Current Standings By Event / Division (PDF)
(As of  5/1/2023)

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Place Event Team Name Entry Score From
1TEAM - HandicappedFinal Frame Pro Shop2353,153Cedar Rapids USBC
2TEAM - HandicappedCardinal Lanes1832,979Jasper County USBC
3TEAM - HandicappedDrunk Wives Club1892,943Independence USBC
4TEAM - HandicappedUBI 11012,919Ida Grove USBC
5TEAM - HandicappedMy Kind of Crazy1882,875Independence USBC
5TEAM - HandicappedUltra Lounge222,875Cedar Rapids USBC
7TEAM - HandicappedBowling 1012422,858Buffalo Center USBC
8TEAM - HandicappedSpare Me1282,850Manning USBC
9TEAM - HandicappedFAFO1962,848Jasper County USBC
10TEAM - HandicappedLucky Ladies1442,846Cedar Rapids USBC
11TEAM - HandicappedCountry Girls1912,845Cedar Rapids USBC
12TEAM - HandicappedBowling Queens942,844Ottumwa Area USBC
13TEAM - HandicappedGotters Otters1212,842Laurens USBC
13TEAM - HandicappedHippie Hounds Spa1672,842Gr Siouxland USBC
15TEAM - HandicappedH&R Block72,840Maquoketa USBC
16TEAM - HandicappedM&M Motors22,839Lenox USBC
17TEAM - HandicappedRadar Lanes792,838Greenfield USBC
18TEAM - HandicappedSpare Change 21412,819Gr Davenport Metro USBC
19TEAM - HandicappedMystic Girls 21862,817Gr Mason City USBC
20TEAM - HandicappedOetken Office Machines1422,816Lenox USBC
21TEAM - HandicappedDak's Tap402,789New Hampton USBC
22TEAM - HandicappedNorhwehr Farms662,787Clarinda USBC
22TEAM - HandicappedSplits Happen (Durnan)2102,787West Union USBC
24TEAM - HandicappedBe Cause's1202,783Laurens USBC
25TEAM - HandicappedGutter Chicks1622,779Gr Des Moines USBC
26TEAM - HandicappedSecurity State Bank432,777New Hampton USBC
27TEAM - HandicappedUnbowlievably Mediocre962,775Ottumwa Area USBC
28TEAM - HandicappedStatesmen Lanes1932,772Oskaloosa USBC
29TEAM - HandicappedStrike Queens1482,770Charles City USBC
29TEAM - HandicappedSpare Change 21402,770Gr Davenport Metro USBC
31TEAM - HandicappedM-Pints Inc.1492,769Charles City USBC
32TEAM - HandicappedStanton Insurance1242,764Burlington Area USBC
33TEAM - HandicappedGnomies Homies262,760Lenox USBC
34TEAM - HandicappedPink Ladies832,757Pella USBC
35TEAM - HandicappedThunder Lanes2162,756Sumner USBC
36TEAM - HandicappedLife in the Fast Lane1612,752Iowa City USBC
37TEAM - HandicappedKin Pins (Kathy Mackie)1092,750Burlington Area USBC
37TEAM - HandicappedGroup Therapy2462,750Keokuk USBC
39TEAM - HandicappedSweetwater Laides2412,746Humboldt Iowa USBC
40TEAM - HandicappedRuby's Bar & Grill2262,745Stuart USBC
40TEAM - Handicapped"Margarita Medics"2032,745Greene County USBC
40TEAM - HandicappedSacky Bash1942,745Charles City USBC
43TEAM - HandicappedAYB1542,744Jasper County USBC
44TEAM - HandicappedRolly Pollies1782,743Ames Area USBC
45TEAM - Handicapped319 Social House1902,742Independence USBC
46TEAM - HandicappedIce House2182,741Clarinda USBC
46TEAM - HandicappedLawns-N-Things2002,741Mt Pleasant USBC
46TEAM - HandicappedArrowhead Bowl2292,741Keokuk USBC
49TEAM - Handicapped"Here Comes De Moss"2012,740Greene County USBC
50TEAM - HandicappedGreider Beverage582,738Cedar Rapids USBC
51TEAM - HandicappedUltra Rollers1772,732Ames Area USBC
52TEAM - HandicappedJust Us1302,731Muscatine USBC
52TEAM - HandicappedDouble Trouble652,731Council Bluffs USBC
54TEAM - Handicapped"Chef Baking Bowlers"2042,730Greene County USBC
55TEAM - HandicappedBowling is Fun1332,728Gr Siouxland USBC
55TEAM - HandicappedClarinda Flower Shop672,728Clarinda USBC
57TEAM - HandicappedPersoon's Team1822,727Sioux Rapids-Alta USBC
58TEAM - HandicappedThe Steen Team2222,724Gr Cedar Valley USBC
59TEAM - HandicappedR.E.C. Women1192,723Gr Davenport Metro USBC
59TEAM - HandicappedSplitz n Giggles (Jensen)822,723Greenfield USBC
61TEAM - HandicappedLucky Bowlers282,722Fort Dodge Area USBC
61TEAM - HandicappedKarlyn's Kreations1292,722Muscatine USBC
63TEAM - HandicappedC&D Trucking372,721Sigourney USBC
63TEAM - HandicappedBerry's Lanes2362,721Cedar Rapids USBC
65TEAM - HandicappedRaisin Hell922,718Ottumwa Area USBC
66TEAM - HandicappedIrlbeck Collision1272,717Manning USBC
67TEAM - HandicappedTipsy Pins1172,714Council Bluffs USBC
68TEAM - HandicappedPlaza Mismatch932,709Gr Siouxland USBC
68TEAM - HandicappedMisty Lanes Ladies1762,709Greene County USBC
70TEAM - HandicappedRoose Rollers192,708Pella USBC
71TEAM - HandicappedRenk Seed2132,706West Union USBC
71TEAM - HandicappedMarla's Headliner1662,706Marshalltown Area USBC
73TEAM - HandicappedTempleton Rye1552,705Manning USBC
74TEAM - HandicappedHarter's Truck & Trailer1072,701Gr Davenport Metro USBC
74TEAM - HandicappedClarks' Bar Too212,701Marshalltown Area USBC
76TEAM - HandicappedStruve Plumbing742,698Marshalltown Area USBC
76TEAM - HandicappedAJ Farms522,698Atlantic USBC
78TEAM - HandicappedMeier Studio1132,696Cedar Rapids USBC
79TEAM - HandicappedSweet Retreat 2142,693Fort Dodge Area USBC
80TEAM - HandicappedRiley Plg & Htg1342,691Fort Dodge Area USBC
80TEAM - HandicappedQCI Thermal Systems1112,691Burlington Area USBC
82TEAM - HandicappedIowa Owls12,690Cedar Rapids USBC
83TEAM - HandicappedBi Polar Rollers2252,688Fort Dodge Area USBC
83TEAM - Handicapped4 Jills1252,688Marshalltown Area USBC
85TEAM - HandicappedBeebe Plumbing2432,687Humboldt Iowa USBC
85TEAM - HandicappedCritter Wash532,687Atlantic USBC
87TEAM - HandicappedFire & Ice - B Team1992,684Gr Des Moines USBC
87TEAM - HandicappedDeuce Motorsports2192,684Burlington Area USBC
87TEAM - HandicappedMCM Cabinets1842,684Dubuque Area USBC
90TEAM - HandicappedRebel Rock Clothing2452,682Humboldt Iowa USBC
91TEAM - HandicappedMA & PA's Diner1052,680Oelwein USBC
92TEAM - HandicappedMixed Up542,679Atlantic USBC
93TEAM - HandicappedUBI #2 (Gebers)1812,677Ida Grove USBC
93TEAM - HandicappedWe Don't Give A Split362,677Sigourney USBC
93TEAM - HandicappedBallzy Babes912,677Ottumwa Area USBC
96TEAM - HandicappedAmy Bartels722,676Monticello USBC
96TEAM - HandicappedNine 'N Nudge102,676Gr Des Moines USBC
98TEAM - HandicappedDolls with Balls1632,673Ames Area USBC
99TEAM - HandicappedFirehouse Saloon2312,672Eldora USBC
100TEAM - HandicappedFamily Gutter Dusters1362,671Muscatine USBC
101TEAM - HandicappedDolls with Balls (Giese)2062,670Gr Des Moines USBC
102TEAM - HandicappedHalf Ass Bowlers1592,669Anamosa USBC
103TEAM - Handicapped10 Pin Posse1502,668Dubuque Area USBC
104TEAM - HandicappedIowa Travelers1352,667Gr Des Moines USBC
104TEAM - HandicappedWrecking Ballz952,667Ottumwa Area USBC
106TEAM - HandicappedGNB Insurance52,665Grundy Center USBC
107TEAM - HandicappedNorse Horse1262,664Manning USBC
108TEAM - HandicappedNuts Landing2212,663Humboldt Iowa USBC
109TEAM - HandicappedHulbert Flooring & Carpentry442,660New Hampton USBC
110TEAM - HandicappedSplit Ends (Wurzer)2142,659West Union USBC
110TEAM - HandicappedDani's Auto Supply982,659Ottumwa Area USBC
112TEAM - HandicappedSplit Lickers1682,656Red Oak USBC
112TEAM - HandicappedFeisty Four2392,656Gr Davenport Metro USBC
114TEAM - HandicappedO'Town Diva's452,655Ottumwa Area USBC
114TEAM - HandicappedClarks' Bar202,655Marshalltown Area USBC
116TEAM - HandicappedShenanigans632,654Dubuque Area USBC
116TEAM - HandicappedTulip City Agency572,654Pella USBC
116TEAM - HandicappedHungry Bar1102,654Burlington Area USBC
119TEAM - HandicappedTruncks42,653Grundy Center USBC
120TEAM - HandicappedChoice Printing562,652Atlantic USBC
121TEAM - HandicappedScottys62,650Grundy Center USBC
121TEAM - HandicappedBallz to the Wallz122,650Fort Dodge Area USBC
123TEAM - HandicappedBurlington Girls LM1122,649Burlington Area USBC
124TEAM - Handicapped"MA Barkers Gang"2052,648Greene County USBC
125TEAM - HandicappedRhine Body Repair1432,647Lenox USBC
126TEAM - HandicappedTruncks Too32,646Grundy Center USBC
127TEAM - HandicappedTracey Lee752,644Sigourney USBC
128TEAM - HandicappedLittle Waite Lanes492,643Shenandoah USBC
129TEAM - HandicappedJust One More1002,640Manning USBC
130TEAM - HandicappedFriends1922,639Clarke & Decatur USBC
131TEAM - HandicappedGutter Gals1972,638Ottumwa Area USBC
132TEAM - HandicappedThe Bowlievers332,635Manning USBC
133TEAM - HandicappedT&M Trucking352,633Sigourney USBC
134TEAM - HandicappedKeokuk County Bowl342,632Sigourney USBC
134TEAM - HandicappedGrain & Thread2172,632Sumner USBC
134TEAM - HandicappedLucky 6602,632Cedar Rapids USBC
137TEAM - HandicappedGutter Gurlz812,629Greenfield USBC
137TEAM - HandicappedStriken Bears1162,629Council Bluffs USBC
139TEAM - HandicappedCC Gutter Gals1322,628Charles City USBC
140TEAM - HandicappedUBI 21022,627Ida Grove USBC
141TEAM - HandicappedBridal Theatre1872,626Gr Mason City USBC
141TEAM - HandicappedFinally R Place172,626Dubuque Area USBC
143TEAM - HandicappedTIP892,624Iowa City USBC
143TEAM - HandicappedSTG Sports2202,624Burlington Area USBC
143TEAM - HandicappedPioneer Seed882,624De Witt USBC
146TEAM - HandicappedTuckin Fenpin272,619Lenox USBC
146TEAM - HandicappedWhere To Put It Storage1522,619Gr Cedar Valley USBC
146TEAM - HandicappedHair Depot II312,619Manning USBC
149TEAM - HandicappedAlley Cats1692,618Decorah USBC
150TEAM - HandicappedS+S Distributing1452,617Gr Siouxland USBC
150TEAM - HandicappedRed Power2442,617Humboldt Iowa USBC
152TEAM - HandicappedLucky 6 Ladies612,616Cedar Rapids USBC
153TEAM - HandicappedSpare Change 11392,614Gr Davenport Metro USBC
154TEAM - HandicappedPin Pals #3872,613Cedar Rapids USBC
155TEAM - HandicappedPocketful of Posies422,612New Hampton USBC
156TEAM - HandicappedWhoever782,610Greenfield USBC
157TEAM - HandicappedShear Satisfaction1512,607Marshalltown Area USBC
158TEAM - HandicappedGranger Construction Inc.2122,605West Union USBC
158TEAM - HandicappedPins with Both Balls1222,605Ames Area USBC
160TEAM - HandicappedAlley Cats252,598Ames Area USBC
160TEAM - HandicappedFriday Nite Live702,598Eldora USBC
162TEAM - HandicappedSisters1472,597Sigourney USBC
162TEAM - HandicappedDessel Roach2112,597West Union USBC
162TEAM - HandicappedJohnson Tire692,597Clarinda USBC
165TEAM - HandicappedStrikes Happen1742,596Gr Cedar Valley USBC
166TEAM - HandicappedSweetland Trailer Sales1372,595Muscatine USBC
167TEAM - HandicappedWhitey's Oil592,594Cedar Rapids USBC
168TEAM - HandicappedMuscatine County Abstract Co.1082,593Muscatine USBC
169TEAM - HandicappedBettys Girls1572,590Fairfield USBC
170TEAM - HandicappedMystic Lanes2342,589Gr Mason City USBC
171TEAM - HandicappedSassy Strikers1152,588Council Bluffs USBC
172TEAM - HandicappedUBI #1 (Gebers)1802,586Ida Grove USBC
173TEAM - HandicappedCrawford County Bank322,585Manning USBC
173TEAM - HandicappedConnie's Girls772,585Gr Cedar Valley USBC
173TEAM - HandicappedMilkhouse382,585New Hampton USBC
176TEAM - HandicappedPin Pals502,584Cedar Rapids USBC
177TEAM - HandicappedQueen Pins642,582Council Bluffs USBC
178TEAM - HandicappedDuece Heaven2382,581Gr Davenport Metro USBC
178TEAM - HandicappedMcJ's Embroidery2152,581West Union USBC
180TEAM - HandicappedJan's Little Shits2372,580Gr Davenport Metro USBC
181TEAM - HandicappedWittmuss Farms2242,578Clarinda USBC
181TEAM - HandicappedWhatever1582,578Gr Des Moines USBC
183TEAM - HandicappedJust Spare Us92,577Gr Des Moines USBC
184TEAM - HandicappedPin Pushers1182,576Council Bluffs USBC
185TEAM - HandicappedPin Gals (Duesing)2302,575De Witt USBC
186TEAM - HandicappedDietrich Farms392,574New Hampton USBC
187TEAM - HandicappedAll in the Middle1232,573Ames Area USBC
188TEAM - HandicappedBlue Iris412,572New Hampton USBC
189TEAM - HandicappedGehrke's Lake & Campground712,571Eldora USBC
189TEAM - HandicappedTimm Electric622,571Cedar Rapids USBC
191TEAM - Handicapped4 Roses242,569Cedar Rapids USBC
192TEAM - HandicappedLocksmith Express182,568Dubuque Area USBC
193TEAM - HandicappedSplits and Giggles162,566Dubuque Area USBC
194TEAM - HandicappedUBI 31032,565Ida Grove USBC
194TEAM - HandicappedGutter Done842,565Council Bluffs USBC
196TEAM - HandicappedLittle Bit Looney2322,562Gr Des Moines USBC
196TEAM - HandicappedChommys972,562Ottumwa Area USBC
196TEAM - Handicapped10 Pin Clovers2092,562West Union USBC
199TEAM - HandicappedClarinda.net1312,559Clarinda USBC
199TEAM - HandicappedHefel Portable Services1602,559Dubuque Area USBC
201TEAM - HandicappedIdler Trucking1952,558Charles City USBC
202TEAM - HandicappedGrin'n Bee It472,556Fort Dodge Area USBC
202TEAM - HandicappedWe've Been Framed152,556Dubuque Area USBC
204TEAM - HandicappedHair Depot302,554Manning USBC
205TEAM - HandicappedLickety Splits1382,553Muscatine USBC
205TEAM - HandicappedHawkeye Chicks512,553Cedar Rapids USBC
207TEAM - HandicappedKin Pins1042,552Ida Grove USBC
208TEAM - HandicappedDairy Queen1752,547Gr Siouxland USBC
209TEAM - Handicapped"Whoosh & the Beer Bears"2022,544Greene County USBC
209TEAM - Handicapped7C's Winery1562,544Sigourney USBC
211TEAM - HandicappedMaMa Bears1142,543Council Bluffs USBC
212TEAM - HandicappedA+ Roofing Bowling Diva's1062,533Gr Davenport Metro USBC
213TEAM - HandicappedMajestic Touch1652,532Oelwein USBC
214TEAM - HandicappedElaina Clubb992,530Sigourney USBC
215TEAM - HandicappedMystic Girls 11852,528Gr Mason City USBC
215TEAM - HandicappedTen in Da Pit1462,528Gr Des Moines USBC
215TEAM - HandicappedFran's Pro Shop292,528Gr Cedar Valley USBC
218TEAM - HandicappedBanta Trailers2402,527Gr Davenport Metro USBC
219TEAM - HandicappedJ3 Competition82,526Gr Des Moines USBC
220TEAM - HandicappedThe Ten Pins732,524Independence USBC
221TEAM - HandicappedDollz & Ballz112,518Fort Dodge Area USBC
222TEAM - HandicappedSplits-N-Giggles1722,516Humboldt Iowa USBC
223TEAM - HandicappedStrike Queens (Allen)1732,510Gr Cedar Valley USBC
224TEAM - HandicappedHot Sh#ts1642,504Gr Mason City USBC
225TEAM - HandicappedFire & Ice - A Team1982,501Gr Des Moines USBC
226TEAM - HandicappedJessie's Girls762,500Gr Cedar Valley USBC
227TEAM - HandicappedHappy Flowers2232,499Gr Cedar Valley USBC
228TEAM - HandicappedKuennen House of Power2082,495West Union USBC
229TEAM - HandicappedSweet Retreat 1132,494Fort Dodge Area USBC
229TEAM - HandicappedHa Ha2282,494Keokuk USBC
231TEAM - HandicappedPin Pals #1852,486Cedar Rapids USBC
232TEAM - HandicappedRowdy Rollers682,481Clarinda USBC
233TEAM - HandicappedPin Pals #2862,474Cedar Rapids USBC
234TEAM - Handicapped3 Margarita's & A Shot902,463Ottumwa Area USBC
235TEAM - HandicappedJ's Auto1792,462West Delaware USBC
236TEAM - HandicappedSweet Spot552,460Atlantic USBC
237TEAM - HandicappedGood Life RV462,458Fort Dodge Area USBC
238TEAM - HandicappedBrady's Bunch482,452Le Mars USBC
239TEAM - HandicappedMeyers & James2272,441Keokuk USBC
240TEAM - HandicappedCyclones232,408Cedar Rapids USBC
241TEAM - HandicappedAmbush802,401Greenfield USBC
242TEAM - HandicappedDrillers1702,398Decorah USBC
243TEAM - HandicappedTaylor's2072,384Muscatine USBC
1DOUBLES - HandicappedSpainhower Jessica N. \ Lewis Kendra L. 271,558Lenox USBC
2DOUBLES - HandicappedOetken Bailey M. \ Oetken Morgan E. 1421,529Lenox USBC
3DOUBLES - HandicappedDietrich Jessica L. \ Kirkus Kristy L. 391,528New Hampton USBC
4DOUBLES - HandicappedBergstrom Susan C. \ Stofferahn Suzie 21,514Lenox USBC
5DOUBLES - HandicappedWhite Joyce A. \ Dibble Ann E. 2111,499West Union USBC
6DOUBLES - HandicappedSchwartz Vickie \ Showers Machelle R. 281,493Fort Dodge Area USBC
7DOUBLES - HandicappedTevis Vanessa L. \ Fank Kimberly M. 1881,481Independence USBC
8DOUBLES - HandicappedWatje Kelsey \ Inman Darlene 311,478Manning USBC
9DOUBLES - HandicappedPelzer Heather M. \ Wahlert Maggie 531,475Atlantic USBC
10DOUBLES - HandicappedDurbin Michaela \ Galvin Megan 1011,474Ida Grove USBC
11DOUBLES - HandicappedVan Overmeer Beverly A. \ Asklund Courtney M.251,467Ames Area USBC
12DOUBLES - HandicappedMyers Kerry \ Bingham Kaylene R. 1761,463Greene County USBC
12DOUBLES - HandicappedAdams Anna R. \ Cunningham Michelle 1291,463Muscatine USBC
14DOUBLES - HandicappedPotts Jessica J. \ Wilkinson Michelle R. 1621,461Gr Des Moines USBC
15DOUBLES - HandicappedEngland Pam A. \ Mc Cormick Julie M. 1911,460Cedar Rapids USBC
15DOUBLES - HandicappedLivermore Claudia \ Zimmer Hiedi J. 1811,460Ida Grove USBC
17DOUBLES - HandicappedPlotz Jessica A. \ Barnes Kimberly K. 611,459Cedar Rapids USBC
18DOUBLES - HandicappedBeske Patrena Y. \ Flattery Jacqulyn D. 921,454Ottumwa Area USBC
18DOUBLES - HandicappedChristensen Abigail R. \ Sackett Phyllis L. 791,454Greenfield USBC
20DOUBLES - HandicappedKnuth Serena R. \ Vozenilek Jessica J. 961,453Ottumwa Area USBC
21DOUBLES - HandicappedSweetland Tina \ Hazelett Sue 1391,450Gr Davenport Metro USBC
21DOUBLES - HandicappedRhine Tammy L. \ Briner Cindy 1431,450Lenox USBC
23DOUBLES - HandicappedEsser Dee Dee \ Walker Pat 2411,447Humboldt Iowa USBC
24DOUBLES - HandicappedCurrin Chelsey L. \ Mattson Kelly S. 1681,445Red Oak USBC
24DOUBLES - HandicappedNovak Amber R. \ Novak Krystal 1951,445Charles City USBC
26DOUBLES - HandicappedBeaver Terri Jo \ Sonier Emma N. 1671,444Gr Siouxland USBC
26DOUBLES - HandicappedRawls Brenda L. \ VanZante Tiffany K. 191,444Pella USBC
28DOUBLES - HandicappedBoeck Melisa J. \ Douglas Theresa M. 401,442New Hampton USBC
29DOUBLES - HandicappedOpal Chantel M. \ Yonkie Kristen M. 1171,441Council Bluffs USBC
30DOUBLES - HandicappedHake Kay A. \ Edwards Janet M. 2371,439Gr Davenport Metro USBC
30DOUBLES - HandicappedWoerdehoff Deneen M. \ Hans Kori M. 2371,439Gr Davenport Metro USBC
32DOUBLES - HandicappedHallberg Cherie J. \ Bock Darla D. 2171,438Sumner USBC
33DOUBLES - HandicappedBeeler Diane K. \ Kriegel Carla R. 1611,437Iowa City USBC
34DOUBLES - HandicappedWesner Melissa A. \ Frederick Elizabeth A.1401,434Gr Davenport Metro USBC
35DOUBLES - HandicappedLienemann Joan K. \ Oetken Penny F. 1431,432Lenox USBC
36DOUBLES - HandicappedTurnball Donna \ McRobie Rebecca M. 1741,431Gr Cedar Valley USBC
37DOUBLES - HandicappedMoore Suzanne C. \ Heath Laura D. 1761,430Greene County USBC
38DOUBLES - HandicappedSchiltz Stephanie \ Flannegan Cindy L. 1201,429Laurens USBC
39DOUBLES - HandicappedBales Kelsey \ Ott Jacque L. 1101,427Burlington Area USBC
40DOUBLES - HandicappedVolk Carol J. \ Jones Bonnie L. 241,426Cedar Rapids USBC
40DOUBLES - HandicappedLohr Bobbi J. \ Redenius Wylene 1031,426Ida Grove USBC
42DOUBLES - HandicappedFontana Jan S. \ Caves Dinna L. 1571,425Fairfield USBC
43DOUBLES - HandicappedManchester Sherry A. \ Schaffer Charlene 1851,424Gr Mason City USBC
44DOUBLES - HandicappedMerryman Dustyne L. \ Barnes Kara L. 2281,422Keokuk USBC
45DOUBLES - HandicappedCase Brenda \ Templeman Dawn R. 541,421Atlantic USBC
45DOUBLES - HandicappedSwanson Tanya M. \ Swanson Brittney M. 841,421Council Bluffs USBC
47DOUBLES - HandicappedHuntsman Tiffany D. \ Jacobs Amanda 271,419Lenox USBC
48DOUBLES - HandicappedFunk Teresa J. \ Kisley Linda L. 1871,418Gr Mason City USBC
49DOUBLES - HandicappedAkin Brittany N. \ Thorne Courtney M. 941,414Ottumwa Area USBC
49DOUBLES - HandicappedAdams Marti (Margaret) T. \ Farrell Mary E.1061,414Gr Davenport Metro USBC
51DOUBLES - HandicappedBunnell Debbie L. \ Rogers Debra J. 1441,413Cedar Rapids USBC
52DOUBLES - HandicappedSuchan LuAnn \ Frahm Erin A. 281,412Fort Dodge Area USBC
53DOUBLES - HandicappedBurns June R. \ Lohf Kathy A. 1911,411Cedar Rapids USBC
54DOUBLES - HandicappedAguilar Arianna L. \ Tillie Cindy S. 1191,410Gr Davenport Metro USBC
54DOUBLES - HandicappedChristensen Peggy A. \ Harter Bridgett M. 791,410Greenfield USBC
56DOUBLES - HandicappedWessling Bobbie R. \ Goodin Haley R. 1481,409Charles City USBC
57DOUBLES - HandicappedWick Kat L. \ Braaksma Toni G. 961,408Ottumwa Area USBC
58DOUBLES - HandicappedStefani Deanna L. \ Stubbe Kendsey K. 81,406Gr Des Moines USBC
59DOUBLES - HandicappedJohnson Tammi L. \ Sonier Samantha J. 1671,405Gr Siouxland USBC
59DOUBLES - HandicappedSybesma KaDee R. \ Kerkhoff Kenzie K. 1281,405Manning USBC
59DOUBLES - HandicappedVick Annette C. \ Vick Danelle C. 1411,405Gr Davenport Metro USBC
62DOUBLES - HandicappedGriffin Patty A. \ Hood Sue A. 1581,404Gr Des Moines USBC
62DOUBLES - HandicappedGeer Tanya L. \ Kehoe Rita A. 291,404Gr Cedar Valley USBC
64DOUBLES - HandicappedTyler Donna R. \ Hazelton Barbara A. 11,403Cedar Rapids USBC
64DOUBLES - HandicappedShoesmith Jaime L. \ Beane Misty L. 2261,403Stuart USBC
66DOUBLES - HandicappedCollins Anita J. \ Lee Carolynn F. 1241,402Burlington Area USBC
67DOUBLES - HandicappedCastillo Sherry L. \ Aupperle Julie 531,400Atlantic USBC
68DOUBLES - HandicappedCarlson Ashlynn J. \ Stephens Linda 331,399Manning USBC
68DOUBLES - HandicappedKnutson Jessica K. \ Johnson Lacie L. 31,399Grundy Center USBC
68DOUBLES - HandicappedLloyd Laura \ Spittell Jessica L. 121,399Fort Dodge Area USBC
71DOUBLES - HandicappedLesley Morgan E. \ Crum Donna R. 1181,398Council Bluffs USBC
71DOUBLES - HandicappedFuller Carol \ Alcala April M. 481,398Le Mars USBC
71DOUBLES - HandicappedEstabrook Diana L. \ Schmelzer Lila J. 1371,398Muscatine USBC
71DOUBLES - HandicappedMorehouse Mary Jo \ Drummond Donna J.2291,398Keokuk USBC
75DOUBLES - HandicappedRowley Kristin M. \ Prickett Tasha L. 2201,397Burlington Area USBC
76DOUBLES - HandicappedPence Nichelle (Niki) P. \ Pence Amber M.2201,396Burlington Area USBC
77DOUBLES - HandicappedShaffer Debra L. \ Richards Makinze L. 2141,395West Union USBC
77DOUBLES - HandicappedLindsey Virginia \ Phelps Shelly 221,395Cedar Rapids USBC
77DOUBLES - HandicappedRayman Tracy A. \ Brown Ginger S. 1131,395Cedar Rapids USBC
77DOUBLES - HandicappedMiller Nancy \ Gildsig Jeanette E. 21,395Lenox USBC
81DOUBLES - HandicappedPoppino Georgiann B. \ Frisbie Sherri L. 651,394Council Bluffs USBC
82DOUBLES - HandicappedRowedder Brenda \ Ehlers Marcy M. 1271,392Manning USBC
82DOUBLES - HandicappedJensen Shea A. \ Stalder Daisy 821,392Greenfield USBC
82DOUBLES - HandicappedThrondson Regan M. \ Sassmann Patricia A.381,392New Hampton USBC
85DOUBLES - HandicappedVanBennekom Audra \ Kepler Tereni L. 591,391Cedar Rapids USBC
86DOUBLES - HandicappedPayne Melanie R. \ Wilson Mindy S. 2221,390Gr Cedar Valley USBC
87DOUBLES - HandicappedRange Amanda \ Wilson Mary 461,389Fort Dodge Area USBC
87DOUBLES - HandicappedHarrison Rae \ Keenan Annette 121,389Fort Dodge Area USBC
87DOUBLES - HandicappedForce Lori R. \ Cline Karen S. 661,389Clarinda USBC
90DOUBLES - HandicappedSteeve Kate L. \ Sunderman Linda M. 671,388Clarinda USBC
90DOUBLES - HandicappedNixon Jodi L. \ McFarland Marla 1421,388Lenox USBC
92DOUBLES - HandicappedClifford Brenda \ Duver Hope E. 2281,387Keokuk USBC
93DOUBLES - HandicappedHunt Valerie A. \ Clark Janet R. 201,386Marshalltown Area USBC
93DOUBLES - HandicappedChristianson Debra S. \ Rego Kate N. 2361,386Cedar Rapids USBC
95DOUBLES - HandicappedMorenz Karen M. \ Persoon Sandra K. 1821,385Sioux Rapids-Alta USBC
96DOUBLES - HandicappedVaul Cindy L. \ Noble Penny L. 211,384Marshalltown Area USBC
96DOUBLES - HandicappedShatek Jamie L. \ Stanton Marla J. 411,384New Hampton USBC
98DOUBLES - HandicappedBloom Lillian B. \ Bloom Jerry Lynn 2001,383Mt Pleasant USBC
99DOUBLES - HandicappedGrieder Susan K. \ Novinski Victoria L. 581,382Cedar Rapids USBC
99DOUBLES - HandicappedRaum-Murty Bonnie R. \ Lyons Kim E. 1511,382Marshalltown Area USBC
101DOUBLES - HandicappedAnderson Shawn \ Bever-Keim Diane 1161,381Council Bluffs USBC
101DOUBLES - HandicappedWilson Jamie M. \ Carriere Teresa A. 1221,381Ames Area USBC
101DOUBLES - HandicappedSchmitt Stena M. \ Murphy Abigail K. 1481,381Charles City USBC
104DOUBLES - HandicappedStuhrenberg Connie \ Mullins Janiece K. 1341,380Fort Dodge Area USBC
104DOUBLES - HandicappedEich Melissa M. \ Sanchez Tammy S. 1511,380Marshalltown Area USBC
106DOUBLES - HandicappedSampson Alisha A. \ McCoy Melanie L. 951,379Ottumwa Area USBC
107DOUBLES - HandicappedDecker Angel D. \ Bascom Pamela J. 1881,378Independence USBC
107DOUBLES - HandicappedPaulsen Sara L. \ Sidles Laura L. 1201,378Laurens USBC
109DOUBLES - HandicappedMcClellan Angie R. \ Filloon Piene 741,376Marshalltown Area USBC
110DOUBLES - HandicappedChickering Nichole A. \ Spurgeon Kelly L.971,375Ottumwa Area USBC
111DOUBLES - HandicappedRoose Judith \ Pol Lana K. 191,374Pella USBC
111DOUBLES - HandicappedGehrke Patricia A. \ Luebbers Dana R. 711,374Eldora USBC
113DOUBLES - HandicappedBruns Rae K. \ Holms Sue A. 1521,373Gr Cedar Valley USBC
114DOUBLES - HandicappedDruyff Danielle L. \ Hughes Christie D. 1831,372Jasper County USBC
115DOUBLES - HandicappedHonkomp Danette S. \ Wulf Megan 2041,371Greene County USBC
116DOUBLES - HandicappedRoulson Josie M. \ Dotzenrod Jaymes A. 2091,370West Union USBC
116DOUBLES - HandicappedVanKirk Jennifer L. \ Atcher Helen J. 1661,370Marshalltown Area USBC
118DOUBLES - HandicappedHotvedt Lydia B. \ Lyon Lindsey R. 2101,368West Union USBC
118DOUBLES - HandicappedPomerson Tracey L. \ Welsch Brooke M. 821,368Greenfield USBC
118DOUBLES - HandicappedSpooner Penny E. \ Haskell Laura K. 2061,368Gr Des Moines USBC
121DOUBLES - HandicappedGarringer Connie E. \ Kisling Karen F. 601,367Cedar Rapids USBC
121DOUBLES - HandicappedVaul Cindy L. \ Parmley Becky S. 521,367Atlantic USBC
121DOUBLES - HandicappedWard Heidi L. \ Mauer Judy M. 1501,367Dubuque Area USBC
121DOUBLES - HandicappedMensen Sarah L. \ Rolfes Johanna S. 1841,367Dubuque Area USBC
125DOUBLES - HandicappedSawyer Caitlyn \ Pettinger Jana E. 2211,366Humboldt Iowa USBC
125DOUBLES - HandicappedMapel Amy J. \ Brissey Jennifer 2191,366Burlington Area USBC
127DOUBLES - HandicappedWatson Janet S. \ Collins Melissa A. 2351,364Cedar Rapids USBC
127DOUBLES - HandicappedRupe Angie M. \ Boston Liz M. 1151,364Council Bluffs USBC
127DOUBLES - HandicappedCampbell Amanda J. \ Streck Zolene M. 1021,364Ida Grove USBC
130DOUBLES - HandicappedNiedert Susan J. \ Schneider Cara M. 2171,363Sumner USBC
130DOUBLES - HandicappedJohnston Toni \ Cook Sue K. 2321,363Gr Des Moines USBC
130DOUBLES - HandicappedDavis Linda \ Cook Kayla 881,363De Witt USBC
133DOUBLES - HandicappedSchneiderman Suzie M. \ Schneiderman Janelle E.2191,362Burlington Area USBC
133DOUBLES - HandicappedKearney Sarah \ Hruska Heather E. 131,362Fort Dodge Area USBC
133DOUBLES - HandicappedWright April J. \ Briggs Danelle C. 261,362Lenox USBC
133DOUBLES - HandicappedEhmen Debra J. \ McManemy Pam J. 761,362Gr Cedar Valley USBC
133DOUBLES - HandicappedVrieze Jessica L. \ Epperson Maureen A. 2231,362Gr Cedar Valley USBC
138DOUBLES - HandicappedFazzone Nicole E. \ Bennett Tricia A. 2041,360Greene County USBC
138DOUBLES - HandicappedBrennan Shanna \ Heid Miranda 111,360Fort Dodge Area USBC
138DOUBLES - HandicappedWisted Sharon K. \ Hall Patricia A. 11,360Cedar Rapids USBC
138DOUBLES - HandicappedPayne Carol A. \ Mackie Kathy 1091,360Burlington Area USBC
142DOUBLES - HandicappedRandel Rachel A. \ Mathiews Jessica 811,359Greenfield USBC
142DOUBLES - HandicappedJohnson Eilene \ Henle Patricia M. 741,359Marshalltown Area USBC
144DOUBLES - HandicappedMoritz Nicole R. \ Jensen/Bradley Jorja A. 2391,358Gr Davenport Metro USBC
144DOUBLES - HandicappedMillang Jennifer A. \ Lockhart Tonya M. 1631,358Ames Area USBC
146DOUBLES - HandicappedBecker Janet \ Brink Debbie A. 1651,357Oelwein USBC
146DOUBLES - HandicappedHumphrey Mary L. \ Goecker Debbie 1311,357Clarinda USBC
146DOUBLES - HandicappedParker Linda R. \ Williams-Hernandez Brandy K.451,357Ottumwa Area USBC
149DOUBLES - HandicappedBorkowski Kristen D. \ Schultes Kristie A. 1271,356Manning USBC
150DOUBLES - HandicappedBrandt Lynette L. \ Nelson Debra K. 1781,355Ames Area USBC
150DOUBLES - HandicappedRau Madison R. \ Kirchmann Brenda 2161,355Sumner USBC
150DOUBLES - HandicappedJohnson Pamela S. \ Gray Debbie S. 1141,355Council Bluffs USBC
150DOUBLES - HandicappedLazear Stacey \ Burchett Kim E. 1981,355Gr Des Moines USBC
154DOUBLES - HandicappedOuverson Lana J. \ Radcliff Shelly L. 2341,354Gr Mason City USBC
155DOUBLES - HandicappedGalvin Megan \ Tilley Megan I. 1801,353Ida Grove USBC
155DOUBLES - HandicappedBarnes Toni J. \ Muntz Beverly 371,353Sigourney USBC
157DOUBLES - HandicappedPoldervaart Stacey L. \ Eastwood Angela J.2251,351Fort Dodge Area USBC
158DOUBLES - HandicappedSmith Lea M. \ Collins Margie M. 2321,350Gr Des Moines USBC
159DOUBLES - HandicappedAnderson Kathleen A. \ Boyken Sheri R. 2411,349Humboldt Iowa USBC
159DOUBLES - HandicappedHackerson Sandy L. \ Terrones Susan L. 1631,349Ames Area USBC
159DOUBLES - HandicappedLaubenthal Chelsey T. \ Roth Stacy J. 2421,349Buffalo Center USBC
162DOUBLES - HandicappedRaymer Abigail J. \ Storey Diane M. 1171,348Council Bluffs USBC
162DOUBLES - HandicappedManternach Lisa \ Boysen Jennifer M. 721,348Monticello USBC
162DOUBLES - HandicappedMiller Wendy A. \ Novinski Jean M. 611,348Cedar Rapids USBC
165DOUBLES - HandicappedMuller Shara N. \ Foister Missy M. 71,347Maquoketa USBC
166DOUBLES - HandicappedGeurink Polly A. \ Carlson Karen J. 1191,346Gr Davenport Metro USBC
166DOUBLES - HandicappedMarkle Charlotte L. \ Lechtenberg Linda B.421,346New Hampton USBC
168DOUBLES - HandicappedBettcher Lisa L. \ Good Jeanine J. 651,345Council Bluffs USBC
169DOUBLES - HandicappedReysack LaVonne R. \ Renz Barbara L. 1321,344Charles City USBC
169DOUBLES - HandicappedFry Tami \ Tollenaar-huffman Rhonda K. 351,344Sigourney USBC
169DOUBLES - HandicappedHanna Patricia L. \ Baker Debbie K. 451,344Ottumwa Area USBC
172DOUBLES - HandicappedDominacki June M. \ Marchand Dolly L. 1391,343Gr Davenport Metro USBC
172DOUBLES - HandicappedSchaefer Ginny L. \ Nolin Becky S. 1541,343Jasper County USBC
172DOUBLES - HandicappedSimmons Tina M. \ Quick Jennifer R. 1221,343Ames Area USBC
172DOUBLES - HandicappedWalker Corinda L. \ Faber Kimberly 1211,343Laurens USBC
176DOUBLES - HandicappedPrice Andrea R. \ Bucklin Breanna 1831,342Jasper County USBC
176DOUBLES - HandicappedVandeVoort Jana \ Vos Carla 831,342Pella USBC
178DOUBLES - HandicappedLeppert Dorothy M. \ Weiland Debbie A. 171,341Dubuque Area USBC
179DOUBLES - HandicappedThielen Vicki J. \ Meier Ashley N. 1281,339Manning USBC
180DOUBLES - HandicappedLittlefield Lori J. \ Engel Jolene "Jo" K. 2231,338Gr Cedar Valley USBC
180DOUBLES - HandicappedWhitlatch Sheryl L. \ Lee Tori R. 2131,338West Union USBC
182DOUBLES - HandicappedBloyer Kay \ Ulrich Deb 1021,337Ida Grove USBC
182DOUBLES - HandicappedMarzen Laura L. \ Roth Teresa 1641,337Gr Mason City USBC
182DOUBLES - HandicappedDavis Sam L. \ Mcfadden Kate J. 161,337Dubuque Area USBC
185DOUBLES - HandicappedSchmitt Karen A. \ Martin Eleanore M. 441,336New Hampton USBC
186DOUBLES - HandicappedPearson Kaitlyn A. \ Vogt Whittney A. 1801,335Ida Grove USBC
186DOUBLES - HandicappedHemsley Connie J. \ Lee Tracey H. 751,335Sigourney USBC
186DOUBLES - HandicappedTevis Kristen M. \ Tudor Elissa R. 1901,335Independence USBC
186DOUBLES - HandicappedHowell Joanna \ Loban Theresa R. 1051,335Oelwein USBC
186DOUBLES - HandicappedRine Mary E. \ Dreager Karen S. 2241,335Clarinda USBC
191DOUBLES - HandicappedReisner Teresa \ Gates Karen 1051,334Oelwein USBC
191DOUBLES - HandicappedJacobsen Hazel M. \ Winter Lora 231,334Cedar Rapids USBC
191DOUBLES - HandicappedClubb Elaina \ Dobbins April 991,334Sigourney USBC
194DOUBLES - HandicappedBurke Kerri K. \ Burchett Cortney I. 1991,333Gr Des Moines USBC
194DOUBLES - HandicappedSpicer Jennifer A. \ Rule Joy E. 2271,333Keokuk USBC
196DOUBLES - HandicappedDeKoning Deanne \ Vink Louise F. 571,332Pella USBC
196DOUBLES - HandicappedRauscher Jessi M. \ Thompson Autumn R. 911,332Ottumwa Area USBC
196DOUBLES - HandicappedJennings Sheryl D. \ Schwickerath Tammi R.1541,332Jasper County USBC
199DOUBLES - HandicappedOverhouse Kimberly A. \ Forschler Amy K.1961,331Jasper County USBC
199DOUBLES - HandicappedSeidel Meaghan M. \ Wurzer Misty R. 2141,331West Union USBC
199DOUBLES - HandicappedMaranville Merideth J. \ Hess Vickie M. 2241,331Clarinda USBC
199DOUBLES - HandicappedGiese Shae A. \ Nizzi Katherine L. 2061,331Gr Des Moines USBC
199DOUBLES - HandicappedBird Kandy S. \ Riordan Lynne G. 1471,331Sigourney USBC
199DOUBLES - HandicappedBuseman Randi L. \ Weig Samantha J. 41,331Grundy Center USBC
199DOUBLES - HandicappedPetersen Garnett J. \ Jensen Maureen 521,331Atlantic USBC
199DOUBLES - HandicappedSchumacher Gina M. \ Throndson Carrie 381,331New Hampton USBC
207DOUBLES - HandicappedKetchum Kathy \ Kesten Nicole L. 1641,330Gr Mason City USBC
207DOUBLES - HandicappedMitchell Dawn M. \ Shoafstall Mckenzie M.1861,330Gr Mason City USBC
207DOUBLES - HandicappedAleckson Serenity M. \ Darrow Mildred 1071,330Gr Davenport Metro USBC
210DOUBLES - HandicappedCockburn Jamie L. \ Olson Lynette R. 781,328Greenfield USBC
210DOUBLES - HandicappedJones Margaret A. \ Everitt Jennifer A. 2121,328West Union USBC
210DOUBLES - HandicappedTuttle Terri L. \ Lovell Linda S. 1441,328Cedar Rapids USBC
210DOUBLES - HandicappedMeyer Natasha \ Brandhorst Nicole M. 61,328Grundy Center USBC
210DOUBLES - HandicappedHanson Dawn A. \ Golden Lisa A. 641,328Council Bluffs USBC
210DOUBLES - HandicappedBurch Carmelita \ Heyveld Connie L. 891,328Iowa City USBC
216DOUBLES - HandicappedBarrans Jean M. \ Briggs Deborah M. 261,327Lenox USBC
216DOUBLES - HandicappedWills Kelly L. \ Adams Becky L. 1111,327Burlington Area USBC
216DOUBLES - HandicappedWagoner Donna J. \ Mellencamp Micaela B.1311,327Clarinda USBC
216DOUBLES - HandicappedMcdermott Jessalyn \ Pins Sara V. 1601,327Dubuque Area USBC
220DOUBLES - HandicappedLatwesen Danielle M. \ Coulter Denise M. 41,326Grundy Center USBC
221DOUBLES - HandicappedReitzler Michelle L. \ Van Ersvelde Amy M.891,325Iowa City USBC
221DOUBLES - HandicappedClassen Lisa A. \ Trimble Rebecca C. 1121,325Burlington Area USBC
223DOUBLES - HandicappedWadsley Carol A. \ Wilson Roma S. 2211,324Humboldt Iowa USBC
223DOUBLES - HandicappedSimon Christy K. \ Edwards Lisa T. 2381,324Gr Davenport Metro USBC
225DOUBLES - HandicappedHolden-McMurray Amelia S. \ Durnan Chasity J.2101,323West Union USBC
225DOUBLES - HandicappedLiesveld Jill \ Bowen Stacy M. 1531,323Iowa City USBC
225DOUBLES - HandicappedStorm Penny J. \ Martin Susan L. 1331,323Gr Siouxland USBC
225DOUBLES - HandicappedClock Judy K. \ Gehrke Janelle M. 701,323Eldora USBC
225DOUBLES - HandicappedShoafstall Karie M. \ Miller Kathryn I. 1851,323Gr Mason City USBC
225DOUBLES - HandicappedHarris Cortney J. \ Harris Mindy S. 1781,323Ames Area USBC
231DOUBLES - HandicappedBetz Debra L. \ Hicks Tracy A. 2011,322Greene County USBC
231DOUBLES - HandicappedOverbeck Carol L. \ Krejci Antonette M. 851,322Cedar Rapids USBC
233DOUBLES - HandicappedBrandes Blair N. \ Brandes Pat A. 1751,321Gr Siouxland USBC
233DOUBLES - HandicappedBakke Tina L. \ Kruse Jennifer 1691,321Decorah USBC
233DOUBLES - HandicappedEggers Joanna M. \ Seibold Anna M. 841,321Council Bluffs USBC
236DOUBLES - HandicappedSchneekloth Peggy \ Schmidt Jacklyn K. 861,320Cedar Rapids USBC
236DOUBLES - HandicappedRieger Gail A. \ Carpenter Sharon A. 871,320Cedar Rapids USBC
236DOUBLES - HandicappedDonaghy Alison R. \ Tisl-Endres Mary C. 511,320Cedar Rapids USBC
239DOUBLES - HandicappedAdams Cheryl A. \ Lively Lynn J. 1621,319Gr Des Moines USBC
239DOUBLES - HandicappedJordan Stacy L. \ Patton Tonya L. 951,319Ottumwa Area USBC
239DOUBLES - HandicappedAmeling Amy E. \ Nelson Denise 2151,319West Union USBC
239DOUBLES - HandicappedLogan Jaylee M. \ Johnson Sara M. 1121,319Burlington Area USBC
239DOUBLES - HandicappedBruns Kathleen E. \ Fisher Lora L. 371,319Sigourney USBC
239DOUBLES - HandicappedWilson Mari I. \ Shoafstall Brooke M. 1861,319Gr Mason City USBC
239DOUBLES - HandicappedGebel Donna L. \ Ambrose Donna K. 401,319New Hampton USBC
246DOUBLES - HandicappedShook Gail A. \ Wilson Kathleen M. 1231,318Ames Area USBC
246DOUBLES - HandicappedWaterbury Saundra R. \ Sherlock Sue M. 2011,318Greene County USBC
246DOUBLES - HandicappedPrescott Ellen K. \ Monell Christina M. 1751,318Gr Siouxland USBC
246DOUBLES - HandicappedNeebel Sue M. \ Derbyshire Cherie 1521,318Gr Cedar Valley USBC
246DOUBLES - HandicappedKuennen Lavell R. \ Roulson-Bills Cyndi S.2081,318West Union USBC
251DOUBLES - HandicappedMorgan Michelle A. \ Logel Karlyn S. 1291,317Muscatine USBC
251DOUBLES - HandicappedMeester Vanessa K. \ Kusserow Cathy 701,317Eldora USBC
251DOUBLES - HandicappedVanGundy Kalliann \ Danner Carmen 361,317Sigourney USBC
251DOUBLES - HandicappedWulf Sandra S. \ McMullen Cherie 301,317Manning USBC
255DOUBLES - HandicappedLongcor Hannah L. \ Longcor Shila L. 1361,314Muscatine USBC
255DOUBLES - HandicappedSmith Suzanne T. \ Cole Sherrie K. 1451,314Gr Siouxland USBC
255DOUBLES - HandicappedMoritz Anna \ Baxter Regina M. 2391,314Gr Davenport Metro USBC
255DOUBLES - HandicappedBurr Susan L. \ Clifton Rita R. 2401,314Gr Davenport Metro USBC
255DOUBLES - HandicappedHennigar Molly S. \ Seddon Wendy M. 801,314Greenfield USBC
255DOUBLES - HandicappedEinwalter Mary J. \ Kamp Bridget A. 1601,314Dubuque Area USBC
261DOUBLES - HandicappedGeorge Diane \ Connors Penny 1721,313Humboldt Iowa USBC
261DOUBLES - HandicappedWenthe Susan M. \ Bilharz Deborah D. 1941,313Charles City USBC
263DOUBLES - HandicappedMain Carrie D. \ Knight Ashley 781,312Greenfield USBC
263DOUBLES - HandicappedMiller Diana L. \ Bloodsworth Shirley 571,312Pella USBC
265DOUBLES - HandicappedHemann Misty M. \ Dorweiler Virginia A. 1341,311Fort Dodge Area USBC
265DOUBLES - HandicappedMcCormick Tara L. \ Scarlett Donna L. 681,311Clarinda USBC
265DOUBLES - HandicappedLansing Julie A. \ Hageman Debra A. 2131,311West Union USBC
265DOUBLES - HandicappedSchrieber Sandra K. \ Reed Abbie L. 1211,311Laurens USBC
265DOUBLES - HandicappedRing Patricia \ Ring Ashley J. 1151,311Council Bluffs USBC
265DOUBLES - HandicappedCoyle Cindy L. \ Morken Sue A. 1691,311Decorah USBC
271DOUBLES - HandicappedEngledow Carilyn S. \ Hobbs Tammy L. 221,310Cedar Rapids USBC
271DOUBLES - HandicappedPafford Jackie J. \ Dreager Karen S. 1681,310Red Oak USBC
273DOUBLES - HandicappedHenry Lynnette A. \ Bausch Donna 2111,309West Union USBC
273DOUBLES - HandicappedKay Kim \ Daniels Jordy 881,309De Witt USBC
273DOUBLES - HandicappedClark Becky S. \ Thomas Jan M. 81,309Gr Des Moines USBC
273DOUBLES - HandicappedDixon Jodee D. \ Sporrer Tessa L. 1261,309Manning USBC
273DOUBLES - HandicappedPruismann Linda A. \ Caufield Joni A. 1771,309Ames Area USBC
278DOUBLES - HandicappedTerry Venita K. \ Kolthoff Jamie L. 2311,308Eldora USBC
278DOUBLES - HandicappedCoons Jean \ Walton Janet L. 1711,308Decorah USBC
280DOUBLES - HandicappedClark Jana L. \ Strange Linda L. 641,307Council Bluffs USBC
280DOUBLES - HandicappedBastian Jeanie M. \ Seemann Juli 551,307Atlantic USBC
280DOUBLES - HandicappedAdamson Caytlyn L. \ Fecher Kendall R. 2051,307Greene County USBC
280DOUBLES - HandicappedMiller Lisa L. \ Schlatter Teresa L. 2161,307Sumner USBC
280DOUBLES - HandicappedKruger Diana L. \ Schildroth Theresa L. 51,307Grundy Center USBC
280DOUBLES - HandicappedPearson Kaitlyn A. \ Moreland Turissa S. 811,307Greenfield USBC
286DOUBLES - HandicappedGonzalez Jennifer M. \ Kuhse Katie L. 1891,306Independence USBC
286DOUBLES - HandicappedRusbult Dorma J. \ Longnecker Jone M. 581,306Cedar Rapids USBC
286DOUBLES - HandicappedMiglia Angie K. \ Tryon Camille A. 501,306Cedar Rapids USBC
286DOUBLES - HandicappedEpperson Maureen A. \ Anders Kathy F. 771,306Gr Cedar Valley USBC
290DOUBLES - HandicappedSmith-Harris Katie A. \ Johnson Nicole A. 1451,305Gr Siouxland USBC
290DOUBLES - HandicappedNolen Brittanie A. \ Emrich Missy L. 931,305Gr Siouxland USBC
290DOUBLES - HandicappedBauer Teresa J. \ Kessel Suzan L. 1571,305Fairfield USBC
290DOUBLES - HandicappedHoffman Jackie K. \ Johnson Tracy L. 1041,305Ida Grove USBC
290DOUBLES - HandicappedPregon Kandis J. \ Walker Sharon 831,305Pella USBC
295DOUBLES - HandicappedPaustian Randi M. \ Schoenthaler Becky S.2381,304Gr Davenport Metro USBC
295DOUBLES - HandicappedHigh Marlene J. \ Clancy Marge M. 631,304Dubuque Area USBC
297DOUBLES - HandicappedLarkin Donna J. \ Osher Roxann M. 2181,303Clarinda USBC
297DOUBLES - HandicappedDecker Peggy \ Morgan Jamie R. 1901,303Independence USBC
297DOUBLES - HandicappedEddins Elaine M. \ Schouten Glenda S. 861,303Cedar Rapids USBC
300DOUBLES - HandicappedMulligan Connie M. \ Speake Patti A. 301,302Manning USBC
300DOUBLES - HandicappedLogsdon Linda S. \ Wilder Brenda R. 1701,302Decorah USBC
302DOUBLES - HandicappedHelgevold Lori L. \ Helgevold LeeAnn M. 1921,301Clarke & Decatur USBC
303DOUBLES - HandicappedRoss Wendy L. \ Fannon Faith 1491,300Charles City USBC
304DOUBLES - HandicappedFink Julie E. \ Bloom Cheryl K. 2001,299Mt Pleasant USBC
304DOUBLES - HandicappedWhite Jennifer S. \ Kirchner Heidi L. 2361,299Cedar Rapids USBC
306DOUBLES - HandicappedChickering Natasha A. \ Pickrell Veronica L.971,298Ottumwa Area USBC
306DOUBLES - HandicappedFear Deanne I. \ Warner Cathy C. 1971,298Ottumwa Area USBC
306DOUBLES - HandicappedBuford Rhonda \ Webber Kristy 2461,298Keokuk USBC
309DOUBLES - HandicappedHeisdorffer Jessica K. \ Houk Shellie L. 941,296Ottumwa Area USBC
309DOUBLES - HandicappedShriver Lindsey M. \ Penning Jamie K. 621,296Cedar Rapids USBC
309DOUBLES - HandicappedBanta Donna M. \ Goyette Donna M. 2401,296Gr Davenport Metro USBC
312DOUBLES - HandicappedAlexander Beth D. \ Clement Lori J. 691,295Clarinda USBC
312DOUBLES - HandicappedKolbet Val \ Buttolph Renae A. 431,295New Hampton USBC
312DOUBLES - HandicappedFeil Tracy L. \ McElroy Deborah A. 1661,295Marshalltown Area USBC
315DOUBLES - HandicappedSatter Jacque R. \ Alcala April M. 1331,294Gr Siouxland USBC
315DOUBLES - HandicappedFrieze Melinda S. \ Peterson Brooke R. 1161,294Council Bluffs USBC
315DOUBLES - HandicappedBrooks Lucinda \ Morris Karen 341,294Sigourney USBC
318DOUBLES - HandicappedGrangruth Tracy L. \ Jennings Teri L. 1231,293Ames Area USBC
318DOUBLES - HandicappedDingman Karen L. \ Smith Renee R. 1111,293Burlington Area USBC
318DOUBLES - HandicappedWillis Michelle \ Luke Sara L. 911,293Ottumwa Area USBC
318DOUBLES - HandicappedAalbers Sandra K. \ Smith Sharilyn A. 831,293Pella USBC
322DOUBLES - HandicappedMc Bride Cindy K. \ Healey Gail 601,292Cedar Rapids USBC
322DOUBLES - HandicappedSandvig Jackie M. \ Slater Sara K. 501,292Cedar Rapids USBC
322DOUBLES - HandicappedHolmes Linda E. \ Peterla Ann M. 1071,292Gr Davenport Metro USBC
325DOUBLES - HandicappedChristinson Cheryl A. \ White Paula R. 1611,291Iowa City USBC
325DOUBLES - HandicappedParcel Amber L. \ Hager Renae L. 2421,291Buffalo Center USBC
327DOUBLES - HandicappedMessersmith Carol \ Nehl Diane F. 421,290New Hampton USBC
327DOUBLES - HandicappedLeibfried Peggy M. \ Walker Kerry J. 1501,290Dubuque Area USBC
327DOUBLES - HandicappedMcNurlen Madi \ Brubaker Melissa R. 351,290Sigourney USBC
327DOUBLES - HandicappedWilcox Janet L. \ Miller Monica M. 991,290Sigourney USBC
327DOUBLES - HandicappedLaMaack Heather A. \ Ralston Sara A. 1411,290Gr Davenport Metro USBC
327DOUBLES - HandicappedDalton Rita \ Kelly Karma 2301,290De Witt USBC
327DOUBLES - HandicappedBrennan Samantha M. \ Johnson Michelle 111,290Fort Dodge Area USBC
334DOUBLES - HandicappedBruce Kelsi S. \ Riggle Jennifer T. 681,289Clarinda USBC
334DOUBLES - HandicappedLongcor Emma L. \ Neipert Jeannie K. 1361,289Muscatine USBC
334DOUBLES - HandicappedSlingluff Leah S. \ Clark Amy A. 211,289Marshalltown Area USBC
337DOUBLES - HandicappedPearson Michelle A. \ Boehmer Amy J. 431,288New Hampton USBC
337DOUBLES - HandicappedStaley Jeanne E. \ LaRue Donna L. 1301,288Muscatine USBC
337DOUBLES - HandicappedOnnen Jocilyn R. \ Frischmeyer Julie 31,288Grundy Center USBC
340DOUBLES - HandicappedHendricks Julie A. \ Tokheim Judy A. 1721,287Humboldt Iowa USBC
340DOUBLES - HandicappedSchnoor Rita C. \ Schnoor Kaisee R. 71,287Maquoketa USBC
340DOUBLES - HandicappedRule Donell E. \ Seyb Joyce 2271,287Keokuk USBC
343DOUBLES - HandicappedHunt Jamee L. \ Malcom Shelley E. 1011,286Ida Grove USBC
344DOUBLES - HandicappedGoddard Carol J. \ Solomon Jennifer J. 1321,285Charles City USBC
344DOUBLES - HandicappedFisher LoraLee \ Stoner Sandy D. 1561,285Sigourney USBC
344DOUBLES - HandicappedVine Vivian A. \ Larson Marcia K. 1701,285Decorah USBC
344DOUBLES - HandicappedMcCormick Dagmar \ McCollough Carla M.471,285Fort Dodge Area USBC
344DOUBLES - HandicappedSimmons Paula R. \ Hustad Carol J. 241,285Cedar Rapids USBC
344DOUBLES - HandicappedHanson Bernie M. \ Firzlaff Janice M. 181,285Dubuque Area USBC
350DOUBLES - HandicappedBartels Amy K. \ Boysen Brittney K. 721,284Monticello USBC
350DOUBLES - HandicappedHeisler-Eggers Connie J. \ Swanson Judy A.841,284Council Bluffs USBC
352DOUBLES - HandicappedVaul Cindy L. \ Moreland Turissa S. 931,283Gr Siouxland USBC
352DOUBLES - HandicappedEinck Wendy A. \ Burgart Angela M. 441,283New Hampton USBC
354DOUBLES - HandicappedRynearson Sherry \ Dilks Kay C. 1461,282Gr Des Moines USBC
354DOUBLES - HandicappedKuhnle Karen \ Timm Kris 621,282Cedar Rapids USBC
356DOUBLES - HandicappedRollins Tina M. \ Vasquez Michele 471,281Fort Dodge Area USBC
356DOUBLES - HandicappedBird Nancy K. \ VanVoltenburg Kathy J. 1471,281Sigourney USBC
358DOUBLES - HandicappedJorgensen Patricia R. \ Block Barbara E. 321,280Manning USBC
358DOUBLES - HandicappedLueck Cheryl A. \ Boeck Carolyn J. 321,280Manning USBC
358DOUBLES - HandicappedMurphy Marlys J. \ Green Tammy R. 1591,280Anamosa USBC
358DOUBLES - HandicappedAdams Cindy D. \ Sturm Nina M. 671,280Clarinda USBC
362DOUBLES - HandicappedRenslow Shelby A. \ Carl Amanda R. 2261,279Stuart USBC
362DOUBLES - HandicappedMcDermott Melinda \ Steffensmeier Michelle L.1841,279Dubuque Area USBC
364DOUBLES - HandicappedRiggs Barbara A. \ Emholtz Mary L. 1351,278Gr Des Moines USBC
364DOUBLES - HandicappedMunoz Tammie L. \ Anderson Lynn D. 1141,278Council Bluffs USBC
366DOUBLES - HandicappedHeuer Barbara J. \ Swanson Christine L. 1081,276Muscatine USBC
367DOUBLES - HandicappedMontgomery Charlene \ Mathews Sandra K.1461,275Gr Des Moines USBC
367DOUBLES - HandicappedWood Chris A. \ Jones Tiffany 2251,275Fort Dodge Area USBC
367DOUBLES - HandicappedHogan Paula J. \ Searsen Anna M. 2291,275Keokuk USBC
370DOUBLES - HandicappedSales Jennifer \ Overton Ashley M. 1401,274Gr Davenport Metro USBC
370DOUBLES - HandicappedElliott Kelly L. \ Sadler Jessica A. 2151,274West Union USBC
370DOUBLES - HandicappedThompson Diane D. \ Sexton KatieAnn 1261,274Manning USBC
373DOUBLES - HandicappedNovak Terri L. \ Novak Amy L. 1951,273Charles City USBC
373DOUBLES - HandicappedJacobsen Jessica S. \ Faust Liz 731,273Independence USBC
375DOUBLES - HandicappedLove Amber L. \ Jones Beth 2121,272West Union USBC
375DOUBLES - HandicappedFriend Maureen J. \ Dermer Carol J. 1241,272Burlington Area USBC
375DOUBLES - HandicappedGruhn Shelly \ Paulsen Sarah M1551,272Manning USBC
375DOUBLES - HandicappedWaite Sarah J. \ Gibson Melissa 491,272Shenandoah USBC
379DOUBLES - HandicappedGrego Jill M. \ Donaldson Chelsea L. 2311,270Eldora USBC
379DOUBLES - HandicappedPruismann Sandra J. \ Janssen Sherry J. 1771,270Ames Area USBC
381DOUBLES - HandicappedKacmarynski Barbara J. \ Hoffman Trisha K.1041,269Ida Grove USBC
381DOUBLES - HandicappedJohns Desiree A. \ Moore Lori G. 2021,269Greene County USBC
381DOUBLES - HandicappedGoldsberry Peggy A. \ Fees Kathy K. 101,269Gr Des Moines USBC
384DOUBLES - HandicappedWoodford Victoria J. \ McPherson Tina L. 2051,268Greene County USBC
384DOUBLES - HandicappedHogue Jeana C. \ Hogue Jacee 491,268Shenandoah USBC
384DOUBLES - HandicappedSturm Alison A. \ Rosener Rebecca S. 1551,268Manning USBC
387DOUBLES - HandicappedWander Rose R. \ Martin DeLois R. 2081,267West Union USBC
387DOUBLES - HandicappedWelter Michele L. \ Clancy Valerie F. 171,267Dubuque Area USBC
387DOUBLES - HandicappedTauber Kimberly A. \ Willenbring Stephanie E.161,267Dubuque Area USBC
390DOUBLES - HandicappedWeber Patricia D. \ Johnson Margaret A. 1351,263Gr Des Moines USBC
390DOUBLES - HandicappedWaterbury Saundra R. \ Turnball Deb 1741,263Gr Cedar Valley USBC
392DOUBLES - HandicappedHosier Diane M. \ Allen Theresa 1731,261Gr Cedar Valley USBC
392DOUBLES - HandicappedArmstrong Jennie E. \ Lee Shelby 751,261Sigourney USBC
394DOUBLES - HandicappedThompson Sheri L. \ Wolfe Darla J. 1981,260Gr Des Moines USBC
395DOUBLES - HandicappedClark Sandy \ Gillum Hailey C. 361,257Sigourney USBC
395DOUBLES - HandicappedTabor Shawna R. \ Ridinger Jessica M. 1381,257Muscatine USBC
397DOUBLES - HandicappedHansen Kari A. \ Martens Elaine L. 551,256Atlantic USBC
397DOUBLES - HandicappedGebers Peggy A. \ Martin Ronda 1811,256Ida Grove USBC
399DOUBLES - HandicappedWoten Breanne L. \ Foster Kirstin L. 1931,255Oskaloosa USBC
400DOUBLES - HandicappedRothe Michele A. \ Mesenbrink Cari L. 331,254Manning USBC
400DOUBLES - HandicappedPeck Connie M. \ Payne Toni 981,254Ottumwa Area USBC
400DOUBLES - HandicappedCampbell Amy D. \ Harris Catherine 2091,254West Union USBC
400DOUBLES - HandicappedBoddicker Linda K. \ Rock Kathy A. 1961,254Jasper County USBC
404DOUBLES - HandicappedOhnemus Brenda \ Duesing Linda 2301,253De Witt USBC
405DOUBLES - HandicappedNew Myra L. \ Hess Vickie M. 691,252Clarinda USBC
406DOUBLES - HandicappedWilson Billie J. \ Petty Teresa 2181,251Clarinda USBC
406DOUBLES - HandicappedFrazer Cindie L. \ Krenz Sandra K. 771,251Gr Cedar Valley USBC
408DOUBLES - HandicappedPratt Jessica \ Knight Ashlie R. 1031,250Ida Grove USBC
409DOUBLES - HandicappedKELLY BARB \ POND CATHI 481,249Le Mars USBC
410DOUBLES - HandicappedHocamp Christie S. \ Hocamp Sandi K. 531,248Atlantic USBC
410DOUBLES - HandicappedPersoon Pamela A. \ Strand Shannon L. 1821,248Sioux Rapids-Alta USBC
410DOUBLES - HandicappedLund Jaci A. \ Davis Lorrie R. 141,248Fort Dodge Area USBC
410DOUBLES - HandicappedBrothers Heather L. \ Digman Sarah A. 151,248Dubuque Area USBC
414DOUBLES - HandicappedKvach Jean I. \ Bush Shirley M. 1131,247Cedar Rapids USBC
415DOUBLES - HandicappedSylvester Sherry L. \ Denniston Jill M. 921,246Ottumwa Area USBC
415DOUBLES - HandicappedMoore Sherry E. \ Lasher Susie C. 91,246Gr Des Moines USBC
415DOUBLES - HandicappedAmerine Phyllis A. \ Marlowe Beverly J. 1301,246Muscatine USBC
415DOUBLES - HandicappedElam Diana \ Hopp Patricia 2461,246Keokuk USBC
419DOUBLES - HandicappedRumery Kelsey M. \ Teed Barb J. 231,245Cedar Rapids USBC
419DOUBLES - HandicappedHoltkamp Emily R. \ Holtkamp Diane M. 1101,245Burlington Area USBC
421DOUBLES - HandicappedAthey Abbey E. \ Wittenburg Jennifer L. 2221,244Gr Cedar Valley USBC
422DOUBLES - HandicappedKillion Rebecca L. \ Fecher Shannon R. 2031,243Greene County USBC
422DOUBLES - HandicappedCleaver Cindy \ Roney Roberta I. 1581,243Gr Des Moines USBC
424DOUBLES - HandicappedHogencamp Brandi M. \ Toepfer Judith A. 291,242Gr Cedar Valley USBC
424DOUBLES - HandicappedWalling Donna L. \ Mcallister Louise M. 181,242Dubuque Area USBC
426DOUBLES - HandicappedMcClure Judy M. \ Ihnen Melissa A. 561,241Atlantic USBC
426DOUBLES - HandicappedBudzyn Amanda E. \ Marshall Dian K. 1091,241Burlington Area USBC
428DOUBLES - HandicappedLaird Julie A. \ Schoenfield Bonita L. 761,239Gr Cedar Valley USBC
429DOUBLES - HandicappedLoneman Lori A. \ McDonald Kim S. 2031,238Greene County USBC
429DOUBLES - HandicappedGeopfert Allysen N. \ Underwood Stacy J. 141,238Fort Dodge Area USBC
429DOUBLES - HandicappedPierce Amanda M. \ Uthoff Elizabeth M. 591,238Cedar Rapids USBC
432DOUBLES - HandicappedHicks Shana \ Lipes Roxann R. 91,237Gr Des Moines USBC
433DOUBLES - HandicappedHare Alicia A. \ Lechtenberg Abby L. 391,236New Hampton USBC
434DOUBLES - HandicappedBloss Lorna M. \ Harter Rhonda R. 1061,235Gr Davenport Metro USBC
435DOUBLES - HandicappedSchwebke Joyce E. \ Myers Gayla C. 1591,233Anamosa USBC
435DOUBLES - HandicappedSmith Nikki \ Anderson Cathy L. 1921,233Clarke & Decatur USBC
435DOUBLES - HandicappedFunte Stacy L. \ Kabele Ann E. 1491,233Charles City USBC
438DOUBLES - HandicappedCassens Irene E. \ Aman Jill M. 1561,231Sigourney USBC
439DOUBLES - HandicappedVenenga Dixie \ Eilers DeAnn M. 51,230Grundy Center USBC
439DOUBLES - HandicappedHubble Jesica J. \ Hubble Jillian L. 2351,230Cedar Rapids USBC
441DOUBLES - HandicappedWest Bonnie J. \ Howard Megan 1651,227Oelwein USBC
442DOUBLES - HandicappedLaRue Donna L. \ Shepherd Peggy A. 1371,226Muscatine USBC
442DOUBLES - HandicappedRosonke Kim A. \ Geerts Rita H. 411,226New Hampton USBC
444DOUBLES - HandicappedMatthews Sandra J. \ Moore Cheri D. 2021,224Greene County USBC
444DOUBLES - HandicappedPinneke Kimberly M. \ Webster Debbie A. 1991,224Gr Des Moines USBC
446DOUBLES - HandicappedHofmeister Kaitlin A. \ Roths Lori L. 2211,223Humboldt Iowa USBC
447DOUBLES - HandicappedHughes Deanne K. \ Nothwehr Lara A. 661,222Clarinda USBC
447DOUBLES - HandicappedGruber Cindy J. \ Sheker Tammy A. 131,222Fort Dodge Area USBC
447DOUBLES - HandicappedCameron Toni L. \ Ardueser Kim 901,222Ottumwa Area USBC
447DOUBLES - HandicappedMcdonald Corliss R. \ Stitzell Tammra K. 101,222Gr Des Moines USBC
451DOUBLES - HandicappedTeske Debra K. \ Teske Rebecca K. 711,220Eldora USBC
451DOUBLES - HandicappedKirsch Tiffany M. \ Novak Shelia A. 1941,220Charles City USBC
451DOUBLES - HandicappedFiebelkorn Kim K. \ Sturtz Dawn D. 511,220Cedar Rapids USBC
454DOUBLES - HandicappedThill Joy E. \ Smith Stacy 201,218Marshalltown Area USBC
455DOUBLES - HandicappedPregler Jennifer N. \ McIntyre Karla J. 631,217Dubuque Area USBC
456DOUBLES - HandicappedRidenour Alesia M. \ Ebrecht Tina M. 251,215Ames Area USBC
457DOUBLES - HandicappedPeppers Brenda \ Black Trisha D. 341,212Sigourney USBC
458DOUBLES - HandicappedPflughaupt Julie A. \ Peot Paula J. 851,210Cedar Rapids USBC
458DOUBLES - HandicappedFoster Samantha E. \ Kemnitz Sue 461,210Fort Dodge Area USBC
460DOUBLES - HandicappedKnight Ashley J. \ Campbell Riley J. 1891,209Independence USBC
461DOUBLES - HandicappedGrey Kelli R. \ Kutsch Shellie J. 151,206Dubuque Area USBC
462DOUBLES - HandicappedVan Nice Brigitte A. \ Kruger Staci L. 61,205Grundy Center USBC
463DOUBLES - HandicappedJackson Kayla R. \ Palmer Bailey E. 1931,204Oskaloosa USBC
463DOUBLES - HandicappedWright Michelle P. \ Wright Diane R. 1871,204Gr Mason City USBC
463DOUBLES - HandicappedCruise Mary P. \ Andrews Barbara 871,204Cedar Rapids USBC
466DOUBLES - HandicappedMiller Frances C. \ Carey Ellen 2071,203Muscatine USBC
467DOUBLES - HandicappedBernard Joanne R. \ Lopez Cindy K. 731,202Independence USBC
468DOUBLES - HandicappedMorse Cassandra M. \ Cordrey Sandra K. 1381,201Muscatine USBC
469DOUBLES - HandicappedLaucamp Triscia D. \ Madsen Lisa L. 2071,200Muscatine USBC
470DOUBLES - HandicappedJordan Kathy L. \ Horsman Robin M. 901,198Ottumwa Area USBC
471DOUBLES - HandicappedWalker Jodi E. \ Walker Rebecca M. 1141,195Council Bluffs USBC
472DOUBLES - HandicappedStewart Jo \ Moore Margaret A. 981,194Ottumwa Area USBC
472DOUBLES - HandicappedArnold Karen M. \ Hiatt Laurie G. 1791,194West Delaware USBC
474DOUBLES - HandicappedChapman Sheila R. \ Niedert Monica A. 1791,171West Delaware USBC
474DOUBLES - HandicappedDreager Karen S. \ Loring Robin D. 561,171Atlantic USBC
476DOUBLES - HandicappedWieman Deborah G. \ TenEyck Charlene 311,169Manning USBC
477DOUBLES - HandicappedMetz Ciony \ Brown Chris A. 1081,168Muscatine USBC
478DOUBLES - HandicappedWaller Emilea J. \ Burge Stephanie M. 1731,163Gr Cedar Valley USBC
479DOUBLES - HandicappedGrim Donna R. \ Axtell Linda L. 1971,146Ottumwa Area USBC
480DOUBLES - HandicappedKetchum April S. \ Buck Samantha J. 2341,142Gr Mason City USBC
481DOUBLES - HandicappedHasselmann Tina R. \ Craig Tami S. 31,134Grundy Center USBC
482DOUBLES - HandicappedHeather Bigelow \ Heckman Adrienne M. 80988Greenfield USBC
1SINGLES - HandicappedBennett Tricia A. 204826Greene County USBC
2SINGLES - HandicappedOpal Chantel M. 117818Council Bluffs USBC
3SINGLES - HandicappedWebber Kristy 246815Keokuk USBC
4SINGLES - HandicappedBeane Misty L. 226797Stuart USBC
5SINGLES - HandicappedDouglas Theresa M. 40794New Hampton USBC
6SINGLES - HandicappedBarrans Jean M. 26793Lenox USBC
7SINGLES - HandicappedGebel Donna L. 40786New Hampton USBC
8SINGLES - HandicappedAdams Anna R. 129783Muscatine USBC
8SINGLES - HandicappedLively Lynn J. 162783Gr Des Moines USBC
8SINGLES - HandicappedFrederick Elizabeth A. 140783Gr Davenport Metro USBC
8SINGLES - HandicappedTudor Elissa R. 190783Independence USBC
12SINGLES - HandicappedRedenius Wylene 103780Ida Grove USBC
13SINGLES - HandicappedRiordan Lynne G. 147777Sigourney USBC
14SINGLES - HandicappedAdams Cindy D. 67776Clarinda USBC
15SINGLES - HandicappedPelzer Heather M. 53775Atlantic USBC
16SINGLES - HandicappedClubb Elaina 99770Sigourney USBC
16SINGLES - HandicappedChristensen Abigail R. 79770Greenfield USBC
18SINGLES - HandicappedSassmann Patricia A. 38768New Hampton USBC
19SINGLES - HandicappedDuver Hope E. 228764Keokuk USBC
19SINGLES - HandicappedBergstrom Susan C. 2764Lenox USBC
21SINGLES - HandicappedMartin Susan L. 133761Gr Siouxland USBC
21SINGLES - HandicappedHennigar Molly S. 80761Greenfield USBC
23SINGLES - HandicappedMain Carrie D. 78758Greenfield USBC
23SINGLES - HandicappedMcFarland Marla 142758Lenox USBC
23SINGLES - HandicappedJohnson Eilene 74758Marshalltown Area USBC
26SINGLES - HandicappedMcElroy Deborah A. 166757Marshalltown Area USBC
26SINGLES - HandicappedCampbell Riley J. 189757Independence USBC
28SINGLES - HandicappedRange Amanda 46752Fort Dodge Area USBC
29SINGLES - HandicappedForce Lori R. 66751Clarinda USBC
29SINGLES - HandicappedLongcor Hannah L. 136751Muscatine USBC
29SINGLES - HandicappedHelgevold LeeAnn M. 192751Clarke & Decatur USBC
29SINGLES - HandicappedGrego Jill M. 231751Eldora USBC
33SINGLES - HandicappedStreck Zolene M. 102750Ida Grove USBC
33SINGLES - HandicappedMackie Kathy 109750Burlington Area USBC
33SINGLES - HandicappedPinneke Kimberly M. 199750Gr Des Moines USBC
33SINGLES - HandicappedPregler Jennifer N. 63750Dubuque Area USBC
37SINGLES - HandicappedPoldervaart Stacey L. 225749Fort Dodge Area USBC
37SINGLES - HandicappedKirsch Tiffany M. 194749Charles City USBC
39SINGLES - HandicappedCarriere Teresa A. 122748Ames Area USBC
39SINGLES - HandicappedVan Ersvelde Amy M. 89748Iowa City USBC
41SINGLES - HandicappedLienemann Joan K. 143747Lenox USBC
41SINGLES - HandicappedChristensen Peggy A. 79747Greenfield USBC
41SINGLES - HandicappedWillenbring Stephanie E. 16747Dubuque Area USBC
44SINGLES - HandicappedVanZante Tiffany K. 19746Pella USBC
44SINGLES - HandicappedSchwickerath Tammi R. 154746Jasper County USBC
44SINGLES - HandicappedOetken Morgan E. 142746Lenox USBC
47SINGLES - HandicappedPregon Kandis J. 83745Pella USBC
48SINGLES - HandicappedJones Margaret A. 212744West Union USBC
49SINGLES - HandicappedMiller Nancy 2743Lenox USBC
49SINGLES - HandicappedAsklund Courtney M. 25743Ames Area USBC
49SINGLES - HandicappedDigman Sarah A. 15743Dubuque Area USBC
52SINGLES - HandicappedStanton Marla J. 41741New Hampton USBC
52SINGLES - HandicappedReed Abbie L. 121741Laurens USBC
52SINGLES - HandicappedHuntsman Tiffany D. 27741Lenox USBC
55SINGLES - HandicappedKisley Linda L. 187739Gr Mason City USBC
55SINGLES - HandicappedAdamson Caytlyn L. 205739Greene County USBC
57SINGLES - HandicappedBriggs Danelle C. 26738Lenox USBC
58SINGLES - HandicappedCoyle Cindy L. 169737Decorah USBC
58SINGLES - HandicappedShoafstall Mckenzie M. 186737Gr Mason City USBC
58SINGLES - HandicappedFaber Kimberly 121737Laurens USBC
58SINGLES - HandicappedLyon Lindsey R. 210737West Union USBC
58SINGLES - HandicappedGates Karen 105737Oelwein USBC
63SINGLES - HandicappedOtt Jacque L. 110736Burlington Area USBC
63SINGLES - HandicappedBuseman Randi L. 4736Grundy Center USBC
65SINGLES - HandicappedNiedert Susan J. 217735Sumner USBC
65SINGLES - HandicappedTerrones Susan L. 163735Ames Area USBC
65SINGLES - HandicappedDecker Angel D. 188735Independence USBC
65SINGLES - HandicappedStubbe Kendsey K. 8735Gr Des Moines USBC
69SINGLES - HandicappedWright Diane R. 187734Gr Mason City USBC
70SINGLES - HandicappedSimmons Paula R. 24733Cedar Rapids USBC
70SINGLES - HandicappedVick Danelle C. 141733Gr Davenport Metro USBC
72SINGLES - HandicappedWhite Jennifer S. 236732Cedar Rapids USBC
72SINGLES - HandicappedSampson Alisha A. 95732Ottumwa Area USBC
72SINGLES - HandicappedWalker Corinda L. 121732Laurens USBC
72SINGLES - HandicappedEich Melissa M. 151732Marshalltown Area USBC
76SINGLES - HandicappedFunte Stacy L. 149731Charles City USBC
76SINGLES - HandicappedMoore Suzanne C. 176731Greene County USBC
76SINGLES - HandicappedBeeler Diane K. 161731Iowa City USBC
76SINGLES - HandicappedCunningham Michelle 129731Muscatine USBC
76SINGLES - HandicappedVick Annette C. 141731Gr Davenport Metro USBC
81SINGLES - HandicappedHake Kay A. 237730Gr Davenport Metro USBC
81SINGLES - HandicappedSackett Phyllis L. 79730Greenfield USBC
81SINGLES - HandicappedLarson Marcia K. 170730Decorah USBC
84SINGLES - HandicappedAnderson Kathleen A. 241729Humboldt Iowa USBC
85SINGLES - HandicappedHofmeister Kaitlin A. 221728Humboldt Iowa USBC
85SINGLES - HandicappedHeckman Adrienne M. 80728Greenfield USBC
85SINGLES - HandicappedCampbell Amy D. 209728West Union USBC
85SINGLES - HandicappedBunnell Debbie L. 144728Cedar Rapids USBC
85SINGLES - HandicappedRaymer Abigail J. 117728Council Bluffs USBC
85SINGLES - HandicappedBrandt Lynette L. 178728Ames Area USBC
85SINGLES - HandicappedHenle Patricia M. 74728Marshalltown Area USBC
92SINGLES - HandicappedTerry Venita K. 231727Eldora USBC
92SINGLES - HandicappedSeibold Anna M. 84727Council Bluffs USBC
92SINGLES - HandicappedMcClure Judy M. 56727Atlantic USBC
92SINGLES - HandicappedSonier Samantha J. 167727Gr Siouxland USBC
92SINGLES - HandicappedGarringer Connie E. 60727Cedar Rapids USBC
92SINGLES - HandicappedPlotz Jessica A. 61727Cedar Rapids USBC
92SINGLES - HandicappedThorne Courtney M. 94727Ottumwa Area USBC
99SINGLES - HandicappedGruber Cindy J. 13726Fort Dodge Area USBC
99SINGLES - HandicappedWelsch Brooke M. 82726Greenfield USBC
101SINGLES - HandicappedPierce Amanda M. 59725Cedar Rapids USBC
101SINGLES - HandicappedShepherd Peggy A. 137725Muscatine USBC
101SINGLES - HandicappedKrenz Sandra K. 77725Gr Cedar Valley USBC
104SINGLES - HandicappedFazzone Nicole E. 204724Greene County USBC
104SINGLES - HandicappedRadcliff Shelly L. 234724Gr Mason City USBC
104SINGLES - HandicappedLazear Stacey 198724Gr Des Moines USBC
107SINGLES - HandicappedKelly Karma 230723De Witt USBC
107SINGLES - HandicappedFunk Teresa J. 187723Gr Mason City USBC
107SINGLES - HandicappedCaves Dinna L. 157723Fairfield USBC
110SINGLES - HandicappedThielen Vicki J. 128722Manning USBC
110SINGLES - HandicappedSporrer Tessa L. 126722Manning USBC
110SINGLES - HandicappedVan Overmeer Beverly A. 25722Ames Area USBC
110SINGLES - HandicappedCaufield Joni A. 177722Ames Area USBC
110SINGLES - HandicappedCook Kayla 88722De Witt USBC
110SINGLES - HandicappedDermer Carol J. 124722Burlington Area USBC
110SINGLES - HandicappedSweetland Tina 139722Gr Davenport Metro USBC
110SINGLES - HandicappedGeurink Polly A. 119722Gr Davenport Metro USBC
110SINGLES - HandicappedRenslow Shelby A. 226722Stuart USBC
110SINGLES - HandicappedBaker Debbie K. 45722Ottumwa Area USBC
110SINGLES - HandicappedLaubenthal Chelsey T. 242722Buffalo Center USBC
121SINGLES - HandicappedMellencamp Micaela B. 131721Clarinda USBC
121SINGLES - HandicappedBucklin Breanna 183721Jasper County USBC
121SINGLES - HandicappedWulf Sandra S. 30721Manning USBC
121SINGLES - HandicappedSchildroth Theresa L. 5721Grundy Center USBC
121SINGLES - HandicappedMonell Christina M. 175721Gr Siouxland USBC
126SINGLES - HandicappedWalker Sharon 83720Pella USBC
126SINGLES - HandicappedMoore Margaret A. 98720Ottumwa Area USBC
126SINGLES - HandicappedPearson Michelle A. 43720New Hampton USBC
129SINGLES - HandicappedGonzalez Jennifer M. 189719Independence USBC
129SINGLES - HandicappedAlexander Beth D. 69719Clarinda USBC
129SINGLES - HandicappedRandel Rachel A. 81719Greenfield USBC
132SINGLES - HandicappedEstabrook Diana L. 137718Muscatine USBC
132SINGLES - HandicappedEilers DeAnn M. 5718Grundy Center USBC
134SINGLES - HandicappedBock Darla D. 217717Sumner USBC
134SINGLES - HandicappedWilson Mari I. 186717Gr Mason City USBC
134SINGLES - HandicappedCruise Mary P. 87717Cedar Rapids USBC
137SINGLES - HandicappedKriegel Carla R. 161716Iowa City USBC
138SINGLES - HandicappedTimm Kris 62715Cedar Rapids USBC
138SINGLES - HandicappedBraaksma Toni G. 96715Ottumwa Area USBC
138SINGLES - HandicappedLaMaack Heather A. 141715Gr Davenport Metro USBC
138SINGLES - HandicappedClifton Rita R. 240715Gr Davenport Metro USBC
138SINGLES - HandicappedGeorge Diane 172715Humboldt Iowa USBC
138SINGLES - HandicappedClassen Lisa A. 112715Burlington Area USBC
138SINGLES - HandicappedMcClellan Angie R. 74715Marshalltown Area USBC
138SINGLES - HandicappedClark Janet R. 20715Marshalltown Area USBC
138SINGLES - HandicappedClancy Marge M. 63715Dubuque Area USBC
147SINGLES - HandicappedHoltkamp Diane M. 110714Burlington Area USBC
147SINGLES - HandicappedHolden-McMurray Amelia S. 210714West Union USBC
147SINGLES - HandicappedAnderson Shawn 116714Council Bluffs USBC
147SINGLES - HandicappedEbrecht Tina M. 25714Ames Area USBC
147SINGLES - HandicappedKirchmann Brenda 216714Sumner USBC
152SINGLES - HandicappedGalvin Megan 101713Ida Grove USBC
152SINGLES - HandicappedMarlowe Beverly J. 130713Muscatine USBC
152SINGLES - HandicappedChickering Natasha A. 97713Ottumwa Area USBC
152SINGLES - HandicappedMcCoy Melanie L. 95713Ottumwa Area USBC
152SINGLES - HandicappedMensen Sarah L. 184713Dubuque Area USBC
152SINGLES - HandicappedSpicer Jennifer A. 227713Keokuk USBC
158SINGLES - HandicappedHarrison Rae 12712Fort Dodge Area USBC
158SINGLES - HandicappedDotzenrod Jaymes A. 209712West Union USBC
158SINGLES - HandicappedKuennen Lavell R. 208712West Union USBC
158SINGLES - HandicappedGoecker Debbie 131712Clarinda USBC
158SINGLES - HandicappedMathiews Jessica 81712Greenfield USBC
163SINGLES - HandicappedMiller Diana L. 57711Pella USBC
163SINGLES - HandicappedAdams Cheryl A. 162711Gr Des Moines USBC
163SINGLES - HandicappedOetken Penny F. 143711Lenox USBC
163SINGLES - HandicappedShoafstall Karie M. 185711Gr Mason City USBC
163SINGLES - HandicappedMiller Kathryn I. 185711Gr Mason City USBC
163SINGLES - HandicappedLockhart Tonya M. 163711Ames Area USBC
169SINGLES - HandicappedMurphy Abigail K. 148710Charles City USBC
169SINGLES - HandicappedGehrke Janelle M. 70710Eldora USBC
169SINGLES - HandicappedYonkie Kristen M. 117710Council Bluffs USBC
169SINGLES - HandicappedGoldsberry Peggy A. 10710Gr Des Moines USBC
169SINGLES - HandicappedPins Sara V. 160710Dubuque Area USBC
174SINGLES - HandicappedLasher Susie C. 9709Gr Des Moines USBC
174SINGLES - HandicappedPotts Jessica J. 162709Gr Des Moines USBC
174SINGLES - HandicappedLogan Jaylee M. 112709Burlington Area USBC
174SINGLES - HandicappedKuhse Katie L. 189709Independence USBC
174SINGLES - HandicappedSales Jennifer 140709Gr Davenport Metro USBC
174SINGLES - HandicappedSwanson Tanya M. 84709Council Bluffs USBC
174SINGLES - HandicappedStoner Sandy D. 156709Sigourney USBC
174SINGLES - HandicappedSybesma KaDee R. 128709Manning USBC
182SINGLES - HandicappedPratt Jessica 103708Ida Grove USBC
182SINGLES - HandicappedCampbell Amanda J. 102708Ida Grove USBC
182SINGLES - HandicappedBruns Kathleen E. 37708Sigourney USBC
182SINGLES - HandicappedSchmelzer Lila J. 137708Muscatine USBC
182SINGLES - HandicappedBettcher Lisa L. 65708Council Bluffs USBC
182SINGLES - HandicappedStrange Linda L. 64708Council Bluffs USBC
182SINGLES - HandicappedMartin DeLois R. 208708West Union USBC
189SINGLES - HandicappedVasquez Michele 47707Fort Dodge Area USBC
189SINGLES - HandicappedKnuth Serena R. 96707Ottumwa Area USBC
189SINGLES - HandicappedWeiland Debbie A. 17707Dubuque Area USBC
192SINGLES - HandicappedThrondson Regan M. 38706New Hampton USBC
192SINGLES - HandicappedLund Jaci A. 14706Fort Dodge Area USBC
192SINGLES - HandicappedBever-Keim Diane 116706Council Bluffs USBC
192SINGLES - HandicappedMorgan Michelle A. 129706Muscatine USBC
192SINGLES - HandicappedUlrich Deb 102706Ida Grove USBC
192SINGLES - HandicappedSturm Alison A. 155706Manning USBC
198SINGLES - HandicappedJensen Maureen 52705Atlantic USBC
198SINGLES - HandicappedKemnitz Sue 46705Fort Dodge Area USBC
198SINGLES - HandicappedWadsley Carol A. 221705Humboldt Iowa USBC
201SINGLES - HandicappedRing Patricia 115704Council Bluffs USBC
201SINGLES - HandicappedMetz Ciony 108704Muscatine USBC
201SINGLES - HandicappedHanson Bernie M. 18704Dubuque Area USBC
204SINGLES - HandicappedLesley Morgan E. 118703Council Bluffs USBC
204SINGLES - HandicappedAdams Becky L. 111703Burlington Area USBC
204SINGLES - HandicappedHeid Miranda 11703Fort Dodge Area USBC
207SINGLES - HandicappedStuhrenberg Connie 134702Fort Dodge Area USBC
207SINGLES - HandicappedKisling Karen F. 60702Cedar Rapids USBC
207SINGLES - HandicappedMc Bride Cindy K. 60702Cedar Rapids USBC
207SINGLES - HandicappedLansing Julie A. 213702West Union USBC
207SINGLES - HandicappedEdwards Janet M. 237702Gr Davenport Metro USBC
207SINGLES - HandicappedWilson Jamie M. 122702Ames Area USBC
207SINGLES - HandicappedGebers Peggy A. 181702Ida Grove USBC
207SINGLES - HandicappedJackson Kayla R. 193702Oskaloosa USBC
207SINGLES - HandicappedWaite Sarah J. 49702Shenandoah USBC
207SINGLES - HandicappedDietrich Jessica L. 39702New Hampton USBC
217SINGLES - HandicappedSadler Jessica A. 215701West Union USBC
217SINGLES - HandicappedTuttle Terri L. 144701Cedar Rapids USBC
217SINGLES - HandicappedKirchner Heidi L. 236701Cedar Rapids USBC
220SINGLES - HandicappedMathews Sandra K. 146700Gr Des Moines USBC
220SINGLES - HandicappedRoney Roberta I. 158700Gr Des Moines USBC
220SINGLES - HandicappedSawyer Caitlyn 221700Humboldt Iowa USBC
220SINGLES - HandicappedNixon Jodi L. 142700Lenox USBC
220SINGLES - HandicappedSatter Jacque R. 133700Gr Siouxland USBC
225SINGLES - HandicappedKehoe Rita A. 29699Gr Cedar Valley USBC
225SINGLES - HandicappedCastillo Sherry L. 53699Atlantic USBC
225SINGLES - HandicappedTilley Megan I. 180699Ida Grove USBC
225SINGLES - HandicappedBloyer Kay 102699Ida Grove USBC
225SINGLES - HandicappedHood Sue A. 158699Gr Des Moines USBC
225SINGLES - HandicappedHicks Shana 9699Gr Des Moines USBC
225SINGLES - HandicappedHare Alicia A. 39699New Hampton USBC
225SINGLES - HandicappedMorehouse Mary Jo 229699Keokuk USBC
233SINGLES - HandicappedEinwalter Mary J. 160698Dubuque Area USBC
233SINGLES - HandicappedSchmidt Jacklyn K. 86698Cedar Rapids USBC
233SINGLES - HandicappedHunt Jamee L. 101698Ida Grove USBC
233SINGLES - HandicappedReysack LaVonne R. 132698Charles City USBC
233SINGLES - HandicappedJennings Teri L. 123698Ames Area USBC
233SINGLES - HandicappedWulf Megan 204698Greene County USBC
233SINGLES - HandicappedTabor Shawna R. 138698Muscatine USBC
240SINGLES - HandicappedDerbyshire Cherie 152697Gr Cedar Valley USBC
240SINGLES - HandicappedStofferahn Suzie 2697Lenox USBC
240SINGLES - HandicappedMarzen Laura L. 164697Gr Mason City USBC
240SINGLES - HandicappedDruyff Danielle L. 183697Jasper County USBC
244SINGLES - HandicappedSchaefer Ginny L. 154696Jasper County USBC
244SINGLES - HandicappedBascom Pamela J. 188696Independence USBC
244SINGLES - HandicappedRayman Tracy A. 113696Cedar Rapids USBC
244SINGLES - HandicappedHubble Jillian L. 235696Cedar Rapids USBC
244SINGLES - HandicappedSpooner Penny E. 206696Gr Des Moines USBC
244SINGLES - HandicappedHopp Patricia 246696Keokuk USBC
244SINGLES - HandicappedRosonke Kim A. 41696New Hampton USBC
251SINGLES - HandicappedWinter Lora 23695Cedar Rapids USBC
251SINGLES - HandicappedMoritz Nicole R. 239695Gr Davenport Metro USBC
251SINGLES - HandicappedMorenz Karen M. 182695Sioux Rapids-Alta USBC
251SINGLES - HandicappedLewis Kendra L. 27695Lenox USBC
251SINGLES - HandicappedFrieze Melinda S. 116695Council Bluffs USBC
256SINGLES - HandicappedGolden Lisa A. 64694Council Bluffs USBC
256SINGLES - HandicappedAlcala April M. 48694Le Mars USBC
256SINGLES - HandicappedMcNurlen Madi 35694Sigourney USBC
256SINGLES - HandicappedLaucamp Triscia D. 207694Muscatine USBC
256SINGLES - HandicappedSidles Laura L. 120694Laurens USBC
256SINGLES - HandicappedLohf Kathy A. 191694Cedar Rapids USBC
256SINGLES - HandicappedWilliams-Hernandez Brandy K. 45694Ottumwa Area USBC
256SINGLES - HandicappedDavis Sam L. 16694Dubuque Area USBC
264SINGLES - HandicappedJones Bonnie L. 24693Cedar Rapids USBC
264SINGLES - HandicappedHarris Cortney J. 178693Ames Area USBC
264SINGLES - HandicappedKerkhoff Kenzie K. 128693Manning USBC
264SINGLES - HandicappedStorm Penny J. 133693Gr Siouxland USBC
264SINGLES - HandicappedGeer Tanya L. 29693Gr Cedar Valley USBC
264SINGLES - HandicappedGreen Tammy R. 159693Anamosa USBC
270SINGLES - HandicappedHemann Misty M. 134692Fort Dodge Area USBC
270SINGLES - HandicappedGeopfert Allysen N. 14692Fort Dodge Area USBC
272SINGLES - HandicappedJohnson Michelle 11691Fort Dodge Area USBC
272SINGLES - HandicappedBrennan Shanna 11691Fort Dodge Area USBC
272SINGLES - HandicappedNovinski Victoria L. 58691Cedar Rapids USBC
272SINGLES - HandicappedRieger Gail A. 87691Cedar Rapids USBC
272SINGLES - HandicappedHarter Bridgett M. 79691Greenfield USBC
272SINGLES - HandicappedLove Amber L. 212691West Union USBC
272SINGLES - HandicappedStorey Diane M. 117691Council Bluffs USBC
272SINGLES - HandicappedLuebbers Dana R. 71691Eldora USBC
272SINGLES - HandicappedFecher Shannon R. 203691Greene County USBC
272SINGLES - HandicappedMerryman Dustyne L. 228691Keokuk USBC
282SINGLES - HandicappedBauer Teresa J. 157690Fairfield USBC
282SINGLES - HandicappedBird Nancy K. 147690Sigourney USBC
282SINGLES - HandicappedLohr Bobbi J. 103690Ida Grove USBC
282SINGLES - HandicappedBriner Cindy 143690Lenox USBC
282SINGLES - HandicappedBoysen Jennifer M. 72690Monticello USBC
282SINGLES - HandicappedBeaver Terri Jo 167690Gr Siouxland USBC
282SINGLES - HandicappedSmith Renee R. 111690Burlington Area USBC
282SINGLES - HandicappedAalbers Sandra K. 83690Pella USBC
282SINGLES - HandicappedFaust Liz 73690Independence USBC
282SINGLES - HandicappedAmeling Amy E. 215690West Union USBC
282SINGLES - HandicappedMoritz Anna 239690Gr Davenport Metro USBC
282SINGLES - HandicappedTyler Donna R. 1690Cedar Rapids USBC
294SINGLES - HandicappedRalston Sara A. 141689Gr Davenport Metro USBC
294SINGLES - HandicappedBanta Donna M. 240689Gr Davenport Metro USBC
294SINGLES - HandicappedTrimble Rebecca C. 112689Burlington Area USBC
294SINGLES - HandicappedCoons Jean 171689Decorah USBC
294SINGLES - HandicappedBakke Tina L. 169689Decorah USBC
294SINGLES - HandicappedLiesveld Jill 153689Iowa City USBC
294SINGLES - HandicappedNovak Amber R. 195689Charles City USBC
294SINGLES - HandicappedSchrieber Sandra K. 121689Laurens USBC
294SINGLES - HandicappedSlingluff Leah S. 21689Marshalltown Area USBC
303SINGLES - HandicappedFilloon Piene 74688Marshalltown Area USBC
303SINGLES - HandicappedWieman Deborah G. 31688Manning USBC
303SINGLES - HandicappedPalmer Bailey E. 193688Oskaloosa USBC
303SINGLES - HandicappedLoneman Lori A. 203688Greene County USBC
303SINGLES - HandicappedSchneiderman Janelle E. 219688Burlington Area USBC
303SINGLES - HandicappedEveritt Jennifer A. 212688West Union USBC
303SINGLES - HandicappedBrown Ginger S. 113688Cedar Rapids USBC
303SINGLES - HandicappedWatson Janet S. 235688Cedar Rapids USBC
303SINGLES - HandicappedRawls Brenda L. 19688Pella USBC
303SINGLES - HandicappedWilkinson Michelle R. 162688Gr Des Moines USBC
313SINGLES - HandicappedChickering Nichole A. 97687Ottumwa Area USBC
313SINGLES - HandicappedBarnes Kimberly K. 61687Cedar Rapids USBC
313SINGLES - HandicappedWisted Sharon K. 1687Cedar Rapids USBC
313SINGLES - HandicappedHazelett Sue 139687Gr Davenport Metro USBC
313SINGLES - HandicappedVogt Whittney A. 180687Ida Grove USBC
313SINGLES - HandicappedJorgensen Patricia R. 32687Manning USBC
313SINGLES - HandicappedHolms Sue A. 152687Gr Cedar Valley USBC
313SINGLES - HandicappedBarnes Toni J. 37687Sigourney USBC
321SINGLES - HandicappedVanGundy Kalliann 36686Sigourney USBC
321SINGLES - HandicappedFuller Carol 48686Le Mars USBC
321SINGLES - HandicappedSolomon Jennifer J. 132686Charles City USBC
321SINGLES - HandicappedFecher Kendall R. 205686Greene County USBC
321SINGLES - HandicappedNehl Diane F. 42686New Hampton USBC
326SINGLES - HandicappedHeyveld Connie L. 89685Iowa City USBC
326SINGLES - HandicappedWhite Paula R. 161685Iowa City USBC
326SINGLES - HandicappedVine Vivian A. 170685Decorah USBC
326SINGLES - HandicappedTevis Kristen M. 190685Independence USBC
326SINGLES - HandicappedRego Kate N. 236685Cedar Rapids USBC
331SINGLES - HandicappedTryon Camille A. 50684Cedar Rapids USBC
331SINGLES - HandicappedNizzi Katherine L. 206684Gr Des Moines USBC
331SINGLES - HandicappedNelson Denise 215684West Union USBC
331SINGLES - HandicappedHumphrey Mary L. 131684Clarinda USBC
331SINGLES - HandicappedBrubaker Melissa R. 35684Sigourney USBC
331SINGLES - HandicappedJohnson Tammi L. 167684Gr Siouxland USBC
331SINGLES - HandicappedOnnen Jocilyn R. 3684Grundy Center USBC
331SINGLES - HandicappedSpeake Patti A. 30684Manning USBC
339SINGLES - HandicappedGoodin Haley R. 148683Charles City USBC
339SINGLES - HandicappedWoodford Victoria J. 205683Greene County USBC
339SINGLES - HandicappedSmith Suzanne T. 145683Gr Siouxland USBC
339SINGLES - HandicappedRidinger Jessica M. 138683Muscatine USBC
339SINGLES - HandicappedHoward Megan 165683Oelwein USBC
339SINGLES - HandicappedPenning Jamie K. 62683Cedar Rapids USBC
339SINGLES - HandicappedEngland Pam A. 191683Cedar Rapids USBC
346SINGLES - HandicappedNovinski Jean M. 61682Cedar Rapids USBC
346SINGLES - HandicappedCollins Margie M. 232682Gr Des Moines USBC
346SINGLES - HandicappedEmholtz Mary L. 135682Gr Des Moines USBC
346SINGLES - HandicappedDalton Rita 230682De Witt USBC
346SINGLES - HandicappedWilcox Janet L. 99682Sigourney USBC
346SINGLES - HandicappedWaller Emilea J. 173682Gr Cedar Valley USBC
346SINGLES - HandicappedEggers Joanna M. 84682Council Bluffs USBC
346SINGLES - HandicappedSchiltz Stephanie 120682Laurens USBC
354SINGLES - HandicappedPaulsen Sara L. 120681Laurens USBC
354SINGLES - HandicappedManchester Sherry A. 185681Gr Mason City USBC
354SINGLES - HandicappedHocamp Christie S. 53681Atlantic USBC
354SINGLES - HandicappedLopez Cindy K. 73681Independence USBC
354SINGLES - HandicappedPeterla Ann M. 107681Gr Davenport Metro USBC
354SINGLES - HandicappedPomerson Tracey L. 82681Greenfield USBC
354SINGLES - HandicappedSturtz Dawn D. 51681Cedar Rapids USBC
354SINGLES - HandicappedThill Joy E. 20681Marshalltown Area USBC
362SINGLES - HandicappedAtcher Helen J. 166680Marshalltown Area USBC
362SINGLES - HandicappedFank Kimberly M. 188680Independence USBC
362SINGLES - HandicappedBrissey Jennifer 219680Burlington Area USBC
362SINGLES - HandicappedPol Lana K. 19680Pella USBC
362SINGLES - HandicappedBriggs Deborah M. 26680Lenox USBC
362SINGLES - HandicappedFry Tami 35680Sigourney USBC
362SINGLES - HandicappedBrandes Pat A. 175680Gr Siouxland USBC
362SINGLES - HandicappedDurbin Michaela 101680Ida Grove USBC
370SINGLES - HandicappedRoth Teresa 164679Gr Mason City USBC
370SINGLES - HandicappedKetchum Kathy 164679Gr Mason City USBC
370SINGLES - HandicappedEmrich Missy L. 93679Gr Siouxland USBC
370SINGLES - HandicappedRoulson-Bills Cyndi S. 208679West Union USBC
370SINGLES - HandicappedForschler Amy K. 196679Jasper County USBC
370SINGLES - HandicappedRichards Makinze L. 214679West Union USBC
370SINGLES - HandicappedJohnson Margaret A. 135679Gr Des Moines USBC
377SINGLES - HandicappedLongnecker Jone M. 58678Cedar Rapids USBC
377SINGLES - HandicappedEngledow Carilyn S. 22678Cedar Rapids USBC
377SINGLES - HandicappedHocamp Sandi K. 53678Atlantic USBC
377SINGLES - HandicappedKolthoff Jamie L. 231678Eldora USBC
381SINGLES - HandicappedMeier Ashley N. 128677Manning USBC
381SINGLES - HandicappedSchneekloth Peggy 86677Cedar Rapids USBC
383SINGLES - HandicappedAkin Brittany N. 94676Ottumwa Area USBC
383SINGLES - HandicappedSylvester Sherry L. 92676Ottumwa Area USBC
383SINGLES - HandicappedHendricks Julie A. 172676Humboldt Iowa USBC
383SINGLES - HandicappedStephens Linda 33676Manning USBC
383SINGLES - HandicappedEhlers Marcy M. 127676Manning USBC
383SINGLES - HandicappedGehrke Patricia A. 71676Eldora USBC
383SINGLES - HandicappedGibson Melissa 49676Shenandoah USBC
383SINGLES - HandicappedFontana Jan S. 157676Fairfield USBC
383SINGLES - HandicappedGoddard Carol J. 132676Charles City USBC
383SINGLES - HandicappedMcIntyre Karla J. 63676Dubuque Area USBC
393SINGLES - HandicappedMyers Kerry 176675Greene County USBC
393SINGLES - HandicappedMuntz Beverly 37675Sigourney USBC
393SINGLES - HandicappedAguilar Arianna L. 119675Gr Davenport Metro USBC
393SINGLES - HandicappedRoose Judith 19675Pella USBC
393SINGLES - HandicappedMullins Janiece K. 134675Fort Dodge Area USBC
398SINGLES - HandicappedKearney Sarah 13674Fort Dodge Area USBC
398SINGLES - HandicappedBernard Joanne R. 73674Independence USBC
398SINGLES - HandicappedOlson Lynette R. 78674Greenfield USBC
398SINGLES - HandicappedDanner Carmen 36674Sigourney USBC
398SINGLES - HandicappedSwanson Christine L. 108674Muscatine USBC
398SINGLES - HandicappedLogel Karlyn S. 129674Muscatine USBC
398SINGLES - HandicappedWalker Kerry J. 150674Dubuque Area USBC
398SINGLES - HandicappedThrondson Carrie 38674New Hampton USBC
398SINGLES - HandicappedHogan Paula J. 229674Keokuk USBC
407SINGLES - HandicappedMessersmith Carol 42673New Hampton USBC
407SINGLES - HandicappedMiller Monica M. 99673Sigourney USBC
407SINGLES - HandicappedAnders Kathy F. 77673Gr Cedar Valley USBC
407SINGLES - HandicappedWesner Melissa A. 140673Gr Davenport Metro USBC
407SINGLES - HandicappedBausch Donna 211673West Union USBC
407SINGLES - HandicappedRumery Kelsey M. 23673Cedar Rapids USBC
407SINGLES - HandicappedRiggs Barbara A. 135673Gr Des Moines USBC
407SINGLES - HandicappedThompson Sheri L. 198673Gr Des Moines USBC
407SINGLES - HandicappedPayne Toni 98673Ottumwa Area USBC
416SINGLES - HandicappedHazelton Barbara A. 1672Cedar Rapids USBC
416SINGLES - HandicappedSlater Sara K. 50672Cedar Rapids USBC
416SINGLES - HandicappedRowley Kristin M. 220672Burlington Area USBC
416SINGLES - HandicappedMorgan Jamie R. 190672Independence USBC
416SINGLES - HandicappedOetken Bailey M. 142672Lenox USBC
416SINGLES - HandicappedGildsig Jeanette E. 2672Lenox USBC
416SINGLES - HandicappedPersoon Pamela A. 182672Sioux Rapids-Alta USBC
416SINGLES - HandicappedSchaffer Charlene 185672Gr Mason City USBC
416SINGLES - HandicappedWessling Bobbie R. 148672Charles City USBC
425SINGLES - HandicappedShoafstall Brooke M. 186671Gr Mason City USBC
425SINGLES - HandicappedIhnen Melissa A. 56671Atlantic USBC
425SINGLES - HandicappedWhitlatch Sheryl L. 213671West Union USBC
425SINGLES - HandicappedMc Cormick Julie M. 191671Cedar Rapids USBC
429SINGLES - HandicappedJennings Sheryl D. 154670Jasper County USBC
429SINGLES - HandicappedPetty Teresa 218670Clarinda USBC
429SINGLES - HandicappedSpainhower Jessica N. 27670Lenox USBC
429SINGLES - HandicappedBlack Trisha D. 34670Sigourney USBC
429SINGLES - HandicappedLatwesen Danielle M. 4670Grundy Center USBC
429SINGLES - HandicappedClancy Valerie F. 17670Dubuque Area USBC
429SINGLES - HandicappedVanKirk Jennifer L. 166670Marshalltown Area USBC
436SINGLES - HandicappedClark Amy A. 21669Marshalltown Area USBC
436SINGLES - HandicappedTauber Kimberly A. 16669Dubuque Area USBC
436SINGLES - HandicappedSchumacher Gina M. 38669New Hampton USBC
436SINGLES - HandicappedFrischmeyer Julie 3669Grundy Center USBC
436SINGLES - HandicappedJohnson Nicole A. 145669Gr Siouxland USBC
436SINGLES - HandicappedTempleman Dawn R. 54669Atlantic USBC
436SINGLES - HandicappedManternach Lisa 72669Monticello USBC
436SINGLES - HandicappedHess Vickie M. 224669Clarinda USBC
436SINGLES - HandicappedCollins Anita J. 124669Burlington Area USBC
436SINGLES - HandicappedLovell Linda S. 144669Cedar Rapids USBC
436SINGLES - HandicappedWarner Cathy C. 197669Ottumwa Area USBC
436SINGLES - HandicappedVolk Carol J. 24669Cedar Rapids USBC
436SINGLES - HandicappedMcCormick Dagmar 47669Fort Dodge Area USBC
449SINGLES - HandicappedBurchett Cortney I. 199668Gr Des Moines USBC
449SINGLES - HandicappedMiller Wendy A. 61668Cedar Rapids USBC
449SINGLES - HandicappedWoerdehoff Deneen M. 237668Gr Davenport Metro USBC
452SINGLES - HandicappedVos Carla 83667Pella USBC
452SINGLES - HandicappedSchwartz Vickie 28667Fort Dodge Area USBC
452SINGLES - HandicappedMunoz Tammie L. 114667Council Bluffs USBC
452SINGLES - HandicappedHeisler-Eggers Connie J. 84667Council Bluffs USBC
452SINGLES - HandicappedKruse Jennifer 169667Decorah USBC
452SINGLES - HandicappedGrangruth Tracy L. 123667Ames Area USBC
452SINGLES - HandicappedQuick Jennifer R. 122667Ames Area USBC
459SINGLES - HandicappedNelson Debra K. 178666Ames Area USBC
459SINGLES - HandicappedLee Tracey H. 75666Sigourney USBC
459SINGLES - HandicappedRowedder Brenda 127666Manning USBC
459SINGLES - HandicappedCrum Donna R. 118666Council Bluffs USBC
459SINGLES - HandicappedPetersen Garnett J. 52666Atlantic USBC
459SINGLES - HandicappedKvach Jean I. 113666Cedar Rapids USBC
459SINGLES - HandicappedMattson Kelly S. 168666Red Oak USBC
459SINGLES - HandicappedHughes Christie D. 183666Jasper County USBC
459SINGLES - HandicappedBurr Susan L. 240666Gr Davenport Metro USBC
459SINGLES - HandicappedLarkin Donna J. 218666Clarinda USBC
459SINGLES - HandicappedPettinger Jana E. 221666Humboldt Iowa USBC
470SINGLES - HandicappedDominacki June M. 139665Gr Davenport Metro USBC
470SINGLES - HandicappedMarchand Dolly L. 139665Gr Davenport Metro USBC
470SINGLES - HandicappedDingman Karen L. 111665Burlington Area USBC
470SINGLES - HandicappedHorsman Robin M. 90665Ottumwa Area USBC
470SINGLES - HandicappedKepler Tereni L. 59665Cedar Rapids USBC
470SINGLES - HandicappedJacobsen Hazel M. 23665Cedar Rapids USBC
470SINGLES - HandicappedHarris Mindy S. 178665Ames Area USBC
477SINGLES - HandicappedRoss Wendy L. 149664Charles City USBC
477SINGLES - HandicappedZimmer Hiedi J. 181664Ida Grove USBC
477SINGLES - HandicappedFisher Lora L. 37664Sigourney USBC
477SINGLES - HandicappedPafford Jackie J. 168664Red Oak USBC
477SINGLES - HandicappedPrickett Tasha L. 220664Burlington Area USBC
477SINGLES - HandicappedHotvedt Lydia B. 210664West Union USBC
477SINGLES - HandicappedDaniels Jordy 88664De Witt USBC
477SINGLES - HandicappedWagoner Donna J. 131664Clarinda USBC
477SINGLES - HandicappedSteeve Kate L. 67664Clarinda USBC
477SINGLES - HandicappedVaul Cindy L. 21664Marshalltown Area USBC
487SINGLES - HandicappedRaum-Murty Bonnie R. 151663Marshalltown Area USBC
487SINGLES - HandicappedRiggle Jennifer T. 68663Clarinda USBC
487SINGLES - HandicappedSturm Nina M. 67663Clarinda USBC
487SINGLES - HandicappedFrahm Erin A. 28663Fort Dodge Area USBC
487SINGLES - HandicappedWolfe Darla J. 198663Gr Des Moines USBC
487SINGLES - HandicappedSmith Lea M. 232663Gr Des Moines USBC
487SINGLES - HandicappedEpperson Maureen A. 223663Gr Cedar Valley USBC
487SINGLES - HandicappedSmith-Harris Katie A. 145663Gr Siouxland USBC
487SINGLES - HandicappedFink Julie E. 200663Mt Pleasant USBC
487SINGLES - HandicappedSeemann Juli 55663Atlantic USBC
487SINGLES - HandicappedWalton Janet L. 171663Decorah USBC
487SINGLES - HandicappedChristinson Cheryl A. 161663Iowa City USBC
487SINGLES - HandicappedPruismann Sandra J. 177663Ames Area USBC
500SINGLES - HandicappedTeske Rebecca K. 71662Eldora USBC
500SINGLES - HandicappedBird Kandy S. 147662Sigourney USBC
500SINGLES - HandicappedBurke Kerri K. 199662Gr Des Moines USBC
500SINGLES - HandicappedDarrow Mildred 107662Gr Davenport Metro USBC
504SINGLES - HandicappedLee Tori R. 213661West Union USBC
504SINGLES - HandicappedRogers Debra J. 144661Cedar Rapids USBC
504SINGLES - HandicappedHasselmann Tina R. 3661Grundy Center USBC
504SINGLES - HandicappedMoore Cheri D. 202661Greene County USBC
504SINGLES - HandicappedTeske Debra K. 71661Eldora USBC
504SINGLES - HandicappedBoeck Carolyn J. 32661Manning USBC
504SINGLES - HandicappedSchmitt Stena M. 148661Charles City USBC
504SINGLES - HandicappedDreager Karen S. 56661Atlantic USBC
504SINGLES - HandicappedClark Jana L. 64661Council Bluffs USBC
504SINGLES - HandicappedAnderson Lynn D. 114661Council Bluffs USBC
504SINGLES - HandicappedVrieze Jessica L. 223661Gr Cedar Valley USBC
504SINGLES - HandicappedParcel Amber L. 242661Buffalo Center USBC
516SINGLES - HandicappedGrey Kelli R. 15660Dubuque Area USBC
516SINGLES - HandicappedBloom Lillian B. 200660Mt Pleasant USBC
516SINGLES - HandicappedSexton KatieAnn 126660Manning USBC
516SINGLES - HandicappedBorkowski Kristen D. 127660Manning USBC
516SINGLES - HandicappedHogue Jacee 49660Shenandoah USBC
516SINGLES - HandicappedHageman Debra A. 213660West Union USBC
516SINGLES - HandicappedWhite Joyce A. 211660West Union USBC
516SINGLES - HandicappedDibble Ann E. 211660West Union USBC
516SINGLES - HandicappedWills Kelly L. 111660Burlington Area USBC
516SINGLES - HandicappedJensen Shea A. 82660Greenfield USBC
516SINGLES - HandicappedHowell Joanna 105660Oelwein USBC
516SINGLES - HandicappedConnors Penny 172660Humboldt Iowa USBC
528SINGLES - HandicappedEdwards Lisa T. 238659Gr Davenport Metro USBC
528SINGLES - HandicappedLee Carolynn F. 124659Burlington Area USBC
528SINGLES - HandicappedSchwebke Joyce E. 159659Anamosa USBC
531SINGLES - HandicappedGood Jeanine J. 65658Council Bluffs USBC
531SINGLES - HandicappedMorse Cassandra M. 138658Muscatine USBC
531SINGLES - HandicappedClock Judy K. 70658Eldora USBC
531SINGLES - HandicappedJanssen Sherry J. 177658Ames Area USBC
531SINGLES - HandicappedDeKoning Deanne 57658Pella USBC
536SINGLES - HandicappedGiese Shae A. 206657Gr Des Moines USBC
536SINGLES - HandicappedWood Chris A. 225657Fort Dodge Area USBC
536SINGLES - HandicappedMoore Lori G. 202657Greene County USBC
536SINGLES - HandicappedHicks Tracy A. 201657Greene County USBC
536SINGLES - HandicappedAllen Theresa 173657Gr Cedar Valley USBC
536SINGLES - HandicappedBoston Liz M. 115657Council Bluffs USBC
536SINGLES - HandicappedWright April J. 26657Lenox USBC
536SINGLES - HandicappedLechtenberg Abby L. 39657New Hampton USBC
544SINGLES - HandicappedLechtenberg Linda B. 42656New Hampton USBC
544SINGLES - HandicappedMcDermott Melinda 184656Dubuque Area USBC
544SINGLES - HandicappedWilder Brenda R. 170656Decorah USBC
544SINGLES - HandicappedFrisbie Sherri L. 65656Council Bluffs USBC
544SINGLES - HandicappedFisher LoraLee 156656Sigourney USBC
544SINGLES - HandicappedClark Sandy 36656Sigourney USBC
544SINGLES - HandicappedHobbs Tammy L. 22656Cedar Rapids USBC
544SINGLES - HandicappedAleckson Serenity M. 107656Gr Davenport Metro USBC
544SINGLES - HandicappedSeddon Wendy M. 80656Greenfield USBC
553SINGLES - HandicappedKrejci Antonette M. 85655Cedar Rapids USBC
553SINGLES - HandicappedFrazer Cindie L. 77655Gr Cedar Valley USBC
553SINGLES - HandicappedAupperle Julie 53655Atlantic USBC
553SINGLES - HandicappedRhine Tammy L. 143655Lenox USBC
553SINGLES - HandicappedMcDonald Kim S. 203655Greene County USBC
553SINGLES - HandicappedDonaldson Chelsea L. 231655Eldora USBC
553SINGLES - HandicappedMalcom Shelley E. 101655Ida Grove USBC
560SINGLES - HandicappedNovak Amy L. 195654Charles City USBC
560SINGLES - HandicappedGruhn Shelly 155654Manning USBC
560SINGLES - HandicappedStrand Shannon L. 182654Sioux Rapids-Alta USBC
560SINGLES - HandicappedChristianson Debra S. 236654Cedar Rapids USBC
560SINGLES - HandicappedShowers Machelle R. 28654Fort Dodge Area USBC
560SINGLES - HandicappedSpittell Jessica L. 12654Fort Dodge Area USBC
560SINGLES - HandicappedRock Kathy A. 196654Jasper County USBC
560SINGLES - HandicappedFirzlaff Janice M. 18654Dubuque Area USBC
568SINGLES - HandicappedBales Kelsey 110653Burlington Area USBC
568SINGLES - HandicappedWalker Pat 241653Humboldt Iowa USBC
568SINGLES - HandicappedMaranville Merideth J. 224653Clarinda USBC
568SINGLES - HandicappedPeot Paula J. 85653Cedar Rapids USBC
568SINGLES - HandicappedHeisdorffer Jessica K. 94653Ottumwa Area USBC
568SINGLES - HandicappedRauscher Jessi M. 91653Ottumwa Area USBC
568SINGLES - HandicappedLoring Robin D. 56653Atlantic USBC
568SINGLES - HandicappedStaley Jeanne E. 130653Muscatine USBC
576SINGLES - HandicappedMiller Lisa L. 216652Sumner USBC
576SINGLES - HandicappedJohnson Lacie L. 3652Grundy Center USBC
576SINGLES - HandicappedKabele Ann E. 149652Charles City USBC
576SINGLES - HandicappedKacmarynski Barbara J. 104652Ida Grove USBC
576SINGLES - HandicappedAxtell Linda L. 197652Ottumwa Area USBC
576SINGLES - HandicappedVozenilek Jessica J. 96652Ottumwa Area USBC
576SINGLES - HandicappedSchnoor Kaisee R. 7652Maquoketa USBC
576SINGLES - HandicappedWilson Billie J. 218652Clarinda USBC
576SINGLES - HandicappedBecker Janet 165652Oelwein USBC
576SINGLES - HandicappedSmith Sharilyn A. 83652Pella USBC
576SINGLES - HandicappedNolin Becky S. 154652Jasper County USBC
587SINGLES - HandicappedKnight Ashley J. 189651Independence USBC
587SINGLES - HandicappedOsher Roxann M. 218651Clarinda USBC
587SINGLES - HandicappedPaustian Randi M. 238651Gr Davenport Metro USBC
587SINGLES - HandicappedKuhnle Karen 62651Cedar Rapids USBC
587SINGLES - HandicappedPhelps Shelly 22651Cedar Rapids USBC
587SINGLES - HandicappedFiebelkorn Kim K. 51651Cedar Rapids USBC
587SINGLES - HandicappedClark Becky S. 8651Gr Des Moines USBC
587SINGLES - HandicappedInman Darlene 31651Manning USBC
587SINGLES - HandicappedJohns Desiree A. 202651Greene County USBC
587SINGLES - HandicappedRolfes Johanna S. 184651Dubuque Area USBC
597SINGLES - HandicappedHackerson Sandy L. 163650Ames Area USBC
597SINGLES - HandicappedOuverson Lana J. 234650Gr Mason City USBC
597SINGLES - HandicappedSwanson Brittney M. 84650Council Bluffs USBC
597SINGLES - HandicappedLipes Roxann R. 9650Gr Des Moines USBC
597SINGLES - HandicappedAdams Marti (Margaret) T. 106650Gr Davenport Metro USBC
602SINGLES - HandicappedNew Myra L. 69649Clarinda USBC
602SINGLES - HandicappedShaffer Debra L. 214649West Union USBC
602SINGLES - HandicappedSuchan LuAnn 28649Fort Dodge Area USBC
602SINGLES - HandicappedArdueser Kim 90649Ottumwa Area USBC
602SINGLES - HandicappedRupe Angie M. 115649Council Bluffs USBC
602SINGLES - HandicappedPOND CATHI 48649Le Mars USBC
602SINGLES - HandicappedNeebel Sue M. 152649Gr Cedar Valley USBC
602SINGLES - HandicappedWright Michelle P. 187649Gr Mason City USBC
602SINGLES - HandicappedChapman Sheila R. 179649West Delaware USBC
611SINGLES - HandicappedBurgart Angela M. 44648New Hampton USBC
611SINGLES - HandicappedKolbet Val 43648New Hampton USBC
611SINGLES - HandicappedKnight Ashlie R. 103648Ida Grove USBC
611SINGLES - HandicappedOhnemus Brenda 230648De Witt USBC
615SINGLES - HandicappedBudzyn Amanda E. 109647Burlington Area USBC
615SINGLES - HandicappedPence Nichelle (Niki) P. 220647Burlington Area USBC
615SINGLES - HandicappedWick Kat L. 96647Ottumwa Area USBC
615SINGLES - HandicappedShriver Lindsey M. 62647Cedar Rapids USBC
615SINGLES - HandicappedHall Patricia A. 1647Cedar Rapids USBC
615SINGLES - HandicappedNovak Krystal 195647Charles City USBC
615SINGLES - HandicappedDobbins April 99647Sigourney USBC
615SINGLES - HandicappedSmith Stacy 20647Marshalltown Area USBC
623SINGLES - HandicappedLyons Kim E. 151646Marshalltown Area USBC
623SINGLES - HandicappedBrandes Blair N. 175646Gr Siouxland USBC
623SINGLES - HandicappedWalker Jodi E. 114646Council Bluffs USBC
623SINGLES - HandicappedRothe Michele A. 33646Manning USBC
623SINGLES - HandicappedBeske Patrena Y. 92646Ottumwa Area USBC
623SINGLES - HandicappedFriend Maureen J. 124646Burlington Area USBC
623SINGLES - HandicappedHans Kori M. 237646Gr Davenport Metro USBC
623SINGLES - HandicappedCockburn Jamie L. 78646Greenfield USBC
631SINGLES - HandicappedHarris Catherine 209645West Union USBC
631SINGLES - HandicappedShoesmith Jaime L. 226645Stuart USBC
631SINGLES - HandicappedWebster Debbie A. 199645Gr Des Moines USBC
631SINGLES - HandicappedMeyer Natasha 6645Grundy Center USBC
631SINGLES - HandicappedFannon Faith 149645Charles City USBC
631SINGLES - HandicappedHigh Marlene J. 63645Dubuque Area USBC
631SINGLES - HandicappedButtolph Renae A. 43645New Hampton USBC
631SINGLES - HandicappedShatek Jamie L. 41645New Hampton USBC
631SINGLES - HandicappedRoth Stacy J. 242645Buffalo Center USBC
640SINGLES - HandicappedSteffensmeier Michelle L. 184644Dubuque Area USBC
640SINGLES - HandicappedBuck Samantha J. 234644Gr Mason City USBC
640SINGLES - HandicappedShook Gail A. 123644Ames Area USBC
640SINGLES - HandicappedWatje Kelsey 31644Manning USBC
640SINGLES - HandicappedKnutson Jessica K. 3644Grundy Center USBC
640SINGLES - HandicappedPoppino Georgiann B. 65644Council Bluffs USBC
640SINGLES - HandicappedMontgomery Charlene 146644Gr Des Moines USBC
647SINGLES - HandicappedHanna Patricia L. 45643Ottumwa Area USBC
647SINGLES - HandicappedMuller Shara N. 7643Maquoketa USBC
647SINGLES - HandicappedWest Bonnie J. 165643Oelwein USBC
647SINGLES - HandicappedGray Debbie S. 114643Council Bluffs USBC
651SINGLES - HandicappedVanVoltenburg Kathy J. 147642Sigourney USBC
651SINGLES - HandicappedMesenbrink Cari L. 33642Manning USBC
651SINGLES - HandicappedWilson Roma S. 221642Humboldt Iowa USBC
651SINGLES - HandicappedFlattery Jacqulyn D. 92642Ottumwa Area USBC
651SINGLES - HandicappedTeed Barb J. 23642Cedar Rapids USBC
651SINGLES - HandicappedBuford Rhonda 246642Keokuk USBC
651SINGLES - HandicappedAmbrose Donna K. 40642New Hampton USBC
651SINGLES - HandicappedBoeck Melisa J. 40642New Hampton USBC
659SINGLES - HandicappedPence Amber M. 220641Burlington Area USBC
659SINGLES - HandicappedVink Louise F. 57641Pella USBC
659SINGLES - HandicappedKesten Nicole L. 164641Gr Mason City USBC
659SINGLES - HandicappedNovak Terri L. 195641Charles City USBC
659SINGLES - HandicappedRenz Barbara L. 132641Charles City USBC
659SINGLES - HandicappedMartens Elaine L. 55641Atlantic USBC
659SINGLES - HandicappedAthey Abbey E. 222641Gr Cedar Valley USBC
666SINGLES - HandicappedHosier Diane M. 173640Gr Cedar Valley USBC
666SINGLES - HandicappedBilharz Deborah D. 194640Charles City USBC
666SINGLES - HandicappedHoltkamp Emily R. 110640Burlington Area USBC
666SINGLES - HandicappedRine Mary E. 224640Clarinda USBC
666SINGLES - HandicappedTillie Cindy S. 119640Gr Davenport Metro USBC
666SINGLES - HandicappedMcCollough Carla M. 47640Fort Dodge Area USBC
666SINGLES - HandicappedParker Linda R. 45640Ottumwa Area USBC
666SINGLES - HandicappedKirkus Kristy L. 39640New Hampton USBC
666SINGLES - HandicappedSchmitt Karen A. 44640New Hampton USBC
666SINGLES - HandicappedDrummond Donna J. 229640Keokuk USBC
676SINGLES - HandicappedBingham Kaylene R. 176639Greene County USBC
676SINGLES - HandicappedBrandhorst Nicole M. 6639Grundy Center USBC
676SINGLES - HandicappedCole Sherrie K. 145639Gr Siouxland USBC
676SINGLES - HandicappedCase Brenda 54639Atlantic USBC
680SINGLES - HandicappedBartels Amy K. 72638Monticello USBC
680SINGLES - HandicappedPeterson Brooke R. 116638Council Bluffs USBC
680SINGLES - HandicappedPatton Tonya L. 95638Ottumwa Area USBC
680SINGLES - HandicappedHenry Lynnette A. 211638West Union USBC
684SINGLES - HandicappedSeidel Meaghan M. 214637West Union USBC
684SINGLES - HandicappedPeck Connie M. 98637Ottumwa Area USBC
684SINGLES - HandicappedParmley Becky S. 52637Atlantic USBC
684SINGLES - HandicappedWaterbury Saundra R. 174637Gr Cedar Valley USBC
684SINGLES - HandicappedSchneider Cara M. 217637Sumner USBC
689SINGLES - HandicappedRidenour Alesia M. 25636Ames Area USBC
689SINGLES - HandicappedBruns Rae K. 152636Gr Cedar Valley USBC
689SINGLES - HandicappedBloom Jerry Lynn 200636Mt Pleasant USBC
689SINGLES - HandicappedSmith Nikki 192636Clarke & Decatur USBC
689SINGLES - HandicappedJohnson Pamela S. 114636Council Bluffs USBC
689SINGLES - HandicappedSchnoor Rita C. 7636Maquoketa USBC
689SINGLES - HandicappedBoddicker Linda K. 196636Jasper County USBC
689SINGLES - HandicappedBruce Kelsi S. 68636Clarinda USBC
697SINGLES - HandicappedBrink Debbie A. 165635Oelwein USBC
697SINGLES - HandicappedReisner Teresa 105635Oelwein USBC
697SINGLES - HandicappedLuke Sara L. 91635Ottumwa Area USBC
697SINGLES - HandicappedRollins Tina M. 47635Fort Dodge Area USBC
697SINGLES - HandicappedMiller Frances C. 207635Muscatine USBC
697SINGLES - HandicappedWeig Samantha J. 4635Grundy Center USBC
697SINGLES - HandicappedBoehmer Amy J. 43635New Hampton USBC
704SINGLES - HandicappedRule Donell E. 227634Keokuk USBC
704SINGLES - HandicappedWard Heidi L. 150634Dubuque Area USBC
704SINGLES - HandicappedMcfadden Kate J. 16634Dubuque Area USBC
704SINGLES - HandicappedEhmen Debra J. 76634Gr Cedar Valley USBC
704SINGLES - HandicappedHubble Jesica J. 235634Cedar Rapids USBC
704SINGLES - HandicappedElliott Kelly L. 215634West Union USBC
704SINGLES - HandicappedPayne Carol A. 109634Burlington Area USBC
711SINGLES - HandicappedFarrell Mary E. 106633Gr Davenport Metro USBC
711SINGLES - HandicappedHouk Shellie L. 94633Ottumwa Area USBC
711SINGLES - HandicappedToepfer Judith A. 29633Gr Cedar Valley USBC
711SINGLES - HandicappedNolen Brittanie A. 93633Gr Siouxland USBC
711SINGLES - HandicappedKruger Diana L. 5633Grundy Center USBC
711SINGLES - HandicappedCarlson Ashlynn J. 33633Manning USBC
711SINGLES - HandicappedMcMullen Cherie 30633Manning USBC
711SINGLES - HandicappedMauer Judy M. 150633Dubuque Area USBC
711SINGLES - HandicappedHunt Valerie A. 20633Marshalltown Area USBC
711SINGLES - HandicappedGeerts Rita H. 41633New Hampton USBC
721SINGLES - HandicappedMartin Eleanore M. 44632New Hampton USBC
721SINGLES - HandicappedBarnes Kara L. 228632Keokuk USBC
721SINGLES - HandicappedHager Renae L. 242632Buffalo Center USBC
721SINGLES - HandicappedBrooks Lucinda 34632Sigourney USBC
721SINGLES - HandicappedWahlert Maggie 53632Atlantic USBC
721SINGLES - HandicappedMcdonald Corliss R. 10632Gr Des Moines USBC
721SINGLES - HandicappedDavis Lorrie R. 14632Fort Dodge Area USBC
721SINGLES - HandicappedBaxter Regina M. 239632Gr Davenport Metro USBC
729SINGLES - HandicappedOverton Ashley M. 140631Gr Davenport Metro USBC
729SINGLES - HandicappedMapel Amy J. 219631Burlington Area USBC
729SINGLES - HandicappedKay Kim 88631De Witt USBC
729SINGLES - HandicappedUnderwood Stacy J. 14631Fort Dodge Area USBC
729SINGLES - HandicappedLloyd Laura 12631Fort Dodge Area USBC
729SINGLES - HandicappedLindsey Virginia 22631Cedar Rapids USBC
729SINGLES - HandicappedPflughaupt Julie A. 85631Cedar Rapids USBC
729SINGLES - HandicappedCordrey Sandra K. 138631Muscatine USBC
729SINGLES - HandicappedLongcor Shila L. 136631Muscatine USBC
729SINGLES - HandicappedBetz Debra L. 201631Greene County USBC
729SINGLES - HandicappedSearsen Anna M. 229631Keokuk USBC
729SINGLES - HandicappedWalling Donna L. 18631Dubuque Area USBC
741SINGLES - HandicappedWelter Michele L. 17630Dubuque Area USBC
741SINGLES - HandicappedFeil Tracy L. 166630Marshalltown Area USBC
741SINGLES - HandicappedMarkle Charlotte L. 42630New Hampton USBC
741SINGLES - HandicappedHonkomp Danette S. 204630Greene County USBC
741SINGLES - HandicappedHallberg Cherie J. 217630Sumner USBC
741SINGLES - HandicappedPearson Kaitlyn A. 180630Ida Grove USBC
741SINGLES - HandicappedLaRue Donna L. 137630Muscatine USBC
741SINGLES - HandicappedBastian Jeanie M. 55630Atlantic USBC
741SINGLES - HandicappedVanBennekom Audra 59630Cedar Rapids USBC
741SINGLES - HandicappedGriffin Patty A. 158630Gr Des Moines USBC
741SINGLES - HandicappedKnight Ashley 78630Greenfield USBC
752SINGLES - HandicappedHughes Deanne K. 66629Clarinda USBC
752SINGLES - HandicappedDavis Linda 88629De Witt USBC
752SINGLES - HandicappedSchouten Glenda S. 86629Cedar Rapids USBC
752SINGLES - HandicappedMyers Gayla C. 159629Anamosa USBC
752SINGLES - HandicappedJacobs Amanda 27629Lenox USBC
752SINGLES - HandicappedSanchez Tammy S. 151629Marshalltown Area USBC
758SINGLES - HandicappedAnderson Cathy L. 192628Clarke & Decatur USBC
758SINGLES - HandicappedPayne Melanie R. 222628Gr Cedar Valley USBC
758SINGLES - HandicappedFlannegan Cindy L. 120628Laurens USBC
758SINGLES - HandicappedPersoon Sandra K. 182628Sioux Rapids-Alta USBC
758SINGLES - HandicappedBurns June R. 191628Cedar Rapids USBC
758SINGLES - HandicappedCameron Toni L. 90628Ottumwa Area USBC
758SINGLES - HandicappedCurrin Chelsey L. 168628Red Oak USBC
758SINGLES - HandicappedDilks Kay C. 146628Gr Des Moines USBC
766SINGLES - HandicappedCarl Amanda R. 226627Stuart USBC
766SINGLES - HandicappedStalder Daisy 82627Greenfield USBC
766SINGLES - HandicappedRosener Rebecca S. 155627Manning USBC
766SINGLES - HandicappedNovak Shelia A. 194627Charles City USBC
766SINGLES - HandicappedBoysen Brittney K. 72627Monticello USBC
771SINGLES - HandicappedMurphy Marlys J. 159626Anamosa USBC
771SINGLES - HandicappedGillum Hailey C. 36626Sigourney USBC
771SINGLES - HandicappedMatthews Sandra J. 202626Greene County USBC
771SINGLES - HandicappedCoulter Denise M. 4626Grundy Center USBC
771SINGLES - HandicappedEsser Dee Dee 241626Humboldt Iowa USBC
771SINGLES - HandicappedSchneiderman Suzie M. 219626Burlington Area USBC
771SINGLES - HandicappedCarpenter Sharon A. 87626Cedar Rapids USBC
771SINGLES - HandicappedAndrews Barbara 87626Cedar Rapids USBC
771SINGLES - HandicappedStefani Deanna L. 8626Gr Des Moines USBC
771SINGLES - HandicappedGrieder Susan K. 58626Cedar Rapids USBC
771SINGLES - HandicappedNiedert Monica A. 179626West Delaware USBC
782SINGLES - HandicappedBrothers Heather L. 15625Dubuque Area USBC
782SINGLES - HandicappedSheker Tammy A. 13625Fort Dodge Area USBC
782SINGLES - HandicappedHaskell Laura K. 206625Gr Des Moines USBC
782SINGLES - HandicappedMoore Sherry E. 9625Gr Des Moines USBC
782SINGLES - HandicappedArmstrong Jennie E. 75625Sigourney USBC
782SINGLES - HandicappedThompson Diane D. 126625Manning USBC
782SINGLES - HandicappedMeester Vanessa K. 70625Eldora USBC
789SINGLES - HandicappedKusserow Cathy 70624Eldora USBC
789SINGLES - HandicappedWeber Patricia D. 135624Gr Des Moines USBC
789SINGLES - HandicappedKeenan Annette 12624Fort Dodge Area USBC
789SINGLES - HandicappedElam Diana 246624Keokuk USBC
793SINGLES - HandicappedBush Shirley M. 113623Cedar Rapids USBC
793SINGLES - HandicappedWillis Michelle 91623Ottumwa Area USBC
793SINGLES - HandicappedPrice Andrea R. 183623Jasper County USBC
793SINGLES - HandicappedRoths Lori L. 221623Humboldt Iowa USBC
793SINGLES - HandicappedVenenga Dixie 5623Grundy Center USBC
793SINGLES - HandicappedMitchell Dawn M. 186623Gr Mason City USBC
793SINGLES - HandicappedHoffman Jackie K. 104623Ida Grove USBC
793SINGLES - HandicappedWilson Mindy S. 222623Gr Cedar Valley USBC
793SINGLES - HandicappedSchoenfield Bonita L. 76623Gr Cedar Valley USBC
793SINGLES - HandicappedBurch Carmelita 89623Iowa City USBC
803SINGLES - HandicappedHelgevold Lori L. 192622Clarke & Decatur USBC
803SINGLES - HandicappedHarter Rhonda R. 106622Gr Davenport Metro USBC
803SINGLES - HandicappedJordan Stacy L. 95622Ottumwa Area USBC
803SINGLES - HandicappedCleaver Cindy 158622Gr Des Moines USBC
803SINGLES - HandicappedHiatt Laurie G. 179622West Delaware USBC
808SINGLES - HandicappedEddins Elaine M. 86621Cedar Rapids USBC
808SINGLES - HandicappedCarlson Karen J. 119621Gr Davenport Metro USBC
808SINGLES - HandicappedWander Rose R. 208621West Union USBC
808SINGLES - HandicappedLueck Cheryl A. 32621Manning USBC
808SINGLES - HandicappedSimmons Tina M. 122621Ames Area USBC
808SINGLES - HandicappedKillion Rebecca L. 203621Greene County USBC
808SINGLES - HandicappedSchlatter Teresa L. 216621Sumner USBC
815SINGLES - HandicappedPaulsen Sarah M155620Manning USBC
815SINGLES - HandicappedAman Jill M. 156620Sigourney USBC
815SINGLES - HandicappedKELLY BARB 48620Le Mars USBC
815SINGLES - HandicappedMarshall Dian K. 109620Burlington Area USBC
815SINGLES - HandicappedOverbeck Carol L. 85620Cedar Rapids USBC
815SINGLES - HandicappedLeppert Dorothy M. 17620Dubuque Area USBC
821SINGLES - HandicappedJensen/Bradley Jorja A. 239619Gr Davenport Metro USBC
821SINGLES - HandicappedSwanson Judy A. 84619Council Bluffs USBC
823SINGLES - HandicappedHeuer Barbara J. 108618Muscatine USBC
823SINGLES - HandicappedPeppers Brenda 34618Sigourney USBC
823SINGLES - HandicappedHemsley Connie J. 75618Sigourney USBC
823SINGLES - HandicappedDorweiler Virginia A. 134618Fort Dodge Area USBC
827SINGLES - HandicappedMiglia Angie K. 50617Cedar Rapids USBC
827SINGLES - HandicappedScarlett Donna L. 68617Clarinda USBC
827SINGLES - HandicappedPrescott Ellen K. 175617Gr Siouxland USBC
827SINGLES - HandicappedLeibfried Peggy M. 150617Dubuque Area USBC
831SINGLES - HandicappedMcRobie Rebecca M. 174616Gr Cedar Valley USBC
831SINGLES - HandicappedLivermore Claudia 181616Ida Grove USBC
831SINGLES - HandicappedCline Karen S. 66616Clarinda USBC
831SINGLES - HandicappedLoban Theresa R. 105616Oelwein USBC
835SINGLES - HandicappedClement Lori J. 69615Clarinda USBC
835SINGLES - HandicappedSandvig Jackie M. 50615Cedar Rapids USBC
835SINGLES - HandicappedSpurgeon Kelly L. 97615Ottumwa Area USBC
835SINGLES - HandicappedRule Joy E. 227615Keokuk USBC
839SINGLES - HandicappedFear Deanne I. 197614Ottumwa Area USBC
839SINGLES - HandicappedEastwood Angela J. 225614Fort Dodge Area USBC
839SINGLES - HandicappedMorris Karen 34614Sigourney USBC
842SINGLES - HandicappedTollenaar-huffman Rhonda K. 35613Sigourney USBC
842SINGLES - HandicappedEngel Jolene "Jo" K. 223613Gr Cedar Valley USBC
842SINGLES - HandicappedWenthe Susan M. 194613Charles City USBC
842SINGLES - HandicappedJordan Kathy L. 90613Ottumwa Area USBC
842SINGLES - HandicappedSunderman Linda M. 67613Clarinda USBC
842SINGLES - HandicappedMcCormick Tara L. 68613Clarinda USBC
842SINGLES - HandicappedNothwehr Lara A. 66613Clarinda USBC
842SINGLES - HandicappedRoulson Josie M. 209613West Union USBC
850SINGLES - HandicappedTokheim Judy A. 172612Humboldt Iowa USBC
850SINGLES - HandicappedCollins Melissa A. 235612Cedar Rapids USBC
850SINGLES - HandicappedJohnston Toni 232612Gr Des Moines USBC
850SINGLES - HandicappedVan Nice Brigitte A. 6612Grundy Center USBC
854SINGLES - HandicappedHanson Dawn A. 64611Council Bluffs USBC
854SINGLES - HandicappedThomas Jan M. 8611Gr Des Moines USBC
854SINGLES - HandicappedJacobsen Jessica S. 73611Independence USBC
857SINGLES - HandicappedDixon Jodee D. 126610Manning USBC
857SINGLES - HandicappedPruismann Linda A. 177610Ames Area USBC
857SINGLES - HandicappedEinck Wendy A. 44610New Hampton USBC
860SINGLES - HandicappedTenEyck Charlene 31609Manning USBC
860SINGLES - HandicappedDecker Peggy 190609Independence USBC
860SINGLES - HandicappedJones Beth 212609West Union USBC
860SINGLES - HandicappedHruska Heather E. 13609Fort Dodge Area USBC
864SINGLES - HandicappedWurzer Misty R. 214608West Union USBC
864SINGLES - HandicappedCassens Irene E. 156608Sigourney USBC
864SINGLES - HandicappedReitzler Michelle L. 89608Iowa City USBC
864SINGLES - HandicappedSonier Emma N. 167608Gr Siouxland USBC
864SINGLES - HandicappedLongcor Emma L. 136608Muscatine USBC
864SINGLES - HandicappedArnold Karen M. 179608West Delaware USBC
870SINGLES - HandicappedKruger Staci L. 6607Grundy Center USBC
870SINGLES - HandicappedRynearson Sherry 146607Gr Des Moines USBC
870SINGLES - HandicappedGrim Donna R. 197607Ottumwa Area USBC
873SINGLES - HandicappedTurnball Deb 174605Gr Cedar Valley USBC
874SINGLES - HandicappedNeipert Jeannie K. 136604Muscatine USBC
874SINGLES - HandicappedMcPherson Tina L. 205604Greene County USBC
876SINGLES - HandicappedDuesing Linda 230603De Witt USBC
877SINGLES - HandicappedKessel Suzan L. 157602Fairfield USBC
878SINGLES - HandicappedBlock Barbara E. 32600Manning USBC
878SINGLES - HandicappedGoyette Donna M. 240600Gr Davenport Metro USBC
878SINGLES - HandicappedSchoenthaler Becky S. 238600Gr Davenport Metro USBC
878SINGLES - HandicappedMcallister Louise M. 18600Dubuque Area USBC
882SINGLES - HandicappedRau Madison R. 216599Sumner USBC
882SINGLES - HandicappedHogencamp Brandi M. 29599Gr Cedar Valley USBC
884SINGLES - HandicappedHealey Gail 60598Cedar Rapids USBC
885SINGLES - HandicappedThompson Autumn R. 91597Ottumwa Area USBC
885SINGLES - HandicappedCarey Ellen 207597Muscatine USBC
885SINGLES - HandicappedWoten Breanne L. 193597Oskaloosa USBC
888SINGLES - HandicappedJohnson Tracy L. 104596Ida Grove USBC
888SINGLES - HandicappedMorken Sue A. 169596Decorah USBC
890SINGLES - HandicappedBurge Stephanie M. 173595Gr Cedar Valley USBC
890SINGLES - HandicappedRusbult Dorma J. 58595Cedar Rapids USBC
892SINGLES - HandicappedFoister Missy M. 7594Maquoketa USBC
892SINGLES - HandicappedTisl-Endres Mary C. 51594Cedar Rapids USBC
894SINGLES - HandicappedStewart Jo 98593Ottumwa Area USBC
895SINGLES - HandicappedDonaghy Alison R. 51591Cedar Rapids USBC
895SINGLES - HandicappedWilson Mary 46591Fort Dodge Area USBC
895SINGLES - HandicappedCook Sue K. 232591Gr Des Moines USBC
895SINGLES - HandicappedSimon Christy K. 238591Gr Davenport Metro USBC
895SINGLES - HandicappedMartin Ronda 181591Ida Grove USBC
895SINGLES - HandicappedMulligan Connie M. 30591Manning USBC
901SINGLES - HandicappedRing Ashley J. 115590Council Bluffs USBC
901SINGLES - HandicappedFoster Samantha E. 46590Fort Dodge Area USBC
903SINGLES - HandicappedLogsdon Linda S. 170589Decorah USBC
904SINGLES - HandicappedKetchum April S. 234588Gr Mason City USBC
904SINGLES - HandicappedKamp Bridget A. 160588Dubuque Area USBC
906SINGLES - HandicappedLittlefield Lori J. 223587Gr Cedar Valley USBC
906SINGLES - HandicappedAmerine Phyllis A. 130587Muscatine USBC
906SINGLES - HandicappedMadsen Lisa L. 207587Muscatine USBC
909SINGLES - HandicappedBurchett Kim E. 198586Gr Des Moines USBC
909SINGLES - HandicappedPickrell Veronica L. 97586Ottumwa Area USBC
909SINGLES - HandicappedBloss Lorna M. 106586Gr Davenport Metro USBC
912SINGLES - HandicappedBoyken Sheri R. 241584Humboldt Iowa USBC
913SINGLES - HandicappedDurnan Chasity J. 210582West Union USBC
913SINGLES - HandicappedJones Tiffany 225582Fort Dodge Area USBC
913SINGLES - HandicappedWilson Kathleen M. 123582Ames Area USBC
913SINGLES - HandicappedHeath Laura D. 176582Greene County USBC
917SINGLES - HandicappedWalker Rebecca M. 114581Council Bluffs USBC
918SINGLES - HandicappedWittenburg Jennifer L. 222580Gr Cedar Valley USBC
918SINGLES - HandicappedLaird Julie A. 76580Gr Cedar Valley USBC
920SINGLES - HandicappedCraig Tami S. 3579Grundy Center USBC
920SINGLES - HandicappedLee Shelby 75579Sigourney USBC
922SINGLES - HandicappedSherlock Sue M. 201578Greene County USBC
922SINGLES - HandicappedNoble Penny L. 21578Marshalltown Area USBC
924SINGLES - HandicappedBrown Chris A. 108575Muscatine USBC
925SINGLES - HandicappedJohnson Sara M. 112574Burlington Area USBC
925SINGLES - HandicappedOverhouse Kimberly A. 196574Jasper County USBC
927SINGLES - HandicappedSchultes Kristie A. 127573Manning USBC
928SINGLES - HandicappedMcManemy Pam J. 76571Gr Cedar Valley USBC
929SINGLES - HandicappedBowen Stacy M. 153570Iowa City USBC
929SINGLES - HandicappedTevis Vanessa L. 188570Independence USBC
931SINGLES - HandicappedKutsch Shellie J. 15567Dubuque Area USBC
932SINGLES - HandicappedSeyb Joyce 227564Keokuk USBC
932SINGLES - HandicappedDenniston Jill M. 92564Ottumwa Area USBC
934SINGLES - HandicappedMillang Jennifer A. 163563Ames Area USBC
935SINGLES - HandicappedFees Kathy K. 10562Gr Des Moines USBC
936SINGLES - HandicappedHansen Kari A. 55561Atlantic USBC
937SINGLES - HandicappedStitzell Tammra K. 10559Gr Des Moines USBC
937SINGLES - HandicappedBrennan Samantha M. 11559Fort Dodge Area USBC
939SINGLES - HandicappedHolmes Linda E. 107557Gr Davenport Metro USBC
940SINGLES - HandicappedBloodsworth Shirley 57556Pella USBC
940SINGLES - HandicappedMcdermott Jessalyn 160556Dubuque Area USBC
942SINGLES - HandicappedHoffman Trisha K. 104553Ida Grove USBC
943SINGLES - HandicappedHogue Jeana C. 49543Shenandoah USBC
944SINGLES - HandicappedClifford Brenda 228542Keokuk USBC
945SINGLES - HandicappedBloom Cheryl K. 200541Mt Pleasant USBC
946SINGLES - HandicappedMoreland Turissa S. 81535Greenfield USBC
947SINGLES - HandicappedUthoff Elizabeth M. 59518Cedar Rapids USBC
948SINGLES - HandicappedHustad Carol J. 24497Cedar Rapids USBC
949SINGLES - HandicappedTurnball Donna 174406Gr Cedar Valley USBC
950SINGLES - HandicappedHeather Bigelow 80296Greenfield USBC
1SINGLES - ScratchDuver Hope E. 228719Keokuk USBC
2SINGLES - ScratchPalmer Bailey E. 193688Oskaloosa USBC
3SINGLES - ScratchWillenbring Stephanie E. 16657Dubuque Area USBC
4SINGLES - ScratchLaucamp Triscia D. 207646Muscatine USBC
5SINGLES - ScratchWolfe Darla J. 198645Gr Des Moines USBC
6SINGLES - ScratchHelgevold LeeAnn M. 192634Clarke & Decatur USBC
7SINGLES - ScratchPierce Amanda M. 59632Cedar Rapids USBC
8SINGLES - ScratchStubbe Kendsey K. 8630Gr Des Moines USBC
9SINGLES - ScratchDigman Sarah A. 15608Dubuque Area USBC
10SINGLES - ScratchChapman Sheila R. 179601West Delaware USBC
11SINGLES - ScratchJackson Kayla R. 193600Oskaloosa USBC
12SINGLES - ScratchLasher Susie C. 9595Gr Des Moines USBC
13SINGLES - ScratchSonier Emma N. 167593Gr Siouxland USBC
14SINGLES - ScratchGibson Melissa 49589Shenandoah USBC
15SINGLES - ScratchWittenburg Jennifer L. 222580Gr Cedar Valley USBC
16SINGLES - ScratchHicks Shana 9579Gr Des Moines USBC
17SINGLES - ScratchNehl Diane F. 42575New Hampton USBC
17SINGLES - ScratchThomas Jan M. 8575Gr Des Moines USBC
19SINGLES - ScratchThompson Sheri L. 198571Gr Des Moines USBC
20SINGLES - ScratchArnold Karen M. 179569West Delaware USBC
21SINGLES - ScratchHiatt Laurie G. 179565West Delaware USBC
22SINGLES - ScratchWaite Sarah J. 49564Shenandoah USBC
23SINGLES - ScratchBuck Samantha J. 234563Gr Mason City USBC
24SINGLES - ScratchRoney Roberta I. 158559Gr Des Moines USBC
25SINGLES - ScratchLipes Roxann R. 9557Gr Des Moines USBC
26SINGLES - ScratchSchnoor Kaisee R. 7556Maquoketa USBC
26SINGLES - ScratchMerryman Dustyne L. 228556Keokuk USBC
28SINGLES - ScratchBloom Jerry Lynn 200552Mt Pleasant USBC
29SINGLES - ScratchMensen Sarah L. 184551Dubuque Area USBC
30SINGLES - ScratchMcfadden Kate J. 16550Dubuque Area USBC
31SINGLES - ScratchKetchum April S. 234549Gr Mason City USBC
32SINGLES - ScratchWoten Breanne L. 193546Oskaloosa USBC
32SINGLES - ScratchHruska Heather E. 13546Fort Dodge Area USBC
34SINGLES - ScratchPence Amber M. 220542Burlington Area USBC
35SINGLES - ScratchBloom Cheryl K. 200538Mt Pleasant USBC
36SINGLES - ScratchNiedert Monica A. 179536West Delaware USBC
37SINGLES - ScratchMadsen Lisa L. 207533Muscatine USBC
38SINGLES - ScratchPearson Kaitlyn A. 180531Ida Grove USBC
39SINGLES - ScratchMarshall Dian K. 109527Burlington Area USBC
40SINGLES - ScratchFecher Shannon R. 203526Greene County USBC
41SINGLES - ScratchWoodford Victoria J. 205518Greene County USBC
42SINGLES - ScratchWills Kelly L. 111516Burlington Area USBC
42SINGLES - ScratchSeyb Joyce 227516Keokuk USBC
42SINGLES - ScratchGeerts Rita H. 41516New Hampton USBC
45SINGLES - ScratchAthey Abbey E. 222512Gr Cedar Valley USBC
45SINGLES - ScratchSteffensmeier Michelle L. 184512Dubuque Area USBC
47SINGLES - ScratchMcDermott Melinda 184503Dubuque Area USBC
48SINGLES - ScratchRule Donell E. 227502Keokuk USBC
48SINGLES - ScratchMoore Sherry E. 9502Gr Des Moines USBC
50SINGLES - ScratchMain Carrie D. 78497Greenfield USBC
51SINGLES - ScratchMiller Frances C. 207491Muscatine USBC
52SINGLES - ScratchClifford Brenda 228488Keokuk USBC
53SINGLES - ScratchLarson Marcia K. 170484Decorah USBC
54SINGLES - ScratchLeibfried Peggy M. 150479Dubuque Area USBC
55SINGLES - ScratchBlack Trisha D. 34478Sigourney USBC
56SINGLES - ScratchUthoff Elizabeth M. 59473Cedar Rapids USBC
56SINGLES - ScratchWalker Kerry J. 150473Dubuque Area USBC
58SINGLES - ScratchClancy Marge M. 63472Dubuque Area USBC
59SINGLES - ScratchCarey Ellen 207465Muscatine USBC
60SINGLES - ScratchJohnson Tracy L. 104461Ida Grove USBC
61SINGLES - ScratchMauer Judy M. 150453Dubuque Area USBC
62SINGLES - ScratchKnight Ashley 78438Greenfield USBC
63SINGLES - ScratchWard Heidi L. 150436Dubuque Area USBC
64SINGLES - ScratchWilder Brenda R. 170431Decorah USBC
65SINGLES - ScratchMartin Eleanore M. 44428New Hampton USBC
66SINGLES - ScratchHoffman Trisha K. 104427Ida Grove USBC
67SINGLES - ScratchKutsch Shellie J. 15426Dubuque Area USBC
68SINGLES - ScratchVine Vivian A. 170421Decorah USBC
69SINGLES - ScratchVogt Whittney A. 180405Ida Grove USBC
69SINGLES - ScratchRolfes Johanna S. 184405Dubuque Area USBC
71SINGLES - ScratchGebers Peggy A. 181402Ida Grove USBC
71SINGLES - ScratchTilley Megan I. 180402Ida Grove USBC
73SINGLES - ScratchMartin Ronda 181390Ida Grove USBC
74SINGLES - ScratchMorken Sue A. 169380Decorah USBC
75SINGLES - ScratchBakke Tina L. 169377Decorah USBC
76SINGLES - ScratchZimmer Hiedi J. 181370Ida Grove USBC
77SINGLES - ScratchCoyle Cindy L. 169365Decorah USBC
78SINGLES - ScratchKruse Jennifer 169364Decorah USBC
79SINGLES - ScratchLogsdon Linda S. 170355Decorah USBC
80SINGLES - ScratchLivermore Claudia 181349Ida Grove USBC
1ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHubble Jesica J. 2352,440Cedar Rapids USBC
2ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSonier Samantha J. 1672,309Gr Siouxland USBC
3ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBergstrom Susan C. 22,288Lenox USBC
4ALL EVENTS - HandicappedForce Lori R. 662,283Clarinda USBC
5ALL EVENTS - HandicappedChristensen Abigail R. 792,267Greenfield USBC
5ALL EVENTS - HandicappedFrederick Elizabeth A. 1402,267Gr Davenport Metro USBC
7ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBock Darla D. 2172,258Sumner USBC
8ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBeeler Diane K. 1612,253Iowa City USBC
8ALL EVENTS - HandicappedOpal Chantel M. 1172,253Council Bluffs USBC
10ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBucklin Breanna 1832,230Jasper County USBC
11ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWalker Corinda L. 1212,224Laurens USBC
12ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWebber Kristy 2462,220Keokuk USBC
13ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWilkinson Michelle R. 1622,215Gr Des Moines USBC
14ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBeane Misty L. 2262,212Stuart USBC
15ALL EVENTS - HandicappedPelzer Heather M. 532,210Atlantic USBC
16ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHake Kay A. 2372,208Gr Davenport Metro USBC
17ALL EVENTS - HandicappedVick Annette C. 1412,207Gr Davenport Metro USBC
18ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSuchan LuAnn 282,206Fort Dodge Area USBC
19ALL EVENTS - HandicappedOetken Morgan E. 1422,204Lenox USBC
20ALL EVENTS - HandicappedTudor Elissa R. 1902,200Independence USBC
21ALL EVENTS - HandicappedReed Abbie L. 1212,199Laurens USBC
22ALL EVENTS - HandicappedDecker Angel D. 1882,198Independence USBC
23ALL EVENTS - HandicappedThorne Courtney M. 942,196Ottumwa Area USBC
24ALL EVENTS - HandicappedDouglas Theresa M. 402,195New Hampton USBC
25ALL EVENTS - HandicappedPhelps Shelly 222,194Cedar Rapids USBC
26ALL EVENTS - HandicappedAdams Anna R. 1292,193Muscatine USBC
27ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMcFarland Marla 1422,191Lenox USBC
27ALL EVENTS - HandicappedDietrich Jessica L. 392,191New Hampton USBC
29ALL EVENTS - HandicappedAnderson Shawn 1162,189Council Bluffs USBC
30ALL EVENTS - HandicappedLewis Kendra L. 272,186Lenox USBC
31ALL EVENTS - HandicappedShoafstall Mckenzie M. 1862,185Gr Mason City USBC
32ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMorenz Karen M. 1822,184Sioux Rapids-Alta USBC
33ALL EVENTS - HandicappedFunk Teresa J. 1872,183Gr Mason City USBC
33ALL EVENTS - HandicappedJackson Kayla R. 1932,183Oskaloosa USBC
33ALL EVENTS - HandicappedVanZante Tiffany K. 192,183Pella USBC
36ALL EVENTS - HandicappedFank Kimberly M. 1882,181Independence USBC
36ALL EVENTS - HandicappedCampbell Amy D. 2092,181West Union USBC
38ALL EVENTS - HandicappedGalvin Megan 1802,179Ida Grove USBC
39ALL EVENTS - HandicappedRhine Tammy L. 1432,177Lenox USBC
40ALL EVENTS - HandicappedKisling Karen F. 602,176Cedar Rapids USBC
41ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMcElroy Deborah A. 1662,172Marshalltown Area USBC
42ALL EVENTS - HandicappedLockhart Tonya M. 1632,169Ames Area USBC
43ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSweetland Tina 1392,168Gr Davenport Metro USBC
44ALL EVENTS - HandicappedFazzone Nicole E. 2042,164Greene County USBC
45ALL EVENTS - HandicappedCunningham Michelle 1292,163Muscatine USBC
45ALL EVENTS - HandicappedKnuth Serena R. 962,163Ottumwa Area USBC
47ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHennigar Molly S. 802,162Greenfield USBC
47ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWelsch Brooke M. 822,162Greenfield USBC
49ALL EVENTS - HandicappedAguilar Arianna L. 1192,160Gr Davenport Metro USBC
49ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSwanson Tanya M. 842,160Council Bluffs USBC
51ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMain Carrie D. 782,159Greenfield USBC
51ALL EVENTS - HandicappedGebel Donna L. 402,159New Hampton USBC
53ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSackett Phyllis L. 792,158Greenfield USBC
54ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBarrans Jean M. 262,157Lenox USBC
54ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMiller Nancy 22,157Lenox USBC
54ALL EVENTS - HandicappedAdamson Caytlyn L. 2052,157Greene County USBC
57ALL EVENTS - HandicappedNovinski Victoria L. 582,155Cedar Rapids USBC
58ALL EVENTS - HandicappedLongcor Hannah L. 1362,152Muscatine USBC
59ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSybesma KaDee R. 1282,150Manning USBC
60ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBennett Tricia A. 2042,149Greene County USBC
60ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBunnell Debbie L. 1442,149Cedar Rapids USBC
62ALL EVENTS - HandicappedChristensen Peggy A. 792,148Greenfield USBC
62ALL EVENTS - HandicappedDruyff Danielle L. 1832,148Jasper County USBC
64ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMoore Suzanne C. 1762,147Greene County USBC
65ALL EVENTS - HandicappedRiordan Lynne G. 1472,146Sigourney USBC
66ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWilson Jamie M. 1222,145Ames Area USBC
67ALL EVENTS - HandicappedEsser Dee Dee 2412,144Humboldt Iowa USBC
67ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHogan Paula J. 2292,144Keokuk USBC
69ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHenle Patricia M. 742,143Marshalltown Area USBC
69ALL EVENTS - HandicappedVan Overmeer Beverly A. 252,143Ames Area USBC
71ALL EVENTS - HandicappedRadcliff Shelly L. 2342,141Gr Mason City USBC
71ALL EVENTS - HandicappedKirchmann Brenda 2162,141Sumner USBC
73ALL EVENTS - HandicappedCampbell Riley J. 1892,138Independence USBC
74ALL EVENTS - HandicappedClubb Elaina 992,135Sigourney USBC
75ALL EVENTS - HandicappedStofferahn Suzie 22,134Lenox USBC
75ALL EVENTS - HandicappedEngland Pam A. 1912,134Cedar Rapids USBC
75ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBraaksma Toni G. 962,134Ottumwa Area USBC
75ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSchwartz Vickie 282,134Fort Dodge Area USBC
79ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMcNurlen Madi 352,133Sigourney USBC
80ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSturm Alison A. 1552,131Manning USBC
80ALL EVENTS - HandicappedRayman Tracy A. 1132,131Cedar Rapids USBC
80ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSassmann Patricia A. 382,131New Hampton USBC
83ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMcClellan Angie R. 742,130Marshalltown Area USBC
83ALL EVENTS - HandicappedGates Karen 1052,130Oelwein USBC
83ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHeckman Adrienne M. 802,130Greenfield USBC
83ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSchaffer Charlene 1852,130Gr Mason City USBC
83ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHarris Cortney J. 1782,130Ames Area USBC
83ALL EVENTS - HandicappedLesley Morgan E. 1182,130Council Bluffs USBC
89ALL EVENTS - HandicappedRego Kate N. 2362,129Cedar Rapids USBC
90ALL EVENTS - HandicappedGonzalez Jennifer M. 1892,126Independence USBC
91ALL EVENTS - HandicappedLee Carolynn F. 1242,125Burlington Area USBC
92ALL EVENTS - HandicappedThielen Vicki J. 1282,124Manning USBC
93ALL EVENTS - HandicappedLaubenthal Chelsey T. 2422,123Buffalo Center USBC
94ALL EVENTS - HandicappedParcel Amber L. 2422,122Buffalo Center USBC
94ALL EVENTS - HandicappedPearson Michelle A. 432,122New Hampton USBC
94ALL EVENTS - HandicappedInman Darlene 312,122Manning USBC
94ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBurchett Cortney I. 1992,122Gr Des Moines USBC
98ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMackie Kathy 1092,120Burlington Area USBC
98ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWalker Sharon 832,120Pella USBC
98ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHunt Jamee L. 1012,120Ida Grove USBC
101ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSchildroth Theresa L. 52,119Grundy Center USBC
101ALL EVENTS - HandicappedVick Danelle C. 1412,119Gr Davenport Metro USBC
103ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMathiews Jessica 812,118Greenfield USBC
104ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMyers Kerry 1762,117Greene County USBC
104ALL EVENTS - HandicappedFontana Jan S. 1572,117Fairfield USBC
104ALL EVENTS - HandicappedYonkie Kristen M. 1172,117Council Bluffs USBC
107ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHolden-McMurray Amelia S. 2102,116West Union USBC
108ALL EVENTS - HandicappedRaymer Abigail J. 1172,115Council Bluffs USBC
109ALL EVENTS - HandicappedFecher Shannon R. 2032,114Greene County USBC
109ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWadsley Carol A. 2212,114Humboldt Iowa USBC
111ALL EVENTS - HandicappedLyon Lindsey R. 2102,113West Union USBC
111ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHicks Shana 92,113Gr Des Moines USBC
111ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSampson Alisha A. 952,113Ottumwa Area USBC
114ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSawyer Caitlyn 2212,112Humboldt Iowa USBC
115ALL EVENTS - HandicappedEstabrook Diana L. 1372,111Muscatine USBC
116ALL EVENTS - HandicappedNixon Jodi L. 1422,110Lenox USBC
116ALL EVENTS - HandicappedCook Kayla 882,110De Witt USBC
118ALL EVENTS - HandicappedEhlers Marcy M. 1272,109Manning USBC
119ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHuntsman Tiffany D. 272,108Lenox USBC
119ALL EVENTS - HandicappedDibble Ann E. 2112,108West Union USBC
119ALL EVENTS - HandicappedLively Lynn J. 1622,108Gr Des Moines USBC
119ALL EVENTS - HandicappedStubbe Kendsey K. 82,108Gr Des Moines USBC
123ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHeid Miranda 112,107Fort Dodge Area USBC
123ALL EVENTS - HandicappedJones Margaret A. 2122,107West Union USBC
123ALL EVENTS - HandicappedRandel Rachel A. 812,107Greenfield USBC
123ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHelgevold LeeAnn M. 1922,107Clarke & Decatur USBC
127ALL EVENTS - HandicappedZimmer Hiedi J. 1812,106Ida Grove USBC
127ALL EVENTS - HandicappedLogan Jaylee M. 1122,106Burlington Area USBC
129ALL EVENTS - HandicappedKearney Sarah 132,105Fort Dodge Area USBC
129ALL EVENTS - HandicappedPotts Jessica J. 1622,105Gr Des Moines USBC
129ALL EVENTS - HandicappedAsklund Courtney M. 252,105Ames Area USBC
132ALL EVENTS - HandicappedOetken Bailey M. 1422,104Lenox USBC
133ALL EVENTS - HandicappedNiedert Susan J. 2172,103Sumner USBC
133ALL EVENTS - HandicappedLohf Kathy A. 1912,103Cedar Rapids USBC
133ALL EVENTS - HandicappedDuver Hope E. 2282,103Keokuk USBC
136ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWeiland Debbie A. 172,102Dubuque Area USBC
136ALL EVENTS - HandicappedVanKirk Jennifer L. 1662,102Marshalltown Area USBC
136ALL EVENTS - HandicappedJensen Shea A. 822,102Greenfield USBC
139ALL EVENTS - HandicappedPins Sara V. 1602,101Dubuque Area USBC
140ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWesner Melissa A. 1402,100Gr Davenport Metro USBC
140ALL EVENTS - HandicappedAdams Cindy D. 672,100Clarinda USBC
140ALL EVENTS - HandicappedAdams Becky L. 1112,100Burlington Area USBC
140ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBloyer Kay 1022,100Ida Grove USBC
144ALL EVENTS - HandicappedRogers Debra J. 1442,098Cedar Rapids USBC
144ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBoeck Melisa J. 402,098New Hampton USBC
146ALL EVENTS - HandicappedNizzi Katherine L. 2062,097Gr Des Moines USBC
146ALL EVENTS - HandicappedDurbin Michaela 1012,097Ida Grove USBC
148ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSatter Jacque R. 1332,096Gr Siouxland USBC
148ALL EVENTS - HandicappedPlotz Jessica A. 612,096Cedar Rapids USBC
148ALL EVENTS - HandicappedJones Bonnie L. 242,096Cedar Rapids USBC
148ALL EVENTS - HandicappedClassen Lisa A. 1122,096Burlington Area USBC
152ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSpittell Jessica L. 122,094Fort Dodge Area USBC
153ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBrandt Lynette L. 1782,093Ames Area USBC
154ALL EVENTS - HandicappedPregler Jennifer N. 632,092Dubuque Area USBC
155ALL EVENTS - HandicappedFrischmeyer Julie 32,091Grundy Center USBC
155ALL EVENTS - HandicappedVanGundy Kalliann 362,091Sigourney USBC
155ALL EVENTS - HandicappedRichards Makinze L. 2142,091West Union USBC
155ALL EVENTS - HandicappedKuhse Katie L. 1892,091Independence USBC
159ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSporrer Tessa L. 1262,090Manning USBC
160ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMullins Janiece K. 1342,089Fort Dodge Area USBC
161ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWatson Janet S. 2352,088Cedar Rapids USBC
161ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMcCoy Melanie L. 952,088Ottumwa Area USBC
161ALL EVENTS - HandicappedDerbyshire Cherie 1522,088Gr Cedar Valley USBC
164ALL EVENTS - HandicappedKirchner Heidi L. 2362,087Cedar Rapids USBC
165ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBriggs Danelle C. 262,086Lenox USBC
166ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBurns June R. 1912,085Cedar Rapids USBC
166ALL EVENTS - HandicappedPoldervaart Stacey L. 2252,085Fort Dodge Area USBC
166ALL EVENTS - HandicappedLazear Stacey 1982,085Gr Des Moines USBC
169ALL EVENTS - HandicappedLienemann Joan K. 1432,084Lenox USBC
169ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBorkowski Kristen D. 1272,084Manning USBC
171ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHowell Joanna 1052,083Oelwein USBC
171ALL EVENTS - HandicappedLaMaack Heather A. 1412,083Gr Davenport Metro USBC
173ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHood Sue A. 1582,081Gr Des Moines USBC
173ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWinter Lora 232,081Cedar Rapids USBC
173ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBaker Debbie K. 452,081Ottumwa Area USBC
173ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMorgan Michelle A. 1292,081Muscatine USBC
177ALL EVENTS - HandicappedChickering Nichole A. 972,080Ottumwa Area USBC
178ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWoerdehoff Deneen M. 2372,079Gr Davenport Metro USBC
178ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMoritz Nicole R. 2392,079Gr Davenport Metro USBC
178ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSpainhower Jessica N. 272,079Lenox USBC
178ALL EVENTS - HandicappedCastillo Sherry L. 532,079Atlantic USBC
182ALL EVENTS - HandicappedRange Amanda 462,078Fort Dodge Area USBC
183ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSchwickerath Tammi R. 1542,077Jasper County USBC
183ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMcClure Judy M. 562,077Atlantic USBC
183ALL EVENTS - HandicappedLee Tracey H. 752,077Sigourney USBC
186ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBruns Kathleen E. 372,076Sigourney USBC
186ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSchiltz Stephanie 1202,076Laurens USBC
186ALL EVENTS - HandicappedTryon Camille A. 502,076Cedar Rapids USBC
189ALL EVENTS - HandicappedDeKoning Deanne 572,075Pella USBC
189ALL EVENTS - HandicappedFarrell Mary E. 1062,075Gr Davenport Metro USBC
189ALL EVENTS - HandicappedKruse Jennifer 1692,075Decorah USBC
192ALL EVENTS - HandicappedCase Brenda 542,074Atlantic USBC
192ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSwanson Brittney M. 842,074Council Bluffs USBC
192ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWilson Mari I. 1862,074Gr Mason City USBC
192ALL EVENTS - HandicappedChickering Natasha A. 972,074Ottumwa Area USBC
192ALL EVENTS - HandicappedEich Melissa M. 1512,074Marshalltown Area USBC
197ALL EVENTS - HandicappedParmley Becky S. 522,073Atlantic USBC
197ALL EVENTS - HandicappedAupperle Julie 532,073Atlantic USBC
199ALL EVENTS - HandicappedNovak Amber R. 1952,072Charles City USBC
199ALL EVENTS - HandicappedAnderson Kathleen A. 2412,072Humboldt Iowa USBC
201ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWisted Sharon K. 12,071Cedar Rapids USBC
201ALL EVENTS - HandicappedPinneke Kimberly M. 1992,071Gr Des Moines USBC
201ALL EVENTS - HandicappedOetken Penny F. 1432,071Lenox USBC
204ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMc Cormick Julie M. 1912,070Cedar Rapids USBC
204ALL EVENTS - HandicappedLovell Linda S. 1442,070Cedar Rapids USBC
204ALL EVENTS - HandicappedNelson Denise 2152,070West Union USBC
207ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBrissey Jennifer 2192,069Burlington Area USBC
208ALL EVENTS - HandicappedCampbell Amanda J. 1022,068Ida Grove USBC
209ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBuseman Randi L. 42,067Grundy Center USBC
209ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHazelett Sue 1392,067Gr Davenport Metro USBC
209ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHarter Bridgett M. 792,067Greenfield USBC
212ALL EVENTS - HandicappedCaves Dinna L. 1572,066Fairfield USBC
213ALL EVENTS - HandicappedPence Amber M. 2202,065Burlington Area USBC
214ALL EVENTS - HandicappedKisley Linda L. 1872,064Gr Mason City USBC
214ALL EVENTS - HandicappedStanton Marla J. 412,064New Hampton USBC
214ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSpicer Jennifer A. 2272,064Keokuk USBC
217ALL EVENTS - HandicappedLechtenberg Linda B. 422,063New Hampton USBC
217ALL EVENTS - HandicappedKerkhoff Kenzie K. 1282,063Manning USBC
217ALL EVENTS - HandicappedKriegel Carla R. 1612,063Iowa City USBC
217ALL EVENTS - HandicappedVan Ersvelde Amy M. 892,063Iowa City USBC
217ALL EVENTS - HandicappedDotzenrod Jaymes A. 2092,063West Union USBC
222ALL EVENTS - HandicappedCurrin Chelsey L. 1682,062Red Oak USBC
222ALL EVENTS - HandicappedCoyle Cindy L. 1692,062Decorah USBC
224ALL EVENTS - HandicappedGillum Hailey C. 362,061Sigourney USBC
224ALL EVENTS - HandicappedLatwesen Danielle M. 42,061Grundy Center USBC
224ALL EVENTS - HandicappedFlattery Jacqulyn D. 922,061Ottumwa Area USBC
224ALL EVENTS - HandicappedClifton Rita R. 2402,061Gr Davenport Metro USBC
228ALL EVENTS - HandicappedGeurink Polly A. 1192,060Gr Davenport Metro USBC
228ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWulf Megan 2042,060Greene County USBC
228ALL EVENTS - HandicappedVaul Cindy L. 522,060Atlantic USBC
228ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWillenbring Stephanie E. 162,060Dubuque Area USBC
232ALL EVENTS - HandicappedShatek Jamie L. 412,058New Hampton USBC
232ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMorehouse Mary Jo 2292,058Keokuk USBC
232ALL EVENTS - HandicappedGreen Tammy R. 1592,058Anamosa USBC
232ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMeier Ashley N. 1282,058Manning USBC
232ALL EVENTS - HandicappedNovak Krystal 1952,058Charles City USBC
232ALL EVENTS - HandicappedRock Kathy A. 1962,058Jasper County USBC
232ALL EVENTS - HandicappedRawls Brenda L. 192,058Pella USBC
239ALL EVENTS - HandicappedPol Lana K. 192,057Pella USBC
239ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBales Kelsey 1102,057Burlington Area USBC
239ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHughes Christie D. 1832,057Jasper County USBC
239ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBrown Ginger S. 1132,057Cedar Rapids USBC
239ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWalker Kerry J. 1502,057Dubuque Area USBC
244ALL EVENTS - HandicappedGruber Cindy J. 132,056Fort Dodge Area USBC
245ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBarnes Kimberly K. 612,055Cedar Rapids USBC
246ALL EVENTS - HandicappedRenslow Shelby A. 2262,054Stuart USBC
247ALL EVENTS - HandicappedShowers Machelle R. 282,052Fort Dodge Area USBC
247ALL EVENTS - HandicappedDermer Carol J. 1242,052Burlington Area USBC
247ALL EVENTS - HandicappedGeorge Diane 1722,052Humboldt Iowa USBC
247ALL EVENTS - HandicappedEdwards Janet M. 2372,052Gr Davenport Metro USBC
247ALL EVENTS - HandicappedJohnson Eilene 742,052Marshalltown Area USBC
252ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSteeve Kate L. 672,050Clarinda USBC
252ALL EVENTS - HandicappedJohnson Michelle 112,050Fort Dodge Area USBC
252ALL EVENTS - HandicappedStorm Penny J. 1332,050Gr Siouxland USBC
255ALL EVENTS - HandicappedFaber Kimberly 1212,049Laurens USBC
255ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSales Jennifer 1402,049Gr Davenport Metro USBC
255ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHumphrey Mary L. 1312,049Clarinda USBC
255ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSchmitt Karen A. 442,049New Hampton USBC
259ALL EVENTS - HandicappedRaum-Murty Bonnie R. 1512,048Marshalltown Area USBC
259ALL EVENTS - HandicappedAalbers Sandra K. 832,048Pella USBC
261ALL EVENTS - HandicappedTyler Donna R. 12,047Cedar Rapids USBC
261ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBeske Patrena Y. 922,047Ottumwa Area USBC
263ALL EVENTS - HandicappedShoesmith Jaime L. 2262,046Stuart USBC
263ALL EVENTS - HandicappedRieger Gail A. 872,046Cedar Rapids USBC
263ALL EVENTS - HandicappedLansing Julie A. 2132,046West Union USBC
263ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHotvedt Lydia B. 2102,046West Union USBC
263ALL EVENTS - HandicappedStephens Linda 332,046Manning USBC
268ALL EVENTS - HandicappedEbrecht Tina M. 252,045Ames Area USBC
268ALL EVENTS - HandicappedGildsig Jeanette E. 22,045Lenox USBC
268ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHemann Misty M. 1342,045Fort Dodge Area USBC
271ALL EVENTS - HandicappedLivermore Claudia 1812,044Ida Grove USBC
272ALL EVENTS - HandicappedFlannegan Cindy L. 1202,043Laurens USBC
272ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWaller Emilea J. 1732,043Gr Cedar Valley USBC
272ALL EVENTS - HandicappedFink Julie E. 2002,043Mt Pleasant USBC
272ALL EVENTS - HandicappedVolk Carol J. 242,043Cedar Rapids USBC
272ALL EVENTS - HandicappedKuennen Lavell R. 2082,043West Union USBC
277ALL EVENTS - HandicappedAlcala April M. 482,042Le Mars USBC
277ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMartin Susan L. 1332,042Gr Siouxland USBC
277ALL EVENTS - HandicappedPaulsen Sara L. 1202,042Laurens USBC
277ALL EVENTS - HandicappedEinwalter Mary J. 1602,042Dubuque Area USBC
281ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHanson Bernie M. 182,041Dubuque Area USBC
281ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSchumacher Gina M. 382,041New Hampton USBC
281ALL EVENTS - HandicappedKehoe Rita A. 292,041Gr Cedar Valley USBC
281ALL EVENTS - HandicappedNolin Becky S. 1542,041Jasper County USBC
281ALL EVENTS - HandicappedLund Jaci A. 142,041Fort Dodge Area USBC
286ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSchaefer Ginny L. 1542,040Jasper County USBC
286ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBascom Pamela J. 1882,040Independence USBC
288ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBriggs Deborah M. 262,039Lenox USBC
288ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMarzen Laura L. 1642,039Gr Mason City USBC
288ALL EVENTS - HandicappedTerry Venita K. 2312,039Eldora USBC
288ALL EVENTS - HandicappedOsher Roxann M. 2182,039Clarinda USBC
292ALL EVENTS - HandicappedRolfes Johanna S. 1842,038Dubuque Area USBC
292ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWhite Joyce A. 2112,038West Union USBC
292ALL EVENTS - HandicappedLee Tori R. 2132,038West Union USBC
295ALL EVENTS - HandicappedKirsch Tiffany M. 1942,037Charles City USBC
295ALL EVENTS - HandicappedDavis Sam L. 162,037Dubuque Area USBC
297ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMiller Lisa L. 2162,036Sumner USBC
297ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHeyveld Connie L. 892,036Iowa City USBC
297ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMiller Diana L. 572,036Pella USBC
297ALL EVENTS - HandicappedOlson Lynette R. 782,036Greenfield USBC
301ALL EVENTS - HandicappedOtt Jacque L. 1102,035Burlington Area USBC
301ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWright April J. 262,035Lenox USBC
303ALL EVENTS - HandicappedTerrones Susan L. 1632,034Ames Area USBC
303ALL EVENTS - HandicappedLove Amber L. 2122,034West Union USBC
303ALL EVENTS - HandicappedEngledow Carilyn S. 222,034Cedar Rapids USBC
303ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMuller Shara N. 72,034Maquoketa USBC
307ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHubble Jillian L. 2352,033Cedar Rapids USBC
307ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWick Kat L. 962,033Ottumwa Area USBC
307ALL EVENTS - HandicappedGebers Peggy A. 1812,033Ida Grove USBC
307ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWulf Sandra S. 302,033Manning USBC
307ALL EVENTS - HandicappedClark Janet R. 202,033Marshalltown Area USBC
312ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMuntz Beverly 372,032Sigourney USBC
312ALL EVENTS - HandicappedCollins Margie M. 2322,032Gr Des Moines USBC
314ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSchneekloth Peggy 862,031Cedar Rapids USBC
314ALL EVENTS - HandicappedRauscher Jessi M. 912,031Ottumwa Area USBC
314ALL EVENTS - HandicappedAkin Brittany N. 942,031Ottumwa Area USBC
314ALL EVENTS - HandicappedRoss Wendy L. 1492,031Charles City USBC
314ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMensen Sarah L. 1842,031Dubuque Area USBC
319ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSidles Laura L. 1202,030Laurens USBC
319ALL EVENTS - HandicappedFisher Lora L. 372,030Sigourney USBC
319ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMattson Kelly S. 1682,030Red Oak USBC
322ALL EVENTS - HandicappedTuttle Terri L. 1442,029Cedar Rapids USBC
322ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSeidel Meaghan M. 2142,029West Union USBC
322ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMoritz Anna 2392,029Gr Davenport Metro USBC
322ALL EVENTS - HandicappedTabor Shawna R. 1382,029Muscatine USBC
322ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMalcom Shelley E. 1012,029Ida Grove USBC
322ALL EVENTS - HandicappedGehrke Janelle M. 702,029Eldora USBC
322ALL EVENTS - HandicappedThrondson Regan M. 382,029New Hampton USBC
329ALL EVENTS - HandicappedGoldsberry Peggy A. 102,028Gr Des Moines USBC
330ALL EVENTS - HandicappedGarringer Connie E. 602,027Cedar Rapids USBC
330ALL EVENTS - HandicappedVozenilek Jessica J. 962,027Ottumwa Area USBC
330ALL EVENTS - HandicappedDarrow Mildred 1072,027Gr Davenport Metro USBC
330ALL EVENTS - HandicappedLoneman Lori A. 2032,027Greene County USBC
330ALL EVENTS - HandicappedClark Amy A. 212,027Marshalltown Area USBC
335ALL EVENTS - HandicappedGoecker Debbie 1312,026Clarinda USBC
335ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBingham Kaylene R. 1762,026Greene County USBC
335ALL EVENTS - HandicappedCaufield Joni A. 1772,026Ames Area USBC
335ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMiller Wendy A. 612,026Cedar Rapids USBC
339ALL EVENTS - HandicappedKepler Tereni L. 592,025Cedar Rapids USBC
339ALL EVENTS - HandicappedJennings Sheryl D. 1542,025Jasper County USBC
341ALL EVENTS - HandicappedEastwood Angela J. 2252,024Fort Dodge Area USBC
341ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBrandes Pat A. 1752,024Gr Siouxland USBC
343ALL EVENTS - HandicappedJohnson Tammi L. 1672,023Gr Siouxland USBC
343ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSmith Suzanne T. 1452,023Gr Siouxland USBC
343ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBird Nancy K. 1472,023Sigourney USBC
343ALL EVENTS - HandicappedForschler Amy K. 1962,023Jasper County USBC
343ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWard Heidi L. 1502,023Dubuque Area USBC
348ALL EVENTS - HandicappedClancy Marge M. 632,022Dubuque Area USBC
348ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHoltkamp Emily R. 1102,022Burlington Area USBC
348ALL EVENTS - HandicappedAdams Cheryl A. 1622,022Gr Des Moines USBC
348ALL EVENTS - HandicappedPayne Toni 982,022Ottumwa Area USBC
348ALL EVENTS - HandicappedDonaldson Chelsea L. 2312,022Eldora USBC
353ALL EVENTS - HandicappedStreck Zolene M. 1022,021Ida Grove USBC
353ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMetz Ciony 1082,021Muscatine USBC
353ALL EVENTS - HandicappedLarson Marcia K. 1702,021Decorah USBC
353ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHess Vickie M. 692,021Clarinda USBC
357ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMerryman Dustyne L. 2282,020Keokuk USBC
357ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMarlowe Beverly J. 1302,020Muscatine USBC
357ALL EVENTS - HandicappedVrieze Jessica L. 2232,020Gr Cedar Valley USBC
357ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHeisdorffer Jessica K. 942,020Ottumwa Area USBC
357ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMoore Margaret A. 982,020Ottumwa Area USBC
357ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHall Patricia A. 12,020Cedar Rapids USBC
357ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMorgan Jamie R. 1902,020Independence USBC
364ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWilliams-Hernandez Brandy K. 452,019Ottumwa Area USBC
364ALL EVENTS - HandicappedAthey Abbey E. 2222,019Gr Cedar Valley USBC
364ALL EVENTS - HandicappedEhmen Debra J. 762,019Gr Cedar Valley USBC
364ALL EVENTS - HandicappedStaley Jeanne E. 1302,019Muscatine USBC
368ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSchmelzer Lila J. 1372,018Muscatine USBC
368ALL EVENTS - HandicappedFunte Stacy L. 1492,018Charles City USBC
368ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWeber Patricia D. 1352,018Gr Des Moines USBC
368ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMcCormick Dagmar 472,018Fort Dodge Area USBC
368ALL EVENTS - HandicappedUnderwood Stacy J. 142,018Fort Dodge Area USBC
373ALL EVENTS - HandicappedVanBennekom Audra 592,017Cedar Rapids USBC
373ALL EVENTS - HandicappedPierce Amanda M. 592,017Cedar Rapids USBC
373ALL EVENTS - HandicappedRoose Judith 192,017Pella USBC
373ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWatje Kelsey 312,017Manning USBC
373ALL EVENTS - HandicappedKrenz Sandra K. 772,017Gr Cedar Valley USBC
373ALL EVENTS - HandicappedDrummond Donna J. 2292,017Keokuk USBC
373ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHunt Valerie A. 202,017Marshalltown Area USBC
380ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMcDermott Melinda 1842,016Dubuque Area USBC
380ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWhite Paula R. 1612,016Iowa City USBC
380ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSexton KatieAnn 1262,016Manning USBC
380ALL EVENTS - HandicappedPaustian Randi M. 2382,016Gr Davenport Metro USBC
380ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHarrison Rae 122,016Fort Dodge Area USBC
385ALL EVENTS - HandicappedPenning Jamie K. 622,015Cedar Rapids USBC
385ALL EVENTS - HandicappedTilley Megan I. 1802,015Ida Grove USBC
385ALL EVENTS - HandicappedRupe Angie M. 1152,015Council Bluffs USBC
388ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHolms Sue A. 1522,014Gr Cedar Valley USBC
388ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBloom Jerry Lynn 2002,014Mt Pleasant USBC
388ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBoeck Carolyn J. 322,014Manning USBC
388ALL EVENTS - HandicappedDalton Rita 2302,014De Witt USBC
392ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSpooner Penny E. 2062,013Gr Des Moines USBC
392ALL EVENTS - HandicappedGrego Jill M. 2312,013Eldora USBC
394ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWright Diane R. 1872,012Gr Mason City USBC
394ALL EVENTS - HandicappedStuhrenberg Connie 1342,012Fort Dodge Area USBC
396ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHazelton Barbara A. 12,011Cedar Rapids USBC
396ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHobbs Tammy L. 222,011Cedar Rapids USBC
396ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBetz Debra L. 2012,011Greene County USBC
396ALL EVENTS - HandicappedStorey Diane M. 1172,011Council Bluffs USBC
396ALL EVENTS - HandicappedFuller Carol 482,011Le Mars USBC
401ALL EVENTS - HandicappedEmrich Missy L. 932,010Gr Siouxland USBC
401ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWilson Mindy S. 2222,010Gr Cedar Valley USBC
401ALL EVENTS - HandicappedNovinski Jean M. 612,010Cedar Rapids USBC
404ALL EVENTS - HandicappedTimm Kris 622,009Cedar Rapids USBC
404ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWalker Pat 2412,009Humboldt Iowa USBC
406ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBanta Donna M. 2402,008Gr Davenport Metro USBC
406ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSmith Renee R. 1112,008Burlington Area USBC
406ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWhite Jennifer S. 2362,008Cedar Rapids USBC
406ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSchnoor Kaisee R. 72,008Maquoketa USBC
406ALL EVENTS - HandicappedClark Becky S. 82,008Gr Des Moines USBC
406ALL EVENTS - HandicappedManchester Sherry A. 1852,008Gr Mason City USBC
412ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSchrieber Sandra K. 1212,007Laurens USBC
412ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWaite Sarah J. 492,007Shenandoah USBC
412ALL EVENTS - HandicappedNehl Diane F. 422,007New Hampton USBC
415ALL EVENTS - HandicappedFrieze Melinda S. 1162,006Council Bluffs USBC
415ALL EVENTS - HandicappedFoister Missy M. 72,006Maquoketa USBC
415ALL EVENTS - HandicappedPrickett Tasha L. 2202,006Burlington Area USBC
415ALL EVENTS - HandicappedAlexander Beth D. 692,006Clarinda USBC
419ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBecker Janet 1652,005Oelwein USBC
419ALL EVENTS - HandicappedRing Ashley J. 1152,005Council Bluffs USBC
419ALL EVENTS - HandicappedTempleman Dawn R. 542,005Atlantic USBC
419ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHicks Tracy A. 2012,005Greene County USBC
423ALL EVENTS - HandicappedNelson Debra K. 1782,004Ames Area USBC
423ALL EVENTS - HandicappedGeer Tanya L. 292,004Gr Cedar Valley USBC
425ALL EVENTS - HandicappedJennings Teri L. 1232,003Ames Area USBC
425ALL EVENTS - HandicappedElam Diana 2462,003Keokuk USBC
425ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBarnes Kara L. 2282,003Keokuk USBC
425ALL EVENTS - HandicappedPetty Teresa 2182,003Clarinda USBC
429ALL EVENTS - HandicappedUlrich Deb 1022,002Ida Grove USBC
429ALL EVENTS - HandicappedAllen Theresa 1732,002Gr Cedar Valley USBC
429ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSchwebke Joyce E. 1592,002Anamosa USBC
429ALL EVENTS - HandicappedShaffer Debra L. 2142,002West Union USBC
429ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSmith Lea M. 2322,002Gr Des Moines USBC
434ALL EVENTS - HandicappedRowley Kristin M. 2202,001Burlington Area USBC
434ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMonell Christina M. 1752,001Gr Siouxland USBC
434ALL EVENTS - HandicappedShoafstall Karie M. 1852,001Gr Mason City USBC
434ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMiller Kathryn I. 1852,001Gr Mason City USBC
434ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBauer Teresa J. 1572,001Fairfield USBC
439ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBriner Cindy 1432,000Lenox USBC
439ALL EVENTS - HandicappedLarkin Donna J. 2182,000Clarinda USBC
441ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMartin Eleanore M. 441,999New Hampton USBC
441ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSlingluff Leah S. 211,999Marshalltown Area USBC
441ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSmith-Harris Katie A. 1451,999Gr Siouxland USBC
444ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWahlert Maggie 521,998Atlantic USBC
444ALL EVENTS - HandicappedCook Sue K. 2321,998Gr Des Moines USBC
446ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSimmons Paula R. 241,997Cedar Rapids USBC
446ALL EVENTS - HandicappedFilloon Piene 741,997Marshalltown Area USBC
448ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMauer Judy M. 1501,996Dubuque Area USBC
448ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHouk Shellie L. 941,996Ottumwa Area USBC
448ALL EVENTS - HandicappedTevis Vanessa L. 1881,996Independence USBC
448ALL EVENTS - HandicappedPeterla Ann M. 1071,996Gr Davenport Metro USBC
448ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSwanson Christine L. 1081,996Muscatine USBC
448ALL EVENTS - HandicappedGrangruth Tracy L. 1231,996Ames Area USBC
454ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMapel Amy J. 2191,995Burlington Area USBC
454ALL EVENTS - HandicappedVos Carla 831,995Pella USBC
456ALL EVENTS - HandicappedGriffin Patty A. 1581,994Gr Des Moines USBC
456ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBloom Lillian B. 2001,994Mt Pleasant USBC
458ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMunoz Tammie L. 1141,993Council Bluffs USBC
458ALL EVENTS - HandicappedKetchum Kathy 1641,993Gr Mason City USBC
458ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMontgomery Charlene 1461,993Gr Des Moines USBC
461ALL EVENTS - HandicappedLloyd Laura 121,992Fort Dodge Area USBC
461ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSchneiderman Janelle E. 2191,992Burlington Area USBC
463ALL EVENTS - HandicappedTrimble Rebecca C. 1121,991Burlington Area USBC
463ALL EVENTS - HandicappedPettinger Jana E. 2211,991Humboldt Iowa USBC
463ALL EVENTS - HandicappedLuebbers Dana R. 711,991Eldora USBC
463ALL EVENTS - HandicappedKolbet Val 431,991New Hampton USBC
467ALL EVENTS - HandicappedQuick Jennifer R. 1221,989Ames Area USBC
467ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBarnes Toni J. 371,989Sigourney USBC
467ALL EVENTS - HandicappedStoner Sandy D. 1561,989Sigourney USBC
467ALL EVENTS - HandicappedTevis Kristen M. 1901,989Independence USBC
467ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHanna Patricia L. 451,989Ottumwa Area USBC
472ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHendricks Julie A. 1721,988Humboldt Iowa USBC
472ALL EVENTS - HandicappedRoth Teresa 1641,988Gr Mason City USBC
472ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHare Alicia A. 391,988New Hampton USBC
475ALL EVENTS - HandicappedPruismann Linda A. 1771,987Ames Area USBC
475ALL EVENTS - HandicappedKolthoff Jamie L. 2311,987Eldora USBC
475ALL EVENTS - HandicappedCarlson Ashlynn J. 331,987Manning USBC
478ALL EVENTS - HandicappedPruismann Sandra J. 1771,986Ames Area USBC
479ALL EVENTS - HandicappedFriend Maureen J. 1241,985Burlington Area USBC
480ALL EVENTS - HandicappedRollins Tina M. 471,984Fort Dodge Area USBC
480ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWood Chris A. 2251,984Fort Dodge Area USBC
480ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSmith Stacy 201,984Marshalltown Area USBC
483ALL EVENTS - HandicappedRiggs Barbara A. 1351,983Gr Des Moines USBC
483ALL EVENTS - HandicappedPayne Carol A. 1091,983Burlington Area USBC
483ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWhitlatch Sheryl L. 2131,983West Union USBC
483ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSturm Nina M. 671,983Clarinda USBC
487ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBaxter Regina M. 2391,982Gr Davenport Metro USBC
487ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHageman Debra A. 2131,982West Union USBC
487ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSturtz Dawn D. 511,982Cedar Rapids USBC
487ALL EVENTS - HandicappedRine Mary E. 2241,982Clarinda USBC
491ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMellencamp Micaela B. 1311,981Clarinda USBC
491ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSchneiderman Suzie M. 2191,981Burlington Area USBC
491ALL EVENTS - HandicappedTillie Cindy S. 1191,981Gr Davenport Metro USBC
491ALL EVENTS - HandicappedCarriere Teresa A. 1221,981Ames Area USBC
491ALL EVENTS - HandicappedPayne Melanie R. 2221,981Gr Cedar Valley USBC
496ALL EVENTS - HandicappedAnders Kathy F. 771,980Gr Cedar Valley USBC
496ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSpeake Patti A. 301,980Manning USBC
496ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWillis Michelle 911,980Ottumwa Area USBC
499ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSunderman Linda M. 671,979Clarinda USBC
499ALL EVENTS - HandicappedEdwards Lisa T. 2381,979Gr Davenport Metro USBC
499ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBruns Rae K. 1521,979Gr Cedar Valley USBC
502ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBeaver Terri Jo 1671,978Gr Siouxland USBC
502ALL EVENTS - HandicappedJohns Desiree A. 2021,978Greene County USBC
502ALL EVENTS - HandicappedAleckson Serenity M. 1071,978Gr Davenport Metro USBC
502ALL EVENTS - HandicappedDingman Karen L. 1111,978Burlington Area USBC
502ALL EVENTS - HandicappedGiese Shae A. 2061,978Gr Des Moines USBC
502ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBrennan Shanna 111,978Fort Dodge Area USBC
502ALL EVENTS - HandicappedKirkus Kristy L. 391,978New Hampton USBC
509ALL EVENTS - HandicappedOverhouse Kimberly A. 1961,977Jasper County USBC
509ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWoten Breanne L. 1931,977Oskaloosa USBC
509ALL EVENTS - HandicappedVogt Whittney A. 1801,977Ida Grove USBC
512ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMeester Vanessa K. 701,976Eldora USBC
512ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSeddon Wendy M. 801,976Greenfield USBC
512ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBausch Donna 2111,976West Union USBC
515ALL EVENTS - HandicappedOhnemus Brenda 2301,975De Witt USBC
515ALL EVENTS - HandicappedDavis Linda 881,975De Witt USBC
517ALL EVENTS - HandicappedFaust Liz 731,974Independence USBC
517ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSchmidt Jacklyn K. 861,974Cedar Rapids USBC
517ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWeig Samantha J. 41,974Grundy Center USBC
517ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSeemann Juli 551,974Atlantic USBC
517ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBakke Tina L. 1691,974Decorah USBC
522ALL EVENTS - HandicappedRalston Sara A. 1411,973Gr Davenport Metro USBC
523ALL EVENTS - HandicappedStalder Daisy 821,972Greenfield USBC
523ALL EVENTS - HandicappedCollins Anita J. 1241,972Burlington Area USBC
525ALL EVENTS - HandicappedKelly Karma 2301,971De Witt USBC
525ALL EVENTS - HandicappedRusbult Dorma J. 581,971Cedar Rapids USBC
525ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWilcox Janet L. 991,971Sigourney USBC
525ALL EVENTS - HandicappedPersoon Pamela A. 1821,971Sioux Rapids-Alta USBC
529ALL EVENTS - HandicappedDigman Sarah A. 151,970Dubuque Area USBC
530ALL EVENTS - HandicappedLeppert Dorothy M. 171,969Dubuque Area USBC
530ALL EVENTS - HandicappedRothe Michele A. 331,969Manning USBC
530ALL EVENTS - HandicappedFry Tami 351,969Sigourney USBC
530ALL EVENTS - HandicappedJordan Stacy L. 951,969Ottumwa Area USBC
530ALL EVENTS - HandicappedPence Nichelle (Niki) P. 2201,969Burlington Area USBC
535ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBird Kandy S. 1471,968Sigourney USBC
535ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMessersmith Carol 421,968New Hampton USBC
535ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWagoner Donna J. 1311,968Clarinda USBC
538ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHager Renae L. 2421,966Buffalo Center USBC
538ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHonkomp Danette S. 2041,966Greene County USBC
538ALL EVENTS - HandicappedJanssen Sherry J. 1771,966Ames Area USBC
538ALL EVENTS - HandicappedParker Linda R. 451,966Ottumwa Area USBC
542ALL EVENTS - HandicappedPrice Andrea R. 1831,965Jasper County USBC
543ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMartin DeLois R. 2081,964West Union USBC
543ALL EVENTS - HandicappedElliott Kelly L. 2151,964West Union USBC
543ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHarter Rhonda R. 1061,964Gr Davenport Metro USBC
543ALL EVENTS - HandicappedCruise Mary P. 871,964Cedar Rapids USBC
543ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMathews Sandra K. 1461,964Gr Des Moines USBC
543ALL EVENTS - HandicappedArmstrong Jennie E. 751,964Sigourney USBC
549ALL EVENTS - HandicappedIhnen Melissa A. 561,963Atlantic USBC
549ALL EVENTS - HandicappedGibson Melissa 491,963Shenandoah USBC
549ALL EVENTS - HandicappedButtolph Renae A. 431,963New Hampton USBC
552ALL EVENTS - HandicappedAmbrose Donna K. 401,962New Hampton USBC
552ALL EVENTS - HandicappedLyons Kim E. 1511,962Marshalltown Area USBC
552ALL EVENTS - HandicappedGray Debbie S. 1141,962Council Bluffs USBC
552ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBlack Trisha D. 341,962Sigourney USBC
552ALL EVENTS - HandicappedRiggle Jennifer T. 681,962Clarinda USBC
557ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMc Bride Cindy K. 601,961Cedar Rapids USBC
557ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBrandhorst Nicole M. 61,961Grundy Center USBC
559ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHogue Jacee 491,960Shenandoah USBC
559ALL EVENTS - HandicappedGehrke Patricia A. 711,960Eldora USBC
559ALL EVENTS - HandicappedShepherd Peggy A. 1371,960Muscatine USBC
559ALL EVENTS - HandicappedJensen Maureen 521,960Atlantic USBC
559ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMoore Sherry E. 91,960Gr Des Moines USBC
559ALL EVENTS - HandicappedRoney Roberta I. 1581,960Gr Des Moines USBC
565ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSadler Jessica A. 2151,959West Union USBC
565ALL EVENTS - HandicappedLogel Karlyn S. 1291,959Muscatine USBC
567ALL EVENTS - HandicappedJacobs Amanda 271,958Lenox USBC
567ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHigh Marlene J. 631,958Dubuque Area USBC
567ALL EVENTS - HandicappedFirzlaff Janice M. 181,958Dubuque Area USBC
570ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMaranville Merideth J. 2241,957Clarinda USBC
570ALL EVENTS - HandicappedTeske Rebecca K. 711,957Eldora USBC
570ALL EVENTS - HandicappedDominacki June M. 1391,957Gr Davenport Metro USBC
570ALL EVENTS - HandicappedKeenan Annette 121,957Fort Dodge Area USBC
570ALL EVENTS - HandicappedGrieder Susan K. 581,957Cedar Rapids USBC
570ALL EVENTS - HandicappedLindsey Virginia 221,957Cedar Rapids USBC
576ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHoltkamp Diane M. 1101,955Burlington Area USBC
576ALL EVENTS - HandicappedStrand Shannon L. 1821,955Sioux Rapids-Alta USBC
576ALL EVENTS - HandicappedGruhn Shelly 1551,955Manning USBC
576ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBilharz Deborah D. 1941,955Charles City USBC
576ALL EVENTS - HandicappedJohnson Nicole A. 1451,955Gr Siouxland USBC
576ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSanchez Tammy S. 1511,955Marshalltown Area USBC
582ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMorse Cassandra M. 1381,954Muscatine USBC
582ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHackerson Sandy L. 1631,954Ames Area USBC
582ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMarchand Dolly L. 1391,954Gr Davenport Metro USBC
582ALL EVENTS - HandicappedChristianson Debra S. 2361,954Cedar Rapids USBC
586ALL EVENTS - HandicappedEilers DeAnn M. 51,953Grundy Center USBC
586ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMcRobie Rebecca M. 1741,953Gr Cedar Valley USBC
586ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHocamp Christie S. 531,953Atlantic USBC
589ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSimmons Tina M. 1221,952Ames Area USBC
589ALL EVENTS - HandicappedKabele Ann E. 1491,952Charles City USBC
589ALL EVENTS - HandicappedDaniels Jordy 881,952De Witt USBC
592ALL EVENTS - HandicappedKuhnle Karen 621,951Cedar Rapids USBC
592ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSchnoor Rita C. 71,951Maquoketa USBC
592ALL EVENTS - HandicappedEmholtz Mary L. 1351,951Gr Des Moines USBC
595ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBudzyn Amanda E. 1091,950Burlington Area USBC
595ALL EVENTS - HandicappedDobbins April 991,950Sigourney USBC
597ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBrooks Lucinda 341,949Sigourney USBC
597ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBlock Barbara E. 321,949Manning USBC
597ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMarshall Dian K. 1091,949Burlington Area USBC
600ALL EVENTS - HandicappedKvach Jean I. 1131,948Cedar Rapids USBC
600ALL EVENTS - HandicappedAtcher Helen J. 1661,948Marshalltown Area USBC
602ALL EVENTS - HandicappedRoth Stacy J. 2421,947Buffalo Center USBC
602ALL EVENTS - HandicappedTeske Debra K. 711,947Eldora USBC
602ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWoodford Victoria J. 2051,947Greene County USBC
602ALL EVENTS - HandicappedFisher LoraLee 1561,947Sigourney USBC
602ALL EVENTS - HandicappedTurnball Deb 1741,947Gr Cedar Valley USBC
607ALL EVENTS - HandicappedRowedder Brenda 1271,945Manning USBC
607ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHarris Mindy S. 1781,945Ames Area USBC
607ALL EVENTS - HandicappedPafford Jackie J. 1681,945Red Oak USBC
607ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWander Rose R. 2081,945West Union USBC
611ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSylvester Sherry L. 921,944Ottumwa Area USBC
611ALL EVENTS - HandicappedJorgensen Patricia R. 321,944Manning USBC
613ALL EVENTS - HandicappedShoafstall Brooke M. 1861,943Gr Mason City USBC
613ALL EVENTS - HandicappedChristinson Cheryl A. 1611,943Iowa City USBC
613ALL EVENTS - HandicappedThompson Autumn R. 911,943Ottumwa Area USBC
613ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHaskell Laura K. 2061,943Gr Des Moines USBC
613ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWills Kelly L. 1111,943Burlington Area USBC
618ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSmith Sharilyn A. 831,942Pella USBC
618ALL EVENTS - HandicappedPeterson Brooke R. 1161,942Council Bluffs USBC
618ALL EVENTS - HandicappedFecher Kendall R. 2051,942Greene County USBC
621ALL EVENTS - HandicappedPomerson Tracey L. 821,941Greenfield USBC
622ALL EVENTS - HandicappedTauber Kimberly A. 161,940Dubuque Area USBC
623ALL EVENTS - HandicappedKnight Ashley J. 1891,939Independence USBC
623ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHeath Laura D. 1761,939Greene County USBC
625ALL EVENTS - HandicappedKacmarynski Barbara J. 1041,938Ida Grove USBC
625ALL EVENTS - HandicappedEngel Jolene "Jo" K. 2231,938Gr Cedar Valley USBC
625ALL EVENTS - HandicappedEveritt Jennifer A. 2121,938West Union USBC
625ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWolfe Darla J. 1981,938Gr Des Moines USBC
629ALL EVENTS - HandicappedKrejci Antonette M. 851,936Cedar Rapids USBC
629ALL EVENTS - HandicappedCarlson Karen J. 1191,936Gr Davenport Metro USBC
629ALL EVENTS - HandicappedNovak Terri L. 1951,936Charles City USBC
629ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWaterbury Saundra R. 2011,936Greene County USBC
629ALL EVENTS - HandicappedKruger Diana L. 51,936Grundy Center USBC
634ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBrubaker Melissa R. 351,934Sigourney USBC
634ALL EVENTS - HandicappedReitzler Michelle L. 891,934Iowa City USBC
636ALL EVENTS - HandicappedKusserow Cathy 701,933Eldora USBC
636ALL EVENTS - HandicappedLongnecker Jone M. 581,933Cedar Rapids USBC
638ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBoehmer Amy J. 431,932New Hampton USBC
639ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBuford Rhonda 2461,931Keokuk USBC
639ALL EVENTS - HandicappedLongcor Emma L. 1361,931Muscatine USBC
641ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBever-Keim Diane 1161,930Council Bluffs USBC
641ALL EVENTS - HandicappedLasher Susie C. 91,930Gr Des Moines USBC
641ALL EVENTS - HandicappedRynearson Sherry 1461,930Gr Des Moines USBC
641ALL EVENTS - HandicappedAdams Marti (Margaret) T. 1061,930Gr Davenport Metro USBC
645ALL EVENTS - HandicappedLopez Cindy K. 731,929Independence USBC
645ALL EVENTS - HandicappedRing Patricia 1151,929Council Bluffs USBC
647ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMeyer Natasha 61,928Grundy Center USBC
647ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBurke Kerri K. 1991,928Gr Des Moines USBC
647ALL EVENTS - HandicappedFear Deanne I. 1971,928Ottumwa Area USBC
650ALL EVENTS - HandicappedVan Nice Brigitte A. 61,927Grundy Center USBC
650ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMcMullen Cherie 301,927Manning USBC
652ALL EVENTS - HandicappedLongcor Shila L. 1361,926Muscatine USBC
652ALL EVENTS - HandicappedArdueser Kim 901,926Ottumwa Area USBC
652ALL EVENTS - HandicappedVasquez Michele 471,926Fort Dodge Area USBC
655ALL EVENTS - HandicappedStefani Deanna L. 81,925Gr Des Moines USBC
655ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBrandes Blair N. 1751,925Gr Siouxland USBC
655ALL EVENTS - HandicappedPaulsen Sarah M1551,925Manning USBC
655ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWieman Deborah G. 311,925Manning USBC
655ALL EVENTS - HandicappedClement Lori J. 691,925Clarinda USBC
660ALL EVENTS - HandicappedThrondson Carrie 381,924New Hampton USBC
660ALL EVENTS - HandicappedCoulter Denise M. 41,924Grundy Center USBC
660ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBruce Kelsi S. 681,924Clarinda USBC
660ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHughes Deanne K. 661,924Clarinda USBC
664ALL EVENTS - HandicappedFees Kathy K. 101,923Gr Des Moines USBC
664ALL EVENTS - HandicappedDorweiler Virginia A. 1341,923Fort Dodge Area USBC
664ALL EVENTS - HandicappedNolen Brittanie A. 931,923Gr Siouxland USBC
667ALL EVENTS - HandicappedVine Vivian A. 1701,922Decorah USBC
667ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMitchell Dawn M. 1861,922Gr Mason City USBC
667ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHoward Megan 1651,922Oelwein USBC
667ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHiatt Laurie G. 1791,922West Delaware USBC
671ALL EVENTS - HandicappedConnors Penny 1721,920Humboldt Iowa USBC
671ALL EVENTS - HandicappedDecker Peggy 1901,920Independence USBC
671ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHogencamp Brandi M. 291,920Gr Cedar Valley USBC
674ALL EVENTS - HandicappedDixon Jodee D. 1261,919Manning USBC
675ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSchlatter Teresa L. 2161,918Sumner USBC
675ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBoddicker Linda K. 1961,918Jasper County USBC
675ALL EVENTS - HandicappedClancy Valerie F. 171,918Dubuque Area USBC
678ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHopp Patricia 2461,917Keokuk USBC
678ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWilson Mary 461,917Fort Dodge Area USBC
678ALL EVENTS - HandicappedClock Judy K. 701,917Eldora USBC
678ALL EVENTS - HandicappedCrum Donna R. 1181,917Council Bluffs USBC
682ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHelgevold Lori L. 1921,915Clarke & Decatur USBC
683ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBoston Liz M. 1151,914Council Bluffs USBC
683ALL EVENTS - HandicappedJohnson Margaret A. 1351,914Gr Des Moines USBC
683ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHenry Lynnette A. 2111,914West Union USBC
686ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSimon Christy K. 2381,913Gr Davenport Metro USBC
686ALL EVENTS - HandicappedCline Karen S. 661,913Clarinda USBC
686ALL EVENTS - HandicappedCole Sherrie K. 1451,913Gr Siouxland USBC
686ALL EVENTS - HandicappedEpperson Maureen A. 771,913Gr Cedar Valley USBC
690ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMurphy Marlys J. 1591,912Anamosa USBC
691ALL EVENTS - HandicappedLaRue Donna L. 1301,911Muscatine USBC
692ALL EVENTS - HandicappedGrey Kelli R. 151,910Dubuque Area USBC
693ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSteffensmeier Michelle L. 1841,909Dubuque Area USBC
693ALL EVENTS - HandicappedRau Madison R. 2161,909Sumner USBC
693ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBoyken Sheri R. 2411,909Humboldt Iowa USBC
696ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWest Bonnie J. 1651,908Oelwein USBC
696ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBurch Carmelita 891,908Iowa City USBC
696ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBurgart Angela M. 441,908New Hampton USBC
696ALL EVENTS - HandicappedRosonke Kim A. 411,908New Hampton USBC
700ALL EVENTS - HandicappedJohnson Tracy L. 1041,907Ida Grove USBC
701ALL EVENTS - HandicappedNovak Amy L. 1951,906Charles City USBC
701ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSchneider Cara M. 2171,906Sumner USBC
701ALL EVENTS - HandicappedEggers Joanna M. 841,906Council Bluffs USBC
701ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBernard Joanne R. 731,906Independence USBC
701ALL EVENTS - HandicappedCarl Amanda R. 2261,906Stuart USBC
706ALL EVENTS - HandicappedFiebelkorn Kim K. 511,905Cedar Rapids USBC
706ALL EVENTS - HandicappedJacobsen Hazel M. 231,905Cedar Rapids USBC
706ALL EVENTS - HandicappedAxtell Linda L. 1971,905Ottumwa Area USBC
706ALL EVENTS - HandicappedKay Kim 881,905De Witt USBC
706ALL EVENTS - HandicappedCockburn Jamie L. 781,905Greenfield USBC
706ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHoffman Jackie K. 1041,905Ida Grove USBC
706ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWilson Kathleen M. 1231,905Ames Area USBC
713ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWilder Brenda R. 1701,903Decorah USBC
714ALL EVENTS - HandicappedAnderson Lynn D. 1141,902Council Bluffs USBC
714ALL EVENTS - HandicappedTollenaar-huffman Rhonda K. 351,902Sigourney USBC
714ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSchultes Kristie A. 1271,902Manning USBC
714ALL EVENTS - HandicappedLoban Theresa R. 1051,902Oelwein USBC
714ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBurr Susan L. 2401,902Gr Davenport Metro USBC
714ALL EVENTS - HandicappedAndrews Barbara 871,902Cedar Rapids USBC
720ALL EVENTS - HandicappedEddins Elaine M. 861,901Cedar Rapids USBC
720ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSlater Sara K. 501,901Cedar Rapids USBC
720ALL EVENTS - HandicappedVink Louise F. 571,901Pella USBC
720ALL EVENTS - HandicappedThill Joy E. 201,901Marshalltown Area USBC
724ALL EVENTS - HandicappedDurnan Chasity J. 2101,900West Union USBC
724ALL EVENTS - HandicappedPatton Tonya L. 951,900Ottumwa Area USBC
724ALL EVENTS - HandicappedPrescott Ellen K. 1751,900Gr Siouxland USBC
727ALL EVENTS - HandicappedPersoon Sandra K. 1821,899Sioux Rapids-Alta USBC
728ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMatthews Sandra J. 2021,898Greene County USBC
728ALL EVENTS - HandicappedNeebel Sue M. 1521,898Gr Cedar Valley USBC
728ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWalker Jodi E. 1141,898Council Bluffs USBC
731ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSherlock Sue M. 2011,897Greene County USBC
732ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHasselmann Tina R. 31,896Grundy Center USBC
732ALL EVENTS - HandicappedGeopfert Allysen N. 141,896Fort Dodge Area USBC
734ALL EVENTS - HandicappedDanner Carmen 361,895Sigourney USBC
734ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWalling Donna L. 181,895Dubuque Area USBC
736ALL EVENTS - HandicappedDenniston Jill M. 921,894Ottumwa Area USBC
736ALL EVENTS - HandicappedOverbeck Carol L. 851,894Cedar Rapids USBC
736ALL EVENTS - HandicappedPeot Paula J. 851,894Cedar Rapids USBC
736ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBrink Debbie A. 1651,894Oelwein USBC
740ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMcCormick Tara L. 681,893Clarinda USBC
740ALL EVENTS - HandicappedFrazer Cindie L. 771,893Gr Cedar Valley USBC
740ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBrothers Heather L. 151,893Dubuque Area USBC
743ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWilson Billie J. 2181,892Clarinda USBC
743ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSmith Nikki 1921,892Clarke & Decatur USBC
743ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMoore Lori G. 2021,892Greene County USBC
743ALL EVENTS - HandicappedRumery Kelsey M. 231,892Cedar Rapids USBC
747ALL EVENTS - HandicappedChapman Sheila R. 1791,891West Delaware USBC
748ALL EVENTS - HandicappedAmeling Amy E. 2151,890West Union USBC
748ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMorris Karen 341,890Sigourney USBC
750ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMcPherson Tina L. 2051,889Greene County USBC
750ALL EVENTS - HandicappedVenenga Dixie 51,889Grundy Center USBC
750ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBurchett Kim E. 1981,889Gr Des Moines USBC
750ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMcIntyre Karla J. 631,889Dubuque Area USBC
754ALL EVENTS - HandicappedNoble Penny L. 211,888Marshalltown Area USBC
755ALL EVENTS - HandicappedNothwehr Lara A. 661,887Clarinda USBC
756ALL EVENTS - HandicappedOnnen Jocilyn R. 31,886Grundy Center USBC
756ALL EVENTS - HandicappedFeil Tracy L. 1661,886Marshalltown Area USBC
758ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHallberg Cherie J. 2171,885Sumner USBC
758ALL EVENTS - HandicappedKELLY BARB 481,885Le Mars USBC
758ALL EVENTS - HandicappedDavis Lorrie R. 141,885Fort Dodge Area USBC
758ALL EVENTS - HandicappedCarpenter Sharon A. 871,885Cedar Rapids USBC
758ALL EVENTS - HandicappedPeck Connie M. 981,885Ottumwa Area USBC
763ALL EVENTS - HandicappedDonaghy Alison R. 511,884Cedar Rapids USBC
764ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBastian Jeanie M. 551,883Atlantic USBC
764ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMesenbrink Cari L. 331,883Manning USBC
766ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMillang Jennifer A. 1631,882Ames Area USBC
766ALL EVENTS - HandicappedAman Jill M. 1561,882Sigourney USBC
766ALL EVENTS - HandicappedReisner Teresa 1051,882Oelwein USBC
769ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMcdonald Corliss R. 101,880Gr Des Moines USBC
769ALL EVENTS - HandicappedRidinger Jessica M. 1381,880Muscatine USBC
771ALL EVENTS - HandicappedJohnson Pamela S. 1141,879Council Bluffs USBC
771ALL EVENTS - HandicappedLechtenberg Abby L. 391,879New Hampton USBC
773ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMcfadden Kate J. 161,877Dubuque Area USBC
773ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSpurgeon Kelly L. 971,877Ottumwa Area USBC
775ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBush Shirley M. 1131,875Cedar Rapids USBC
775ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSeyb Joyce 2271,875Keokuk USBC
777ALL EVENTS - HandicappedThompson Sheri L. 1981,873Gr Des Moines USBC
778ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBloom Cheryl K. 2001,872Mt Pleasant USBC
778ALL EVENTS - HandicappedKillion Rebecca L. 2031,872Greene County USBC
778ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWelter Michele L. 171,872Dubuque Area USBC
781ALL EVENTS - HandicappedShook Gail A. 1231,871Ames Area USBC
781ALL EVENTS - HandicappedLaucamp Triscia D. 2071,871Muscatine USBC
781ALL EVENTS - HandicappedPeppers Brenda 341,871Sigourney USBC
781ALL EVENTS - HandicappedLoring Robin D. 561,871Atlantic USBC
785ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMartens Elaine L. 551,870Atlantic USBC
785ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMiller Monica M. 991,870Sigourney USBC
785ALL EVENTS - HandicappedKruger Staci L. 61,870Grundy Center USBC
785ALL EVENTS - HandicappedKemnitz Sue 461,870Fort Dodge Area USBC
785ALL EVENTS - HandicappedShriver Lindsey M. 621,870Cedar Rapids USBC
790ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHorsman Robin M. 901,869Ottumwa Area USBC
791ALL EVENTS - HandicappedFrahm Erin A. 281,868Fort Dodge Area USBC
791ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMcDonald Kim S. 2031,868Greene County USBC
793ALL EVENTS - HandicappedPearson Kaitlyn A. 811,867Greenfield USBC
793ALL EVENTS - HandicappedGeerts Rita H. 411,867New Hampton USBC
795ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHans Kori M. 2371,865Gr Davenport Metro USBC
795ALL EVENTS - HandicappedDreager Karen S. 561,865Atlantic USBC
797ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMoore Cheri D. 2021,864Greene County USBC
798ALL EVENTS - HandicappedLee Shelby 751,863Sigourney USBC
799ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMulligan Connie M. 301,862Manning USBC
800ALL EVENTS - HandicappedNovak Shelia A. 1941,860Charles City USBC
801ALL EVENTS - HandicappedNeipert Jeannie K. 1361,859Muscatine USBC
801ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHeuer Barbara J. 1081,859Muscatine USBC
803ALL EVENTS - HandicappedOverton Ashley M. 1401,858Gr Davenport Metro USBC
803ALL EVENTS - HandicappedKnight Ashley 781,858Greenfield USBC
803ALL EVENTS - HandicappedJones Beth 2121,858West Union USBC
806ALL EVENTS - HandicappedRoulson Josie M. 2091,857West Union USBC
806ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSchoenfield Bonita L. 761,857Gr Cedar Valley USBC
806ALL EVENTS - HandicappedOuverson Lana J. 2341,857Gr Mason City USBC
809ALL EVENTS - HandicappedLuke Sara L. 911,856Ottumwa Area USBC
809ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHealey Gail 601,856Cedar Rapids USBC
811ALL EVENTS - HandicappedAmerine Phyllis A. 1301,855Muscatine USBC
811ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMarkle Charlotte L. 421,855New Hampton USBC
813ALL EVENTS - HandicappedCarey Ellen 2071,854Muscatine USBC
814ALL EVENTS - HandicappedPflughaupt Julie A. 851,853Cedar Rapids USBC
814ALL EVENTS - HandicappedEinck Wendy A. 441,853New Hampton USBC
816ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBloodsworth Shirley 571,852Pella USBC
816ALL EVENTS - HandicappedLittlefield Lori J. 2231,852Gr Cedar Valley USBC
818ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWilson Roma S. 2211,849Humboldt Iowa USBC
819ALL EVENTS - HandicappedRoulson-Bills Cyndi S. 2081,848West Union USBC
820ALL EVENTS - HandicappedKesten Nicole L. 1641,847Gr Mason City USBC
821ALL EVENTS - HandicappedClark Sandy 361,846Sigourney USBC
821ALL EVENTS - HandicappedJacobsen Jessica S. 731,846Independence USBC
823ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMcCollough Carla M. 471,845Fort Dodge Area USBC
823ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHosier Diane M. 1731,845Gr Cedar Valley USBC
823ALL EVENTS - HandicappedLaird Julie A. 761,845Gr Cedar Valley USBC
826ALL EVENTS - HandicappedVanVoltenburg Kathy J. 1471,843Sigourney USBC
827ALL EVENTS - HandicappedRosener Rebecca S. 1551,841Manning USBC
827ALL EVENTS - HandicappedCleaver Cindy 1581,841Gr Des Moines USBC
829ALL EVENTS - HandicappedTisl-Endres Mary C. 511,839Cedar Rapids USBC
829ALL EVENTS - HandicappedCameron Toni L. 901,839Ottumwa Area USBC
829ALL EVENTS - HandicappedThompson Diane D. 1261,839Manning USBC
829ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSearsen Anna M. 2291,839Keokuk USBC
833ALL EVENTS - HandicappedPalmer Bailey E. 1931,838Oskaloosa USBC
834ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWurzer Misty R. 2141,836West Union USBC
834ALL EVENTS - HandicappedGoyette Donna M. 2401,836Gr Davenport Metro USBC
836ALL EVENTS - HandicappedCassens Irene E. 1561,835Sigourney USBC
837ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWright Michelle P. 1871,834Gr Mason City USBC
837ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHogue Jeana C. 491,834Shenandoah USBC
839ALL EVENTS - HandicappedToepfer Judith A. 291,833Gr Cedar Valley USBC
840ALL EVENTS - HandicappedKutsch Shellie J. 151,832Dubuque Area USBC
841ALL EVENTS - HandicappedScarlett Donna L. 681,831Clarinda USBC
842ALL EVENTS - HandicappedFoster Samantha E. 461,830Fort Dodge Area USBC
843ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMorken Sue A. 1691,828Decorah USBC
844ALL EVENTS - HandicappedKessel Suzan L. 1571,827Fairfield USBC
844ALL EVENTS - HandicappedRule Joy E. 2271,827Keokuk USBC
846ALL EVENTS - HandicappedNew Myra L. 691,825Clarinda USBC
847ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHemsley Connie J. 751,824Sigourney USBC
848ALL EVENTS - HandicappedJones Tiffany 2251,823Fort Dodge Area USBC
848ALL EVENTS - HandicappedThomas Jan M. 81,823Gr Des Moines USBC
848ALL EVENTS - HandicappedKamp Bridget A. 1601,823Dubuque Area USBC
851ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWebster Debbie A. 1991,822Gr Des Moines USBC
852ALL EVENTS - HandicappedRule Donell E. 2271,821Keokuk USBC
853ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWittenburg Jennifer L. 2221,820Gr Cedar Valley USBC
854ALL EVENTS - HandicappedTokheim Judy A. 1721,819Humboldt Iowa USBC
855ALL EVENTS - HandicappedCordrey Sandra K. 1381,818Muscatine USBC
856ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMyers Gayla C. 1591,817Anamosa USBC
857ALL EVENTS - HandicappedCollins Melissa A. 2351,816Cedar Rapids USBC
857ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSchouten Glenda S. 861,816Cedar Rapids USBC
859ALL EVENTS - HandicappedDuesing Linda 2301,814De Witt USBC
860ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWalker Rebecca M. 1141,811Council Bluffs USBC
861ALL EVENTS - HandicappedPOND CATHI 481,810Le Mars USBC
862ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMiller Frances C. 2071,809Muscatine USBC
863ALL EVENTS - HandicappedLueck Cheryl A. 321,807Manning USBC
863ALL EVENTS - HandicappedLeibfried Peggy M. 1501,807Dubuque Area USBC
865ALL EVENTS - HandicappedClifford Brenda 2281,806Keokuk USBC
866ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMiglia Angie K. 501,805Cedar Rapids USBC
866ALL EVENTS - HandicappedPickrell Veronica L. 971,805Ottumwa Area USBC
868ALL EVENTS - HandicappedJordan Kathy L. 901,804Ottumwa Area USBC
869ALL EVENTS - HandicappedStewart Jo 981,803Ottumwa Area USBC
870ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSchoenthaler Becky S. 2381,802Gr Davenport Metro USBC
870ALL EVENTS - HandicappedRidenour Alesia M. 251,802Ames Area USBC
872ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBloss Lorna M. 1061,801Gr Davenport Metro USBC
873ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHoffman Trisha K. 1041,800Ida Grove USBC
874ALL EVENTS - HandicappedLogsdon Linda S. 1701,799Decorah USBC
874ALL EVENTS - HandicappedStitzell Tammra K. 101,799Gr Des Moines USBC
876ALL EVENTS - HandicappedTenEyck Charlene 311,794Manning USBC
877ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHansen Kari A. 551,791Atlantic USBC
877ALL EVENTS - HandicappedJohnston Toni 2321,791Gr Des Moines USBC
879ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMcallister Louise M. 181,790Dubuque Area USBC
880ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHruska Heather E. 131,789Fort Dodge Area USBC
881ALL EVENTS - HandicappedGrim Donna R. 1971,788Ottumwa Area USBC
881ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMcManemy Pam J. 761,788Gr Cedar Valley USBC
883ALL EVENTS - HandicappedJohnson Sara M. 1121,787Burlington Area USBC
884ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMcdermott Jessalyn 1601,786Dubuque Area USBC
885ALL EVENTS - HandicappedNiedert Monica A. 1791,784West Delaware USBC
885ALL EVENTS - HandicappedTeed Barb J. 231,784Cedar Rapids USBC
887ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHarris Catherine 2091,783West Union USBC
887ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMartin Ronda 1811,783Ida Grove USBC
889ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHolmes Linda E. 1071,781Gr Davenport Metro USBC
890ALL EVENTS - HandicappedDilks Kay C. 1461,777Gr Des Moines USBC
891ALL EVENTS - HandicappedTurnball Donna 1741,770Gr Cedar Valley USBC
892ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMadsen Lisa L. 2071,766Muscatine USBC
892ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSwanson Judy A. 841,766Council Bluffs USBC
894ALL EVENTS - HandicappedMoreland Turissa S. 931,764Gr Siouxland USBC
895ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSheker Tammy A. 131,762Fort Dodge Area USBC
896ALL EVENTS - HandicappedLipes Roxann R. 91,740Gr Des Moines USBC
897ALL EVENTS - HandicappedCraig Tami S. 31,739Grundy Center USBC
898ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHustad Carol J. 241,736Cedar Rapids USBC
899ALL EVENTS - HandicappedArnold Karen M. 1791,735West Delaware USBC
900ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBrown Chris A. 1081,732Muscatine USBC
901ALL EVENTS - HandicappedUthoff Elizabeth M. 591,702Cedar Rapids USBC
902ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBrennan Samantha M. 111,677Fort Dodge Area USBC
903ALL EVENTS - HandicappedBurge Stephanie M. 1731,618Gr Cedar Valley USBC
904ALL EVENTS - HandicappedPregon Kandis J. 831,413Pella USBC
905ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWarner Cathy C. 1971,301Ottumwa Area USBC
906ALL EVENTS - HandicappedSandvig Jackie M. 501,270Cedar Rapids USBC
907ALL EVENTS - HandicappedWenthe Susan M. 1941,263Charles City USBC
908ALL EVENTS - HandicappedJensen/Bradley Jorja A. 2391,251Gr Davenport Metro USBC
909ALL EVENTS - HandicappedFoster Kirstin L. 1931,220Oskaloosa USBC
910ALL EVENTS - HandicappedHeather Bigelow 80876Greenfield USBC
911ALL EVENTS - HandicappedVandeVoort Jana 83653Pella USBC
912ALL EVENTS - HandicappedClewell Sandra J. 174625Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1ALL EVENTS - ScratchSonier Emma N. 1672,045Gr Siouxland USBC
2ALL EVENTS - ScratchDuver Hope E. 2281,968Keokuk USBC
3ALL EVENTS - ScratchWolfe Darla J. 1981,884Gr Des Moines USBC
4ALL EVENTS - ScratchBloom Cheryl K. 2001,863Mt Pleasant USBC
5ALL EVENTS - ScratchPalmer Bailey E. 1931,838Oskaloosa USBC
6ALL EVENTS - ScratchWoten Breanne L. 1931,824Oskaloosa USBC
7ALL EVENTS - ScratchWittenburg Jennifer L. 2221,820Gr Cedar Valley USBC
8ALL EVENTS - ScratchStubbe Kendsey K. 81,793Gr Des Moines USBC
9ALL EVENTS - ScratchWillenbring Stephanie E. 161,790Dubuque Area USBC
10ALL EVENTS - ScratchPence Amber M. 2201,768Burlington Area USBC
11ALL EVENTS - ScratchBloom Jerry Lynn 2001,762Mt Pleasant USBC
12ALL EVENTS - ScratchHelgevold LeeAnn M. 1921,756Clarke & Decatur USBC
13ALL EVENTS - ScratchHicks Shana 91,753Gr Des Moines USBC
14ALL EVENTS - ScratchHiatt Laurie G. 1791,751West Delaware USBC
15ALL EVENTS - ScratchChapman Sheila R. 1791,747West Delaware USBC
16ALL EVENTS - ScratchPierce Amanda M. 591,738Cedar Rapids USBC
17ALL EVENTS - ScratchSeyb Joyce 2271,731Keokuk USBC
18ALL EVENTS - ScratchLaucamp Triscia D. 2071,727Muscatine USBC
19ALL EVENTS - ScratchSchnoor Kaisee R. 71,720Maquoketa USBC
20ALL EVENTS - ScratchThomas Jan M. 81,715Gr Des Moines USBC
21ALL EVENTS - ScratchGibson Melissa 491,702Shenandoah USBC
21ALL EVENTS - ScratchBuck Samantha J. 2341,702Gr Mason City USBC
23ALL EVENTS - ScratchLyons Kim E. 1511,683Marshalltown Area USBC
24ALL EVENTS - ScratchNehl Diane F. 421,674New Hampton USBC
25ALL EVENTS - ScratchMarshall Dian K. 1091,670Burlington Area USBC
26ALL EVENTS - ScratchClifford Brenda 2281,644Keokuk USBC
27ALL EVENTS - ScratchAthey Abbey E. 2221,632Gr Cedar Valley USBC
28ALL EVENTS - ScratchKetchum April S. 2341,631Gr Mason City USBC
29ALL EVENTS - ScratchPenning Jamie K. 621,628Cedar Rapids USBC
30ALL EVENTS - ScratchMcfadden Kate J. 161,625Dubuque Area USBC
31ALL EVENTS - ScratchFecher Shannon R. 2031,619Greene County USBC
32ALL EVENTS - ScratchArnold Karen M. 1791,618West Delaware USBC
33ALL EVENTS - ScratchMadsen Lisa L. 2071,604Muscatine USBC
34ALL EVENTS - ScratchPlotz Jessica A. 611,601Cedar Rapids USBC
35ALL EVENTS - ScratchHruska Heather E. 131,600Fort Dodge Area USBC
36ALL EVENTS - ScratchWaite Sarah J. 491,593Shenandoah USBC
37ALL EVENTS - ScratchMoore Sherry E. 91,591Gr Des Moines USBC
38ALL EVENTS - ScratchLasher Susie C. 91,588Gr Des Moines USBC
39ALL EVENTS - ScratchThompson Sheri L. 1981,567Gr Des Moines USBC
39ALL EVENTS - ScratchUthoff Elizabeth M. 591,567Cedar Rapids USBC
41ALL EVENTS - ScratchDigman Sarah A. 151,565Dubuque Area USBC
42ALL EVENTS - ScratchMcDermott Melinda 1841,557Dubuque Area USBC
43ALL EVENTS - ScratchMensen Sarah L. 1841,545Dubuque Area USBC
44ALL EVENTS - ScratchRoney Roberta I. 1581,537Gr Des Moines USBC
45ALL EVENTS - ScratchGeerts Rita H. 411,516New Hampton USBC
46ALL EVENTS - ScratchNiedert Monica A. 1791,514West Delaware USBC
47ALL EVENTS - ScratchSteffensmeier Michelle L. 1841,513Dubuque Area USBC
48ALL EVENTS - ScratchWills Kelly L. 1111,511Burlington Area USBC
49ALL EVENTS - ScratchJohnson Tracy L. 1041,502Ida Grove USBC
50ALL EVENTS - ScratchLipes Roxann R. 91,461Gr Des Moines USBC
51ALL EVENTS - ScratchCarey Ellen 2071,458Muscatine USBC
52ALL EVENTS - ScratchMauer Judy M. 1501,456Dubuque Area USBC
53ALL EVENTS - ScratchWalker Kerry J. 1501,454Dubuque Area USBC
54ALL EVENTS - ScratchWoodford Victoria J. 2051,452Greene County USBC
55ALL EVENTS - ScratchWard Heidi L. 1501,429Dubuque Area USBC
56ALL EVENTS - ScratchRule Donell E. 2271,425Keokuk USBC
57ALL EVENTS - ScratchHoffman Trisha K. 1041,422Ida Grove USBC
58ALL EVENTS - ScratchKutsch Shellie J. 151,409Dubuque Area USBC
59ALL EVENTS - ScratchLeibfried Peggy M. 1501,393Dubuque Area USBC
60ALL EVENTS - ScratchMartin Eleanore M. 441,387New Hampton USBC
61ALL EVENTS - ScratchBlack Trisha D. 341,386Sigourney USBC
62ALL EVENTS - ScratchMiller Frances C. 2071,377Muscatine USBC
63ALL EVENTS - ScratchMain Carrie D. 781,376Greenfield USBC
64ALL EVENTS - ScratchRolfes Johanna S. 1841,300Dubuque Area USBC
65ALL EVENTS - ScratchClancy Marge M. 631,293Dubuque Area USBC
66ALL EVENTS - ScratchLarson Marcia K. 1701,283Decorah USBC
67ALL EVENTS - ScratchKnight Ashley 781,282Greenfield USBC
68ALL EVENTS - ScratchShriver Lindsey M. 621,258Cedar Rapids USBC
69ALL EVENTS - ScratchLivermore Claudia 1811,243Ida Grove USBC
70ALL EVENTS - ScratchGalvin Megan 1801,234Ida Grove USBC
71ALL EVENTS - ScratchWilder Brenda R. 1701,228Decorah USBC
72ALL EVENTS - ScratchZimmer Hiedi J. 1811,224Ida Grove USBC
73ALL EVENTS - ScratchFoster Kirstin L. 1931,220Oskaloosa USBC
74ALL EVENTS - ScratchMartin Ronda 1811,180Ida Grove USBC
74ALL EVENTS - ScratchMorken Sue A. 1691,180Decorah USBC
76ALL EVENTS - ScratchKruse Jennifer 1691,166Decorah USBC
77ALL EVENTS - ScratchGebers Peggy A. 1811,133Ida Grove USBC
78ALL EVENTS - ScratchVogt Whittney A. 1801,131Ida Grove USBC
79ALL EVENTS - ScratchVine Vivian A. 1701,130Decorah USBC
80ALL EVENTS - ScratchTilley Megan I. 1801,124Ida Grove USBC
81ALL EVENTS - ScratchLogsdon Linda S. 1701,097Decorah USBC
82ALL EVENTS - ScratchBakke Tina L. 1691,038Decorah USBC
83ALL EVENTS - ScratchCoyle Cindy L. 169946Decorah USBC

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