES - Open ScratchPorter Austin L. 648741Cedar Rapids USBC
61SINGLES - Open ScratchSwanson Greg L. 69741Fort Dodge Area USBC
65SINGLES - Open ScratchTucker Drew D. 704740Gr Des Moines USBC
66SINGLES - Open ScratchBieri Tabitha M. 555739Muscatine USBC
67SINGLES - Open ScratchStalkfleet Damon L. 895738Muscatine USBC
67SINGLES - Open ScratchGoodman Isaac P. 811738Ames Area USBC
67SINGLES - Open ScratchBreen Brian P. 461738Dubuque Area USBC
70SINGLES - Open ScratchBreitsprecker Nathan J. 853737Gr Cedar Valley USBC
70SINGLES - Open ScratchSaehler Daniel J. 450737Iowa City USBC
70SINGLES - Open ScratchElam Derek J. 271737Gr Davenport Metro USBC
73SINGLES - Open ScratchKaestner Kyle L. 489736Burlington Area USBC
73SINGLES - Open ScratchClark Tristan M. 329736Maquoketa USBC
73SINGLES - Open ScratchWayman Jason R. 159736Council Bluffs USBC
73SINGLES - Open ScratchSpear Gregg R. 135736Ames Area USBC
77SINGLES - Open ScratchBegley Andrew J. 745735Cedar Rapids USBC
77SINGLES - Open ScratchMelton Jonathan D. 238735Camanche USBC
79SINGLES - Open ScratchDodson Cliff L. 52733Keokuk USBC
79SINGLES - Open ScratchNoble Anthony Q. 451733Iowa City USBC
79SINGLES - Open ScratchCheville Steven E. 133733Gr Mason City USBC
79SINGLES - Open ScratchMeyer Andrew J. 887733Gr Cedar Valley USBC
83SINGLES - Open ScratchEdmunds Troy S. 718732Camanche USBC
84SINGLES - Open ScratchKelly Michaela M. 271731Gr Davenport Metro USBC
85SINGLES - Open ScratchAult Dustin 80730Burlington Area USBC
85SINGLES - Open ScratchKepler Josh W. 146730Cedar Rapids USBC
85SINGLES - Open ScratchCruse Russ Jr95730Gr Des Moines USBC
85SINGLES - Open ScratchAkin Ethan 'Adam' A. 883730Gr Cedar Valley USBC
85SINGLES - Open ScratchMackey Randy L. Jr387730Dubuque Area USBC
90SINGLES - Open ScratchBreitbach Shawn J. 462729Dubuque Area USBC
90SINGLES - Open ScratchCaldwell Blaine C. 56729Ottumwa Area USBC
92SINGLES - Open ScratchKayle Ryan J. 852728Gr Cedar Valley USBC
92SINGLES - Open ScratchFuller Troy A. 855728Gr Cedar Valley USBC
94SINGLES - Open ScratchReseland Alec D. 187727Gr Des Moines USBC
94SINGLES - Open ScratchPeck Thomas R. 663727Gr Des Moines USBC
96SINGLES - Open ScratchWinker Arthur C. 890726Gr Cedar Valley USBC
97SINGLES - Open ScratchDornbush Andrew C. 49725Clinton USBC
97SINGLES - Open ScratchRyan Joe M. 461725Dubuque Area USBC
97SINGLES - Open ScratchCottrell Ben J. 467725Dubuque Area USBC
100SINGLES - Open ScratchKrack Andrew J. 626724Gr Davenport Metro USBC
100SINGLES - Open ScratchYeisley Andrew J. 280724Cedar Rapids USBC
100SINGLES - Open ScratchWolff Kevin M. 447724Iowa City USBC
100SINGLES - Open ScratchBush Scott R. 884724Gr Cedar Valley USBC
100SINGLES - Open ScratchTrees Justin M. 173724Gr Mason City USBC
105SINGLES - Open ScratchMoore Andy J. 347723Waukon USBC
105SINGLES - Open ScratchPetersen Mark D. 81723Gr Davenport Metro USBC
105SINGLES - Open ScratchHedrick Colton L. 726723Dubuque Area USBC
105SINGLES - Open ScratchHogan Greg 696723Keokuk USBC
109SINGLES - Open ScratchGarringer Tavis 138722Cedar Rapids USBC
109SINGLES - Open ScratchBrink Tasha R. 340722Waukon USBC
111SINGLES - Open ScratchShaw John P. 710721Gr Des Moines USBC
111SINGLES - Open ScratchLanning Zachary M. 329721Maquoketa USBC
111SINGLES - Open ScratchSteen Brandon L. 854721Gr Cedar Valley USBC
111SINGLES - Open ScratchLangholdt Josh S. 583721Manning USBC
111SINGLES - Open ScratchLake Tim 885721Gr Cedar Valley USBC
111SINGLES - Open ScratchWeber Michael J. 871721Gr Cedar Valley USBC
111SINGLES - Open ScratchWatters Chris L. 652721Dubuque Area USBC
118SINGLES - Open ScratchCalkins Kenneth G. III93720Gr Des Moines USBC
118SINGLES - Open ScratchTill Riley J. 640720Bellevue USBC
120SINGLES - Open ScratchHolliday Rodney A. 318719Gr Des Moines USBC
120SINGLES - Open ScratchKucera Dave K. 710719Gr Des Moines USBC
120SINGLES - Open ScratchKohrs Tim L. 286719Cedar Rapids USBC
120SINGLES - Open ScratchWilson Ryan C. 883719Gr Cedar Valley USBC
124SINGLES - Open ScratchEckstein Joe J. 307718Gr Des Moines USBC
124SINGLES - Open ScratchDicks Dennis M. 710718Gr Des Moines USBC
124SINGLES - Open ScratchEwalt Dacoda J. 656718Gr Des Moines USBC
124SINGLES - Open ScratchBowers Bryan W. 209718Gr Des Moines USBC
124SINGLES - Open ScratchTometz Anthony M. 421718Iowa City USBC
129SINGLES - Open ScratchRollins Bruce G. 722717Fort Dodge Area USBC
129SINGLES - Open ScratchTaylor Roger T. Jr93717Gr Des Moines USBC
129SINGLES - Open ScratchHeath Robert C. Sr282717Greene County USBC
129SINGLES - Open ScratchSchopper Alan J. 856717Gr Cedar Valley USBC
129SINGLES - Open ScratchWentz Larry C. 373717Gr Mason City USBC
129SINGLES - Open ScratchKlein Kody M. 469717Dubuque Area USBC
129SINGLES - Open ScratchPregler Joe R. 67717Dubuque Area USBC
129SINGLES - Open ScratchWerthmann Spencer A. 326717Marshalltown Area USBC
137SINGLES - Open ScratchSommerfelt Mark A. 401716Gr Mason City USBC
137SINGLES - Open ScratchAlleman Rob M. 597716Bellevue USBC
137SINGLES - Open ScratchLogsdon Alex J. 84716Cedar Rapids USBC
137SINGLES - Open ScratchHall Zachary T. 580716Independence USBC
137SINGLES - Open ScratchDelano Skylar A. 737716Gr Davenport Metro USBC
142SINGLES - Open ScratchTegtmeier Seth M. 649715Cedar Rapids USBC
142SINGLES - Open ScratchBruce Jerry R. 822715Cedar Rapids USBC
142SINGLES - Open ScratchJasper Gerald D. 24715Council Bluffs USBC
142SINGLES - Open ScratchAnderson Joshua A. 643715Muscatine USBC
142SINGLES - Open ScratchSweeney James P. 389715Dubuque Area USBC
147SINGLES - Open ScratchGross Adam J. 463714Dubuque Area USBC
147SINGLES - Open ScratchArnold Aaron J. 151714Cedar Rapids USBC
147SINGLES - Open ScratchDippel Sean C. 277714Cedar Rapids USBC
150SINGLES - Open ScratchRobertson Martin R. 667713Cedar Rapids USBC
150SINGLES - Open ScratchNolte Olivia 836713Gr Des Moines USBC
152SINGLES - Open ScratchEmery Austin J. 136712Ames Area USBC
152SINGLES - Open ScratchSchuhmacher Nathan L. 886712Gr Cedar Valley USBC
154SINGLES - Open ScratchWalker Kevin S. 873711Gr Cedar Valley USBC
154SINGLES - Open ScratchSelken Wayne W. 745711Cedar Rapids USBC
154SINGLES - Open ScratchBruce Quincy R. 822711Cedar Rapids USBC
154SINGLES - Open ScratchRauen Bill J. 381711Dubuque Area USBC
158SINGLES - Open ScratchPierce Daniel D. 699710Cedar Rapids USBC
158SINGLES - Open ScratchPetersen Jeremy J. 81710Gr Davenport Metro USBC
158SINGLES - Open ScratchQuakenbush Mike A. Jr471710Council Bluffs USBC
161SINGLES - Open ScratchBurton Robert 803709Fort Dodge Area USBC
161SINGLES - Open ScratchKetels Jeffery L. 883709Gr Cedar Valley USBC
163SINGLES - Open ScratchJorgensen Randy L. 480708Gr Siouxland USBC
163SINGLES - Open ScratchSchneiders Stephen F. 838708Gr Cedar Valley USBC
163SINGLES - Open ScratchBevelacqua Joseph M. 271708Gr Davenport Metro USBC
163SINGLES - Open ScratchKies Nick K. 339708Maquoketa USBC
163SINGLES - Open ScratchTschantz Steven J. 286708Cedar Rapids USBC
163SINGLES - Open ScratchFisher Jason L. 198708Marshalltown Area USBC
169SINGLES - Open ScratchHosch Jason L. 330707Maquoketa USBC
169SINGLES - Open ScratchDerganz Sara 327707Maquoketa USBC
169SINGLES - Open ScratchRausch Jeffrey L. 626707Gr Davenport Metro USBC
169SINGLES - Open ScratchChirpich Angela L. 209707Gr Des Moines USBC
169SINGLES - Open ScratchStrothman Scott F. 262707Mt Pleasant USBC
174SINGLES - Open ScratchStephens Bobbie J. 704706Gr Des Moines USBC
174SINGLES - Open ScratchBrink Darrold 341706Waukon USBC
174SINGLES - Open ScratchRoth Chris A. 420706Cedar Rapids USBC
177SINGLES - Open ScratchDominacki Robert J. 626705Gr Davenport Metro USBC
177SINGLES - Open ScratchBrandau Cody M. 174705Gr Mason City USBC
179SINGLES - Open ScratchSander Seth H. 644704Muscatine USBC
179SINGLES - Open ScratchReha Bruce A. 44704Stuart USBC
179SINGLES - Open ScratchNielsen Michael J. Jr77704Burlington Area USBC
179SINGLES - Open ScratchGreen Kevin J. 206704Gr Des Moines USBC
183SINGLES - Open ScratchStrouth Jeffrey A. 270703Gr Davenport Metro USBC
183SINGLES - Open ScratchNewman Billy C. 415703Gr Davenport Metro USBC
183SINGLES - Open ScratchTippett Bryan A. 137703Cedar Rapids USBC
183SINGLES - Open ScratchPeterson Jason M. 854703Gr Cedar Valley USBC
187SINGLES - Open ScratchHystad Matthew 843702Gr Cedar Valley USBC
187SINGLES - Open ScratchSchlueter Jeff A. 648702Cedar Rapids USBC
187SINGLES - Open ScratchHealy Daniel G. 744702Cedar Rapids USBC
187SINGLES - Open ScratchStark Shane A. 434702West Delaware USBC
191SINGLES - Open ScratchRude Cory J. 432701West Delaware USBC
191SINGLES - Open ScratchWhite Brian M. 461701Dubuque Area USBC
191SINGLES - Open ScratchPeacock Daniel J. 460701West Union USBC
191SINGLES - Open ScratchMcKee Joey M. 20701Gr Mason City USBC
195SINGLES - Open ScratchNovak Chad J. 376700Gr Mason City USBC
195SINGLES - Open ScratchOltmann Chad 733700Cedar Rapids USBC
195SINGLES - Open ScratchVogt Chris J. 196700Cedar Rapids USBC
195SINGLES - Open ScratchHaring Matt L. 350700Camanche USBC
199SINGLES - Open ScratchScott Chris D. 732699Cedar Rapids USBC
199SINGLES - Open ScratchDonner Joel A. 412699Cedar Rapids USBC
199SINGLES - Open ScratchStewart Justin 241699De Witt USBC
199SINGLES - Open ScratchThomas Chip 811699Ames Area USBC
199SINGLES - Open ScratchBeschorner Zachary J. 854699Gr Cedar Valley USBC
204SINGLES - Open ScratchKrull Kurt A. 855698Gr Cedar Valley USBC
204SINGLES - Open ScratchWoodford John F. 615698Greene County USBC
204SINGLES - Open ScratchGerleman Brent J. 174698Gr Mason City USBC
204SINGLES - Open ScratchTackett Zachery P. 306698Gr Davenport Metro USBC
204SINGLES - Open ScratchMccann Jeff E. 744698Cedar Rapids USBC
204SINGLES - Open ScratchBreemeersch Jeff 277698Cedar Rapids USBC
204SINGLES - Open ScratchOder Troy C. 91698Gr Des Moines USBC
204SINGLES - Open ScratchCarpenter Daniel J. 632698Gr Des Moines USBC
204SINGLES - Open ScratchAdam Eric D. 722698Fort Dodge Area USBC
204SINGLES - Open ScratchSkoda Todd M. 601698New Hampton USBC
214SINGLES - Open ScratchDeutmeyer Cory S. 246697Dyersville USBC
214SINGLES - Open ScratchRuiz Eddie W. 350697Camanche USBC
214SINGLES - Open ScratchNadermann Mark M. 382697Dubuque Area USBC
214SINGLES - Open ScratchBell Tracy J. 286697Cedar Rapids USBC
214SINGLES - Open ScratchHansel Tanner J. 37697Gr Siouxland USBC
214SINGLES - Open ScratchShannon Pat D. 866697Gr Cedar Valley USBC
214SINGLES - Open ScratchShaw Michael G. 425697Osage USBC
221SINGLES - Open ScratchCrooks Darin L. 16696Charles City USBC
221SINGLES - Open ScratchRoss Kaleb L. 294696Charles City USBC
221SINGLES - Open ScratchPeverill Joshua A. 851696Gr Cedar Valley USBC
221SINGLES - Open ScratchErickson Daryl A. 373696Gr Mason City USBC
221SINGLES - Open ScratchMcGaffic Jason C. 409696Cedar Rapids USBC
221SINGLES - Open ScratchUtley Dustin T. 61696Cedar Rapids USBC
221SINGLES - Open ScratchLundeen Michael J. 76696Burlington Area USBC
221SINGLES - Open ScratchWolfe Jody L. 622696Gr Des Moines USBC
229SINGLES - Open ScratchFelton Ryan J. 662695Gr Des Moines USBC
229SINGLES - Open ScratchCarlson Gary R. 188695Gr Des Moines USBC
229SINGLES - Open ScratchKorth David L. 606695Gr Davenport Metro USBC
229SINGLES - Open ScratchKnipper Larry D. 389695Dubuque Area USBC
229SINGLES - Open ScratchNuss Levi 440695Oelwein USBC
234SINGLES - Open ScratchNovak Josh 603694New Hampton USBC
234SINGLES - Open ScratchMckeever Jace A. 326694Marshalltown Area USBC
234SINGLES - Open ScratchWeggen Matt L. 716694Gr Davenport Metro USBC
234SINGLES - Open ScratchHarford Dennis E. 125694Gr Davenport Metro USBC
234SINGLES - Open ScratchHullinger Shawn L. 901694Cedar Rapids USBC
234SINGLES - Open ScratchClair Dustin L. 409694Cedar Rapids USBC
234SINGLES - Open ScratchRose Lynn A. 346694Waukon USBC
241SINGLES - Open ScratchKurseth Dennis R. 194693Cedar Rapids USBC
241SINGLES - Open ScratchBall Tyler P. 503693Gr Mason City USBC
241SINGLES - Open ScratchDobson Chad V. 740693Ames Area USBC
241SINGLES - Open ScratchFlake Adam J. 266693Mt Pleasant USBC
241SINGLES - Open ScratchWerthmann, Jr. Robert A. 326693Marshalltown Area USBC
241SINGLES - Open ScratchSchueller Tim J. 600693New Hampton USBC
247SINGLES - Open ScratchCole Clayton A. 64692Dubuque Area USBC
247SINGLES - Open ScratchMyers Nick E. 766692Ames Area USBC
247SINGLES - Open ScratchEly Jordan L. 6692Iowa City USBC
247SINGLES - Open ScratchRios Justin J. 785692Iowa City USBC
247SINGLES - Open ScratchTaylor Scott A. 95692Gr Des Moines USBC
252SINGLES - Open ScratchOwens J. Neil 360691Gr Des Moines USBC
252SINGLES - Open ScratchHildreth Tyler E. 189691Fort Dodge Area USBC
252SINGLES - Open ScratchGardner Alan C. II476691Council Bluffs USBC
252SINGLES - Open ScratchWeber Zach R. 734691Cedar Rapids USBC
256SINGLES - Open ScratchLebeck Ricky E. 422690Iowa City USBC
256SINGLES - Open ScratchHanson Nick J. 865690Gr Cedar Valley USBC
256SINGLES - Open ScratchStansbury Jake R. 326690Marshalltown Area USBC
256SINGLES - Open ScratchPuffett Jeff 623690Carroll Area USBC
256SINGLES - Open ScratchHouzenga Scott W. 352690Camanche USBC
256SINGLES - Open ScratchGronner Lloyd A. 638690Dubuque Area USBC
262SINGLES - Open ScratchGile Cory 350689Camanche USBC
262SINGLES - Open ScratchAshley Jason R. 317689Gr Des Moines USBC
262SINGLES - Open ScratchArnold Damien C. 806689Cedar Rapids USBC
265SINGLES - Open ScratchPrescott Jarad W. 41688Ames Area USBC
265SINGLES - Open ScratchBates Richard B. 174688Gr Mason City USBC
265SINGLES - Open ScratchSkerik Bruce D. 874688Gr Cedar Valley USBC
265SINGLES - Open ScratchWachs Matt W. 645688Muscatine USBC
269SINGLES - Open ScratchEngelkes Greg 855687Gr Cedar Valley USBC
269SINGLES - Open ScratchTyrrel David E. 532687Manning USBC
269SINGLES - Open ScratchRains Scott B. 716687Gr Davenport Metro USBC
269SINGLES - Open ScratchBreeden Don J. 710687Gr Des Moines USBC
269SINGLES - Open ScratchBirkey Mark E. 472687Council Bluffs USBC
274SINGLES - Open ScratchRios Kalen J. 785686Iowa City USBC
274SINGLES - Open ScratchYoung Brett 739686Cedar Rapids USBC
274SINGLES - Open ScratchMitts Marcus D. 61686Cedar Rapids USBC
274SINGLES - Open ScratchCrouse Lowell D. 41686Ames Area USBC
274SINGLES - Open ScratchOlson Greg M. 795686Ames Area USBC
274SINGLES - Open ScratchCalcott Charles (Chip) J. III834686Muscatine USBC
274SINGLES - Open ScratchWulff Dylan T. 304686Muscatine USBC
274SINGLES - Open ScratchLanfier Gary W. Jr321686Marshalltown Area USBC
282SINGLES - Open ScratchMarquart Dennis J. 890685Gr Cedar Valley USBC
282SINGLES - Open ScratchBorkowski Brad J. 534685Manning USBC
282SINGLES - Open ScratchSagers Adam J. 335685Maquoketa USBC
282SINGLES - Open ScratchMorris Nicholas A. 164685Council Bluffs USBC
286SINGLES - Open ScratchSmith Dustin W. 57684Ottumwa Area USBC
286SINGLES - Open ScratchBills Ronald L. 455684West Union USBC
286SINGLES - Open ScratchLandry Steven D. 854684Gr Cedar Valley USBC
286SINGLES - Open ScratchGreenley Grant T. 643684Muscatine USBC
286SINGLES - Open ScratchThomsen Kenneth R. 321684Marshalltown Area USBC
286SINGLES - Open ScratchNinneman Gene A. 759684Dubuque Area USBC
292SINGLES - Open ScratchKohl Tyler J. 520683Dubuque Area USBC
292SINGLES - Open ScratchLink Kevin W. 766683Ames Area USBC
292SINGLES - Open ScratchRusch Tim R. 789683Cedar Rapids USBC
292SINGLES - Open ScratchPrucha Zach J. 286683Cedar Rapids USBC
292SINGLES - Open ScratchStark Kendall R. 784683Iowa City USBC
297SINGLES - Open ScratchMcDonald Philip L. 415682Gr Davenport Metro USBC
298SINGLES - Open ScratchChamberlain Tyler J. 309681Gr Des Moines USBC
298SINGLES - Open ScratchLenth Nick L. 843681Gr Cedar Valley USBC
300SINGLES - Open ScratchRockwell Lance L. 811680Ames Area USBC
300SINGLES - Open ScratchTrotter Brandon C. 635680Gr Des Moines USBC
300SINGLES - Open ScratchCarder Tyler A. 632680Gr Des Moines USBC
300SINGLES - Open ScratchWolter Tim R. 722680Fort Dodge Area USBC
300SINGLES - Open ScratchBrashaw Robert Jr48680Clinton USBC
300SINGLES - Open ScratchCross Lance M. 701680Cedar Rapids USBC
300SINGLES - Open ScratchJipson Brad 435680West Delaware USBC
307SINGLES - Open ScratchPogar Tye C. 326679Marshalltown Area USBC
307SINGLES - Open ScratchHudson Zach A. 819679Camanche USBC
307SINGLES - Open ScratchCain Zach J. 271679Gr Davenport Metro USBC
307SINGLES - Open ScratchKrager Jeffrey A. 716679Gr Davenport Metro USBC
311SINGLES - Open ScratchGreen Bradley C. 596678Gr Davenport Metro USBC
311SINGLES - Open ScratchWille Shawn M. 411678Cedar Rapids USBC
311SINGLES - Open ScratchSmith Russell D. 806678Cedar Rapids USBC
311SINGLES - Open ScratchBacon Marvin A. Jr256678Fort Dodge Area USBC
311SINGLES - Open ScratchSmith Jay J. 639678Bellevue USBC
311SINGLES - Open ScratchKostric Aleksander 495678Sigourney USBC
311SINGLES - Open ScratchMccalley Collin R. 841678Gr Cedar Valley USBC
318SINGLES - Open ScratchBurroughs Jeff S. 303677Muscatine USBC
318SINGLES - Open ScratchMoore Jeff E. 282677Greene County USBC
318SINGLES - Open ScratchBushore Cindi K. 620677Ames Area USBC
318SINGLES - Open ScratchMcConaughy Matthew D. 377677Gr Mason City USBC
318SINGLES - Open ScratchFarley Charles 319677Iowa City USBC
318SINGLES - Open ScratchPalmer Austin L. 70677Ottumwa Area USBC
318SINGLES - Open ScratchHabel Stephen W. 467677Dubuque Area USBC
325SINGLES - Open ScratchOlberding Derek J. 389676Dubuque Area USBC
325SINGLES - Open ScratchSchoettmer Jordan A. 412676Cedar Rapids USBC
325SINGLES - Open ScratchStarmer Jonah S. 309676Gr Des Moines USBC
325SINGLES - Open ScratchAmes Mike R. 528676Gr Mason City USBC
325SINGLES - Open ScratchStump Jay J. 174676Gr Mason City USBC
325SINGLES - Open ScratchKnapp Travis M. 174676Gr Mason City USBC
331SINGLES - Open ScratchHahn Brock W. 564675Muscatine USBC
331SINGLES - Open ScratchRush Doug M. 37675Gr Siouxland USBC
331SINGLES - Open ScratchMachacek Rodney J. 710675Gr Des Moines USBC
331SINGLES - Open ScratchClarkson Travis E. 685675Gr Des Moines USBC
331SINGLES - Open ScratchWolter Chris L. 722675Fort Dodge Area USBC
331SINGLES - Open ScratchRuby Chad S. 310675Gr Des Moines USBC
331SINGLES - Open ScratchWebel Jim L. 472675Council Bluffs USBC
331SINGLES - Open ScratchLiddle Terry J. 86675Cedar Rapids USBC
339SINGLES - Open ScratchWerning Vaughn J. 189674Fort Dodge Area USBC
339SINGLES - Open ScratchGraplar Dereck R. 552674Spencer USBC
339SINGLES - Open ScratchWinner Chris J. 900674Dubuque Area USBC
339SINGLES - Open ScratchBolibaugh Russell P. 650674Dubuque Area USBC
343SINGLES - Open ScratchBiver John F. 465673Dubuque Area USBC
343SINGLES - Open ScratchStephens Jody J. 704673Gr Des Moines USBC
343SINGLES - Open ScratchBrice Alex M. 744673Cedar Rapids USBC
346SINGLES - Open ScratchMcMorran Robert J. 119672Iowa City USBC
346SINGLES - Open ScratchAdams Erik W. 556672Muscatine USBC
346SINGLES - Open ScratchCrawford Lorn R. 895672Muscatine USBC
346SINGLES - Open ScratchSchaefer Shane A. 238672Camanche USBC
350SINGLES - Open ScratchSteffen David J. 601671New Hampton USBC
350SINGLES - Open ScratchSchultz Curtis E. 650671Dubuque Area USBC
350SINGLES - Open ScratchBrockney Tyler J. 16671Charles City USBC
350SINGLES - Open ScratchBlessing Light Trevor E. 187671Gr Des Moines USBC
350SINGLES - Open ScratchGarcia Marcus R. 80671Burlington Area USBC
355SINGLES - Open ScratchBudzyn Charles J. 214670Burlington Area USBC
355SINGLES - Open ScratchFox Thomas C. 699670Cedar Rapids USBC
355SINGLES - Open ScratchStrasser Adam J. 151670Cedar Rapids USBC
355SINGLES - Open ScratchShaw Michael F. 119670Iowa City USBC
355SINGLES - Open ScratchHenkle Anthony E. 851670Gr Cedar Valley USBC
355SINGLES - Open ScratchOlberding Dan J. 389670Dubuque Area USBC
361SINGLES - Open ScratchBroadwell Jesse 696669Keokuk USBC
361SINGLES - Open ScratchRissi Connor J. 840669Gr Cedar Valley USBC
361SINGLES - Open ScratchHein Darin N. 421669Iowa City USBC
361SINGLES - Open ScratchSheffield Stefan L. 277669Cedar Rapids USBC
361SINGLES - Open ScratchWaugh Dalton 328669Maquoketa USBC
366SINGLES - Open ScratchWeir Matthew R. 17668Charles City USBC
367SINGLES - Open ScratchHolman Scott T. 848667Gr Cedar Valley USBC
367SINGLES - Open ScratchChapman Tyler J. 555667Muscatine USBC
367SINGLES - Open ScratchHahn Bradd P. 564667Muscatine USBC
367SINGLES - Open ScratchKopacek James E. 746667Gr Des Moines USBC
367SINGLES - Open ScratchGraves Chris J. 352667Camanche USBC
372SINGLES - Open ScratchDutton Brandon W. 323666Marshalltown Area USBC
372SINGLES - Open ScratchTrusler Darren W. 32666Gr Des Moines USBC
372SINGLES - Open ScratchMoore Brian D. 635666Gr Des Moines USBC
372SINGLES - Open ScratchCore Mike E. 86666Cedar Rapids USBC
372SINGLES - Open ScratchRoss Jeff M. 637666Cedar Rapids USBC
372SINGLES - Open ScratchJordan James J. 699666Cedar Rapids USBC
372SINGLES - Open ScratchMcCleary Jacob A. 896666Muscatine USBC
379SINGLES - Open ScratchPace David L. 896665Muscatine USBC
379SINGLES - Open ScratchSmedley Toby A. 883665Gr Cedar Valley USBC
379SINGLES - Open ScratchBoyle Travis K. 884665Gr Cedar Valley USBC
379SINGLES - Open ScratchSchultz Justin R. 527665Red Oak USBC
379SINGLES - Open ScratchGriebel Michael W. 640665Bellevue USBC
384SINGLES - Open ScratchRisetter Burke J. 189664Fort Dodge Area USBC
384SINGLES - Open ScratchTeague Anthony C. 609664Gr Davenport Metro USBC
384SINGLES - Open ScratchBishop Jonny 781664Cedar Rapids USBC
384SINGLES - Open ScratchFoster Cameron D. 495664Sigourney USBC
384SINGLES - Open ScratchGarvey Jay E. 351664Camanche USBC
384SINGLES - Open ScratchKaesbauer Michael R. 462664Dubuque Area USBC
390SINGLES - Open ScratchWeber Brad J. 353663Camanche USBC
390SINGLES - Open ScratchTragord R. Emmett 855663Gr Cedar Valley USBC
390SINGLES - Open ScratchSchmitt Adam G. 481663Gr Siouxland USBC
390SINGLES - Open ScratchHildebrand Ryan A. 271663Gr Davenport Metro USBC
390SINGLES - Open ScratchHartman Shaun E. 725663Clinton USBC
390SINGLES - Open ScratchKingery Dustin J. 671663Jasper County USBC
390SINGLES - Open ScratchKloster Jordan M. 746663Gr Des Moines USBC
390SINGLES - Open ScratchBach Curtis J. 319663Iowa City USBC
398SINGLES - Open ScratchRobinson Todd A. 27662Council Bluffs USBC
398SINGLES - Open ScratchBalta Daniel P. 667662Cedar Rapids USBC
398SINGLES - Open ScratchKlostermann Sean M. 246662Dyersville USBC
401SINGLES - Open ScratchWeber Doug 438661Oelwein USBC
401SINGLES - Open ScratchVrotsos Blaise A. 638661Dubuque Area USBC
401SINGLES - Open ScratchLanser Justin J. 651661Dubuque Area USBC
401SINGLES - Open ScratchStaub Andy J. 667661Cedar Rapids USBC
401SINGLES - Open ScratchOwen Jesse R. 895661Muscatine USBC
401SINGLES - Open ScratchWitte Chad A. 795661Ames Area USBC
401SINGLES - Open ScratchSlinger Anthony G. 16661Charles City USBC
408SINGLES - Open ScratchWagner Seth G. 503660Gr Mason City USBC
408SINGLES - Open ScratchJacobson Matthew D. 568660Greene County USBC
408SINGLES - Open ScratchLouis Kelvin E. 23660Cedar Rapids USBC
408SINGLES - Open ScratchMarland Todd A. 82660Gr Davenport Metro USBC
408SINGLES - Open ScratchLeFever Ben D. 24660Council Bluffs USBC
408SINGLES - Open ScratchReppert Robert 353660Camanche USBC
414SINGLES - Open ScratchFuller Dan W. 351659Camanche USBC
414SINGLES - Open ScratchBenn Fred F. 249659Dyersville USBC
414SINGLES - Open ScratchBoltz Kevin P. 218659Burlington Area USBC
414SINGLES - Open ScratchO'Dell Brad J. 649659Cedar Rapids USBC
414SINGLES - Open ScratchEngelkes Joseph A. 855659Gr Cedar Valley USBC
414SINGLES - Open ScratchZilmer Doug D. 838659Gr Cedar Valley USBC
414SINGLES - Open ScratchElliott Chad 755659Gr Mason City USBC
414SINGLES - Open ScratchRuopp Greg R. 40659Ames Area USBC
422SINGLES - Open ScratchNeff Cassandra A. 811658Ames Area USBC
422SINGLES - Open ScratchRuddy W. Ken 843658Gr Cedar Valley USBC
422SINGLES - Open ScratchStanford John E. Jr871658Gr Cedar Valley USBC
422SINGLES - Open ScratchCottrell Terry P. 467658Dubuque Area USBC
426SINGLES - Open ScratchErnzen Dan C. 381657Dubuque Area USBC
426SINGLES - Open ScratchNorth Justin M. 814657Marshalltown Area USBC
426SINGLES - Open ScratchTrueg Ben M. 883657Gr Cedar Valley USBC
426SINGLES - Open ScratchEighme Richard F. 854657Gr Cedar Valley USBC
426SINGLES - Open ScratchBeenken Justin D. 429657Grundy Center USBC
426SINGLES - Open ScratchSharp Michael R. 374657Gr Mason City USBC
426SINGLES - Open ScratchSeverson Timothy B. 374657Gr Mason City USBC
426SINGLES - Open ScratchHergenrader Doug S. 710657Gr Des Moines USBC
426SINGLES - Open ScratchCrawford Nick A. 155657Gr Des Moines USBC
435SINGLES - Open ScratchBartlett Mathew O. 163656Council Bluffs USBC
435SINGLES - Open ScratchSvoboda Doug E. 822656Cedar Rapids USBC
435SINGLES - Open ScratchShields Dennis E. 733656Cedar Rapids USBC
435SINGLES - Open ScratchO' Connor Michael J. 734656Cedar Rapids USBC
435SINGLES - Open ScratchGerst David D. 856656Gr Cedar Valley USBC
435SINGLES - Open ScratchEhrlich Andy J. 470656Dubuque Area USBC
441SINGLES - Open ScratchHeiberger Allen B. 389655Dubuque Area USBC
442SINGLES - Open ScratchBesler Brett F. 384654Dubuque Area USBC
442SINGLES - Open ScratchFoxen Andy 249654Dyersville USBC
442SINGLES - Open ScratchPelham Mike T. 354654Camanche USBC
442SINGLES - Open ScratchPruett Austin J. 355654Camanche USBC
442SINGLES - Open ScratchReinhardt Jeremy J. 645654Muscatine USBC
442SINGLES - Open ScratchWilliams Logan S. 270654Gr Davenport Metro USBC
448SINGLES - Open ScratchTurner Brandon M. 313653Gr Des Moines USBC
448SINGLES - Open ScratchHelmers Jerad A. 189653Fort Dodge Area USBC
448SINGLES - Open ScratchLamb Justin D. 666653Gr Des Moines USBC
448SINGLES - Open ScratchJarchow Adam L. 875653Gr Cedar Valley USBC
448SINGLES - Open ScratchSchroeder Nathan R. 355653Camanche USBC
448SINGLES - Open ScratchDeering Jace T. 355653Camanche USBC
448SINGLES - Open ScratchOpperman Kyle G. 324653Marshalltown Area USBC
448SINGLES - Open ScratchWiegand Jim L. 540653Marshalltown Area USBC
456SINGLES - Open ScratchKelly Brendan J. 238652Camanche USBC
456SINGLES - Open ScratchMikkelson Jason J. 795652Ames Area USBC
456SINGLES - Open ScratchBauge Jason A. 136652Ames Area USBC
456SINGLES - Open ScratchGuest Jason A. 209652Gr Des Moines USBC
456SINGLES - Open ScratchMaciejewski Nathan K. 656652Gr Des Moines USBC
456SINGLES - Open ScratchMetzler Dave M. 319652Iowa City USBC
462SINGLES - Open ScratchRief Daniel K. 161651Council Bluffs USBC
462SINGLES - Open ScratchBurkmire Bill R. Jr703651Gr Des Moines USBC
462SINGLES - Open ScratchShively Scott I. 283651Appanoose/Davis County USBC
462SINGLES - Open ScratchHale Harry R. 305651Cedar Rapids USBC
466SINGLES - Open ScratchBakeoven Maurice J. 196650Cedar Rapids USBC
466SINGLES - Open ScratchGribbins Alex W. 93650Gr Des Moines USBC
466SINGLES - Open ScratchStaley Tim W. 834650Muscatine USBC
466SINGLES - Open ScratchVan Wyk Mark A. 735650Oskaloosa USBC
466SINGLES - Open ScratchJackson Kyle 353650Camanche USBC
466SINGLES - Open ScratchClark Nathan D. 324650Marshalltown Area USBC
472SINGLES - Open ScratchPuffett Jen L. 623649Carroll Area USBC
472SINGLES - Open ScratchDentlinger Dave T. 623649Carroll Area USBC
472SINGLES - Open ScratchHarms Robert 422649Iowa City USBC
472SINGLES - Open ScratchPackingham David L. II108649Cedar Rapids USBC
472SINGLES - Open ScratchWalton John D. 305649Cedar Rapids USBC
477SINGLES - Open ScratchWilcox Joshua J. 305648Cedar Rapids USBC
477SINGLES - Open ScratchBundy Ryan A. 822648Cedar Rapids USBC
477SINGLES - Open ScratchFunk Skyler F. 596648Gr Davenport Metro USBC
477SINGLES - Open ScratchGibbs Jon M. 27648Council Bluffs USBC
477SINGLES - Open ScratchTheisen Dave C. 383648Dubuque Area USBC
477SINGLES - Open ScratchMcdermott Lucas D. 379648Dubuque Area USBC
477SINGLES - Open ScratchDuffy Michael J. 322648Marshalltown Area USBC
484SINGLES - Open ScratchConzett Kyle D. 390647Dubuque Area USBC
484SINGLES - Open ScratchMescher Scot S. 248647Dyersville USBC
484SINGLES - Open ScratchSchild Eric F. 667647Cedar Rapids USBC
484SINGLES - Open ScratchNye Cory J. 667647Cedar Rapids USBC
484SINGLES - Open ScratchBengston Karl 864647Gr Cedar Valley USBC
484SINGLES - Open ScratchJohnson Jeffrey A. 841647Gr Cedar Valley USBC
484SINGLES - Open ScratchKosby Jason K. 794647Ames Area USBC
491SINGLES - Open ScratchMorgan Michael L. 812646Ames Area USBC
491SINGLES - Open ScratchWalton Riley T. 305646Cedar Rapids USBC
491SINGLES - Open ScratchBrice Michael J. 734646Cedar Rapids USBC
491SINGLES - Open ScratchKlaassen Michael S. 372646Fort Dodge Area USBC
491SINGLES - Open ScratchGarvey Kenneth J. 351646Camanche USBC
491SINGLES - Open ScratchMoore Dan W. 638646Dubuque Area USBC
497SINGLES - Open ScratchSimmons Kent D. 640645Bellevue USBC
497SINGLES - Open ScratchKroeger Barrett 10645Anamosa USBC
499SINGLES - Open ScratchHines Bryce J. 747643Gr Des Moines USBC
499SINGLES - Open ScratchTimmerman Alex T. 640643Bellevue USBC
499SINGLES - Open ScratchGraves Jeff J. 154643Gr Des Moines USBC
499SINGLES - Open ScratchNegus Troy D. 413643Gr Davenport Metro USBC
499SINGLES - Open ScratchHolden Jon M. 810643Ames Area USBC
499SINGLES - Open ScratchRosendahl Doug D. 528643Gr Mason City USBC
499SINGLES - Open ScratchPowers Darren M. 425643Osage USBC
499SINGLES - Open ScratchHeisterkamp Eric J. 624643Carroll Area USBC
499SINGLES - Open ScratchGrieves Gary A. 325643Marshalltown Area USBC
508SINGLES - Open ScratchMunn Jerry L. 307642Gr Des Moines USBC
509SINGLES - Open ScratchHutchinson Teddy J. 32641Gr Des Moines USBC
509SINGLES - Open ScratchGosse Jacob W. 666641Gr Des Moines USBC
509SINGLES - Open ScratchHite Mikayla A. 411641Cedar Rapids USBC
509SINGLES - Open ScratchTrecker Tyler J. 534641Manning USBC
509SINGLES - Open ScratchHearst Lonnie E. 562641Muscatine USBC
509SINGLES - Open ScratchMcKeever Rodney J. 325641Marshalltown Area USBC
509SINGLES - Open ScratchNadermann Blake M. 384641Dubuque Area USBC
516SINGLES - Open ScratchBeaham Dustin L. 563640Muscatine USBC
516SINGLES - Open ScratchLittle Christopher J. 871640Gr Cedar Valley USBC
518SINGLES - Open ScratchBuck Ben J. 755639Gr Mason City USBC
518SINGLES - Open ScratchGeurink Tyler J. 609639Gr Davenport Metro USBC
518SINGLES - Open ScratchFlanagan Kevin 667639Cedar Rapids USBC
518SINGLES - Open ScratchGeesaman Bob E. 277639Cedar Rapids USBC
518SINGLES - Open ScratchCarney Ronald L. 366639Gr Des Moines USBC
518SINGLES - Open ScratchWalding Lance E. 190639Fort Dodge Area USBC
518SINGLES - Open ScratchRook David J. 772639Monticello USBC
525SINGLES - Open ScratchShutt Andrew J. 209638Gr Des Moines USBC
525SINGLES - Open ScratchHaar Mikael D. 314638Gr Des Moines USBC
525SINGLES - Open ScratchHolub Brock A. 409638Cedar Rapids USBC
525SINGLES - Open ScratchFries Blake A. 83638Gr Davenport Metro USBC
529SINGLES - Open ScratchLogsdon Andy J. 83637Gr Davenport Metro USBC
529SINGLES - Open ScratchPitts Jason L. 412637Cedar Rapids USBC
529SINGLES - Open ScratchHume Brian S. 701637Cedar Rapids USBC
529SINGLES - Open ScratchBianchi Zach 307637Gr Des Moines USBC
529SINGLES - Open ScratchGehrke Braedon W. 836637Gr Des Moines USBC
529SINGLES - Open ScratchStrait Brandon J. 190637Fort Dodge Area USBC
529SINGLES - Open ScratchBohr Chad M. 348637Waukon USBC
529SINGLES - Open ScratchJacobs Arthur J. 889637Gr Cedar Valley USBC
529SINGLES - Open ScratchCastle Austin K. 895637Muscatine USBC
538SINGLES - Open ScratchHalverson Stan R. 856636Gr Cedar Valley USBC
538SINGLES - Open ScratchDougan Ryan E. 877636Gr Cedar Valley USBC
538SINGLES - Open ScratchSmith Don J. 880636Monticello USBC
538SINGLES - Open ScratchCundiff Zac A. 161636Council Bluffs USBC
538SINGLES - Open ScratchVan Winkle Steven T. 307636Gr Des Moines USBC
543SINGLES - Open ScratchZimmerli Jeff L. 163635Council Bluffs USBC
543SINGLES - Open ScratchRusch Chris D. 789635Cedar Rapids USBC
543SINGLES - Open ScratchPeters Mike 716635Gr Davenport Metro USBC
543SINGLES - Open ScratchGrimm Darren L. 813635Ames Area USBC
543SINGLES - Open ScratchLeach James D. 461635Dubuque Area USBC
543SINGLES - Open ScratchAkers David E. 541635Marshalltown Area USBC
549SINGLES - Open ScratchCole Tim A. 64634Dubuque Area USBC
549SINGLES - Open ScratchZilmer Thomas D. 864634Gr Cedar Valley USBC
549SINGLES - Open ScratchBrem Nick 268634Mt Pleasant USBC
549SINGLES - Open ScratchRies Joseph B. 640634Bellevue USBC
553SINGLES - Open ScratchLenhardt Caleb R. 472633Council Bluffs USBC
553SINGLES - Open ScratchYoung Galen J. 739633Cedar Rapids USBC
553SINGLES - Open ScratchBillman Dan L. 198633Marshalltown Area USBC
556SINGLES - Open ScratchPaar Daniel R. 290632Dubuque Area USBC
556SINGLES - Open ScratchRoers Maxwell D. 744632Cedar Rapids USBC
556SINGLES - Open ScratchDurant Jared D. 744632Cedar Rapids USBC
556SINGLES - Open ScratchHunt Bradley B. 598632Bellevue USBC
556SINGLES - Open ScratchDavis Steven M. 451632Iowa City USBC
556SINGLES - Open ScratchWilliams Chris M. 257632Mt Pleasant USBC
556SINGLES - Open ScratchMcCleary Sean P. 894632Muscatine USBC
563SINGLES - Open ScratchMichels Jamie L. 483631Gr Des Moines USBC
563SINGLES - Open ScratchMurtha Shawn A. 147631Cedar Rapids USBC
563SINGLES - Open ScratchMeyer Robert A. 415631Gr Davenport Metro USBC
563SINGLES - Open ScratchSpecht James L. 638631Dubuque Area USBC
567SINGLES - Open ScratchSchwarz Tom E. 818630Camanche USBC
567SINGLES - Open ScratchZaugg Rick E. 411630Cedar Rapids USBC
567SINGLES - Open ScratchTisl Mark F. 44630Stuart USBC
567SINGLES - Open ScratchHanson Justin T. 61630Cedar Rapids USBC
567SINGLES - Open ScratchSchlueter Matt J. 648630Cedar Rapids USBC
567SINGLES - Open ScratchBruce James L. 901630Cedar Rapids USBC
567SINGLES - Open ScratchBright Maxwell M. 894630Muscatine USBC
567SINGLES - Open ScratchWoodford Daniel J. 615630Greene County USBC
575SINGLES - Open ScratchBallew Eric 668629Cedar Rapids USBC
575SINGLES - Open ScratchAimers Robert J. 649629Cedar Rapids USBC
575SINGLES - Open ScratchDetmering Dennis J. 190629Fort Dodge Area USBC
575SINGLES - Open ScratchHochrein Robert J. 469629Dubuque Area USBC
575SINGLES - Open ScratchMcKeever Jeremiah J. 326629Marshalltown Area USBC
580SINGLES - Open ScratchMears Scott M. 309628Gr Des Moines USBC
580SINGLES - Open ScratchSnow Jason J. 485628Anamosa USBC
580SINGLES - Open ScratchGuge Kirby M. 822628Cedar Rapids USBC
580SINGLES - Open ScratchCantrill Josh M. 716628Gr Davenport Metro USBC
580SINGLES - Open ScratchTilson Michael J. 61628Cedar Rapids USBC
580SINGLES - Open ScratchBrooks Brandon M. 491628Sigourney USBC
580SINGLES - Open ScratchVashaw Ryan 767628Ames Area USBC
580SINGLES - Open ScratchSwanson Jason R. 851628Gr Cedar Valley USBC
588SINGLES - Open ScratchBurke Daniel J. 376627Gr Mason City USBC
588SINGLES - Open ScratchSchulze Nick D. 152627Cedar Rapids USBC
588SINGLES - Open ScratchRook Russell S. 772627Monticello USBC
588SINGLES - Open ScratchJohnson Randy E. 664627Gr Des Moines USBC
588SINGLES - Open ScratchKimberley Dillon 662627Gr Des Moines USBC
588SINGLES - Open ScratchNeyen Keith A. 382627Dubuque Area USBC
588SINGLES - Open ScratchNickel Jerrad 697627Keokuk USBC
595SINGLES - Open ScratchNickel Jacob A. 697626Keokuk USBC
595SINGLES - Open ScratchSapp Kody M. 52626Keokuk USBC
595SINGLES - Open ScratchAndresen Clint D. 818626Camanche USBC
595SINGLES - Open ScratchNorton Adam B. 163626Council Bluffs USBC
595SINGLES - Open ScratchHansen Brett M480626Gr Siouxland USBC
600SINGLES - Open ScratchWellmann Darrin R. 890625Gr Cedar Valley USBC
600SINGLES - Open ScratchHenderson Nick L. 474625Council Bluffs USBC
600SINGLES - Open ScratchBlair Chris 163625Council Bluffs USBC
600SINGLES - Open ScratchLarson Kevin M. 159625Council Bluffs USBC
600SINGLES - Open ScratchGenz, Jr. Robert D. 627625Gr Davenport Metro USBC
600SINGLES - Open ScratchDobesh Ann M. 414625Gr Davenport Metro USBC
600SINGLES - Open ScratchAmes Jacob J. 897625Dubuque Area USBC
607SINGLES - Open ScratchKramer Russell J. 388624Dubuque Area USBC
607SINGLES - Open ScratchMesecher Jonathan P. 435624West Delaware USBC
607SINGLES - Open ScratchRodriguez Marco A. 195624Cedar Rapids USBC
607SINGLES - Open ScratchRosekrans Scott B. 409624Cedar Rapids USBC
607SINGLES - Open ScratchDunn Tim A. 183624Council Bluffs USBC
607SINGLES - Open ScratchKlimowski Elliot C. 888624Gr Cedar Valley USBC
613SINGLES - Open ScratchRiesberg Andrew P. 688623Grundy Center USBC
613SINGLES - Open ScratchSatre Tyler 813623Ames Area USBC
613SINGLES - Open ScratchHonts Tanner J. 643623Muscatine USBC
613SINGLES - Open ScratchVan Wyk Dylan M. 735623Oskaloosa USBC
613SINGLES - Open ScratchHall Haley M. 805623Fort Dodge Area USBC
618SINGLES - Open ScratchPeck Michael J. 663622Gr Des Moines USBC
619SINGLES - Open ScratchBohlen Quinton H. 104621Decorah USBC
619SINGLES - Open ScratchMumm Allen 239621Gr Davenport Metro USBC
619SINGLES - Open ScratchShoppa Thomas F. 562621Muscatine USBC
619SINGLES - Open ScratchJohnson Nathan 841621Gr Cedar Valley USBC
619SINGLES - Open ScratchLogan William 434621West Delaware USBC
624SINGLES - Open ScratchRichtsmeier Lane A. 282620Greene County USBC
625SINGLES - Open ScratchFries Zach J. 270618Gr Davenport Metro USBC
625SINGLES - Open ScratchSnitker Bill 456618West Union USBC
625SINGLES - Open ScratchHoskins Matthew M. 700618Cedar Rapids USBC
625SINGLES - Open ScratchTesch Cale A. 169618Cedar Rapids USBC
625SINGLES - Open ScratchLanser Jason D. 651618Dubuque Area USBC
630SINGLES - Open ScratchWelu Jon G. 463617Dubuque Area USBC
630SINGLES - Open ScratchDornbush Blake A. 49617Clinton USBC
632SINGLES - Open ScratchKetelsen Seth 240616De Witt USBC
632SINGLES - Open ScratchMeyer Jace L. 777616Monticello USBC
632SINGLES - Open ScratchParker Timothy W. 32616Gr Des Moines USBC
632SINGLES - Open ScratchGibson Bryan E. 616616Greene County USBC
632SINGLES - Open ScratchSiedelmann Terry D. 532616Manning USBC
632SINGLES - Open ScratchMYER MORGAN L. 845616Gr Cedar Valley USBC
632SINGLES - Open ScratchWagoner Bradley D. 303616Muscatine USBC
632SINGLES - Open ScratchTarr Jason W. 808616Oskaloosa USBC
632SINGLES - Open ScratchWhitehead Tommy D. 818616Camanche USBC
641SINGLES - Open ScratchMccormick Carianne E. 208615Gr Des Moines USBC
641SINGLES - Open ScratchQuintana Cristobal P. 28615Iowa City USBC
641SINGLES - Open ScratchDonner Chaise L. P412615Cedar Rapids USBC
644SINGLES - Open ScratchFeese Edward J. 874614Gr Cedar Valley USBC
644SINGLES - Open ScratchSchissel Brice L. 601614New Hampton USBC
646SINGLES - Open ScratchPayne Chris 897613Dubuque Area USBC
646SINGLES - Open ScratchMord Brandon D. 279613Cedar Rapids USBC
646SINGLES - Open ScratchSchuldt Zach T. 626613Gr Davenport Metro USBC
646SINGLES - Open ScratchDrewis Brian J. 399613Tripoli USBC
650SINGLES - Open ScratchJorgensen Phil M. 481612Gr Siouxland USBC
650SINGLES - Open ScratchKlauer Greg A. 726612Dubuque Area USBC
652SINGLES - Open ScratchPeters Chad W. 352611Camanche USBC
652SINGLES - Open ScratchHarris Tyler E. 563611Muscatine USBC
652SINGLES - Open ScratchSwank Jeff B. 565611Muscatine USBC
652SINGLES - Open ScratchMccabe Richard D. 746611Gr Des Moines USBC
652SINGLES - Open ScratchRoseman Robert R. Jr717611Gr Davenport Metro USBC
652SINGLES - Open ScratchWiley Christopher J. 270611Gr Davenport Metro USBC
658SINGLES - Open ScratchBaxter Tyler L. 25610Council Bluffs USBC
658SINGLES - Open ScratchBooth Devyn 818610Camanche USBC
660SINGLES - Open ScratchEirikson Christoper A. 801609Marshalltown Area USBC
660SINGLES - Open ScratchBrink Keith A. 341609Waukon USBC
660SINGLES - Open ScratchByers Jamie A. Jr765609Gr Des Moines USBC
660SINGLES - Open ScratchRoggentien Jason D. 138609Cedar Rapids USBC
660SINGLES - Open ScratchBiernat Tony D. 794609Ames Area USBC
665SINGLES - Open ScratchBingaman Brian T. 621608Ames Area USBC
665SINGLES - Open ScratchKilts Duane G. 648608Cedar Rapids USBC
665SINGLES - Open ScratchVerplaetse Jason R. 32608Gr Des Moines USBC
665SINGLES - Open ScratchFisher David L. Jr25608Council Bluffs USBC
665SINGLES - Open ScratchLawthers Dean E. 323608Marshalltown Area USBC
670SINGLES - Open ScratchSwanson Aaron A. 668607Cedar Rapids USBC
670SINGLES - Open ScratchClinton Cory 197607Independence USBC
672SINGLES - Open ScratchGarien Tyler R. 336606Maquoketa USBC
672SINGLES - Open ScratchDroessler Scott O. 784606Iowa City USBC
672SINGLES - Open ScratchWittenburg Jennifer L. 855606Gr Cedar Valley USBC
675SINGLES - Open ScratchBloomquist Darin J. 744605Cedar Rapids USBC
676SINGLES - Open ScratchTravis Jacob R. 541604Marshalltown Area USBC
676SINGLES - Open ScratchDaniels Austin C. 238604Camanche USBC
676SINGLES - Open ScratchHabel Anthony J. 467604Dubuque Area USBC
679SINGLES - Open ScratchStein Douglas R. 733603Cedar Rapids USBC
679SINGLES - Open ScratchSmith Larry 580603Independence USBC
679SINGLES - Open ScratchDobesh Joseph E. 416603Gr Davenport Metro USBC
679SINGLES - Open ScratchSwenson Kyle 135603Ames Area USBC
679SINGLES - Open ScratchFreesemann Clark L. 373603Gr Mason City USBC
679SINGLES - Open ScratchRewinkel Matthew A. 618603Iowa Great Lakes USBC
685SINGLES - Open ScratchMcDowell Neil E. 615602Greene County USBC
685SINGLES - Open ScratchMenster Cody C. 898602Monticello USBC
685SINGLES - Open ScratchKraft Jacob C. 761602Fort Dodge Area USBC
685SINGLES - Open ScratchBreitbach Phillip J. 651602Dubuque Area USBC
685SINGLES - Open ScratchBolt Shawn D. 540602Marshalltown Area USBC
690SINGLES - Open ScratchEggleston Terrence 354601Camanche USBC
690SINGLES - Open ScratchHockett Gregory J. 306601Gr Davenport Metro USBC
690SINGLES - Open ScratchFarr Cody A. 459601West Union USBC
690SINGLES - Open ScratchBuelow Andy T. 853601Gr Cedar Valley USBC
694SINGLES - Open ScratchLessenger Brandon D. 554600Muscatine USBC
694SINGLES - Open ScratchBartlett Gabe W. 838600Gr Cedar Valley USBC
694SINGLES - Open ScratchCox Brian C. 843600Gr Cedar Valley USBC
694SINGLES - Open ScratchRoulson Brian A. 455600West Union USBC
694SINGLES - Open ScratchGraham Curt J. 451600Iowa City USBC
699SINGLES - Open ScratchScherff Corey D. 721599Fort Dodge Area USBC
699SINGLES - Open ScratchBoltz Logan P. 219599Burlington Area USBC
699SINGLES - Open ScratchDau Kent A. 606599Gr Davenport Metro USBC
699SINGLES - Open ScratchArrington Adrian 733599Cedar Rapids USBC
699SINGLES - Open ScratchSauter Tim D. 196599Cedar Rapids USBC
699SINGLES - Open ScratchTippett April L. 850599Gr Cedar Valley USBC
699SINGLES - Open ScratchVermeer Tyler D. 795599Ames Area USBC
706SINGLES - Open ScratchThompson Travis 5598Cedar Rapids USBC
706SINGLES - Open ScratchHagge Tommy C. 608598Gr Davenport Metro USBC
706SINGLES - Open ScratchWohlwend Scott B. 209598Gr Des Moines USBC
706SINGLES - Open ScratchVancleve Kaleb J. 653598Dubuque Area USBC
710SINGLES - Open ScratchSchultz Chris M. 650597Dubuque Area USBC
710SINGLES - Open ScratchSchultz Cory J. 650597Dubuque Area USBC
710SINGLES - Open ScratchBissen Ryan M. 357597Stacyville USBC
713SINGLES - Open ScratchHuston Rory L. 81596Gr Davenport Metro USBC
713SINGLES - Open ScratchMurtha Mike J. 794596Ames Area USBC
713SINGLES - Open ScratchShannon Michael D. 866596Gr Cedar Valley USBC
713SINGLES - Open ScratchJacobs Rick U. 759596Dubuque Area USBC
713SINGLES - Open ScratchOertel Nathan R. 64596Dubuque Area USBC
718SINGLES - Open ScratchMeyer Chad L. 466595Dubuque Area USBC
718SINGLES - Open ScratchKlaren Matt M. 251595Dyersville USBC
718SINGLES - Open ScratchMcCalley Bob 841595Gr Cedar Valley USBC
721SINGLES - Open ScratchWilliams Theo S. 879594Gr Cedar Valley USBC
721SINGLES - Open ScratchWeber Justin M. 838594Gr Cedar Valley USBC
721SINGLES - Open ScratchEckrich Joseph L. 444594Iowa City USBC
724SINGLES - Open ScratchEichhorst Bill G. 320593Iowa City USBC
724SINGLES - Open ScratchKacena Thomas M. 806593Cedar Rapids USBC
724SINGLES - Open ScratchKooi Koby A. 353593Camanche USBC
727SINGLES - Open ScratchPfeiler Randy J. 65592Dubuque Area USBC
727SINGLES - Open ScratchHauskins Kirk M. 435592West Delaware USBC
727SINGLES - Open ScratchJacobs Greg J. 700592Cedar Rapids USBC
727SINGLES - Open ScratchHarken Raymond D. 699592Cedar Rapids USBC
727SINGLES - Open ScratchLarson Matthew D. 196592Cedar Rapids USBC
727SINGLES - Open ScratchBright Jason K. 626592Gr Davenport Metro USBC
727SINGLES - Open ScratchZaugg Cameron R. 411592Cedar Rapids USBC
727SINGLES - Open ScratchNelson David A. 565592Muscatine USBC
735SINGLES - Open ScratchBrinker Gerald G. 874590Gr Cedar Valley USBC
735SINGLES - Open ScratchWeber Daniel D. 640590Bellevue USBC
735SINGLES - Open ScratchHuekels Bradley K. 726590Dubuque Area USBC
738SINGLES - Open ScratchThomas Josh M. 382588Dubuque Area USBC
738SINGLES - Open ScratchHarken Aaron E. 699588Cedar Rapids USBC
738SINGLES - Open ScratchSinnott James T. 701588Cedar Rapids USBC
738SINGLES - Open ScratchPalmer Bailey E. 495588Sigourney USBC
738SINGLES - Open ScratchCrouse Justin D. 41588Ames Area USBC
743SINGLES - Open ScratchNolte Andrew M. 861587Gr Cedar Valley USBC
744SINGLES - Open ScratchCole Nick W. 873586Gr Cedar Valley USBC
744SINGLES - Open ScratchErickson Matthew J. 768586Cedar Rapids USBC
744SINGLES - Open ScratchOhloff Jacob K. 348586Waukon USBC
744SINGLES - Open ScratchEhrlich Kelsey M. 470586Dubuque Area USBC
748SINGLES - Open ScratchMiller Derek L. 454585West Union USBC
749SINGLES - Open ScratchSmith Austin T. 804584Fort Dodge Area USBC
750SINGLES - Open ScratchMcGaffic Jim C. 86583Cedar Rapids USBC
750SINGLES - Open ScratchFriedlein Rod R. 650583Dubuque Area USBC
752SINGLES - Open ScratchRoseman Dustin "Dusty" R. 717582Gr Davenport Metro USBC
752SINGLES - Open ScratchMihalovich Zach J. 312582Gr Des Moines USBC
752SINGLES - Open ScratchBishop Beaver S. 554582Muscatine USBC
755SINGLES - Open ScratchWood Larry G. 68581Fort Dodge Area USBC
756SINGLES - Open ScratchAustin Bob 444580Iowa City USBC
756SINGLES - Open ScratchFisher Jacob D. 785580Iowa City USBC
756SINGLES - Open ScratchGantenbein Andrew T. 651580Dubuque Area USBC
756SINGLES - Open ScratchVoda Brian A. 351580Camanche USBC
760SINGLES - Open ScratchSpecht Richard R. 390579Dubuque Area USBC
760SINGLES - Open ScratchLuebbers Brice L. 444579Iowa City USBC
760SINGLES - Open ScratchYeisley Kelly J. 280579Cedar Rapids USBC
760SINGLES - Open ScratchSander Trey A. 643579Muscatine USBC
764SINGLES - Open ScratchStern Scott M. 498578Gr Des Moines USBC
764SINGLES - Open ScratchLanser Jerry D. 652578Dubuque Area USBC
764SINGLES - Open ScratchCamp Austin M. 291578Dubuque Area USBC
767SINGLES - Open ScratchHiatt Max 411576Cedar Rapids USBC
768SINGLES - Open ScratchArnold Jacob W. 80575Burlington Area USBC
768SINGLES - Open ScratchNovak Russ A. 901575Cedar Rapids USBC
768SINGLES - Open ScratchKelly Mark L. 597575Bellevue USBC
768SINGLES - Open ScratchReinhardt Adam D. 645575Muscatine USBC
768SINGLES - Open ScratchDau Austin S. 718575Camanche USBC
768SINGLES - Open ScratchChristianson Jeff A. 624575Carroll Area USBC
774SINGLES - Open ScratchOmmen Scott M. 733574Cedar Rapids USBC
774SINGLES - Open ScratchQuinlan Tom W. 330574Maquoketa USBC
776SINGLES - Open ScratchDohlman Darrin D. 412573Cedar Rapids USBC
776SINGLES - Open ScratchWood Justin M. 68573Fort Dodge Area USBC
778SINGLES - Open ScratchCook Cody L. 474572Council Bluffs USBC
779SINGLES - Open ScratchCrowley Jerry A. 196571Cedar Rapids USBC
780SINGLES - Open ScratchSims Dennis "Duke" L. 415570Gr Davenport Metro USBC
780SINGLES - Open ScratchShontz Steven L. 434570West Delaware USBC
782SINGLES - Open ScratchErnzen Dameon C. 384568Dubuque Area USBC
783SINGLES - Open ScratchGrego Mark J. 199566Marshalltown Area USBC
783SINGLES - Open ScratchSpaulding Harry E. II83566Gr Davenport Metro USBC
783SINGLES - Open ScratchReves Todd M. 277566Cedar Rapids USBC
786SINGLES - Open ScratchHill Jeremy A. 700565Cedar Rapids USBC
786SINGLES - Open ScratchArduser Kegan 898565Monticello USBC
786SINGLES - Open ScratchBrink Garrett L. 341565Waukon USBC
789SINGLES - Open ScratchRussell Dylan J. 475564Council Bluffs USBC
790SINGLES - Open ScratchNichols Jim W. 79563Burlington Area USBC
790SINGLES - Open ScratchHomolar Dana J. 884563Gr Cedar Valley USBC
790SINGLES - Open ScratchWilson Gregory E. 886563Gr Cedar Valley USBC
790SINGLES - Open ScratchSchueller Jeff 726563Dubuque Area USBC
790SINGLES - Open ScratchPetersen Rick A. 351563Camanche USBC
795SINGLES - Open ScratchLasher Richard C. 204562Gr Des Moines USBC
796SINGLES - Open ScratchMc Kinley Aaron D. 278561Cedar Rapids USBC
796SINGLES - Open ScratchCoulson Tim J. 146561Cedar Rapids USBC
798SINGLES - Open ScratchPoli Jason W. 209558Gr Des Moines USBC
798SINGLES - Open ScratchHorner Joshua T. 163558Council Bluffs USBC
798SINGLES - Open ScratchRoberson Larry D. 565558Muscatine USBC
801SINGLES - Open ScratchPierce Brandon J. 419557Cedar Rapids USBC
802SINGLES - Open ScratchThumma Corey A. 834556Muscatine USBC
803SINGLES - Open ScratchSterbenz Paul A. 352554Camanche USBC
804SINGLES - Open ScratchChristensen Zach A. 823553Cedar Rapids USBC
804SINGLES - Open ScratchNicholson James M. 164553Council Bluffs USBC
806SINGLES - Open ScratchPals Craig S. 846552Gr Cedar Valley USBC
807SINGLES - Open ScratchChapman Brian W. 834551Muscatine USBC
807SINGLES - Open ScratchThomas Richie H. 811551Ames Area USBC
807SINGLES - Open ScratchCook Jake R. 695551Keokuk USBC
810SINGLES - Open ScratchKirk Rodney D. Jr556550Muscatine USBC
811SINGLES - Open ScratchBrown Lonie V. 469549Dubuque Area USBC
811SINGLES - Open ScratchThomsen Zachary J. 322549Marshalltown Area USBC
813SINGLES - Open ScratchGreenfield Travis R. 757548Eldora USBC
813SINGLES - Open ScratchTheilen Kevin D. 10548Anamosa USBC
813SINGLES - Open ScratchMc Quiston Trent G. 286548Cedar Rapids USBC
816SINGLES - Open ScratchKass David 5547Cedar Rapids USBC
817SINGLES - Open ScratchLarson Robert "Rob" D. 627546Gr Davenport Metro USBC
818SINGLES - Open ScratchGuge Mike D. 61544Cedar Rapids USBC
818SINGLES - Open ScratchSnyder Vince J. 784544Iowa City USBC
818SINGLES - Open ScratchBoyland Marcus P. 860544Gr Cedar Valley USBC
821SINGLES - Open ScratchGates Josh A. 883542Gr Cedar Valley USBC
821SINGLES - Open ScratchMohr Christopher A. 627542Gr Davenport Metro USBC
823SINGLES - Open ScratchBabcock Jordon E. 901540Cedar Rapids USBC
823SINGLES - Open ScratchBrown Robert L. II120540Iowa City USBC
825SINGLES - Open ScratchCerka Benjamin A. 212539Independence USBC
825SINGLES - Open ScratchEdler Larry D. 889539Gr Cedar Valley USBC
827SINGLES - Open ScratchFisher Scott 785537Iowa City USBC
827SINGLES - Open ScratchCook Ryan 695537Keokuk USBC
829SINGLES - Open ScratchNorwood Bradley J. 825535Boone County USBC
830SINGLES - Open ScratchHolmberg Thomas J. 813532Ames Area USBC
831SINGLES - Open ScratchKronlage Scott D. 380528Dubuque Area USBC
832SINGLES - Open ScratchHorton Justin T. 274527Corydon USBC
832SINGLES - Open ScratchMcLaughlin Matthew R. 626527Gr Davenport Metro USBC
834SINGLES - Open ScratchAmmeter Mike J. 10526Anamosa USBC
834SINGLES - Open ScratchLineberry Marc L. 350526Camanche USBC
836SINGLES - Open ScratchPrice Brian J. 853524Gr Cedar Valley USBC
837SINGLES - Open ScratchLee Cassie 836523Gr Des Moines USBC
838SINGLES - Open ScratchKock Mike C. 136514Ames Area USBC
839SINGLES - Open ScratchKelly Bryce M. 238510Camanche USBC
840SINGLES - Open ScratchOskerson Jason S. 268508Mt Pleasant USBC
841SINGLES - Open ScratchMellott Jeffrey S. 664507Gr Des Moines USBC
842SINGLES - Open ScratchWalker James R. 206502Gr Des Moines USBC
843SINGLES - Open ScratchDelagardelle Blake W. 852498Gr Cedar Valley USBC
843SINGLES - Open ScratchBeaham Garrett A. 563498Muscatine USBC
845SINGLES - Open ScratchLohmann Eric E. 407495Tripoli USBC
846SINGLES - Open ScratchBallard Pete M. 205492Gr Des Moines USBC
847SINGLES - Open ScratchWalters Dylan Z. 745483Cedar Rapids USBC
848SINGLES - Open ScratchMyers Robert M. 766473Ames Area USBC
849SINGLES - Open ScratchChesmore Keith L. 822472Cedar Rapids USBC
850SINGLES - Open ScratchArnold Paul C. Sr807471Cedar Rapids USBC
851SINGLES - Open ScratchVanderah Grant M. 323470Marshalltown Area USBC
852SINGLES - Open ScratchOlnes Jason E. Jr.848469Gr Cedar Valley USBC
853SINGLES - Open ScratchGrasso Ashley R. 839466Gr Cedar Valley USBC
854SINGLES - Open ScratchEtherington Nathan D. 825426Boone County USBC
855SINGLES - Open ScratchHowe Aarin W. 124407Ames Area USBC
856SINGLES - Open ScratchDougan Ryan E. 3213Marshalltown Area USBC
856SINGLES - Open ScratchSchuler Daniel J. 4323West Delaware USBC
1SINGLES - Standard HcpBrown Robert D. 728841Gr Davenport Metro USBC
1SINGLES - Standard HcpHersom Tyler 372841Fort Dodge Area USBC
3SINGLES - Standard HcpMercer Alan D. 161838Council Bluffs USBC
4SINGLES - Standard HcpSmall Beau R. 283836Appanoose/Davis County USBC
5SINGLES - Standard HcpPromnitz Paul W. 345829Waukon USBC
6SINGLES - Standard HcpBond Robert F. 847825Gr Cedar Valley USBC
7SINGLES - Standard HcpZaugg Justin R. 906822Iowa City USBC
8SINGLES - Standard HcpHalbur John L. 536816Manning USBC
8SINGLES - Standard HcpMaynard Taylor 798816De Witt USBC
10SINGLES - Standard HcpMundhank Lee D. 724813Clinton USBC
11SINGLES - Standard HcpPerdieu Lucas 240808De Witt USBC
12SINGLES - Standard HcpBuerckley Raymond L. 825805Boone County USBC
13SINGLES - Standard HcpCulp Lawrence T. 116802Gr Des Moines USBC
14SINGLES - Standard HcpLarsen Todd J. 346795Waukon USBC
15SINGLES - Standard HcpSears Larry R. 871791Gr Cedar Valley USBC
16SINGLES - Standard HcpJacobs Douglas E. 573790Greene County USBC
17SINGLES - Standard HcpLewis James A. 545789Spencer USBC
17SINGLES - Standard HcpBrock Anthony J. 261789Mt Pleasant USBC
19SINGLES - Standard HcpReese Kyle A. 673788Jasper County USBC
20SINGLES - Standard HcpMeinders Seth M. 56785Ottumwa Area USBC
20SINGLES - Standard HcpHein Derek J. 421785Iowa City USBC
22SINGLES - Standard HcpRichardson Larry D. 80784Burlington Area USBC
23SINGLES - Standard HcpFlower Stephen D. 413782Gr Davenport Metro USBC
23SINGLES - Standard HcpEwoldt Jake 537782Manning USBC
25SINGLES - Standard HcpSurber Brandon C. 77780Burlington Area USBC
25SINGLES - Standard HcpNye Tony D. 217780Burlington Area USBC
27SINGLES - Standard HcpLovejoy Kodie 480778Gr Siouxland USBC
28SINGLES - Standard HcpWolff Larry E. Jr447777Iowa City USBC
28SINGLES - Standard HcpJacobsen Josh J. 522777Independence USBC
28SINGLES - Standard HcpAries Andrew J. 602777New Hampton USBC
31SINGLES - Standard HcpGrimes Cody P. 202775Gr Des Moines USBC
32SINGLES - Standard HcpCox Donald Paul 125773Gr Davenport Metro USBC
33SINGLES - Standard HcpFabor Eric T. 137772Cedar Rapids USBC
34SINGLES - Standard HcpMcHawes Timothy S. 802770Oskaloosa USBC
35SINGLES - Standard HcpOrr Glenn A. 479769Creston USBC
35SINGLES - Standard HcpHemann Cole M. 90769North Lee County USBC
35SINGLES - Standard HcpBianchi Jeff L. 96769Gr Des Moines USBC
35SINGLES - Standard HcpOtto Angie M. 801769Marshalltown Area USBC
39SINGLES - Standard HcpCannon Cory 457768West Union USBC
40SINGLES - Standard HcpCook Cory 239767Gr Davenport Metro USBC
40SINGLES - Standard HcpBents Jacob J. 285767Cedar Rapids USBC
40SINGLES - Standard HcpRibbink Lee R. 896767Muscatine USBC
43SINGLES - Standard HcpBeitz Roger L. 525766Monticello USBC
43SINGLES - Standard HcpParker Robert B. 71766Ottumwa Area USBC
43SINGLES - Standard HcpCook Jeremy J. 652766Dubuque Area USBC
46SINGLES - Standard HcpBelcher Chris P. 703765Gr Des Moines USBC
47SINGLES - Standard HcpDix Dakota 386764Dubuque Area USBC
48SINGLES - Standard HcpRodenberg Blake W. 460762West Union USBC
48SINGLES - Standard HcpBeireis Steve W. 525762Monticello USBC
48SINGLES - Standard HcpTolentino Danny 164762Council Bluffs USBC
48SINGLES - Standard HcpMilder Michael W. 304762Muscatine USBC
52SINGLES - Standard HcpKluesner Andrew M. 252761Dyersville USBC
53SINGLES - Standard HcpGregory Rick 94760Gr Des Moines USBC
53SINGLES - Standard HcpHowe Joseph R. 195760Cedar Rapids USBC
53SINGLES - Standard HcpMay David J. 652760Dubuque Area USBC
56SINGLES - Standard HcpPossehn Kurtis E. 708759Fort Dodge Area USBC
56SINGLES - Standard HcpStewart Jason M. 309759Gr Des Moines USBC
56SINGLES - Standard HcpTaylor Anthony M. 235759Iowa City USBC
56SINGLES - Standard HcpGriffith Andy D. 539759Manning USBC
60SINGLES - Standard HcpMoore Mike D. 122758Gr Mason City USBC
61SINGLES - Standard HcpLatta Timothy J. 826757Boone County USBC
61SINGLES - Standard HcpBader Brandon 701757Cedar Rapids USBC
63SINGLES - Standard HcpBelcher Nick L. 703756Gr Des Moines USBC
63SINGLES - Standard HcpHendrickson Qwinten C. 98756Gr Des Moines USBC
63SINGLES - Standard HcpRohm Dylan J. 596756Gr Davenport Metro USBC
63SINGLES - Standard HcpBeuthien Chris 760756De Witt USBC
63SINGLES - Standard HcpBurns Joshua R. 7756Iowa City USBC
68SINGLES - Standard HcpStahl Mark R. 346755Waukon USBC
68SINGLES - Standard HcpWinke Ken 345755Waukon USBC
68SINGLES - Standard HcpJones Justin H. 282755Greene County USBC
71SINGLES - Standard HcpZahner Jason D. 850754Gr Cedar Valley USBC
71SINGLES - Standard HcpHenkens Kevin L. 257754Mt Pleasant USBC
71SINGLES - Standard HcpWelch Todd C. 186754Gr Des Moines USBC
71SINGLES - Standard HcpSunderland Jacob J. 310754Gr Des Moines USBC
75SINGLES - Standard HcpWilliams Michael D. 318753Gr Des Moines USBC
76SINGLES - Standard HcpMickey Don D. II215752Burlington Area USBC
77SINGLES - Standard HcpMarchant Gordon L. 205751Gr Des Moines USBC
77SINGLES - Standard HcpJuett Jonathon D. 420751Cedar Rapids USBC
79SINGLES - Standard HcpKelly Shawn M. 764750Bellevue USBC
80SINGLES - Standard HcpHolzwarth Benjamin D. 343749Waukon USBC
80SINGLES - Standard HcpGarden Aaron M. 17749Charles City USBC
80SINGLES - Standard HcpCook Jordan P. 179749Belmond USBC
80SINGLES - Standard HcpBurgett Tommy A. 613749Jasper County USBC
80SINGLES - Standard HcpLindermann Scott 440749Oelwein USBC
85SINGLES - Standard HcpGlawe Brian A. 732748Cedar Rapids USBC
85SINGLES - Standard HcpMishler David S. 97748Gr Des Moines USBC
85SINGLES - Standard HcpSaylor Brian P. 450748Iowa City USBC
88SINGLES - Standard HcpIverson Trevor A. 515747Estherville USBC
88SINGLES - Standard HcpSmith Kevin J. 512747Estherville USBC
90SINGLES - Standard HcpHuinker Cory A. 343746Waukon USBC
90SINGLES - Standard HcpHumphrey Madison R. 31746Gr Des Moines USBC
90SINGLES - Standard HcpSvendsen Brett M. 659746Gr Des Moines USBC
90SINGLES - Standard HcpChristensen Dan A. 4746Cedar Rapids USBC
90SINGLES - Standard HcpFlaherty Tim M. 717746Gr Davenport Metro USBC
95SINGLES - Standard HcpStraw Daniel L. 521745Independence USBC
95SINGLES - Standard HcpJergens Michael B. 288745Sumner USBC
97SINGLES - Standard HcpClayton Phillip D. Jr572743Greene County USBC
97SINGLES - Standard HcpBaldus Rodney D. 824743Boone County USBC
97SINGLES - Standard HcpVashaw Zachary C. 767743Ames Area USBC
97SINGLES - Standard HcpWood Patrick L. 563743Muscatine USBC
97SINGLES - Standard HcpLyons Robert L. 801743Marshalltown Area USBC
97SINGLES - Standard HcpFowler Randy L. 198743Marshalltown Area USBC
103SINGLES - Standard HcpMenster Bruce W. 898742Monticello USBC
104SINGLES - Standard HcpJanning Keith B. 623740Carroll Area USBC
105SINGLES - Standard HcpGates Brian M. 25739Council Bluffs USBC
105SINGLES - Standard HcpWhittington Dustin R. 751739Muscatine USBC
105SINGLES - Standard HcpRolands Roland H. 346739Waukon USBC
105SINGLES - Standard HcpMcFarland James R. Jr905739Iowa City USBC
105SINGLES - Standard HcpAbben James P. 425739Osage USBC
105SINGLES - Standard HcpConnolly Patrick T. 464739Dubuque Area USBC
111SINGLES - Standard HcpNadermann Drew A. 384738Dubuque Area USBC
111SINGLES - Standard HcpArtis Jay J. 620738Ames Area USBC
111SINGLES - Standard HcpMyers Timothy E. 275738Corydon USBC
111SINGLES - Standard HcpCarlson Beau A. 642738Muscatine USBC
111SINGLES - Standard HcpStokka John C. 665738Gr Des Moines USBC
116SINGLES - Standard HcpDaniels Jeffrey C. 185737Gr Des Moines USBC
116SINGLES - Standard HcpCampbell Charles T. 13737Gr Des Moines USBC
116SINGLES - Standard HcpMcDaniel Chad S. 354737Camanche USBC
116SINGLES - Standard HcpSanders Ryan J. 529737Gr Mason City USBC
120SINGLES - Standard HcpFreese Kendall 675736Ida Grove USBC
120SINGLES - Standard HcpGrobstick Tony W. 763736Bellevue USBC
120SINGLES - Standard HcpSellers Randy L. 768736Cedar Rapids USBC
120SINGLES - Standard HcpLong Scott A. 194736Cedar Rapids USBC
124SINGLES - Standard HcpJeter David A. 5735Cedar Rapids USBC
124SINGLES - Standard HcpPopp Marvin A. 754735Gr Mason City USBC
124SINGLES - Standard HcpPetersen Ben J. 515735Estherville USBC
127SINGLES - Standard HcpLuensmann Eric A. 246734Dyersville USBC
127SINGLES - Standard HcpKnight Josh W. 522734Independence USBC
127SINGLES - Standard HcpWyatt Dewey 223734Burlington Area USBC
130SINGLES - Standard HcpBennett Mark A. 207733Gr Des Moines USBC
130SINGLES - Standard HcpLink Gary A. 41733Ames Area USBC
132SINGLES - Standard HcpEckman Jeff C. 21732Gr Mason City USBC
132SINGLES - Standard HcpSiedelmann Nick S. 532732Manning USBC
132SINGLES - Standard HcpBecker Alan C. 249732Dyersville USBC
135SINGLES - Standard HcpSommerfelt Dillon 438730Oelwein USBC
135SINGLES - Standard HcpPeters Brian J. 728730Gr Davenport Metro USBC
135SINGLES - Standard HcpHolford Delwin H. 75730Burlington Area USBC
135SINGLES - Standard HcpNail Justin R. 146730Cedar Rapids USBC
135SINGLES - Standard HcpCrouse Ronald D. 573730Greene County USBC
140SINGLES - Standard HcpSteiner Zander 553729Red Oak USBC
140SINGLES - Standard HcpBierman Jason W. 604729New Hampton USBC
142SINGLES - Standard HcpHeisterkamp Edwin W. 624728Carroll Area USBC
142SINGLES - Standard HcpVancil Travis M. 77728Burlington Area USBC
142SINGLES - Standard HcpHermsen Andrew E. 523728Independence USBC
142SINGLES - Standard HcpMondl Anthony S. 299728Cedar Rapids USBC
142SINGLES - Standard HcpPowell Jeffrey A. 156728Gr Des Moines USBC
142SINGLES - Standard HcpHopkins Drew E. 568728Greene County USBC
142SINGLES - Standard HcpOlson Kevin D. 121728Gr Mason City USBC
142SINGLES - Standard HcpGates Christopher M. 25728Council Bluffs USBC
142SINGLES - Standard HcpMorris Robert W. Jr432728West Delaware USBC
151SINGLES - Standard HcpPearson Geno R. 321727Marshalltown Area USBC
151SINGLES - Standard HcpMcDowell Richard D. 525727Monticello USBC
151SINGLES - Standard HcpForthmann Michael A. 134727Gr Mason City USBC
151SINGLES - Standard HcpJensen Jerry 532727Manning USBC
151SINGLES - Standard HcpWheeler Les D. 230727Gr Des Moines USBC
151SINGLES - Standard HcpCates Jason A. 705727Gr Des Moines USBC
157SINGLES - Standard HcpStewart Jeff M. 79726Burlington Area USBC
157SINGLES - Standard HcpAndrews Sonny J. 222726Burlington Area USBC
157SINGLES - Standard HcpFunk Shanne R. 596726Gr Davenport Metro USBC
157SINGLES - Standard HcpReeves Daron B. 585726Guthrie County USBC
157SINGLES - Standard HcpBoettcher Brian D. 119726Iowa City USBC
162SINGLES - Standard HcpEspinoza Miguel J. Jr476725Council Bluffs USBC
162SINGLES - Standard HcpFurne Eric J. 607725Gr Davenport Metro USBC
162SINGLES - Standard HcpHopkins Bruce L. 72725Ottumwa Area USBC
162SINGLES - Standard HcpArmstrong James L. 206725Gr Des Moines USBC
162SINGLES - Standard HcpJohnson Trent W. 482725Gr Des Moines USBC
162SINGLES - Standard HcpBeery Allen R. Jr12725Gr Des Moines USBC
168SINGLES - Standard HcpSteinmetz Lance R. 665724Gr Des Moines USBC
168SINGLES - Standard HcpBraun Christopher M. 218724Burlington Area USBC
168SINGLES - Standard HcpBlanchard Zachary J. 233724Atlantic USBC
168SINGLES - Standard HcpFowler Tyler 785724Iowa City USBC
168SINGLES - Standard HcpWells Nick L. 824724Boone County USBC
168SINGLES - Standard HcpDuncan Curtis L. 112724Ames Area USBC
168SINGLES - Standard HcpKnight Norman R. 535724Manning USBC
175SINGLES - Standard HcpNash Todd D. 180723Belmond USBC
175SINGLES - Standard HcpHicks Marlin M. 346723Waukon USBC
175SINGLES - Standard HcpSnitker Ryan A. 345723Waukon USBC
175SINGLES - Standard HcpHolford Tim D. 75723Burlington Area USBC
175SINGLES - Standard HcpDemmer Joshua J. 730723Dubuque Area USBC
180SINGLES - Standard HcpHingtgen Anthony J. 66722Dubuque Area USBC
180SINGLES - Standard HcpEagle Zacharie R. 331722Maquoketa USBC
180SINGLES - Standard HcpJohnson Jeremiah G. 97722Gr Des Moines USBC
180SINGLES - Standard HcpBlackwell Rodney 758722Cedar Rapids USBC
184SINGLES - Standard HcpRibbink Cathy J. 893721Muscatine USBC
184SINGLES - Standard HcpHarris David L. 562721Muscatine USBC
184SINGLES - Standard HcpMcDowell Klint 492721Sigourney USBC
187SINGLES - Standard HcpSchellhorn Donald A. 847720Gr Cedar Valley USBC
187SINGLES - Standard HcpHassman Randy L. 374720Gr Mason City USBC
187SINGLES - Standard HcpGladwell Ryan K. 896720Muscatine USBC
187SINGLES - Standard HcpKremenak Zach J. 410720Cedar Rapids USBC
187SINGLES - Standard HcpWahman Gregg D. Jr45720Stuart USBC
187SINGLES - Standard HcpFoster Rodney 684720Fort Dodge Area USBC
187SINGLES - Standard HcpHansen Mark D. 327720Maquoketa USBC
187SINGLES - Standard HcpPregler Jeff J. 67720Dubuque Area USBC
195SINGLES - Standard HcpBridgman Tom J. 284719Appanoose/Davis County USBC
195SINGLES - Standard HcpSlater Daniel M. 113719Gr Des Moines USBC
195SINGLES - Standard HcpRuddy Makenzie C. 849719Gr Cedar Valley USBC
195SINGLES - Standard HcpWessling Douglas A. 679719Ida Grove USBC
199SINGLES - Standard HcpGarrey Jack E. 15718Ames Area USBC
199SINGLES - Standard HcpSnodgrass Joshua M. 3718Ames Area USBC
199SINGLES - Standard HcpRitter Corey A. 11718Anamosa USBC
199SINGLES - Standard HcpPosey Jake M. 313718Gr Des Moines USBC
199SINGLES - Standard HcpStewart Darren L. 78718Burlington Area USBC
199SINGLES - Standard HcpHeacock Luke J. 467718Dubuque Area USBC
199SINGLES - Standard HcpFann Tony R. 323718Marshalltown Area USBC
206SINGLES - Standard HcpSilvestri David H. Jr439717Oelwein USBC
206SINGLES - Standard HcpLamb Doug C. 666717Gr Des Moines USBC
206SINGLES - Standard HcpWhite Colton C. 187717Gr Des Moines USBC
206SINGLES - Standard HcpVance Tony D. 131717Gr Des Moines USBC
206SINGLES - Standard HcpViers Lance A. 286717Cedar Rapids USBC
206SINGLES - Standard HcpSchumacher Tyler J. 544717Iowa City USBC
212SINGLES - Standard HcpWellington Kevin G. 262716Mt Pleasant USBC
212SINGLES - Standard HcpGrant Mike D. 530716Gr Des Moines USBC
212SINGLES - Standard HcpKane Joe D. 76716Burlington Area USBC
215SINGLES - Standard HcpKullen Joe 438715Oelwein USBC
215SINGLES - Standard HcpWatson Keith 697715Keokuk USBC
215SINGLES - Standard HcpLoving Roger L. 83715Gr Davenport Metro USBC
218SINGLES - Standard HcpRother Mke J. 672714Jasper County USBC
218SINGLES - Standard HcpThompson Amos L. 53714Keokuk USBC
218SINGLES - Standard HcpGage Logan G. 459714West Union USBC
218SINGLES - Standard HcpLankford Dick W. 207714Gr Des Moines USBC
218SINGLES - Standard HcpHolder Brittany N. 161714Council Bluffs USBC
218SINGLES - Standard HcpHangartner Austin B. 774714Monticello USBC
218SINGLES - Standard HcpCharland Joe A. 390714Dubuque Area USBC
225SINGLES - Standard HcpLatta James J. 826713Boone County USBC
225SINGLES - Standard HcpJunk James H. 889713Gr Cedar Valley USBC
225SINGLES - Standard HcpThompson Cory L. 116713Gr Des Moines USBC
225SINGLES - Standard HcpMeinders Tyler R. 56713Ottumwa Area USBC
229SINGLES - Standard HcpCerka David A. 212712Independence USBC
229SINGLES - Standard HcpSwank Eric E. 74712Burlington Area USBC
229SINGLES - Standard HcpRitchie Ryan D. 663712Gr Des Moines USBC
229SINGLES - Standard HcpHuffman Holden 493712Sigourney USBC
229SINGLES - Standard HcpTesch Quentin D. 551712Spencer USBC
229SINGLES - Standard HcpMiller Cory D. 378712Gr Mason City USBC
229SINGLES - Standard HcpMurray Brian L. 857712Gr Cedar Valley USBC
229SINGLES - Standard HcpEngelken Richard A. 379712Dubuque Area USBC
229SINGLES - Standard HcpBeichley Duane K. 42712Marshalltown Area USBC
238SINGLES - Standard HcpMclees Mike J. 897711Dubuque Area USBC
238SINGLES - Standard HcpStauffer Josh J. 265711Mt Pleasant USBC
238SINGLES - Standard HcpRuppe Jessie E. 183711Council Bluffs USBC
238SINGLES - Standard HcpTrue Eric 375711Gr Mason City USBC
238SINGLES - Standard HcpHockaday Scott 41711Ames Area USBC
238SINGLES - Standard HcpRau Tyler S. 754711Gr Mason City USBC
238SINGLES - Standard HcpFreeman Jason C. 891711Gr Cedar Valley USBC
238SINGLES - Standard HcpSnyder Alex M. 146711Cedar Rapids USBC
238SINGLES - Standard HcpCottrell Justin A. 768711Cedar Rapids USBC
238SINGLES - Standard HcpSchaefer Eric J. 170711Cedar Rapids USBC
238SINGLES - Standard HcpShondel Kevin J. 506711Appanoose/Davis County USBC
238SINGLES - Standard HcpFaust Thomas A. 210711Independence USBC
250SINGLES - Standard HcpNichols Darren S. 79710Burlington Area USBC
250SINGLES - Standard HcpReppert Lucas P. 353710Camanche USBC
250SINGLES - Standard HcpChrisinger Ryan D. 185710Gr Des Moines USBC
250SINGLES - Standard HcpSmith Charles R. 96710Gr Des Moines USBC
250SINGLES - Standard HcpChristensen Alex C. 547710Spencer USBC
250SINGLES - Standard HcpTotten Jesse L. 679710Ida Grove USBC
250SINGLES - Standard HcpMaurice Eric A. 160710Council Bluffs USBC
250SINGLES - Standard HcpRobinson Eddie J. III860710Gr Cedar Valley USBC
258SINGLES - Standard HcpChristoffersen Rick 233709Atlantic USBC
258SINGLES - Standard HcpJohnson James L. 841709Gr Cedar Valley USBC
258SINGLES - Standard HcpLynch Christofer D. 202709Gr Des Moines USBC
258SINGLES - Standard HcpStanton Richard T. 787709Gr Des Moines USBC
258SINGLES - Standard HcpJensen Glenn L. 609709Gr Davenport Metro USBC
258SINGLES - Standard HcpClick Gary L. Jr54709Ottumwa Area USBC
258SINGLES - Standard HcpDeRuiter Austin J. 324709Marshalltown Area USBC
265SINGLES - Standard HcpBillman Wade D. 198708Marshalltown Area USBC
265SINGLES - Standard HcpTomkins Matt J. 67708Dubuque Area USBC
265SINGLES - Standard HcpFisher Zachary A. 665708Gr Des Moines USBC
265SINGLES - Standard HcpStone Craig R. 191708Cedar Rapids USBC
265SINGLES - Standard HcpEly Sean T. 195708Cedar Rapids USBC
265SINGLES - Standard HcpSaunders Tony A. 102708Cedar Rapids USBC
265SINGLES - Standard HcpWay Darryl W. 160708Council Bluffs USBC
265SINGLES - Standard HcpKuntz Craig J. 63708Iowa City USBC
273SINGLES - Standard HcpWorkman Brett 89707North Lee County USBC
273SINGLES - Standard HcpNaber Randy 558707Muscatine USBC
273SINGLES - Standard HcpGifford Robert J. 517707Estherville USBC
273SINGLES - Standard HcpWulf Joseph E. 615707Greene County USBC
273SINGLES - Standard HcpPederson David J. 299707Cedar Rapids USBC
273SINGLES - Standard HcpStarr Andrew M. 365707Gr Des Moines USBC
273SINGLES - Standard HcpDammeier Kameron 329707Maquoketa USBC
273SINGLES - Standard HcpKern Brian L. 607707Gr Davenport Metro USBC
273SINGLES - Standard HcpBraga Emily K. 673707Jasper County USBC
273SINGLES - Standard HcpPetsch Joel J. 783707Dubuque Area USBC
283SINGLES - Standard HcpHefel Jeremy A. 899706Dubuque Area USBC
283SINGLES - Standard HcpKohl Kenneth J. 520706Dubuque Area USBC
283SINGLES - Standard HcpStanton Frank C. 72706Ottumwa Area USBC
283SINGLES - Standard HcpSchmidt Jonathan J. 754706Gr Mason City USBC
283SINGLES - Standard HcpReynolds Terry L. 742706Mt Pleasant USBC
288SINGLES - Standard HcpFranklin Elizabeth A. 265705Mt Pleasant USBC
288SINGLES - Standard HcpWarrington Austin H. 237705Iowa City USBC
288SINGLES - Standard HcpArbaugh Joseph 394705Ames Area USBC
288SINGLES - Standard HcpDaniels Craig T. 185705Gr Des Moines USBC
288SINGLES - Standard HcpBrown Chris P. 762705Gr Des Moines USBC
288SINGLES - Standard HcpHamersley Bruce A. 662705Gr Des Moines USBC
294SINGLES - Standard HcpSchreurs Thomas D. 273704Gr Des Moines USBC
294SINGLES - Standard HcpWalter Adam 118704Gr Des Moines USBC
294SINGLES - Standard HcpSchanbacher Brian A. 191704Cedar Rapids USBC
294SINGLES - Standard HcpPrather David C. 147704Cedar Rapids USBC
294SINGLES - Standard HcpHind Neki L. 214704Burlington Area USBC
294SINGLES - Standard HcpMast Eric 440704Oelwein USBC
294SINGLES - Standard HcpBoehmer Andrew G. 599704New Hampton USBC
294SINGLES - Standard HcpRobert Joshua J. 844704Gr Cedar Valley USBC
294SINGLES - Standard HcpEagle Wade W. 750704Muscatine USBC
303SINGLES - Standard HcpBodman Alan E. 556703Muscatine USBC
303SINGLES - Standard HcpSundberg Carl L. 514703Estherville USBC
303SINGLES - Standard HcpMarshall Dian K. 73703Burlington Area USBC
303SINGLES - Standard HcpSchminke Todd A. 5703Cedar Rapids USBC
303SINGLES - Standard HcpCollier Archie D. 23703Cedar Rapids USBC
303SINGLES - Standard HcpThammarath Vritie V. T310703Gr Des Moines USBC
303SINGLES - Standard HcpNefzger Jeffrey F. 430703West Delaware USBC
310SINGLES - Standard HcpVrba Jeff 418702Red Oak USBC
310SINGLES - Standard HcpChapman Jacob A. 501702Jasper County USBC
310SINGLES - Standard HcpJenkins Dan K. 33702Jasper County USBC
310SINGLES - Standard HcpJuchter Jeffrey T. 608702Gr Davenport Metro USBC
310SINGLES - Standard HcpVan Lenning Sam L. 618702Iowa Great Lakes USBC
315SINGLES - Standard HcpYork Kevin S. 810701Ames Area USBC
315SINGLES - Standard HcpHarwood Stacy A. 586701Guthrie County USBC
315SINGLES - Standard HcpHoll Chris H. 517701Estherville USBC
315SINGLES - Standard HcpFangman Abigail N. 850701Gr Cedar Valley USBC
315SINGLES - Standard HcpGenung Eric S. 644701Muscatine USBC
315SINGLES - Standard HcpWerkmeister Brian L. 860701Gr Cedar Valley USBC
315SINGLES - Standard HcpJochum Tim J. 338701Maquoketa USBC
315SINGLES - Standard HcpPossehl Mike 170701Cedar Rapids USBC
315SINGLES - Standard HcpNelson Philip 323701Marshalltown Area USBC
324SINGLES - Standard HcpHuber Dakota L. 140700Cedar Rapids USBC
324SINGLES - Standard HcpHaefner Payten J. 769700Cedar Rapids USBC
324SINGLES - Standard HcpRichardson Andy A. 1700Gr Des Moines USBC
324SINGLES - Standard HcpYanda Trevor B. 97700Gr Des Moines USBC
324SINGLES - Standard HcpFleming Daniel 418700Red Oak USBC
324SINGLES - Standard HcpFoley Jake L. 625700Carroll Area USBC
324SINGLES - Standard HcpWatkins-Schoenig Nile E. 834700Muscatine USBC
324SINGLES - Standard HcpLindstrom Kenneth T. 474700Council Bluffs USBC
324SINGLES - Standard HcpPiere Karl R. 119700Iowa City USBC
333SINGLES - Standard HcpMiller Jay S. 121699Gr Mason City USBC
333SINGLES - Standard HcpZeeryp Randy R. 200699Camanche USBC
333SINGLES - Standard HcpHaldeman Jeff M. 674699Jasper County USBC
333SINGLES - Standard HcpMcDermott Seth 477699Maquoketa USBC
333SINGLES - Standard HcpSchnoor David C. 330699Maquoketa USBC
333SINGLES - Standard HcpPenrod Billy M. 217699Burlington Area USBC
333SINGLES - Standard HcpFitzsimmons Roger K. 77699Burlington Area USBC
333SINGLES - Standard HcpVanHorn Rob W. 458699West Union USBC
341SINGLES - Standard HcpKenney Marc 253698Fort Dodge Area USBC
341SINGLES - Standard HcpBader Scott R. 701698Cedar Rapids USBC
341SINGLES - Standard HcpJohnson Robert O. 514698Estherville USBC
341SINGLES - Standard HcpWessel Joshua D. 225698Manning USBC
341SINGLES - Standard HcpMichels Robby D. 763698Bellevue USBC
341SINGLES - Standard HcpTurney Jeff A. 641698Bellevue USBC
341SINGLES - Standard HcpMorrison William L. 259698Mt Pleasant USBC
348SINGLES - Standard HcpMitchell Thomas E. 740697Ames Area USBC
348SINGLES - Standard HcpKent Eric A. 901697Cedar Rapids USBC
348SINGLES - Standard HcpMishler Nate A. 97697Gr Des Moines USBC
348SINGLES - Standard HcpWeaver Terry L. 694697Gr Des Moines USBC
348SINGLES - Standard HcpAldrich Jon C. 747697Gr Des Moines USBC
348SINGLES - Standard HcpYusko Darren A. 607697Gr Davenport Metro USBC
354SINGLES - Standard HcpMalloy Shawn R. 83696Gr Davenport Metro USBC
354SINGLES - Standard HcpLott Caleb E. 216696Burlington Area USBC
354SINGLES - Standard HcpClasen Louie L. 330696Maquoketa USBC
354SINGLES - Standard HcpBenjamin Gary L. 659696Gr Des Moines USBC
354SINGLES - Standard HcpJensen Matthew S. 169696Cedar Rapids USBC
354SINGLES - Standard HcpPatterson Tony L. 869696Gr Cedar Valley USBC
354SINGLES - Standard HcpMicou Michael D. Jr858696Gr Cedar Valley USBC
354SINGLES - Standard HcpBenesh Blane W. 6696Iowa City USBC
354SINGLES - Standard HcpSchwarting Christian A. 446696Iowa City USBC
354SINGLES - Standard HcpNosbisch Richard J. 485696Anamosa USBC
354SINGLES - Standard HcpFunk Cody A. 407696Tripoli USBC
354SINGLES - Standard HcpLenz Lucas M. 386696Dubuque Area USBC
354SINGLES - Standard HcpMaiers Luke M. 388696Dubuque Area USBC
367SINGLES - Standard HcpBunn Dan 450695Iowa City USBC
367SINGLES - Standard HcpGifford Jessie D. 17695Charles City USBC
367SINGLES - Standard HcpYauslin Darin G. 102695Cedar Rapids USBC
367SINGLES - Standard HcpAdams Michael P. 188695Gr Des Moines USBC
367SINGLES - Standard HcpMeisenburg Martin J. 339695Maquoketa USBC
367SINGLES - Standard HcpGreenstreet Kevin W. II58695Ottumwa Area USBC
367SINGLES - Standard HcpPalmer Danny L. 70695Ottumwa Area USBC
374SINGLES - Standard HcpElliott Travis D. 456694West Union USBC
374SINGLES - Standard HcpArndt Tyler 760694De Witt USBC
374SINGLES - Standard HcpDye Tony L. 695694Keokuk USBC
374SINGLES - Standard HcpBastow R. Keith 229694Gr Des Moines USBC
374SINGLES - Standard HcpSheridan Tim R. 658694Gr Des Moines USBC
374SINGLES - Standard HcpFisher Andrew L. 140694Cedar Rapids USBC
374SINGLES - Standard HcpCarlyle Brian R. 723694Fort Dodge Area USBC
374SINGLES - Standard HcpLawson Erik M. 788694Ames Area USBC
374SINGLES - Standard HcpTalbert Colton R. 236694Iowa City USBC
374SINGLES - Standard HcpMilder Keith W. 304694Muscatine USBC
384SINGLES - Standard HcpWitham Mike 293693Charles City USBC
384SINGLES - Standard HcpJensen Steven M. 426693Osage USBC
384SINGLES - Standard HcpHume Kevin J. 420693Cedar Rapids USBC
384SINGLES - Standard HcpTheisen Kevin T. 383693Dubuque Area USBC
388SINGLES - Standard HcpHancock Bob F. 390692Dubuque Area USBC
388SINGLES - Standard HcpReding Cory J. 520692Dubuque Area USBC
388SINGLES - Standard HcpObiedzinski Andy O. 301692Cedar Rapids USBC
388SINGLES - Standard HcpWhite Scott L. 13692Gr Des Moines USBC
388SINGLES - Standard HcpRamsdale Julie M. 414692Gr Davenport Metro USBC
388SINGLES - Standard HcpMoyers Adam B. 490692Burlington Area USBC
388SINGLES - Standard HcpHansen Travis L. 843692Gr Cedar Valley USBC
388SINGLES - Standard HcpSmith Bruce W. 846692Gr Cedar Valley USBC
388SINGLES - Standard HcpLindgren Tim R. 890692Gr Cedar Valley USBC
388SINGLES - Standard HcpHentges Gordie L. 545692Spencer USBC
398SINGLES - Standard HcpShowalter Christopher 892691Gr Cedar Valley USBC
398SINGLES - Standard HcpLarson Tim L. 516691Estherville USBC
398SINGLES - Standard HcpEllingson Mark R. 375691Gr Mason City USBC
398SINGLES - Standard HcpRook Jamie M. 772691Monticello USBC
398SINGLES - Standard HcpBriggs Scott K. 489691Burlington Area USBC
398SINGLES - Standard HcpMarks Trenton 114691Gr Des Moines USBC
398SINGLES - Standard HcpThilges David M. 732691Cedar Rapids USBC
398SINGLES - Standard HcpDepoorter Justin L. 149691Cedar Rapids USBC
398SINGLES - Standard HcpOlson Tony 684691Fort Dodge Area USBC
398SINGLES - Standard HcpUthoff Thomas B. 137691Cedar Rapids USBC
398SINGLES - Standard HcpCocayne Michael J. 899691Dubuque Area USBC
398SINGLES - Standard HcpKramer Grant M. 387691Dubuque Area USBC
410SINGLES - Standard HcpHaefner Kevin D. 769690Cedar Rapids USBC
410SINGLES - Standard HcpRinderspacher Ed 320690Iowa City USBC
410SINGLES - Standard HcpJackson Barry L. 832690Lenox USBC
410SINGLES - Standard HcpSchmidt Erik D. 293690Charles City USBC
414SINGLES - Standard HcpWoten Breanne L. 802689Oskaloosa USBC
414SINGLES - Standard HcpHofland Don A. 172689St Ansgar USBC
414SINGLES - Standard HcpFoubert Brian L. 494689Sigourney USBC
414SINGLES - Standard HcpClark Don L. 445689Iowa City USBC
414SINGLES - Standard HcpMcElmeel Nic E. 773689Monticello USBC
414SINGLES - Standard HcpHarris Samuel C. 561689Muscatine USBC
414SINGLES - Standard HcpSummers Todd S. 305689Cedar Rapids USBC
414SINGLES - Standard HcpShannon Nick M. 698689Independence USBC
422SINGLES - Standard HcpHarris John R. 417688Red Oak USBC
422SINGLES - Standard HcpFord Stephen G. 736688Gr Davenport Metro USBC
422SINGLES - Standard HcpMorse Wesley J. 737688Gr Davenport Metro USBC
422SINGLES - Standard HcpMc Intosh Scott A. 474688Council Bluffs USBC
422SINGLES - Standard HcpDresselhaus Mark 448688Iowa City USBC
422SINGLES - Standard HcpHeath Bryan J. 281688Greene County USBC
422SINGLES - Standard HcpAllen Matthew A. 224688Manning USBC
422SINGLES - Standard HcpRubel Monte A. 535688Manning USBC
422SINGLES - Standard HcpKruser John J. 759688Dubuque Area USBC
431SINGLES - Standard HcpEudaley Devin J. 464687Dubuque Area USBC
431SINGLES - Standard HcpKlimowski Kevin M. 888687Gr Cedar Valley USBC
431SINGLES - Standard HcpMcClellan Lucas A. 550687Spencer USBC
431SINGLES - Standard HcpBildstein Todd J. 244687Dyersville USBC
431SINGLES - Standard HcpFolkmann Jordan G. 147687Cedar Rapids USBC
431SINGLES - Standard HcpWatters Steve C. 194687Cedar Rapids USBC
431SINGLES - Standard HcpGardemann Tristin T. 411687Cedar Rapids USBC
431SINGLES - Standard HcpEllingson Dan L. 314687Gr Des Moines USBC
439SINGLES - Standard HcpVan Pelt Tyson A. 118686Gr Des Moines USBC
439SINGLES - Standard HcpDostal Bob J. 109686Cedar Rapids USBC
439SINGLES - Standard HcpSpringmier Erik L. 599686New Hampton USBC
439SINGLES - Standard HcpChavez Justin 57686Ottumwa Area USBC
439SINGLES - Standard HcpPullen Ethan B. 75686Burlington Area USBC
439SINGLES - Standard HcpTeff Rob G. Jr788686Ames Area USBC
439SINGLES - Standard HcpBrink Gerald G. 340686Waukon USBC
439SINGLES - Standard HcpConner Michael V. 290686Dubuque Area USBC
439SINGLES - Standard HcpWright Antonio 430686West Delaware USBC
448SINGLES - Standard HcpFranz Jeffrey A. 449685Iowa City USBC
448SINGLES - Standard HcpArndt Chad L. 528685Gr Mason City USBC
448SINGLES - Standard HcpSolomon Dylan J. 294685Charles City USBC
448SINGLES - Standard HcpWhite Steve J. 496685Sigourney USBC
448SINGLES - Standard HcpMiller Michael L. 617685Greene County USBC
448SINGLES - Standard HcpDoyle William B. 220685Burlington Area USBC
448SINGLES - Standard HcpCorey Justin 649685Cedar Rapids USBC
448SINGLES - Standard HcpGrimm Daniel L. 296685Cedar Rapids USBC
448SINGLES - Standard HcpCoffman Gary W. 117685Gr Des Moines USBC
448SINGLES - Standard HcpMorrison Marty W. 204685Gr Des Moines USBC
458SINGLES - Standard HcpLasher Susie C. 204684Gr Des Moines USBC
458SINGLES - Standard HcpJanssen Mat D. 498684Gr Des Moines USBC
458SINGLES - Standard HcpParsons Larry D. Jr634684Gr Des Moines USBC
458SINGLES - Standard HcpWarrior Ryan J. 47684Stuart USBC
458SINGLES - Standard HcpOakes Bryce J. 696684Keokuk USBC
458SINGLES - Standard HcpPowers Andrew D. 168684St Ansgar USBC
458SINGLES - Standard HcpSwank Christin E. 565684Muscatine USBC
458SINGLES - Standard HcpGraham Logan M. 857684Gr Cedar Valley USBC
458SINGLES - Standard HcpBirch Kevin M. 462684Dubuque Area USBC
467SINGLES - Standard HcpTies Charlie W. Jr289683Dubuque Area USBC
467SINGLES - Standard HcpEngelken Tyler D. 379683Dubuque Area USBC
467SINGLES - Standard HcpDowning Dan 104683Decorah USBC
467SINGLES - Standard HcpBuck Aaron 538683Manning USBC
467SINGLES - Standard HcpSurber Auston 879683Gr Cedar Valley USBC
467SINGLES - Standard HcpEwing Ivan 75683Burlington Area USBC
467SINGLES - Standard HcpFulton John J. 138683Cedar Rapids USBC
467SINGLES - Standard HcpTwitchell John R. 155683Gr Des Moines USBC
475SINGLES - Standard HcpDreckman Chad J. 657682Gr Des Moines USBC
475SINGLES - Standard HcpBrott Travis D. 117682Gr Des Moines USBC
475SINGLES - Standard HcpPote Chad R. 44682Stuart USBC
475SINGLES - Standard HcpRandall Mark A. 4682Cedar Rapids USBC
475SINGLES - Standard HcpMoore Jeff D. 201682Camanche USBC
475SINGLES - Standard HcpCoppinger Chad A. 81682Gr Davenport Metro USBC
475SINGLES - Standard HcpEddy Dennis B. 101682Greenfield USBC
475SINGLES - Standard HcpSwenson Chad A. 135682Ames Area USBC
475SINGLES - Standard HcpCryder Robert L. 15682Ames Area USBC
475SINGLES - Standard HcpStanton Kenneth R. 525682Monticello USBC
485SINGLES - Standard HcpSchulz Skylar N. 184681Council Bluffs USBC
485SINGLES - Standard HcpLucht Dale A. 513681Estherville USBC
485SINGLES - Standard HcpWaugh Doug L. 328681Maquoketa USBC
485SINGLES - Standard HcpBingham Ronald R. 19681Pella USBC
485SINGLES - Standard HcpRempt Dave J. Sr743681Cedar Rapids USBC
485SINGLES - Standard HcpSander Douglas R. 202681Gr Des Moines USBC
491SINGLES - Standard HcpFaux Jody L. 499680Gr Des Moines USBC
491SINGLES - Standard HcpOwens Matthew R. 195680Cedar Rapids USBC
491SINGLES - Standard HcpEwing Justin H. 75680Burlington Area USBC
491SINGLES - Standard HcpBrown Matt R. 625680Carroll Area USBC
491SINGLES - Standard HcpCornelius Kyle L. 625680Carroll Area USBC
491SINGLES - Standard HcpSchleininger Ken 514680Estherville USBC
491SINGLES - Standard HcpDiercks David F. 17680Charles City USBC
491SINGLES - Standard HcpThesing Tyler J. 343680Waukon USBC
491SINGLES - Standard HcpKukral Robert J. 408680Tripoli USBC
491SINGLES - Standard HcpSchumacher Aaron W. 469680Dubuque Area USBC
491SINGLES - Standard HcpSchatzman John B. III199680Marshalltown Area USBC
502SINGLES - Standard HcpDavid Jeff S. 344679Waukon USBC
502SINGLES - Standard HcpWeiss Michael D. 422679Iowa City USBC
502SINGLES - Standard HcpBruck Darren M. 583679Manning USBC
502SINGLES - Standard HcpDanner Dylon 127679Sigourney USBC
502SINGLES - Standard HcpBurgett Glen A. 613679Jasper County USBC
502SINGLES - Standard HcpShelton Stephen D. 703679Gr Des Moines USBC
508SINGLES - Standard HcpEvans Jason T. 793678Gr Des Moines USBC
508SINGLES - Standard HcpIngwersen Ken L. 499678Gr Des Moines USBC
508SINGLES - Standard HcpBenshoof Jesse L. 231678Gr Des Moines USBC
508SINGLES - Standard HcpCook Todd M. 306678Gr Davenport Metro USBC
508SINGLES - Standard HcpShepherd David E. 725678Clinton USBC
508SINGLES - Standard HcpClark Roger 493678Sigourney USBC
508SINGLES - Standard HcpShoafstall Spencer M. 778678Gr Mason City USBC
508SINGLES - Standard HcpMorris Jonathan 714678Council Bluffs USBC
508SINGLES - Standard HcpMortimer Steven L. 713678Council Bluffs USBC
517SINGLES - Standard HcpSlater Connor J. 113677Gr Des Moines USBC
517SINGLES - Standard HcpPierce Justin D. 419677Cedar Rapids USBC
517SINGLES - Standard HcpMarion Chad R. 109677Cedar Rapids USBC
517SINGLES - Standard HcpWelter Allen L. 333677Dubuque Area USBC
521SINGLES - Standard HcpHerzog John B. 738676Dubuque Area USBC
521SINGLES - Standard HcpKlostermann Logan M. 465676Dubuque Area USBC
521SINGLES - Standard HcpMoorman Tadd M. 434676West Delaware USBC
521SINGLES - Standard HcpForgy Matt J. 113676Gr Des Moines USBC
521SINGLES - Standard HcpEhlers Tony J. 328676Maquoketa USBC
521SINGLES - Standard HcpStewart Tanner J. 439676Oelwein USBC
521SINGLES - Standard HcpWilladsen Todd P. 602676New Hampton USBC
521SINGLES - Standard HcpNewell Brandon W. 620676Ames Area USBC
521SINGLES - Standard HcpSchriever Chad D. 293676Charles City USBC
521SINGLES - Standard HcpPendegraft Ronald E. 479676Creston USBC
521SINGLES - Standard HcpWikert Matthew M. 302676Grundy Center USBC
532SINGLES - Standard HcpNewman Dale H. Jr678675Ida Grove USBC
532SINGLES - Standard HcpKeiper Jayson A. 180675Belmond USBC
532SINGLES - Standard HcpBronemann Brian J. 777675Monticello USBC
532SINGLES - Standard HcpBehrends Quinn S. 774675Monticello USBC
532SINGLES - Standard HcpGates Carl E. 25675Council Bluffs USBC
532SINGLES - Standard HcpFord Jesse J. 497675Muscatine USBC
532SINGLES - Standard HcpSeabold Adam A. 696675Keokuk USBC
532SINGLES - Standard HcpFarrier Jason M. 48675Clinton USBC
532SINGLES - Standard HcpMarshall Gerry G. 73675Burlington Area USBC
532SINGLES - Standard HcpWilhelm Ted B. 765675Gr Des Moines USBC
532SINGLES - Standard HcpParsons Forrest G. Sr634675Gr Des Moines USBC
532SINGLES - Standard HcpSmith Bryce A. 115675Gr Des Moines USBC
532SINGLES - Standard HcpPeper Lon G. 108675Cedar Rapids USBC
532SINGLES - Standard HcpLemon John 279675Cedar Rapids USBC
532SINGLES - Standard HcpUmsted Mark D. 68675Fort Dodge Area USBC
532SINGLES - Standard HcpHempstead Mark A. 433675West Delaware USBC
532SINGLES - Standard HcpBoone Terry L. 321675Marshalltown Area USBC
549SINGLES - Standard HcpPearl Nick A. 253674Fort Dodge Area USBC
549SINGLES - Standard HcpGerrard Keegan D. 255674Fort Dodge Area USBC
549SINGLES - Standard HcpFredericks Brian L. 369674Fort Dodge Area USBC
549SINGLES - Standard HcpKane Scott A. 86674Cedar Rapids USBC
549SINGLES - Standard HcpBogle Bruce A. 686674Gr Des Moines USBC
549SINGLES - Standard HcpSeibert Eric S. 903674Pella USBC
549SINGLES - Standard HcpGibson Jason 335674Maquoketa USBC
549SINGLES - Standard HcpBurke Chuck W. 603674New Hampton USBC
549SINGLES - Standard HcpMikkelson Ethan L. 480674Gr Siouxland USBC
549SINGLES - Standard HcpWayman James E. IV161674Council Bluffs USBC
549SINGLES - Standard HcpWitham Tom J. 373674Gr Mason City USBC
549SINGLES - Standard HcpEsch Samuel A. 767674Ames Area USBC
549SINGLES - Standard HcpErickson Angela R. 850674Gr Cedar Valley USBC
562SINGLES - Standard HcpTrecker Bill J. 536673Manning USBC
562SINGLES - Standard HcpShannon James M. 234673Atlantic USBC
562SINGLES - Standard HcpMcAllister Randy T. 245673Dyersville USBC
562SINGLES - Standard HcpWeber Ben 438673Oelwein USBC
562SINGLES - Standard HcpBuckner Chris D. 101673Greenfield USBC
562SINGLES - Standard HcpLouis Doug G. Jr660673Gr Des Moines USBC
562SINGLES - Standard HcpMc Bride Richard R. 147673Cedar Rapids USBC
569SINGLES - Standard HcpDavis Greg T. 370672Fort Dodge Area USBC
569SINGLES - Standard HcpSimon Kevin M. 482672Gr Des Moines USBC
569SINGLES - Standard HcpChamberlain Justin D. 309672Gr Des Moines USBC
569SINGLES - Standard HcpHeim John J. 414672Gr Davenport Metro USBC
569SINGLES - Standard HcpChapman Charlie 443672Oelwein USBC
569SINGLES - Standard HcpArnold Bill 53672Keokuk USBC
569SINGLES - Standard HcpVonderLieth Kenneth L. 38672Gr Siouxland USBC
569SINGLES - Standard HcpBrockman Tony 535672Manning USBC
569SINGLES - Standard HcpGreimann Donald W. 578672Gr Mason City USBC
578SINGLES - Standard HcpFolsom Delayne 38671Gr Siouxland USBC
578SINGLES - Standard HcpBemiss Graig T. 443671Oelwein USBC
578SINGLES - Standard HcpWilbanks Payton M. 56671Ottumwa Area USBC
578SINGLES - Standard HcpReyes Raymond P. 80671Burlington Area USBC
578SINGLES - Standard HcpAdkins Alan V. 188671Gr Des Moines USBC
578SINGLES - Standard HcpBries Brian C. 152671Cedar Rapids USBC
578SINGLES - Standard HcpHubble Ryan 702671Cedar Rapids USBC
578SINGLES - Standard HcpWheeler Scott A. 420671Cedar Rapids USBC
578SINGLES - Standard HcpLeach Cody J. 464671Dubuque Area USBC
587SINGLES - Standard HcpDannen Aaron W. 322670Marshalltown Area USBC
587SINGLES - Standard HcpBoots David R. 511670Cedar Rapids USBC
587SINGLES - Standard HcpHotek Zachary W. 131670Gr Des Moines USBC
587SINGLES - Standard HcpThole Luke A. 336670Maquoketa USBC
587SINGLES - Standard HcpVander Heiden Gary L. 903670Pella USBC
587SINGLES - Standard HcpKooi Steve J. 200670Camanche USBC
587SINGLES - Standard HcpBrown Larry W. Jr893670Muscatine USBC
587SINGLES - Standard HcpMacLearn Brian L. 861670Gr Cedar Valley USBC
587SINGLES - Standard HcpAlderson Scott W. 495670Sigourney USBC
596SINGLES - Standard HcpCraun Denny 844669Gr Cedar Valley USBC
596SINGLES - Standard HcpSommerla Cary L. 484669Council Bluffs USBC
596SINGLES - Standard HcpStuekerjuergen Greg 87669North Lee County USBC
596SINGLES - Standard HcpWilbanks Duane V. 57669Ottumwa Area USBC
596SINGLES - Standard HcpCross Robert L. 662669Gr Des Moines USBC
596SINGLES - Standard HcpKurtz Johnny S. 155669Gr Des Moines USBC
596SINGLES - Standard HcpGragg Christopher D. 203669Gr Des Moines USBC
596SINGLES - Standard HcpPoldervaart Ronald L. 68669Fort Dodge Area USBC
596SINGLES - Standard HcpKey Timothy A. 289669Dubuque Area USBC
605SINGLES - Standard HcpWisecup Kala 254668Fort Dodge Area USBC
605SINGLES - Standard HcpBarnes Michael A. 152668Cedar Rapids USBC
605SINGLES - Standard HcpKelso Chuck P. 747668Gr Des Moines USBC
605SINGLES - Standard HcpRuchti Tony J. 797668Gr Des Moines USBC
605SINGLES - Standard HcpWilke Jeff D. 48668Clinton USBC
605SINGLES - Standard HcpApplegate Michael J. 74668Burlington Area USBC
605SINGLES - Standard HcpMorgan Jamie R. 521668Independence USBC
605SINGLES - Standard HcpCarson Scott D. 416668Gr Davenport Metro USBC
605SINGLES - Standard HcpVan Wey Dan P. 345668Waukon USBC
605SINGLES - Standard HcpNewhard Mason J. 775668Monticello USBC
605SINGLES - Standard HcpPowell Chase A. 896668Muscatine USBC
605SINGLES - Standard HcpLunning Marcus 122668Gr Mason City USBC
617SINGLES - Standard HcpMorgan Aadam J. 812667Ames Area USBC
617SINGLES - Standard HcpWiezorek Scott R. 178667Belmond USBC
617SINGLES - Standard HcpStolba Shannon L. 497667Muscatine USBC
617SINGLES - Standard HcpCappiello Tim J. 399667Tripoli USBC
617SINGLES - Standard HcpSmith Terry A. 400667Tripoli USBC
617SINGLES - Standard HcpOder Tyler J. 92667Gr Des Moines USBC
617SINGLES - Standard HcpWagner Blair A. 132667Gr Des Moines USBC
617SINGLES - Standard HcpBowlin Greg A. 685667Gr Des Moines USBC
617SINGLES - Standard HcpGardner Tony P. 50667Gr Des Moines USBC
617SINGLES - Standard HcpKent Dwayne A. 901667Cedar Rapids USBC
617SINGLES - Standard HcpSmeins Duncan C. 170667Cedar Rapids USBC
617SINGLES - Standard HcpWilder Donald E. Jr540667Marshalltown Area USBC
629SINGLES - Standard HcpRodriguez Salvador 195666Cedar Rapids USBC
629SINGLES - Standard HcpVan Wyhe Ken L. 39666Red Oak USBC
629SINGLES - Standard HcpThill Dan R. 18666Pella USBC
629SINGLES - Standard HcpPeitz Nick 87666North Lee County USBC
629SINGLES - Standard HcpIrwin Mark D. 561666Muscatine USBC
629SINGLES - Standard HcpBrown Steve 378666Gr Mason City USBC
629SINGLES - Standard HcpHoffmann Gary A. 778666Gr Mason City USBC
629SINGLES - Standard HcpPint Jerry L. 839666Gr Cedar Valley USBC
629SINGLES - Standard HcpBerger William J. 568666Greene County USBC
638SINGLES - Standard HcpHoelscher Lonnie L. 578665Gr Mason City USBC
638SINGLES - Standard HcpGoreham David P. 566665Muscatine USBC
638SINGLES - Standard HcpEckhoff Jonathon J. 544665Iowa City USBC
638SINGLES - Standard HcpFisher Mike D. 500665Clinton USBC
638SINGLES - Standard HcpMarshall Jerran C. 73665Burlington Area USBC
638SINGLES - Standard HcpSoy Scott M. 728665Gr Davenport Metro USBC
638SINGLES - Standard HcpMeinsma Tom A. 819665Camanche USBC
638SINGLES - Standard HcpNichols Rod 52665Keokuk USBC
638SINGLES - Standard HcpKramer Timothy M. 625665Carroll Area USBC
638SINGLES - Standard HcpGrimm Jerry W. 144665Cedar Rapids USBC
638SINGLES - Standard HcpHesse Cheyne R. 705665Gr Des Moines USBC
638SINGLES - Standard HcpStarcevic Ryan J. 705665Gr Des Moines USBC
638SINGLES - Standard HcpUrbain Bill D. 380665Dubuque Area USBC
651SINGLES - Standard HcpGates Justin A. 65664Dubuque Area USBC
651SINGLES - Standard HcpHicks Terry L. 664664Gr Des Moines USBC
651SINGLES - Standard HcpMedearis Baden T. 308664Gr Des Moines USBC
651SINGLES - Standard HcpPearson Andy L. 279664Cedar Rapids USBC
651SINGLES - Standard HcpUthoff Elizabeth M. 142664Cedar Rapids USBC
651SINGLES - Standard HcpLeyse Kelly J. 22664Cedar Rapids USBC
651SINGLES - Standard HcpAye Travis J. 625664Carroll Area USBC
651SINGLES - Standard HcpArnold Todd M. 252664Dyersville USBC
651SINGLES - Standard HcpBenson Tharin M. 346664Waukon USBC
651SINGLES - Standard HcpPaulsen Matt R. 679664Ida Grove USBC
651SINGLES - Standard HcpGoettsch Ryan L. 675664Ida Grove USBC
662SINGLES - Standard HcpIverson Trace A. 515663Estherville USBC
662SINGLES - Standard HcpCecil Mike R. 644663Muscatine USBC
662SINGLES - Standard HcpEagleburger Dewayne K. 526663Monticello USBC
662SINGLES - Standard HcpHonts Greg P. 246663Dyersville USBC
662SINGLES - Standard HcpGonzalez Jason O. 521663Independence USBC
662SINGLES - Standard HcpBates Brian J. 57663Ottumwa Area USBC
662SINGLES - Standard HcpBlackwell Robby 758663Cedar Rapids USBC
662SINGLES - Standard HcpFoster Matthew L. 255663Fort Dodge Area USBC
662SINGLES - Standard HcpGraves Zachary G. 666663Gr Des Moines USBC
662SINGLES - Standard HcpSander Christopher 202663Gr Des Moines USBC
662SINGLES - Standard HcpWear Don D. 50663Gr Des Moines USBC
662SINGLES - Standard HcpHougham Ryan A. 117663Gr Des Moines USBC
662SINGLES - Standard HcpCalkins Kenneth G. Jr94663Gr Des Moines USBC
675SINGLES - Standard HcpMunson Roger A. 91662Gr Des Moines USBC
675SINGLES - Standard HcpHaar Larry D. 314662Gr Des Moines USBC
675SINGLES - Standard HcpStanton Brenton E. Sr362662Gr Des Moines USBC
675SINGLES - Standard HcpDouglass Eric 720662Fort Dodge Area USBC
675SINGLES - Standard HcpSapp Matt 52662Keokuk USBC
675SINGLES - Standard HcpVickroy Mike L. 34662Jasper County USBC
675SINGLES - Standard HcpJorgensen John R. 481662Gr Siouxland USBC
675SINGLES - Standard HcpAdams Cole 849662Gr Cedar Valley USBC
675SINGLES - Standard HcpWillis Kyle P. 875662Gr Cedar Valley USBC
675SINGLES - Standard HcpWessel Dana J. 679662Ida Grove USBC
675SINGLES - Standard HcpSann Dwight A. 178662Belmond USBC
675SINGLES - Standard HcpAllen James M. 121662Gr Mason City USBC
675SINGLES - Standard HcpTheisen Ben E. 382662Dubuque Area USBC
688SINGLES - Standard HcpLeach Corey 463661Dubuque Area USBC
688SINGLES - Standard HcpMarbach Jerry J. 436661West Delaware USBC
688SINGLES - Standard HcpPalmer Adam L. 502661Gr Mason City USBC
688SINGLES - Standard HcpJones Gregory A. 133661Gr Mason City USBC
688SINGLES - Standard HcpRief Kevin 224661Manning USBC
688SINGLES - Standard HcpMoore Larry L. 281661Greene County USBC
688SINGLES - Standard HcpNichols Dalton W. 260661Mt Pleasant USBC
688SINGLES - Standard HcpFunk Caeden M. 407661Tripoli USBC
688SINGLES - Standard HcpPetersen Keith R. 242661Gr Davenport Metro USBC
688SINGLES - Standard HcpKramer Jerry N. 780661Humboldt Iowa USBC
688SINGLES - Standard HcpSteffensmeier Scott J. 248661Dyersville USBC
688SINGLES - Standard HcpJohnson Justin T. 56661Ottumwa Area USBC
688SINGLES - Standard HcpIngalls Jacob A. 22661Cedar Rapids USBC
688SINGLES - Standard HcpJohnson Nate M. 531661Gr Des Moines USBC
702SINGLES - Standard HcpHennick Mike B. Sr311660Gr Des Moines USBC
702SINGLES - Standard HcpGlover Glen A. 694660Gr Des Moines USBC
702SINGLES - Standard HcpGrismore Nathan A. 97660Gr Des Moines USBC
702SINGLES - Standard HcpWhite Justin D. 511660Cedar Rapids USBC
702SINGLES - Standard HcpBoyd Lonnie 607660Gr Davenport Metro USBC
702SINGLES - Standard HcpWaffle Doug K. 183660Council Bluffs USBC
702SINGLES - Standard HcpMayer John D. 171660St Ansgar USBC
702SINGLES - Standard HcpJewell Brandon 513660Estherville USBC
702SINGLES - Standard HcpHember Jay M. 548660Spencer USBC
702SINGLES - Standard HcpLong Gary A. 586660Guthrie County USBC
702SINGLES - Standard HcpSchoep Arden J. 15660Ames Area USBC
702SINGLES - Standard HcpCrees Mike L. 512660Estherville USBC
702SINGLES - Standard HcpJohnson James D. 638660Dubuque Area USBC
715SINGLES - Standard HcpStedman Dan A. 653659Dubuque Area USBC
715SINGLES - Standard HcpWiggins Willie V. 463659Dubuque Area USBC
715SINGLES - Standard HcpRook Bruce M. 198659Marshalltown Area USBC
715SINGLES - Standard HcpArduser Drew D. 774659Monticello USBC
715SINGLES - Standard HcpEnnenga Jason R. 867659Gr Cedar Valley USBC
715SINGLES - Standard HcpMain Wiley 831659Lenox USBC
715SINGLES - Standard HcpReid Cory P. 28659Iowa City USBC
715SINGLES - Standard HcpJensen Tim K. 485659Anamosa USBC
715SINGLES - Standard HcpSchneider Tad C. 605659New Hampton USBC
715SINGLES - Standard HcpBranchcomb Al 317659Gr Des Moines USBC
725SINGLES - Standard HcpErps Andrew J. 1658Gr Des Moines USBC
725SINGLES - Standard HcpEggerss Robert P. 531658Gr Des Moines USBC
725SINGLES - Standard HcpVan Pelt Steven C. 118658Gr Des Moines USBC
725SINGLES - Standard HcpGraves Ethan Z. 255658Fort Dodge Area USBC
725SINGLES - Standard HcpHenderson Jeff L. 46658Stuart USBC
725SINGLES - Standard HcpEdwards Keith E. 242658Gr Davenport Metro USBC
725SINGLES - Standard HcpMichels Tyler A. 500658Clinton USBC
725SINGLES - Standard HcpBumgardner Brett D. 456658West Union USBC
725SINGLES - Standard HcpEly Laurel L. 6658Iowa City USBC
725SINGLES - Standard HcpAlbers Todd K. 861658Gr Cedar Valley USBC
725SINGLES - Standard HcpWilliams Terry L. 848658Gr Cedar Valley USBC
725SINGLES - Standard HcpScholten Ray 829658Sanborn USBC
725SINGLES - Standard HcpBeichley Brent R. 42658Marshalltown Area USBC
738SINGLES - Standard HcpElliott Craig S. 41657Ames Area USBC
738SINGLES - Standard HcpLong Chris 585657Guthrie County USBC
738SINGLES - Standard HcpClayton Jason S. 422657Iowa City USBC
738SINGLES - Standard HcpLowary Mike D. 489657Burlington Area USBC
738SINGLES - Standard HcpShannon Michael S. 220657Burlington Area USBC
738SINGLES - Standard HcpKammerer Tim L. 417657Red Oak USBC
738SINGLES - Standard HcpWernick Brian P. 200657Camanche USBC
738SINGLES - Standard HcpPhillips Greg 231657Gr Des Moines USBC
738SINGLES - Standard HcpJacobsen Harry R. 634657Gr Des Moines USBC
738SINGLES - Standard HcpGreenwood Russ E. 229657Gr Des Moines USBC
748SINGLES - Standard HcpBrown Donald Butch R. 498656Gr Des Moines USBC
748SINGLES - Standard HcpMoore Kevin M. 94656Gr Des Moines USBC
748SINGLES - Standard HcpSturtz Wayne A. 46656Stuart USBC
748SINGLES - Standard HcpRouse Rayce 298656Cedar Rapids USBC
748SINGLES - Standard HcpCunningham Kenneth R. 607656Gr Davenport Metro USBC
748SINGLES - Standard HcpWax John R. 501656Jasper County USBC
748SINGLES - Standard HcpRiggen Michael T. 903656Pella USBC
748SINGLES - Standard HcpHolliday Dustin R. 750656Muscatine USBC
748SINGLES - Standard HcpPospisal Andrew L. 795656Ames Area USBC
748SINGLES - Standard HcpEischeid Frank G. 536656Manning USBC
758SINGLES - Standard HcpOlson Tyler J. 40655Ames Area USBC
758SINGLES - Standard HcpPayne Thomas L. 134655Gr Mason City USBC
758SINGLES - Standard HcpOswald Paul J. 881655Monticello USBC
758SINGLES - Standard HcpPowers Gary R. 27655Council Bluffs USBC
758SINGLES - Standard HcpMedearis Hal K. 26655Council Bluffs USBC
758SINGLES - Standard HcpGraham Patrick D. 689655Ottumwa Area USBC
758SINGLES - Standard HcpKelso Michael E. 76655Burlington Area USBC
758SINGLES - Standard HcpNelson Bret J. 712655Cedar Rapids USBC
766SINGLES - Standard HcpCaspers Brett A. 712654Cedar Rapids USBC
766SINGLES - Standard HcpTerranova Logan D. 190654Fort Dodge Area USBC
766SINGLES - Standard HcpMoyer Kelly L. 299654Cedar Rapids USBC
766SINGLES - Standard HcpPentico Ronald G. 186654Gr Des Moines USBC
766SINGLES - Standard HcpBryan Gary 662654Gr Des Moines USBC
766SINGLES - Standard HcpNyenhuis Chris M. 242654Gr Davenport Metro USBC
766SINGLES - Standard HcpGwennap Kenneth D. 473654Council Bluffs USBC
766SINGLES - Standard HcpKuntz Derek E. 525654Monticello USBC
766SINGLES - Standard HcpHansen Kevin J. 847654Gr Cedar Valley USBC
766SINGLES - Standard HcpGalle Brian G. 67654Dubuque Area USBC
776SINGLES - Standard HcpHedrick Casey T. 726653Dubuque Area USBC
776SINGLES - Standard HcpWeber Randall C. 639653Bellevue USBC
776SINGLES - Standard HcpBushore Alexandra M. 767653Ames Area USBC
776SINGLES - Standard HcpSmith Steve J. 513653Estherville USBC
776SINGLES - Standard HcpMeyer Bernie M. 515653Estherville USBC
776SINGLES - Standard HcpRousselow Aaron D. 888653Gr Cedar Valley USBC
776SINGLES - Standard HcpDubois Adam M. 903653Pella USBC
776SINGLES - Standard HcpMathes Haley J. 660653Gr Des Moines USBC
776SINGLES - Standard HcpSheets Zachary S. 255653Fort Dodge Area USBC
776SINGLES - Standard HcpAshbrook Russ A. 367653Fort Dodge Area USBC
786SINGLES - Standard HcpSackett Kirk E. 797652Gr Des Moines USBC
786SINGLES - Standard HcpKedley Jacob M. 239652Gr Davenport Metro USBC
786SINGLES - Standard HcpWoerdehoff James A. SR243652Gr Davenport Metro USBC
786SINGLES - Standard HcpRingier Cory A. 736652Gr Davenport Metro USBC
786SINGLES - Standard HcpRiesberg Eunice L. 688652Grundy Center USBC
786SINGLES - Standard HcpBaines Dillon P. 618652Iowa Great Lakes USBC
786SINGLES - Standard HcpBoone Thomas D. 778652Gr Mason City USBC
786SINGLES - Standard HcpLewis Timothy C. 756652Gr Mason City USBC
786SINGLES - Standard HcpRiddle Chris M. Sr63652Iowa City USBC
795SINGLES - Standard HcpFrye Mark S. 644651Muscatine USBC
795SINGLES - Standard HcpZenkovich Patrick J. 548651Spencer USBC
795SINGLES - Standard HcpKonen Mickey P. 131651Gr Des Moines USBC
795SINGLES - Standard HcpWatson James P. 308651Gr Des Moines USBC
795SINGLES - Standard HcpWalker Kelsey C. 316651Gr Des Moines USBC
795SINGLES - Standard HcpMitchell Trelys H. Jr148651Cedar Rapids USBC
795SINGLES - Standard HcpSwanson Mark A. 540651Marshalltown Area USBC
802SINGLES - Standard HcpVogt Cameron J. 196650Cedar Rapids USBC
802SINGLES - Standard HcpMeyers Larry D. 683650Fort Dodge Area USBC
802SINGLES - Standard HcpSchulze Dennis E. 144650Cedar Rapids USBC
802SINGLES - Standard HcpLewis Jerome T. 655650Gr Des Moines USBC
802SINGLES - Standard HcpBeck Brandon R. 633650Gr Des Moines USBC
802SINGLES - Standard HcpHoughton Glenn L. Jr91650Gr Des Moines USBC
802SINGLES - Standard HcpBebout Justin S. 243650Gr Davenport Metro USBC
802SINGLES - Standard HcpWilke Petra 48650Clinton USBC
802SINGLES - Standard HcpDavison Joel R. 327650Maquoketa USBC
802SINGLES - Standard HcpRoloff Brent R. 14650Independence USBC
802SINGLES - Standard HcpMallon Lonnie L. 889650Gr Cedar Valley USBC
802SINGLES - Standard HcpSealine Douglas D. 824650Boone County USBC
802SINGLES - Standard HcpHeick Dalton P. 421650Iowa City USBC
802SINGLES - Standard HcpPieper Erin N. 445650Iowa City USBC
816SINGLES - Standard HcpDoy Nick J. 557649Muscatine USBC
816SINGLES - Standard HcpJessup Steven M. 687649Grundy Center USBC
816SINGLES - Standard HcpCheers Alexander B. 478649Creston USBC
816SINGLES - Standard HcpSteffen Tom J. 601649New Hampton USBC
816SINGLES - Standard HcpBackus Mark L. 530649Gr Des Moines USBC
816SINGLES - Standard HcpHarrison Terry W. 45649Stuart USBC
816SINGLES - Standard HcpFuller Bill J. 279649Cedar Rapids USBC
823SINGLES - Standard HcpKinrade Scott M. 511648Cedar Rapids USBC
823SINGLES - Standard HcpShaull Curtis A. 150648Cedar Rapids USBC
823SINGLES - Standard HcpKelly Ian M. 781648Cedar Rapids USBC
823SINGLES - Standard HcpDilks W. Bryan 685648Gr Des Moines USBC
823SINGLES - Standard HcpFenner Clarence S. 317648Gr Des Moines USBC
823SINGLES - Standard HcpBlough Jeff 498648Gr Des Moines USBC
823SINGLES - Standard HcpDixon David C. 214648Burlington Area USBC
823SINGLES - Standard HcpBoysen Ross H. 800648Forest City USBC
823SINGLES - Standard HcpBoege Nathan 428648Grundy Center USBC
823SINGLES - Standard HcpJump Gregory N. 856648Gr Cedar Valley USBC
823SINGLES - Standard HcpDanner Clayton L. 127648Sigourney USBC
823SINGLES - Standard HcpAnderson Bret W. 576648Greene County USBC
823SINGLES - Standard HcpRoss Robert E. 572648Greene County USBC
823SINGLES - Standard HcpFrost John D. 26648Council Bluffs USBC
823SINGLES - Standard HcpJohnson Shane A. 120648Iowa City USBC
823SINGLES - Standard HcpBrink Nick G. 340648Waukon USBC
823SINGLES - Standard HcpRyan Thomas J. 814648Marshalltown Area USBC
840SINGLES - Standard HcpFunk Ryan 399647Tripoli USBC
840SINGLES - Standard HcpWagner Dell G. 559647Muscatine USBC
840SINGLES - Standard HcpAckerman Joseph M. Jr552647Spencer USBC
840SINGLES - Standard HcpVenteicher Brian J. 20647Gr Mason City USBC
840SINGLES - Standard HcpAsh Todd L. 74647Burlington Area USBC
840SINGLES - Standard HcpHuffman Daniel J. 600647New Hampton USBC
840SINGLES - Standard HcpRenfeldt Tyler 657647Gr Des Moines USBC
840SINGLES - Standard HcpMiell Bret 510647Cedar Rapids USBC
840SINGLES - Standard HcpKilts Gerald S. 102647Cedar Rapids USBC
849SINGLES - Standard HcpAlbertson Earl IV634646Gr Des Moines USBC
849SINGLES - Standard HcpKeeney Richard M. 312646Gr Des Moines USBC
849SINGLES - Standard HcpPrice Mike C. 31646Gr Des Moines USBC
849SINGLES - Standard HcpFisher Jesse J. 94646Gr Des Moines USBC
849SINGLES - Standard HcpKunkle Brian 438646Oelwein USBC
849SINGLES - Standard HcpDunning William Sr695646Keokuk USBC
849SINGLES - Standard HcpReighard Brian 240646De Witt USBC
849SINGLES - Standard HcpJass Kendall R. 691646Ottumwa Area USBC
849SINGLES - Standard HcpBussell David J. 548646Spencer USBC
849SINGLES - Standard HcpWilson Jason D. 688646Grundy Center USBC
849SINGLES - Standard HcpWilson Kevin M. 886646Gr Cedar Valley USBC
849SINGLES - Standard HcpCole Dixon G. 534646Manning USBC
849SINGLES - Standard HcpLasack Wayne M. 10646Anamosa USBC
849SINGLES - Standard HcpProffitt Logan 42646Marshalltown Area USBC
863SINGLES - Standard HcpMaxwell Ryan J. 652645Dubuque Area USBC
863SINGLES - Standard HcpBohr Brian L. 348645Waukon USBC
863SINGLES - Standard HcpDunn James D. 183645Council Bluffs USBC
863SINGLES - Standard HcpHansel Troy J. 37645Gr Siouxland USBC
863SINGLES - Standard HcpSchultes Tony J. 539645Manning USBC
863SINGLES - Standard HcpJensen Brian L. 514645Estherville USBC
863SINGLES - Standard HcpClark Mike D. 492645Sigourney USBC
863SINGLES - Standard HcpFarrell Richard P. 338645Maquoketa USBC
863SINGLES - Standard HcpDornbush Brian R. 48645Clinton USBC
863SINGLES - Standard HcpFults Luke G. 669645Jasper County USBC
863SINGLES - Standard HcpBlackwell Brandon L. 758645Cedar Rapids USBC
863SINGLES - Standard HcpAlachniewicz Todd 367645Fort Dodge Area USBC
875SINGLES - Standard HcpElwick Andrew M. 711644Cedar Rapids USBC
875SINGLES - Standard HcpChristensen Casey J. 823644Cedar Rapids USBC
875SINGLES - Standard HcpCoffman Steven H. 114644Gr Des Moines USBC
875SINGLES - Standard HcpZilmer Ashley L. 272644Gr Des Moines USBC
875SINGLES - Standard HcpNisser Steve D. 531644Gr Des Moines USBC
875SINGLES - Standard HcpCarrier-Gonzalez Shelby D. 606644Gr Davenport Metro USBC
875SINGLES - Standard HcpCasillas Jerri R. 885644Gr Cedar Valley USBC
875SINGLES - Standard HcpHorsfall Timothy J. 846644Gr Cedar Valley USBC
875SINGLES - Standard HcpGliem Richard 282644Greene County USBC
875SINGLES - Standard HcpRobinson Randy A. 577644Gr Mason City USBC
875SINGLES - Standard HcpHomeyer Cody 180644Belmond USBC
875SINGLES - Standard HcpKiddoo Dustin R. 642644Muscatine USBC
875SINGLES - Standard HcpMiller Jeffrey D. 899644Dubuque Area USBC
888SINGLES - Standard HcpThayer Mark E. 177643Belmond USBC
888SINGLES - Standard HcpSorenson Douglas J. 529643Gr Mason City USBC
888SINGLES - Standard HcpDanner Travis L. 127643Sigourney USBC
888SINGLES - Standard HcpWeidemann Scott R. 457643West Union USBC
888SINGLES - Standard HcpDaniels Alyssa L. 185643Gr Des Moines USBC
888SINGLES - Standard HcpClark James A. 633643Gr Des Moines USBC
888SINGLES - Standard HcpHolland Timothy J. 632643Gr Des Moines USBC
888SINGLES - Standard HcpHenry Richard L. 256643Fort Dodge Area USBC
896SINGLES - Standard HcpWalsted Dan J. 762642Gr Des Moines USBC
896SINGLES - Standard HcpAdams Kory D. 356642Stacyville USBC
896SINGLES - Standard HcpShoafstall Terrance M. 778642Gr Mason City USBC
896SINGLES - Standard HcpKruse Jerry L. Jr645642Muscatine USBC
896SINGLES - Standard HcpCanby Anthony L. 268642Mt Pleasant USBC
896SINGLES - Standard HcpBrandt Ivan V. 862642Gr Cedar Valley USBC
896SINGLES - Standard HcpCannon Tom A. 233642Atlantic USBC
896SINGLES - Standard HcpThurm Jennifer J. 400642Tripoli USBC
896SINGLES - Standard HcpZell Todd N. 63642Iowa City USBC
905SINGLES - Standard HcpBrandt Jack L. 862641Gr Cedar Valley USBC
905SINGLES - Standard HcpRoberson Aaron D. 564641Muscatine USBC
905SINGLES - Standard HcpHackathorn Adam G. 670641Jasper County USBC
905SINGLES - Standard HcpEngel James T. 216641Burlington Area USBC
905SINGLES - Standard HcpRettig Thomas L. 220641Burlington Area USBC
905SINGLES - Standard HcpBewley Tim L. 76641Burlington Area USBC
905SINGLES - Standard HcpHannemann Jeffrey T. 663641Gr Des Moines USBC
905SINGLES - Standard HcpLombard Gary A. 370641Fort Dodge Area USBC
905SINGLES - Standard HcpSchuur Logan 805641Fort Dodge Area USBC
905SINGLES - Standard HcpJackson Rodney R. 649641Cedar Rapids USBC
905SINGLES - Standard HcpKramer Austin H. 388641Dubuque Area USBC
916SINGLES - Standard HcpBlackwell Garrett J. 758640Cedar Rapids USBC
916SINGLES - Standard HcpVan Andel Rusty L. 12640Gr Des Moines USBC
916SINGLES - Standard HcpLawrence Kris E. 725640Clinton USBC
916SINGLES - Standard HcpKooi Danniel J. 200640Camanche USBC
916SINGLES - Standard HcpBartlett Sarah 164640Council Bluffs USBC
916SINGLES - Standard HcpBlum Rodger V. 486640Anamosa USBC
916SINGLES - Standard HcpAbben Steven W. 374640Gr Mason City USBC
916SINGLES - Standard HcpHiles Cory J. 568640Greene County USBC
916SINGLES - Standard HcpAllen Adam J. 224640Manning USBC
925SINGLES - Standard HcpKolpin Rick D. 9639Sioux Rapids-Alta USBC
925SINGLES - Standard HcpNelson Kevin A. 891639Gr Cedar Valley USBC
925SINGLES - Standard HcpHuisman Jesse D. 687639Grundy Center USBC
925SINGLES - Standard HcpCalkins Craig 119639Iowa City USBC
925SINGLES - Standard HcpKirchhoff Kyle M. 406639Tripoli USBC
925SINGLES - Standard HcpShaffer Kevin M. 881639Monticello USBC
925SINGLES - Standard HcpKeller Richard J. 557639Muscatine USBC
925SINGLES - Standard HcpGrapp Joshua E. 851639Gr Cedar Valley USBC
925SINGLES - Standard HcpCockburn Jim 101639Greenfield USBC
925SINGLES - Standard HcpFagan Adam S. 332639Maquoketa USBC
925SINGLES - Standard HcpDixon Brandon S. 222639Burlington Area USBC
925SINGLES - Standard HcpDecker Ryan R. 182639Independence USBC
925SINGLES - Standard HcpBoone Daniel J. 787639Gr Des Moines USBC
925SINGLES - Standard HcpKacena Joshua T. 806639Cedar Rapids USBC
925SINGLES - Standard HcpHelton Alexander D. 721639Fort Dodge Area USBC
925SINGLES - Standard HcpRogers Greg 432639West Delaware USBC
941SINGLES - Standard HcpKnutson Michael B. 540638Marshalltown Area USBC
941SINGLES - Standard HcpRedmond D'Carlos L. 278638Cedar Rapids USBC
941SINGLES - Standard HcpEllis Tom A. 154638Gr Des Moines USBC
941SINGLES - Standard HcpElam James B. 416638Gr Davenport Metro USBC
941SINGLES - Standard HcpChristie Brad J. 624638Carroll Area USBC
941SINGLES - Standard HcpQuakenbush Austin M. 471638Council Bluffs USBC
941SINGLES - Standard HcpStefl Dave 687638Grundy Center USBC
941SINGLES - Standard HcpRichmond Jeremiah 'Jp' P. 844638Gr Cedar Valley USBC
941SINGLES - Standard HcpWatts John J. 127638Sigourney USBC
950SINGLES - Standard HcpBegalske Ryan A. 887637Gr Cedar Valley USBC
950SINGLES - Standard HcpJanning Mitch 537637Manning USBC
950SINGLES - Standard HcpRyner Mike L. 374637Gr Mason City USBC
950SINGLES - Standard HcpMitchell Jerry 294637Charles City USBC
950SINGLES - Standard HcpFisher Benjamin 740637Ames Area USBC
950SINGLES - Standard HcpKnop Chad A. 40637Ames Area USBC
950SINGLES - Standard HcpFeldman Don E. 645637Muscatine USBC
950SINGLES - Standard HcpSchmitt Verne 257637Mt Pleasant USBC
950SINGLES - Standard HcpRader Gary D. 402637Tripoli USBC
950SINGLES - Standard HcpMeierotto Dustin L. 90637North Lee County USBC
950SINGLES - Standard HcpBegalske Arlin A. 459637West Union USBC
950SINGLES - Standard HcpOlsen Michael R. 331637Maquoketa USBC
950SINGLES - Standard HcpRuckman Shawn E. 54637Ottumwa Area USBC
950SINGLES - Standard HcpSickels Ralph 691637Ottumwa Area USBC
950SINGLES - Standard HcpChitty Cody D. 704637Gr Des Moines USBC
950SINGLES - Standard HcpNorris Rick E. 314637Gr Des Moines USBC
966SINGLES - Standard HcpStahowick Thomas H. 787636Gr Des Moines USBC
966SINGLES - Standard HcpFrelund Tom W. 705636Gr Des Moines USBC
966SINGLES - Standard HcpBahl Eric A. 637636Cedar Rapids USBC
966SINGLES - Standard HcpMoore Travis A. 723636Fort Dodge Area USBC
966SINGLES - Standard HcpBenge Matthew A. 23636Cedar Rapids USBC
966SINGLES - Standard HcpGreve Karl A. 718636Camanche USBC
966SINGLES - Standard HcpWaugh James R. 243636Gr Davenport Metro USBC
966SINGLES - Standard HcpGraap Holly L. 736636Gr Davenport Metro USBC
966SINGLES - Standard HcpNelson Lucas L. 356636Stacyville USBC
966SINGLES - Standard HcpBerlin Scott M. 562636Muscatine USBC
966SINGLES - Standard HcpBerkhoudt Russ J. 561636Muscatine USBC
966SINGLES - Standard HcpTurner Dale R. 304636Muscatine USBC
966SINGLES - Standard HcpHuff Aaron L. 378636Gr Mason City USBC
966SINGLES - Standard HcpRuba Daniel P. 730636Dubuque Area USBC
980SINGLES - Standard HcpLustig Tom A. 529635Gr Mason City USBC
980SINGLES - Standard HcpMeyer Joseph 514635Estherville USBC
980SINGLES - Standard HcpBruns Norman K. 492635Sigourney USBC
980SINGLES - Standard HcpPurdy Gary L. Jr493635Sigourney USBC
980SINGLES - Standard HcpLuloff Joe D. 857635Gr Cedar Valley USBC
980SINGLES - Standard HcpAverhoff Forry E. 343635Waukon USBC
980SINGLES - Standard HcpAdams Kenneth P. 356635Stacyville USBC
980SINGLES - Standard HcpDresden Doug R. 52635Keokuk USBC
980SINGLES - Standard HcpLindstrom Bob C. 334635Maquoketa USBC
980SINGLES - Standard HcpDotson Jerrod J. 337635Maquoketa USBC
980SINGLES - Standard HcpScheibe Zach T. 329635Maquoketa USBC
980SINGLES - Standard HcpWhitcher Dalton M. 553635Red Oak USBC
980SINGLES - Standard HcpErtz Aaron M. 489635Burlington Area USBC
980SINGLES - Standard HcpReiland Rick 720635Fort Dodge Area USBC
980SINGLES - Standard HcpBecker Paul L. 368635Fort Dodge Area USBC
980SINGLES - Standard HcpBries Kristopher 152635Cedar Rapids USBC
980SINGLES - Standard HcpStanley Elizabeth C. 154635Gr Des Moines USBC
980SINGLES - Standard HcpSteele Eli C. 313635Gr Des Moines USBC
980SINGLES - Standard HcpWear Draven M. 50635Gr Des Moines USBC
999SINGLES - Standard HcpHayden Dominic M. 114634Gr Des Moines USBC
999SINGLES - Standard HcpForcht Andrew S. 158634Stuart USBC
999SINGLES - Standard HcpCameron Craig R. 14634Independence USBC
999SINGLES - Standard HcpHammel Douglas N. 123634Keokuk USBC
999SINGLES - Standard HcpEdwards Sanford (Alan) 760634De Witt USBC
999SINGLES - Standard HcpBollman Dennis D. 400634Tripoli USBC
999SINGLES - Standard HcpHarn Jim M. 847634Gr Cedar Valley USBC
999SINGLES - Standard HcpEdgington Todd E. 874634Gr Cedar Valley USBC
999SINGLES - Standard HcpRohwedder Kenneth N. 564634Muscatine USBC
999SINGLES - Standard HcpFry Mike D. Jr750634Muscatine USBC
999SINGLES - Standard HcpTraylor James T. III472634Council Bluffs USBC
999SINGLES - Standard HcpGraybill Gary W. 26634Council Bluffs USBC
999SINGLES - Standard HcpKrieger Andrew J. 572634Greene County USBC
999SINGLES - Standard HcpAlthaus Luke P. 470634Dubuque Area USBC
1013SINGLES - Standard HcpStanley Dave B. 433633West Delaware USBC
1013SINGLES - Standard HcpSeverson Dave 120633Iowa City USBC
1013SINGLES - Standard HcpMullane Brad J. 450633Iowa City USBC
1013SINGLES - Standard HcpHudson Carter J. 819633Camanche USBC
1013SINGLES - Standard HcpHershey Joshuwa 524633Independence USBC
1013SINGLES - Standard HcpSmith Logan A. 219633Burlington Area USBC
1013SINGLES - Standard HcpDeJesus Anthony 223633Burlington Area USBC
1013SINGLES - Standard HcpGlick Steve W. 55633Ottumwa Area USBC
1013SINGLES - Standard HcpWaddell Chad A. 158633Stuart USBC
1013SINGLES - Standard HcpTrcka Tom F. Jr60633Cedar Rapids USBC
1023SINGLES - Standard HcpCore Ryan M. 86632Cedar Rapids USBC
1023SINGLES - Standard HcpEastwood Chad A. 68632Fort Dodge Area USBC
1023SINGLES - Standard HcpSankey Kurtis 117632Gr Des Moines USBC
1023SINGLES - Standard HcpIrvin Victor D. 95632Gr Des Moines USBC
1023SINGLES - Standard HcpBrookins Dalton H. 92632Gr Des Moines USBC
1023SINGLES - Standard HcpWaltz Shane M. 715632Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1023SINGLES - Standard HcpMorgan Tia M. 812632Ames Area USBC
1023SINGLES - Standard HcpGilge Kenneth B. 589632Guthrie County USBC
1023SINGLES - Standard HcpBlakeman David M. 289632Dubuque Area USBC
1023SINGLES - Standard HcpPillard Scott A. 783632Dubuque Area USBC
1033SINGLES - Standard HcpSummers J R W. 899631Dubuque Area USBC
1033SINGLES - Standard HcpCorsello James J. Jr133631Gr Mason City USBC
1033SINGLES - Standard HcpDohrmann Dana R. 578631Gr Mason City USBC
1033SINGLES - Standard HcpBak Brian D. 224631Manning USBC
1033SINGLES - Standard HcpSmith Susan A. 647631Eldora USBC
1033SINGLES - Standard HcpMcDowell Don E. 110631Iowa City USBC
1033SINGLES - Standard HcpHinrichs Brian J. 776631Monticello USBC
1033SINGLES - Standard HcpAhmann Robert J. 763631Bellevue USBC
1033SINGLES - Standard HcpBrown Rick A. 852631Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1033SINGLES - Standard HcpFishnick Eric M. 12631Gr Des Moines USBC
1033SINGLES - Standard HcpSuhr Christopher A. 419631Cedar Rapids USBC
1033SINGLES - Standard HcpWagner Garry L. 285631Cedar Rapids USBC
1033SINGLES - Standard HcpFoster Michael A. 216631Burlington Area USBC
1046SINGLES - Standard HcpBrown Charles C. 73630Burlington Area USBC
1046SINGLES - Standard HcpShannon Bryant C. 524630Independence USBC
1046SINGLES - Standard HcpBuesing Marc D. 609630Gr Davenport Metro USBC
1046SINGLES - Standard HcpCottrell Jesse M. 768630Cedar Rapids USBC
1046SINGLES - Standard HcpGregerson Bill C. 94630Gr Des Moines USBC
1046SINGLES - Standard HcpBloom Cheryl K. 203630Gr Des Moines USBC
1046SINGLES - Standard HcpEwurs Frank G. 787630Gr Des Moines USBC
1046SINGLES - Standard HcpBeem Rod L. 155630Gr Des Moines USBC
1046SINGLES - Standard HcpMilder Peter J. 319630Iowa City USBC
1046SINGLES - Standard HcpStuekerjuergen William P. 87630North Lee County USBC
1046SINGLES - Standard HcpHarms Keith A. 754630Gr Mason City USBC
1046SINGLES - Standard HcpSmith Tim J. 179630Belmond USBC
1046SINGLES - Standard HcpMolony Mike J. 389630Dubuque Area USBC
1059SINGLES - Standard HcpBreitbach Robert J. 382629Dubuque Area USBC
1059SINGLES - Standard HcpStevens Rick R. 178629Belmond USBC
1059SINGLES - Standard HcpSchmidt Corey K. 293629Charles City USBC
1059SINGLES - Standard HcpHeath Bryer D. 750629Muscatine USBC
1059SINGLES - Standard HcpLickly Thomas C. 475629Council Bluffs USBC
1059SINGLES - Standard HcpBeener J. J. 205629Gr Des Moines USBC
1059SINGLES - Standard HcpBray Zachery C. 807629Cedar Rapids USBC
1059SINGLES - Standard HcpFoster Emily A. 684629Fort Dodge Area USBC
1059SINGLES - Standard HcpSheredy Billy J. 81629Gr Davenport Metro USBC
1059SINGLES - Standard HcpSpies Justin P. 452629West Union USBC
1069SINGLES - Standard HcpPrado Bradley M. Jr57628Ottumwa Area USBC
1069SINGLES - Standard HcpGingerich Anthony 702628Cedar Rapids USBC
1069SINGLES - Standard HcpCorporon Douglas V. 194628Cedar Rapids USBC
1069SINGLES - Standard HcpLewis Rick J. 685628Gr Des Moines USBC
1069SINGLES - Standard HcpMerfeld Brad J. 882628Monticello USBC
1069SINGLES - Standard HcpBergan Michael L. 376628Gr Mason City USBC
1069SINGLES - Standard HcpCox Eric S. 180628Belmond USBC
1069SINGLES - Standard HcpNaberhaus Michael 583628Manning USBC
1077SINGLES - Standard HcpCorbitt Cody J. 788627Ames Area USBC
1077SINGLES - Standard HcpWagner Curt J. 132627Gr Des Moines USBC
1077SINGLES - Standard HcpGordon Danny L. 186627Gr Des Moines USBC
1077SINGLES - Standard HcpBasconcillo Romeo C. 204627Gr Des Moines USBC
1077SINGLES - Standard HcpMc Guire Lyle D. 144627Cedar Rapids USBC
1082SINGLES - Standard HcpHusman Nick R. 410626Cedar Rapids USBC
1082SINGLES - Standard HcpCox Chuck R. 273626Gr Des Moines USBC
1082SINGLES - Standard HcpDuinink Jayme L. 792626Pella USBC
1082SINGLES - Standard HcpBelloma Alex J. 507626Appanoose/Davis County USBC
1082SINGLES - Standard HcpBurn Paul M. 818626Camanche USBC
1082SINGLES - Standard HcpSwisher Troy G. 788626Ames Area USBC
1082SINGLES - Standard HcpEppens Michael D. 133626Gr Mason City USBC
1082SINGLES - Standard HcpMolacek Shane 518626Estherville USBC
1082SINGLES - Standard HcpManders Jason J. 641626Bellevue USBC
1082SINGLES - Standard HcpCase Terry L. Jr129626Gr Siouxland USBC
1082SINGLES - Standard HcpHightower Mark D. Jr497626Muscatine USBC
1082SINGLES - Standard HcpWittenberg Matthew L. 751626Muscatine USBC
1082SINGLES - Standard HcpHeuer Randy 894626Muscatine USBC
1082SINGLES - Standard HcpRaushenberger Austin J. 557626Muscatine USBC
1096SINGLES - Standard HcpMiller Alex R. 446625Iowa City USBC
1096SINGLES - Standard HcpBrinker Jared 539625Manning USBC
1096SINGLES - Standard HcpCheville Matt E. 706625Grundy Center USBC
1096SINGLES - Standard HcpBruner Joel D. 16625Charles City USBC
1096SINGLES - Standard HcpFeldman Mark A. 244625Dyersville USBC
1096SINGLES - Standard HcpFaust Mitchell 210625Independence USBC
1096SINGLES - Standard HcpCrossland Brian N. 636625Cedar Rapids USBC
1096SINGLES - Standard HcpHerington Collin E. 463625Dubuque Area USBC
1104SINGLES - Standard HcpFunke Greg A. 437624West Delaware USBC
1104SINGLES - Standard HcpFuchs Shane A. 301624Cedar Rapids USBC
1104SINGLES - Standard HcpYoung Austin J. 4624Cedar Rapids USBC
1104SINGLES - Standard HcpWalls Robert R. 44624Stuart USBC
1104SINGLES - Standard HcpDunham Lee D. 694624Gr Des Moines USBC
1104SINGLES - Standard HcpWalter Tim M. 118624Gr Des Moines USBC
1104SINGLES - Standard HcpMiller Randy L. 454624West Union USBC
1104SINGLES - Standard HcpWilliams Steven 459624West Union USBC
1104SINGLES - Standard HcpHarris Doug M. 455624West Union USBC
1104SINGLES - Standard HcpDavis Gary S. 489624Burlington Area USBC
1104SINGLES - Standard HcpWeirup Chad R. 334624Maquoketa USBC
1104SINGLES - Standard HcpEngler Steven A. 246624Dyersville USBC
1104SINGLES - Standard HcpLamb Brenda S. 34624Jasper County USBC
1104SINGLES - Standard HcpCline Brad 292624Charles City USBC
1104SINGLES - Standard HcpSchweizer Nicholas D. 378624Gr Mason City USBC
1104SINGLES - Standard HcpDuncan Marty A. 112624Ames Area USBC
1104SINGLES - Standard HcpLubka Drew 879624Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1104SINGLES - Standard HcpTaylor John W. Jr617624Greene County USBC
1122SINGLES - Standard HcpSchnabel Rodger G. 647623Eldora USBC
1122SINGLES - Standard HcpSwatek-Briggs Dylan D. 865623Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1122SINGLES - Standard HcpWright Stanley C. 179623Belmond USBC
1122SINGLES - Standard HcpVan Arsdale Todd 696623Keokuk USBC
1122SINGLES - Standard HcpCox Christopher 527623Red Oak USBC
1122SINGLES - Standard HcpCox Matt J. 490623Burlington Area USBC
1122SINGLES - Standard HcpTrampel Ryan D. 634623Gr Des Moines USBC
1122SINGLES - Standard HcpErvin Ethan I. 836623Gr Des Moines USBC
1122SINGLES - Standard HcpCloos Philip J. 482623Gr Des Moines USBC
1122SINGLES - Standard HcpKriegel Doug A. 140623Cedar Rapids USBC
1122SINGLES - Standard HcpWilliams Roger L. 189623Fort Dodge Area USBC
1122SINGLES - Standard HcpChapman John L. 432623West Delaware USBC
1122SINGLES - Standard HcpAnderson Walter L. Jr199623Marshalltown Area USBC
1135SINGLES - Standard HcpSlaght Andrew P. 653622Dubuque Area USBC
1135SINGLES - Standard HcpPatterson Neil L. 743622Cedar Rapids USBC
1135SINGLES - Standard HcpBumgardner Bruce K. 186622Gr Des Moines USBC
1135SINGLES - Standard HcpSchmitz Jake J. 313622Gr Des Moines USBC
1135SINGLES - Standard HcpBoyd Dewayne A. 57622Ottumwa Area USBC
1135SINGLES - Standard HcpFranz Cathe M. 449622Iowa City USBC
1135SINGLES - Standard HcpBrink Billy A. 340622Waukon USBC
1135SINGLES - Standard HcpSlobodnik Doug A. 258622Mt Pleasant USBC
1135SINGLES - Standard HcpSommerla Austin J. 484622Council Bluffs USBC
1135SINGLES - Standard HcpThomas Scott A. 471622Council Bluffs USBC
1145SINGLES - Standard HcpDawson Chad R. 598621Bellevue USBC
1145SINGLES - Standard HcpHofmeister Cory A. 37621Gr Siouxland USBC
1145SINGLES - Standard HcpBrink Greg G. 345621Waukon USBC
1145SINGLES - Standard HcpAllen Brian (Bo) 320621Iowa City USBC
1145SINGLES - Standard HcpKaraba Erik S. 181621Belmond USBC
1145SINGLES - Standard HcpGillespie Robbin G. 16621Charles City USBC
1145SINGLES - Standard HcpBlaisdell Tyler D. 232621Boone County USBC
1145SINGLES - Standard HcpParks Joe H. 707621Grundy Center USBC
1145SINGLES - Standard HcpEischeid Alan J. 536621Manning USBC
1145SINGLES - Standard HcpMohr Doug A. 332621Maquoketa USBC
1145SINGLES - Standard HcpMeisner Don A. 79621Burlington Area USBC
1145SINGLES - Standard HcpRamirez Juan G. 195621Cedar Rapids USBC
1145SINGLES - Standard HcpWagner Brandon M. 823621Cedar Rapids USBC
1145SINGLES - Standard HcpEdwards Steve K. 837621Dubuque Area USBC
1159SINGLES - Standard HcpCubbage Earnest L. Jr419620Cedar Rapids USBC
1159SINGLES - Standard HcpCollins Melissa A. 700620Cedar Rapids USBC
1159SINGLES - Standard HcpMcCarville Jason C. 637620Cedar Rapids USBC
1159SINGLES - Standard HcpRuble Herb W. 686620Gr Des Moines USBC
1159SINGLES - Standard HcpBuonanni Buzzy 231620Gr Des Moines USBC
1159SINGLES - Standard HcpHuggins Cameron T. 670620Jasper County USBC
1159SINGLES - Standard HcpLorenz Dwayne D. 413620Gr Davenport Metro USBC
1159SINGLES - Standard HcpTeague Vernon D. 242620Gr Davenport Metro USBC
1159SINGLES - Standard HcpFecher Matt A. 617620Greene County USBC
1159SINGLES - Standard HcpLock Jeff A. 119620Iowa City USBC
1169SINGLES - Standard HcpKoogler Michael E. 423619Iowa City USBC
1169SINGLES - Standard HcpBarner Barton S. 485619Anamosa USBC
1169SINGLES - Standard HcpSherlock Kevin M. 616619Greene County USBC
1169SINGLES - Standard HcpDudley Ronald K. 706619Grundy Center USBC
1169SINGLES - Standard HcpNguyen Joshua J. 839619Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1169SINGLES - Standard HcpGerleman Tyler R. 176619Belmond USBC
1169SINGLES - Standard HcpHellman Eddie C. 180619Belmond USBC
1169SINGLES - Standard HcpMcDaniel Randy A. 354619Camanche USBC
1169SINGLES - Standard HcpLessard John R. 200619Camanche USBC
1169SINGLES - Standard HcpMathews Mike M. 499619Gr Des Moines USBC
1169SINGLES - Standard HcpGoodell Matthew J. 769619Cedar Rapids USBC
1169SINGLES - Standard HcpYeisley Conor R. 280619Cedar Rapids USBC
1169SINGLES - Standard HcpLogsdon Jim J. 84619Cedar Rapids USBC
1182SINGLES - Standard HcpSmith Garrett 60618Cedar Rapids USBC
1182SINGLES - Standard HcpMeck Gene W. 139618Cedar Rapids USBC
1182SINGLES - Standard HcpGraves Craig E. 666618Gr Des Moines USBC
1182SINGLES - Standard HcpValley Kenneth R. 421618Iowa City USBC
1182SINGLES - Standard HcpMayer Richard E. Sr471618Council Bluffs USBC
1182SINGLES - Standard HcpCline Cobi T. 554618Muscatine USBC
1182SINGLES - Standard HcpCleary Ryan S. 384618Dubuque Area USBC
1189SINGLES - Standard HcpRansom Brian J. 333617Dubuque Area USBC
1189SINGLES - Standard HcpFredrick Chris J. 738617Dubuque Area USBC
1189SINGLES - Standard HcpGonshorowski Steve 38617Gr Siouxland USBC
1189SINGLES - Standard HcpFluharty Eric Z. 128617Gr Siouxland USBC
1189SINGLES - Standard HcpMeyer Kody 677617Ida Grove USBC
1189SINGLES - Standard HcpSolomon Bernie J. 292617Charles City USBC
1189SINGLES - Standard HcpAdams Kris J. 124617Ames Area USBC
1189SINGLES - Standard HcpTopp Nathan M. 816617Eldora USBC
1189SINGLES - Standard HcpBents Dorsey J. 285617Cedar Rapids USBC
1189SINGLES - Standard HcpStuhrenberg Dean 370617Fort Dodge Area USBC
1189SINGLES - Standard HcpErichsen Luke 414617Gr Davenport Metro USBC
1189SINGLES - Standard HcpMarchand James R. 606617Gr Davenport Metro USBC
1189SINGLES - Standard HcpPainter Terry L. 73617Burlington Area USBC
1189SINGLES - Standard HcpAllen Christopher L. 19617Pella USBC
1203SINGLES - Standard HcpShilling Tom L. 614616Jasper County USBC
1203SINGLES - Standard HcpDavis James D. 441616Oelwein USBC
1203SINGLES - Standard HcpDe Joode Matt J. 137616Cedar Rapids USBC
1203SINGLES - Standard HcpAhmann Tom J. 300616Cedar Rapids USBC
1203SINGLES - Standard HcpKacena Thomas G. 806616Cedar Rapids USBC
1203SINGLES - Standard HcpAhn Kyle F. 836616Gr Des Moines USBC
1203SINGLES - Standard HcpSchillinger William J. 318616Gr Des Moines USBC
1203SINGLES - Standard HcpGruber Anthoney D. 310616Gr Des Moines USBC
1203SINGLES - Standard HcpCochran Robert E. 156616Gr Des Moines USBC
1203SINGLES - Standard HcpRiessen Matt P. 225616Manning USBC
1203SINGLES - Standard HcpHanson Michael J. 715616Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1203SINGLES - Standard HcpDanner Corey 127616Sigourney USBC
1203SINGLES - Standard HcpSwenson Chad J. 829616Sanborn USBC
1203SINGLES - Standard HcpUhl Justin M. 473616Council Bluffs USBC
1203SINGLES - Standard HcpBowers Timothy J. 268616Mt Pleasant USBC
1203SINGLES - Standard HcpBarr Tammy R. 261616Mt Pleasant USBC
1203SINGLES - Standard HcpSharpshair Ken 211616Marshalltown Area USBC
1203SINGLES - Standard HcpWright Dave L. Jr430616West Delaware USBC
1221SINGLES - Standard HcpFlanagan Randy D. 184615Council Bluffs USBC
1221SINGLES - Standard HcpEckman James M. 21615Gr Mason City USBC
1221SINGLES - Standard HcpKamberger John W. 729615Gr Mason City USBC
1221SINGLES - Standard HcpNewbanks Jordan D. 813615Ames Area USBC
1221SINGLES - Standard HcpWeber Heath E. 800615Forest City USBC
1221SINGLES - Standard HcpIllg Jason M. 545615Spencer USBC
1221SINGLES - Standard HcpFuessley Joshua D. 301615Cedar Rapids USBC
1221SINGLES - Standard HcpWoerdehoff James J. Jr243615Gr Davenport Metro USBC
1229SINGLES - Standard HcpHahn Mark 242614Gr Davenport Metro USBC
1229SINGLES - Standard HcpFowlkes Jeremy 441614Oelwein USBC
1229SINGLES - Standard HcpHogan Michael J. 696614Keokuk USBC
1229SINGLES - Standard HcpLong Ray 697614Keokuk USBC
1229SINGLES - Standard HcpElkin Taylar 804614Fort Dodge Area USBC
1229SINGLES - Standard HcpRosine Richard D. 365614Gr Des Moines USBC
1229SINGLES - Standard HcpMaschke Kyle J. 366614Gr Des Moines USBC
1229SINGLES - Standard HcpGibson Dana 616614Greene County USBC
1229SINGLES - Standard HcpHaag Tye J. 829614Sanborn USBC
1229SINGLES - Standard HcpSchmitt Jason P. 481614Gr Siouxland USBC
1229SINGLES - Standard HcpStarkweather Aaron D. 834614Muscatine USBC
1240SINGLES - Standard HcpWeber Collin A. 871613Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1240SINGLES - Standard HcpHinrichs Nathan T. 776613Monticello USBC
1240SINGLES - Standard HcpBorkowski Eric 533613Manning USBC
1240SINGLES - Standard HcpSchmitt Steve 428613Grundy Center USBC
1240SINGLES - Standard HcpMallon Andrew J. 865613Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1240SINGLES - Standard HcpStout Bryan D. 96613Gr Des Moines USBC
1240SINGLES - Standard HcpDiefenbach Ashlee N. 125613Gr Davenport Metro USBC
1240SINGLES - Standard HcpRobb Jeff A. 83613Gr Davenport Metro USBC
1240SINGLES - Standard HcpKeller Jesse 337613Maquoketa USBC
1240SINGLES - Standard HcpGalle Brian J. 727613Dubuque Area USBC
1240SINGLES - Standard HcpTaylor Danny J. 465613Dubuque Area USBC
1251SINGLES - Standard HcpSaunders Travis J. 335612Maquoketa USBC
1251SINGLES - Standard HcpKonrardy David A. 608612Gr Davenport Metro USBC
1251SINGLES - Standard HcpAllen Wendy E. 125612Gr Davenport Metro USBC
1251SINGLES - Standard HcpLeafgreen Cody M. 718612Camanche USBC
1251SINGLES - Standard HcpHeefner Jay P. 84612Cedar Rapids USBC
1251SINGLES - Standard HcpToenjes Ryan S. 776612Monticello USBC
1257SINGLES - Standard HcpMedinger Chris J. 597611Bellevue USBC
1257SINGLES - Standard HcpMyers Tyler J. 476611Council Bluffs USBC
1257SINGLES - Standard HcpHoing Travis J. 863611Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1257SINGLES - Standard HcpGingerich Nicholas S. 497611Muscatine USBC
1257SINGLES - Standard HcpPelzer Mark E. 561611Muscatine USBC
1257SINGLES - Standard HcpJeffries James(Jay) 134611Gr Mason City USBC
1257SINGLES - Standard HcpMckee Patrick M. 747611Gr Des Moines USBC
1257SINGLES - Standard HcpHolt Taylor 827611Camanche USBC
1257SINGLES - Standard HcpNuss Dennis L. 440611Oelwein USBC
1257SINGLES - Standard HcpFurgison Larry D. 613611Jasper County USBC
1257SINGLES - Standard HcpGifford Nathan B. 671611Jasper County USBC
1257SINGLES - Standard HcpShea Brian W. 332611Maquoketa USBC
1257SINGLES - Standard HcpAlmendinger David J. Jr222611Burlington Area USBC
1270SINGLES - Standard HcpEdwards Jock D. 328610Maquoketa USBC
1270SINGLES - Standard HcpNovinski Levi C. 606610Gr Davenport Metro USBC
1270SINGLES - Standard HcpJacobson Coleton J. 697610Keokuk USBC
1270SINGLES - Standard HcpPayton Lisa R. 208610Gr Des Moines USBC
1270SINGLES - Standard HcpSmmons Joshua D. 313610Gr Des Moines USBC
1270SINGLES - Standard HcpWaltz Dillon E. 153610Gr Des Moines USBC
1270SINGLES - Standard HcpJones Jason R. 113610Gr Des Moines USBC
1270SINGLES - Standard HcpGadbois Derek A. 484610Council Bluffs USBC
1270SINGLES - Standard HcpSchatzman John B. Jr199610Marshalltown Area USBC
1279SINGLES - Standard HcpPolman Brian A. 422609Iowa City USBC
1279SINGLES - Standard HcpKingery Kelly D. 425609Osage USBC
1279SINGLES - Standard HcpPoutre William L. 621609Ames Area USBC
1279SINGLES - Standard HcpPreston Paul L. 622609Gr Des Moines USBC
1279SINGLES - Standard HcpArmstrong Chris L. 205609Gr Des Moines USBC
1279SINGLES - Standard HcpHarrison Rae 254609Fort Dodge Area USBC
1279SINGLES - Standard HcpGoetz Joseph 697609Keokuk USBC
1279SINGLES - Standard HcpSandhagen Jay 440609Oelwein USBC
1279SINGLES - Standard HcpDemmer Tim A. 248609Dyersville USBC
1279SINGLES - Standard HcpHaskell Mike L. 284609Appanoose/Davis County USBC
1289SINGLES - Standard HcpEngelken Kevin R. 246608Dyersville USBC
1289SINGLES - Standard HcpLombard Ed J. 368608Fort Dodge Area USBC
1289SINGLES - Standard HcpRouthe Robert L. 108608Cedar Rapids USBC
1289SINGLES - Standard HcpLemke Rick 85608Gr Des Moines USBC
1289SINGLES - Standard HcpMitchell Zachary B. 295608Charles City USBC
1289SINGLES - Standard HcpNicholson Stephin T. 840608Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1289SINGLES - Standard HcpTaylor Mickeal L. 235608Iowa City USBC
1289SINGLES - Standard HcpFranks Joseph A. 642608Muscatine USBC
1297SINGLES - Standard HcpBieri Chad M. 555607Muscatine USBC
1297SINGLES - Standard HcpJuza Tim C. 552607Spencer USBC
1297SINGLES - Standard HcpBrantner Jerry L. 122607Gr Mason City USBC
1297SINGLES - Standard HcpHolland Scott J. 50607Gr Des Moines USBC
1297SINGLES - Standard HcpMellott Jennifer S. 664607Gr Des Moines USBC
1297SINGLES - Standard HcpDvorak John R. 668607Cedar Rapids USBC
1297SINGLES - Standard HcpBrayton Chad M. 69607Fort Dodge Area USBC
1297SINGLES - Standard HcpCutsforth Troy J. 604607New Hampton USBC
1297SINGLES - Standard HcpWeets Brennan 355607Camanche USBC
1297SINGLES - Standard HcpMormann Terry 14607Independence USBC
1297SINGLES - Standard HcpGoodenow Colton A. 477607Maquoketa USBC
1297SINGLES - Standard HcpLydon Joe P. 417607Red Oak USBC
1297SINGLES - Standard HcpKnepper Benjamin J. 897607Dubuque Area USBC
1310SINGLES - Standard HcpDelano Robert A. 737606Gr Davenport Metro USBC
1310SINGLES - Standard HcpGrady Daniel L. 138606Cedar Rapids USBC
1310SINGLES - Standard HcpGrimm Dustin A. 145606Cedar Rapids USBC
1310SINGLES - Standard HcpCasey Tyler P. 657606Gr Des Moines USBC
1310SINGLES - Standard HcpMyhre Phil J. 756606Gr Mason City USBC
1310SINGLES - Standard HcpHuffman Paul E. 867606Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1316SINGLES - Standard HcpEdwards Dennis O. 38605Gr Siouxland USBC
1316SINGLES - Standard HcpHall Robert L. 29605Iowa City USBC
1316SINGLES - Standard HcpProvin Jeremy M. 628605Iowa City USBC
1316SINGLES - Standard HcpSmith Gary G. 771605Anamosa USBC
1316SINGLES - Standard HcpBushore Christian L. 767605Ames Area USBC
1316SINGLES - Standard HcpStarr Johanas L. 637605Cedar Rapids USBC
1316SINGLES - Standard HcpWill Mason 761605Fort Dodge Area USBC
1316SINGLES - Standard HcpLawrence Devon 455605West Union USBC
1316SINGLES - Standard HcpElsbernd Mike A. 456605West Union USBC
1316SINGLES - Standard HcpMorford Thomas J. 323605Marshalltown Area USBC
1326SINGLES - Standard HcpKluesner Mark J. 637604Cedar Rapids USBC
1326SINGLES - Standard HcpBallensky William E. 810604Ames Area USBC
1326SINGLES - Standard HcpCheville Nathan M. 706604Grundy Center USBC
1326SINGLES - Standard HcpWandro Eugene C. 846604Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1326SINGLES - Standard HcpKing Hunter A. 519604Estherville USBC
1326SINGLES - Standard HcpMurphy Dennis P. 582604Anamosa USBC
1326SINGLES - Standard HcpSmith David R. 62604Iowa City USBC
1326SINGLES - Standard HcpSommerfelt Matt J. 406604Tripoli USBC
1326SINGLES - Standard HcpSkokan Shane M. 713604Council Bluffs USBC
1326SINGLES - Standard HcpHertel Bryan A. 863604Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1326SINGLES - Standard HcpAdams Neal T. 556604Muscatine USBC
1326SINGLES - Standard HcpKnee Tiffany R. 752604Muscatine USBC
1338SINGLES - Standard HcpGeigle Josh J. 554603Muscatine USBC
1338SINGLES - Standard HcpLicht Ronnie G. 106603Iowa City USBC
1338SINGLES - Standard HcpGregory Roger L. 106603Iowa City USBC
1338SINGLES - Standard HcpSpringman Barry A. 280603Cedar Rapids USBC
1338SINGLES - Standard HcpCuthbert Barry D. 214603Burlington Area USBC
1338SINGLES - Standard HcpWeirup Christopher L. 334603Maquoketa USBC
1344SINGLES - Standard HcpLane Robert M. 60602Cedar Rapids USBC
1344SINGLES - Standard HcpCase Michael W. 701602Cedar Rapids USBC
1344SINGLES - Standard HcpSchiltz Stan M. 311602Gr Des Moines USBC
1344SINGLES - Standard HcpLane Rudy L. 231602Gr Des Moines USBC
1344SINGLES - Standard HcpBertagnolli Dr. Rico L. 12602Gr Des Moines USBC
1344SINGLES - Standard HcpLenz Keith A. 542602Iowa City USBC
1344SINGLES - Standard HcpHawbaker Ben 444602Iowa City USBC
1344SINGLES - Standard HcpLeiran Kevin T. 343602Waukon USBC
1344SINGLES - Standard HcpThomsen Mitch L. 896602Muscatine USBC
1344SINGLES - Standard HcpCarpenter Rick D. 558602Muscatine USBC
1344SINGLES - Standard HcpFortin William L. 257602Mt Pleasant USBC
1344SINGLES - Standard HcpNelson Dale 128602Gr Siouxland USBC
1344SINGLES - Standard HcpStover William J. II877602Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1344SINGLES - Standard HcpHoch Heath M. 547602Spencer USBC
1358SINGLES - Standard HcpWhiteman Scott M. 706601Grundy Center USBC
1358SINGLES - Standard HcpMiller Michael 825601Boone County USBC
1358SINGLES - Standard HcpBrandt Bradley 862601Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1358SINGLES - Standard HcpMcCarthy Jamie M. 343601Waukon USBC
1358SINGLES - Standard HcpSnow Jennifer L. 487601Anamosa USBC
1358SINGLES - Standard HcpSoden Mason J. 702601Cedar Rapids USBC
1358SINGLES - Standard HcpClavey Mike R. 369601Fort Dodge Area USBC
1358SINGLES - Standard HcpJensen Jay C. 460601West Union USBC
1358SINGLES - Standard HcpBurke Joshua M. 600601New Hampton USBC
1358SINGLES - Standard HcpLoney Matt R. 897601Dubuque Area USBC
1358SINGLES - Standard HcpCoberley Adam R. 520601Dubuque Area USBC
1358SINGLES - Standard HcpSchmitt Rick J. 382601Dubuque Area USBC
1370SINGLES - Standard HcpKelly Michael P. 238600Camanche USBC
1370SINGLES - Standard HcpMc Bride Brad D. 143600Cedar Rapids USBC
1370SINGLES - Standard HcpWonderly Paul J. 206600Gr Des Moines USBC
1370SINGLES - Standard HcpKoenen Eric C. 258600Mt Pleasant USBC
1370SINGLES - Standard HcpMoore Sean G. 260600Mt Pleasant USBC
1370SINGLES - Standard HcpShoppa Brady T. 562600Muscatine USBC
1370SINGLES - Standard HcpYarrington Seth C. 777600Monticello USBC
1370SINGLES - Standard HcpRagsdale Noah L. 877600Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1378SINGLES - Standard HcpThygesen Wes E. 533599Manning USBC
1378SINGLES - Standard HcpGoffinet Mark W. 135599Ames Area USBC
1378SINGLES - Standard HcpThurm Bud R. 400599Tripoli USBC
1378SINGLES - Standard HcpMays Scott A. 498599Gr Des Moines USBC
1378SINGLES - Standard HcpGraves Justin D. 765599Gr Des Moines USBC
1378SINGLES - Standard HcpSnapp Michael N. 277599Cedar Rapids USBC
1378SINGLES - Standard HcpSoukup Chad E. 300599Cedar Rapids USBC
1378SINGLES - Standard HcpBerry Stephen C. 712599Cedar Rapids USBC
1378SINGLES - Standard HcpDonovan Matthew W. 47599Stuart USBC
1378SINGLES - Standard HcpAllen Larry G. 200599Camanche USBC
1378SINGLES - Standard HcpDavis Justin R. 500599Clinton USBC
1389SINGLES - Standard HcpDrain Chris N. 218598Burlington Area USBC
1389SINGLES - Standard HcpMatthews Shawn A. 157598Stuart USBC
1389SINGLES - Standard HcpJohnson Chad L. 256598Fort Dodge Area USBC
1389SINGLES - Standard HcpWheatly Thomas L. 307598Gr Des Moines USBC
1389SINGLES - Standard HcpBurton Chad R. 1598Gr Des Moines USBC
1389SINGLES - Standard HcpKehm Theodore Jr472598Council Bluffs USBC
1389SINGLES - Standard HcpRathke Daniel 160598Council Bluffs USBC
1389SINGLES - Standard HcpBoege Derick L. 876598Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1389SINGLES - Standard HcpThygesen Derrick C. 533598Manning USBC
1389SINGLES - Standard HcpWilson Blaine 430598West Delaware USBC
1399SINGLES - Standard HcpHaas Terrell 430597West Delaware USBC
1399SINGLES - Standard HcpHarrell Thomas J. 541597Marshalltown Area USBC
1399SINGLES - Standard HcpVermeulen Joe S. 468597Dubuque Area USBC
1399SINGLES - Standard HcpHintze Kent W. 517597Estherville USBC
1399SINGLES - Standard HcpGlawe Victor S. 888597Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1399SINGLES - Standard HcpJensen Ryan 376597Gr Mason City USBC
1399SINGLES - Standard HcpNewman Adam D. 678597Ida Grove USBC
1399SINGLES - Standard HcpReese Darin W. 11597Anamosa USBC
1399SINGLES - Standard HcpSolum Marvin Jr686597Gr Des Moines USBC
1399SINGLES - Standard HcpRollf Randy E. 54597Ottumwa Area USBC
1399SINGLES - Standard HcpMichaelsen Matthew V. 798597De Witt USBC
1410SINGLES - Standard HcpBuckner Tyler L. 101596Greenfield USBC
1410SINGLES - Standard HcpHoltan Rod W. 581596Humboldt Iowa USBC
1410SINGLES - Standard HcpBeswick John P. 48596Clinton USBC
1410SINGLES - Standard HcpJudson Derald L. 154596Gr Des Moines USBC
1410SINGLES - Standard HcpSchmitz Benjamin V. 887596Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1415SINGLES - Standard HcpStevens Larry J. 178595Belmond USBC
1415SINGLES - Standard HcpHills Robert E. 105595Jasper County USBC
1417SINGLES - Standard HcpHammel Doug C. Jr123594Keokuk USBC
1417SINGLES - Standard HcpFerrell Jim H. 221594Burlington Area USBC
1417SINGLES - Standard HcpRollins Jenn D. 723594Fort Dodge Area USBC
1417SINGLES - Standard HcpGlawe Rick C. 102594Cedar Rapids USBC
1417SINGLES - Standard HcpHaag Pete M. 829594Sanborn USBC
1417SINGLES - Standard HcpThomas Howard J. 471594Council Bluffs USBC
1417SINGLES - Standard HcpMcElmeel Luke T. 773594Monticello USBC
1417SINGLES - Standard HcpKeleher Nate A. 128594Gr Siouxland USBC
1417SINGLES - Standard HcpAlthaus Zach P. 469594Dubuque Area USBC
1417SINGLES - Standard HcpEggers Brian A. 64594Dubuque Area USBC
1427SINGLES - Standard HcpHall William C. 638593Dubuque Area USBC
1427SINGLES - Standard HcpWessels Mike F. 436593West Delaware USBC
1427SINGLES - Standard HcpPowers Jack A. 27593Council Bluffs USBC
1427SINGLES - Standard HcpSellman Ben H. 47593Stuart USBC
1427SINGLES - Standard HcpCamarata David E. 793593Gr Des Moines USBC
1427SINGLES - Standard HcpBrockett Rickie W. 214593Burlington Area USBC
1427SINGLES - Standard HcpPence John L. 74593Burlington Area USBC
1434SINGLES - Standard HcpDunn Tanner V. 490592Burlington Area USBC
1434SINGLES - Standard HcpRook Jason W. 283592Appanoose/Davis County USBC
1434SINGLES - Standard HcpBarragy Christopher M. 603592New Hampton USBC
1434SINGLES - Standard HcpVance Troy A. 131592Gr Des Moines USBC
1434SINGLES - Standard HcpMraz Sam M. 699592Cedar Rapids USBC
1434SINGLES - Standard HcpTurnbull Shaun 90592North Lee County USBC
1434SINGLES - Standard HcpBaxter Jason D. 840592Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1434SINGLES - Standard HcpFoubert Mike L. 494592Sigourney USBC
1434SINGLES - Standard HcpPaar Noah D. 291592Dubuque Area USBC
1443SINGLES - Standard HcpBeitz Brian V. 434591West Delaware USBC
1443SINGLES - Standard HcpUsher Steve W. 800591Forest City USBC
1443SINGLES - Standard HcpStephens Sheri 620591Ames Area USBC
1443SINGLES - Standard HcpMeyer Tim J. 104591Decorah USBC
1443SINGLES - Standard HcpHootman Thomas 448591Iowa City USBC
1443SINGLES - Standard HcpHawkins Alan J. 320591Iowa City USBC
1443SINGLES - Standard HcpWeimerskirk Todd A. 641591Bellevue USBC
1450SINGLES - Standard HcpFeltes Adam C. 629590Iowa City USBC
1450SINGLES - Standard HcpButler Jason 675590Ida Grove USBC
1450SINGLES - Standard HcpSego Marty J. 173590Gr Mason City USBC
1450SINGLES - Standard HcpHubka Jordan D. 20590Gr Mason City USBC
1450SINGLES - Standard HcpCotton Michael R. Jr293590Charles City USBC
1450SINGLES - Standard HcpHepker James W. 285590Cedar Rapids USBC
1450SINGLES - Standard HcpLyons Kim E. 801590Marshalltown Area USBC
1457SINGLES - Standard HcpSmart Travis C. 745589Cedar Rapids USBC
1457SINGLES - Standard HcpEinck Kevin A. 604589New Hampton USBC
1457SINGLES - Standard HcpAnderson Ray T. 724589Clinton USBC
1457SINGLES - Standard HcpGoldman Perry J. 735589Oskaloosa USBC
1457SINGLES - Standard HcpAnderson Heath J. 181589Belmond USBC
1457SINGLES - Standard HcpJacobs Jon M. 773589Monticello USBC
1457SINGLES - Standard HcpBloom Phillip A. 742589Mt Pleasant USBC
1457SINGLES - Standard HcpGriffiths Edward J. 267589Mt Pleasant USBC
1465SINGLES - Standard HcpIta Joseph E. 216588Burlington Area USBC
1465SINGLES - Standard HcpMcAllister Matthew T. 252588Dyersville USBC
1465SINGLES - Standard HcpMarchant J W IV205588Gr Des Moines USBC
1465SINGLES - Standard HcpWheatly Norman D. 307588Gr Des Moines USBC
1469SINGLES - Standard HcpPage Kirk E. 711587Cedar Rapids USBC
1469SINGLES - Standard HcpLarson Brock 627587Gr Davenport Metro USBC
1469SINGLES - Standard HcpDunne William J. 641587Bellevue USBC
1469SINGLES - Standard HcpMc Craw Burley H. Jr26587Council Bluffs USBC
1469SINGLES - Standard HcpLamphier Todd 432587West Delaware USBC
1469SINGLES - Standard HcpSimpson Chris M. 842587Dubuque Area USBC
1475SINGLES - Standard HcpWalker Michael D. 759586Dubuque Area USBC
1475SINGLES - Standard HcpRice Bailey D. 384586Dubuque Area USBC
1475SINGLES - Standard HcpBreashears Tom E. 485586Anamosa USBC
1475SINGLES - Standard HcpUtterback Willard Jr494586Sigourney USBC
1475SINGLES - Standard HcpOlson Justin D. 77586Burlington Area USBC
1475SINGLES - Standard HcpHowell Jeromy J. 339586Maquoketa USBC
1475SINGLES - Standard HcpKenyon Joe W. 741586Gr Des Moines USBC
1482SINGLES - Standard HcpBruce Adam N. 206585Gr Des Moines USBC
1482SINGLES - Standard HcpElwick Mark 712585Cedar Rapids USBC
1482SINGLES - Standard HcpOrr Stephen 553585Red Oak USBC
1482SINGLES - Standard HcpSpies Litisha E. 453585West Union USBC
1482SINGLES - Standard HcpPape Drew D. 603585New Hampton USBC
1482SINGLES - Standard HcpMartinez Chad C. 886585Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1482SINGLES - Standard HcpClayton Levi D. 575585Greene County USBC
1482SINGLES - Standard HcpKasper Bobbie J. 542585Iowa City USBC
1482SINGLES - Standard HcpHoisington Kevin 347585Waukon USBC
1482SINGLES - Standard HcpKrenz Lonnie R. 644585Muscatine USBC
1492SINGLES - Standard HcpMcCann Jake 859584Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1492SINGLES - Standard HcpKullen Josh B. 841584Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1492SINGLES - Standard HcpBrown Cory L. 175584Belmond USBC
1492SINGLES - Standard HcpFenton Dean A. 802584Oskaloosa USBC
1492SINGLES - Standard HcpKightlinger Tim P. 794584Ames Area USBC
1492SINGLES - Standard HcpGreve Paul J. 719584Camanche USBC
1492SINGLES - Standard HcpEwing Doug J. 33584Jasper County USBC
1492SINGLES - Standard HcpHebdon Jayson P. Sr299584Cedar Rapids USBC
1492SINGLES - Standard HcpChristie Dennis J. 762584Gr Des Moines USBC
1492SINGLES - Standard HcpMaiers Marv D. 379584Dubuque Area USBC
1502SINGLES - Standard HcpFrank Thomas D. 155583Gr Des Moines USBC
1502SINGLES - Standard HcpLombard Robert E. 368583Fort Dodge Area USBC
1502SINGLES - Standard HcpHessenius Jacob D. 170583Cedar Rapids USBC
1502SINGLES - Standard HcpTye Jason N. 233583Atlantic USBC
1502SINGLES - Standard HcpPeterson Jesse 347583Waukon USBC
1502SINGLES - Standard HcpZear Chad D. 905583Iowa City USBC
1502SINGLES - Standard HcpBreashears MaryJane K. 487583Anamosa USBC
1509SINGLES - Standard HcpFoss Steven M. 6582Iowa City USBC
1509SINGLES - Standard HcpThorson Dane S. 880582Monticello USBC
1509SINGLES - Standard HcpPeverill Kevin L. 851582Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1509SINGLES - Standard HcpSpear Todd M. 135582Ames Area USBC
1509SINGLES - Standard HcpUkasick Blaine J. 513582Estherville USBC
1509SINGLES - Standard HcpSchuster Adam J. 247582Dyersville USBC
1509SINGLES - Standard HcpScott Chaz M. 328582Maquoketa USBC
1509SINGLES - Standard HcpVaske Nathan P. 383582Dubuque Area USBC
1517SINGLES - Standard HcpBecker Justin R. 727581Dubuque Area USBC
1517SINGLES - Standard HcpEddy Todd D. 101581Greenfield USBC
1517SINGLES - Standard HcpBromberg Joseph C. 739581Cedar Rapids USBC
1517SINGLES - Standard HcpStarr Michael E. 365581Gr Des Moines USBC
1517SINGLES - Standard HcpPalmer Bradley D. 31581Gr Des Moines USBC
1517SINGLES - Standard HcpPetersen Randall J. 502581Gr Mason City USBC
1517SINGLES - Standard HcpWaterworth William E. 347581Waukon USBC
1524SINGLES - Standard HcpWolmutt Steven 770580Anamosa USBC
1524SINGLES - Standard HcpBushore Christopher L. 620580Ames Area USBC
1524SINGLES - Standard HcpGruhn Todd K. 539580Manning USBC
1524SINGLES - Standard HcpCarriere Nathan 317580Gr Des Moines USBC
1524SINGLES - Standard HcpMason Chris M. 203580Gr Des Moines USBC
1524SINGLES - Standard HcpKnapp Bob M. 130580Gr Des Moines USBC
1524SINGLES - Standard HcpNord Donald W. 125580Gr Davenport Metro USBC
1524SINGLES - Standard HcpFoxen Tony 244580Dyersville USBC
1524SINGLES - Standard HcpSigwarth Jared M. 66580Dubuque Area USBC
1524SINGLES - Standard HcpFagan Kyle 436580West Delaware USBC
1534SINGLES - Standard HcpBockenstedt Luke J. 380579Dubuque Area USBC
1534SINGLES - Standard HcpSamuel Noah 217579Burlington Area USBC
1534SINGLES - Standard HcpSnyder Tony E. 734579Cedar Rapids USBC
1534SINGLES - Standard HcpBlack Ryan J. 109579Cedar Rapids USBC
1534SINGLES - Standard HcpIngalls Cole 22579Cedar Rapids USBC
1534SINGLES - Standard HcpEberling Andrew R. 340579Waukon USBC
1540SINGLES - Standard HcpStalkfleet Hannah L. 894578Muscatine USBC
1540SINGLES - Standard HcpDowell Zach J. 898578Monticello USBC
1540SINGLES - Standard HcpHarrell Joshua D. 757578Eldora USBC
1540SINGLES - Standard HcpLane Christopher L. 806578Cedar Rapids USBC
1540SINGLES - Standard HcpCrawford John T. 155578Gr Des Moines USBC
1540SINGLES - Standard HcpKonz John F. 231578Gr Des Moines USBC
1540SINGLES - Standard HcpHumphrey David M. 31578Gr Des Moines USBC
1540SINGLES - Standard HcpSwaim Shawn L. 49578Clinton USBC
1540SINGLES - Standard HcpHudson Terry 819578Camanche USBC
1549SINGLES - Standard HcpWatson Thomas J. 308577Gr Des Moines USBC
1549SINGLES - Standard HcpIngalls Mark A. 22577Cedar Rapids USBC
1549SINGLES - Standard HcpBenhart Koty 843577Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1549SINGLES - Standard HcpBonfig Eric J. 706577Grundy Center USBC
1549SINGLES - Standard HcpNissen Stan D. 547577Spencer USBC
1549SINGLES - Standard HcpHanson Troy D. 502577Gr Mason City USBC
1549SINGLES - Standard HcpAguero Rudy 566577Muscatine USBC
1549SINGLES - Standard HcpKohl Jennifer M. 904577Dubuque Area USBC
1557SINGLES - Standard HcpMootz Robert G. 64576Dubuque Area USBC
1557SINGLES - Standard HcpEiben Hayo T. 772576Monticello USBC
1557SINGLES - Standard HcpRoss Doug 294576Charles City USBC
1557SINGLES - Standard HcpNewby Eric D. 176576Belmond USBC
1557SINGLES - Standard HcpGinther Ashley S. 846576Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1557SINGLES - Standard HcpButler Richard E. 102576Cedar Rapids USBC
1557SINGLES - Standard HcpHavlovic Mark J. 359576Stacyville USBC
1564SINGLES - Standard HcpMourlam Matt R. 768575Cedar Rapids USBC
1564SINGLES - Standard HcpMontgomery Robert J. 46575Stuart USBC
1564SINGLES - Standard HcpLeinen Brent L. 186575Gr Des Moines USBC
1564SINGLES - Standard HcpKleppe Kevin K. 844575Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1564SINGLES - Standard HcpKnipfer Josh L. 654575Mt Pleasant USBC
1564SINGLES - Standard HcpLee Jonathan W. 654575Mt Pleasant USBC
1570SINGLES - Standard HcpTrimble David D. 557574Muscatine USBC
1570SINGLES - Standard HcpGroenewald Michael A. 865574Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1570SINGLES - Standard HcpHemann John A. 167574St Ansgar USBC
1570SINGLES - Standard HcpNutz Rick L. 23574Cedar Rapids USBC
1570SINGLES - Standard HcpPape Brian R. 351574Camanche USBC
1570SINGLES - Standard HcpDecker Kevin R. 201574Camanche USBC
1570SINGLES - Standard HcpHutchens Barry R. Jr801574Marshalltown Area USBC
1577SINGLES - Standard HcpCarr Tony A. 335573Maquoketa USBC
1577SINGLES - Standard HcpBudzyn Edmund D. Jr214573Burlington Area USBC
1577SINGLES - Standard HcpJoblinske Connor L. 182573Independence USBC
1577SINGLES - Standard HcpWilson David J. 197573Independence USBC
1577SINGLES - Standard HcpSvendsen Brendon L. 660573Gr Des Moines USBC
1577SINGLES - Standard HcpKendall Tom W. 885573Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1577SINGLES - Standard HcpStevens Russ D. 178573Belmond USBC
1577SINGLES - Standard HcpHofer Dan L. 864573Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1585SINGLES - Standard HcpMatlage Phil L. 153572Gr Des Moines USBC
1585SINGLES - Standard HcpCoffey Shawn M. 353572Camanche USBC
1585SINGLES - Standard HcpBooth Scott A. 818572Camanche USBC
1585SINGLES - Standard HcpHabel Mike J. 467572Dubuque Area USBC
1589SINGLES - Standard HcpNorris Brad J. 610571Gr Davenport Metro USBC
1589SINGLES - Standard HcpJohnson Phillip M. 527571Red Oak USBC
1589SINGLES - Standard HcpKruse Brett R. 301571Cedar Rapids USBC
1589SINGLES - Standard HcpBrown Rodney A. 189571Fort Dodge Area USBC
1589SINGLES - Standard HcpWill Jason E. 761571Fort Dodge Area USBC
1589SINGLES - Standard HcpNewman Candace A. 868571Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1589SINGLES - Standard HcpWohlleber Alexis 263571Mt Pleasant USBC
1589SINGLES - Standard HcpIdler Ryan L. 292571Charles City USBC
1597SINGLES - Standard HcpSnyder Daniel J. 410570Cedar Rapids USBC
1597SINGLES - Standard HcpKuennen Steven G. 605570New Hampton USBC
1597SINGLES - Standard HcpAlthaus Rick A. 470570Dubuque Area USBC
1600SINGLES - Standard HcpUhlenberg Ron L. 211569Marshalltown Area USBC
1600SINGLES - Standard HcpEash Jerry D. Jr198569Marshalltown Area USBC
1600SINGLES - Standard HcpShepherd Josh E. 725569Clinton USBC
1600SINGLES - Standard HcpGumm Kennon W. 458569West Union USBC
1600SINGLES - Standard HcpPearson Jay P. 279569Cedar Rapids USBC
1600SINGLES - Standard HcpSchwake Michael J. 863569Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1600SINGLES - Standard HcpGraham Warren E. 790569Anamosa USBC
1600SINGLES - Standard HcpFowler Wendy R. 784569Iowa City USBC
1608SINGLES - Standard HcpSouder Ray A. 262568Mt Pleasant USBC
1608SINGLES - Standard HcpSonnee George 268568Mt Pleasant USBC
1608SINGLES - Standard HcpVashaw Kelci J. 767568Ames Area USBC
1608SINGLES - Standard HcpWedebrand Bryan C. 516568Estherville USBC
1608SINGLES - Standard HcpStejskal Thomas J. 732568Cedar Rapids USBC
1608SINGLES - Standard HcpAdams David A. 52568Keokuk USBC
1614SINGLES - Standard HcpBakula Scott W. 599567New Hampton USBC
1614SINGLES - Standard HcpRecker Terry J. 249567Dyersville USBC
1614SINGLES - Standard HcpHill Kyle M. 33567Jasper County USBC
1614SINGLES - Standard HcpDeich Brad W. 655567Gr Des Moines USBC
1614SINGLES - Standard HcpSears Shane S. 871567Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1614SINGLES - Standard HcpAlger Matt W. 10567Anamosa USBC
1620SINGLES - Standard HcpCaffrey Daniel R. 294566Charles City USBC
1620SINGLES - Standard HcpNiksich Michael R. 126566Gr Davenport Metro USBC
1620SINGLES - Standard HcpGacioch Mike T. III67566Dubuque Area USBC
1623SINGLES - Standard HcpStaake Loren L. 612565West Union USBC
1623SINGLES - Standard HcpDufoe Alex J. 4565Cedar Rapids USBC
1623SINGLES - Standard HcpBrumley David A. 45565Stuart USBC
1623SINGLES - Standard HcpBird Justin J. 668565Cedar Rapids USBC
1623SINGLES - Standard HcpCamamo Ted 367565Fort Dodge Area USBC
1623SINGLES - Standard HcpPope Aaron J. 755565Gr Mason City USBC
1623SINGLES - Standard HcpHansen Kaleb J. 161565Council Bluffs USBC
1630SINGLES - Standard HcpArduser Andy A. 774564Monticello USBC
1630SINGLES - Standard HcpSimpson Amber L. 851564Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1630SINGLES - Standard HcpGarringer Jeremy L. 628564Iowa City USBC
1630SINGLES - Standard HcpGroth Bryce W. 134564Gr Mason City USBC
1630SINGLES - Standard HcpBauer Warren K. 372564Fort Dodge Area USBC
1630SINGLES - Standard HcpChapman Josh T. 131564Gr Des Moines USBC
1636SINGLES - Standard HcpSchellhorn Jessica 845563Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1636SINGLES - Standard HcpHunter Max 104563Decorah USBC
1636SINGLES - Standard HcpFarrell Jeff A. 275563Corydon USBC
1639SINGLES - Standard HcpSheets Scott J. 422562Iowa City USBC
1639SINGLES - Standard HcpHenderson Anthony N. 486562Anamosa USBC
1639SINGLES - Standard HcpBickford Chuck B. 645562Muscatine USBC
1639SINGLES - Standard HcpBrockney David L. 16562Charles City USBC
1639SINGLES - Standard HcpThurman Danny J. Sr95562Gr Des Moines USBC
1639SINGLES - Standard HcpPerdieu William 240562De Witt USBC
1645SINGLES - Standard HcpSteward Michael G. 413561Gr Davenport Metro USBC
1645SINGLES - Standard HcpJohansen Lee A. 460561West Union USBC
1645SINGLES - Standard HcpBrashaw Rodney J. 49561Clinton USBC
1645SINGLES - Standard HcpWalker Billy R. 315561Gr Des Moines USBC
1645SINGLES - Standard HcpLuedtke Doug 202561Gr Des Moines USBC
1645SINGLES - Standard HcpDarrah Josh M. 124561Ames Area USBC
1645SINGLES - Standard HcpMaxson David M. Jr890561Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1645SINGLES - Standard HcpHickman Damon L. 549561Spencer USBC
1653SINGLES - Standard HcpSmith Jennifer L. 850560Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1653SINGLES - Standard HcpLawrence Lance J. 578560Gr Mason City USBC
1653SINGLES - Standard HcpMueller Jeffrey P. 597560Bellevue USBC
1653SINGLES - Standard HcpThomas Andrew J. 474560Council Bluffs USBC
1653SINGLES - Standard HcpLawrence Jonathan D. 510560Cedar Rapids USBC
1653SINGLES - Standard HcpBehnke Russell 301560Cedar Rapids USBC
1659SINGLES - Standard HcpStonehocker Larry L. 499559Gr Des Moines USBC
1659SINGLES - Standard HcpUnderwood Lance B. 218559Burlington Area USBC
1659SINGLES - Standard HcpHeeter Rich 223559Burlington Area USBC
1659SINGLES - Standard HcpDavis Jerry W. 780559Humboldt Iowa USBC
1659SINGLES - Standard HcpSchroeder Ethan F. 560559Muscatine USBC
1659SINGLES - Standard HcpRenne Jeremy J. 348559Waukon USBC
1659SINGLES - Standard HcpPregler Zach R. 879559Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1659SINGLES - Standard HcpOtt Roger 282559Greene County USBC
1659SINGLES - Standard HcpReed John R. 466559Dubuque Area USBC
1659SINGLES - Standard HcpMcauley Michael 434559West Delaware USBC
1669SINGLES - Standard HcpBriner Mike E. 479558Creston USBC
1669SINGLES - Standard HcpSchreurs Ron C. Jr562558Muscatine USBC
1669SINGLES - Standard HcpJanning Chris J. 623558Carroll Area USBC
1669SINGLES - Standard HcpKelsen Paul E. 169558Cedar Rapids USBC
1673SINGLES - Standard HcpJandik Red 5557Cedar Rapids USBC
1673SINGLES - Standard HcpRibbink Warren S. 893557Muscatine USBC
1673SINGLES - Standard HcpBond Ryan M. 886557Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1673SINGLES - Standard HcpTobey Nathan R. 888557Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1677SINGLES - Standard HcpJohnson Bruce W. 374556Gr Mason City USBC
1677SINGLES - Standard HcpKirchner Kevin 268556Mt Pleasant USBC
1677SINGLES - Standard HcpWeinschenk Richard H. 597556Bellevue USBC
1677SINGLES - Standard HcpNolan Shawn B. 772556Monticello USBC
1677SINGLES - Standard HcpHayslett Keegan S. 444556Iowa City USBC
1677SINGLES - Standard HcpFulton Jacob J. 23556Cedar Rapids USBC
1677SINGLES - Standard HcpMaschke Justin M. 366556Gr Des Moines USBC
1677SINGLES - Standard HcpCook Michael G. 741556Gr Des Moines USBC
1677SINGLES - Standard HcpBockenstedt Andy W. 380556Dubuque Area USBC
1686SINGLES - Standard HcpGalloro Lucas C. 410555Cedar Rapids USBC
1686SINGLES - Standard HcpKimball Shawn D. 108555Cedar Rapids USBC
1686SINGLES - Standard HcpLuneckas Darin H. 636555Cedar Rapids USBC
1686SINGLES - Standard HcpStepanek Trent D. 278555Cedar Rapids USBC
1686SINGLES - Standard HcpEllis Forrest R. 603555New Hampton USBC
1686SINGLES - Standard HcpCooley Dustin W. 242555Gr Davenport Metro USBC
1686SINGLES - Standard HcpJones James 39555Red Oak USBC
1686SINGLES - Standard HcpArgo James D. 72555Ottumwa Area USBC
1686SINGLES - Standard HcpHamand David A. 729555Gr Mason City USBC
1695SINGLES - Standard HcpPalar Brock J. 811554Ames Area USBC
1695SINGLES - Standard HcpSchultz James A. 475554Council Bluffs USBC
1695SINGLES - Standard HcpSchmitt Marvin 458554West Union USBC
1698SINGLES - Standard HcpRoper Donald L. 580553Independence USBC
1698SINGLES - Standard HcpMeyer David J. 510553Cedar Rapids USBC
1698SINGLES - Standard HcpKing David M. 797553Gr Des Moines USBC
1698SINGLES - Standard HcpJohnson Douglas M. 31553Gr Des Moines USBC
1698SINGLES - Standard HcpMcRill Evan E. 321553Marshalltown Area USBC
1703SINGLES - Standard HcpMcgregor Johnnie L. 655552Gr Des Moines USBC
1703SINGLES - Standard HcpErtz Jason D. 490552Burlington Area USBC
1703SINGLES - Standard HcpMortimer Kenneth L. 713552Council Bluffs USBC
1703SINGLES - Standard HcpMcKee Dylan T. 20552Gr Mason City USBC
1703SINGLES - Standard HcpEpperson Brian W. 816552Eldora USBC
1708SINGLES - Standard HcpKlocke Jason D. 537551Manning USBC
1708SINGLES - Standard HcpHeath Robert C. Jr281551Greene County USBC
1708SINGLES - Standard HcpMorgan Pat W. 714551Council Bluffs USBC
1708SINGLES - Standard HcpHughes Robert J. 672551Jasper County USBC
1708SINGLES - Standard HcpBirnbaum Edwin L. 368551Fort Dodge Area USBC
1708SINGLES - Standard HcpHosch Austin M. 385551Dubuque Area USBC
1714SINGLES - Standard HcpHenley Sean M. 476550Council Bluffs USBC
1714SINGLES - Standard HcpPitts Ryan A. 681550Sioux Rapids-Alta USBC
1714SINGLES - Standard HcpDole Kyle T. 548550Spencer USBC
1717SINGLES - Standard HcpLawrence Donna K. 724549Clinton USBC
1718SINGLES - Standard HcpRenard Shaun P. 613548Jasper County USBC
1718SINGLES - Standard HcpLaird Darin M. 315548Gr Des Moines USBC
1718SINGLES - Standard HcpStalker Evan R. 755548Gr Mason City USBC
1718SINGLES - Standard HcpGilbert Michael A. 62548Iowa City USBC
1718SINGLES - Standard HcpRiddle Christopher M. Jr63548Iowa City USBC
1718SINGLES - Standard HcpTaylor Zach 64548Dubuque Area USBC
1724SINGLES - Standard HcpKalinosky Adam M. 24547Council Bluffs USBC
1724SINGLES - Standard HcpGibbs Anthony E. 898547Monticello USBC
1724SINGLES - Standard HcpPeters Anthony 'AJ' 857547Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1724SINGLES - Standard HcpPietsch Thomas 491547Sigourney USBC
1724SINGLES - Standard HcpHalleran Tanner O. 115547Gr Des Moines USBC
1724SINGLES - Standard HcpTrue Wesley L. 636547Cedar Rapids USBC
1724SINGLES - Standard HcpLewis Brett M. 733547Cedar Rapids USBC
1731SINGLES - Standard HcpHerke Michael W. 519546Estherville USBC
1731SINGLES - Standard HcpBreitbach Donald L. 462546Dubuque Area USBC
1733SINGLES - Standard HcpHingtgen Melvin J. 66545Dubuque Area USBC
1733SINGLES - Standard HcpLoeffelholz Robert E. 650545Dubuque Area USBC
1733SINGLES - Standard HcpBeenken Dennis D. 429545Grundy Center USBC
1733SINGLES - Standard HcpFowler Mathew J. 785545Iowa City USBC
1733SINGLES - Standard HcpButteris Zachary J. 10545Anamosa USBC
1733SINGLES - Standard HcpDoll Louie P. 690545Ottumwa Area USBC
1739SINGLES - Standard HcpMoe Timothy G. 600544New Hampton USBC
1739SINGLES - Standard HcpMattern Dave B. 787544Gr Des Moines USBC
1739SINGLES - Standard HcpFisher Eric A. 324544Marshalltown Area USBC
1742SINGLES - Standard HcpCollins Mike J. 566543Muscatine USBC
1742SINGLES - Standard HcpMatthews Martin A. 472543Council Bluffs USBC
1742SINGLES - Standard HcpHummel Dave 302543Grundy Center USBC
1742SINGLES - Standard HcpBruggeman Josh 528543Gr Mason City USBC
1746SINGLES - Standard HcpBruening Steve L. 585541Guthrie County USBC
1746SINGLES - Standard HcpOswald Josh J. 881541Monticello USBC
1746SINGLES - Standard HcpBackus Richard L. 530541Gr Des Moines USBC
1746SINGLES - Standard HcpAkers Clive E. 541541Marshalltown Area USBC
1746SINGLES - Standard HcpPetsche Robert T. 463541Dubuque Area USBC
1751SINGLES - Standard HcpForcht Cory L. 158540Stuart USBC
1751SINGLES - Standard HcpBlack Derrick J. 40540Ames Area USBC
1753SINGLES - Standard HcpHolub Loras J. 486539Anamosa USBC
1754SINGLES - Standard HcpSchwarting Arthur C. 446538Iowa City USBC
1754SINGLES - Standard HcpQuakenbush Jodi R. 474538Council Bluffs USBC
1754SINGLES - Standard HcpKamp Steve W. 387538Dubuque Area USBC
1757SINGLES - Standard HcpChatfield Melinda M. 257536Mt Pleasant USBC
1757SINGLES - Standard HcpLarkin Sean 340536Waukon USBC
1757SINGLES - Standard HcpHackbarth Michael C. 757536Eldora USBC
1760SINGLES - Standard HcpAhles John A. 757535Eldora USBC
1761SINGLES - Standard HcpDomek Martin J. 516534Estherville USBC
1761SINGLES - Standard HcpShannon Kaitlyn D. 220534Burlington Area USBC
1763SINGLES - Standard HcpWolfe David F. 732533Cedar Rapids USBC
1763SINGLES - Standard HcpUhl Terry N. 471533Council Bluffs USBC
1765SINGLES - Standard HcpWohlleber Danny L. 263532Mt Pleasant USBC
1765SINGLES - Standard HcpSanders Timothy A. 786532Cedar Rapids USBC
1765SINGLES - Standard HcpHurmence Roger L. 86532Cedar Rapids USBC
1765SINGLES - Standard HcpDietz Chad D. 737532Gr Davenport Metro USBC
1765SINGLES - Standard HcpScheffert Steve L. 727532Dubuque Area USBC
1770SINGLES - Standard HcpPaulsen Ryan R. 679530Ida Grove USBC
1771SINGLES - Standard HcpStone Brody C. 295529Charles City USBC
1771SINGLES - Standard HcpThompson Jeff J. 529529Gr Mason City USBC
1773SINGLES - Standard HcpPlambeck Doug A. 527528Red Oak USBC
1773SINGLES - Standard HcpFrost Dylan 188528Gr Des Moines USBC
1773SINGLES - Standard HcpKennedy Danny L. 727528Dubuque Area USBC
1776SINGLES - Standard HcpSells Hayley R. 228527Gr Des Moines USBC
1776SINGLES - Standard HcpKrenz Keylon R. 644527Muscatine USBC
1776SINGLES - Standard HcpTownsend Ronald D. 183527Council Bluffs USBC
1779SINGLES - Standard HcpHarding Steve D. 554525Muscatine USBC
1779SINGLES - Standard HcpWilliams Andrew C. 858525Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1779SINGLES - Standard HcpPowers Anthony J. 239525Gr Davenport Metro USBC
1782SINGLES - Standard HcpBurge Keaton J. 11524Anamosa USBC
1783SINGLES - Standard HcpConnolly Matt J. 783523Dubuque Area USBC
1783SINGLES - Standard HcpWesthoff Matt J. 783523Dubuque Area USBC
1785SINGLES - Standard HcpKetchum April S. 755521Gr Mason City USBC
1786SINGLES - Standard HcpMitchell Tyler R. 294520Charles City USBC
1786SINGLES - Standard HcpCrawford Wyatt D. 7520Iowa City USBC
1788SINGLES - Standard HcpTilleraas Jared O. 456519West Union USBC
1789SINGLES - Standard HcpBanes Mitchell G. 260518Mt Pleasant USBC
1790SINGLES - Standard HcpBrungardt Joe T. 680516Ida Grove USBC
1790SINGLES - Standard HcpCryder Christian 15516Ames Area USBC
1790SINGLES - Standard HcpBemiss Kevin 458516West Union USBC
1790SINGLES - Standard HcpGuest Lisa 72516Ottumwa Area USBC
1790SINGLES - Standard HcpTichler Colin S. 827516Camanche USBC
1795SINGLES - Standard HcpGibson Joe 240515De Witt USBC
1795SINGLES - Standard HcpLemper Chris D. 891515Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1795SINGLES - Standard HcpGarringer Michael D. 628515Iowa City USBC
1798SINGLES - Standard HcpKuntz David E. 526514Monticello USBC
1799SINGLES - Standard HcpRistau Richard J. 800513Forest City USBC
1799SINGLES - Standard HcpMedina Ryan R. 105513Jasper County USBC
1801SINGLES - Standard HcpBecker Eric P. 731512Gr Davenport Metro USBC
1802SINGLES - Standard HcpHauser Dustin M. 110511Iowa City USBC
1802SINGLES - Standard HcpKruser Jamie L. 759511Dubuque Area USBC
1804SINGLES - Standard HcpPalmer Brian D. 793509Gr Des Moines USBC
1805SINGLES - Standard HcpPierson Joe S. 273508Gr Des Moines USBC
1805SINGLES - Standard HcpSteffen Tony J. 67508Dubuque Area USBC
1807SINGLES - Standard HcpWeber Dale J. 639507Bellevue USBC
1808SINGLES - Standard HcpBauer Troy M. 881506Monticello USBC
1808SINGLES - Standard HcpDonnelly Donald J. Jr160506Council Bluffs USBC
1808SINGLES - Standard HcpMcRobie Mike W. 861506Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1808SINGLES - Standard HcpHoffmann Gary D. 381506Dubuque Area USBC
1812SINGLES - Standard HcpCarpenter Casey F. 558504Muscatine USBC
1812SINGLES - Standard HcpKremer Daniel G. 354504Camanche USBC
1814SINGLES - Standard HcpBuck Mark D. 608503Gr Davenport Metro USBC
1815SINGLES - Standard HcpDeflieger Chester D. 379502Dubuque Area USBC
1816SINGLES - Standard HcpDirks Joseph E. 881499Monticello USBC
1817SINGLES - Standard HcpJones Gary E. 639498Bellevue USBC
1817SINGLES - Standard HcpMueller Jared D. 385498Dubuque Area USBC
1819SINGLES - Standard HcpWeeks Eric R. 552493Spencer USBC
1820SINGLES - Standard HcpKnight Chuck F. 739488Cedar Rapids USBC
1821SINGLES - Standard HcpKiburz Klayton 898484Monticello USBC
1821SINGLES - Standard HcpMarshall David G. 582484Anamosa USBC
1823SINGLES - Standard HcpAyers Gary L. 713483Council Bluffs USBC
1824SINGLES - Standard HcpFoster Michael V. 795482Ames Area USBC
1825SINGLES - Standard HcpSorrowfree Robert J. 557481Muscatine USBC
1826SINGLES - Standard HcpMerrifield Jason J. 510462Cedar Rapids USBC
1827SINGLES - Standard HcpMc Nulty Brian J. 191452Cedar Rapids USBC
1828SINGLES - Standard HcpBrown James A. 779445Gr Mason City USBC
1829SINGLES - Standard HcpTucek Tyler D. 567436Muscatine USBC
1830SINGLES - Standard HcpAndersen George (Andy) K. 133393Gr Mason City USBC
1831SINGLES - Standard HcpGrimm Dion T. 296377Cedar Rapids USBC
1832SINGLES - Standard HcpWeeks Eric R. 54978Spencer USBC
1833SINGLES - Standard HcpHendricks Peggy 44267Oelwein USBC
1834SINGLES - Standard HcpOlberding David J. 24862Dyersville USBC
1835SINGLES - Standard HcpHendricks Dean 44259Oelwein USBC
1836SINGLES - Standard HcpWear Draven M. 15632Gr Des Moines USBC
1837SINGLES - Standard HcpLex Douglas E. 46116Dubuque Area USBC
1SINGLES - BoosterMc Intosh Richard L. 99769Greenfield USBC
2SINGLES - BoosterWatts Dwain A. 396765Ames Area USBC
3SINGLES - BoosterSaldana Shaun R. 509746Appanoose/Davis County USBC
4SINGLES - BoosterOlson Mark A. 100743Greenfield USBC
5SINGLES - BoosterPalmer Scott L. 507741Appanoose/Davis County USBC
5SINGLES - BoosterPotts Adam W. 142741Cedar Rapids USBC
7SINGLES - BoosterSchremser Ryan P. 182737Independence USBC
8SINGLES - BoosterForeman John V. 459732West Union USBC
9SINGLES - BoosterBamrick Colin J. 141731Cedar Rapids USBC
10SINGLES - BoosterMunson Jason L. 671728Jasper County USBC
11SINGLES - BoosterHarrison Suzan C. 267727Mt Pleasant USBC
12SINGLES - BoosterVry Curtis S. 157724Stuart USBC
13SINGLES - BoosterStewart Andy J. 569723Greene County USBC
14SINGLES - BoosterHosch Robin A. 803722Fort Dodge Area USBC
15SINGLES - BoosterHorning Shane D. 758721Cedar Rapids USBC
16SINGLES - BoosterWixom Bronson L. 654718Mt Pleasant USBC
17SINGLES - BoosterDavis Marcus D. 265715Mt Pleasant USBC
17SINGLES - BoosterWirth Jason E. 391715Ames Area USBC
19SINGLES - BoosterClubb Steve M. 496713Sigourney USBC
19SINGLES - BoosterKalb Chris 291713Dubuque Area USBC
21SINGLES - BoosterSchumacher Gabriel A. 466711Dubuque Area USBC
22SINGLES - BoosterVoelker Andrew L. 192710Cedar Rapids USBC
23SINGLES - BoosterLawrence Dennis M. 826703Boone County USBC
23SINGLES - BoosterBrustkern Kyle P. 879703Gr Cedar Valley USBC
25SINGLES - BoosterWaller Steve 229701Gr Des Moines USBC
26SINGLES - BoosterKenneally Ryan W. 386700Dubuque Area USBC
27SINGLES - BoosterPeterson Sam J. 392699Ames Area USBC
27SINGLES - BoosterBarner Michael 537699Manning USBC
29SINGLES - BoosterBales Shawn 90698North Lee County USBC
29SINGLES - BoosterGrimm Joel E. 670698Jasper County USBC
31SINGLES - BoosterTrimble William Jr75697Burlington Area USBC
32SINGLES - BoosterHolmes William A. 450696Iowa City USBC
33SINGLES - BoosterRenoux Tanner J. 906695Iowa City USBC
33SINGLES - BoosterWatson Brad R. 221695Burlington Area USBC
35SINGLES - BoosterHuffaker Scott B. 669694Jasper County USBC
36SINGLES - BoosterHertel Larry P. 227691Sumner USBC
37SINGLES - BoosterGood Donald E. 809690Oskaloosa USBC
38SINGLES - BoosterMitchell Sarah A. 295687Charles City USBC
38SINGLES - BoosterScott Craig A. 311687Gr Des Moines USBC
38SINGLES - BoosterKilcoyce Rob 291687Dubuque Area USBC
41SINGLES - BoosterSmith Cord O. 817686Ames Area USBC
42SINGLES - BoosterJohnson Tayt R. 523685Independence USBC
42SINGLES - BoosterBrahm Bill E. 465685Dubuque Area USBC
44SINGLES - BoosterLowe Matt B. 546684Spencer USBC
45SINGLES - BoosterMittelstadt Herbert Jr754683Gr Mason City USBC
46SINGLES - BoosterRedding Neal W. 363682Gr Des Moines USBC
46SINGLES - BoosterHagen Harley L. 211682Marshalltown Area USBC
48SINGLES - BoosterBiel Todd A. 113681Gr Des Moines USBC
48SINGLES - BoosterShaw Robert J. 247681Dyersville USBC
50SINGLES - BoosterHenry Owen W. 452680West Union USBC
50SINGLES - BoosterSimpson Brandon A. 685680Gr Des Moines USBC
52SINGLES - BoosterGates Rusty D. 123679Keokuk USBC
52SINGLES - BoosterMontgomery Adam J. 107679Iowa City USBC
54SINGLES - BoosterO'Brien Joseph W. 595678Iowa City USBC
54SINGLES - BoosterFedeler Steven J. 226678Sumner USBC
56SINGLES - BoosterJohnston Brevin D. 674677Jasper County USBC
56SINGLES - BoosterSchroeder Dustin 524677Independence USBC
58SINGLES - BoosterElkin Tadd A. 253676Fort Dodge Area USBC
59SINGLES - BoosterSpitz Michael J. 356674Stacyville USBC
60SINGLES - BoosterAlter Ramey S. 106673Iowa City USBC
60SINGLES - BoosterPutman Brian V. 349673Waukon USBC
62SINGLES - BoosterGottschalk David E. 862672Gr Cedar Valley USBC
62SINGLES - BoosterHackbarth Robert L. 757672Eldora USBC
62SINGLES - BoosterSommerfelt Dustin L. 401672Gr Mason City USBC
62SINGLES - BoosterSlings Joseph D. 674672Jasper County USBC
62SINGLES - BoosterWilkins Joshua J. 192672Cedar Rapids USBC
67SINGLES - BoosterWessels Chadd N. 137671Cedar Rapids USBC
67SINGLES - BoosterWieser Daniel R. 694671Gr Des Moines USBC
69SINGLES - BoosterHruska James E. Jr256670Fort Dodge Area USBC
69SINGLES - BoosterBroadie Marshall 547670Spencer USBC
69SINGLES - BoosterVanDeBerg Dave 402670Tripoli USBC
72SINGLES - BoosterSutliff Larry L. 128669Gr Siouxland USBC
73SINGLES - BoosterRix Laura 480668Gr Siouxland USBC
73SINGLES - BoosterRestrepo Jaime C. 445668Iowa City USBC
73SINGLES - BoosterStrand Samantha L. 658668Gr Des Moines USBC
73SINGLES - BoosterVos Carla 792668Pella USBC
77SINGLES - BoosterStritz Courtney L. 656667Gr Des Moines USBC
77SINGLES - BoosterAlter Bronson E. 106667Iowa City USBC
79SINGLES - BoosterHoll Connie 517664Estherville USBC
79SINGLES - BoosterAshby Robert M. 504664Appanoose/Davis County USBC
81SINGLES - BoosterMitchell Trelys H. Sr148663Cedar Rapids USBC
81SINGLES - BoosterErhart Anthony G. 592663Iowa City USBC
81SINGLES - BoosterHosier Diane M. 544663Iowa City USBC
81SINGLES - BoosterHunt Sam A. 772663Monticello USBC
85SINGLES - BoosterLorimor Leonetta(Stitch) K. 475662Council Bluffs USBC
85SINGLES - BoosterGenskow Adam B. 673662Jasper County USBC
87SINGLES - BoosterTruitt Bryan 752661Muscatine USBC
87SINGLES - BoosterGunn Charles D. Jr576661Greene County USBC
89SINGLES - BoosterMcLaughlin Hayden N. 534660Manning USBC
89SINGLES - BoosterAckerson Ian 836660Gr Des Moines USBC
91SINGLES - BoosterCohrs Dan M. 162659Council Bluffs USBC
91SINGLES - BoosterOlson Jim 320659Iowa City USBC
93SINGLES - BoosterBeenken Whitnee 428658Grundy Center USBC
93SINGLES - BoosterKeeran Mark A. 586658Guthrie County USBC
93SINGLES - BoosterTomkins Russ M. 652658Dubuque Area USBC
96SINGLES - BoosterJanovick Jim P. 826657Boone County USBC
96SINGLES - BoosterVenenga Todd D. 829657Sanborn USBC
96SINGLES - BoosterAllen Charles M. 816657Eldora USBC
96SINGLES - BoosterMc Donald James C. 145657Cedar Rapids USBC
100SINGLES - BoosterVanderheiden Drew C. 157656Stuart USBC
100SINGLES - BoosterKiner Kyle D. 619656Iowa Great Lakes USBC
102SINGLES - BoosterMiller David B. 110655Iowa City USBC
102SINGLES - BoosterDunivan Mark 276655Corydon USBC
102SINGLES - BoosterSworthout Craig A. 264655Mt Pleasant USBC
102SINGLES - BoosterSvoboda Steven M. 823655Cedar Rapids USBC
102SINGLES - BoosterNunez Jorge L. 212655Independence USBC
102SINGLES - BoosterVander Molen Gary W. 792655Pella USBC
102SINGLES - BoosterPablonis John 54655Ottumwa Area USBC
109SINGLES - BoosterKohrs Kevin D. 612654West Union USBC
109SINGLES - BoosterHartwig Jeff D. 693654Gr Des Moines USBC
109SINGLES - BoosterBuck Jason M. 445654Iowa City USBC
109SINGLES - BoosterVan Lenning Sonny A. 618654Iowa Great Lakes USBC
109SINGLES - BoosterTies Jacob W. 289654Dubuque Area USBC
114SINGLES - BoosterNissen Benjamin P. 412653Cedar Rapids USBC
115SINGLES - BoosterLeber Adam J. 669652Jasper County USBC
115SINGLES - BoosterChatfield Josh 359652Stacyville USBC
115SINGLES - BoosterNordeen Kyle T. 391652Ames Area USBC
115SINGLES - BoosterGraham Steve D. 395652Ames Area USBC
115SINGLES - BoosterGiesmann Neil N. 594652Iowa City USBC
115SINGLES - BoosterBrown Dan J. 446652Iowa City USBC
115SINGLES - BoosterFarrington-Howrey Vicky J. 264652Mt Pleasant USBC
122SINGLES - BoosterWood Rick L. 768651Cedar Rapids USBC
123SINGLES - BoosterStanton Alexander L. 362650Gr Des Moines USBC
124SINGLES - BoosterHofer Chad N. 34649Jasper County USBC
124SINGLES - BoosterReiland Steve C. 178649Belmond USBC
126SINGLES - BoosterPhillips John C. 35648Jasper County USBC
126SINGLES - BoosterBoche Thomas M. 219648Burlington Area USBC
126SINGLES - BoosterCoffman Trisha A. 114648Gr Des Moines USBC
129SINGLES - BoosterGraves Darla J. 666647Gr Des Moines USBC
129SINGLES - BoosterStice Melanie E. 673647Jasper County USBC
129SINGLES - BoosterLeraaen Scott A. 171647St Ansgar USBC
132SINGLES - BoosterEynon William R. 424645Iowa City USBC
132SINGLES - BoosterHodnett Steve J. 34645Jasper County USBC
132SINGLES - BoosterSchillinger Tim J. 272645Gr Des Moines USBC
132SINGLES - BoosterLehr Jeremiah J. 109645Cedar Rapids USBC
136SINGLES - BoosterPlymale Jordan L. 657644Gr Des Moines USBC
136SINGLES - BoosterHuebbe Todd H. 92644Gr Des Moines USBC
136SINGLES - BoosterKasper Dan L. 247644Dyersville USBC
136SINGLES - BoosterHaynes Shane A. 222644Burlington Area USBC
136SINGLES - BoosterMcCuen Jule J. 527644Red Oak USBC
141SINGLES - BoosterHettinger Jordan J. 210643Independence USBC
141SINGLES - BoosterHampe Ashley M. 635643Gr Des Moines USBC
143SINGLES - BoosterKeiper John E. 54642Ottumwa Area USBC
143SINGLES - BoosterBooms Aaron 404642Tripoli USBC
143SINGLES - BoosterMorgan Nick J. 560642Muscatine USBC
143SINGLES - BoosterRathe Tim J. 226642Sumner USBC
143SINGLES - BoosterWeis Seth A. 584642Manning USBC
143SINGLES - BoosterRief Michael R. 225642Manning USBC
149SINGLES - BoosterBruns Austin J. 492641Sigourney USBC
149SINGLES - BoosterWellman Bill 89641North Lee County USBC
149SINGLES - BoosterOlson Felicia 683641Fort Dodge Area USBC
149SINGLES - BoosterKramer Dalton A. 385641Dubuque Area USBC
149SINGLES - BoosterBoge Matt L. 468641Dubuque Area USBC
154SINGLES - BoosterChapman Brandon 658640Gr Des Moines USBC
154SINGLES - BoosterParks Nathan J. 791640Ottumwa Area USBC
154SINGLES - BoosterFranck Nick 698640Independence USBC
154SINGLES - BoosterHanselman Mary 581640Humboldt Iowa USBC
154SINGLES - BoosterCoffin Justin R. 90640North Lee County USBC
154SINGLES - BoosterDodge Randy W. 873640Gr Cedar Valley USBC
154SINGLES - BoosterHertel Jessica E. 863640Gr Cedar Valley USBC
161SINGLES - BoosterDicken Joshua J. 873639Gr Cedar Valley USBC
161SINGLES - BoosterMcClurg Bryce T. 902639Gr Mason City USBC
161SINGLES - BoosterHerrmann Larry E. 632639Gr Des Moines USBC
161SINGLES - BoosterSchrader Dana L. 188639Gr Des Moines USBC
165SINGLES - BoosterGonzalez Tre 145638Cedar Rapids USBC
165SINGLES - BoosterBohnsack Todd 711638Cedar Rapids USBC
165SINGLES - BoosterSoukup Grant E. 297638Cedar Rapids USBC
165SINGLES - BoosterVorbeck Austin L. 339638Maquoketa USBC
165SINGLES - BoosterHoisington Allan D. 232638Boone County USBC
165SINGLES - BoosterKaufman Casey L. 568638Greene County USBC
171SINGLES - BoosterLeraaen Eric K. 171637St Ansgar USBC
171SINGLES - BoosterEngelhardt Chris A. 391637Ames Area USBC
171SINGLES - BoosterUrias James D. 19637Pella USBC
171SINGLES - BoosterWhite Joyce E. 761637Fort Dodge Area USBC
171SINGLES - BoosterWaltz Chad M. 153637Gr Des Moines USBC
176SINGLES - BoosterHadley Daniel J. 148636Cedar Rapids USBC
176SINGLES - BoosterHadley Victoria R. 148636Cedar Rapids USBC
176SINGLES - BoosterMapes Chadd R. 672636Jasper County USBC
179SINGLES - BoosterShuput Mark A. Mr787635Gr Des Moines USBC
180SINGLES - BoosterCarney Logan R. 366634Gr Des Moines USBC
180SINGLES - BoosterBeck Jamie J. 391634Ames Area USBC
180SINGLES - BoosterBlomme Brian 675634Ida Grove USBC
180SINGLES - BoosterEllis Ryan 276634Corydon USBC
180SINGLES - BoosterBreitbach Nick A. 291634Dubuque Area USBC
185SINGLES - BoosterWilliams Randy A. 738633Dubuque Area USBC
185SINGLES - BoosterMack Emily 606633Gr Davenport Metro USBC
187SINGLES - BoosterSedlock Allyson M. 35632Jasper County USBC
187SINGLES - BoosterDieleman Norm L. 18632Pella USBC
187SINGLES - BoosterOhl Tyler M. 336632Maquoketa USBC
187SINGLES - BoosterBoege Kyla L. 875632Gr Cedar Valley USBC
191SINGLES - BoosterHibbs Larry V. 80631Burlington Area USBC
192SINGLES - BoosterGood Jim 338630Maquoketa USBC
192SINGLES - BoosterGourley Wendell K. 39630Red Oak USBC
192SINGLES - BoosterHeinrich Chris M. 497630Muscatine USBC
192SINGLES - BoosterSchwemm Chad E. 408630Tripoli USBC
196SINGLES - BoosterWellman Ben A. 89629North Lee County USBC
196SINGLES - BoosterDenekas Bryan J. 394629Ames Area USBC
196SINGLES - BoosterShonka Jazmine E. 439629Oelwein USBC
196SINGLES - BoosterSlaugh Kelly L. 796629Gr Des Moines USBC
196SINGLES - BoosterWhittington Sharyn M. 229629Gr Des Moines USBC
196SINGLES - BoosterCarden Jason 152629Cedar Rapids USBC
202SINGLES - BoosterSlife Dan J. 108628Cedar Rapids USBC
202SINGLES - BoosterHuggins Kevin M. 137628Cedar Rapids USBC
202SINGLES - BoosterGriffin James C. 170628Cedar Rapids USBC
202SINGLES - BoosterLee Shelby 361628Gr Des Moines USBC
202SINGLES - BoosterRoder Shannon C. 9628Sioux Rapids-Alta USBC
202SINGLES - BoosterCrampton Dennis R. 682628Sioux Rapids-Alta USBC
208SINGLES - BoosterKirkpatrick Gary R. 826627Boone County USBC
208SINGLES - BoosterWymore Sarah E. 809627Oskaloosa USBC
208SINGLES - BoosterBell Brett J. 657627Gr Des Moines USBC
208SINGLES - BoosterMekemson Joe 741627Gr Des Moines USBC
208SINGLES - BoosterGulbranson Patrick R. 46627Stuart USBC
208SINGLES - BoosterNunez Jose M. 213627Independence USBC
214SINGLES - BoosterVanMersbergen Wayne A. 43626Pella USBC
214SINGLES - BoosterMorris Michael W. 363626Gr Des Moines USBC
214SINGLES - BoosterColvin Jeff 825626Boone County USBC
214SINGLES - BoosterMason Terry W. 15626Ames Area USBC
214SINGLES - BoosterHamand Ralph A. 729626Gr Mason City USBC
214SINGLES - BoosterWichman Daniel C. 160626Council Bluffs USBC
220SINGLES - BoosterTabor Thomas W. 752625Muscatine USBC
220SINGLES - BoosterMcLean Daekaree J. 448625Iowa City USBC
220SINGLES - BoosterBilky Paul A. 375625Gr Mason City USBC
220SINGLES - BoosterPoock Travis M. 288625Sumner USBC
220SINGLES - BoosterClubb Mark E. 493625Sigourney USBC
220SINGLES - BoosterHayes David J. 339625Maquoketa USBC
220SINGLES - BoosterDudley Arthur H. 14625Independence USBC
227SINGLES - BoosterVan Heiden Brian D. 140624Cedar Rapids USBC
227SINGLES - BoosterStainbrook Brad L. 711624Cedar Rapids USBC
227SINGLES - BoosterLockwood Jerry R. 177624Belmond USBC
227SINGLES - BoosterHicks Austin J. 773624Monticello USBC
227SINGLES - BoosterDavid Justin J. 344624Waukon USBC
232SINGLES - BoosterRussell Jim P. 593623Iowa City USBC
232SINGLES - BoosterGreenlee Mariea L. 544623Iowa City USBC
232SINGLES - BoosterFolken Joseph M. 880623Monticello USBC
232SINGLES - BoosterGilge Julie A. 588623Guthrie County USBC
232SINGLES - BoosterFrerichs Lonnie L. 549623Spencer USBC
232SINGLES - BoosterMcGuire Jacob N. 227623Sumner USBC
232SINGLES - BoosterStanley Ronald-Ray 154623Gr Des Moines USBC
232SINGLES - BoosterJensen Lukas 900623Dubuque Area USBC
240SINGLES - BoosterStoll Troy D. 703622Gr Des Moines USBC
240SINGLES - BoosterSurber Robin L. 77622Burlington Area USBC
240SINGLES - BoosterHeffron Larry E. 507622Appanoose/Davis County USBC
240SINGLES - BoosterHunt Jacob L. 34622Jasper County USBC
240SINGLES - BoosterMayer Casey A. 168622St Ansgar USBC
240SINGLES - BoosterTesch Don A. 172622St Ansgar USBC
240SINGLES - BoosterBak Brian D. II224622Manning USBC
240SINGLES - BoosterWeremont Cody 513622Estherville USBC
240SINGLES - BoosterVanKleek Matt S. 547622Spencer USBC
240SINGLES - BoosterLyons Judd 688622Grundy Center USBC
240SINGLES - BoosterStephens Trevor W. 621622Ames Area USBC
240SINGLES - BoosterMiller Peyton E. 237622Iowa City USBC
240SINGLES - BoosterMeierotto Jamie A. 90622North Lee County USBC
253SINGLES - BoosterPeyton Ryan C. 715621Gr Cedar Valley USBC
253SINGLES - BoosterBlessing Light Allison R. 632621Gr Des Moines USBC
253SINGLES - BoosterStarr Cheyanne D. 363621Gr Des Moines USBC
253SINGLES - BoosterTurner Steven M. 797621Gr Des Moines USBC
257SINGLES - BoosterGronewold Galen "Butch" A. 659620Gr Des Moines USBC
257SINGLES - BoosterMathes Taylor J. 665620Gr Des Moines USBC
257SINGLES - BoosterSchmuecker Jareth 192620Cedar Rapids USBC
257SINGLES - BoosterThrondson Larry M. 636620Cedar Rapids USBC
257SINGLES - BoosterLong Bryce A. 193620Cedar Rapids USBC
257SINGLES - BoosterPowers Todd J. 201620Camanche USBC
257SINGLES - BoosterGeerdes Kyle J. 715620Gr Cedar Valley USBC
257SINGLES - BoosterLemkau Bryan L. 560620Muscatine USBC
257SINGLES - BoosterNaugle Jeremiah L. 403620Tripoli USBC
257SINGLES - BoosterSears Jeffrey L. 110620Iowa City USBC
267SINGLES - BoosterHamel Robert 542619Iowa City USBC
267SINGLES - BoosterWolf Brian J. 424619Iowa City USBC
267SINGLES - BoosterLentz Lonny F. 236619Iowa City USBC
267SINGLES - BoosterKatschke Donald J. 578619Gr Mason City USBC
267SINGLES - BoosterShipley Jim R. 528619Gr Mason City USBC
267SINGLES - BoosterWilson Chad M. 574619Greene County USBC
267SINGLES - BoosterLeafgreen Christina J. 718619Camanche USBC
267SINGLES - BoosterStrupp Travis J. 731619Gr Davenport Metro USBC
267SINGLES - BoosterAdams George 297619Cedar Rapids USBC
267SINGLES - BoosterLadurini David O. 364619Gr Des Moines USBC
277SINGLES - BoosterDeich Kyle R. 655618Gr Des Moines USBC
277SINGLES - BoosterMarriott David M. 731618Gr Davenport Metro USBC
277SINGLES - BoosterHancox Scott A. 507618Appanoose/Davis County USBC
277SINGLES - BoosterKlyn Teag M. 903618Pella USBC
277SINGLES - BoosterGuffey Nathan 39618Red Oak USBC
277SINGLES - BoosterDittmer Randy 687618Grundy Center USBC
277SINGLES - BoosterBillmeyer Joseph E. 729618Gr Mason City USBC
277SINGLES - BoosterHarris Noah 595618Iowa City USBC
285SINGLES - BoosterKetchum Jonathan 779617Gr Mason City USBC
285SINGLES - BoosterBaldus Alan F. 824617Boone County USBC
285SINGLES - BoosterPrather Shawn D. 147617Cedar Rapids USBC
288SINGLES - BoosterMichener Brian 683616Fort Dodge Area USBC
288SINGLES - BoosterBoetje William J. 92616Gr Des Moines USBC
288SINGLES - BoosterRoder David L. 600616New Hampton USBC
288SINGLES - BoosterHetland Jamie S. 397616Ames Area USBC
288SINGLES - BoosterVaughn Jacob T. 124616Ames Area USBC
288SINGLES - BoosterThiedeman Gene G. 538616Manning USBC
288SINGLES - BoosterLacey Dustin D. 62616Iowa City USBC
288SINGLES - BoosterBeetem James L. 65616Dubuque Area USBC
296SINGLES - BoosterElsberry Dennis R. 876615Gr Cedar Valley USBC
296SINGLES - BoosterVega Mark W. 122615Gr Mason City USBC
296SINGLES - BoosterLunning Myron L. 121615Gr Mason City USBC
296SINGLES - BoosterGoehring Devin A. 232615Boone County USBC
296SINGLES - BoosterAnnis Tyler J. 35615Jasper County USBC
296SINGLES - BoosterDuinink Jesse L. 792615Pella USBC
302SINGLES - BoosterChapman Jeffrey 501614Jasper County USBC
302SINGLES - BoosterHicks M. Michelle 664614Gr Des Moines USBC
302SINGLES - BoosterSmith Derick D. 98614Gr Des Moines USBC
302SINGLES - BoosterScott Chance A. 311614Gr Des Moines USBC
302SINGLES - BoosterVry Brad L. 157614Stuart USBC
302SINGLES - BoosterHadlock Elizabeth A. 802614Oskaloosa USBC
302SINGLES - BoosterJohnson Mike A. 175614Belmond USBC
302SINGLES - BoosterReser Richard L. 377614Gr Mason City USBC
302SINGLES - BoosterHodnefield Isaac D. 391614Ames Area USBC
302SINGLES - BoosterBush Darin 226614Sumner USBC
302SINGLES - BoosterBarton Ryan J. 266614Mt Pleasant USBC
302SINGLES - BoosterTish Greg D. 236614Iowa City USBC
314SINGLES - BoosterBalvanz Bruce 408613Tripoli USBC
314SINGLES - BoosterLovett Dustin J. 274613Corydon USBC
314SINGLES - BoosterSchwake Megan A. 863613Gr Cedar Valley USBC
314SINGLES - BoosterLogel Karlyn S. 559613Muscatine USBC
314SINGLES - BoosterCrees Richard L. 512613Estherville USBC
314SINGLES - BoosterSchmuecker Cassie S. 151613Cedar Rapids USBC
314SINGLES - BoosterSlings Drew 793613Gr Des Moines USBC
314SINGLES - BoosterStone Jared C. 579613Gr Des Moines USBC
314SINGLES - BoosterAgan Bradley M. 661613Gr Des Moines USBC
314SINGLES - BoosterMyers Ryan J. 36613Jasper County USBC
314SINGLES - BoosterZantingh Ron E. 43613Pella USBC
314SINGLES - BoosterHawkins Marshal L. 19613Pella USBC
326SINGLES - BoosterParkinson Ronald C. 78612Burlington Area USBC
326SINGLES - BoosterVan Pilsum Keith R. 364612Gr Des Moines USBC
326SINGLES - BoosterHopkins John D. IV113612Gr Des Moines USBC
326SINGLES - BoosterSaint Kevin J. 405612Tripoli USBC
330SINGLES - BoosterButler Rick E. 595611Iowa City USBC
330SINGLES - BoosterHall Ket A. 518611Estherville USBC
330SINGLES - BoosterHarrington Jillian 585611Guthrie County USBC
330SINGLES - BoosterHemann Jerry L. 425611Osage USBC
330SINGLES - BoosterJensen Danny R. 298611Cedar Rapids USBC
330SINGLES - BoosterKeith Craig R. 669611Jasper County USBC
330SINGLES - BoosterEaston Kurt 798611De Witt USBC
337SINGLES - BoosterGerbig Jerry M. 358610Stacyville USBC
337SINGLES - BoosterWilliams Glen 358610Stacyville USBC
337SINGLES - BoosterBoche Roger J. 218610Burlington Area USBC
337SINGLES - BoosterKautz Tony L. 193610Cedar Rapids USBC
337SINGLES - BoosterArndorfer Michael J. 578610Gr Mason City USBC
337SINGLES - BoosterRohach Mike A. 707610Grundy Center USBC
337SINGLES - BoosterTesch Miranda E. 551610Spencer USBC
337SINGLES - BoosterAlbrecht Monty R. 572610Greene County USBC
337SINGLES - BoosterRotter Steve C. 257610Mt Pleasant USBC
346SINGLES - BoosterWunsch Sue E. 115609Gr Des Moines USBC
347SINGLES - BoosterCoffman Pamela J. 117608Gr Des Moines USBC
347SINGLES - BoosterKnudson Gerry R. 254608Fort Dodge Area USBC
347SINGLES - BoosterShannon Alex M. 524608Independence USBC
347SINGLES - BoosterPfeiler Brian M. 252608Dyersville USBC
347SINGLES - BoosterPerez Jason C. 750608Muscatine USBC
347SINGLES - BoosterYearling Candi J. 850608Gr Cedar Valley USBC
347SINGLES - BoosterPeterson Reese D. 516608Estherville USBC
347SINGLES - BoosterKintzle Donald J. 431608West Delaware USBC
355SINGLES - BoosterSogard David L. 394607Ames Area USBC
355SINGLES - BoosterJarvis Brandon M. 808607Oskaloosa USBC
355SINGLES - BoosterShoemate Jeffrey W. 88607North Lee County USBC
355SINGLES - BoosterVogt Sean D. 191607Cedar Rapids USBC
355SINGLES - BoosterScott Craig A. Jr311607Gr Des Moines USBC
360SINGLES - BoosterO'Neill Tyler J. 92606Gr Des Moines USBC
360SINGLES - BoosterBearbower Ayden W. 769606Cedar Rapids USBC
360SINGLES - BoosterPayne William P. 215606Burlington Area USBC
360SINGLES - BoosterPrichard Sonny K. 19606Pella USBC
360SINGLES - BoosterPals Bruce R. 885606Gr Cedar Valley USBC
360SINGLES - BoosterBrinker John J. 874606Gr Cedar Valley USBC
360SINGLES - BoosterKelly Bruce J. 597606Bellevue USBC
360SINGLES - BoosterReiland Andrew S. 177606Belmond USBC
368SINGLES - BoosterRockwell Debbie J. 587605Guthrie County USBC
368SINGLES - BoosterBugs Elliott S. 577605Gr Mason City USBC
368SINGLES - BoosterBrandt Jonathon J. 537605Manning USBC
368SINGLES - BoosterTempel Sara L. 570605Greene County USBC
368SINGLES - BoosterCline Carin A. 835605Muscatine USBC
368SINGLES - BoosterHoffman Zachary 480605Gr Siouxland USBC
368SINGLES - BoosterWestcott Mark A. 628605Iowa City USBC
368SINGLES - BoosterBabb Kevin W. 130605Gr Des Moines USBC
368SINGLES - BoosterCampbell Tracy M. 13605Gr Des Moines USBC
377SINGLES - BoosterDavison Austin C. 477604Maquoketa USBC
377SINGLES - BoosterGibbs Shawn 78604Burlington Area USBC
377SINGLES - BoosterMiculinich Jordan L. 839604Gr Cedar Valley USBC
377SINGLES - BoosterCimmiyotti Glenn J. 165604St Ansgar USBC
377SINGLES - BoosterKonrady Skylaur J. 551604Spencer USBC
377SINGLES - BoosterHolm Kevin L. 396604Ames Area USBC
377SINGLES - BoosterGilge Benjamin M. 589604Guthrie County USBC
384SINGLES - BoosterGlantz Joe J. 508603Appanoose/Davis County USBC
384SINGLES - BoosterFaust Scott D. 524603Independence USBC
384SINGLES - BoosterBickford Jake L. 338603Maquoketa USBC
384SINGLES - BoosterBrackett Jeffery 443603Oelwein USBC
384SINGLES - BoosterMapes Pamela S. 672603Jasper County USBC
384SINGLES - BoosterSeevers Dennis W. 272603Gr Des Moines USBC
384SINGLES - BoosterOswald David D. 372603Fort Dodge Area USBC
384SINGLES - BoosterKass Matt W. 381603Dubuque Area USBC
392SINGLES - BoosterBlatz Ben J. 730602Dubuque Area USBC
392SINGLES - BoosterHoerner Bryce R. 385602Dubuque Area USBC
392SINGLES - BoosterKittleson Travis A. 166602St Ansgar USBC
392SINGLES - BoosterMaben Todd E. 569602Greene County USBC
392SINGLES - BoosterRausch Ryan N. 839602Gr Cedar Valley USBC
392SINGLES - BoosterVersendaal Andy L. 63602Iowa City USBC
392SINGLES - BoosterLenoch Nick M. 905602Iowa City USBC
392SINGLES - BoosterGregory Tammie J. 235602Iowa City USBC
392SINGLES - BoosterEllis Bruce A. 276602Corydon USBC
401SINGLES - BoosterMullane Melissa M. 449601Iowa City USBC
401SINGLES - BoosterWatson Sarah L. 751601Muscatine USBC
401SINGLES - BoosterDorenkamp Jamie L. 682601Sioux Rapids-Alta USBC
401SINGLES - BoosterHagen Brian L. 191601Cedar Rapids USBC
401SINGLES - BoosterSteinkamp Tasha J. 315601Gr Des Moines USBC
401SINGLES - BoosterOder Roxanne M. 91601Gr Des Moines USBC
401SINGLES - BoosterElder Kourtney C. 71601Ottumwa Area USBC
401SINGLES - BoosterWilliams Cheyenne M. 70601Ottumwa Area USBC
401SINGLES - BoosterThomas Daniel L. 507601Appanoose/Davis County USBC
410SINGLES - BoosterBowman Lee R. 213600Independence USBC
410SINGLES - BoosterMolitor Nick B. 613600Jasper County USBC
410SINGLES - BoosterLewis Justin 68600Fort Dodge Area USBC
410SINGLES - BoosterMallicoat Jade J. 572600Greene County USBC
410SINGLES - BoosterMoses Michael T. 591600Guthrie County USBC
410SINGLES - BoosterCheek Linda S. 15600Ames Area USBC
410SINGLES - BoosterHillyer Colden M. 484600Council Bluffs USBC
410SINGLES - BoosterSchueler Jordan T. 464600Dubuque Area USBC
418SINGLES - BoosterAvis Abagail J. 857599Gr Cedar Valley USBC
418SINGLES - BoosterGregory William V. 107599Iowa City USBC
418SINGLES - BoosterBerns Alex M. 342599Waukon USBC
418SINGLES - BoosterTharp Robert G. Jr817599Ames Area USBC
418SINGLES - BoosterDausel Kylee M. 676599Ida Grove USBC
418SINGLES - BoosterProbasco George L. 206599Gr Des Moines USBC
418SINGLES - BoosterHines Frank E. 1599Gr Des Moines USBC
418SINGLES - BoosterStruecker Albert E. 581599Humboldt Iowa USBC
418SINGLES - BoosterGeselbracht Mark A. 250599Dyersville USBC
418SINGLES - BoosterLarsen Jimmy L. 605599New Hampton USBC
418SINGLES - BoosterOrsborne Jesse L. 337599Maquoketa USBC
429SINGLES - BoosterMaloy Bret 691598Ottumwa Area USBC
429SINGLES - BoosterHaynes Mark A. 215598Burlington Area USBC
429SINGLES - BoosterPruett Tom C. 354598Camanche USBC
429SINGLES - BoosterEarl Michael J. 676598Ida Grove USBC
429SINGLES - BoosterGoodmanson Kim K. 398598Ames Area USBC
429SINGLES - BoosterVollstedt Jared M. 537598Manning USBC
429SINGLES - BoosterCorcoran Larry E. 860598Gr Cedar Valley USBC
436SINGLES - BoosterArbaugh Rick S. 394597Ames Area USBC
436SINGLES - BoosterBrown Timothy D. 99597Greenfield USBC
436SINGLES - BoosterKress Travis D. 698597Independence USBC
436SINGLES - BoosterSteffans Cody L. 455597West Union USBC
436SINGLES - BoosterWignall Glen 312597Gr Des Moines USBC
436SINGLES - BoosterHenry Ralph F. Jr837597Dubuque Area USBC
442SINGLES - BoosterHess Sarajane L. 633596Gr Des Moines USBC
442SINGLES - BoosterChamberlain Mark C. 812596Ames Area USBC
442SINGLES - BoosterGoldman Joe P. 735596Oskaloosa USBC
442SINGLES - BoosterMeyer Dennis D. 168596St Ansgar USBC
442SINGLES - BoosterStuekerjuergen Christian 88596North Lee County USBC
442SINGLES - BoosterCaldwell Zak N. 450596Iowa City USBC
448SINGLES - BoosterShelburg Robert L. 891595Gr Cedar Valley USBC
448SINGLES - BoosterHowrey William 258595Mt Pleasant USBC
448SINGLES - BoosterBirkedal Mark P. 172595St Ansgar USBC
448SINGLES - BoosterHemann Cody A. 167595St Ansgar USBC
448SINGLES - BoosterRix Brian K. 681595Sioux Rapids-Alta USBC
448SINGLES - BoosterLenhart Doug K. 188595Gr Des Moines USBC
448SINGLES - BoosterSlings Eric D. 793595Gr Des Moines USBC
448SINGLES - BoosterStritz Brian A. 656595Gr Des Moines USBC
448SINGLES - BoosterGonzalez Jennifer M. 524595Independence USBC
448SINGLES - BoosterYeomans John T. 504595Appanoose/Davis County USBC
448SINGLES - BoosterRobey Dean F. 783595Dubuque Area USBC
448SINGLES - BoosterCarley Ralph C. 738595Dubuque Area USBC
460SINGLES - BoosterCrew Kathi A. 509594Appanoose/Davis County USBC
460SINGLES - BoosterJensen Greggory 145594Cedar Rapids USBC
460SINGLES - BoosterSmith Andrea I. 781594Cedar Rapids USBC
460SINGLES - BoosterKnight Joshua 739594Cedar Rapids USBC
460SINGLES - BoosterFlater Jay 302594Grundy Center USBC
460SINGLES - BoosterRenze Maggie 676594Ida Grove USBC
460SINGLES - BoosterTownsend Matthew A. 183594Council Bluffs USBC
467SINGLES - BoosterSmith Chance J. 266593Mt Pleasant USBC
467SINGLES - BoosterDouglass Deb L. 587593Guthrie County USBC
467SINGLES - BoosterSnakenberg Bryce J. 735593Oskaloosa USBC
467SINGLES - BoosterEdeker Jason 378593Gr Mason City USBC
467SINGLES - BoosterSchulz Nick 577593Gr Mason City USBC
467SINGLES - BoosterClabaugh Kelly 519593Estherville USBC
467SINGLES - BoosterWenner Jack 513593Estherville USBC
467SINGLES - BoosterThornburg Gary E. 157593Stuart USBC
467SINGLES - BoosterClabaugh James G. 370593Fort Dodge Area USBC
467SINGLES - BoosterBromell Charlin 217593Burlington Area USBC
467SINGLES - BoosterManary Del L. 59593Ottumwa Area USBC
467SINGLES - BoosterEaglen George W. Lll100593Greenfield USBC
479SINGLES - BoosterSmith Mike B. 33592Jasper County USBC
479SINGLES - BoosterGerbig Jake 357592Stacyville USBC
479SINGLES - BoosterClark-Marchant Katie J. 205592Gr Des Moines USBC
479SINGLES - BoosterMolacek Alex 519592Estherville USBC
479SINGLES - BoosterOetken Morgan E. 478592Creston USBC
479SINGLES - BoosterBird Monte D. 494592Sigourney USBC
479SINGLES - BoosterNovak Donald L. 619592Iowa Great Lakes USBC
479SINGLES - BoosterHodnefield Dan W. 395592Ames Area USBC
479SINGLES - BoosterMcHawes Samantha J. 802592Oskaloosa USBC
479SINGLES - BoosterClements Scott D. 262592Mt Pleasant USBC
479SINGLES - BoosterSwank Shane A. 423592Iowa City USBC
490SINGLES - BoosterRobertson Kenneth 832591Lenox USBC
490SINGLES - BoosterBooms Melissa 404591Tripoli USBC
490SINGLES - BoosterHall Brian L. 614591Jasper County USBC
490SINGLES - BoosterEllithorpe Jacob L. 329591Maquoketa USBC
490SINGLES - BoosterGrillo Paul M. 182591Independence USBC
495SINGLES - BoosterStewart Mike A. 613590Jasper County USBC
495SINGLES - BoosterRausch Sara M. 126590Gr Davenport Metro USBC
495SINGLES - BoosterSullivan Timothy M. 694590Gr Des Moines USBC
495SINGLES - BoosterJuett Justin R. 420590Cedar Rapids USBC
495SINGLES - BoosterTye Kristina 233590Atlantic USBC
495SINGLES - BoosterManchester Hunter E. 778590Gr Mason City USBC
495SINGLES - BoosterRiesberg Richard A. 687590Grundy Center USBC
495SINGLES - BoosterMcClellan Jennifer 550590Spencer USBC
495SINGLES - BoosterKramer Kevin J. 783590Dubuque Area USBC
495SINGLES - BoosterBlack Andrew S. 433590West Delaware USBC
495SINGLES - BoosterDooley Daniel E. Sr814590Marshalltown Area USBC
495SINGLES - BoosterWolken Greg S. 211590Marshalltown Area USBC
507SINGLES - BoosterKluesner Ethan J. 385589Dubuque Area USBC
507SINGLES - BoosterWilson Jennifer J. 574589Greene County USBC
507SINGLES - BoosterJacobson Benjamin R. 568589Greene County USBC
507SINGLES - BoosterBetts Bob E. 393589Ames Area USBC
507SINGLES - BoosterSchminke Lori A. 397589Ames Area USBC
507SINGLES - BoosterSommerfelt Loren 402589Tripoli USBC
507SINGLES - BoosterJohnson Aaron G. 421589Iowa City USBC
507SINGLES - BoosterGodsey Lisa L. 139589Cedar Rapids USBC
507SINGLES - BoosterRenslow Sean B. 46589Stuart USBC
507SINGLES - BoosterDoke Paul W. 315589Gr Des Moines USBC
517SINGLES - BoosterReseland Peggy 318588Gr Des Moines USBC
517SINGLES - BoosterCox Nickie 527588Red Oak USBC
517SINGLES - BoosterEngle Allison A. 423588Iowa City USBC
517SINGLES - BoosterRosenberg Zach L. 165588St Ansgar USBC
517SINGLES - BoosterHemann Nicole M. 167588St Ansgar USBC
517SINGLES - BoosterDalen Logan 519588Estherville USBC
523SINGLES - BoosterGregory Allen L. 106587Iowa City USBC
523SINGLES - BoosterKuper Al L. 197587Independence USBC
523SINGLES - BoosterHund Thomas D. 210587Independence USBC
523SINGLES - BoosterEverman Blaine W. 455587West Union USBC
523SINGLES - BoosterFerguson Roger L. 507587Appanoose/Davis County USBC
523SINGLES - BoosterSherman David 143587Cedar Rapids USBC
523SINGLES - BoosterCarson Kristina E. 84587Cedar Rapids USBC
530SINGLES - BoosterDooley Ben L. 720586Fort Dodge Area USBC
530SINGLES - BoosterSchmidt Leonard M. 522586Independence USBC
530SINGLES - BoosterWiegand John A. 105586Jasper County USBC
530SINGLES - BoosterWyninger Eric C. 342586Waukon USBC
530SINGLES - BoosterMcCauley Charles M. 872586Gr Cedar Valley USBC
530SINGLES - BoosterEpperson Maureen A. 868586Gr Cedar Valley USBC
530SINGLES - BoosterSherrard Rob A. 165586St Ansgar USBC
530SINGLES - BoosterSeverson Jake H. 392586Ames Area USBC
538SINGLES - BoosterBates Cory L. 586585Guthrie County USBC
538SINGLES - BoosterNorth Robert D. Sr9585Sioux Rapids-Alta USBC
538SINGLES - BoosterSchmidt Molle J. 575585Greene County USBC
538SINGLES - BoosterKurriger Brian R. 561585Muscatine USBC
538SINGLES - BoosterCase Terrence L. 129585Gr Siouxland USBC
538SINGLES - BoosterHawkins Charles A. 276585Corydon USBC
538SINGLES - BoosterDrumm Marvin E. 416585Gr Davenport Metro USBC
538SINGLES - BoosterLewis Larry 442585Oelwein USBC
538SINGLES - BoosterOwens Sean M. 500585Clinton USBC
538SINGLES - BoosterWood Jayson D. 331585Maquoketa USBC
538SINGLES - BoosterKanke Jock W. 142585Cedar Rapids USBC
538SINGLES - BoosterBarber David L. 279585Cedar Rapids USBC
538SINGLES - BoosterGibson Justin G. 622585Gr Des Moines USBC
538SINGLES - BoosterShanks Aaron M. 482585Gr Des Moines USBC
538SINGLES - BoosterMangin Michee Y. 661585Gr Des Moines USBC
553SINGLES - BoosterSmith Wayne D. 531584Gr Des Moines USBC
553SINGLES - BoosterWallace Billy D. Jr316584Gr Des Moines USBC
553SINGLES - BoosterHamblen Barb 85584Gr Des Moines USBC
553SINGLES - BoosterFolkmann Nicole E. 149584Cedar Rapids USBC
553SINGLES - BoosterCampbell Destry D. 149584Cedar Rapids USBC
553SINGLES - BoosterSpaur Larry D. 34584Jasper County USBC
553SINGLES - BoosterRussell Kendra D. 592584Iowa City USBC
553SINGLES - BoosterHise Jentry A. 588584Guthrie County USBC
553SINGLES - BoosterVenenga Logan R. 829584Sanborn USBC
553SINGLES - BoosterCarley Robert J. 738584Dubuque Area USBC
563SINGLES - BoosterWatkins Jason J. 514583Estherville USBC
563SINGLES - BoosterWatkins-Schoenig Jennifer M. 835583Muscatine USBC
563SINGLES - BoosterMayer Joe 356583Stacyville USBC
563SINGLES - BoosterDerifield Matt 439583Oelwein USBC
563SINGLES - BoosterNuss Gary D. 441583Oelwein USBC
563SINGLES - BoosterStevens Andy 691583Ottumwa Area USBC
563SINGLES - BoosterWickman Jenny L. 580583Independence USBC
563SINGLES - BoosterKuhse Adam J. 197583Independence USBC
563SINGLES - BoosterSpencer Megan L. 803583Fort Dodge Area USBC
563SINGLES - BoosterSpring Craig W. 622583Gr Des Moines USBC
563SINGLES - BoosterCourter Kent E. 705583Gr Des Moines USBC
574SINGLES - BoosterRynearson Todd A. 686582Gr Des Moines USBC
574SINGLES - BoosterParker Kirk D. 308582Gr Des Moines USBC
574SINGLES - BoosterOverhake Michael D. Jr97582Gr Des Moines USBC
574SINGLES - BoosterStein Kenneth P. 8582Harlan USBC
574SINGLES - BoosterSmith Brandon L. 303582Muscatine USBC
574SINGLES - BoosterLandsness Mikayla R. 682582Sioux Rapids-Alta USBC
574SINGLES - BoosterRoss Jennifer K. 571582Greene County USBC
574SINGLES - BoosterStevens Randy A. Jr502582Gr Mason City USBC
574SINGLES - BoosterSommerfelt Jordan T. 401582Gr Mason City USBC
574SINGLES - BoosterTopping Matthew D. 468582Dubuque Area USBC
574SINGLES - BoosterStocks Jacob J. 431582West Delaware USBC
585SINGLES - BoosterKutsch Vincent J. 837581Dubuque Area USBC
585SINGLES - BoosterEasley Kyle J. 375581Gr Mason City USBC
585SINGLES - BoosterLockwood Jerry Jr177581Belmond USBC
585SINGLES - BoosterOetken Penny F. 478581Creston USBC
585SINGLES - BoosterRenoux Troy A. 906581Iowa City USBC
585SINGLES - BoosterPalmer Micki D. 70581Ottumwa Area USBC
585SINGLES - BoosterWoodside Bruce W. 123581Keokuk USBC
585SINGLES - BoosterWhittington Julia L. 229581Gr Des Moines USBC
585SINGLES - BoosterWilcox Jeff L. 720581Fort Dodge Area USBC
585SINGLES - BoosterShurtz Jeff D. 781581Cedar Rapids USBC
585SINGLES - BoosterMumby Steven W. 141581Cedar Rapids USBC
596SINGLES - BoosterGrimes Jay D. 146580Cedar Rapids USBC
596SINGLES - BoosterBlackwell Joey D. 758580Cedar Rapids USBC
596SINGLES - BoosterToledo Robert R. 786580Cedar Rapids USBC
596SINGLES - BoosterPacheco Neil 803580Fort Dodge Area USBC
596SINGLES - BoosterHorner Ken L. 130580Gr Des Moines USBC
596SINGLES - BoosterStruecker Diane M. 581580Humboldt Iowa USBC
596SINGLES - BoosterRenard Larry D. 614580Jasper County USBC
596SINGLES - BoosterCorwin Greg L. 35580Jasper County USBC
596SINGLES - BoosterSpringer Mason M. 477580Maquoketa USBC
596SINGLES - BoosterHong Hyung K. 221580Burlington Area USBC
596SINGLES - BoosterWellington Justis T. 266580Mt Pleasant USBC
596SINGLES - BoosterPace Dayton N 496580Sigourney USBC
596SINGLES - BoosterVasey Jaret T. 135580Ames Area USBC
609SINGLES - BoosterBublitz Jerry L. 166579St Ansgar USBC
609SINGLES - BoosterRoederer Deborah S. 263579Mt Pleasant USBC
609SINGLES - BoosterStevens Adam 691579Ottumwa Area USBC
609SINGLES - BoosterElsinger Steve A. 250579Dyersville USBC
609SINGLES - BoosterHull Jonathan J. 1579Gr Des Moines USBC
609SINGLES - BoosterHansen Jordan J. 720579Fort Dodge Area USBC
615SINGLES - BoosterBaker Joshua N. 371578Fort Dodge Area USBC
615SINGLES - BoosterBrenizer Brian S. 530578Gr Des Moines USBC
615SINGLES - BoosterEpstein Keith R. 693578Gr Des Moines USBC
615SINGLES - BoosterCoons Carrie A. 736578Gr Davenport Metro USBC
615SINGLES - BoosterHeeren Jeff A. 395578Ames Area USBC
615SINGLES - BoosterRailsback Frankie R. 590578Guthrie County USBC
621SINGLES - BoosterTenEyck Charlene 680577Ida Grove USBC
621SINGLES - BoosterGreiner Brandy J. 392577Ames Area USBC
621SINGLES - BoosterSherman Jeff S. 629577Iowa City USBC
621SINGLES - BoosterRalston Jeffrey "Jeff" L. 609577Gr Davenport Metro USBC
621SINGLES - BoosterWagner Galen 358577Stacyville USBC
621SINGLES - BoosterJohnson Tracey J. 664577Gr Des Moines USBC
621SINGLES - BoosterHindman Joe 796577Gr Des Moines USBC
621SINGLES - BoosterKacena Justin L. 807577Cedar Rapids USBC
621SINGLES - BoosterKlostermann Drew J. 170577Cedar Rapids USBC
621SINGLES - BoosterWilhelm Curtis W. 333577Dubuque Area USBC
631SINGLES - BoosterNeal Mindy L. 296576Cedar Rapids USBC
631SINGLES - BoosterBrennan Samantha M. 255576Fort Dodge Area USBC
631SINGLES - BoosterEly Evan T. 6576Iowa City USBC
631SINGLES - BoosterAllen Theresa 869576Gr Cedar Valley USBC
635SINGLES - BoosterBiscontine Sydney M. 849575Gr Cedar Valley USBC
635SINGLES - BoosterGoodier Gary I. 38575Gr Siouxland USBC
635SINGLES - BoosterFunk Kelly R. 400575Tripoli USBC
635SINGLES - BoosterLee Brian C. 621575Ames Area USBC
635SINGLES - BoosterBeck Diane L. 398575Ames Area USBC
635SINGLES - BoosterNewman Tyler J. 678575Ida Grove USBC
635SINGLES - BoosterKube Darren K. 646575Eldora USBC
635SINGLES - BoosterMeier Billy 491575Sigourney USBC
635SINGLES - BoosterWenstad James A. 99575Greenfield USBC
635SINGLES - BoosterEarles Darin D. 334575Maquoketa USBC
635SINGLES - BoosterBelt Dane 418575Red Oak USBC
635SINGLES - BoosterKey Kelvin R. Jr289575Dubuque Area USBC
647SINGLES - BoosterCrowe Gail C. 55574Ottumwa Area USBC
647SINGLES - BoosterGibson Raelynn 241574De Witt USBC
647SINGLES - BoosterBerry Ryan J. 711574Cedar Rapids USBC
647SINGLES - BoosterHubble Jesica J. 702574Cedar Rapids USBC
647SINGLES - BoosterRogness Kurt 143574Cedar Rapids USBC
647SINGLES - BoosterFlood Shaun J. 797574Gr Des Moines USBC
647SINGLES - BoosterCallison Cody L. 13574Gr Des Moines USBC
647SINGLES - BoosterKuhlmann Jason L. 584574Manning USBC
647SINGLES - BoosterTriggs Brett 518574Estherville USBC
647SINGLES - BoosterKopaska Lisa 588574Guthrie County USBC
647SINGLES - BoosterEagle Robert 835574Muscatine USBC
658SINGLES - BoosterMetz David L. 559573Muscatine USBC
658SINGLES - BoosterWarnke Donald J. 404573Tripoli USBC
658SINGLES - BoosterKiley Dan E. 582573Anamosa USBC
658SINGLES - BoosterZobrist Alan W. 133573Gr Mason City USBC
658SINGLES - BoosterPope James A. 502573Gr Mason City USBC
658SINGLES - BoosterScheppler Kris C. 729573Gr Mason City USBC
658SINGLES - BoosterRiley Neil J. 171573St Ansgar USBC
658SINGLES - BoosterWalker Kathie M. 316573Gr Des Moines USBC
658SINGLES - BoosterCarney Allissa 366573Gr Des Moines USBC
658SINGLES - BoosterWest Hanna L. 657573Gr Des Moines USBC
658SINGLES - BoosterGryp Wes 142573Cedar Rapids USBC
658SINGLES - BoosterRay Mark E. 717573Gr Davenport Metro USBC
658SINGLES - BoosterSchwering Alicia M. 509573Appanoose/Davis County USBC
671SINGLES - BoosterGier Donald C. 508572Appanoose/Davis County USBC
671SINGLES - BoosterMcKinney Brian W. 672572Jasper County USBC
671SINGLES - BoosterWilwert Ron J. 244572Dyersville USBC
671SINGLES - BoosterSchneider Rachel L. 605572New Hampton USBC
671SINGLES - BoosterClayton Elizabeth A. 571572Greene County USBC
671SINGLES - BoosterHilsabeck Virgil L. 112572Ames Area USBC
671SINGLES - BoosterCavan Lom 393572Ames Area USBC
678SINGLES - BoosterBrady Chris 754571Gr Mason City USBC
678SINGLES - BoosterSlife Mike P. 618571Iowa Great Lakes USBC
678SINGLES - BoosterSchreiber Brandon J. 589571Guthrie County USBC
678SINGLES - BoosterGransow Terry 681571Sioux Rapids-Alta USBC
678SINGLES - BoosterYounker Robert L. 646571Eldora USBC
678SINGLES - BoosterRussell Gordon J. 3rd594571Iowa City USBC
678SINGLES - BoosterWehling Christopher A. 404571Tripoli USBC
678SINGLES - BoosterBronemann Carter G. 777571Monticello USBC
678SINGLES - BoosterShanks Wesley E. 274571Corydon USBC
678SINGLES - BoosterKelly Leonard K. Jr764571Bellevue USBC
678SINGLES - BoosterBurke Stacy L. 263571Mt Pleasant USBC
678SINGLES - BoosterRoss Lisa 33571Jasper County USBC
678SINGLES - BoosterMedina Brittany A. 105571Jasper County USBC
678SINGLES - BoosterCohrs John M. 506571Appanoose/Davis County USBC
678SINGLES - BoosterPugh Evan D. 371571Fort Dodge Area USBC
678SINGLES - BoosterShinogle Steve H. 315571Gr Des Moines USBC
678SINGLES - BoosterNadermann Pat F. 837571Dubuque Area USBC
678SINGLES - BoosterSimpson Michael D. 842571Dubuque Area USBC
696SINGLES - BoosterKafer Dave L. 468570Dubuque Area USBC
696SINGLES - BoosterCook Michelle J. 659570Gr Des Moines USBC
696SINGLES - BoosterAncell David F. 51570Gr Des Moines USBC
696SINGLES - BoosterKepler Tereni L. 151570Cedar Rapids USBC
696SINGLES - BoosterCash Jennifer L. 150570Cedar Rapids USBC
696SINGLES - BoosterVandersee Kalob D. 807570Cedar Rapids USBC
696SINGLES - BoosterKirk Jake J. 331570Maquoketa USBC
696SINGLES - BoosterMaynard John R. Jr798570De Witt USBC
696SINGLES - BoosterCarper Deena M. 858570Gr Cedar Valley USBC
696SINGLES - BoosterBoege Travis J. 876570Gr Cedar Valley USBC
696SINGLES - BoosterKingery Eric S. 111570Iowa City USBC
696SINGLES - BoosterHalsrud Jason 512570Estherville USBC
708SINGLES - BoosterCarlson Michael L. 573569Greene County USBC
708SINGLES - BoosterSmith James R. Sr776569Monticello USBC
708SINGLES - BoosterWehling Elizabeth A. 407569Tripoli USBC
708SINGLES - BoosterHackenmiller Lucas A. 357569Stacyville USBC
708SINGLES - BoosterKloser Larry J. 251569Dyersville USBC
708SINGLES - BoosterSchwering Dawn D. 509569Appanoose/Davis County USBC
708SINGLES - BoosterMcgregor Tommy E. 655569Gr Des Moines USBC
708SINGLES - BoosterGerman Rodney N. 498569Gr Des Moines USBC
716SINGLES - BoosterWolfe Gary L. 622568Gr Des Moines USBC
716SINGLES - BoosterSessions Charles E. 741568Gr Des Moines USBC
716SINGLES - BoosterJordan Michael 297568Cedar Rapids USBC
716SINGLES - BoosterWheeler John H. 191568Cedar Rapids USBC
716SINGLES - BoosterKreis Bill L. 143568Cedar Rapids USBC
716SINGLES - BoosterMulholland Lynn 723568Fort Dodge Area USBC
716SINGLES - BoosterSteiner Xavier 553568Red Oak USBC
716SINGLES - BoosterKlapperich Jan F. 359568Stacyville USBC
716SINGLES - BoosterVest Andrew R. 6568Iowa City USBC
725SINGLES - BoosterKoester Cory E. 349567Waukon USBC
725SINGLES - BoosterPeyton Clifford "Butch" C. 715567Gr Cedar Valley USBC
725SINGLES - BoosterBoffeli Josh J. 763567Bellevue USBC
725SINGLES - BoosterKeiner Anthony 583567Manning USBC
725SINGLES - BoosterNovak Jason T. 619567Iowa Great Lakes USBC
725SINGLES - BoosterMurphy Patrick J. 689567Ottumwa Area USBC
725SINGLES - BoosterShondel Kris A. 506567Appanoose/Davis County USBC
725SINGLES - BoosterKerby April D. 284567Appanoose/Davis County USBC
725SINGLES - BoosterMatlage Darrell N. 153567Gr Des Moines USBC
734SINGLES - BoosterWalter Samantha M. 115566Gr Des Moines USBC
734SINGLES - BoosterHodson Ronald D. 229566Gr Des Moines USBC
734SINGLES - BoosterBoyter Robbie A. 505566Appanoose/Davis County USBC
734SINGLES - BoosterHermsen Ron J. 523566Independence USBC
734SINGLES - BoosterAnderson Jill M. 576566Greene County USBC
734SINGLES - BoosterCurtis Brenda 128566Gr Siouxland USBC
734SINGLES - BoosterOriger Sarah 129566Gr Siouxland USBC
734SINGLES - BoosterWehling Dylan 404566Tripoli USBC
734SINGLES - BoosterWacker Austin C. 88566North Lee County USBC
734SINGLES - BoosterPeitz Gary B. 87566North Lee County USBC
734SINGLES - BoosterThompson John P. 111566Iowa City USBC
745SINGLES - BoosterRichmond Jason 87565North Lee County USBC
745SINGLES - BoosterPaper Wayne A. 706565Grundy Center USBC
745SINGLES - BoosterRailsback Jeff L. 590565Guthrie County USBC
745SINGLES - BoosterHull Daniel 283565Appanoose/Davis County USBC
745SINGLES - BoosterFulton Michael A. 414565Gr Davenport Metro USBC
745SINGLES - BoosterBrant Corey M. 35565Jasper County USBC
745SINGLES - BoosterGlover Jacob A. 694565Gr Des Moines USBC
745SINGLES - BoosterWeems Cindy A. 115565Gr Des Moines USBC
745SINGLES - BoosterLombard Frederick P. 371565Fort Dodge Area USBC
754SINGLES - BoosterSnyder Bill D. 139564Cedar Rapids USBC
754SINGLES - BoosterDickson Shelly C. 360564Gr Des Moines USBC
754SINGLES - BoosterLa Point Rikki L. 59564Ottumwa Area USBC
754SINGLES - BoosterCollins Larry D. 503564Gr Mason City USBC
754SINGLES - BoosterDonald Lyle D. 495564Sigourney USBC
754SINGLES - BoosterGodfrey Gavin R. 548564Spencer USBC
754SINGLES - BoosterWenger Mike T. 576564Greene County USBC
754SINGLES - BoosterHower Rick L. 831564Lenox USBC
754SINGLES - BoosterThesing Trent E. 345564Waukon USBC
754SINGLES - BoosterThompson Dennis D. 111564Iowa City USBC
754SINGLES - BoosterSigwarth Robert J. 66564Dubuque Area USBC
765SINGLES - BoosterEckroth Andrew 543563Iowa City USBC
765SINGLES - BoosterBoger Jeni J. 406563Tripoli USBC
765SINGLES - BoosterHale Brian W. 89563North Lee County USBC
765SINGLES - BoosterGrimes William C. 287563Sumner USBC
765SINGLES - BoosterDrahota Richard P. 9563Sioux Rapids-Alta USBC
765SINGLES - BoosterAndrews Karl R. 616563Greene County USBC
765SINGLES - BoosterBoege Justin 3563Ames Area USBC
765SINGLES - BoosterChapman James M. 658563Gr Des Moines USBC
765SINGLES - BoosterShinogle Ronda R. 315563Gr Des Moines USBC
774SINGLES - BoosterLittleton Marcus 273562Gr Des Moines USBC
774SINGLES - BoosterLawson Brad 683562Fort Dodge Area USBC
774SINGLES - BoosterBulleit Greg R. 213562Independence USBC
774SINGLES - BoosterLangfitt Dana D. 173562Gr Mason City USBC
774SINGLES - BoosterRiessen Nick 225562Manning USBC
774SINGLES - BoosterWorrall Scott A. 235562Iowa City USBC
774SINGLES - BoosterHuntley Jessica M. 863562Gr Cedar Valley USBC
774SINGLES - BoosterHolm Danielle L. 857562Gr Cedar Valley USBC
782SINGLES - BoosterStevenson Colby J. 63561Iowa City USBC
782SINGLES - BoosterMathany Wes R. 831561Lenox USBC
782SINGLES - BoosterSchultes Collin J. 533561Manning USBC
782SINGLES - BoosterTesch Melody 172561St Ansgar USBC
782SINGLES - BoosterBock Trevor A. 226561Sumner USBC
782SINGLES - BoosterHansen Elizabeth A. 550561Spencer USBC
782SINGLES - BoosterPeterson Ryan D. 391561Ames Area USBC
782SINGLES - BoosterWetterling Tanner W. 70561Ottumwa Area USBC
782SINGLES - BoosterCarnahan Shawn L. 58561Ottumwa Area USBC
782SINGLES - BoosterGorman Shannon 488561Cedar Rapids USBC
792SINGLES - BoosterFoster Tom A. 313560Gr Des Moines USBC
792SINGLES - BoosterBinns Dennis L. Jr614560Jasper County USBC
792SINGLES - BoosterFoss Robert A. 99560Greenfield USBC
792SINGLES - BoosterGandara Adan 394560Ames Area USBC
792SINGLES - BoosterMcConaughy Kevin L. 377560Gr Mason City USBC
792SINGLES - BoosterColvin Janna D. 825560Boone County USBC
792SINGLES - BoosterBrockmeyer Edward 276560Corydon USBC
792SINGLES - BoosterBelcher Adam J. 560560Muscatine USBC
792SINGLES - BoosterSweeney Tim L. 388560Dubuque Area USBC
801SINGLES - BoosterBigelow Steven R. 290559Dubuque Area USBC
801SINGLES - BoosterMills Randy D. 520559Dubuque Area USBC
801SINGLES - BoosterZumbach Jim 431559West Delaware USBC
801SINGLES - BoosterJunker Jacob T. 428559Grundy Center USBC
801SINGLES - BoosterJurgensen Cole M. 287559Sumner USBC
801SINGLES - BoosterKingery Samantha R. 670559Jasper County USBC
801SINGLES - BoosterWessels Tyler J. 248559Dyersville USBC
801SINGLES - BoosterClark Lenny 123559Keokuk USBC
801SINGLES - BoosterZenor Randy D. 39559Red Oak USBC
801SINGLES - BoosterHoughton Nicole K. 92559Gr Des Moines USBC
801SINGLES - BoosterRandolph Tammy L. 116559Gr Des Moines USBC
812SINGLES - BoosterKessler Blake D. 1558Gr Des Moines USBC
812SINGLES - BoosterRiley James D. 690558Ottumwa Area USBC
812SINGLES - BoosterSchiltz Tom 441558Oelwein USBC
812SINGLES - BoosterPrice Jason M. 674558Jasper County USBC
812SINGLES - BoosterNord Lesley R. 126558Gr Davenport Metro USBC
812SINGLES - BoosterGraplar Kelly 552558Spencer USBC
812SINGLES - BoosterFear Kent D. 742558Mt Pleasant USBC
812SINGLES - BoosterHolder Salana J. 162558Council Bluffs USBC
820SINGLES - BoosterFarley Joshua S. 260557Mt Pleasant USBC
820SINGLES - BoosterWedebrand Brian L. 516557Estherville USBC
820SINGLES - BoosterBlunck Rodney L. 43557Pella USBC
820SINGLES - BoosterLindemoen Erik M. 658557Gr Des Moines USBC
820SINGLES - BoosterTucker Tiffani B. 703557Gr Des Moines USBC
825SINGLES - BoosterHarwood Lacy R. 50556Gr Des Moines USBC
825SINGLES - BoosterBamrick Mindy M. 141556Cedar Rapids USBC
825SINGLES - BoosterKnight Ashley 831556Lenox USBC
825SINGLES - BoosterKey Robert J. 289556Dubuque Area USBC
829SINGLES - BoosterMaiers Chance J. 379555Dubuque Area USBC
829SINGLES - BoosterHenningsen Jill R. 682555Sioux Rapids-Alta USBC
829SINGLES - BoosterBoege Jennifer L. 428555Grundy Center USBC
829SINGLES - BoosterKoonce Craig 302555Grundy Center USBC
829SINGLES - BoosterLong Rachel 586555Guthrie County USBC
829SINGLES - BoosterEdwards Ryne M. 169555Cedar Rapids USBC
829SINGLES - BoosterJensen Susan K. 298555Cedar Rapids USBC
829SINGLES - BoosterGlaser Dennis H. 334555Maquoketa USBC
829SINGLES - BoosterDruyff Danielle L. 671555Jasper County USBC
829SINGLES - BoosterEngler Michael J. 244555Dyersville USBC
839SINGLES - BoosterVick Daniel "Dan" R. 610554Gr Davenport Metro USBC
839SINGLES - BoosterHagge Thomas L. 608554Gr Davenport Metro USBC
839SINGLES - BoosterKlapperich Paul A. 359554Stacyville USBC
839SINGLES - BoosterKee Chris J. 372554Fort Dodge Area USBC
839SINGLES - BoosterRandolph Douglas S. 116554Gr Des Moines USBC
839SINGLES - BoosterLackore Joshua M. 426554Osage USBC
839SINGLES - BoosterBingaman Richard L. 620554Ames Area USBC
839SINGLES - BoosterBublitz Jacob D. 166554St Ansgar USBC
839SINGLES - BoosterKrieger Amanda N. 570554Greene County USBC
839SINGLES - BoosterChristensen Joshau S. 276554Corydon USBC
839SINGLES - BoosterSchumacher Anna L. 544554Iowa City USBC
839SINGLES - BoosterMills Toi A. 260554Mt Pleasant USBC
839SINGLES - BoosterKracht Chris M. 259554Mt Pleasant USBC
839SINGLES - BoosterBirch Sandy J. 904554Dubuque Area USBC
853SINGLES - BoosterHermsen Matt W. 900553Dubuque Area USBC
853SINGLES - BoosterHoden Dave A. 160553Council Bluffs USBC
853SINGLES - BoosterSlechta Michael 713553Council Bluffs USBC
853SINGLES - BoosterZear Michelle R. 905553Iowa City USBC
853SINGLES - BoosterGraham Jen M. 449553Iowa City USBC
853SINGLES - BoosterReuter Michael A. 774553Monticello USBC
853SINGLES - BoosterRitter Scott A. 287553Sumner USBC
853SINGLES - BoosterSchaufenbuel Bryan L. 288553Sumner USBC
853SINGLES - BoosterNorland Taylor J. 682553Sioux Rapids-Alta USBC
853SINGLES - BoosterChristensen Lynn R. 121553Gr Mason City USBC
853SINGLES - BoosterStanley Janet L. 830553Sanborn USBC
853SINGLES - BoosterHougham Danielle R. 117553Gr Des Moines USBC
853SINGLES - BoosterStanton Mackenzie S. 362553Gr Des Moines USBC
853SINGLES - BoosterRenes Shelley R. 661553Gr Des Moines USBC
853SINGLES - BoosterJames Jeff R. 157553Stuart USBC
853SINGLES - BoosterWiegand Kristine M. 105553Jasper County USBC
853SINGLES - BoosterKlaren Mark F. 245553Dyersville USBC
853SINGLES - BoosterStansbery Roger E. 599553New Hampton USBC
853SINGLES - BoosterCanny Bryan A. 71553Ottumwa Area USBC
872SINGLES - BoosterRichmond Jason R. 724552Clinton USBC
872SINGLES - BoosterEveritt Jennifer A. 453552West Union USBC
872SINGLES - BoosterWardlow Kirk B. 504552Appanoose/Davis County USBC
872SINGLES - BoosterPatterson Justin J. 69552Fort Dodge Area USBC
872SINGLES - BoosterDowell Jerry R. 685552Gr Des Moines USBC
872SINGLES - BoosterWassom Janet L. 830552Sanborn USBC
872SINGLES - BoosterWassom Joel 830552Sanborn USBC
872SINGLES - BoosterAdams Brian M. 396552Ames Area USBC
872SINGLES - BoosterRockwell Ashlee A. 817552Ames Area USBC
872SINGLES - BoosterCrannell Vicki A. 587552Guthrie County USBC
872SINGLES - BoosterBeland Jeffrey R. 166552St Ansgar USBC
872SINGLES - BoosterRhoades Cody R. 287552Sumner USBC
872SINGLES - BoosterClubb Skyler C. 496552Sigourney USBC
872SINGLES - BoosterHaze Shelly R. 28552Iowa City USBC
872SINGLES - BoosterJensen Trey M. 770552Anamosa USBC
872SINGLES - BoosterMinger Sharon R. 487552Anamosa USBC
872SINGLES - BoosterMiller Wayne W. 837552Dubuque Area USBC
872SINGLES - BoosterKass Marty W. 383552Dubuque Area USBC
890SINGLES - BoosterSchwandt Andy G. 814551Marshalltown Area USBC
890SINGLES - BoosterBear Michael A. 593551Iowa City USBC
890SINGLES - BoosterBurg Charles A. 234551Atlantic USBC
890SINGLES - BoosterBurtnett Adam R. 876551Gr Cedar Valley USBC
890SINGLES - BoosterSchmitt Sharon A. 428551Grundy Center USBC
890SINGLES - BoosterKopf Preston 429551Grundy Center USBC
890SINGLES - BoosterGarber Thomas J. 538551Manning USBC
890SINGLES - BoosterKummerfeldt John 732551Cedar Rapids USBC
890SINGLES - BoosterSoukup Nate E. 300551Cedar Rapids USBC
890SINGLES - BoosterParker Todd W. 142551Cedar Rapids USBC
890SINGLES - BoosterWeber Michael L. 453551West Union USBC
890SINGLES - BoosterEvinger Brad J. 689551Ottumwa Area USBC
890SINGLES - BoosterSmith Missy S. 33551Jasper County USBC
903SINGLES - BoosterHughes Christie D. 672550Jasper County USBC
903SINGLES - BoosterThompson Hunter B. 100550Greenfield USBC
903SINGLES - BoosterEllis Sona L. 603550New Hampton USBC
903SINGLES - BoosterOrr Bernard D. 553550Red Oak USBC
903SINGLES - BoosterDePoorter Kelsey R. 149550Cedar Rapids USBC
903SINGLES - BoosterRicke Duane H. 370550Fort Dodge Area USBC
903SINGLES - BoosterGronewold Jane A. 659550Gr Des Moines USBC
903SINGLES - BoosterGregory Chad E. 94550Gr Des Moines USBC
903SINGLES - BoosterMartin Linda K. 677550Ida Grove USBC
903SINGLES - BoosterSchmidt Denny K. 293550Charles City USBC
903SINGLES - BoosterKohl Julie K. 904550Dubuque Area USBC
914SINGLES - BoosterTetrev Maria M. 587549Guthrie County USBC
914SINGLES - BoosterMayer Brad A. 168549St Ansgar USBC
914SINGLES - BoosterBard Josh S. 771549Anamosa USBC
914SINGLES - BoosterMathes Shelbee Y. 660549Gr Des Moines USBC
914SINGLES - BoosterSchade Scott M. 150549Cedar Rapids USBC
914SINGLES - BoosterPortz Tom J. 328549Maquoketa USBC
914SINGLES - BoosterKeil Keith A. 338549Maquoketa USBC
914SINGLES - BoosterFolsom John 438549Oelwein USBC
914SINGLES - BoosterBoyles Charles E. 501549Jasper County USBC
914SINGLES - BoosterSeifert Debora J. 798549De Witt USBC
924SINGLES - BoosterGibson Jessica 241548De Witt USBC
924SINGLES - BoosterStigers Michael R. 607548Gr Davenport Metro USBC
924SINGLES - BoosterSondag Joseph P. 8548Harlan USBC
924SINGLES - BoosterMcSweeney Samantha J. 509548Appanoose/Davis County USBC
924SINGLES - BoosterScherff Jesse 721548Fort Dodge Area USBC
924SINGLES - BoosterCarpenter Shane 622548Gr Des Moines USBC
924SINGLES - BoosterWatts Chad 796548Gr Des Moines USBC
924SINGLES - BoosterMclaury Tim S. 363548Gr Des Moines USBC
924SINGLES - BoosterKasper Dean E. 542548Iowa City USBC
924SINGLES - BoosterIrvin Dan S. 544548Iowa City USBC
924SINGLES - BoosterFredrickson Jaime J. 799548Forest City USBC
924SINGLES - BoosterLorentzen Jesse L. 616548Greene County USBC
924SINGLES - BoosterGilge Nikki C. 588548Guthrie County USBC
924SINGLES - BoosterPlayle Brian L. 808548Oskaloosa USBC
924SINGLES - BoosterFellers Anthony 619548Iowa Great Lakes USBC
924SINGLES - BoosterHeppe Kendall R. 436548West Delaware USBC
940SINGLES - BoosterKrukow Harley F. 20547Gr Mason City USBC
940SINGLES - BoosterMyhre Roger L. 756547Gr Mason City USBC
940SINGLES - BoosterMorlan Brandon D. 615547Greene County USBC
940SINGLES - BoosterMilder David A. 304547Muscatine USBC
940SINGLES - BoosterKruse Justin R. 835547Muscatine USBC
940SINGLES - BoosterThomas Anita G. 473547Council Bluffs USBC
940SINGLES - BoosterDirks Barney G. 881547Monticello USBC
947SINGLES - BoosterMahoney Chris T. 184546Council Bluffs USBC
947SINGLES - BoosterHaukap Kreg 304546Muscatine USBC
947SINGLES - BoosterCotton John J. 542546Iowa City USBC
947SINGLES - BoosterCotton Brandy A. 542546Iowa City USBC
947SINGLES - BoosterHolub Stephen R. 403546Tripoli USBC
947SINGLES - BoosterWarnke Robert L. 226546Sumner USBC
947SINGLES - BoosterOstrem Jared S. 393546Ames Area USBC
947SINGLES - BoosterBoots David 176546Belmond USBC
947SINGLES - BoosterGerk James A. 425546Osage USBC
947SINGLES - BoosterFleming Heather A. 13546Gr Des Moines USBC
947SINGLES - BoosterRobinson Jerry L. 296546Cedar Rapids USBC
947SINGLES - BoosterRook Alisha 283546Appanoose/Davis County USBC
947SINGLES - BoosterCaryl William D. 220546Burlington Area USBC
947SINGLES - BoosterRue Marc D. 457546West Union USBC
947SINGLES - BoosterLarson Rodney R. 612546West Union USBC
947SINGLES - BoosterDuncalf Kevin J. 82546Gr Davenport Metro USBC
963SINGLES - BoosterHalbach Paul A. 358545Stacyville USBC
963SINGLES - BoosterOtto Jerry W. 719545Camanche USBC
963SINGLES - BoosterMayer Kevin R. 427545Osage USBC
963SINGLES - BoosterMcLean Bobby L. 535545Manning USBC
963SINGLES - BoosterKonrady Kayla M. 551545Spencer USBC
963SINGLES - BoosterSabin Matt 492545Sigourney USBC
963SINGLES - BoosterTalbert Ricky E. 236545Iowa City USBC
963SINGLES - BoosterMcMillen Shawn P. 870545Gr Cedar Valley USBC
971SINGLES - BoosterPace April L. 752544Muscatine USBC
971SINGLES - BoosterLenihan Mckenzie L. 162544Council Bluffs USBC
971SINGLES - BoosterGaravalia John A. 233544Atlantic USBC
971SINGLES - BoosterRausch Chris R. 594544Iowa City USBC
971SINGLES - BoosterBerndt Debbie A. 569544Greene County USBC
971SINGLES - BoosterRouse Amy J. 297544Cedar Rapids USBC
971SINGLES - BoosterAllen Tim A. 837544Dubuque Area USBC
978SINGLES - BoosterKeppler Ronald D. 437543West Delaware USBC
978SINGLES - BoosterFilloon Travis G. 370543Fort Dodge Area USBC
978SINGLES - BoosterHeid Stephan A. Jr720543Fort Dodge Area USBC
978SINGLES - BoosterStevenson Ronie L. 207543Gr Des Moines USBC
978SINGLES - BoosterReady Brad 827543Camanche USBC
978SINGLES - BoosterBerg James R. 247543Dyersville USBC
978SINGLES - BoosterYeomans Arlene R. 504543Appanoose/Davis County USBC
978SINGLES - BoosterRyan Patrick G. 54543Ottumwa Area USBC
978SINGLES - BoosterLangreck Brandon 226543Sumner USBC
978SINGLES - BoosterAronson Bradley L. 681543Sioux Rapids-Alta USBC
978SINGLES - BoosterYounker Daniel R. 646543Eldora USBC
978SINGLES - BoosterOetken Bailey M. 478543Creston USBC
978SINGLES - BoosterWatje Kelsey 680543Ida Grove USBC
978SINGLES - BoosterGilge Kathryn A. 591543Guthrie County USBC
978SINGLES - BoosterImlay Ronald E. 393543Ames Area USBC
978SINGLES - BoosterPaulette Breanna D. 618543Iowa Great Lakes USBC
978SINGLES - BoosterBennett Matt C. 275543Corydon USBC
978SINGLES - BoosterBast David A. 840543Gr Cedar Valley USBC
996SINGLES - BoosterMcCauley Emily A. 872542Gr Cedar Valley USBC
996SINGLES - BoosterRhine David B. 479542Creston USBC
996SINGLES - BoosterHolmes Shane M. 692542Ottumwa Area USBC
996SINGLES - BoosterPaar Grant C. 291542Dubuque Area USBC
1000SINGLES - BoosterSchultz Michael E. 653541Dubuque Area USBC
1000SINGLES - BoosterBrittain Michael L. 272541Gr Des Moines USBC
1000SINGLES - BoosterWalker Zachary D. 316541Gr Des Moines USBC
1000SINGLES - BoosterWilcox Joshua R. 147541Cedar Rapids USBC
1000SINGLES - BoosterBarron Art P. 278541Cedar Rapids USBC
1000SINGLES - BoosterBlack Bronson B. 491541Sigourney USBC
1000SINGLES - BoosterClaussen Scott 584541Manning USBC
1000SINGLES - BoosterLoveless Greg L. 778541Gr Mason City USBC
1000SINGLES - BoosterWessels John D. 21541Gr Mason City USBC
1000SINGLES - BoosterManess Diane M. 590541Guthrie County USBC
1000SINGLES - BoosterPieper John B. 88541North Lee County USBC
1000SINGLES - BoosterSchindler-Hubble Dana 592541Iowa City USBC
1012SINGLES - BoosterCasper Emalee R. 592540Iowa City USBC
1012SINGLES - BoosterHenderson Amy J. 487540Anamosa USBC
1012SINGLES - BoosterMinger Mark (Jeff) II486540Anamosa USBC
1012SINGLES - BoosterDavis Larry L. 275540Corydon USBC
1012SINGLES - BoosterWykert Jack C. 261540Mt Pleasant USBC
1012SINGLES - BoosterChick Danny E. Jr.557540Muscatine USBC
1012SINGLES - BoosterPowers Amanda H. 427540Osage USBC
1012SINGLES - BoosterHelleur Carson W. 802540Oskaloosa USBC
1012SINGLES - BoosterGroen John 378540Gr Mason City USBC
1012SINGLES - BoosterMonahan John L. 224540Manning USBC
1012SINGLES - BoosterWilliams Kim R. 550540Spencer USBC
1012SINGLES - BoosterVan Otegham Jacob J. 142540Cedar Rapids USBC
1012SINGLES - BoosterHeid Miranda 721540Fort Dodge Area USBC
1012SINGLES - BoosterSash James C. Jr187540Gr Des Moines USBC
1012SINGLES - BoosterWhitney Greg H. 793540Gr Des Moines USBC
1012SINGLES - BoosterCollins Duane R. 792540Pella USBC
1012SINGLES - BoosterAshby Renee A. 504540Appanoose/Davis County USBC
1012SINGLES - BoosterGulyash Tim 443540Oelwein USBC
1012SINGLES - BoosterRummery Charles D. 738540Dubuque Area USBC
1012SINGLES - BoosterCole David B. 65540Dubuque Area USBC
1032SINGLES - BoosterWitham Richard S. 581539Humboldt Iowa USBC
1032SINGLES - BoosterSummers Carl T. 522539Independence USBC
1032SINGLES - BoosterJohnson Jordan 417539Red Oak USBC
1032SINGLES - BoosterVink Arlyn D. 202539Gr Des Moines USBC
1032SINGLES - BoosterCarriere Teresa A. 317539Gr Des Moines USBC
1032SINGLES - BoosterHolmes Ryan 550539Spencer USBC
1032SINGLES - BoosterJones Andy E. 868539Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1032SINGLES - BoosterDelagardelle Nicole M. 852539Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1032SINGLES - BoosterSmith Larry J. 715539Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1032SINGLES - BoosterHalverson Tyler J. 342539Waukon USBC
1032SINGLES - BoosterNosbisch Krystal R. 487539Anamosa USBC
1032SINGLES - BoosterKoedam Doug P. 543539Iowa City USBC
1032SINGLES - BoosterRohm Jeffrey S. 448539Iowa City USBC
1045SINGLES - BoosterDavid Jacob A. 344538Waukon USBC
1045SINGLES - BoosterTaylor Brandon M. 713538Council Bluffs USBC
1045SINGLES - BoosterFecher Shannon R. 617538Greene County USBC
1045SINGLES - BoosterBurkhart Bob A. 175538Belmond USBC
1045SINGLES - BoosterGreenwood Megan E. 228538Gr Des Moines USBC
1045SINGLES - BoosterMerrifield Josh J. 510538Cedar Rapids USBC
1045SINGLES - BoosterGlover Rick 19538Pella USBC
1045SINGLES - BoosterWeimerskirch Keith A. 338538Maquoketa USBC
1045SINGLES - BoosterJones Chris A. 504538Appanoose/Davis County USBC
1045SINGLES - BoosterHills Bobbi J. 105538Jasper County USBC
1045SINGLES - BoosterBrown Steven A. 100538Greenfield USBC
1056SINGLES - BoosterWestrem Lester M. 356537Stacyville USBC
1056SINGLES - BoosterSchneider Trevor W. 605537New Hampton USBC
1056SINGLES - BoosterMurphy Eric P. 690537Ottumwa Area USBC
1056SINGLES - BoosterFoster Anna 684537Fort Dodge Area USBC
1056SINGLES - BoosterMonthei Rich D. 590537Guthrie County USBC
1056SINGLES - BoosterKirsch Raymond E. 292537Charles City USBC
1056SINGLES - BoosterParsons Cory W. 375537Gr Mason City USBC
1056SINGLES - BoosterSchmidt Kenneth D. 575537Greene County USBC
1056SINGLES - BoosterSkoglund Abigail L. 570537Greene County USBC
1056SINGLES - BoosterBrinkmeyer Robert J. 816537Eldora USBC
1056SINGLES - BoosterFrye Steven G. 558537Muscatine USBC
1067SINGLES - BoosterFineran Patrick D. 538536Manning USBC
1067SINGLES - BoosterFisher-Krug Jenny R. 550536Spencer USBC
1067SINGLES - BoosterWatson Jeronical 755536Gr Mason City USBC
1067SINGLES - BoosterMayer Kathy M. 427536Osage USBC
1067SINGLES - BoosterHudson Paula 231536Gr Des Moines USBC
1067SINGLES - BoosterMoss George E. 51536Gr Des Moines USBC
1067SINGLES - BoosterDreckman Jonathon J. 602536New Hampton USBC
1074SINGLES - BoosterTonderum Scott A. 100535Greenfield USBC
1074SINGLES - BoosterRidlen Jay A. 692535Ottumwa Area USBC
1074SINGLES - BoosterGerischer Kolton 329535Maquoketa USBC
1074SINGLES - BoosterBrown Aaron P. 535535Manning USBC
1074SINGLES - BoosterPolum Nick D. 839535Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1074SINGLES - BoosterDavidson Randy J. 402535Tripoli USBC
1074SINGLES - BoosterFitzpatrick Jeff M. 405535Tripoli USBC
1081SINGLES - BoosterDavis Tim 406534Tripoli USBC
1081SINGLES - BoosterGalligan Kenneth 407534Tripoli USBC
1081SINGLES - BoosterSchmitt Debra J. 264534Mt Pleasant USBC
1081SINGLES - BoosterGeurink Luke A. 567534Muscatine USBC
1081SINGLES - BoosterGilge Sarah C. 591534Guthrie County USBC
1081SINGLES - BoosterHermsen Brian J. 523534Independence USBC
1081SINGLES - BoosterOlson Joel 100534Greenfield USBC
1081SINGLES - BoosterPowell John C. 156534Gr Des Moines USBC
1089SINGLES - BoosterKern Shelly 318533Gr Des Moines USBC
1089SINGLES - BoosterBlack Gary L. 634533Gr Des Moines USBC
1089SINGLES - BoosterWhite Shawn J. 711533Cedar Rapids USBC
1089SINGLES - BoosterPote Ethan 45533Stuart USBC
1089SINGLES - BoosterMcAllister Doris A. 245533Dyersville USBC
1089SINGLES - BoosterRick Tim D. 508533Appanoose/Davis County USBC
1089SINGLES - BoosterKrieger Russell H. 219533Burlington Area USBC
1089SINGLES - BoosterBlunck Nathan P. 43533Pella USBC
1089SINGLES - BoosterOrr Vincent 553533Red Oak USBC
1089SINGLES - BoosterThompson Jay A. 21533Gr Mason City USBC
1089SINGLES - BoosterMedinger Brian A. 598533Bellevue USBC
1089SINGLES - BoosterWeiermann Cory L. 628533Iowa City USBC
1089SINGLES - BoosterDeckert Jim A. 466533Dubuque Area USBC
1089SINGLES - BoosterJero LeRoy L. 211533Marshalltown Area USBC
1103SINGLES - BoosterKnipper Dennis M. 437532West Delaware USBC
1103SINGLES - BoosterSchindler Cassandra M. 592532Iowa City USBC
1103SINGLES - BoosterArmbrust Gerald 26532Council Bluffs USBC
1103SINGLES - BoosterKramer Ryan W. 779532Gr Mason City USBC
1103SINGLES - BoosterMeeker Michael L. 810532Ames Area USBC
1103SINGLES - BoosterLarson Ryan 519532Estherville USBC
1103SINGLES - BoosterCaldwell Colton 458532West Union USBC
1103SINGLES - BoosterHosch Tyler J. 251532Dyersville USBC
1103SINGLES - BoosterKahn Rob M. 669532Jasper County USBC
1103SINGLES - BoosterHernandez Alejandro 728532Gr Davenport Metro USBC
1103SINGLES - BoosterBachman Randy K. 372532Fort Dodge Area USBC
1114SINGLES - BoosterBrennan Shanna 255531Fort Dodge Area USBC
1114SINGLES - BoosterMerrifield Jaron T. 510531Cedar Rapids USBC
1114SINGLES - BoosterJohnson Jared K. 218531Burlington Area USBC
1114SINGLES - BoosterAdams Cory M. 817531Ames Area USBC
1114SINGLES - BoosterKlinge Kathy M. 587531Guthrie County USBC
1114SINGLES - BoosterTerrell Donald W. 808531Oskaloosa USBC
1114SINGLES - BoosterGoehring Kevin E. 232531Boone County USBC
1114SINGLES - BoosterTownsend Daniel J. 473531Council Bluffs USBC
1114SINGLES - BoosterRidinger Jessica M. 753531Muscatine USBC
1114SINGLES - BoosterEngelken Steve 437531West Delaware USBC
1124SINGLES - BoosterHawbaker Sonja R. 444530Iowa City USBC
1124SINGLES - BoosterSwanson William C. 445530Iowa City USBC
1124SINGLES - BoosterGarringer Karey L. 30530Iowa City USBC
1124SINGLES - BoosterMitchell David 740530Ames Area USBC
1124SINGLES - BoosterWicks Bryan R. 395530Ames Area USBC
1124SINGLES - BoosterBrand David E. 538530Manning USBC
1124SINGLES - BoosterOsmundson Derwin K. 459530West Union USBC
1124SINGLES - BoosterPotts Stephanie L. 141530Cedar Rapids USBC
1124SINGLES - BoosterKopf John W. 296530Cedar Rapids USBC
1133SINGLES - BoosterBerns Neil A. 483529Gr Des Moines USBC
1133SINGLES - BoosterGraham Bruce A. 691529Ottumwa Area USBC
1133SINGLES - BoosterBrinkmeyer Wade J. 816529Eldora USBC
1133SINGLES - BoosterGonnerman Tim W. 288529Sumner USBC
1133SINGLES - BoosterParks Leslie M. 707529Grundy Center USBC
1133SINGLES - BoosterLockhart Tonya M. 2529Ames Area USBC
1133SINGLES - BoosterLombardi Duane M. 826529Boone County USBC
1133SINGLES - BoosterTotten Melvin L. 679529Ida Grove USBC
1133SINGLES - BoosterDahlstrom Kealy M. 341529Waukon USBC
1133SINGLES - BoosterSkidmore Tiffany A. 753529Muscatine USBC
1133SINGLES - BoosterHorsfall Karen S. 845529Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1144SINGLES - BoosterParsons Terry R. 259528Mt Pleasant USBC
1144SINGLES - BoosterTjarks Trey M. 30528Iowa City USBC
1144SINGLES - BoosterHare Brian J. 477528Maquoketa USBC
1144SINGLES - BoosterEgan Bradley M. 762528Gr Des Moines USBC
1144SINGLES - BoosterFleming John 13528Gr Des Moines USBC
1144SINGLES - BoosterCable-Larson Hannah C. 420528Cedar Rapids USBC
1144SINGLES - BoosterBirnbaum Chris V. 368528Fort Dodge Area USBC
1151SINGLES - BoosterGreene Brian J. 140527Cedar Rapids USBC
1151SINGLES - BoosterJefferson Jerry L. 51527Gr Des Moines USBC
1151SINGLES - BoosterChance Bob W. 115527Gr Des Moines USBC
1151SINGLES - BoosterRichmond Richard M. 724527Clinton USBC
1151SINGLES - BoosterDeJong Justin R. 43527Pella USBC
1151SINGLES - BoosterBierbrodt Daniel J. 770527Anamosa USBC
1151SINGLES - BoosterWellington Peggy 261527Mt Pleasant USBC
1151SINGLES - BoosterSogard Nathan T. 394527Ames Area USBC
1151SINGLES - BoosterMcDowell Jason E. 574527Greene County USBC
1151SINGLES - BoosterKendle Larry G. 533527Manning USBC
1151SINGLES - BoosterOlson Cody S. 388527Dubuque Area USBC
1162SINGLES - BoosterKramer Tanner J. 388526Dubuque Area USBC
1162SINGLES - BoosterThompson David M. 181526Belmond USBC
1162SINGLES - BoosterWilcox Spencer C. 7526Iowa City USBC
1162SINGLES - BoosterPottorff Bryce B. 690526Ottumwa Area USBC
1162SINGLES - BoosterBrown Charles D. 73526Burlington Area USBC
1162SINGLES - BoosterSantiago Lopez Elmer 728526Gr Davenport Metro USBC
1162SINGLES - BoosterWilcox Andrea L. 36526Jasper County USBC
1162SINGLES - BoosterVan De Kreeke Troy A. 796526Gr Des Moines USBC
1162SINGLES - BoosterSlaymaker Steven E. 144526Cedar Rapids USBC
1171SINGLES - BoosterMoon Wesley S. 154525Gr Des Moines USBC
1171SINGLES - BoosterFrohardt Matt P. 483525Gr Des Moines USBC
1171SINGLES - BoosterLosee Linda S. 207525Gr Des Moines USBC
1171SINGLES - BoosterScott Terry J. 360525Gr Des Moines USBC
1171SINGLES - BoosterSchwering Derek A. 509525Appanoose/Davis County USBC
1171SINGLES - BoosterBricker Joseph L. 689525Ottumwa Area USBC
1171SINGLES - BoosterFleming Greg J. 55525Ottumwa Area USBC
1171SINGLES - BoosterMeier Chris J. 424525Iowa City USBC
1171SINGLES - BoosterThurmond Marisa D. 858525Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1171SINGLES - BoosterWendt Eric L. 234525Atlantic USBC
1171SINGLES - BoosterChanley Breanne C. 128525Gr Siouxland USBC
1182SINGLES - BoosterPatterson Nancie L. 869524Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1182SINGLES - BoosterTabor Shawna R. 752524Muscatine USBC
1182SINGLES - BoosterMcdade Joshua D. 400524Tripoli USBC
1182SINGLES - BoosterTonsfeldt Michael A. 112524Ames Area USBC
1182SINGLES - BoosterMeitner Leland J. 166524St Ansgar USBC
1182SINGLES - BoosterShotts Jason 59524Ottumwa Area USBC
1182SINGLES - BoosterHosler Kyle C. 661524Gr Des Moines USBC
1182SINGLES - BoosterLeo Roger 369524Fort Dodge Area USBC
1190SINGLES - BoosterGogel Gregg P. 193523Cedar Rapids USBC
1190SINGLES - BoosterEddards Robert A. 149523Cedar Rapids USBC
1190SINGLES - BoosterBates Stephanie M. 364523Gr Des Moines USBC
1190SINGLES - BoosterTofteland Barry M. 483523Gr Des Moines USBC
1190SINGLES - BoosterElam Rodney G. 762523Gr Des Moines USBC
1190SINGLES - BoosterGlantz Sara V. 508523Appanoose/Davis County USBC
1190SINGLES - BoosterHall Lauren N. 580523Independence USBC
1190SINGLES - BoosterKramer Nick M. 780523Humboldt Iowa USBC
1190SINGLES - BoosterLaTendresse Charles 687523Grundy Center USBC
1190SINGLES - BoosterAnderson Scott A. Jr503523Gr Mason City USBC
1190SINGLES - BoosterHinders Scott L. 577523Gr Mason City USBC
1190SINGLES - BoosterRenoux Tucker J. 906523Iowa City USBC
1190SINGLES - BoosterFreyermuth Lane O. 558523Muscatine USBC
1203SINGLES - BoosterGage Denzil R. 714522Council Bluffs USBC
1203SINGLES - BoosterBlum Chelsey D. 487522Anamosa USBC
1203SINGLES - BoosterKrueger Kasey S. 402522Tripoli USBC
1203SINGLES - BoosterHeins Nattalee M. 403522Tripoli USBC
1203SINGLES - BoosterBoger Melissa A. 404522Tripoli USBC
1203SINGLES - BoosterLichtenberg Harvey H. 9522Sioux Rapids-Alta USBC
1203SINGLES - BoosterAnnis Shylah D. 35522Jasper County USBC
1203SINGLES - BoosterLivingood Craig 457522West Union USBC
1203SINGLES - BoosterGraham Michael D. 692522Ottumwa Area USBC
1203SINGLES - BoosterHansell Richard A. 655522Gr Des Moines USBC
1203SINGLES - BoosterZamago Ray 658522Gr Des Moines USBC
1203SINGLES - BoosterSindelar Gary E. 747522Gr Des Moines USBC
1203SINGLES - BoosterPatterson David M. 708522Fort Dodge Area USBC
1216SINGLES - BoosterKemnitz Daniel 683521Fort Dodge Area USBC
1216SINGLES - BoosterZerr Kimberly D. 488521Cedar Rapids USBC
1216SINGLES - BoosterBrunsman Chad M. 511521Cedar Rapids USBC
1216SINGLES - BoosterPote Alicia A. 44521Stuart USBC
1216SINGLES - BoosterGreenwood Hugh L. 230521Gr Des Moines USBC
1216SINGLES - BoosterSmith Nikki 98521Gr Des Moines USBC
1216SINGLES - BoosterGreenwood Nicholas A. 228521Gr Des Moines USBC
1216SINGLES - BoosterWagner Pete E. 358521Stacyville USBC
1216SINGLES - BoosterGross Brad A. 780521Humboldt Iowa USBC
1216SINGLES - BoosterDirks Pat A. 604521New Hampton USBC
1216SINGLES - BoosterBruns Alisia A. 799521Forest City USBC
1216SINGLES - BoosterDuncan Chris B. 110521Iowa City USBC
1228SINGLES - BoosterClark Gerald L. 29520Iowa City USBC
1228SINGLES - BoosterBartels Zachery J. 424520Iowa City USBC
1228SINGLES - BoosterPolman Crystal R. 751520Muscatine USBC
1228SINGLES - BoosterHarris Rusty 561520Muscatine USBC
1228SINGLES - BoosterMeyers Marisa G. 845520Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1228SINGLES - BoosterPowers Meghan L. 167520St Ansgar USBC
1228SINGLES - BoosterStalker Thomas J. 121520Gr Mason City USBC
1228SINGLES - BoosterBurkle Jeff 250520Dyersville USBC
1228SINGLES - BoosterKremer Mike D. 637520Cedar Rapids USBC
1228SINGLES - BoosterMoody Steven J. 759520Dubuque Area USBC
1238SINGLES - BoosterKeenan Annette 708519Fort Dodge Area USBC
1238SINGLES - BoosterHorner James A. 130519Gr Des Moines USBC
1238SINGLES - BoosterKlindworth Ralph O. 747519Gr Des Moines USBC
1238SINGLES - BoosterDavis Mary E. 581519Humboldt Iowa USBC
1238SINGLES - BoosterPossehl Mallory J. 827519Camanche USBC
1238SINGLES - BoosterSpringer Randy R. 477519Maquoketa USBC
1238SINGLES - BoosterWhaley Janelle 398519Ames Area USBC
1238SINGLES - BoosterBaldwin Liz L. 591519Guthrie County USBC
1238SINGLES - BoosterTarr Kristi L. 808519Oskaloosa USBC
1238SINGLES - BoosterTyrrel Sheri L. 535519Manning USBC
1238SINGLES - BoosterErickson Donna K. 799519Forest City USBC
1238SINGLES - BoosterMoran-Lellig Chelsea 858519Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1238SINGLES - BoosterStrothman Sue 261519Mt Pleasant USBC
1238SINGLES - BoosterBartels Brandon 423519Iowa City USBC
1238SINGLES - BoosterJohnson Darwin 348519Waukon USBC
1253SINGLES - BoosterKoester Jennifer L. 349518Waukon USBC
1253SINGLES - BoosterThompson John P. 485518Anamosa USBC
1253SINGLES - BoosterHeinrich Lindsay T. 497518Muscatine USBC
1253SINGLES - BoosterBergquist Jessica L. 646518Eldora USBC
1253SINGLES - BoosterHedden Aerol 181518Belmond USBC
1253SINGLES - BoosterBrame Randy L. 327518Maquoketa USBC
1253SINGLES - BoosterHenry Beau N. 452518West Union USBC
1253SINGLES - BoosterWalton Mark A. 719518Camanche USBC
1253SINGLES - BoosterPlathe Daniel A. 741518Gr Des Moines USBC
1262SINGLES - BoosterBecker Michael L. 368517Fort Dodge Area USBC
1262SINGLES - BoosterCampbell Josie J. 149517Cedar Rapids USBC
1262SINGLES - BoosterMorgan Jim P. 521517Independence USBC
1262SINGLES - BoosterKelly Eric 223517Burlington Area USBC
1262SINGLES - BoosterDuncan Donald L. 112517Ames Area USBC
1262SINGLES - BoosterFlugge Andy D. 165517St Ansgar USBC
1268SINGLES - BoosterLockhart Aaron V. 3516Ames Area USBC
1268SINGLES - BoosterKeltner Angie D. 397516Ames Area USBC
1268SINGLES - BoosterHelmerson Kyle B. 266516Mt Pleasant USBC
1268SINGLES - BoosterRichmond Tracy E. 847516Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1268SINGLES - BoosterCarpenter Ricky J. 558516Muscatine USBC
1268SINGLES - BoosterMurphy Marlys J. 582516Anamosa USBC
1268SINGLES - BoosterTjarks Tanner M. 30516Iowa City USBC
1268SINGLES - BoosterWaterworth Joann E. 349516Waukon USBC
1268SINGLES - BoosterMundt James W. 275516Corydon USBC
1268SINGLES - BoosterMacbeth Scott J. 212516Independence USBC
1268SINGLES - BoosterSoy Christopher D. 728516Gr Davenport Metro USBC
1268SINGLES - BoosterBlaisdell Larry D. 361516Gr Des Moines USBC
1280SINGLES - BoosterGreenwood Joshua A. 228515Gr Des Moines USBC
1280SINGLES - BoosterBoucher David G. 230515Gr Des Moines USBC
1280SINGLES - BoosterSpittell Jessica L. 708515Fort Dodge Area USBC
1280SINGLES - BoosterRodekamp Rob D. 827515Camanche USBC
1280SINGLES - BoosterKotz Ken G. 245515Dyersville USBC
1280SINGLES - BoosterPfister Teresa L. 612515West Union USBC
1280SINGLES - BoosterKohles Joe L. 8515Harlan USBC
1280SINGLES - BoosterLuensman Jeff T. 776515Monticello USBC
1280SINGLES - BoosterThomas Myra D. 258515Mt Pleasant USBC
1280SINGLES - BoosterMoad Randy L. 377515Gr Mason City USBC
1280SINGLES - BoosterHatch Derrick 175515Belmond USBC
1280SINGLES - BoosterBachman Amy K. 570515Greene County USBC
1280SINGLES - BoosterHochrein Michelle A. 469515Dubuque Area USBC
1293SINGLES - BoosterWilcox Steve 677514Ida Grove USBC
1293SINGLES - BoosterNeel David S. 729514Gr Mason City USBC
1293SINGLES - BoosterRobinson Kenneth J. 3514Ames Area USBC
1293SINGLES - BoosterThyng Charles R. 124514Ames Area USBC
1293SINGLES - BoosterLawrence Robert E. 525514Monticello USBC
1293SINGLES - BoosterShaull Jeff E. 244514Dyersville USBC
1293SINGLES - BoosterWesterly James B. 662514Gr Des Moines USBC
1300SINGLES - BoosterKeenan Sara L. 765513Gr Des Moines USBC
1300SINGLES - BoosterVanfleet Brandon 804513Fort Dodge Area USBC
1300SINGLES - BoosterHayes Pat 339513Maquoketa USBC
1300SINGLES - BoosterElder Brennon E. 71513Ottumwa Area USBC
1300SINGLES - BoosterSmith Ronald C. 275513Corydon USBC
1300SINGLES - BoosterHawkins Keith L. 2513Ames Area USBC
1300SINGLES - BoosterHagedorn Jeffrey L. 396513Ames Area USBC
1300SINGLES - BoosterOtt Roman K. 779513Gr Mason City USBC
1308SINGLES - BoosterTollufsen Tammy 678512Ida Grove USBC
1308SINGLES - BoosterPenney Mark A. 426512Osage USBC
1308SINGLES - BoosterFord Joshua P. 615512Greene County USBC
1308SINGLES - BoosterFuller Tyler 518512Estherville USBC
1308SINGLES - BoosterFelton Tanner J. 775512Monticello USBC
1308SINGLES - BoosterDayton Josh L. 235512Iowa City USBC
1308SINGLES - BoosterBurke Lindsay R. 905512Iowa City USBC
1308SINGLES - BoosterSchmitz Dennis J. 859512Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1308SINGLES - BoosterVos Stanley W. 792512Pella USBC
1308SINGLES - BoosterEaly Kevin R. 139512Cedar Rapids USBC
1308SINGLES - BoosterBowers Nick 365512Gr Des Moines USBC
1308SINGLES - BoosterParson Todd E. 482512Gr Des Moines USBC
1308SINGLES - BoosterMitchley Mark V. 900512Dubuque Area USBC
1308SINGLES - BoosterIvanov Michael R. 465512Dubuque Area USBC
1322SINGLES - BoosterVorwald Jeffrey J. 436511West Delaware USBC
1322SINGLES - BoosterStone Carrie A. 579511Gr Des Moines USBC
1322SINGLES - BoosterSherman Jon A. 143511Cedar Rapids USBC
1322SINGLES - BoosterLaverman Stanley G. 18511Pella USBC
1322SINGLES - BoosterHorton Dallas D. 53511Keokuk USBC
1322SINGLES - BoosterTucker Donnie L. 610511Gr Davenport Metro USBC
1322SINGLES - BoosterForbes Dennis W. 543511Iowa City USBC
1322SINGLES - BoosterMcDowell Michelle C. 574511Greene County USBC
1322SINGLES - BoosterDodge Luke A. 546511Spencer USBC
1322SINGLES - BoosterMensing Dennis D. 3511Ames Area USBC
1332SINGLES - BoosterBoege Maggie L. 2510Ames Area USBC
1332SINGLES - BoosterJohnson Brett W. 902510Gr Mason City USBC
1332SINGLES - BoosterDausel Darin D. 676510Ida Grove USBC
1332SINGLES - BoosterWeideman Douglas L. 647510Eldora USBC
1332SINGLES - BoosterHinrichs Jay N. 776510Monticello USBC
1332SINGLES - BoosterPierce Dustin 403510Tripoli USBC
1332SINGLES - BoosterVrieze Jessica L. 870510Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1332SINGLES - BoosterLa Rue Terry M. 56510Ottumwa Area USBC
1332SINGLES - BoosterMcCartney David F. 311510Gr Des Moines USBC
1332SINGLES - BoosterStair Justin D. 730510Dubuque Area USBC
1342SINGLES - BoosterRenslow Steven L. 158509Stuart USBC
1342SINGLES - BoosterKleppe David C. 869509Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1342SINGLES - BoosterRahde Ron E. 543509Iowa City USBC
1342SINGLES - BoosterAldersen Danny J. 120509Iowa City USBC
1342SINGLES - BoosterHubble Jillian L. 592509Iowa City USBC
1342SINGLES - BoosterRhine Tammy L. 479509Creston USBC
1342SINGLES - BoosterSchmale Monty 180509Belmond USBC
1342SINGLES - BoosterCole John C. 176509Belmond USBC
1350SINGLES - BoosterWebster Ammy M. 587508Guthrie County USBC
1350SINGLES - BoosterMayer Russell 427508Osage USBC
1350SINGLES - BoosterBrindle Jerry A. 810508Ames Area USBC
1350SINGLES - BoosterTheilen Kenya R. 770508Anamosa USBC
1350SINGLES - BoosterRalph James D. 87508North Lee County USBC
1350SINGLES - BoosterReynolds Rodney K. 742508Mt Pleasant USBC
1350SINGLES - BoosterMartin Douglas J. 60508Cedar Rapids USBC
1350SINGLES - BoosterHartman Bruce E. Jr217508Burlington Area USBC
1350SINGLES - BoosterTaylor Jeremy A. 505508Appanoose/Davis County USBC
1350SINGLES - BoosterLocke Durell T. 610508Gr Davenport Metro USBC
1360SINGLES - BoosterBurke Jordan A. 600507New Hampton USBC
1360SINGLES - BoosterMatt Benjamin A. 743507Cedar Rapids USBC
1360SINGLES - BoosterCostanzo Mike A. 360507Gr Des Moines USBC
1360SINGLES - BoosterSanders Willie Lll746507Gr Des Moines USBC
1360SINGLES - BoosterHarrison Brandon C. 267507Mt Pleasant USBC
1360SINGLES - BoosterPaulsen Darrell E. 396507Ames Area USBC
1360SINGLES - BoosterRobbins Sara A. 570507Greene County USBC
1360SINGLES - BoosterClayton Megan C. 575507Greene County USBC
1360SINGLES - BoosterRhoades Duane D. Jr168507St Ansgar USBC
1360SINGLES - BoosterMayer Terry G. 168507St Ansgar USBC
1370SINGLES - BoosterLaunderville Tom M. 573506Greene County USBC
1370SINGLES - BoosterBolte Ben P. 227506Sumner USBC
1370SINGLES - BoosterGates Dale V. 25506Council Bluffs USBC
1370SINGLES - BoosterCarlson Jonathan C. 30506Iowa City USBC
1370SINGLES - BoosterCarl Daniel J. 44506Stuart USBC
1370SINGLES - BoosterKenney Steve 708506Fort Dodge Area USBC
1370SINGLES - BoosterThielen Ernie 683506Fort Dodge Area USBC
1370SINGLES - BoosterHavlik Logan F. 599506New Hampton USBC
1370SINGLES - BoosterPeppel Kevin M. 337506Maquoketa USBC
1379SINGLES - BoosterPapesh Richard E. 146505Cedar Rapids USBC
1379SINGLES - BoosterSchwarze Travis J. 408505Tripoli USBC
1379SINGLES - BoosterKraus Jordan D. 775505Monticello USBC
1379SINGLES - BoosterStiner Logan 348505Waukon USBC
1383SINGLES - BoosterMedinger Mark A. 598504Bellevue USBC
1383SINGLES - BoosterSizemore Bob W. 263504Mt Pleasant USBC
1383SINGLES - BoosterEven Ronald J. 176504Belmond USBC
1383SINGLES - BoosterHouts Brett A. 300504Cedar Rapids USBC
1383SINGLES - BoosterJohnson Adan E. 530504Gr Des Moines USBC
1383SINGLES - BoosterPettijohn Jeff D. 312504Gr Des Moines USBC
1383SINGLES - BoosterGrimm Stanley J. 670504Jasper County USBC
1383SINGLES - BoosterMunson Kariann L. 670504Jasper County USBC
1383SINGLES - BoosterBeichley Lynn L. 42504Marshalltown Area USBC
1392SINGLES - BoosterHoeger Terry J. 250503Dyersville USBC
1392SINGLES - BoosterHull Megan L. 283503Appanoose/Davis County USBC
1392SINGLES - BoosterKester Randall M. 220503Burlington Area USBC
1392SINGLES - BoosterJohnson Jeff 371503Fort Dodge Area USBC
1392SINGLES - BoosterDanner Carmen 127503Sigourney USBC
1392SINGLES - BoosterMeyer Katie L. 887503Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1398SINGLES - BoosterMcatee Dennis K. 526502Monticello USBC
1398SINGLES - BoosterMain Carrie D. 831502Lenox USBC
1398SINGLES - BoosterClubb William J. 493502Sigourney USBC
1398SINGLES - BoosterBallensky Ann L. 810502Ames Area USBC
1398SINGLES - BoosterNelson Rickey J. 47502Stuart USBC
1398SINGLES - BoosterParkinson Kimberly J. 78502Burlington Area USBC
1404SINGLES - BoosterEllis Mollie A. 505501Appanoose/Davis County USBC
1404SINGLES - BoosterEhlers Kurt E. 521501Independence USBC
1404SINGLES - BoosterCulver Wade 417501Red Oak USBC
1404SINGLES - BoosterSexton Mark D. 414501Gr Davenport Metro USBC
1404SINGLES - BoosterStone Kathy L. 579501Gr Des Moines USBC
1404SINGLES - BoosterReilly Mark A. 762501Gr Des Moines USBC
1404SINGLES - BoosterJones Angie J. 574501Greene County USBC
1404SINGLES - BoosterBurgus Justin A. 266501Mt Pleasant USBC
1404SINGLES - BoosterDannen Hunter W. 322501Marshalltown Area USBC
1404SINGLES - BoosterLilienthal Ivan 436501West Delaware USBC
1414SINGLES - BoosterBarnes Deborah A. 162500Council Bluffs USBC
1414SINGLES - BoosterEvans Bradley J. 235500Iowa City USBC
1414SINGLES - BoosterWalter Andrew T. 111500Iowa City USBC
1414SINGLES - BoosterMoore Cheri D. 281500Greene County USBC
1414SINGLES - BoosterSanders Tyler D. 675500Ida Grove USBC
1414SINGLES - BoosterWilcox April 677500Ida Grove USBC
1414SINGLES - BoosterHendrickson Mercedes A. 98500Gr Des Moines USBC
1414SINGLES - BoosterFryar Dean S. 369500Fort Dodge Area USBC
1414SINGLES - BoosterEdgerton Xavier 723500Fort Dodge Area USBC
1414SINGLES - BoosterPoortinga Gene A. 43500Pella USBC
1414SINGLES - BoosterGaughan Tom G. 18500Pella USBC
1414SINGLES - BoosterSlaven Stanley A. 8500Harlan USBC
1414SINGLES - BoosterHartman Keri J. 217500Burlington Area USBC
1427SINGLES - BoosterCole Brad 698499Independence USBC
1427SINGLES - BoosterHaywood Michael J. 692499Ottumwa Area USBC
1427SINGLES - BoosterKellogg Phyllis J. 364499Gr Des Moines USBC
1427SINGLES - BoosterDurst Kim K. 585499Guthrie County USBC
1427SINGLES - BoosterJones Jenny M. 397499Ames Area USBC
1427SINGLES - BoosterThompson Greg 392499Ames Area USBC
1427SINGLES - BoosterNewcomb Brent R. II546499Spencer USBC
1427SINGLES - BoosterMoore Kimberly A. 905499Iowa City USBC
1427SINGLES - BoosterStevens Thomas R. 236499Iowa City USBC
1427SINGLES - BoosterBrandenburg Janice C. 595499Iowa City USBC
1437SINGLES - BoosterCarlson Gary D. Jr790498Anamosa USBC
1437SINGLES - BoosterJohnson Steven J. 342498Waukon USBC
1437SINGLES - BoosterAdamson Caytlyn L. 616498Greene County USBC
1437SINGLES - BoosterRobbins Rod A. 576498Greene County USBC
1437SINGLES - BoosterBorkowski James A. 533498Manning USBC
1437SINGLES - BoosterBlaisdell Sherry A. 361498Gr Des Moines USBC
1437SINGLES - BoosterVan Klavern Jim H. 689498Ottumwa Area USBC
1437SINGLES - BoosterMenne Marc A. 456498West Union USBC
1437SINGLES - BoosterNepple Kevin J. 625498Carroll Area USBC
1446SINGLES - BoosterCoons Abigail A. 736497Gr Davenport Metro USBC
1446SINGLES - BoosterSwenka Jobyna J. 454497West Union USBC
1446SINGLES - BoosterSondag Jerome F. 8497Harlan USBC
1446SINGLES - BoosterKemp Brandon J. 332497Maquoketa USBC
1446SINGLES - BoosterHorne Douglas A. 140497Cedar Rapids USBC
1446SINGLES - BoosterKaufman Nancy K. 570497Greene County USBC
1446SINGLES - BoosterRoling Angie R. 397497Ames Area USBC
1446SINGLES - BoosterHepperly Matt L. 502497Gr Mason City USBC
1446SINGLES - BoosterHeidemann Kailey L. 407497Tripoli USBC
1446SINGLES - BoosterSchwarting Ronni A. 30497Iowa City USBC
1446SINGLES - BoosterBeach Justin T. 7497Iowa City USBC
1457SINGLES - BoosterCirillo Laura A. 593496Iowa City USBC
1457SINGLES - BoosterMorgan Michelle A. 559496Muscatine USBC
1457SINGLES - BoosterKramer John J. 560496Muscatine USBC
1457SINGLES - BoosterThompson Cliff R. 585496Guthrie County USBC
1457SINGLES - BoosterRichards Brittani A. 574496Greene County USBC
1457SINGLES - BoosterSchultz Tanner B. 584496Manning USBC
1457SINGLES - BoosterMcLaughlin Casey M. 335496Maquoketa USBC
1457SINGLES - BoosterCummings Kelly 442496Oelwein USBC
1465SINGLES - BoosterParker Linda R. 70495Ottumwa Area USBC
1465SINGLES - BoosterKoopman Bridget A. 192495Cedar Rapids USBC
1465SINGLES - BoosterJohnson Michelle 253495Fort Dodge Area USBC
1465SINGLES - BoosterMears Crystal N. 318495Gr Des Moines USBC
1465SINGLES - BoosterAnderson Jerry E. 576495Greene County USBC
1465SINGLES - BoosterHackbart Alex M. 166495St Ansgar USBC
1465SINGLES - BoosterJennings Teri L. 396495Ames Area USBC
1465SINGLES - BoosterLessenger Jenny A. 555495Muscatine USBC
1465SINGLES - BoosterPejchl Robert 526495Monticello USBC
1474SINGLES - BoosterBonjour Douglas C. 882494Monticello USBC
1474SINGLES - BoosterKnipfer Todd D. 654494Mt Pleasant USBC
1474SINGLES - BoosterGiesmann Julie A. 594494Iowa City USBC
1474SINGLES - BoosterStanton Denise J. 362494Gr Des Moines USBC
1474SINGLES - BoosterWatson Mike R. 221494Burlington Area USBC
1474SINGLES - BoosterArnold Amy 53494Keokuk USBC
1474SINGLES - BoosterWiese Duane J. 201494Camanche USBC
1474SINGLES - BoosterBlack Eric M. 731494Gr Davenport Metro USBC
1482SINGLES - BoosterBowman Zachery S. 223493Burlington Area USBC
1482SINGLES - BoosterParks Robert J. 791493Ottumwa Area USBC
1482SINGLES - BoosterRader Kristi K. 402493Tripoli USBC
1482SINGLES - BoosterQuass Rodney W. 405493Tripoli USBC
1482SINGLES - BoosterBrown Chris A. 893493Muscatine USBC
1482SINGLES - BoosterDew Robert C. Jr868493Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1482SINGLES - BoosterWood Justin L. 872493Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1482SINGLES - BoosterMerfeld Gregg L. 882493Monticello USBC
1482SINGLES - BoosterSego John H. 173493Gr Mason City USBC
1482SINGLES - BoosterCountryman Travis M. 808493Oskaloosa USBC
1482SINGLES - BoosterBlake Dennis W. 171493St Ansgar USBC
1493SINGLES - BoosterMeyer Dennis E. 880492Monticello USBC
1493SINGLES - BoosterCormeny Troy M. 791492Ottumwa Area USBC
1493SINGLES - BoosterCrawford Barbara S. 708492Fort Dodge Area USBC
1496SINGLES - BoosterPolito James M. 131491Gr Des Moines USBC
1496SINGLES - BoosterSnitker Kirk D. 344491Waukon USBC
1496SINGLES - BoosterForrest Shannon 445491Iowa City USBC
1496SINGLES - BoosterWestpfahl Scott A. 227491Sumner USBC
1500SINGLES - BoosterBeelner Jeremy D. 546490Spencer USBC
1500SINGLES - BoosterSchimunek Aaron R. 124490Ames Area USBC
1500SINGLES - BoosterSchlaht Kyle J. 62490Iowa City USBC
1500SINGLES - BoosterOltmanns Shannon R. 771490Anamosa USBC
1500SINGLES - BoosterVan Pilsum Shirley 364490Gr Des Moines USBC
1500SINGLES - BoosterMoore Benjamin (BJ) 332490Maquoketa USBC
1500SINGLES - BoosterOberbroeckling Patrick J. 248490Dyersville USBC
1507SINGLES - BoosterHosch Roger J. 251489Dyersville USBC
1507SINGLES - BoosterGregory Neva A. 107489Iowa City USBC
1507SINGLES - BoosterRibbink Mya A. 894489Muscatine USBC
1510SINGLES - BoosterSweezer Craig L. 742488Mt Pleasant USBC
1510SINGLES - BoosterLyness Christopher L. 240488De Witt USBC
1510SINGLES - BoosterShea Ian W. 332488Maquoketa USBC
1510SINGLES - BoosterCarder Gale A. Jr632488Gr Des Moines USBC
1510SINGLES - BoosterAbben-Goodwin Lori A. 739488Cedar Rapids USBC
1515SINGLES - BoosterBaumler Allan C. 251487Dyersville USBC
1515SINGLES - BoosterMattes Timothy E. 30487Iowa City USBC
1515SINGLES - BoosterLong David A. 586487Guthrie County USBC
1515SINGLES - BoosterFournier Michael D. 176487Belmond USBC
1515SINGLES - BoosterWilson Izabelle E. 571487Greene County USBC
1520SINGLES - BoosterGunn Robin L. 571486Greene County USBC
1520SINGLES - BoosterMeyer Dale A. 547486Spencer USBC
1520SINGLES - BoosterTesch Cordell G. 552486Spencer USBC
1520SINGLES - BoosterThien Joseph D. 112486Ames Area USBC
1520SINGLES - BoosterThompson Gary L. 106486Iowa City USBC
1520SINGLES - BoosterFoster Tanda R. 882486Monticello USBC
1520SINGLES - BoosterBrem Stephanie 267486Mt Pleasant USBC
1520SINGLES - BoosterDavis Brittany L. 265486Mt Pleasant USBC
1520SINGLES - BoosterBeuthien Melissa 760486De Witt USBC
1520SINGLES - BoosterWeets Dale A. 608486Gr Davenport Metro USBC
1520SINGLES - BoosterLawrence Kris J. 488486Cedar Rapids USBC
1520SINGLES - BoosterMrozek Tiffanie 488486Cedar Rapids USBC
1520SINGLES - BoosterFeltes John W. 193486Cedar Rapids USBC
1533SINGLES - BoosterBrandt Donald K. 152485Cedar Rapids USBC
1533SINGLES - BoosterKelso Rebekah M. 564485Muscatine USBC
1533SINGLES - BoosterRobinson Debra S. 2485Ames Area USBC
1533SINGLES - BoosterLackore James M. 426485Osage USBC
1533SINGLES - BoosterParks Sherry L. 707485Grundy Center USBC
1533SINGLES - BoosterWelter Michele L. 333485Dubuque Area USBC
1539SINGLES - BoosterCockburn Jamie L. 101484Greenfield USBC
1539SINGLES - BoosterMiller Jillian L. 454484West Union USBC
1539SINGLES - BoosterLove Amber L. 453484West Union USBC
1542SINGLES - BoosterSchaer Donnie L. 453483West Union USBC
1542SINGLES - BoosterReinhardt Timothy K. 215483Burlington Area USBC
1542SINGLES - BoosterHare Benjamin D. 335483Maquoketa USBC
1542SINGLES - BoosterVrba Brian J. 418483Red Oak USBC
1542SINGLES - BoosterReyes Marco 362483Gr Des Moines USBC
1542SINGLES - BoosterSepter Kathy M. 594483Iowa City USBC
1542SINGLES - BoosterOstedgaard Alan R. 29483Iowa City USBC
1542SINGLES - BoosterOberbroeckling Chad D. 520483Dubuque Area USBC
1550SINGLES - BoosterDrews Tom 320482Iowa City USBC
1550SINGLES - BoosterBradley Doug J. 647482Eldora USBC
1550SINGLES - BoosterStansbury Darin L. 143482Cedar Rapids USBC
1550SINGLES - BoosterThole Allan L. 417482Red Oak USBC
1550SINGLES - BoosterGreve Jeff A. 718482Camanche USBC
1555SINGLES - BoosterMoehr Jerry C. 724481Clinton USBC
1555SINGLES - BoosterWill James F. 452481West Union USBC
1555SINGLES - BoosterBergquist William J. 646481Eldora USBC
1555SINGLES - BoosterStewart Erin N. 569481Greene County USBC
1555SINGLES - BoosterRife Jennifer L. 593481Iowa City USBC
1555SINGLES - BoosterGregory Serena 107481Iowa City USBC
1555SINGLES - BoosterWykert Harry G. 261481Mt Pleasant USBC
1562SINGLES - BoosterBermel Matthew L. 566480Muscatine USBC
1562SINGLES - BoosterGroom Amy E. 429480Grundy Center USBC
1564SINGLES - BoosterStanley Shane M. 830479Sanborn USBC
1564SINGLES - BoosterKohles Terry D. 8479Harlan USBC
1564SINGLES - BoosterWeirup Randy L. 334479Maquoketa USBC
1564SINGLES - BoosterGreve Elise J. 719479Camanche USBC
1564SINGLES - BoosterGrau Adam 798479De Witt USBC
1564SINGLES - BoosterSwanson Lee 760479De Witt USBC
1564SINGLES - BoosterShinn Alexis D. 362479Gr Des Moines USBC
1571SINGLES - BoosterKuetz Mike A. 530478Gr Des Moines USBC
1571SINGLES - BoosterStacy Cheryl A. 659478Gr Des Moines USBC
1571SINGLES - BoosterEspe Kurt R. 367478Fort Dodge Area USBC
1571SINGLES - BoosterHillers Robert R. 250478Dyersville USBC
1571SINGLES - BoosterHoeft Shelby L. 800478Forest City USBC
1571SINGLES - BoosterSchulz Shane A. 184478Council Bluffs USBC
1571SINGLES - BoosterSlaughter Harry F. 714478Council Bluffs USBC
1578SINGLES - BoosterBrown Randy L. 742477Mt Pleasant USBC
1578SINGLES - BoosterWeich Raymond E. 870477Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1578SINGLES - BoosterKirchhoff Randy D. 405477Tripoli USBC
1578SINGLES - BoosterBriner Cindy 479477Creston USBC
1578SINGLES - BoosterBruns Keith 493477Sigourney USBC
1578SINGLES - BoosterWickman Dan L. 580477Independence USBC
1578SINGLES - BoosterBenge Marilyn M. 23477Cedar Rapids USBC
1578SINGLES - BoosterDolphin Wesley J. 465477Dubuque Area USBC
1586SINGLES - BoosterGroth Darrell C. 566476Muscatine USBC
1587SINGLES - BoosterKnighton Marcus Sr832475Lenox USBC
1587SINGLES - BoosterDettbarn Dustin R. 287475Sumner USBC
1587SINGLES - BoosterKellogg Nickolas R. 295475Charles City USBC
1587SINGLES - BoosterNord Craig A. 125475Gr Davenport Metro USBC
1591SINGLES - BoosterEdwards Shannon 241474De Witt USBC
1591SINGLES - BoosterDubois Chelsea D. 903474Pella USBC
1591SINGLES - BoosterLarocca Robert W. 272474Gr Des Moines USBC
1591SINGLES - BoosterPhillips Kelly L. 538474Manning USBC
1591SINGLES - BoosterMcLaughlin Garl 29474Iowa City USBC
1591SINGLES - BoosterJaeger Steve 451474Iowa City USBC
1591SINGLES - BoosterShaffer Steven C. 236474Iowa City USBC
1591SINGLES - BoosterAndersen Richie 234474Atlantic USBC
1599SINGLES - BoosterPerez Julianna J. 753473Muscatine USBC
1599SINGLES - BoosterStone Shannon L. 406473Tripoli USBC
1599SINGLES - BoosterRodas Karolyn K. 287473Sumner USBC
1599SINGLES - BoosterBauer Michael 680473Ida Grove USBC
1599SINGLES - BoosterJuchem Keith 440473Oelwein USBC
1599SINGLES - BoosterKluesner Anthony J. 385473Dubuque Area USBC
1605SINGLES - BoosterCrowe Richard K. 55472Ottumwa Area USBC
1605SINGLES - BoosterRittel Daniel F. 46472Stuart USBC
1605SINGLES - BoosterHenry Thomas L. 254472Fort Dodge Area USBC
1605SINGLES - BoosterLudwig Teresa 397472Ames Area USBC
1605SINGLES - BoosterHorton Andy W. 274472Corydon USBC
1610SINGLES - BoosterCrampton Randy 675471Ida Grove USBC
1610SINGLES - BoosterRobeson Dave 302471Grundy Center USBC
1610SINGLES - BoosterHenry Jaden 69471Fort Dodge Area USBC
1610SINGLES - BoosterMaiers Larry G. 250471Dyersville USBC
1610SINGLES - BoosterTrease Todd E. 669471Jasper County USBC
1615SINGLES - BoosterBrandt Shaun M. 610470Gr Davenport Metro USBC
1615SINGLES - BoosterZiegmann Marc A. 458470West Union USBC
1615SINGLES - BoosterLindauer Marty J. 774470Monticello USBC
1615SINGLES - BoosterSepter David 594470Iowa City USBC
1615SINGLES - BoosterNemmers Danny 790470Anamosa USBC
1615SINGLES - BoosterSchroeder Isaac D. 560470Muscatine USBC
1621SINGLES - BoosterRuess Ronald R. 582469Anamosa USBC
1621SINGLES - BoosterSealine Nicholas 723469Fort Dodge Area USBC
1621SINGLES - BoosterKoloc Michael 360469Gr Des Moines USBC
1624SINGLES - BoosterHamdorf Karla K. 743468Cedar Rapids USBC
1624SINGLES - BoosterMichel Jason C. 610468Gr Davenport Metro USBC
1624SINGLES - BoosterNiaves Amber N. 894468Muscatine USBC
1624SINGLES - BoosterKluesner Bill L. 431468West Delaware USBC
1628SINGLES - BoosterBierbrodt Al 582467Anamosa USBC
1628SINGLES - BoosterLake Kevin R. 816467Eldora USBC
1628SINGLES - BoosterDieleman Ed L. 18467Pella USBC
1628SINGLES - BoosterKinnan James A. 693467Gr Des Moines USBC
1632SINGLES - BoosterBilyeu Patrick A. 181466Belmond USBC
1632SINGLES - BoosterStreet Sara L. 398466Ames Area USBC
1632SINGLES - BoosterEagle Brenda L. 753466Muscatine USBC
1635SINGLES - BoosterJuza Jessica R. 548465Spencer USBC
1635SINGLES - BoosterEllis Scott J. 213465Independence USBC
1637SINGLES - BoosterLudwig Josh 482464Gr Des Moines USBC
1637SINGLES - BoosterWendel Jessica J. 682464Sioux Rapids-Alta USBC
1637SINGLES - BoosterMerfeld Daniel J. 882464Monticello USBC
1640SINGLES - BoosterSchwarting Denise 449463Iowa City USBC
1640SINGLES - BoosterSteenblock Andrew 756463Gr Mason City USBC
1640SINGLES - BoosterMunford Timothy J. 272463Gr Des Moines USBC
1640SINGLES - BoosterJones Sydney 39463Red Oak USBC
1640SINGLES - BoosterSchroeder Sonny F. 689463Ottumwa Area USBC
1645SINGLES - BoosterCotte Mechelle D. 791462Ottumwa Area USBC
1646SINGLES - BoosterHayes Chad M. 336461Maquoketa USBC
1646SINGLES - BoosterEggink Larry G. 18461Pella USBC
1646SINGLES - BoosterWilliams Anthony R. 358461Stacyville USBC
1649SINGLES - BoosterClark Kristopher M. 337460Maquoketa USBC
1649SINGLES - BoosterHowe Nick N. 506460Appanoose/Davis County USBC
1649SINGLES - BoosterWallin Dan G. 290460Dubuque Area USBC
1652SINGLES - BoosterLindemann David J. 549459Spencer USBC
1653SINGLES - BoosterVraspier Christine R. 28458Iowa City USBC
1653SINGLES - BoosterArmstrong Jennie E. 361458Gr Des Moines USBC
1655SINGLES - BoosterGriffith Gina R. 449457Iowa City USBC
1655SINGLES - BoosterLerch Wayne A. 771457Anamosa USBC
1655SINGLES - BoosterMayer Anthony J. 171457St Ansgar USBC
1658SINGLES - BoosterHron Jeff A. 693456Gr Des Moines USBC
1659SINGLES - BoosterBritt Butch E. 602455New Hampton USBC
1659SINGLES - BoosterBoger Doug 406455Tripoli USBC
1659SINGLES - BoosterWakefeld Dave M. 433455West Delaware USBC
1662SINGLES - BoosterSizemore Mendy J. 263454Mt Pleasant USBC
1662SINGLES - BoosterTimmerman Dale 181454Belmond USBC
1662SINGLES - BoosterDrips Tom D. 453454West Union USBC
1665SINGLES - BoosterPossehl Paul W. 827452Camanche USBC
1665SINGLES - BoosterChristensen Mike 302452Grundy Center USBC
1667SINGLES - BoosterKouba Keith 790451Anamosa USBC
1668SINGLES - BoosterFitzsimmons Robert O. 26450Council Bluffs USBC
1668SINGLES - BoosterHammel Lacey 123450Keokuk USBC
1668SINGLES - BoosterMaley Steve J. 605450New Hampton USBC
1668SINGLES - BoosterSaunders Scott P. 102450Cedar Rapids USBC
1672SINGLES - BoosterWelch Richard E. 186449Gr Des Moines USBC
1672SINGLES - BoosterGold Justin L. 750449Muscatine USBC
1674SINGLES - BoosterWeiermann Joseph R. 628448Iowa City USBC
1675SINGLES - BoosterReuter Betty A. 847447Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1675SINGLES - BoosterMichels Dennis J. 763447Bellevue USBC
1675SINGLES - BoosterBlong Leon I. 599447New Hampton USBC
1675SINGLES - BoosterDemmer Michael J. 251447Dyersville USBC
1679SINGLES - BoosterMartin Loren C. 770445Anamosa USBC
1680SINGLES - BoosterJarvis Trae D. 809444Oskaloosa USBC
1681SINGLES - BoosterWedebrand Hunter A. 516441Estherville USBC
1682SINGLES - BoosterLaRue Jamie L. 284440Appanoose/Davis County USBC
1682SINGLES - BoosterLawler Clyde L. 211440Marshalltown Area USBC
1684SINGLES - BoosterMyers Gayla C. 770439Anamosa USBC
1684SINGLES - BoosterPaisley Robert P. 260439Mt Pleasant USBC
1686SINGLES - BoosterRutherford Wyatt 589438Guthrie County USBC
1687SINGLES - BoosterWarrington John D. 357436Stacyville USBC
1687SINGLES - BoosterMarriott Daniel J. 731436Gr Davenport Metro USBC
1689SINGLES - BoosterGreenstreet Kaylynn S. 58435Ottumwa Area USBC
1689SINGLES - BoosterKolln Aaron J. 584435Manning USBC
1691SINGLES - BoosterNewby Erin M. 799433Forest City USBC
1691SINGLES - BoosterMeyer Stanley 677433Ida Grove USBC
1693SINGLES - BoosterStreit Billy L. 296429Cedar Rapids USBC
1693SINGLES - BoosterGipple Sam 298429Cedar Rapids USBC
1695SINGLES - BoosterWooldrik Joseph E. 301428Cedar Rapids USBC
1696SINGLES - BoosterSchade Brittney B. 150427Cedar Rapids USBC
1697SINGLES - BoosterClark Kyle E. 337422Maquoketa USBC
1698SINGLES - BoosterLuze Steve P. 731418Gr Davenport Metro USBC
1698SINGLES - BoosterBean Larry 298418Cedar Rapids USBC
1700SINGLES - BoosterHeiden Griffin G. 584417Manning USBC
1701SINGLES - BoosterFelton Tyler B. 775414Monticello USBC
1702SINGLES - BoosterWilson Jewell M. 869412Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1703SINGLES - BoosterBooge Todd M. 545409Spencer USBC
1703SINGLES - BoosterCarnahan Amanda M. 58409Ottumwa Area USBC
1705SINGLES - BoosterHuber Mitch D. 298387Cedar Rapids USBC
1706SINGLES - BoosterBesler Craig P. 386386Dubuque Area USBC
1707SINGLES - BoosterBuford Brianne M. 264365Mt Pleasant USBC
1708SINGLES - BoosterGrobstick Stewart 763356Bellevue USBC
1709SINGLES - BoosterBishop Don E. 752354Muscatine USBC
1710SINGLES - BoosterDeJesus Tina M. 223237Burlington Area USBC
1711SINGLES - BoosterEads Ron L. Jr741206Gr Des Moines USBC
1712SINGLES - BoosterZirtzman Ray F. 430196West Delaware USBC
1713SINGLES - BoosterJohnson Douglas A. 505186Appanoose/Davis County USBC
1714SINGLES - BoosterPorter Gene H. 882149Monticello USBC
1715SINGLES - BoosterShotts Seth E. 5978Ottumwa Area USBC
1716SINGLES - BoosterPoole James D. 44354Oelwein USBC
1717SINGLES - BoosterSeeders Mike J. 44327Oelwein USBC
1718SINGLES - BoosterCarson Michael F. 57221Greene County USBC
1ALL EVENTS - BoosterWieser Daniel R. 6942,148Gr Des Moines USBC
2ALL EVENTS - BoosterBales Shawn 902,141North Lee County USBC
3ALL EVENTS - BoosterMc Intosh Richard L. 992,099Greenfield USBC
4ALL EVENTS - BoosterPotts Adam W. 1422,092Cedar Rapids USBC
5ALL EVENTS - BoosterPalmer Scott L. 5072,083Appanoose/Davis County USBC
6ALL EVENTS - BoosterWilkins Joshua J. 1922,049Cedar Rapids USBC
7ALL EVENTS - BoosterSchremser Ryan P. 1822,042Independence USBC
8ALL EVENTS - BoosterMitchell Sarah A. 2952,038Charles City USBC
9ALL EVENTS - BoosterScott Craig A. 3112,031Gr Des Moines USBC
10ALL EVENTS - BoosterVry Curtis S. 1572,014Stuart USBC
11ALL EVENTS - BoosterOlson Mark A. 1002,013Greenfield USBC
12ALL EVENTS - BoosterWatts Dwain A. 3962,009Ames Area USBC
13ALL EVENTS - BoosterVoelker Andrew L. 1922,005Cedar Rapids USBC
14ALL EVENTS - BoosterWixom Bronson L. 6542,001Mt Pleasant USBC
15ALL EVENTS - BoosterClubb Steve M. 4961,996Sigourney USBC
16ALL EVENTS - BoosterNordeen Kyle T. 3911,995Ames Area USBC
16ALL EVENTS - BoosterBerns Alex M. 3421,995Waukon USBC
18ALL EVENTS - BoosterSchmuecker Jareth 1921,994Cedar Rapids USBC
19ALL EVENTS - BoosterWeremont Cody 5131,989Estherville USBC
20ALL EVENTS - BoosterSaldana Shaun R. 5091,984Appanoose/Davis County USBC
21ALL EVENTS - BoosterEllis Bruce A. 2761,983Corydon USBC
22ALL EVENTS - BoosterMaben Todd E. 5691,973Greene County USBC
23ALL EVENTS - BoosterWirth Jason E. 3911,969Ames Area USBC
23ALL EVENTS - BoosterHodnett Steve J. 341,969Jasper County USBC
25ALL EVENTS - BoosterHarrison Suzan C. 2671,968Mt Pleasant USBC
26ALL EVENTS - BoosterDuinink Jesse L. 7921,965Pella USBC
27ALL EVENTS - BoosterAlter Ramey S. 1061,963Iowa City USBC
28ALL EVENTS - BoosterGenskow Adam B. 6731,959Jasper County USBC
29ALL EVENTS - BoosterGrimm Joel E. 6701,955Jasper County USBC
29ALL EVENTS - BoosterGunn Charles D. Jr5761,955Greene County USBC
31ALL EVENTS - BoosterSchumacher Gabriel A. 4661,954Dubuque Area USBC
31ALL EVENTS - BoosterKilcoyce Rob 2911,954Dubuque Area USBC
33ALL EVENTS - BoosterWaller Steve 2291,948Gr Des Moines USBC
34ALL EVENTS - BoosterPlymale Jordan L. 6571,943Gr Des Moines USBC
34ALL EVENTS - BoosterPoock Travis M. 2881,943Sumner USBC
34ALL EVENTS - BoosterKittleson Travis A. 1661,943St Ansgar USBC
34ALL EVENTS - BoosterHoerner Bryce R. 3851,943Dubuque Area USBC
38ALL EVENTS - BoosterHodnefield Isaac D. 3911,942Ames Area USBC
39ALL EVENTS - BoosterWessels Chadd N. 1371,940Cedar Rapids USBC
40ALL EVENTS - BoosterBearbower Ayden W. 7691,931Cedar Rapids USBC
41ALL EVENTS - BoosterFerguson Roger L. 5071,928Appanoose/Davis County USBC
42ALL EVENTS - BoosterKlyn Teag M. 9031,927Pella USBC
42ALL EVENTS - BoosterChatfield Josh 3591,927Stacyville USBC
44ALL EVENTS - BoosterBrustkern Kyle P. 8791,925Gr Cedar Valley USBC
45ALL EVENTS - BoosterBroadie Marshall 5471,923Spencer USBC
46ALL EVENTS - BoosterBarner Michael 5371,921Manning USBC
46ALL EVENTS - BoosterMiller David B. 1101,921Iowa City USBC
46ALL EVENTS - BoosterVanderheiden Drew C. 1571,921Stuart USBC
49ALL EVENTS - BoosterWood Jayson D. 3311,920Maquoketa USBC
49ALL EVENTS - BoosterFranck Nick 6981,920Independence USBC
51ALL EVENTS - BoosterEngelhardt Chris A. 3911,919Ames Area USBC
51ALL EVENTS - BoosterGraham Steve D. 3951,919Ames Area USBC
53ALL EVENTS - BoosterMcLaughlin Hayden N. 5341,916Manning USBC
54ALL EVENTS - BoosterDooley Daniel E. Sr8141,915Marshalltown Area USBC
55ALL EVENTS - BoosterVan Lenning Sonny A. 6181,912Iowa Great Lakes USBC
56ALL EVENTS - BoosterNuss Gary D. 4411,910Oelwein USBC
56ALL EVENTS - BoosterSchrader Dana L. 1881,910Gr Des Moines USBC
58ALL EVENTS - BoosterDudley Arthur H. 141,908Independence USBC
59ALL EVENTS - BoosterHamel Robert 5421,906Iowa City USBC
60ALL EVENTS - BoosterHoll Connie 5171,902Estherville USBC
60ALL EVENTS - BoosterTomkins Russ M. 6521,902Dubuque Area USBC
62ALL EVENTS - BoosterMcGuire Jacob N. 2271,901Sumner USBC
62ALL EVENTS - BoosterUrias James D. 191,901Pella USBC
62ALL EVENTS - BoosterSchillinger Tim J. 2721,901Gr Des Moines USBC
65ALL EVENTS - BoosterWolf Brian J. 4241,900Iowa City USBC
65ALL EVENTS - BoosterBrahm Bill E. 4651,900Dubuque Area USBC
67ALL EVENTS - BoosterGoehring Devin A. 2321,899Boone County USBC
68ALL EVENTS - BoosterRief Michael R. 2251,898Manning USBC
69ALL EVENTS - BoosterEllis Ryan 2761,896Corydon USBC
70ALL EVENTS - BoosterGood Jim 3381,895Maquoketa USBC
71ALL EVENTS - BoosterHolmes William A. 4501,893Iowa City USBC
72ALL EVENTS - BoosterCrampton Dennis R. 6821,892Sioux Rapids-Alta USBC
72ALL EVENTS - BoosterJanovick Jim P. 8261,892Boone County USBC
74ALL EVENTS - BoosterJunker Jacob T. 4281,890Grundy Center USBC
74ALL EVENTS - BoosterVanMersbergen Wayne A. 431,890Pella USBC
76ALL EVENTS - BoosterHuebbe Todd H. 921,888Gr Des Moines USBC
76ALL EVENTS - BoosterOverhake Michael D. Jr971,888Gr Des Moines USBC
78ALL EVENTS - BoosterKenneally Ryan W. 3861,887Dubuque Area USBC
79ALL EVENTS - BoosterVogt Sean D. 1911,885Cedar Rapids USBC
80ALL EVENTS - BoosterKey Kelvin R. Jr2891,884Dubuque Area USBC
81ALL EVENTS - BoosterOhl Tyler M. 3361,883Maquoketa USBC
81ALL EVENTS - BoosterShonka Jazmine E. 4391,883Oelwein USBC
83ALL EVENTS - BoosterCarnahan Shawn L. 581,882Ottumwa Area USBC
83ALL EVENTS - BoosterKiner Kyle D. 6191,882Iowa Great Lakes USBC
85ALL EVENTS - BoosterWellman Ben A. 891,881North Lee County USBC
85ALL EVENTS - BoosterPutman Brian V. 3491,881Waukon USBC
85ALL EVENTS - BoosterHarwood Lacy R. 501,881Gr Des Moines USBC
88ALL EVENTS - BoosterRestrepo Jaime C. 4451,880Iowa City USBC
88ALL EVENTS - BoosterTesch Don A. 1721,880St Ansgar USBC
90ALL EVENTS - BoosterJacobson Benjamin R. 5681,879Greene County USBC
91ALL EVENTS - BoosterHackbarth Robert L. 7571,878Eldora USBC
91ALL EVENTS - BoosterBickford Jake L. 3381,878Maquoketa USBC
93ALL EVENTS - BoosterHuggins Kevin M. 1371,877Cedar Rapids USBC
93ALL EVENTS - BoosterRotter Steve C. 2571,877Mt Pleasant USBC
93ALL EVENTS - BoosterWilhelm Curtis W. 3331,877Dubuque Area USBC
96ALL EVENTS - BoosterThesing Trent E. 3451,876Waukon USBC
97ALL EVENTS - BoosterZantingh Ron E. 431,875Pella USBC
97ALL EVENTS - BoosterKalb Chris 2911,875Dubuque Area USBC
99ALL EVENTS - BoosterWatson Brad R. 2211,874Burlington Area USBC
100ALL EVENTS - BoosterBrown Timothy D. 991,873Greenfield USBC
101ALL EVENTS - BoosterLeraaen Scott A. 1711,872St Ansgar USBC
102ALL EVENTS - BoosterSchroeder Dustin 5241,871Independence USBC
102ALL EVENTS - BoosterBamrick Colin J. 1411,871Cedar Rapids USBC
104ALL EVENTS - BoosterSurber Robin L. 771,870Burlington Area USBC
105ALL EVENTS - BoosterKepler Tereni L. 1511,868Cedar Rapids USBC
106ALL EVENTS - BoosterRedding Neal W. 3631,867Gr Des Moines USBC
106ALL EVENTS - BoosterPrichard Sonny K. 191,867Pella USBC
106ALL EVENTS - BoosterHunt Sam A. 7721,867Monticello USBC
109ALL EVENTS - BoosterHettinger Jordan J. 2101,866Independence USBC
110ALL EVENTS - BoosterSpitz Michael J. 3561,865Stacyville USBC
110ALL EVENTS - BoosterDenekas Bryan J. 3941,865Ames Area USBC
112ALL EVENTS - BoosterMorris Michael W. 3631,864Gr Des Moines USBC
113ALL EVENTS - BoosterGrillo Paul M. 1821,863Independence USBC
114ALL EVENTS - BoosterEarles Darin D. 3341,862Maquoketa USBC
114ALL EVENTS - BoosterHertel Larry P. 2271,862Sumner USBC
114ALL EVENTS - BoosterDalen Logan 5191,862Estherville USBC
117ALL EVENTS - BoosterSogard David L. 3941,858Ames Area USBC
117ALL EVENTS - BoosterDavison Austin C. 4771,858Maquoketa USBC
117ALL EVENTS - BoosterKuper Al L. 1971,858Independence USBC
120ALL EVENTS - BoosterSaint Kevin J. 4051,857Tripoli USBC
121ALL EVENTS - BoosterHolm Kevin L. 3961,856Ames Area USBC
121ALL EVENTS - BoosterMunson Jason L. 6711,856Jasper County USBC
121ALL EVENTS - BoosterKasper Dan L. 2471,856Dyersville USBC
121ALL EVENTS - BoosterTurner Steven M. 7971,856Gr Des Moines USBC
125ALL EVENTS - BoosterBaker Joshua N. 3711,854Fort Dodge Area USBC
125ALL EVENTS - BoosterRathe Tim J. 2261,854Sumner USBC
125ALL EVENTS - BoosterLeraaen Eric K. 1711,854St Ansgar USBC
128ALL EVENTS - BoosterPeterson Sam J. 3921,853Ames Area USBC
129ALL EVENTS - BoosterBiel Todd A. 1131,852Gr Des Moines USBC
129ALL EVENTS - BoosterBlatz Ben J. 7301,852Dubuque Area USBC
131ALL EVENTS - BoosterTies Jacob W. 2891,851Dubuque Area USBC
132ALL EVENTS - BoosterCarney Logan R. 3661,850Gr Des Moines USBC
132ALL EVENTS - BoosterRenoux Tanner J. 9061,850Iowa City USBC
134ALL EVENTS - BoosterEven Ronald J. 1761,849Belmond USBC
134ALL EVENTS - BoosterGibbs Shawn 781,849Burlington Area USBC
134ALL EVENTS - BoosterSimpson Michael D. 8421,849Dubuque Area USBC
137ALL EVENTS - BoosterBock Trevor A. 2261,848Sumner USBC
138ALL EVENTS - BoosterMontgomery Adam J. 1071,847Iowa City USBC
138ALL EVENTS - BoosterMclaury Tim S. 3631,847Gr Des Moines USBC
138ALL EVENTS - BoosterHerrmann Larry E. 6321,847Gr Des Moines USBC
141ALL EVENTS - BoosterRausch Sara M. 1261,846Gr Davenport Metro USBC
142ALL EVENTS - BoosterBell Brett J. 6571,844Gr Des Moines USBC
142ALL EVENTS - BoosterHess Sarajane L. 6331,844Gr Des Moines USBC
142ALL EVENTS - BoosterStephens Trevor W. 6211,844Ames Area USBC
142ALL EVENTS - BoosterBeck Jamie J. 3911,844Ames Area USBC
146ALL EVENTS - BoosterMcLean Daekaree J. 4481,843Iowa City USBC
146ALL EVENTS - BoosterSimpson Brandon A. 6851,843Gr Des Moines USBC
146ALL EVENTS - BoosterStrand Samantha L. 6581,843Gr Des Moines USBC
146ALL EVENTS - BoosterMapes Chadd R. 6721,843Jasper County USBC
150ALL EVENTS - BoosterMorlan Brandon D. 6151,840Greene County USBC
150ALL EVENTS - BoosterJensen Lukas 9001,840Dubuque Area USBC
152ALL EVENTS - BoosterJohnson Tayt R. 5231,839Independence USBC
153ALL EVENTS - BoosterBruns Austin J. 4921,837Sigourney USBC
154ALL EVENTS - BoosterLacey Dustin D. 621,836Iowa City USBC
154ALL EVENTS - BoosterHancox Scott A. 5071,836Appanoose/Davis County USBC
156ALL EVENTS - BoosterPhillips John C. 351,835Jasper County USBC
157ALL EVENTS - BoosterBak Brian D. II2241,832Manning USBC
157ALL EVENTS - BoosterMason Terry W. 151,832Ames Area USBC
159ALL EVENTS - BoosterTownsend Matthew A. 1831,831Council Bluffs USBC
159ALL EVENTS - BoosterVander Molen Gary W. 7921,831Pella USBC
161ALL EVENTS - BoosterSchueler Jordan T. 4641,830Dubuque Area USBC
162ALL EVENTS - BoosterHagen Harley L. 2111,829Marshalltown Area USBC
162ALL EVENTS - BoosterHawkins Charles A. 2761,829Corydon USBC
162ALL EVENTS - BoosterHeeren Jeff A. 3951,829Ames Area USBC
162ALL EVENTS - BoosterOtt Roman K. 7791,829Gr Mason City USBC
166ALL EVENTS - BoosterBooms Aaron 4041,828Tripoli USBC
167ALL EVENTS - BoosterAshby Robert M. 5041,827Appanoose/Davis County USBC
168ALL EVENTS - BoosterLehr Jeremiah J. 1091,826Cedar Rapids USBC
168ALL EVENTS - BoosterDavis Marcus D. 2651,826Mt Pleasant USBC
170ALL EVENTS - BoosterVan Heiden Brian D. 1401,825Cedar Rapids USBC
171ALL EVENTS - BoosterRix Laura 4801,824Gr Siouxland USBC
172ALL EVENTS - BoosterForeman John V. 4591,823West Union USBC
173ALL EVENTS - BoosterCrew Kathi A. 5091,822Appanoose/Davis County USBC
174ALL EVENTS - BoosterWilliams Randy A. 7381,821Dubuque Area USBC
175ALL EVENTS - BoosterShaw Robert J. 2471,820Dyersville USBC
176ALL EVENTS - BoosterKaufman Casey L. 5681,819Greene County USBC
177ALL EVENTS - BoosterFedeler Steven J. 2261,818Sumner USBC
178ALL EVENTS - BoosterStewart Andy J. 5691,817Greene County USBC
178ALL EVENTS - BoosterBowman Lee R. 2131,817Independence USBC
178ALL EVENTS - BoosterChapman Brandon 6581,817Gr Des Moines USBC
178ALL EVENTS - BoosterO'Neill Tyler J. 921,817Gr Des Moines USBC
182ALL EVENTS - BoosterAckerson Ian 8361,816Gr Des Moines USBC
183ALL EVENTS - BoosterCavan Lom 3931,815Ames Area USBC
183ALL EVENTS - BoosterSchwake Megan A. 8631,815Gr Cedar Valley USBC
185ALL EVENTS - BoosterOder Roxanne M. 911,814Gr Des Moines USBC
185ALL EVENTS - BoosterKafer Dave L. 4681,814Dubuque Area USBC
187ALL EVENTS - BoosterKeiner Anthony 5831,812Manning USBC
188ALL EVENTS - BoosterBlomme Brian 6751,811Ida Grove USBC
188ALL EVENTS - BoosterMarriott David M. 7311,811Gr Davenport Metro USBC
190ALL EVENTS - BoosterGerbig Jerry M. 3581,810Stacyville USBC
190ALL EVENTS - BoosterHosch Robin A. 8031,810Fort Dodge Area USBC
192ALL EVENTS - BoosterPatterson Justin J. 691,809Fort Dodge Area USBC
192ALL EVENTS - BoosterHindman Joe 7961,809Gr Des Moines USBC
192ALL EVENTS - BoosterHeffron Larry E. 5071,809Appanoose/Davis County USBC
195ALL EVENTS - BoosterHuffaker Scott B. 6691,808Jasper County USBC
195ALL EVENTS - BoosterMaynard John R. Jr7981,808De Witt USBC
197ALL EVENTS - BoosterCohrs John M. 5061,807Appanoose/Davis County USBC
197ALL EVENTS - BoosterAgan Bradley M. 6611,807Gr Des Moines USBC
197ALL EVENTS - BoosterNissen Benjamin P. 4121,807Cedar Rapids USBC
200ALL EVENTS - BoosterRussell Jim P. 5931,806Iowa City USBC
201ALL EVENTS - BoosterMolacek Alex 5191,805Estherville USBC
202ALL EVENTS - BoosterMc Donald James C. 1451,804Cedar Rapids USBC
202ALL EVENTS - BoosterHartwig Jeff D. 6931,804Gr Des Moines USBC
204ALL EVENTS - BoosterButler Rick E. 5951,803Iowa City USBC
204ALL EVENTS - BoosterHeinrich Chris M. 4971,803Muscatine USBC
206ALL EVENTS - BoosterYearling Candi J. 8501,802Gr Cedar Valley USBC
206ALL EVENTS - BoosterWignall Glen 3121,802Gr Des Moines USBC
206ALL EVENTS - BoosterGriffin James C. 1701,802Cedar Rapids USBC
206ALL EVENTS - BoosterNunez Jorge L. 2121,802Independence USBC
210ALL EVENTS - BoosterHackenmiller Lucas A. 3571,801Stacyville USBC
210ALL EVENTS - BoosterHadley Victoria R. 1481,801Cedar Rapids USBC
210ALL EVENTS - BoosterGoodier Gary I. 381,801Gr Siouxland USBC
213ALL EVENTS - BoosterLenihan Mckenzie L. 1621,800Council Bluffs USBC
213ALL EVENTS - BoosterColvin Jeff 8251,800Boone County USBC
213ALL EVENTS - BoosterBrennan Shanna 2551,800Fort Dodge Area USBC
216ALL EVENTS - BoosterJohnson Mike A. 1751,799Belmond USBC
216ALL EVENTS - BoosterSchminke Lori A. 3971,799Ames Area USBC
216ALL EVENTS - BoosterBrown Dan J. 4461,799Iowa City USBC
219ALL EVENTS - BoosterCarden Jason 1521,798Cedar Rapids USBC
220ALL EVENTS - BoosterBrennan Samantha M. 2551,797Fort Dodge Area USBC
220ALL EVENTS - BoosterWilcox Jeff L. 7201,797Fort Dodge Area USBC
220ALL EVENTS - BoosterEllithorpe Jacob L. 3291,797Maquoketa USBC
220ALL EVENTS - BoosterRohach Mike A. 7071,797Grundy Center USBC
224ALL EVENTS - BoosterGodfrey Gavin R. 5481,796Spencer USBC
224ALL EVENTS - BoosterBuck Jason M. 4451,796Iowa City USBC
224ALL EVENTS - BoosterKeith Craig R. 6691,796Jasper County USBC
224ALL EVENTS - BoosterJohnson Tracey J. 6641,796Gr Des Moines USBC
228ALL EVENTS - BoosterOlson Felicia 6831,795Fort Dodge Area USBC
228ALL EVENTS - BoosterO'Brien Joseph W. 5951,795Iowa City USBC
228ALL EVENTS - BoosterKeeran Mark A. 5861,795Guthrie County USBC
231ALL EVENTS - BoosterNaugle Jeremiah L. 4031,794Tripoli USBC
231ALL EVENTS - BoosterGates Rusty D. 1231,794Keokuk USBC
231ALL EVENTS - BoosterCarley Ralph C. 7381,794Dubuque Area USBC
234ALL EVENTS - BoosterMaiers Chance J. 3791,793Dubuque Area USBC
235ALL EVENTS - BoosterGreenlee Mariea L. 5441,790Iowa City USBC
235ALL EVENTS - BoosterNovak Donald L. 6191,790Iowa Great Lakes USBC
237ALL EVENTS - BoosterShoemate Jeffrey W. 881,789North Lee County USBC
237ALL EVENTS - BoosterBoche Thomas M. 2191,789Burlington Area USBC
237ALL EVENTS - BoosterGrimes Jay D. 1461,789Cedar Rapids USBC
240ALL EVENTS - BoosterSeevers Dennis W. 2721,788Gr Des Moines USBC
240ALL EVENTS - BoosterSpaur Larry D. 341,788Jasper County USBC
242ALL EVENTS - BoosterLyons Judd 6881,787Grundy Center USBC
243ALL EVENTS - BoosterHalsrud Jason 5121,786Estherville USBC
243ALL EVENTS - BoosterOlson Joel 1001,786Greenfield USBC
245ALL EVENTS - BoosterCaldwell Zak N. 4501,785Iowa City USBC
246ALL EVENTS - BoosterGlantz Joe J. 5081,784Appanoose/Davis County USBC
246ALL EVENTS - BoosterGuffey Nathan 391,784Red Oak USBC
248ALL EVENTS - BoosterEdeker Jason 3781,783Gr Mason City USBC
248ALL EVENTS - BoosterKluesner Ethan J. 3851,783Dubuque Area USBC
250ALL EVENTS - BoosterAlbrecht Monty R. 5721,781Greene County USBC
250ALL EVENTS - BoosterParks Nathan J. 7911,781Ottumwa Area USBC
252ALL EVENTS - BoosterNunez Jose M. 2131,780Independence USBC
252ALL EVENTS - BoosterKube Darren K. 6461,780Eldora USBC
252ALL EVENTS - BoosterBetts Bob E. 3931,780Ames Area USBC
255ALL EVENTS - BoosterLentz Lonny F. 2361,779Iowa City USBC
256ALL EVENTS - BoosterStevenson Colby J. 631,778Iowa City USBC
256ALL EVENTS - BoosterSchultes Collin J. 5331,778Manning USBC
256ALL EVENTS - BoosterTrimble William Jr751,778Burlington Area USBC
256ALL EVENTS - BoosterHopkins John D. IV1131,778Gr Des Moines USBC
260ALL EVENTS - BoosterSoukup Grant E. 2971,777Cedar Rapids USBC
260ALL EVENTS - BoosterHruska James E. Jr2561,777Fort Dodge Area USBC
262ALL EVENTS - BoosterStewart Mike A. 6131,776Jasper County USBC
262ALL EVENTS - BoosterKlapperich Jan F. 3591,776Stacyville USBC
264ALL EVENTS - BoosterKohrs Kevin D. 6121,775West Union USBC
264ALL EVENTS - BoosterGulbranson Patrick R. 461,775Stuart USBC
264ALL EVENTS - BoosterBoetje William J. 921,775Gr Des Moines USBC
264ALL EVENTS - BoosterEasley Kyle J. 3751,775Gr Mason City USBC
264ALL EVENTS - BoosterLockwood Jerry R. 1771,775Belmond USBC
269ALL EVENTS - BoosterWymore Sarah E. 8091,774Oskaloosa USBC
269ALL EVENTS - BoosterHamand Ralph A. 7291,774Gr Mason City USBC
269ALL EVENTS - BoosterRitter Scott A. 2871,774Sumner USBC
269ALL EVENTS - BoosterCoffin Justin R. 901,774North Lee County USBC
269ALL EVENTS - BoosterPaar Grant C. 2911,774Dubuque Area USBC
274ALL EVENTS - BoosterLorimor Leonetta(Stitch) K. 4751,773Council Bluffs USBC
274ALL EVENTS - BoosterCarlson Michael L. 5731,773Greene County USBC
274ALL EVENTS - BoosterPaper Wayne A. 7061,773Grundy Center USBC
274ALL EVENTS - BoosterHodnefield Dan W. 3951,773Ames Area USBC
278ALL EVENTS - BoosterHampe Ashley M. 6351,772Gr Des Moines USBC
278ALL EVENTS - BoosterLee Shelby 3611,772Gr Des Moines USBC
280ALL EVENTS - BoosterHorning Shane D. 7581,771Cedar Rapids USBC
280ALL EVENTS - BoosterCline Carin A. 8351,771Muscatine USBC
282ALL EVENTS - BoosterPfeiler Brian M. 2521,770Dyersville USBC
282ALL EVENTS - BoosterHermsen Matt W. 9001,770Dubuque Area USBC
284ALL EVENTS - BoosterEverman Blaine W. 4551,768West Union USBC
284ALL EVENTS - BoosterTesch Miranda E. 5511,768Spencer USBC
284ALL EVENTS - BoosterRiessen Nick 2251,768Manning USBC
287ALL EVENTS - BoosterLemkau Bryan L. 5601,767Muscatine USBC
287ALL EVENTS - BoosterBohnsack Todd 7111,767Cedar Rapids USBC
287ALL EVENTS - BoosterBirnbaum Chris V. 3681,767Fort Dodge Area USBC
287ALL EVENTS - BoosterSessions Charles E. 7411,767Gr Des Moines USBC
287ALL EVENTS - BoosterFleming Heather A. 131,767Gr Des Moines USBC
287ALL EVENTS - BoosterCoffman Trisha A. 1141,767