Current Standings By Event / Division (PDF)
(As of  5/2/2022)

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Place Event Team Name Entry Score From
1TEAM HandicappedRuby's Pub & Grill2332,990Stuart USBC
2TEAM HandicappedEllithorpe Racing352,986Maquoketa USBC
3TEAM HandicappedDum Dums3132,978Lenox USBC
4TEAM HandicappedFSWW2932,973Muscatine USBC
5TEAM HandicappedBarb's Girls2922,964Oskaloosa USBC
6TEAM HandicappedHalf-A$$ Pin Twisters2982,961Anamosa USBC
7TEAM HandicappedAll in the Family Plus One2172,949Cedar Rapids USBC
8TEAM HandicappedHungry Bear1212,945Burlington Area USBC
8TEAM HandicappedHot Pockets2042,945Ames Area USBC
10TEAM HandicappedThem2272,939Clarke & Decatur USBC
11TEAM HandicappedLickety Splits1282,911Ottumwa Area USBC
11TEAM HandicappedDeuce Heaven3072,911Gr Davenport Metro USBC
13TEAM HandicappedDrunk Wives Club #12892,909Independence USBC
14TEAM HandicappedLucky Richards1672,908Council Bluffs USBC
15TEAM HandicappedJan's Little Sh!ts3092,903Gr Davenport Metro USBC
16TEAM HandicappedMa & Pa's Diner1572,892Oelwein USBC
17TEAM HandicappedThe Steen Team1822,889Gr Cedar Valley USBC
18TEAM HandicappedBowlin & Trollin892,885Greenfield USBC
19TEAM HandicappedLancey Lanes Staub2622,884Cedar Rapids USBC
20TEAM HandicappedBridal Theatre2082,881Gr Mason City USBC
21TEAM HandicappedDream Team2422,877Gr Davenport Metro USBC
22TEAM HandicappedHere for the Party962,875Dubuque Area USBC
23TEAM HandicappedK S Z912,874Cedar Rapids USBC
24TEAM HandicappedStaton Insurance1112,873Burlington Area USBC
25TEAM HandicappedKathy_Mackie1182,870Burlington Area USBC
25TEAM HandicappedA&M Cafe92,870Iowa City USBC
27TEAM HandicappedA Trio & A Spare2102,864Gr Mason City USBC
28TEAM HandicappedBowled Out2222,860Gr Des Moines USBC
29TEAM HandicappedRolly Pollys1972,859Ames Area USBC
29TEAM HandicappedThunder Lanes822,859Sumner USBC
31TEAM HandicappedBettys Fresh Produce2132,849Cedar Rapids USBC
32TEAM HandicappedMarla's Headliner1622,848Marshalltown Area USBC
33TEAM HandicappedKeystone Insurance942,846Cedar Rapids USBC
34TEAM HandicappedWe Don't Give a Split742,841Sigourney USBC
35TEAM HandicappedFriday Nite Live #2852,840Eldora USBC
35TEAM HandicappedRandy's Bluffton Store #21702,840Decorah USBC
37TEAM HandicappedThe Rollin Grannys1472,837Clarke & Decatur USBC
38TEAM HandicappedBowling Shiznit412,835Maquoketa USBC
39TEAM HandicappedOG Bob2852,832Oskaloosa USBC
39TEAM HandicappedHeacock Construction982,832Dubuque Area USBC
39TEAM HandicappedSplitz n Giggles902,832Greenfield USBC
42TEAM HandicappedMailboxes & Parcel Depot2882,830Muscatine USBC
43TEAM HandicappedHA HA1512,828Keokuk USBC
44TEAM HandicappedHere 4 Beer1772,826Ames Area USBC
45TEAM HandicappedSpare Change 22202,823Gr Davenport Metro USBC
46TEAM HandicappedStrikes Happen2952,822Gr Cedar Valley USBC
47TEAM HandicappedGrieder Beverage2602,821Cedar Rapids USBC
48TEAM HandicappedWittmus Farms1452,818Clarinda USBC
49TEAM HandicappedWeak Link1302,814Ottumwa Area USBC
50TEAM HandicappedBeaners Circle1792,812Lenox USBC
51TEAM HandicappedGutter Gals1122,803Ottumwa Area USBC
51TEAM HandicappedUltra Lounge1842,803Cedar Rapids USBC
53TEAM HandicappedTwisted Sisters1272,802Ottumwa Area USBC
54TEAM HandicappedBoo Bees1482,801Clarke & Decatur USBC
54TEAM Handicapped"Movers & Madness"2762,801Greene County USBC
56TEAM HandicappedMuscatine County Abstract Co2312,799Muscatine USBC
56TEAM HandicappedAFFC Gals2352,799Gr Des Moines USBC
58TEAM HandicappedSTG Sports1072,798Burlington Area USBC
59TEAM HandicappedTimm Electric #22562,795Cedar Rapids USBC
59TEAM HandicappedGoodwill Gutters2992,795Camanche USBC
61TEAM HandicappedGranger Construction Inc.682,794West Union USBC
62TEAM HandicappedLynn Lively612,793Gr Des Moines USBC
63TEAM HandicappedBrothers Market432,792Sigourney USBC
63TEAM HandicappedCardinal Lanes2242,792Jasper County USBC
65TEAM HandicappedBickford2742,791Muscatine USBC
66TEAM HandicappedWe Were Framed!1612,790Mt Pleasant USBC
66TEAM HandicappedNAPA172,790Independence USBC
68TEAM HandicappedSeymour Flash Photography972,788Dubuque Area USBC
68TEAM HandicappedKeokuk County Bowl #1762,788Sigourney USBC
70TEAM HandicappedLucky Babes1662,787Council Bluffs USBC
70TEAM HandicappedRoose Rollers252,787Pella USBC
72TEAM HandicappedM.A.S.K. Rollers952,783Cedar Rapids USBC
72TEAM HandicappedTeam Almost1242,783Lenox USBC
72TEAM HandicappedBeebe Plumbing 182,783Humboldt Iowa USBC
75TEAM HandicappedGowrie News 21142,780Fort Dodge Area USBC
76TEAM HandicappedOetken Office Machines242,779Creston USBC
77TEAM HandicappedLittle Waite Lanes2002,778Shenandoah USBC
77TEAM HandicappedShamrock Lanes 22442,778Laurens USBC
79TEAM HandicappedFamily Gutter Dusters732,777Muscatine USBC
80TEAM HandicappedM & M Motors1262,776Creston USBC
80TEAM HandicappedBiPolar Rollers622,776Fort Dodge Area USBC
82TEAM HandicappedRaisin Hell1172,774Ottumwa Area USBC
82TEAM HandicappedBowling Babes1532,774Gr Davenport Metro USBC
84TEAM HandicappedMcJ's Embroidery702,769West Union USBC
84TEAM HandicappedAFFC Rollers2362,769Gr Des Moines USBC
86TEAM HandicappedTulip City Agency142,768Pella USBC
87TEAM HandicappedLancer Lanes Tippett2682,767Cedar Rapids USBC
87TEAM HandicappedWhoever882,767Greenfield USBC
89TEAM HandicappedColfax Ladies2282,766Jasper County USBC
89TEAM HandicappedLancer Lanes O'Dell2652,766Cedar Rapids USBC
91TEAM HandicappedPioneer Seed672,765De Witt USBC
92TEAM HandicappedTrouble2612,762Cedar Rapids USBC
93TEAM HandicappedShear Touch662,761Maquoketa USBC
93TEAM HandicappedStrike Queens1892,761Charles City USBC
95TEAM HandicappedSurprise We R Drinking1782,760Ames Area USBC
96TEAM HandicappedOTown Ladies1632,757Ottumwa Area USBC
97TEAM HandicappedFAB Four932,756Cedar Rapids USBC
97TEAM HandicappedMiller Time512,756Grundy Center USBC
97TEAM HandicappedGroup Therapy2502,756Keokuk USBC
100TEAM HandicappedDally Post Saloon3022,755Lenox USBC
101TEAM HandicappedMTS1582,754Muscatine USBC
101TEAM HandicappedRockin Rollers2532,754Cedar Rapids USBC
103TEAM HandicappedChiro Spring Billing @ Softwar392,753Maquoketa USBC
104TEAM HandicappedH & R Block162,752Maquoketa USBC
105TEAM HandicappedLancer Lanes Hite2642,751Cedar Rapids USBC
106TEAM HandicappedPink Ladies42,750Pella USBC
107TEAM HandicappedExit Realty1592,748Muscatine USBC
108TEAM HandicappedThey're All in the Middle1422,747Ames Area USBC
108TEAM HandicappedSpare Us2942,747Clinton USBC
110TEAM HandicappedWhatever1682,746Gr Des Moines USBC
110TEAM HandicappedCarol Wadsley2872,746Humboldt Iowa USBC
112TEAM HandicappedLancer Lanes Early2632,745Cedar Rapids USBC
112TEAM HandicappedHawks & Hogs1982,745Sigourney USBC
114TEAM HandicappedTimm Electric #12552,744Cedar Rapids USBC
115TEAM HandicappedLanser Lanes Zamastil2662,743Cedar Rapids USBC
115TEAM HandicappedDeuce Motorsports1062,743Burlington Area USBC
115TEAM HandicappedHackbarth Drywall872,743Dubuque Area USBC
118TEAM HandicappedBenny's Lanes2542,742Cedar Rapids USBC
119TEAM HandicappedGoodenow Upholstery382,739Maquoketa USBC
119TEAM HandicappedASO302,739New Hampton USBC
121TEAM HandicappedLancer Lanes Zaugg2702,735Cedar Rapids USBC
121TEAM HandicappedStow Away Storage1462,735Gr Cedar Valley USBC
123TEAM HandicappedQCI Thermall1202,734Burlington Area USBC
124TEAM HandicappedFirehouse Saloon1442,733Eldora USBC
125TEAM HandicappedPlaza Strong 12802,732Gr Des Moines USBC
125TEAM HandicappedAYB2022,732Jasper County USBC
125TEAM HandicappedFeisty Four3062,732Gr Davenport Metro USBC
128TEAM HandicappedJessie's Girls192,730Gr Cedar Valley USBC
129TEAM HandicappedTuckin Fenpin1802,728Lenox USBC
129TEAM HandicappedM Prints Ink1832,728Charles City USBC
131TEAM Handicapped4 Jills1492,726Marshalltown Area USBC
132TEAM HandicappedUltra Rollers1962,725Ames Area USBC
133TEAM HandicappedAlley Cats3112,724Gr Des Moines USBC
133TEAM HandicappedLahey Trucking422,724Maquoketa USBC
135TEAM HandicappedRhine Body Repair232,723Creston USBC
135TEAM HandicappedGolden Girls2392,723Monticello USBC
137TEAM HandicappedDolls with Balls (Braaksma)1312,721Ottumwa Area USBC
137TEAM HandicappedHumboldt Red Power72,721Humboldt Iowa USBC
139TEAM HandicappedWe've Been Framed642,720Dubuque Area USBC
139TEAM HandicappedPDCM332,720Gr Cedar Valley USBC
139TEAM HandicappedTruncks472,720Grundy Center USBC
139TEAM HandicappedMeowzers2792,720Greene County USBC
143TEAM HandicappedIrlbeck Collsion212,719Manning USBC
143TEAM HandicappedSpare Change 12192,719Gr Davenport Metro USBC
145TEAM HandicappedSkyline Lanes1712,718Decorah USBC
146TEAM HandicappedSquirrel!2972,717Anamosa USBC
147TEAM HandicappedSturtz152,716Gr Des Moines USBC
147TEAM HandicappedBowlers & Boozers1102,716Dubuque Area USBC
149TEAM HandicappedMarcia's Flamingos2592,715Cedar Rapids USBC
150TEAM HandicappedRenk Seed712,714West Union USBC
151TEAM HandicappedRoyal Turf1812,713Gr Cedar Valley USBC
152TEAM HandicappedLocksmith Express1252,711Dubuque Area USBC
153TEAM HandicappedClarks' Bar 2452,708Marshalltown Area USBC
154TEAM Handicapped"Don't Forget the Woosh"2752,707Greene County USBC
155TEAM HandicappedThe Crazy Lohfers922,705Cedar Rapids USBC
156TEAM HandicappedHair Depot II1332,704Manning USBC
157TEAM HandicappedJanet_Fredregill2232,703Gr Des Moines USBC
158TEAM HandicappedTimber City362,702Maquoketa USBC
159TEAM HandicappedSplits-n-Giggles1132,701Humboldt Iowa USBC
160TEAM HandicappedWaugh Auto372,699Maquoketa USBC
161TEAM Handicapped3 Margarita's & A Shot1292,698Ottumwa Area USBC
161TEAM HandicappedJust Us1742,698Muscatine USBC
163TEAM HandicappedMOJO Productions652,696Humboldt Iowa USBC
164TEAM HandicappedBarak's Beauties1562,694Clinton USBC
164TEAM HandicappedIowa Travelers1852,694Gr Des Moines USBC
166TEAM HandicappedMeier Studios2142,693Cedar Rapids USBC
166TEAM HandicappedDani's Auto832,693Ottumwa Area USBC
166TEAM HandicappedHulbert Construction & Floorin262,693New Hampton USBC
169TEAM HandicappedClarinda Flower Shop1222,692Clarinda USBC
170TEAM HandicappedBills Tap1082,691Dubuque Area USBC
171TEAM HandicappedTeam Beeotch2842,689Independence USBC
172TEAM HandicappedGutter Gals1402,688Charles City USBC
173TEAM HandicappedGrain & Thread812,687Sumner USBC
173TEAM HandicappedArrowhead Bowl1522,687Keokuk USBC
175TEAM HandicappedBarner Realty & Auction2032,686Anamosa USBC
176TEAM HandicappedJust Spare Us32,685Gr Des Moines USBC
177TEAM HandicappedLawn's and Things1952,684Mt Pleasant USBC
178TEAM HandicappedLucky Ladies342,683Gr Cedar Valley USBC
178TEAM HandicappedLancer Lanes Schild2692,683Cedar Rapids USBC
178TEAM HandicappedBanta Trailers3082,683Gr Davenport Metro USBC
181TEAM HandicappedBP Station442,682Sigourney USBC
182TEAM HandicappedThursday Therapy1602,680Mt Pleasant USBC
182TEAM HandicappedLancer Lanes Steele2672,680Cedar Rapids USBC
182TEAM HandicappedBrockway1192,680Burlington Area USBC
182TEAM HandicappedSpare Change 32212,680Gr Davenport Metro USBC
182TEAM HandicappedGutter Gansters1092,680Dubuque Area USBC
187TEAM HandicappedShenanigans722,677Dubuque Area USBC
187TEAM Handicapped4 Roses2152,677Cedar Rapids USBC
187TEAM HandicappedShot Queens2122,677Monticello USBC
187TEAM HandicappedLucky Pins1652,677Council Bluffs USBC
191TEAM HandicappedDessel Roach692,675West Union USBC
192TEAM HandicappedMystic Ladies2092,674Gr Mason City USBC
192TEAM HandicappedFt. Madison Belles1382,674Burlington Area USBC
192TEAM HandicappedWeets Racing2962,674Clinton USBC
195TEAM HandicappedShamrock Lanes 12432,672Laurens USBC
195TEAM HandicappedSplit Ends3012,672Lenox USBC
195TEAM HandicappedClarks' Bar462,672Marshalltown Area USBC
198TEAM HandicappedThe Misfits2322,670Maquoketa USBC
199TEAM HandicappedBowlaway Lanes322,668New Hampton USBC
200TEAM HandicappedSweatwater Ladies792,667Humboldt Iowa USBC
201TEAM HandicappedC&D Trucking782,666Sigourney USBC
202TEAM HandicappedFriday Nite Live #1842,664Eldora USBC
202TEAM HandicappedAlley Cats2112,664Ames Area USBC
202TEAM HandicappedO'Town Diva's122,664Ottumwa Area USBC
205TEAM HandicappedOwls2522,663Cedar Rapids USBC
206TEAM HandicappedHeathen's Hookers2822,662Gr Des Moines USBC
206TEAM HandicappedGowrie News 11152,662Fort Dodge Area USBC
206TEAM HandicappedRandy's Bluffton Store #11692,662Decorah USBC
206TEAM HandicappedMajestick Touch Massage2372,662Oelwein USBC
206TEAM HandicappedStanton Electric312,662New Hampton USBC
211TEAM HandicappedTravis Brubaker Trucking1362,661Sigourney USBC
212TEAM HandicappedSecond Hand Strikers3002,660Camanche USBC
213TEAM HandicappedFinally R Place632,659Dubuque Area USBC
213TEAM HandicappedBetty's Girls2912,659Fairfield USBC
215TEAM Handicapped7 C's Winery2072,657Sigourney USBC
215TEAM HandicappedPins with Both Balls1412,657Ames Area USBC
215TEAM HandicappedBeebe Plumbing 262,657Humboldt Iowa USBC
215TEAM HandicappedRita Dalton752,657De Witt USBC
219TEAM HandicappedCustom Concrete182,655Independence USBC
220TEAM Handicapped"McDonalds Margarita Mixers" 2782,654Greene County USBC
221TEAM HandicappedJ's Auto1732,653West Delaware USBC
222TEAM HandicappedStern's Taxidermy1722,652West Delaware USBC
223TEAM HandicappedCalico 21872,650Dubuque Area USBC
224TEAM HandicappedPocketful of Posies282,649New Hampton USBC
224TEAM HandicappedIdler Trucking1752,649Charles City USBC
224TEAM HandicappedFamily Tradition1902,649Muscatine USBC
224TEAM HandicappedSerios Turkeys2512,649Cedar Rapids USBC
228TEAM HandicappedBall Babies2382,648Gr Des Moines USBC
228TEAM HandicappedHarter's Truck & Trailer1542,648Gr Davenport Metro USBC
230TEAM HandicappedTen in Da Pit1052,647Gr Des Moines USBC
230TEAM HandicappedGood Life RV542,647Fort Dodge Area USBC
232TEAM HandicappedKingpin Social1022,642Gr Cedar Valley USBC
233TEAM HandicappedBar Code, Cactus & Midgets2772,641Greene County USBC
234TEAM HandicappedThe Bowlievers1352,639Manning USBC
234TEAM HandicappedSecurity State Bank272,639New Hampton USBC
236TEAM HandicappedCrawford County Bank1342,637Manning USBC
237TEAM HandicappedFat Bottom Girls502,636Grundy Center USBC
237TEAM HandicappedMCM Cabinets602,636Dubuque Area USBC
239TEAM HandicappedSpare Me222,634Manning USBC
240TEAM HandicappedScottys522,633Grundy Center USBC
241TEAM HandicappedLee & Sons862,632Sigourney USBC
241TEAM HandicappedLancer Lanes Lewis2732,632Cedar Rapids USBC
243TEAM HandicappedUs2262,627Clarke & Decatur USBC
244TEAM HandicappedSweet Spot1392,626Atlantic USBC
245TEAM HandicappedLancer Lanes Romo2712,623Cedar Rapids USBC
246TEAM HandicappedBT Tax132,621Gr Des Moines USBC
246TEAM HandicappedKuennen House of Power1042,621West Union USBC
248TEAM HandicappedMeyers & James Construction1502,617Keokuk USBC
249TEAM HandicappedIce House2472,614Clarinda USBC
250TEAM HandicappedClarinda.net1912,613Clarinda USBC
250TEAM HandicappedLucky 6 Ladies #12572,613Cedar Rapids USBC
252TEAM HandicappedTIP1432,611Iowa City USBC
252TEAM HandicappedSacky Bash1762,611Charles City USBC
254TEAM HandicappedMissipi Brew2252,609Muscatine USBC
255TEAM HandicappedJim Linds2482,606Gr Cedar Valley USBC
255TEAM HandicappedLawson Auto1012,606Fort Dodge Area USBC
257TEAM HandicappedThat's How We Roll802,605Humboldt Iowa USBC
258TEAM HandicappedDrunk Wives Club #22902,602Independence USBC
258TEAM HandicappedWhitey's Oil2582,602Cedar Rapids USBC
258TEAM HandicappedPin Pals3142,602Cedar Rapids USBC
261TEAM HandicappedTeam Dobson2302,598Ames Area USBC
262TEAM HandicappedMiss Splits592,596Marshalltown Area USBC
263TEAM HandicappedBuffalo Ladies3122,592Buffalo Center USBC
264TEAM HandicappedBlue Iris292,591New Hampton USBC
265TEAM HandicappedBig 8 Tyre2462,588Ames Area USBC
266TEAM HandicappedWhere to Put It Storage2452,586Gr Cedar Valley USBC
267TEAM HandicappedEileen_Mullikin2052,584Muscatine USBC
268TEAM HandicappedSplit Ends12,581Fort Dodge Area USBC
269TEAM HandicappedSunrise Cafe3052,572De Witt USBC
270TEAM HandicappedDewey's Deals1552,570Gr Davenport Metro USBC
271TEAM HandicappedGutter Done2342,568Council Bluffs USBC
272TEAM HandicappedJohnson Tire1372,567Clarinda USBC
273TEAM HandicappedPlaza Strong 22812,565Gr Des Moines USBC
274TEAM HandicappedNorth Iowa Cleaning3102,563Gr Mason City USBC
275TEAM HandicappedCummer Masonry1002,555Dubuque Area USBC
276TEAM HandicappedTeam Ludwig2292,554Ames Area USBC
276TEAM HandicappedPickerupables112,554Gr Cedar Valley USBC
278TEAM HandicappedMary's Mix3032,550Muscatine USBC
278TEAM HandicappedCyclones USBC2162,550Cedar Rapids USBC
280TEAM HandicappedNine 'N Nudge562,548Gr Des Moines USBC
281TEAM HandicappedMake A Splash402,547Maquoketa USBC
282TEAM HandicappedRolling with my Gnomies3042,546Cedar Rapids USBC
283TEAM HandicappedRiley Plumbing & Heating2402,545Fort Dodge Area USBC
284TEAM HandicappedJ3 Competition22,540Gr Des Moines USBC
285TEAM HandicappedStruve Plumbing1992,539Marshalltown Area USBC
286TEAM HandicappedQueen Bees2492,535Gr Cedar Valley USBC
287TEAM HandicappedReDesigned1232,526Red Oak USBC
288TEAM HandicappedChoice Printing52,522Atlantic USBC
289TEAM HandicappedKeokuk County Bowl #2772,521Sigourney USBC
290TEAM HandicappedJason Smith Plumbing Heating &1882,513Mt Pleasant USBC
290TEAM HandicappedLubben Farms572,513West Delaware USBC
292TEAM HandicappedMaple Lanes1032,511Gr Cedar Valley USBC
293TEAM HandicappedLivin' on a Spare1932,510Muscatine USBC
294TEAM HandicappedHalf Ass Bowlers2412,504Anamosa USBC
295TEAM HandicappedConnie's Girls202,503Gr Cedar Valley USBC
296TEAM HandicappedShut up and Bowl992,497Dubuque Area USBC
297TEAM HandicappedPape Funeral Home102,494Clinton USBC
298TEAM HandicappedBallzy B's1162,489Ottumwa Area USBC
299TEAM HandicappedGrin & Beer It552,487Fort Dodge Area USBC
300TEAM HandicappedCalico 1862,474Dubuque Area USBC
301TEAM HandicappedCobra Lanes Pro Shop1922,461Dubuque Area USBC
302TEAM HandicappedHair Depot I1322,457Manning USBC
303TEAM HandicappedQueen 9-Pin2832,442Gr Des Moines USBC
304TEAM HandicappedWicked Pins2012,378Muscatine USBC
305TEAM HandicappedLancer Lanes Bruce2722,135Cedar Rapids USBC
1DOUBLES HandicappedNeff Cassandra A. \ O'Dell Paula A. 2651,576Cedar Rapids USBC
2DOUBLES HandicappedBunnell Debbie L. \ Tuttle Terri L. 2171,574Cedar Rapids USBC
3DOUBLES HandicappedHealey Gail \ Pierce Amanda M. 2561,553Cedar Rapids USBC
4DOUBLES HandicappedPayne Melanie R. \ Wilson Mindy S. 1821,549Gr Cedar Valley USBC
5DOUBLES HandicappedCampbell Dani \ Miller Ellie M. 961,540Dubuque Area USBC
6DOUBLES HandicappedHenry Lynnette A. \ Bausch Donna 691,534West Union USBC
7DOUBLES HandicappedEhrlich Kelsey M. \ Powell Anne M. 991,524Dubuque Area USBC
8DOUBLES HandicappedGonzalez Jennifer M. \ Benish Monica M. 2891,520Independence USBC
9DOUBLES HandicappedFarrell Mary E. \ Aleckson Serenity M. 1541,519Gr Davenport Metro USBC
10DOUBLES HandicappedLawson Rhonda \ Foster Anna 1011,518Fort Dodge Area USBC
11DOUBLES HandicappedSird Michelle L. \ Houghton Nicole K. 3081,511Gr Davenport Metro USBC
12DOUBLES HandicappedBergstrom Susan C. \ Stofferahn Suzie B. 1261,508Creston USBC
13DOUBLES HandicappedRiggs Barbara A. \ Emholtz Mary L. 1851,502Gr Des Moines USBC
14DOUBLES HandicappedMapel Amy J. \ Brissey Jennifer 1061,501Burlington Area USBC
15DOUBLES HandicappedRawls Brenda L. \ VanZante Tiffany K. 251,496Pella USBC
15DOUBLES HandicappedGrego Jill M. \ Donaldson Chelsea L. 1441,496Eldora USBC
17DOUBLES HandicappedWilkinson Michelle R. \ Potts Jessica J. 611,495Gr Des Moines USBC
18DOUBLES HandicappedBlock Penny M. \ Miller Kristina A. 351,491Maquoketa USBC
19DOUBLES HandicappedVinton Chelsea D. \ Vinton Alyssa J. 2921,483Oskaloosa USBC
20DOUBLES HandicappedCarl Amanda R. \ Renslow Shelby A. 2331,482Stuart USBC
21DOUBLES HandicappedBuckley Audra A. \ Reed Penny I. 2981,481Anamosa USBC
22DOUBLES HandicappedPence Nichelle (Niki) P. \ Pence Amber M. 1071,480Burlington Area USBC
23DOUBLES HandicappedTimm Kris \ Kriegel Cari A. 2551,479Cedar Rapids USBC
24DOUBLES HandicappedWingerter Beth A. \ Frye Julie A. 2931,477Muscatine USBC
24DOUBLES HandicappedHeckman Adrienne M. \ Feazell Jorand M. 891,477Greenfield USBC
26DOUBLES HandicappedMcKinley Tina M. \ Cunningham Linda A. 2421,471Gr Davenport Metro USBC
26DOUBLES HandicappedBaxter Regina M. \ Lakey Lori A. 3061,471Gr Davenport Metro USBC
28DOUBLES HandicappedPetersen Theresa A. \ Zell Erin J. 91,469Iowa City USBC
28DOUBLES HandicappedPrince Linda J. \ McHugh Shannon J. 11,469Fort Dodge Area USBC
30DOUBLES HandicappedSchmitt Michelle M. \ Johnson Jennifer L. 961,468Dubuque Area USBC
31DOUBLES HandicappedKlein Triscia D. \ Madsen Lisa L. 2251,467Muscatine USBC
32DOUBLES HandicappedSeddon Wendy M. \ Hennigir Molly S. 891,466Greenfield USBC
33DOUBLES HandicappedBanta Donna M. \ Goyette Donna M. 3081,465Gr Davenport Metro USBC
33DOUBLES HandicappedSheley Abbee M. \ Moran Ashlie N. 3021,465Lenox USBC
35DOUBLES HandicappedWoten Breanne L. \ Foster Kirstin 2851,464Oskaloosa USBC
36DOUBLES HandicappedLoban Theresa R. \ Howell Joanna 2861,463Oelwein USBC
36DOUBLES HandicappedSchumacher Gina M. \ Burgart Wendy M. 301,463New Hampton USBC
38DOUBLES HandicappedSackett Phyllis L. \ Olson Lynette R. 881,462Greenfield USBC
38DOUBLES HandicappedDecker Angel D. \ Bascom Pamela J. 2901,462Independence USBC
38DOUBLES HandicappedCarroll Laura G. \ Warren Kena K. 2821,462Gr Des Moines USBC
41DOUBLES HandicappedDruyff Danielle L. \ Hughes Kaytlynn J. 2241,461Jasper County USBC
42DOUBLES HandicappedPotter Mary E. \ McIntyre Karla J. 721,459Dubuque Area USBC
42DOUBLES HandicappedKabele Ann E. \ Funte Stacy L. 1831,459Charles City USBC
44DOUBLES HandicappedHendricks Julie A. \ Tokheim Judy A. 1131,458Humboldt Iowa USBC
45DOUBLES HandicappedMc Cormick Julie M. \ Burns June R. 911,455Cedar Rapids USBC
46DOUBLES HandicappedVanBennekom Audra \ Ballard Stephanie J. 2581,454Cedar Rapids USBC
46DOUBLES HandicappedMclaughlin Nicole M. \ Kramer Marlee L. 1101,454Dubuque Area USBC
48DOUBLES HandicappedGragg Nicole M. \ Palmer Bailey E. 2851,452Oskaloosa USBC
49DOUBLES HandicappedRaymer Abigail J. \ Walker Rebecca M. 1671,451Council Bluffs USBC
49DOUBLES HandicappedSlingluff Leah S. \ Buffington Darci L. 451,451Marshalltown Area USBC
51DOUBLES HandicappedRaabe Shirley \ Hawley-Grimes Tina L. 921,450Cedar Rapids USBC
51DOUBLES HandicappedDilks Kay C. \ Montgomery Charlene 1051,450Gr Des Moines USBC
53DOUBLES HandicappedMiller Lisa L. \ Schlatter Teresa L. 821,449Sumner USBC
53DOUBLES HandicappedDietrich Jessica L. \ Kirkus Kristy L. 311,449New Hampton USBC
53DOUBLES HandicappedKress Annette M. \ Reidy Kristi A. 171,449Independence USBC
56DOUBLES HandicappedHowell Joanna \ Christensen Kelli S. 1571,448Oelwein USBC
56DOUBLES HandicappedRoe Cheryl A. \ Steele Gena R. 2671,448Cedar Rapids USBC
58DOUBLES HandicappedSauter Judy K. \ Robertson Diana L. 2691,447Cedar Rapids USBC
58DOUBLES HandicappedLindsey Virginia \ Phelps Shelly 1841,447Cedar Rapids USBC
58DOUBLES HandicappedWeber Barb J. \ Vogt Molly M. 1001,447Dubuque Area USBC
61DOUBLES HandicappedGoddard Carol J. \ Renz Barbara L. 1401,445Charles City USBC
61DOUBLES HandicappedThompson Diane D. \ Thielen Vicki J. 221,445Manning USBC
63DOUBLES HandicappedParker Linda R. \ Williams-Hernandez Brandy K.121,443Ottumwa Area USBC
64DOUBLES HandicappedShepherd Erika S. \ Ockerman Angie D. 2351,442Gr Des Moines USBC
65DOUBLES HandicappedWisco Olivia O. \ Strohbehn Jenna J. 351,441Maquoketa USBC
65DOUBLES HandicappedBlomberg Cindy J. \ Schminke Lori A. 2041,441Ames Area USBC
65DOUBLES HandicappedClemens Mariah \ Clemens Amber M. 2741,441Muscatine USBC
65DOUBLES HandicappedDigman Sarah A. \ Brothers Heather L. 641,441Dubuque Area USBC
69DOUBLES HandicappedPullman Veronica L. \ Marvin Sharon L. 1481,438Clarke & Decatur USBC
69DOUBLES HandicappedRoberts Rhonda G. \ Steele Shelly A. 1461,438Gr Cedar Valley USBC
71DOUBLES HandicappedStevens Tera R. \ Bushore Cindi K. 1781,437Ames Area USBC
72DOUBLES HandicappedRidenour Alesia M. \ Ebrecht Tina M. 2111,435Ames Area USBC
72DOUBLES HandicappedLiesveld Jill \ Bowen Stacy M. 1641,435Iowa City USBC
72DOUBLES HandicappedWest Bonnie J. \ Howard Megan 2371,435Oelwein USBC
75DOUBLES HandicappedBarnes Kimberly K. \ Kuhnle Karen 2561,434Cedar Rapids USBC
76DOUBLES HandicappedRusbult Dorma J. \ Grieder Susan K. 2601,433Cedar Rapids USBC
77DOUBLES HandicappedShakespeare Patrice A. \ Wardenburg Bonnie J. 931,432Cedar Rapids USBC
77DOUBLES HandicappedJordan Sandra K. \ Fredregill Janet M. 2231,432Gr Des Moines USBC
79DOUBLES HandicappedBudzyn Amanda E. \ Marshall Dian K. 1191,431Burlington Area USBC
79DOUBLES HandicappedVashaw Kelci J. \ Bushore Alexandra M. 1771,431Ames Area USBC
81DOUBLES HandicappedBales Kelsey \ Ott Jacque L. 1211,430Burlington Area USBC
81DOUBLES HandicappedTheil Debbie L. \ Holmes Linda E. 1531,430Gr Davenport Metro USBC
83DOUBLES HandicappedTaylor Kayla M. \ Michalski Michelle M. 971,428Dubuque Area USBC
83DOUBLES HandicappedSchrieber Sandra K. \ Faber Kimberly S. 2441,428Laurens USBC
85DOUBLES HandicappedMetz Ciony \ Hidlebaugh Debra A. 2311,427Muscatine USBC
85DOUBLES HandicappedKnight Ashley J. \ Straw Megan J. 2891,427Independence USBC
87DOUBLES HandicappedSteeve Kate L. \ Hughes Deanne K. 1221,426Clarinda USBC
88DOUBLES HandicappedProuty Tina N. \ Wilson Tracey L. 1771,425Ames Area USBC
88DOUBLES HandicappedSylvester Sherry L. \ Flattery Jacqulyn D. 1171,425Ottumwa Area USBC
88DOUBLES HandicappedRego Kate N. \ Christianson Debra S. 2541,425Cedar Rapids USBC
91DOUBLES HandicappedThomas Tammy \ Hayes Tayler R. 361,424Maquoketa USBC
91DOUBLES HandicappedAthey Abbey E. \ Wittenburg Jennifer L. 1821,424Gr Cedar Valley USBC
93DOUBLES HandicappedHunt Amanda M. \ Fish Sarah A. 391,423Maquoketa USBC
93DOUBLES HandicappedHolt Taylor \ Cram Audrey L. 2991,423Camanche USBC
93DOUBLES HandicappedHigh Marlene J. \ Clancy Marge M. 721,423Dubuque Area USBC
96DOUBLES HandicappedAdams Anna R. \ Morgan Michelle A. 1901,422Muscatine USBC
97DOUBLES HandicappedReece Jan L. \ Reece Paula J. 2271,420Clarke & Decatur USBC
97DOUBLES HandicappedHalvorson Anna K. \ Novak Laura J. 321,420New Hampton USBC
97DOUBLES HandicappedHakert Sandy D. \ Utter Joanne M. 1721,420West Delaware USBC
100DOUBLES HandicappedWaite Sarah J. \ Gibson Melissa 2001,419Shenandoah USBC
101DOUBLES HandicappedWehrman Catharine L. \ Duffy Lisa A. 941,418Cedar Rapids USBC
102DOUBLES HandicappedKearney Sarah \ Hruska Heather E. 1141,417Fort Dodge Area USBC
102DOUBLES HandicappedHarmon Denise J. \ Dunn Megan L. 2971,417Anamosa USBC
102DOUBLES HandicappedVrieze Jessica L. \ Wilson Jewell M. 2491,417Gr Cedar Valley USBC
105DOUBLES HandicappedTurnball Deb \ Sage Karen L. 2951,416Gr Cedar Valley USBC
105DOUBLES HandicappedHogue Jeana C. \ Hogue Jacee 2001,416Shenandoah USBC
105DOUBLES HandicappedBone Angela S. \ Carman Susan K. 1281,416Ottumwa Area USBC
108DOUBLES HandicappedRandel Rachel A. \ Mathiews Jessica 881,415Greenfield USBC
108DOUBLES HandicappedHaertjens Barb \ Flaherty Sandra 751,415De Witt USBC
110DOUBLES HandicappedDurnan Chasity J. \ Everitt Jennifer A. 681,414West Union USBC
110DOUBLES HandicappedShepherd Pamela (Pam) J. \ Smith Jordan N. 2961,414Clinton USBC
110DOUBLES HandicappedOpal Chantel M. \ Yonkie Kristen M. 1671,414Council Bluffs USBC
113DOUBLES HandicappedReed Amber D. \ Kula Vikki L. 2671,413Cedar Rapids USBC
113DOUBLES HandicappedBoddicker Linda K. \ Overhouse Kimberly A. 2281,413Jasper County USBC
115DOUBLES HandicappedSwanson Amy \ Wilson Roma S. 2871,412Humboldt Iowa USBC
115DOUBLES HandicappedChase Laura M. \ Merkes Shelley 1091,412Dubuque Area USBC
115DOUBLES HandicappedWorkman Brittany \ Workman Tammy L. 1211,412Burlington Area USBC
115DOUBLES HandicappedAnderson Shawn \ Anderson Lynn D. 1661,412Council Bluffs USBC
115DOUBLES HandicappedVanVoltenburg Kathy J. \ Riordan Lynne G. 1981,412Sigourney USBC
120DOUBLES HandicappedRau Madison R. \ Kirchmann Brenda 821,411Sumner USBC
120DOUBLES HandicappedHansen Kari A. \ Mattson Kelly S. 1391,411Atlantic USBC
122DOUBLES HandicappedNelson Debra K. \ Schimp Kim K. 1971,410Ames Area USBC
123DOUBLES HandicappedQuick Jennifer R. \ Wilson Jocelyn M. 1421,409Ames Area USBC
123DOUBLES HandicappedDixon Jodee D. \ Ehlers Marcy M. 211,409Manning USBC
123DOUBLES HandicappedThein Mary J. \ Carey Ellen 2251,409Muscatine USBC
123DOUBLES HandicappedStewart Jo \ Arndt Deena A. 831,409Ottumwa Area USBC
123DOUBLES HandicappedAdams Cheryl A. \ Lively Lynn J. 611,409Gr Des Moines USBC
128DOUBLES HandicappedGeopfert Allysen N. \ Underwood Stacy J. 1141,408Fort Dodge Area USBC
128DOUBLES HandicappedSchiltz Stephanie \ Sidles Laura L. 2431,408Laurens USBC
128DOUBLES HandicappedWright Michelle P. \ Wright Diane R. 2081,408Gr Mason City USBC
131DOUBLES HandicappedSunderman Linda M. \ Hess Vickie M. 1371,407Clarinda USBC
132DOUBLES HandicappedSweetland Tina \ Hazelett Sue 2191,406Gr Davenport Metro USBC
132DOUBLES HandicappedHare Alicia A. \ Lechtenberg Abby L. 311,406New Hampton USBC
132DOUBLES HandicappedStien Diane J. \ Lohf Kathy A. 911,406Cedar Rapids USBC
132DOUBLES HandicappedHelms Sara A. \ Zaugg Jessica D. 2701,406Cedar Rapids USBC
132DOUBLES HandicappedJohnston Toni \ Cook Sue K. 2381,406Gr Des Moines USBC
137DOUBLES HandicappedReynolds Amanda J. \ Ellington Dena R. 1611,405Mt Pleasant USBC
138DOUBLES HandicappedBakke Tina L. \ Kruse Jennifer 1701,404Decorah USBC
139DOUBLES HandicappedRoney Roberta I. \ Hood Sue A. 1681,403Gr Des Moines USBC
139DOUBLES HandicappedWoerdehoff Deneen M. \ Hans Kori M. 3091,403Gr Davenport Metro USBC
141DOUBLES HandicappedThompson Sheri L. \ Wolfe Darla J. 2801,402Gr Des Moines USBC
141DOUBLES HandicappedWillis Michelle \ Luke Sara L. 1161,402Ottumwa Area USBC
141DOUBLES HandicappedClewell Sandra J. \ McRobie Rebecca M. 2951,402Gr Cedar Valley USBC
144DOUBLES HandicappedAxtell Linda L. \ Grim Donna R. 1121,401Ottumwa Area USBC
144DOUBLES HandicappedKnoebel Bevan D. \ Shea Debbie A. 401,401Maquoketa USBC
144DOUBLES HandicappedAmeling Amy \ Nelson Denise 701,401West Union USBC
147DOUBLES HandicappedChristensen Bre M. \ Gates Karen 1571,400Oelwein USBC
147DOUBLES HandicappedHeisdorffer Jessica K. \ Vozenilek Jessica J. 1311,400Ottumwa Area USBC
149DOUBLES HandicappedRiley Sandra R. \ Burke Tamara M. 2881,399Muscatine USBC
149DOUBLES HandicappedDuver Hope E. \ Clifford Brenda 1511,399Keokuk USBC
151DOUBLES HandicappedRicks Amy \ Lewis Amylynn 3021,398Lenox USBC
152DOUBLES HandicappedJordan Kathy L. \ Horsman Robin M. 1291,397Ottumwa Area USBC
152DOUBLES HandicappedErickson Bonnie L. \ Tauber Kimberly A. 631,397Dubuque Area USBC
154DOUBLES HandicappedShriver Lindsey M. \ Penning Jamie K. 2551,396Cedar Rapids USBC
154DOUBLES HandicappedKelley Kim I. \ Farrington-Howrey Vicky J. 1611,396Mt Pleasant USBC
156DOUBLES HandicappedHuntsman Tiffany D. \ Jacobs Amanda 1801,395Lenox USBC
156DOUBLES HandicappedMarzen Laura L. \ Roth Teresa 2101,395Gr Mason City USBC
156DOUBLES HandicappedHolt Tracey M. \ Firzlaff Jessica L. 1001,395Dubuque Area USBC
159DOUBLES HandicappedEich Melissa M. \ Lyons Kim E. 591,394Marshalltown Area USBC
159DOUBLES HandicappedJohnson Eilene \ Henle Patricia M. 1991,394Marshalltown Area USBC
159DOUBLES HandicappedSpicer Jennifer A. \ Rule Joy E. 1501,394Keokuk USBC
159DOUBLES HandicappedWalker Kayla \ Graves Renee A. 791,394Humboldt Iowa USBC
159DOUBLES HandicappedHuppenbauer Michelle K. \ Fair Betty L. 431,394Sigourney USBC
164DOUBLES HandicappedArmstrong Jennie E. \ Lee Tracey H. 861,393Sigourney USBC
164DOUBLES HandicappedFry Tami L. \ Tollenaar-huffman Rhonda K. 771,393Sigourney USBC
164DOUBLES HandicappedParmenter Carolyn S. \ Albers Lou M. 931,393Cedar Rapids USBC
164DOUBLES HandicappedLenehan Chelsey L. \ Solomon Jennifer J. 321,393New Hampton USBC
168DOUBLES HandicappedDreager Karen S. \ Wittmuss Shirley 1451,392Clarinda USBC
168DOUBLES HandicappedKoenig Julie M. \ Mason Carol Ann 2571,392Cedar Rapids USBC
168DOUBLES HandicappedRothe Michele A. \ Bengerson Katie L. 1351,392Manning USBC
171DOUBLES HandicappedOpperman Cynthia J. \ Goecker Debbie 1911,391Clarinda USBC
172DOUBLES HandicappedHammann Laura L. \ Carlson Karen J. 2061,390Gr Davenport Metro USBC
172DOUBLES HandicappedVanKirk Jennifer L. \ Roche Traci D. 1621,390Marshalltown Area USBC
172DOUBLES HandicappedShook Gail A. \ Jennings Teri L. 1411,390Ames Area USBC
172DOUBLES HandicappedSpainhower Jessica N. \ Lewis Kendra L. 1801,390Lenox USBC
176DOUBLES HandicappedGrangruth Tracy L. \ Simmons Tina M. 1411,389Ames Area USBC
176DOUBLES HandicappedMorehouse Mary Jo \ Drummond Donna J. 1521,389Keokuk USBC
178DOUBLES HandicappedSchaefer Ginny L. \ Jennings Sheryl D. 2021,388Jasper County USBC
178DOUBLES HandicappedKruser Melissa A. \ Vander Meulen Amy L. 1871,388Dubuque Area USBC
180DOUBLES HandicappedNiedert Susan J. \ Oberbroeckling Maureen M. 811,387Sumner USBC
180DOUBLES HandicappedMatthews Sandra J. \ Moore Cheri D. 2751,387Greene County USBC
180DOUBLES HandicappedShoesmith Jaime L. \ Beane Misty L. 2331,387Stuart USBC
183DOUBLES HandicappedBeske Patrena Y. \ Denniston Jill M. 1171,386Ottumwa Area USBC
183DOUBLES HandicappedFrantz Tina M. \ Chapman Lindsey M. 2721,386Cedar Rapids USBC
183DOUBLES HandicappedSchroeder Linda K. \ Bock Darla D. 811,386Sumner USBC
183DOUBLES HandicappedWatson Becky A. \ Holm Candi L. 2041,386Ames Area USBC
183DOUBLES HandicappedWilson Mari I. \ Shoafstall Brooke M. 2091,386Gr Mason City USBC
183DOUBLES HandicappedBoysen Jennifer M. \ Manternach Lisa 2391,386Monticello USBC
189DOUBLES HandicappedVan Overmeer Beverly A. \ Asklund Courtney 2111,385Ames Area USBC
189DOUBLES HandicappedMiller Nancy E. \ Gildsig Jeanette E. 1261,385Creston USBC
189DOUBLES HandicappedClark Shannon \ Robertson Chrissy 1281,385Ottumwa Area USBC
189DOUBLES HandicappedBolton Mary L. \ Bullington Nancy J. 1231,385Red Oak USBC
189DOUBLES HandicappedRule Donell E. \ Seyb Joyce 1501,385Keokuk USBC
194DOUBLES HandicappedBuford Rhonda \ Hopp Patricia 2501,384Keokuk USBC
194DOUBLES HandicappedLarkin Donna J. \ Osher Roxann M. 2471,384Clarinda USBC
194DOUBLES HandicappedWood Carey A. \ Klocke Sandy K. 401,384Maquoketa USBC
194DOUBLES HandicappedBalk Michelle E. \ Loehndorf Amanda J. 1561,384Clinton USBC
194DOUBLES HandicappedJordan Stacy L. \ Patton Tonya L. 1301,384Ottumwa Area USBC
194DOUBLES HandicappedShady Dixie L. \ Mcelmeel Diane C. 2121,384Monticello USBC
200DOUBLES HandicappedMesenbrink Cari L. \ Bryan Amanda L. 1351,383Manning USBC
200DOUBLES HandicappedDominacki June M. \ Marchand Dolly L. 2191,383Gr Davenport Metro USBC
202DOUBLES HandicappedHolms Sue A. \ Bruns Rae K. 2451,382Gr Cedar Valley USBC
202DOUBLES HandicappedNederhiser Tricia N. \ Bruce Kay L. 2721,382Cedar Rapids USBC
204DOUBLES HandicappedJames Carrie M. \ Peterie Donna J. 1381,381Burlington Area USBC
204DOUBLES HandicappedRicks Mika J. \ Brown Tori A. 3131,381Lenox USBC
204DOUBLES HandicappedKillion Rebecca L. \ Fecher Shannon R. 2781,381Greene County USBC
204DOUBLES HandicappedLechtenberg Linda B. \ Einck Wendy A. 281,381New Hampton USBC
208DOUBLES HandicappedRine Mary E. \ Maranville Merideth J. 1451,380Clarinda USBC
208DOUBLES HandicappedReid Debra J. \ Thompson Lois M. 2531,380Cedar Rapids USBC
208DOUBLES HandicappedWhittington Sharyn M. \ Hudson Paula 131,380Gr Des Moines USBC
211DOUBLES HandicappedGrady Kimberly \ Wadsley Carol A. 2871,379Humboldt Iowa USBC
211DOUBLES HandicappedWalling Donna L. \ Hanson Bernie M. 1251,379Dubuque Area USBC
213DOUBLES HandicappedBecker Janet \ Brink Debbie A. 2371,378Oelwein USBC
213DOUBLES HandicappedIsaacs Jeanne L. \ Niles Susan R. 2511,378Cedar Rapids USBC
215DOUBLES HandicappedMagnani Shelby A. \ Sparks Mary J. 3111,377Gr Des Moines USBC
215DOUBLES HandicappedKlemme Cari L. \ Proshuto Bonnie L. 401,377Maquoketa USBC
215DOUBLES HandicappedMallison Nikki D. \ Brooks Denita L. 1631,377Ottumwa Area USBC
215DOUBLES HandicappedColbert Joan K. \ Shemanski Cari A. 441,377Sigourney USBC
215DOUBLES HandicappedClark Sandy \ Danner Carmen 741,377Sigourney USBC
215DOUBLES HandicappedFischels Karen J. \ Epperson Maureen A. 201,377Gr Cedar Valley USBC
215DOUBLES HandicappedWilson Billie J. \ Bryant Barb A. 2471,377Clarinda USBC
222DOUBLES HandicappedJensen Shea A. \ McFarland Amber M. 901,376Greenfield USBC
222DOUBLES HandicappedGrey Kelli R. \ Kutsch Shellie J. 641,376Dubuque Area USBC
222DOUBLES HandicappedRange Amanda \ Wilson Mary 541,376Fort Dodge Area USBC
225DOUBLES HandicappedGriffin Patty A. \ Lewis Julie N. 1681,375Gr Des Moines USBC
225DOUBLES HandicappedBarner Laura L. \ Oltmanns Joni L. 2031,375Anamosa USBC
225DOUBLES HandicappedTyler Donna R. \ Hall Patricia A. 2521,375Cedar Rapids USBC
225DOUBLES HandicappedZismer Nicole L. \ McLaughlin Samantha M. 421,375Maquoketa USBC
225DOUBLES HandicappedSchildroth Theresa L. \ Wright Elizabeth R. 501,375Grundy Center USBC
225DOUBLES HandicappedHake Kay A. \ Edwards Janet M. 3091,375Gr Davenport Metro USBC
231DOUBLES HandicappedWagoner Donna J. \ Mellencamp Micaela B. 1911,374Clarinda USBC
231DOUBLES HandicappedHabel Audrey R. \ Cottrell Shannon L. 971,374Dubuque Area USBC
231DOUBLES HandicappedHayes Esther \ Walker Jessica J. 361,374Maquoketa USBC
234DOUBLES HandicappedSchnoor Rita C. \ Schnoor Kaisee R. 161,373Maquoketa USBC
234DOUBLES HandicappedLund Jaci A. \ Davis Lorrie R. 1151,373Fort Dodge Area USBC
234DOUBLES HandicappedKetchum Kathy \ Vestweber Shari A. 2101,373Gr Mason City USBC
234DOUBLES HandicappedNovak Shelia A. \ Novak Amy L. 1761,373Charles City USBC
234DOUBLES HandicappedSizemore Mendy J. \ Chatfield Melinda M. 1601,373Mt Pleasant USBC
234DOUBLES HandicappedKennedy Barbara K. \ Petsche Christine A. 1921,373Dubuque Area USBC
234DOUBLES HandicappedSchwarz Sarah M. \ Carney Brandi 2991,373Camanche USBC
234DOUBLES HandicappedOhnemus Brenda \ Duesing Linda 3051,373De Witt USBC
242DOUBLES HandicappedBarker Noella C. \ Hughes Christie D. 2241,372Jasper County USBC
242DOUBLES HandicappedBloom Jerry Lynn \ Bloom Cheryl K. 1951,372Mt Pleasant USBC
242DOUBLES HandicappedNeebel Sue M. \ Derbyshire Cherie 2451,372Gr Cedar Valley USBC
242DOUBLES HandicappedSchoenfelder Cindy K. \ Lohf Melody A. 921,372Cedar Rapids USBC
242DOUBLES HandicappedRowley Kristin M. \ Prickett Tasha L. 1071,372Burlington Area USBC
247DOUBLES HandicappedPettinger Jana E. \ Roths Lori L. 2871,371Humboldt Iowa USBC
247DOUBLES HandicappedRoth Stacy J. \ Parcel Amber L. 3121,371Buffalo Center USBC
249DOUBLES HandicappedLaughlin Diane M. \ Mackey Keri 1921,370Dubuque Area USBC
249DOUBLES HandicappedStefani Deanna L. \ Conn Morgan L. 21,370Gr Des Moines USBC
251DOUBLES HandicappedPetersen Pamela M. \ Moore Sherry E. 31,369Gr Des Moines USBC
251DOUBLES HandicappedSchramm Brooke E. \ Walker Daley L. 431,369Sigourney USBC
251DOUBLES HandicappedEsser Dee Dee \ Habben Dawn C. 791,369Humboldt Iowa USBC
251DOUBLES HandicappedMoritz Nicole R. \ Moritz Donna A. 3061,369Gr Davenport Metro USBC
255DOUBLES HandicappedKamp Holly \ Weiland Ashley M. 1101,367Dubuque Area USBC
255DOUBLES HandicappedStubbe Kendsey K. \ Tisl-Endres Mary C. 151,367Gr Des Moines USBC
255DOUBLES HandicappedLewis Traci L. \ Bennett Stacie J. 2731,367Cedar Rapids USBC
258DOUBLES HandicappedBiwer Marguerite E. \ Kasper Bobbie J. 2641,366Cedar Rapids USBC
258DOUBLES HandicappedBucher Shae S. \ Nizzi Katherine L. 2221,366Gr Des Moines USBC
258DOUBLES HandicappedHaus Linda L. \ Kearney Kelly M. 2831,366Gr Des Moines USBC
258DOUBLES HandicappedKaufman Mary K. \ Rommel Connie L. 1021,366Gr Cedar Valley USBC
262DOUBLES HandicappedHancock Brandi J. \ Barrans Melissa D. 1241,365Lenox USBC
262DOUBLES HandicappedBarnes Toni J. \ Muntz Beverly 781,365Sigourney USBC
262DOUBLES HandicappedLatwesen Danielle M. \ Coulter Denise M. 471,365Grundy Center USBC
262DOUBLES HandicappedZell Dee Dee A. \ Simmons Wanda R. 91,365Iowa City USBC
262DOUBLES HandicappedBarnes Kara L. \ Broadwell Angelia M. 1511,365Keokuk USBC
267DOUBLES HandicappedPenning Karen A. \ Walker Pat 791,364Humboldt Iowa USBC
267DOUBLES HandicappedOetken Morgan E. \ Oetken Bailey M. 241,364Creston USBC
267DOUBLES HandicappedLienemann Joan K. \ Oetken Penny F. 231,364Creston USBC
270DOUBLES HandicappedReitzler Michelle L. \ Van Ersvelde Amy M. 1431,362Iowa City USBC
270DOUBLES HandicappedEarly Kaitlyn A. \ Early Mariah E. 2631,362Cedar Rapids USBC
270DOUBLES HandicappedWhite Joyce A. \ Lansing Julie A. 711,362West Union USBC
273DOUBLES HandicappedDavis Linda \ Cook Kayla 671,361De Witt USBC
273DOUBLES HandicappedShatek Jamie L. \ Stanton Marla J. 291,361New Hampton USBC
273DOUBLES HandicappedBennett Natalie H. \ Hintermeister Cindy A. 1561,361Clinton USBC
276DOUBLES HandicappedKleinman Deborah J. \ Pate Nada L. 1271,360Ottumwa Area USBC
276DOUBLES HandicappedBrown Mallory \ Stone Carrie A. 2361,360Gr Des Moines USBC
276DOUBLES HandicappedGehrke Patricia A. \ Luebbers Dana R. 841,360Eldora USBC
276DOUBLES HandicappedOuverson Lana J. \ Radcliff Shelly L. 3101,360Gr Mason City USBC
276DOUBLES HandicappedFrazier Karen C. \ Edwards Lisa T. 3071,360Gr Davenport Metro USBC
281DOUBLES HandicappedFrieze Melinda S. \ Walker Jennifer J. 1651,359Council Bluffs USBC
281DOUBLES HandicappedHosier Diane M. \ Allen Theresa 1461,359Gr Cedar Valley USBC
281DOUBLES HandicappedSpooner Penny E. \ Haskell Laura K. 2221,359Gr Des Moines USBC
281DOUBLES HandicappedCook Katelynn M. \ Case Esther R. 2661,359Cedar Rapids USBC
281DOUBLES HandicappedMuller Shara N. \ Wisted Dorothy A. 161,359Maquoketa USBC
286DOUBLES HandicappedGaunt Kayla N. \ Streeter Erin J. 391,358Maquoketa USBC
286DOUBLES HandicappedZook Jean M. \ Petersen Nicole D. 2731,358Cedar Rapids USBC
286DOUBLES HandicappedStorey Diane M. \ Crum Donna R. 1651,358Council Bluffs USBC
286DOUBLES HandicappedBarrans Jean M. \ Briggs Deborah M. 1791,358Lenox USBC
286DOUBLES HandicappedReed Abbie L. \ Flannegan Cindy L. 2441,358Laurens USBC
286DOUBLES HandicappedHasselmann Tina R. \ Craig Tami S. 471,358Grundy Center USBC
292DOUBLES HandicappedHale Tammy A. \ Sherlock Sue M. 2761,357Greene County USBC
292DOUBLES HandicappedBrown Ginger S. \ Pope Janet M. 2141,357Cedar Rapids USBC
292DOUBLES HandicappedAnderson Kathleen A. \ Boyken Sheri 801,357Humboldt Iowa USBC
295DOUBLES HandicappedLunsford Tanya S. \ Kuehn Norma M. 2941,356Clinton USBC
295DOUBLES HandicappedFontana Jan S. \ Caves Dinna L. 2911,356Fairfield USBC
295DOUBLES HandicappedKetchum April S. \ Buck Samantha J. 3101,356Gr Mason City USBC
295DOUBLES HandicappedMitchell Dawn M. \ Shoafstall Karie M. 2091,356Gr Mason City USBC
295DOUBLES HandicappedBrown Chris A. \ Swanson Christine L. 2311,356Muscatine USBC
300DOUBLES HandicappedCasteel Monica L. \ Farrens Susan A. 3011,355Lenox USBC
300DOUBLES HandicappedPullman Lorraine P. \ Pearson Michelle A. 271,355New Hampton USBC
302DOUBLES HandicappedFrimml Kalli J. \ Frimml Debbie 2121,354Monticello USBC
302DOUBLES HandicappedMeester Vanessa K. \ Kusserow Cathy 851,354Eldora USBC
302DOUBLES HandicappedPainter Erika L. \ Reeg Amy 661,354Maquoketa USBC
305DOUBLES HandicappedVandeVoort Jana \ Walker Sharon 41,353Pella USBC
305DOUBLES HandicappedHubble Jesica J. \ Collins Melissa A. 3041,353Cedar Rapids USBC
305DOUBLES HandicappedNeal Mindy L. \ Forschler Amy K. 2281,353Jasper County USBC
308DOUBLES HandicappedBuseman Randi L. \ Weig Samantha J. 481,352Grundy Center USBC
309DOUBLES HandicappedHemsley Connie J. \ Lee Shelby 861,351Sigourney USBC
309DOUBLES HandicappedClubb Elaina \ Albert Cynthia K. 1361,351Sigourney USBC
309DOUBLES HandicappedFisher LoraLee \ Stoner Sandy D. 2071,351Sigourney USBC
309DOUBLES HandicappedFrye Cheryl L. \ McConnell Rita K. 1711,351Decorah USBC
309DOUBLES HandicappedMc Gaffee Carole M. \ Mc Chane Tracy A. 2531,351Cedar Rapids USBC
314DOUBLES HandicappedGibson April \ Wilhelm Heather M. 411,350Maquoketa USBC
314DOUBLES HandicappedCline Carin A. \ Lessenger Jenny A. 1581,350Muscatine USBC
314DOUBLES HandicappedHomeister Melanie \ Heindselman Carly M. 511,350Grundy Center USBC
317DOUBLES HandicappedMiller Jessica \ Homeister Judy M. 511,349Grundy Center USBC
317DOUBLES HandicappedTheilen Kenya R. \ Gingerich Alexis L. 3041,349Cedar Rapids USBC
317DOUBLES HandicappedDickinson Laura L. \ Evans Rachel M. 3111,349Gr Des Moines USBC
320DOUBLES HandicappedCamps Jillayne E. \ Whisler Heather 2821,348Gr Des Moines USBC
320DOUBLES HandicappedPeterla Ann M. \ Hutcheson Tammie D. 1531,348Gr Davenport Metro USBC
320DOUBLES HandicappedSchmitt Karen A. \ Martin Eleanore M. 261,348New Hampton USBC
323DOUBLES HandicappedStaub Rebekah J. \ Misener Brynna A. 2621,347Cedar Rapids USBC
323DOUBLES HandicappedSampson Alisha A. \ McCoy Melanie L. 1301,347Ottumwa Area USBC
323DOUBLES HandicappedLogsdon Linda S. \ Wilder Brenda R. 1691,347Decorah USBC
326DOUBLES HandicappedSearcy Patty A. \ White Robin J. 2051,346Muscatine USBC
326DOUBLES HandicappedSmith Lea M. \ Collins Margie M. 2381,346Gr Des Moines USBC
326DOUBLES HandicappedMinger Sharon R. \ Henderson Amy J. 2971,346Anamosa USBC
329DOUBLES HandicappedMuhlhausen Maggi J. \ Delarm Amy L. 421,345Maquoketa USBC
329DOUBLES HandicappedGerischer Chalette L. \ Goodenow Heather J. 381,345Maquoketa USBC
329DOUBLES HandicappedVan Nice Brigitte A. \ Kruger Staci L. 521,345Grundy Center USBC
329DOUBLES HandicappedBauer Teresa J. \ Kessel Suzan L. 2911,345Fairfield USBC
329DOUBLES HandicappedSales Jennifer \ Overton Ashley M. 2201,345Gr Davenport Metro USBC
334DOUBLES HandicappedHiatt Laurie G. \ Arnold Karen M. 1731,344West Delaware USBC
334DOUBLES HandicappedSchmelzer Lila J. \ Shepherd Peggy A. 3031,344Muscatine USBC
334DOUBLES HandicappedTabor Shawna R. \ Watson Sarah L. 2011,344Muscatine USBC
334DOUBLES HandicappedWick Kat L. \ Braaksma Toni G. 1311,344Ottumwa Area USBC
334DOUBLES HandicappedFarrell Sharon K. \ Jones Carla R. 131,344Gr Des Moines USBC
334DOUBLES HandicappedWolf Angie A. \ Hawkins Michelle J. 2611,344Cedar Rapids USBC
340DOUBLES HandicappedMittan Marilyn A. \ Von Ahsen Jolene K. 951,342Cedar Rapids USBC
341DOUBLES HandicappedRollins Tina M. \ Vasquez Michele 551,341Fort Dodge Area USBC
341DOUBLES HandicappedSchwebke Joyce E. \ Myers Gayla C. 2411,341Anamosa USBC
341DOUBLES HandicappedJellema Rebecca A. \ Benge Marilyn M. 1181,341Burlington Area USBC
341DOUBLES HandicappedStaley Jeanne E. \ Brown Sharon R. 1741,341Muscatine USBC
341DOUBLES HandicappedShaull Joyce I. \ Bogle Deborah L. 1931,341Muscatine USBC
341DOUBLES HandicappedSwanson Tanya M. \ Swanson Brittney M. 2341,341Council Bluffs USBC
347DOUBLES HandicappedBerg Marty \ Walton Janet L. 1711,340Decorah USBC
347DOUBLES HandicappedBorseth Kristen \ Bohlen Donita R. 2181,340Decorah USBC
347DOUBLES HandicappedMorgan Soleil \ Toepfer Judith A. 331,340Gr Cedar Valley USBC
347DOUBLES HandicappedWulf Sandra S. \ Mulligan Connie M. 1321,340Manning USBC
347DOUBLES HandicappedBorkowski Kristen D. \ Schultes Kristie A. 211,340Manning USBC
347DOUBLES HandicappedClasen Jackie J. \ Johnson Cathy A. 661,340Maquoketa USBC
347DOUBLES HandicappedSmith Melinda S. \ Hopkins Theresa A. 2361,340Gr Des Moines USBC
347DOUBLES HandicappedHalvorson Jennifer C. \ Folkmann Nicole E. 2591,340Cedar Rapids USBC
347DOUBLES HandicappedThomas Tiffany E. \ Beck Stephanie 991,340Dubuque Area USBC
356DOUBLES HandicappedHowson Nancy A. \ Elkins Amber 101,339Clinton USBC
356DOUBLES HandicappedNovak Terri L. \ Novak Krystal 1751,339Charles City USBC
356DOUBLES HandicappedRitchie Danielle L. \ Hogan Tina M. 3131,339Lenox USBC
359DOUBLES HandicappedWessling Bobbie R. \ Murphy Abigail K. 1891,338Charles City USBC
359DOUBLES HandicappedWatje Kelsey \ TenEyck Charlene 1331,338Manning USBC
359DOUBLES HandicappedPenning Sarah L. \ Slifer Tarah J. 501,338Grundy Center USBC
359DOUBLES HandicappedHamdorf Karla K. \ Van Severen Sandra L. 2511,338Cedar Rapids USBC
359DOUBLES HandicappedCoffman Pamela J. \ Wheeler Jenny L. 2351,338Gr Des Moines USBC
364DOUBLES HandicappedDague Vi S. \ Randecker Tasha 2321,337Maquoketa USBC
364DOUBLES HandicappedDobbins April \ Miller Monica M. 1361,337Sigourney USBC
366DOUBLES HandicappedWeggen Lee Ann J. \ Stoltzfus Mindy J. 2931,336Muscatine USBC
366DOUBLES HandicappedMcdermott Jessalyn \ Pins Sara V. 1081,336Dubuque Area USBC
366DOUBLES HandicappedSchwickerath Tammi R. \ Brandt Tamara L. 2021,336Jasper County USBC
369DOUBLES HandicappedWhitlatch Sheryl L. \ Lee Tori R. 711,335West Union USBC
369DOUBLES HandicappedCameron Patricia A. \ Kelley Julie M. 181,335Independence USBC
369DOUBLES HandicappedSpies Litisha E. \ Lamb Autumn E. 2651,335Cedar Rapids USBC
372DOUBLES HandicappedBenscoter Sara J. \ Kepler Tereni L. 2581,333Cedar Rapids USBC
372DOUBLES HandicappedMurphy Marlys J. \ Green Tammy R. 2411,333Anamosa USBC
372DOUBLES HandicappedCampbell Amy D. \ Dibble Ann E. 691,333West Union USBC
372DOUBLES HandicappedChristensen Kelli S. \ Christensen Bre M. 2861,333Oelwein USBC
372DOUBLES HandicappedLeppert Dorothy M. \ Weiland Debbie A. 631,333Dubuque Area USBC
377DOUBLES HandicappedLesley Morgan E. \ Boston Liz M. 1661,332Council Bluffs USBC
378DOUBLES HandicappedWallingford Stacy P. \ Loring Robin D. 51,331Atlantic USBC
378DOUBLES HandicappedSchone Brittany \ Aalbers Sandra K. 41,331Pella USBC
378DOUBLES HandicappedBergmeier Cathy S. \ Nickel Mary Lee 1381,331Burlington Area USBC
381DOUBLES HandicappedWeber Patricia D. \ Johnson Margaret A. 1851,330Gr Des Moines USBC
381DOUBLES HandicappedPoldervaart Stacey L. \ Eastwood Angela J. 621,330Fort Dodge Area USBC
381DOUBLES HandicappedDohrmann Carolyn \ Eggers Nancy 3051,330De Witt USBC
384DOUBLES HandicappedMcClellan Angie R. \ Filloon Piene 1991,329Marshalltown Area USBC
384DOUBLES HandicappedHenderson Linda L. \ Sheker Tammy A. 1151,329Fort Dodge Area USBC
384DOUBLES HandicappedEarly Leah A. \ Early Rebecca 2631,329Cedar Rapids USBC
384DOUBLES HandicappedBartels Amy K. \ Boysen Brittney K. 2391,329Monticello USBC
384DOUBLES HandicappedMcNeil Tristen \ Adamson Caytlyn L. 2791,329Greene County USBC
384DOUBLES HandicappedNovak Amber R. \ Kirsch Tiffany M. 1761,329Charles City USBC
390DOUBLES HandicappedArends Paige R. \ Teff Kala M. 2301,328Ames Area USBC
390DOUBLES HandicappedBlackford Sue D. \ McElroy Deborah A. 1621,328Marshalltown Area USBC
392DOUBLES HandicappedBieri Tabitha M. \ Hogan Kirsten B. 1581,327Muscatine USBC
393DOUBLES HandicappedKvach Jean I. \ Bush Shirley M. 2141,326Cedar Rapids USBC
393DOUBLES HandicappedLawrence Donna K. \ Carlson Eileen D. 2941,326Clinton USBC
395DOUBLES HandicappedGarringer Connie E. \ Munson Karmen M. 2571,325Cedar Rapids USBC
395DOUBLES HandicappedLazear Stacey \ Burchett Kim E. 2801,325Gr Des Moines USBC
395DOUBLES HandicappedAmerine Phyllis A. \ Marlowe Beverly J. 1741,325Muscatine USBC
395DOUBLES HandicappedMcGee Karen L. \ Bowdry Sheila K. 2421,325Gr Davenport Metro USBC
399DOUBLES HandicappedRoussel Melissa S. \ Roussel Sue V. 871,324Dubuque Area USBC
399DOUBLES HandicappedMullen Elizabeth M. \ Moser Elnora J. 1721,324West Delaware USBC
399DOUBLES HandicappedFinley Marcia M. \ Lohrer Donna M. 2591,324Cedar Rapids USBC
399DOUBLES HandicappedStaub Barb A. \ Schild Joy 2691,324Cedar Rapids USBC
399DOUBLES HandicappedVink Louise F. \ Miller Diana L. 141,324Pella USBC
399DOUBLES HandicappedWarner Cathy C. \ Fear Deanne I. 1121,324Ottumwa Area USBC
405DOUBLES HandicappedHall Patsy L. \ Lovell Linda S. 2171,323Cedar Rapids USBC
405DOUBLES HandicappedBall Renee L. \ Honts Ronda L. 1591,323Muscatine USBC
405DOUBLES HandicappedLongcor Emma L. \ Longcor Hannah L. 731,323Muscatine USBC
405DOUBLES HandicappedShoppa Katie J. \ Rethamel Denise M. 2881,323Muscatine USBC
409DOUBLES HandicappedDorweiler Virginia A. \ Mullins Janiece K. 2401,322Fort Dodge Area USBC
409DOUBLES HandicappedCook Kelly A. \ Zamastil Heather L. 2661,322Cedar Rapids USBC
409DOUBLES HandicappedKloser Alta D. \ Burkle Linda M. 571,322West Delaware USBC
409DOUBLES HandicappedDenton Debbie M. \ Ohrt Michelle D. 181,322Independence USBC
413DOUBLES HandicappedVick Annette C. \ Vick Danelle C. 2201,320Gr Davenport Metro USBC
413DOUBLES HandicappedTeymer Jean R. \ Daub Kim 3141,320Cedar Rapids USBC
413DOUBLES HandicappedJacobsen Hazel M. \ Winter Lora 2161,320Cedar Rapids USBC
413DOUBLES HandicappedLongcor Shila L. \ Neipert Jeannie K. 731,320Muscatine USBC
413DOUBLES HandicappedWright April J. \ Briggs Danelle C. 1791,320Lenox USBC
418DOUBLES HandicappedKlein Jaycie L. \ Schultz Erica L. 2741,319Muscatine USBC
418DOUBLES HandicappedRhine Tammy L. \ Briner Cindy 231,319Creston USBC
418DOUBLES HandicappedKahle Marchell R. \ Albers Susan K. 951,319Cedar Rapids USBC
418DOUBLES HandicappedLopata Betty J. \ Watson Janet S. 2131,319Cedar Rapids USBC
418DOUBLES HandicappedVanHeiden Sandy K. \ Hardin Holly L. 2611,319Cedar Rapids USBC
418DOUBLES HandicappedHanna Patricia L. \ Lopshire Sherry L. 121,319Ottumwa Area USBC
418DOUBLES HandicappedDecker Peggy \ Morgan Jamie R. 2841,319Independence USBC
418DOUBLES HandicappedHeacock Jolene A. \ Cottrell Cindy 981,319Dubuque Area USBC
426DOUBLES HandicappedVolk Carol J. \ Jones Bonnie L. 2151,318Cedar Rapids USBC
426DOUBLES HandicappedWulf Megan M. \ McPherson Tina L. 2791,318Greene County USBC
426DOUBLES HandicappedTeske Debra K. \ Teske Rebecca K. 841,318Eldora USBC
426DOUBLES HandicappedBailey Jesse L. \ Cline Brittany L. 1481,318Clarke & Decatur USBC
430DOUBLES HandicappedLudwig Teresa \ Black Kaela J. 2291,317Ames Area USBC
430DOUBLES HandicappedSchaffer Charlene \ Manchester Sherry A. 2081,317Gr Mason City USBC
430DOUBLES HandicappedLange Miranda M. \ Kruser Allison M. 1861,317Dubuque Area USBC
430DOUBLES HandicappedThrondson Carrie \ Throndson Regan M. 301,317New Hampton USBC
434DOUBLES HandicappedPinneke Kimberly M. \ Webster Debbie A. 2811,316Gr Des Moines USBC
434DOUBLES HandicappedMerrick Jada L. \ Seifert Debora J. 371,316Maquoketa USBC
436DOUBLES HandicappedKirchner Heidi L. \ White Jennifer S. 2541,315Cedar Rapids USBC
436DOUBLES HandicappedPruismann Linda A. \ Harris Mindy S. 1971,315Ames Area USBC
436DOUBLES HandicappedBoeck Carolyn J. \ Block Barbara E. 1341,315Manning USBC
436DOUBLES HandicappedVanGundy Kalliann \ Danner Stacia L. 741,315Sigourney USBC
436DOUBLES HandicappedWatters Joan R. \ Ruden Jodi L. 1871,315Dubuque Area USBC
441DOUBLES HandicappedHodges Stefani R. \ McDonald Kim S. 2781,314Greene County USBC
441DOUBLES HandicappedSchmitt Stena M. \ Willard Renee E. 1891,314Charles City USBC
441DOUBLES HandicappedRicklefs Cheryl J. \ Hall Linda J. 2231,314Gr Des Moines USBC
441DOUBLES HandicappedMcdonald Corliss R. \ Pecinovsky Norma J. 561,314Gr Des Moines USBC
445DOUBLES HandicappedFiebelkorn Kim K. \ Sturtz Dawn D. 151,313Gr Des Moines USBC
445DOUBLES HandicappedMcKnight Marcia R. \ Carson Donna M. 1471,313Clarke & Decatur USBC
445DOUBLES HandicappedSuchan LuAnn \ Frahm Erin A. 341,313Gr Cedar Valley USBC
448DOUBLES HandicappedStille Jennifer S. \ Merkes Cheryl L. 1091,312Dubuque Area USBC
448DOUBLES HandicappedRalston Sara A. \ Carlson Andrea J. 2201,312Gr Davenport Metro USBC
450DOUBLES HandicappedBantz Barbara J. \ O'Loughlin Lindsey R. 171,311Independence USBC
450DOUBLES HandicappedLove Amber L. \ Jones Beth A. 681,311West Union USBC
450DOUBLES HandicappedHennings Laurena L. \ Burgart Angela M. 261,311New Hampton USBC
450DOUBLES HandicappedRoose Judith \ Pol Lana K. 251,311Pella USBC
454DOUBLES HandicappedCollins Anita J. \ Reich Karen J. 1111,310Burlington Area USBC
454DOUBLES HandicappedWitt Inola M. \ Quinlan Kathy W. 371,310Maquoketa USBC
454DOUBLES HandicappedSimmons Paula R. \ Hustad Carol J. 2151,310Cedar Rapids USBC
454DOUBLES HandicappedBenischek Suzanne M. \ Strothman Sue 1601,310Mt Pleasant USBC
458DOUBLES HandicappedAndrews Jennifer L. \ Moore Lori G. 2751,308Greene County USBC
458DOUBLES HandicappedShady Debora K. \ Hovey Sylvia D. 381,308Maquoketa USBC
458DOUBLES HandicappedAdams Cindy D. \ Sturm Nina M. 1221,308Clarinda USBC
461DOUBLES HandicappedChapman Sheila R. \ Niedert Monica A. 1731,307West Delaware USBC
461DOUBLES HandicappedKeiper Sabrina \ Hite Mikayla A. 2641,307Cedar Rapids USBC
461DOUBLES HandicappedMiglia Angie K. \ Tryon Camille A. 3141,307Cedar Rapids USBC
461DOUBLES HandicappedBurke Kerri K. \ Burchett Cortney I. 2811,307Gr Des Moines USBC
461DOUBLES HandicappedShowers Machelle R. \ Schwartz Vickie 341,307Gr Cedar Valley USBC
466DOUBLES HandicappedHanus Gretchen P. \ Smith Stacy 451,306Marshalltown Area USBC
466DOUBLES HandicappedSchnoor Christine A. \ Possehl Mallory J. 3001,306Camanche USBC
468DOUBLES HandicappedTeague Trista S. \ Davis Nicole 2191,304Gr Davenport Metro USBC
468DOUBLES HandicappedPaustian Randi M. \ Schoenthaler Becky S. 3071,304Gr Davenport Metro USBC
470DOUBLES HandicappedBrooks Alisha \ Black Trisha D. 761,303Sigourney USBC
470DOUBLES HandicappedClark Becky S. \ Thomas Jan M. 21,303Gr Des Moines USBC
472DOUBLES HandicappedRumery Kelsey M. \ Teed Barb J. 2161,302Cedar Rapids USBC
472DOUBLES HandicappedFisher Lora L. \ Bruns Kathleen E. 781,302Sigourney USBC
472DOUBLES HandicappedHeintz Alissa K. \ Robinson Debra S. 2461,302Ames Area USBC
472DOUBLES HandicappedClark Amy A. \ Clark Melissa S. 461,302Marshalltown Area USBC
476DOUBLES HandicappedTevis Vanessa L. \ Boggess Becky L. 2901,301Independence USBC
476DOUBLES HandicappedKerkhoff Carolyn L. \ Kerkhoff Kenzie K. 221,301Manning USBC
476DOUBLES HandicappedHelgevold Landi M. \ Helgevold Lori L. 2261,301Clarke & Decatur USBC
479DOUBLES HandicappedBurch Carmelita \ Heyveld Connie L. 1431,300Iowa City USBC
480DOUBLES HandicappedWood Chris A. \ Jones Tiffany 621,299Fort Dodge Area USBC
480DOUBLES HandicappedBroell Connie M. \ Jensen Susan K. 1021,299Gr Cedar Valley USBC
482DOUBLES HandicappedFleming Marsha A. \ Williams Janelle R. 1231,298Red Oak USBC
483DOUBLES HandicappedRynearson Sherry \ Mathews Sandra K. 1051,297Gr Des Moines USBC
483DOUBLES HandicappedKay Kim \ Daniels Jordy 671,297De Witt USBC
485DOUBLES HandicappedGeorge Diane \ Connors Penny 1131,296Humboldt Iowa USBC
485DOUBLES HandicappedMilligan Sue A. \ Hackbarth Connie J. 871,296Dubuque Area USBC
485DOUBLES HandicappedMensen Sarah L. \ Rolfes Johanna S. 601,296Dubuque Area USBC
485DOUBLES HandicappedMitts Faith C. \ Robinson Dawn A. 2621,296Cedar Rapids USBC
485DOUBLES HandicappedCaufield Joni A. \ Janssen Sherry J. 1961,296Ames Area USBC
485DOUBLES HandicappedAkers Teresa A. \ Vinton Michelle L. 2921,296Oskaloosa USBC
491DOUBLES HandicappedBird Nancy K. \ Bird Kandy S. 1981,295Sigourney USBC
491DOUBLES HandicappedCameron Toni L. \ Spurgeon Kelly L. 1291,295Ottumwa Area USBC
491DOUBLES HandicappedRatte Linda K. \ Diggins Emily M. 591,295Marshalltown Area USBC
491DOUBLES HandicappedAdams Marti (Margaret) T. \ Darrow Mildred 1551,295Gr Davenport Metro USBC
495DOUBLES HandicappedBrewer Kim \ Welsch Brooke M. 901,294Greenfield USBC
495DOUBLES HandicappedSmith Renee R. \ Dingman Karen L. 1201,294Burlington Area USBC
495DOUBLES HandicappedWisted Sharon K. \ Hazelton Barbara A. 2521,294Cedar Rapids USBC
495DOUBLES HandicappedSward Cathy A. \ Stephens Sheri 1781,294Ames Area USBC
499DOUBLES HandicappedLorenz Dianne L. \ Woodford Victoria J. 2771,293Greene County USBC
499DOUBLES HandicappedLogan Jaylee M. \ Johnson Sara M. 1181,293Burlington Area USBC
501DOUBLES HandicappedNewton Kathy E. \ Sanders Sara L. 1271,292Ottumwa Area USBC
501DOUBLES HandicappedKlett Linda L. \ Dyson Carolyn 441,292Sigourney USBC
503DOUBLES HandicappedBrooks Lucinda \ Morris Karen 761,291Sigourney USBC
503DOUBLES HandicappedPatterson Nancie L. \ Horak Shirley K. 2491,291Gr Cedar Valley USBC
503DOUBLES HandicappedPayne Carol A. \ Mackie Kathy 1191,291Burlington Area USBC
506DOUBLES HandicappedSilvers Kris K. \ Courtney Patricia A. 1471,290Clarke & Decatur USBC
506DOUBLES HandicappedRasplicka Leasha \ Gillum Hailey C. 771,290Sigourney USBC
506DOUBLES HandicappedDalton Rita \ Kelly Karma 751,290De Witt USBC
509DOUBLES HandicappedTerry Venita K. \ Kolthoff Jamie L. 1441,289Eldora USBC
509DOUBLES HandicappedJorgensen Patricia R. \ Lueck Cheryl A. 1341,289Manning USBC
511DOUBLES HandicappedMurray Cheryl A. \ Miles Becky F. 1711,288Decorah USBC
512DOUBLES HandicappedHicks Tracy A. \ Betz Debra L. 2761,287Greene County USBC
513DOUBLES HandicappedSchnoor Anita R. \ Sullivan Sherri 3001,286Camanche USBC
513DOUBLES HandicappedMcallister Nicole M. \ Steffensmeier Michelle L.601,286Dubuque Area USBC
515DOUBLES HandicappedBastian Jeanie M. \ Martens Elaine L. 1391,285Atlantic USBC
516DOUBLES HandicappedGalloway Brenda \ Westphal Robin A. 2321,284Maquoketa USBC
517DOUBLES HandicappedChampion Jolene M. \ Wiedenhoff Alyssa 101,283Clinton USBC
517DOUBLES HandicappedHeuer Barbara J. \ Logel Karlyn S. 1901,283Muscatine USBC
519DOUBLES HandicappedSkidmore Kayla L. \ Lanfier Laurie L. 1931,282Muscatine USBC
519DOUBLES HandicappedMartindale Cheri L. \ Weets Cynthia L. 2961,282Clinton USBC
519DOUBLES HandicappedElliott Jane E. \ Baker Debbie K. 1631,282Ottumwa Area USBC
519DOUBLES HandicappedKearns Heather J. \ Zook Rita A. 2131,282Cedar Rapids USBC
519DOUBLES HandicappedThill Joy E. \ Clark Janet R. 461,282Marshalltown Area USBC
524DOUBLES HandicappedMorrison Denise M. \ Jiruska Jourdan 2711,281Cedar Rapids USBC
524DOUBLES HandicappedKugler Emily E. \ McKenzie Taylor 2981,281Anamosa USBC
524DOUBLES HandicappedFriend Maureen J. \ Lee Carolynn F. 1111,281Burlington Area USBC
527DOUBLES HandicappedHogan Tara M. \ Ribbink Cathy J. 1591,280Muscatine USBC
527DOUBLES HandicappedEggers Joanna M. \ Swanson Judy A. 2341,280Council Bluffs USBC
529DOUBLES HandicappedVine Vivian A. \ Larson Marcia K. 1691,279Decorah USBC
530DOUBLES HandicappedFoster Samantha E. \ Kemnitz Sue 541,278Fort Dodge Area USBC
530DOUBLES HandicappedStevenson McKenzie M. \ Hager Renae L. 3121,278Buffalo Center USBC
532DOUBLES HandicappedBarnes Denise S. \ Tisher Karla F. 2681,277Cedar Rapids USBC
533DOUBLES HandicappedTippett Cindi A. \ Schmidt Hilary A. 2681,276Cedar Rapids USBC
533DOUBLES HandicappedTilleraas Betty J. \ Sadler Jessica A. 701,276West Union USBC
535DOUBLES HandicappedCole Beth M. \ Crain Mary L. 3031,275Muscatine USBC
536DOUBLES HandicappedCassens Irene E. \ Foubert Linda S. 2071,274Sigourney USBC
537DOUBLES HandicappedMeyers Terri A. \ Schmauss Barb 1011,273Fort Dodge Area USBC
537DOUBLES HandicappedSchneiderman Suzie M. \ Schneiderman Janelle E. 1061,273Burlington Area USBC
537DOUBLES HandicappedMoore Gina E. \ Furlong Kathryn M. 1551,273Gr Davenport Metro USBC
540DOUBLES HandicappedPayne Toni \ Moore Margaret A. 831,270Ottumwa Area USBC
540DOUBLES HandicappedOsburn Jenny M. \ Zaugg Renae A. 2701,270Cedar Rapids USBC
542DOUBLES HandicappedMullikin Eileen E. \ Rudolph Debbie S. 2051,267Muscatine USBC
542DOUBLES HandicappedMcIntyre Karen M. \ Thorson Lexi S. 1701,267Decorah USBC
544DOUBLES HandicappedReysack LaVonne R. \ Davidson Jennifer M. 1401,265Charles City USBC
545DOUBLES HandicappedGehrke Janelle M. \ Clock Judy K. 851,263Eldora USBC
545DOUBLES HandicappedLongnecker Jone M. \ Uthoff Elizabeth M. 2601,263Cedar Rapids USBC
545DOUBLES HandicappedGoldsberry Peggy A. \ Waldron Barbara S. 561,263Gr Des Moines USBC
548DOUBLES HandicappedNixon Jodi L. \ McFarland Marla 241,262Creston USBC
549DOUBLES HandicappedRosonke Kim A. \ Geerts Rita H. 291,261New Hampton USBC
550DOUBLES HandicappedDowning Carolyn \ Van Weelden Jo Ann 1261,258Creston USBC
550DOUBLES HandicappedLasher Susie C. \ Lipes Roxann R. 31,258Gr Des Moines USBC
550DOUBLES HandicappedHemann Kim K. \ Hemann Misty M. 2401,258Fort Dodge Area USBC
553DOUBLES HandicappedRobinson Cathy \ Still Cassie 3011,257Lenox USBC
553DOUBLES HandicappedHenrichs Lori D. \ West Dee L. 2271,257Clarke & Decatur USBC
555DOUBLES HandicappedMeyer Natasha \ Brandhorst Nicole M. 521,254Grundy Center USBC
555DOUBLES HandicappedInman Darlene \ Wieman Deborah G. 1331,254Manning USBC
555DOUBLES HandicappedMatti Tiffany \ Bloodsworth Shirley L. 141,254Pella USBC
558DOUBLES HandicappedLaird Julie A. \ Hill Theresa M. 191,251Gr Cedar Valley USBC
559DOUBLES HandicappedEngledow Carilyn S. \ Hobbs Tammy L. 1841,250Cedar Rapids USBC
560DOUBLES HandicappedWalker Jodi E. \ Gray Debbie S. 1661,249Council Bluffs USBC
560DOUBLES HandicappedAlexander Beth D. \ New Myra L. 1371,249Clarinda USBC
562DOUBLES HandicappedBoehmer Amy J. \ Buttolph Renae A. 271,248New Hampton USBC
563DOUBLES HandicappedKehoe Rita A. \ Geer Tanya L. 331,247Gr Cedar Valley USBC
563DOUBLES HandicappedPorter Sharon A. \ Wilke Charla R. 11,247Fort Dodge Area USBC
565DOUBLES HandicappedElam Diana \ Tuttle Karen 2501,246Keokuk USBC
566DOUBLES HandicappedFirzlaff Janice M. \ Mcallister Louise M. 1251,245Dubuque Area USBC
566DOUBLES HandicappedBaxter Brandy S. \ Romo Ann E. 2711,245Cedar Rapids USBC
568DOUBLES HandicappedIhnen Melissa A. \ McClure Judy M. 51,244Atlantic USBC
568DOUBLES HandicappedLawson Candy S. \ Fortmann Tricia L. 2461,244Ames Area USBC
568DOUBLES HandicappedMarkle Charlotte L. \ Kapler Linda S. 281,244New Hampton USBC
571DOUBLES HandicappedVos Carla \ Pregon Kandis J. 41,242Pella USBC
571DOUBLES HandicappedWills Kelly L. \ Adams Becky L. 1201,242Burlington Area USBC
573DOUBLES HandicappedCornwell Jean R. \ Beeh Gwen L. 571,239West Delaware USBC
574DOUBLES HandicappedKuennen Lavell R. \ Martin DeLois R. 1041,237West Union USBC
574DOUBLES HandicappedWander Rose R. \ Roulson-Bills Cyndi S. 1041,237West Union USBC
574DOUBLES HandicappedRouse Amy J. \ Fenton Teresa K. 2831,237Gr Des Moines USBC
577DOUBLES HandicappedHancock Kari \ Hancock Connie K. 1241,236Lenox USBC
578DOUBLES HandicappedMcComas Brittany L. \ Helgevold LeeAnn M. 2261,235Clarke & Decatur USBC
579DOUBLES HandicappedMenster Ginger L. \ Sparrgrove Michelle C. 2031,234Anamosa USBC
579DOUBLES HandicappedTrenholm Sharon A. \ Williams Peg A. 1861,234Dubuque Area USBC
581DOUBLES HandicappedEinwalter Mary J. \ Kamp Bridget A. 1081,233Dubuque Area USBC
582DOUBLES HandicappedKafer Amy N. \ Vermeulen Beth M. 981,232Dubuque Area USBC
582DOUBLES HandicappedRidinger Jessica M. \ Perez Julianna J. 2011,232Muscatine USBC
584DOUBLES HandicappedPeverill Sarah J. \ Simpson Amber L. 1031,230Gr Cedar Valley USBC
585DOUBLES HandicappedPickart Dorene C. \ Kromminga Mary R. 941,227Cedar Rapids USBC
586DOUBLES HandicappedLopez Cindy K. \ Holm Danielle L. 2491,226Gr Cedar Valley USBC
587DOUBLES HandicappedBartlett Bonnie \ Mundell Janie A. 1031,224Gr Cedar Valley USBC
588DOUBLES HandicappedFrazer Cindie L. \ Krenz Sandra K. 201,223Gr Cedar Valley USBC
588DOUBLES HandicappedMcMullen Cherie \ Speake Patti A. 1321,223Manning USBC
590DOUBLES HandicappedSipple Deborah S. \ Honkomp Danette S. 2771,216Greene County USBC
591DOUBLES HandicappedRauscher Jessi M. \ Thompson Autumn R. 1161,213Ottumwa Area USBC
592DOUBLES HandicappedBilharz Deborah D. \ Wenthe Susan M. 1751,212Charles City USBC
593DOUBLES HandicappedThielen Maureen A. \ Paulsen Sara L. 2431,211Laurens USBC
594DOUBLES HandicappedLaube Rebecca \ McCollough Carla M. 551,210Fort Dodge Area USBC
595DOUBLES HandicappedBloss Lorna M. \ Harter Rhonda R. 1541,209Gr Davenport Metro USBC
596DOUBLES HandicappedTevis Kristen M. \ Tudor Elissa R. 2841,208Independence USBC
597DOUBLES HandicappedMitchell Tara L. \ Banks Katie M. 2291,206Ames Area USBC
598DOUBLES HandicappedButrum Patricia J. \ Pruismann Sandra J. 1961,192Ames Area USBC
599DOUBLES HandicappedSearsen Anna M. \ Hogan Paula J. 1521,187Keokuk USBC
600DOUBLES HandicappedBartmess Gwen K. \ Dobson Brandi M. 2301,185Ames Area USBC
601DOUBLES HandicappedFink Julie E. \ Bloom Lillian B. 1951,175Mt Pleasant USBC
602DOUBLES HandicappedEhmen Debra J. \ McManemy Pam J. 19972Gr Cedar Valley USBC
603DOUBLES HandicappedKruger Diana L. \ Kruse Betty 49531Grundy Center USBC
604DOUBLES HandicappedEilers DeAnn M. \ Onnen Jocilyn R. 49471Grundy Center USBC
1SINGLES HandicappedMoritz Nicole R. 306840Gr Davenport Metro USBC
2SINGLES HandicappedBales Kelsey 121836Burlington Area USBC
3SINGLES HandicappedAleckson Serenity M. 154831Gr Davenport Metro USBC
4SINGLES HandicappedHoughton Nicole K. 308823Gr Davenport Metro USBC
5SINGLES HandicappedPierce Amanda M. 256818Cedar Rapids USBC
6SINGLES HandicappedDonaldson Chelsea L. 144817Eldora USBC
7SINGLES HandicappedClark Sandy 74813Sigourney USBC
8SINGLES HandicappedVan Overmeer Beverly A. 211810Ames Area USBC
9SINGLES HandicappedSheley Abbee M. 302808Lenox USBC
10SINGLES HandicappedMiller Kristina A. 35807Maquoketa USBC
11SINGLES HandicappedHenry Lynnette A. 69806West Union USBC
12SINGLES HandicappedOpal Chantel M. 167805Council Bluffs USBC
13SINGLES HandicappedBunnell Debbie L. 217804Cedar Rapids USBC
14SINGLES HandicappedCarl Amanda R. 233803Stuart USBC
14SINGLES HandicappedSchminke Lori A. 204803Ames Area USBC
16SINGLES HandicappedMcelmeel Diane C. 212801Monticello USBC
17SINGLES HandicappedDixon Jodee D. 21800Manning USBC
18SINGLES HandicappedLawson Rhonda 101797Fort Dodge Area USBC
19SINGLES HandicappedHogan Kirsten B. 158795Muscatine USBC
19SINGLES HandicappedHaertjens Barb 75795De Witt USBC
21SINGLES HandicappedBanta Donna M. 308794Gr Davenport Metro USBC
22SINGLES HandicappedWeggen Lee Ann J. 293793Muscatine USBC
22SINGLES HandicappedDenniston Jill M. 117793Ottumwa Area USBC
24SINGLES HandicappedJohnson Jennifer L. 96792Dubuque Area USBC
25SINGLES HandicappedGonzalez Jennifer M. 289791Independence USBC
26SINGLES HandicappedMetz Ciony 231787Muscatine USBC
27SINGLES HandicappedKugler Emily E. 298784Anamosa USBC
28SINGLES HandicappedLewis Kendra L. 180783Lenox USBC
29SINGLES HandicappedNovak Shelia A. 176782Charles City USBC
29SINGLES HandicappedMiller Ellie M. 96782Dubuque Area USBC
31SINGLES HandicappedRobertson Chrissy 128781Ottumwa Area USBC
32SINGLES HandicappedBartmess Gwen K. 230780Ames Area USBC
33SINGLES HandicappedSchlatter Teresa L. 82779Sumner USBC
34SINGLES HandicappedAlbers Susan K. 95777Cedar Rapids USBC
35SINGLES HandicappedEarly Kaitlyn A. 263776Cedar Rapids USBC
35SINGLES HandicappedPearson Michelle A. 27776New Hampton USBC
37SINGLES HandicappedHogue Jacee 200775Shenandoah USBC
38SINGLES HandicappedVrieze Jessica L. 249774Gr Cedar Valley USBC
38SINGLES HandicappedCamps Jillayne E. 282774Gr Des Moines USBC
40SINGLES HandicappedShady Dixie L. 212771Monticello USBC
41SINGLES HandicappedWoten Breanne L. 285769Oskaloosa USBC
42SINGLES HandicappedStrohbehn Jenna J. 35768Maquoketa USBC
43SINGLES HandicappedHonts Ronda L. 159767Muscatine USBC
43SINGLES HandicappedFeazell Jorand M. 89767Greenfield USBC
43SINGLES HandicappedCram Audrey L. 299767Camanche USBC
46SINGLES HandicappedSmith Renee R. 120765Burlington Area USBC
47SINGLES HandicappedFiebelkorn Kim K. 15764Gr Des Moines USBC
47SINGLES HandicappedThein Mary J. 225764Muscatine USBC
47SINGLES HandicappedBuffington Darci L. 45764Marshalltown Area USBC
50SINGLES HandicappedClemens Mariah 274763Muscatine USBC
51SINGLES HandicappedLopshire Sherry L. 12762Ottumwa Area USBC
52SINGLES HandicappedKlein Jaycie L. 274761Muscatine USBC
52SINGLES HandicappedMcKinley Tina M. 242761Gr Davenport Metro USBC
54SINGLES HandicappedGehrke Patricia A. 84760Eldora USBC
55SINGLES HandicappedWright April J. 179759Lenox USBC
55SINGLES HandicappedShoesmith Jaime L. 233759Stuart USBC
55SINGLES HandicappedSchneiderman Janelle E. 106759Burlington Area USBC
55SINGLES HandicappedShea Debbie A. 40759Maquoketa USBC
55SINGLES HandicappedSackett Phyllis L. 88759Greenfield USBC
60SINGLES HandicappedWalker Kayla 79758Humboldt Iowa USBC
60SINGLES HandicappedVanKirk Jennifer L. 162758Marshalltown Area USBC
60SINGLES HandicappedParmenter Carolyn S. 93758Cedar Rapids USBC
60SINGLES HandicappedVanGundy Kalliann 74758Sigourney USBC
64SINGLES HandicappedLongnecker Jone M. 260757Cedar Rapids USBC
64SINGLES HandicappedWisco Olivia O. 35757Maquoketa USBC
64SINGLES HandicappedLakey Lori A. 306757Gr Davenport Metro USBC
67SINGLES HandicappedBlock Penny M. 35756Maquoketa USBC
67SINGLES HandicappedAlbers Lou M. 93756Cedar Rapids USBC
67SINGLES HandicappedClemens Amber M. 274756Muscatine USBC
67SINGLES HandicappedShoppa Katie J. 288756Muscatine USBC
71SINGLES HandicappedMoore Sherry E. 3755Gr Des Moines USBC
71SINGLES HandicappedBecker Janet 237755Oelwein USBC
73SINGLES HandicappedSlingluff Leah S. 45754Marshalltown Area USBC
74SINGLES HandicappedEvans Rachel M. 311753Gr Des Moines USBC
75SINGLES HandicappedBaxter Brandy S. 271752Cedar Rapids USBC
75SINGLES HandicappedSearcy Patty A. 205752Muscatine USBC
75SINGLES HandicappedHans Kori M. 309752Gr Davenport Metro USBC
78SINGLES HandicappedAdams Cindy D. 122751Clarinda USBC
78SINGLES HandicappedLee Tori R. 71751West Union USBC
78SINGLES HandicappedWright Elizabeth R. 50751Grundy Center USBC
78SINGLES HandicappedLewis Julie N. 168751Gr Des Moines USBC
78SINGLES HandicappedWitt Inola M. 37751Maquoketa USBC
78SINGLES HandicappedPence Nichelle (Niki) P. 107751Burlington Area USBC
78SINGLES HandicappedAdams Becky L. 120751Burlington Area USBC
78SINGLES HandicappedJordan Kathy L. 129751Ottumwa Area USBC
86SINGLES HandicappedBrown Mallory 236750Gr Des Moines USBC
86SINGLES HandicappedGillum Hailey C. 77750Sigourney USBC
88SINGLES HandicappedRiley Sandra R. 288749Muscatine USBC
88SINGLES HandicappedRaabe Shirley 92749Cedar Rapids USBC
88SINGLES HandicappedOtt Jacque L. 121749Burlington Area USBC
88SINGLES HandicappedBennett Natalie H. 156749Clinton USBC
88SINGLES HandicappedHoward Megan 237749Oelwein USBC
88SINGLES HandicappedSweetland Tina 219749Gr Davenport Metro USBC
94SINGLES HandicappedDilks Kay C. 105748Gr Des Moines USBC
94SINGLES HandicappedChristianson Debra S. 254748Cedar Rapids USBC
94SINGLES HandicappedReece Jan L. 227748Clarke & Decatur USBC
97SINGLES HandicappedHill Theresa M. 19747Gr Cedar Valley USBC
97SINGLES HandicappedGriffin Patty A. 168747Gr Des Moines USBC
97SINGLES HandicappedWhittington Sharyn M. 13747Gr Des Moines USBC
97SINGLES HandicappedKafer Amy N. 98747Dubuque Area USBC
101SINGLES HandicappedSpooner Penny E. 222746Gr Des Moines USBC
102SINGLES HandicappedEggers Joanna M. 234745Council Bluffs USBC
102SINGLES HandicappedHake Kay A. 309745Gr Davenport Metro USBC
102SINGLES HandicappedEdwards Lisa T. 307745Gr Davenport Metro USBC
102SINGLES HandicappedChristensen Bre M. 286745Oelwein USBC
102SINGLES HandicappedJones Beth A. 68745West Union USBC
107SINGLES HandicappedPossehl Mallory J. 300744Camanche USBC
107SINGLES HandicappedHanson Bernie M. 125744Dubuque Area USBC
107SINGLES HandicappedBarrans Jean M. 179744Lenox USBC
107SINGLES HandicappedBryan Amanda L. 135744Manning USBC
107SINGLES HandicappedWillis Michelle 116744Ottumwa Area USBC
112SINGLES HandicappedChase Laura M. 109743Dubuque Area USBC
113SINGLES HandicappedButtolph Renae A. 27741New Hampton USBC
113SINGLES HandicappedOverton Ashley M. 220741Gr Davenport Metro USBC
113SINGLES HandicappedWills Kelly L. 120741Burlington Area USBC
113SINGLES HandicappedWright Michelle P. 208741Gr Mason City USBC
113SINGLES HandicappedGrego Jill M. 144741Eldora USBC
118SINGLES HandicappedMatthews Sandra J. 275740Greene County USBC
118SINGLES HandicappedWilson Jocelyn M. 142740Ames Area USBC
118SINGLES HandicappedVinton Chelsea D. 292740Oskaloosa USBC
118SINGLES HandicappedRicks Mika J. 313740Lenox USBC
118SINGLES HandicappedRethamel Denise M. 288740Muscatine USBC
118SINGLES HandicappedElliott Jane E. 163740Ottumwa Area USBC
118SINGLES HandicappedMorrison Denise M. 271740Cedar Rapids USBC
118SINGLES HandicappedHendricks Julie A. 113740Humboldt Iowa USBC
118SINGLES HandicappedHowell Joanna 157740Oelwein USBC
127SINGLES HandicappedKasper Bobbie J. 264739Cedar Rapids USBC
127SINGLES HandicappedRego Kate N. 254739Cedar Rapids USBC
127SINGLES HandicappedCline Brittany L. 148739Clarke & Decatur USBC
130SINGLES HandicappedWood Chris A. 62738Fort Dodge Area USBC
131SINGLES HandicappedPalmer Bailey E. 285737Oskaloosa USBC
131SINGLES HandicappedBock Darla D. 81737Sumner USBC
131SINGLES HandicappedBergstrom Susan C. 126737Creston USBC
134SINGLES HandicappedBenischek Suzanne M. 160736Mt Pleasant USBC
134SINGLES HandicappedBarrans Melissa D. 124736Lenox USBC
134SINGLES HandicappedWisted Sharon K. 252736Cedar Rapids USBC
134SINGLES HandicappedHopkins Theresa A. 236736Gr Des Moines USBC
134SINGLES HandicappedReed Penny I. 298736Anamosa USBC
134SINGLES HandicappedRule Joy E. 150736Keokuk USBC
140SINGLES HandicappedChristensen Kelli S. 286735Oelwein USBC
140SINGLES HandicappedGraves Renee A. 79735Humboldt Iowa USBC
140SINGLES HandicappedCampbell Dani 96735Dubuque Area USBC
140SINGLES HandicappedMinger Sharon R. 297735Anamosa USBC
140SINGLES HandicappedTyler Donna R. 252735Cedar Rapids USBC
140SINGLES HandicappedReed Abbie L. 244735Laurens USBC
140SINGLES HandicappedPaulsen Sara L. 243735Laurens USBC
147SINGLES HandicappedBoston Liz M. 166734Council Bluffs USBC
147SINGLES HandicappedZell Dee Dee A. 9734Iowa City USBC
147SINGLES HandicappedMuller Shara N. 16734Maquoketa USBC
147SINGLES HandicappedOpperman Cynthia J. 191734Clarinda USBC
147SINGLES HandicappedDuver Hope E. 151734Keokuk USBC
152SINGLES HandicappedBraaksma Toni G. 131733Ottumwa Area USBC
152SINGLES HandicappedMittan Marilyn A. 95733Cedar Rapids USBC
152SINGLES HandicappedSimmons Wanda R. 9733Iowa City USBC
152SINGLES HandicappedJordan Sandra K. 223733Gr Des Moines USBC
152SINGLES HandicappedLoring Robin D. 5733Atlantic USBC
152SINGLES HandicappedStorey Diane M. 165733Council Bluffs USBC
158SINGLES HandicappedBorseth Kristen 218732Decorah USBC
158SINGLES HandicappedHomeister Judy M. 51732Grundy Center USBC
158SINGLES HandicappedShakespeare Patrice A. 93732Cedar Rapids USBC
158SINGLES HandicappedBergmeier Cathy S. 138732Burlington Area USBC
158SINGLES HandicappedHolt Taylor 299732Camanche USBC
163SINGLES HandicappedMathiews Jessica 88731Greenfield USBC
163SINGLES HandicappedHintermeister Cindy A. 156731Clinton USBC
163SINGLES HandicappedBurke Kerri K. 281731Gr Des Moines USBC
166SINGLES HandicappedCoffman Pamela J. 235730Gr Des Moines USBC
166SINGLES HandicappedHughes Christie D. 224730Jasper County USBC
168SINGLES HandicappedClancy Marge M. 72729Dubuque Area USBC
168SINGLES HandicappedDanner Carmen 74729Sigourney USBC
168SINGLES HandicappedLongcor Hannah L. 73729Muscatine USBC
168SINGLES HandicappedHolms Sue A. 245729Gr Cedar Valley USBC
172SINGLES HandicappedNovak Amy L. 176728Charles City USBC
172SINGLES HandicappedSchmitt Stena M. 189728Charles City USBC
172SINGLES HandicappedBiwer Marguerite E. 264728Cedar Rapids USBC
172SINGLES HandicappedHawley-Grimes Tina L. 92728Cedar Rapids USBC
172SINGLES HandicappedMensen Sarah L. 60728Dubuque Area USBC
172SINGLES HandicappedCottrell Shannon L. 97728Dubuque Area USBC
172SINGLES HandicappedLaughlin Diane M. 192728Dubuque Area USBC
179SINGLES HandicappedThomas Tiffany E. 99727Dubuque Area USBC
179SINGLES HandicappedLoban Theresa R. 286727Oelwein USBC
179SINGLES HandicappedPence Amber M. 107727Burlington Area USBC
179SINGLES HandicappedCollins Anita J. 111727Burlington Area USBC
179SINGLES HandicappedHamdorf Karla K. 251727Cedar Rapids USBC
179SINGLES HandicappedPotts Jessica J. 61727Gr Des Moines USBC
179SINGLES HandicappedMontgomery Charlene 105727Gr Des Moines USBC
179SINGLES HandicappedAkers Teresa A. 292727Oskaloosa USBC
187SINGLES HandicappedVinton Alyssa J. 292726Oskaloosa USBC
187SINGLES HandicappedSward Cathy A. 178726Ames Area USBC
187SINGLES HandicappedWest Bonnie J. 237726Oelwein USBC
190SINGLES HandicappedOhrt Michelle D. 18725Independence USBC
190SINGLES HandicappedMoore Cheri D. 275725Greene County USBC
190SINGLES HandicappedLindsey Virginia 184725Cedar Rapids USBC
190SINGLES HandicappedGrim Donna R. 112725Ottumwa Area USBC
194SINGLES HandicappedLaird Julie A. 19724Gr Cedar Valley USBC
194SINGLES HandicappedSpicer Jennifer A. 150724Keokuk USBC
196SINGLES HandicappedOsher Roxann M. 247723Clarinda USBC
196SINGLES HandicappedKnight Ashley J. 289723Independence USBC
196SINGLES HandicappedAlbert Cynthia K. 136723Sigourney USBC
196SINGLES HandicappedRenslow Shelby A. 233723Stuart USBC
200SINGLES HandicappedFredregill Janet M. 223722Gr Des Moines USBC
200SINGLES HandicappedMcKnight Marcia R. 147722Clarke & Decatur USBC
200SINGLES HandicappedSpainhower Jessica N. 180722Lenox USBC
200SINGLES HandicappedRitchie Danielle L. 313722Lenox USBC
200SINGLES HandicappedBengerson Katie L. 135722Manning USBC
200SINGLES HandicappedSeddon Wendy M. 89722Greenfield USBC
206SINGLES HandicappedBarker Noella C. 224721Jasper County USBC
206SINGLES HandicappedMoritz Donna A. 306721Gr Davenport Metro USBC
206SINGLES HandicappedHawkins Michelle J. 261721Cedar Rapids USBC
206SINGLES HandicappedJames Carrie M. 138721Burlington Area USBC
206SINGLES HandicappedVanZante Tiffany K. 25721Pella USBC
206SINGLES HandicappedSmith Jordan N. 296721Clinton USBC
206SINGLES HandicappedLoehndorf Amanda J. 156721Clinton USBC
213SINGLES HandicappedVos Carla 4720Pella USBC
213SINGLES HandicappedWilkinson Michelle R. 61720Gr Des Moines USBC
213SINGLES HandicappedCook Sue K. 238720Gr Des Moines USBC
213SINGLES HandicappedStubbe Kendsey K. 15720Gr Des Moines USBC
213SINGLES HandicappedAnderson Shawn 166720Council Bluffs USBC
213SINGLES HandicappedPotter Mary E. 72720Dubuque Area USBC
219SINGLES HandicappedJacobs Amanda 180719Lenox USBC
219SINGLES HandicappedLipes Roxann R. 3719Gr Des Moines USBC
219SINGLES HandicappedCook Kelly A. 266719Cedar Rapids USBC
222SINGLES HandicappedVon Ahsen Jolene K. 95718Cedar Rapids USBC
222SINGLES HandicappedKerkhoff Carolyn L. 22718Manning USBC
222SINGLES HandicappedWalker Daley L. 43718Sigourney USBC
222SINGLES HandicappedCunningham Linda A. 242718Gr Davenport Metro USBC
222SINGLES HandicappedGeorge Diane 113718Humboldt Iowa USBC
227SINGLES HandicappedWatson Sarah L. 201717Muscatine USBC
227SINGLES HandicappedBurns June R. 91717Cedar Rapids USBC
227SINGLES HandicappedStaub Rebekah J. 262717Cedar Rapids USBC
230SINGLES HandicappedCline Carin A. 158716Muscatine USBC
230SINGLES HandicappedBartels Amy K. 239716Monticello USBC
230SINGLES HandicappedKelley Kim I. 161716Mt Pleasant USBC
230SINGLES HandicappedHuppenbauer Michelle K. 43716Sigourney USBC
230SINGLES HandicappedLatwesen Danielle M. 47716Grundy Center USBC
235SINGLES HandicappedEpperson Maureen A. 20715Gr Cedar Valley USBC
235SINGLES HandicappedStaub Barb A. 269715Cedar Rapids USBC
235SINGLES HandicappedKromminga Mary R. 94715Cedar Rapids USBC
235SINGLES HandicappedGeopfert Allysen N. 114715Fort Dodge Area USBC
239SINGLES HandicappedPainter Erika L. 66714Maquoketa USBC
239SINGLES HandicappedKay Kim 67714De Witt USBC
239SINGLES HandicappedDigman Sarah A. 64714Dubuque Area USBC
242SINGLES HandicappedMclaughlin Nicole M. 110713Dubuque Area USBC
242SINGLES HandicappedWeber Barb J. 100713Dubuque Area USBC
242SINGLES HandicappedKress Annette M. 17713Independence USBC
242SINGLES HandicappedBeske Patrena Y. 117713Ottumwa Area USBC
242SINGLES HandicappedClark Shannon 128713Ottumwa Area USBC
242SINGLES HandicappedFrieze Melinda S. 165713Council Bluffs USBC
242SINGLES HandicappedMorris Karen 76713Sigourney USBC
242SINGLES HandicappedTeske Debra K. 84713Eldora USBC
242SINGLES HandicappedWulf Megan M. 279713Greene County USBC
242SINGLES HandicappedBlack Kaela J. 229713Ames Area USBC
252SINGLES HandicappedBoysen Brittney K. 239712Monticello USBC
252SINGLES HandicappedShowers Machelle R. 34712Gr Cedar Valley USBC
252SINGLES HandicappedJordan Stacy L. 130712Ottumwa Area USBC
252SINGLES HandicappedO'Dell Paula A. 265712Cedar Rapids USBC
252SINGLES HandicappedPeterie Donna J. 138712Burlington Area USBC
257SINGLES HandicappedHayes Esther 36711Maquoketa USBC
257SINGLES HandicappedFish Sarah A. 39711Maquoketa USBC
257SINGLES HandicappedSampson Alisha A. 130711Ottumwa Area USBC
257SINGLES HandicappedLuke Sara L. 116711Ottumwa Area USBC
257SINGLES HandicappedShriver Lindsey M. 255711Cedar Rapids USBC
257SINGLES HandicappedPenning Jamie K. 255711Cedar Rapids USBC
257SINGLES HandicappedToepfer Judith A. 33711Gr Cedar Valley USBC
257SINGLES HandicappedFink Julie E. 195711Mt Pleasant USBC
257SINGLES HandicappedLongcor Shila L. 73711Muscatine USBC
257SINGLES HandicappedCaufield Joni A. 196711Ames Area USBC
257SINGLES HandicappedSchwarz Sarah M. 299711Camanche USBC
257SINGLES HandicappedCarlson Andrea J. 220711Gr Davenport Metro USBC
269SINGLES HandicappedHakert Sandy D. 172710West Delaware USBC
269SINGLES HandicappedShatek Jamie L. 29710New Hampton USBC
269SINGLES HandicappedThill Joy E. 46710Marshalltown Area USBC
269SINGLES HandicappedRoberts Rhonda G. 146710Gr Cedar Valley USBC
269SINGLES HandicappedMason Carol Ann 257710Cedar Rapids USBC
269SINGLES HandicappedMcCoy Melanie L. 130710Ottumwa Area USBC
275SINGLES HandicappedHelms Sara A. 270709Cedar Rapids USBC
275SINGLES HandicappedBakke Tina L. 170709Decorah USBC
275SINGLES HandicappedStofferahn Suzie B. 126709Creston USBC
275SINGLES HandicappedLeppert Dorothy M. 63709Dubuque Area USBC
275SINGLES HandicappedTevis Vanessa L. 290709Independence USBC
275SINGLES HandicappedCook Kayla 67709De Witt USBC
281SINGLES HandicappedSunderman Linda M. 137708Clarinda USBC
281SINGLES HandicappedFirzlaff Jessica L. 100708Dubuque Area USBC
281SINGLES HandicappedHeacock Jolene A. 98708Dubuque Area USBC
281SINGLES HandicappedSchultes Kristie A. 21708Manning USBC
281SINGLES HandicappedNovak Amber R. 176708Charles City USBC
281SINGLES HandicappedQuick Jennifer R. 142708Ames Area USBC
281SINGLES HandicappedCasteel Monica L. 301708Lenox USBC
281SINGLES HandicappedKvach Jean I. 214708Cedar Rapids USBC
281SINGLES HandicappedJones Carla R. 13708Gr Des Moines USBC
281SINGLES HandicappedBeane Misty L. 233708Stuart USBC
291SINGLES HandicappedTryon Camille A. 314707Cedar Rapids USBC
291SINGLES HandicappedConn Morgan L. 2707Gr Des Moines USBC
291SINGLES HandicappedBrown Ginger S. 214707Cedar Rapids USBC
291SINGLES HandicappedTisher Karla F. 268707Cedar Rapids USBC
291SINGLES HandicappedLewis Amylynn 302707Lenox USBC
291SINGLES HandicappedMiles Becky F. 171707Decorah USBC
291SINGLES HandicappedVanVoltenburg Kathy J. 198707Sigourney USBC
291SINGLES HandicappedRau Madison R. 82707Sumner USBC
291SINGLES HandicappedHabel Audrey R. 97707Dubuque Area USBC
291SINGLES HandicappedDohrmann Carolyn 305707De Witt USBC
301SINGLES HandicappedMaranville Merideth J. 145706Clarinda USBC
301SINGLES HandicappedMorehouse Mary Jo 152706Keokuk USBC
301SINGLES HandicappedAndrews Jennifer L. 275706Greene County USBC
301SINGLES HandicappedMoore Lori G. 275706Greene County USBC
301SINGLES HandicappedLee Tracey H. 86706Sigourney USBC
301SINGLES HandicappedMiller Jessica 51706Grundy Center USBC
301SINGLES HandicappedStill Cassie 301706Lenox USBC
301SINGLES HandicappedRusbult Dorma J. 260706Cedar Rapids USBC
301SINGLES HandicappedDavis Lorrie R. 115706Fort Dodge Area USBC
301SINGLES HandicappedHruska Heather E. 114706Fort Dodge Area USBC
301SINGLES HandicappedAdams Cheryl A. 61706Gr Des Moines USBC
301SINGLES HandicappedOltmanns Joni L. 203706Anamosa USBC
301SINGLES HandicappedSchoenfelder Cindy K. 92706Cedar Rapids USBC
314SINGLES HandicappedRobertson Diana L. 269705Cedar Rapids USBC
314SINGLES HandicappedFlattery Jacqulyn D. 117705Ottumwa Area USBC
314SINGLES HandicappedVandeVoort Jana 4705Pella USBC
314SINGLES HandicappedHall Patricia A. 252705Cedar Rapids USBC
314SINGLES HandicappedBauer Teresa J. 291705Fairfield USBC
314SINGLES HandicappedSchiltz Stephanie 243705Laurens USBC
314SINGLES HandicappedSales Jennifer 220705Gr Davenport Metro USBC
314SINGLES HandicappedFrazier Karen C. 307705Gr Davenport Metro USBC
314SINGLES HandicappedDaniels Jordy 67705De Witt USBC
323SINGLES HandicappedJensen Shea A. 90704Greenfield USBC
323SINGLES HandicappedBurgart Wendy M. 30704New Hampton USBC
323SINGLES HandicappedSidles Laura L. 243704Laurens USBC
323SINGLES HandicappedMarzen Laura L. 210704Gr Mason City USBC
323SINGLES HandicappedClubb Elaina 136704Sigourney USBC
328SINGLES HandicappedHosier Diane M. 146703Gr Cedar Valley USBC
328SINGLES HandicappedWilson Mindy S. 182703Gr Cedar Valley USBC
328SINGLES HandicappedSuchan LuAnn 34703Gr Cedar Valley USBC
328SINGLES HandicappedThomas Tammy 36703Maquoketa USBC
328SINGLES HandicappedHeisdorffer Jessica K. 131703Ottumwa Area USBC
328SINGLES HandicappedTeymer Jean R. 314703Cedar Rapids USBC
328SINGLES HandicappedEggers Nancy 305703De Witt USBC
335SINGLES HandicappedSwanson Amy 287702Humboldt Iowa USBC
335SINGLES HandicappedMallison Nikki D. 163702Ottumwa Area USBC
335SINGLES HandicappedLawrence Donna K. 294702Clinton USBC
335SINGLES HandicappedReich Karen J. 111702Burlington Area USBC
335SINGLES HandicappedCourtney Patricia A. 147702Clarke & Decatur USBC
335SINGLES HandicappedHale Tammy A. 276702Greene County USBC
341SINGLES HandicappedJennings Teri L. 141701Ames Area USBC
341SINGLES HandicappedWillard Renee E. 189701Charles City USBC
341SINGLES HandicappedBolton Mary L. 123701Red Oak USBC
341SINGLES HandicappedPregon Kandis J. 4701Pella USBC
341SINGLES HandicappedWelsch Brooke M. 90701Greenfield USBC
341SINGLES HandicappedHenle Patricia M. 199701Marshalltown Area USBC
347SINGLES HandicappedRandel Rachel A. 88700Greenfield USBC
347SINGLES HandicappedHeckman Adrienne M. 89700Greenfield USBC
347SINGLES HandicappedDarrow Mildred 155700Gr Davenport Metro USBC
347SINGLES HandicappedBascom Pamela J. 290700Independence USBC
347SINGLES HandicappedWoerdehoff Deneen M. 309700Gr Davenport Metro USBC
347SINGLES HandicappedBroadwell Angelia M. 151700Keokuk USBC
347SINGLES HandicappedLarkin Donna J. 247700Clarinda USBC
347SINGLES HandicappedBush Shirley M. 214700Cedar Rapids USBC
347SINGLES HandicappedLazear Stacey 280700Gr Des Moines USBC
347SINGLES HandicappedKessel Suzan L. 291700Fairfield USBC
347SINGLES HandicappedBriner Cindy 23700Creston USBC
358SINGLES HandicappedDowning Carolyn 126699Creston USBC
358SINGLES HandicappedSchramm Brooke E. 43699Sigourney USBC
358SINGLES HandicappedLesley Morgan E. 166699Council Bluffs USBC
358SINGLES HandicappedRouse Amy J. 283699Gr Des Moines USBC
358SINGLES HandicappedDuffy Lisa A. 94699Cedar Rapids USBC
358SINGLES HandicappedBurkle Linda M. 57699West Delaware USBC
364SINGLES HandicappedMackey Keri 192698Dubuque Area USBC
364SINGLES HandicappedOlson Lynette R. 88698Greenfield USBC
364SINGLES HandicappedBarnes Denise S. 268698Cedar Rapids USBC
364SINGLES HandicappedBone Angela S. 128698Ottumwa Area USBC
364SINGLES HandicappedHancock Kari 124698Lenox USBC
369SINGLES HandicappedWalker Jodi E. 166697Council Bluffs USBC
369SINGLES HandicappedYonkie Kristen M. 167697Council Bluffs USBC
369SINGLES HandicappedHodges Stefani R. 278697Greene County USBC
369SINGLES HandicappedFoster Kirstin 285697Oskaloosa USBC
369SINGLES HandicappedCarman Susan K. 128697Ottumwa Area USBC
369SINGLES HandicappedParker Linda R. 12697Ottumwa Area USBC
369SINGLES HandicappedLogan Jaylee M. 118697Burlington Area USBC
369SINGLES HandicappedHayes Tayler R. 36697Maquoketa USBC
369SINGLES HandicappedRandecker Tasha 232697Maquoketa USBC
369SINGLES HandicappedSteele Gena R. 267697Cedar Rapids USBC
369SINGLES HandicappedBrandt Tamara L. 202697Jasper County USBC
369SINGLES HandicappedAdams Marti (Margaret) T. 155697Gr Davenport Metro USBC
369SINGLES HandicappedBryant Barb A. 247697Clarinda USBC
369SINGLES HandicappedBuford Rhonda 250697Keokuk USBC
383SINGLES HandicappedBaxter Regina M. 306696Gr Davenport Metro USBC
383SINGLES HandicappedHutcheson Tammie D. 153696Gr Davenport Metro USBC
383SINGLES HandicappedBenish Monica M. 289696Independence USBC
383SINGLES HandicappedHare Alicia A. 31696New Hampton USBC
383SINGLES HandicappedIsaacs Jeanne L. 251696Cedar Rapids USBC
383SINGLES HandicappedCaves Dinna L. 291696Fairfield USBC
389SINGLES HandicappedFarrens Susan A. 301695Lenox USBC
389SINGLES HandicappedFrye Julie A. 293695Muscatine USBC
389SINGLES HandicappedMcRobie Rebecca M. 295695Gr Cedar Valley USBC
389SINGLES HandicappedSchone Brittany 4695Pella USBC
389SINGLES HandicappedStanton Marla J. 29695New Hampton USBC
389SINGLES HandicappedFilloon Piene 199695Marshalltown Area USBC
389SINGLES HandicappedBausch Donna 69695West Union USBC
389SINGLES HandicappedFlaherty Sandra 75695De Witt USBC
389SINGLES HandicappedMcGee Karen L. 242695Gr Davenport Metro USBC
389SINGLES HandicappedEsser Dee Dee 79695Humboldt Iowa USBC
389SINGLES HandicappedRine Mary E. 145695Clarinda USBC
400SINGLES HandicappedDreager Karen S. 145694Clarinda USBC
400SINGLES HandicappedCarney Brandi 299694Camanche USBC
400SINGLES HandicappedHolmes Linda E. 153694Gr Davenport Metro USBC
400SINGLES HandicappedLove Amber L. 68694West Union USBC
400SINGLES HandicappedRoussel Melissa S. 87694Dubuque Area USBC
400SINGLES HandicappedHunt Amanda M. 39694Maquoketa USBC
400SINGLES HandicappedKahle Marchell R. 95694Cedar Rapids USBC
400SINGLES HandicappedLively Lynn J. 61694Gr Des Moines USBC
400SINGLES HandicappedHarmon Denise J. 297694Anamosa USBC
400SINGLES HandicappedFischels Karen J. 20694Gr Cedar Valley USBC
400SINGLES HandicappedHansen Kari A. 139694Atlantic USBC
400SINGLES HandicappedMiller Nancy E. 126694Creston USBC
400SINGLES HandicappedFair Betty L. 43694Sigourney USBC
400SINGLES HandicappedMitchell Dawn M. 209694Gr Mason City USBC
400SINGLES HandicappedShoafstall Karie M. 209694Gr Mason City USBC
415SINGLES HandicappedSchrieber Sandra K. 244693Laurens USBC
415SINGLES HandicappedNelson Debra K. 197693Ames Area USBC
415SINGLES HandicappedWatson Becky A. 204693Ames Area USBC
415SINGLES HandicappedSimpson Amber L. 103693Gr Cedar Valley USBC
415SINGLES HandicappedKriegel Cari A. 255693Cedar Rapids USBC
415SINGLES HandicappedStien Diane J. 91693Cedar Rapids USBC
415SINGLES HandicappedStewart Jo 83693Ottumwa Area USBC
415SINGLES HandicappedKlemme Cari L. 40693Maquoketa USBC
415SINGLES HandicappedSchnoor Rita C. 16693Maquoketa USBC
415SINGLES HandicappedDenton Debbie M. 18693Independence USBC
415SINGLES HandicappedAnderson Kathleen A. 80693Humboldt Iowa USBC
415SINGLES HandicappedHazelett Sue 219693Gr Davenport Metro USBC
415SINGLES HandicappedGates Karen 157693Oelwein USBC
428SINGLES HandicappedMarchand Dolly L. 219692Gr Davenport Metro USBC
428SINGLES HandicappedHigh Marlene J. 72692Dubuque Area USBC
428SINGLES HandicappedPetsche Christine A. 192692Dubuque Area USBC
428SINGLES HandicappedPins Sara V. 108692Dubuque Area USBC
428SINGLES HandicappedWestphal Robin A. 232692Maquoketa USBC
428SINGLES HandicappedWilliams-Hernandez Brandy K. 12692Ottumwa Area USBC
428SINGLES HandicappedReed Amber D. 267692Cedar Rapids USBC
428SINGLES HandicappedCase Esther R. 266692Cedar Rapids USBC
428SINGLES HandicappedMcKenzie Taylor 298692Anamosa USBC
428SINGLES HandicappedJohnston Toni 238692Gr Des Moines USBC
428SINGLES HandicappedLuebbers Dana R. 84692Eldora USBC
439SINGLES HandicappedBoeck Carolyn J. 134691Manning USBC
439SINGLES HandicappedRadcliff Shelly L. 310691Gr Mason City USBC
439SINGLES HandicappedBrown Chris A. 231691Muscatine USBC
439SINGLES HandicappedWalton Janet L. 171691Decorah USBC
439SINGLES HandicappedBuckley Audra A. 298691Anamosa USBC
439SINGLES HandicappedGrieder Susan K. 260691Cedar Rapids USBC
439SINGLES HandicappedVanHeiden Sandy K. 261691Cedar Rapids USBC
439SINGLES HandicappedHardin Holly L. 261691Cedar Rapids USBC
439SINGLES HandicappedPaustian Randi M. 307691Gr Davenport Metro USBC
439SINGLES HandicappedSchaefer Ginny L. 202691Jasper County USBC
449SINGLES HandicappedHughes Deanne K. 122690Clarinda USBC
449SINGLES HandicappedDrummond Donna J. 152690Keokuk USBC
449SINGLES HandicappedStille Jennifer S. 109690Dubuque Area USBC
449SINGLES HandicappedKamp Holly 110690Dubuque Area USBC
449SINGLES HandicappedLenehan Chelsey L. 32690New Hampton USBC
449SINGLES HandicappedZook Jean M. 273690Cedar Rapids USBC
449SINGLES HandicappedLaube Rebecca 55690Fort Dodge Area USBC
449SINGLES HandicappedDunn Megan L. 297690Anamosa USBC
449SINGLES HandicappedMcLaughlin Samantha M. 42690Maquoketa USBC
449SINGLES HandicappedHancock Brandi J. 124690Lenox USBC
449SINGLES HandicappedMcComas Brittany L. 226690Clarke & Decatur USBC
460SINGLES HandicappedRommel Connie L. 102689Gr Cedar Valley USBC
460SINGLES HandicappedSteele Shelly A. 146689Gr Cedar Valley USBC
460SINGLES HandicappedBriggs Danelle C. 179689Lenox USBC
460SINGLES HandicappedMadsen Lisa L. 225689Muscatine USBC
460SINGLES HandicappedGragg Nicole M. 285689Oskaloosa USBC
460SINGLES HandicappedGoddard Carol J. 140689Charles City USBC
460SINGLES HandicappedBanks Katie M. 229689Ames Area USBC
460SINGLES HandicappedKirchmann Brenda 82689Sumner USBC
460SINGLES HandicappedBlack Trisha D. 76689Sigourney USBC
460SINGLES HandicappedFear Deanne I. 112689Ottumwa Area USBC
460SINGLES HandicappedNewton Kathy E. 127689Ottumwa Area USBC
460SINGLES HandicappedZell Erin J. 9689Iowa City USBC
460SINGLES HandicappedVanBennekom Audra 258689Cedar Rapids USBC
460SINGLES HandicappedEngledow Carilyn S. 184689Cedar Rapids USBC
460SINGLES HandicappedWatson Janet S. 213689Cedar Rapids USBC
460SINGLES HandicappedWittmuss Shirley 145689Clarinda USBC
476SINGLES HandicappedHalvorson Anna K. 32688New Hampton USBC
476SINGLES HandicappedJohnson Cathy A. 66688Maquoketa USBC
476SINGLES HandicappedWisted Dorothy A. 16688Maquoketa USBC
476SINGLES HandicappedMcNeil Tristen 279688Greene County USBC
480SINGLES HandicappedManchester Sherry A. 208687Gr Mason City USBC
480SINGLES HandicappedWalker Jennifer J. 165687Council Bluffs USBC
480SINGLES HandicappedAalbers Sandra K. 4687Pella USBC
480SINGLES HandicappedLasher Susie C. 3687Gr Des Moines USBC
480SINGLES HandicappedMcdermott Jessalyn 108687Dubuque Area USBC
480SINGLES HandicappedWeiland Debbie A. 63687Dubuque Area USBC
480SINGLES HandicappedReidy Kristi A. 17687Independence USBC
487SINGLES HandicappedHennigir Molly S. 89686Greenfield USBC
487SINGLES HandicappedVander Meulen Amy L. 187686Dubuque Area USBC
487SINGLES HandicappedSteffensmeier Michelle L. 60686Dubuque Area USBC
487SINGLES HandicappedHanus Gretchen P. 45686Marshalltown Area USBC
487SINGLES HandicappedFarrell Sharon K. 13686Gr Des Moines USBC
487SINGLES HandicappedMyers Gayla C. 241686Anamosa USBC
487SINGLES HandicappedHaskell Laura K. 222686Gr Des Moines USBC
487SINGLES HandicappedJohnson Margaret A. 185686Gr Des Moines USBC
487SINGLES HandicappedTimm Kris 255686Cedar Rapids USBC
487SINGLES HandicappedFolkmann Nicole E. 259686Cedar Rapids USBC
487SINGLES HandicappedMc Chane Tracy A. 253686Cedar Rapids USBC
487SINGLES HandicappedVine Vivian A. 169686Decorah USBC
487SINGLES HandicappedHomeister Melanie 51686Grundy Center USBC
500SINGLES HandicappedBrandhorst Nicole M. 52685Grundy Center USBC
500SINGLES HandicappedJorgensen Patricia R. 134685Manning USBC
500SINGLES HandicappedThielen Vicki J. 22685Manning USBC
500SINGLES HandicappedEllington Dena R. 161685Mt Pleasant USBC
500SINGLES HandicappedRowley Kristin M. 107685Burlington Area USBC
500SINGLES HandicappedCook Katelynn M. 266685Cedar Rapids USBC
500SINGLES HandicappedSchmauss Barb 101685Fort Dodge Area USBC
500SINGLES HandicappedLansing Julie A. 71685West Union USBC
500SINGLES HandicappedDavis Nicole 219685Gr Davenport Metro USBC
509SINGLES HandicappedLyons Kim E. 59684Marshalltown Area USBC
509SINGLES HandicappedRomo Ann E. 271684Cedar Rapids USBC
509SINGLES HandicappedLovell Linda S. 217684Cedar Rapids USBC
509SINGLES HandicappedGoodenow Heather J. 38684Maquoketa USBC
509SINGLES HandicappedBurke Tamara M. 288684Muscatine USBC
509SINGLES HandicappedAdams Anna R. 190684Muscatine USBC
509SINGLES HandicappedWhite Robin J. 205684Muscatine USBC
509SINGLES HandicappedSchaffer Charlene 208684Gr Mason City USBC
517SINGLES HandicappedHasselmann Tina R. 47683Grundy Center USBC
517SINGLES HandicappedSchildroth Theresa L. 50683Grundy Center USBC
517SINGLES HandicappedStoner Sandy D. 207683Sigourney USBC
517SINGLES HandicappedSauter Judy K. 269683Cedar Rapids USBC
517SINGLES HandicappedNizzi Katherine L. 222683Gr Des Moines USBC
517SINGLES HandicappedWolfe Darla J. 280683Gr Des Moines USBC
517SINGLES HandicappedPetersen Theresa A. 9683Iowa City USBC
524SINGLES HandicappedVan Ersvelde Amy M. 143682Iowa City USBC
524SINGLES HandicappedBucher Shae S. 222682Gr Des Moines USBC
524SINGLES HandicappedEmholtz Mary L. 185682Gr Des Moines USBC
524SINGLES HandicappedKearns Heather J. 213682Cedar Rapids USBC
524SINGLES HandicappedMoore Margaret A. 83682Ottumwa Area USBC
524SINGLES HandicappedShady Debora K. 38682Maquoketa USBC
524SINGLES HandicappedWaite Sarah J. 200682Shenandoah USBC
524SINGLES HandicappedFlannegan Cindy L. 244682Laurens USBC
524SINGLES HandicappedTenEyck Charlene 133682Manning USBC
524SINGLES HandicappedMoran Ashlie N. 302682Lenox USBC
524SINGLES HandicappedRaymer Abigail J. 167682Council Bluffs USBC
524SINGLES HandicappedMarvin Sharon L. 148682Clarke & Decatur USBC
524SINGLES HandicappedHelgevold Landi M. 226682Clarke & Decatur USBC
524SINGLES HandicappedEich Melissa M. 59682Marshalltown Area USBC
524SINGLES HandicappedMcallister Louise M. 125682Dubuque Area USBC
524SINGLES HandicappedBeck Stephanie 99682Dubuque Area USBC
524SINGLES HandicappedSadler Jessica A. 70682West Union USBC
541SINGLES HandicappedHabben Dawn C. 79681Humboldt Iowa USBC
541SINGLES HandicappedHager Renae L. 312681Buffalo Center USBC
541SINGLES HandicappedLongcor Emma L. 73681Muscatine USBC
541SINGLES HandicappedBruns Rae K. 245681Gr Cedar Valley USBC
541SINGLES HandicappedBerg Marty 171681Decorah USBC
541SINGLES HandicappedHicks Tracy A. 276681Greene County USBC
541SINGLES HandicappedBuseman Randi L. 48681Grundy Center USBC
541SINGLES HandicappedMcFarland Marla 24681Creston USBC
541SINGLES HandicappedGingerich Alexis L. 304681Cedar Rapids USBC
541SINGLES HandicappedLund Jaci A. 115681Fort Dodge Area USBC
541SINGLES HandicappedKemnitz Sue 54681Fort Dodge Area USBC
541SINGLES HandicappedHood Sue A. 168681Gr Des Moines USBC
541SINGLES HandicappedOckerman Angie D. 235681Gr Des Moines USBC
554SINGLES HandicappedHall Patsy L. 217680Cedar Rapids USBC
554SINGLES HandicappedGalloway Brenda 232680Maquoketa USBC
554SINGLES HandicappedSchnoor Kaisee R. 16680Maquoketa USBC
554SINGLES HandicappedBullington Nancy J. 123680Red Oak USBC
554SINGLES HandicappedHogue Jeana C. 200680Shenandoah USBC
554SINGLES HandicappedWatje Kelsey 133680Manning USBC
554SINGLES HandicappedFaber Kimberly S. 244680Laurens USBC
554SINGLES HandicappedBieri Tabitha M. 158680Muscatine USBC
554SINGLES HandicappedPatterson Nancie L. 249680Gr Cedar Valley USBC
554SINGLES HandicappedConnors Penny 113680Humboldt Iowa USBC
554SINGLES HandicappedBoddicker Linda K. 228680Jasper County USBC
565SINGLES HandicappedWilliams Peg A. 186679Dubuque Area USBC
565SINGLES HandicappedJensen Susan K. 102679Gr Cedar Valley USBC
565SINGLES HandicappedSchmelzer Lila J. 303679Muscatine USBC
565SINGLES HandicappedSimmons Tina M. 141679Ames Area USBC
565SINGLES HandicappedMcPherson Tina L. 279679Greene County USBC
565SINGLES HandicappedOetken Morgan E. 24679Creston USBC
565SINGLES HandicappedMatti Tiffany 14679Pella USBC
565SINGLES HandicappedStreeter Erin J. 39679Maquoketa USBC
565SINGLES HandicappedHemann Kim K. 240679Fort Dodge Area USBC
565SINGLES HandicappedMagnani Shelby A. 311679Gr Des Moines USBC
575SINGLES HandicappedMcHugh Shannon J. 1678Fort Dodge Area USBC
575SINGLES HandicappedSpurgeon Kelly L. 129678Ottumwa Area USBC
575SINGLES HandicappedWeig Samantha J. 48678Grundy Center USBC
575SINGLES HandicappedHolm Candi L. 204678Ames Area USBC
575SINGLES HandicappedWingerter Beth A. 293678Muscatine USBC
575SINGLES HandicappedBailey Jesse L. 148678Clarke & Decatur USBC
575SINGLES HandicappedWalling Donna L. 125678Dubuque Area USBC
575SINGLES HandicappedHess Vickie M. 137678Clarinda USBC
583SINGLES HandicappedGoecker Debbie 191677Clarinda USBC
583SINGLES HandicappedSullivan Sherri 300677Camanche USBC
583SINGLES HandicappedMerkes Cheryl L. 109677Dubuque Area USBC
583SINGLES HandicappedNeipert Jeannie K. 73677Muscatine USBC
583SINGLES HandicappedSizemore Mendy J. 160677Mt Pleasant USBC
583SINGLES HandicappedLudwig Teresa 229677Ames Area USBC
583SINGLES HandicappedRiordan Lynne G. 198677Sigourney USBC
583SINGLES HandicappedFecher Shannon R. 278677Greene County USBC
583SINGLES HandicappedJiruska Jourdan 271677Cedar Rapids USBC
583SINGLES HandicappedBurchett Cortney I. 281677Gr Des Moines USBC
593SINGLES HandicappedShepherd Erika S. 235676Gr Des Moines USBC
593SINGLES HandicappedLiesveld Jill 164676Iowa City USBC
593SINGLES HandicappedVan Severen Sandra L. 251676Cedar Rapids USBC
593SINGLES HandicappedKirchner Heidi L. 254676Cedar Rapids USBC
593SINGLES HandicappedKillion Rebecca L. 278676Greene County USBC
593SINGLES HandicappedLorenz Dianne L. 277676Greene County USBC
593SINGLES HandicappedHorak Shirley K. 249676Gr Cedar Valley USBC
593SINGLES HandicappedAllen Theresa 146676Gr Cedar Valley USBC
593SINGLES HandicappedAmerine Phyllis A. 174676Muscatine USBC
593SINGLES HandicappedLogel Karlyn S. 190676Muscatine USBC
603SINGLES HandicappedSwanson Christine L. 231675Muscatine USBC
603SINGLES HandicappedHidlebaugh Debra A. 231675Muscatine USBC
603SINGLES HandicappedCrain Mary L. 303675Muscatine USBC
603SINGLES HandicappedGibson Melissa 200675Shenandoah USBC
603SINGLES HandicappedPecinovsky Norma J. 56675Gr Des Moines USBC
603SINGLES HandicappedWarren Kena K. 282675Gr Des Moines USBC
603SINGLES HandicappedMerrick Jada L. 37675Maquoketa USBC
603SINGLES HandicappedWalker Pat 79675Humboldt Iowa USBC
603SINGLES HandicappedBowdry Sheila K. 242675Gr Davenport Metro USBC
603SINGLES HandicappedKelley Julie M. 18675Independence USBC
613SINGLES HandicappedDurnan Chasity J. 68674West Union USBC
613SINGLES HandicappedDruyff Danielle L. 224674Jasper County USBC
613SINGLES HandicappedPeterla Ann M. 153674Gr Davenport Metro USBC
613SINGLES HandicappedTokheim Judy A. 113674Humboldt Iowa USBC
613SINGLES HandicappedWalker Jessica J. 36674Maquoketa USBC
613SINGLES HandicappedMitts Faith C. 262674Cedar Rapids USBC
613SINGLES HandicappedSturtz Dawn D. 15674Gr Des Moines USBC
613SINGLES HandicappedMunson Karmen M. 257674Cedar Rapids USBC
613SINGLES HandicappedAdamson Caytlyn L. 279674Greene County USBC
613SINGLES HandicappedReynolds Amanda J. 161674Mt Pleasant USBC
623SINGLES HandicappedPayne Melanie R. 182673Gr Cedar Valley USBC
623SINGLES HandicappedFrye Cheryl L. 171673Decorah USBC
623SINGLES HandicappedLienemann Joan K. 23673Creston USBC
623SINGLES HandicappedKolthoff Jamie L. 144673Eldora USBC
623SINGLES HandicappedKlett Linda L. 44673Sigourney USBC
623SINGLES HandicappedLawson Candy S. 246673Ames Area USBC
623SINGLES HandicappedDickinson Laura L. 311673Gr Des Moines USBC
623SINGLES HandicappedFarrell Mary E. 154673Gr Davenport Metro USBC
623SINGLES HandicappedDecker Peggy 284673Independence USBC
632SINGLES HandicappedHughes Kaytlynn J. 224672Jasper County USBC
632SINGLES HandicappedGrady Kimberly 287672Humboldt Iowa USBC
632SINGLES HandicappedRule Donell E. 150672Keokuk USBC
632SINGLES HandicappedKruser Melissa A. 187672Dubuque Area USBC
632SINGLES HandicappedVasquez Michele 55672Fort Dodge Area USBC
632SINGLES HandicappedDorweiler Virginia A. 240672Fort Dodge Area USBC
632SINGLES HandicappedSchultz Erica L. 274672Muscatine USBC
632SINGLES HandicappedSchwartz Vickie 34672Gr Cedar Valley USBC
632SINGLES HandicappedBloom Cheryl K. 195672Mt Pleasant USBC
641SINGLES HandicappedMcClure Judy M. 5671Atlantic USBC
641SINGLES HandicappedBrown Tori A. 313671Lenox USBC
641SINGLES HandicappedHemsley Connie J. 86671Sigourney USBC
641SINGLES HandicappedZamastil Heather L. 266671Cedar Rapids USBC
641SINGLES HandicappedReitzler Michelle L. 143671Iowa City USBC
641SINGLES HandicappedGreen Tammy R. 241671Anamosa USBC
641SINGLES HandicappedLohf Kathy A. 91671Cedar Rapids USBC
641SINGLES HandicappedCollins Melissa A. 304671Cedar Rapids USBC
641SINGLES HandicappedMc Cormick Julie M. 91671Cedar Rapids USBC
641SINGLES HandicappedGibson April 41671Maquoketa USBC
641SINGLES HandicappedPayne Carol A. 119671Burlington Area USBC
641SINGLES HandicappedPenning Karen A. 79671Humboldt Iowa USBC
653SINGLES HandicappedTauber Kimberly A. 63670Dubuque Area USBC
653SINGLES HandicappedMartin Eleanore M. 26670New Hampton USBC
653SINGLES HandicappedKirkus Kristy L. 31670New Hampton USBC
653SINGLES HandicappedWorkman Brittany 121670Burlington Area USBC
653SINGLES HandicappedLee Carolynn F. 111670Burlington Area USBC
653SINGLES HandicappedMuhlhausen Maggi J. 42670Maquoketa USBC
653SINGLES HandicappedOsburn Jenny M. 270670Cedar Rapids USBC
653SINGLES HandicappedWilson Mary 54670Fort Dodge Area USBC
653SINGLES HandicappedDobbins April 136670Sigourney USBC
653SINGLES HandicappedOetken Bailey M. 24670Creston USBC
653SINGLES HandicappedBorkowski Kristen D. 21670Manning USBC
653SINGLES HandicappedSwanson Tanya M. 234670Council Bluffs USBC
653SINGLES HandicappedWilson Jewell M. 249670Gr Cedar Valley USBC
666SINGLES HandicappedHeintz Alissa K. 246669Ames Area USBC
666SINGLES HandicappedOetken Penny F. 23669Creston USBC
666SINGLES HandicappedKearney Sarah 114669Fort Dodge Area USBC
666SINGLES HandicappedHalvorson Jennifer C. 259669Cedar Rapids USBC
666SINGLES HandicappedWardenburg Bonnie J. 93669Cedar Rapids USBC
666SINGLES HandicappedHeyveld Connie L. 143669Iowa City USBC
666SINGLES HandicappedWinter Lora 216669Cedar Rapids USBC
666SINGLES HandicappedPate Nada L. 127669Ottumwa Area USBC
666SINGLES HandicappedElam Diana 250669Keokuk USBC
666SINGLES HandicappedCarlson Karen J. 206669Gr Davenport Metro USBC
666SINGLES HandicappedAmeling Amy 70669West Union USBC
666SINGLES HandicappedRoulson-Bills Cyndi S. 104669West Union USBC
678SINGLES HandicappedWagoner Donna J. 191668Clarinda USBC
678SINGLES HandicappedMerkes Shelley 109668Dubuque Area USBC
678SINGLES HandicappedSanders Sara L. 127668Ottumwa Area USBC
678SINGLES HandicappedSmith Lea M. 238668Gr Des Moines USBC
678SINGLES HandicappedSlifer Tarah J. 50668Grundy Center USBC
678SINGLES HandicappedFarrington-Howrey Vicky J. 161668Mt Pleasant USBC
678SINGLES HandicappedLessenger Jenny A. 158668Muscatine USBC
685SINGLES HandicappedColbert Joan K. 44667Sigourney USBC
685SINGLES HandicappedSchimp Kim K. 197667Ames Area USBC
685SINGLES HandicappedInman Darlene 133667Manning USBC
685SINGLES HandicappedShook Gail A. 141667Ames Area USBC
685SINGLES HandicappedUnderwood Stacy J. 114667Fort Dodge Area USBC
685SINGLES HandicappedDelarm Amy L. 42667Maquoketa USBC
685SINGLES HandicappedPrickett Tasha L. 107667Burlington Area USBC
685SINGLES HandicappedRoussel Sue V. 87667Dubuque Area USBC
693SINGLES HandicappedMcIntyre Karla J. 72666Dubuque Area USBC
693SINGLES HandicappedLechtenberg Abby L. 31666New Hampton USBC
693SINGLES HandicappedKamp Bridget A. 108666Dubuque Area USBC
693SINGLES HandicappedKramer Marlee L. 110666Dubuque Area USBC
693SINGLES HandicappedKloser Alta D. 57666West Delaware USBC
693SINGLES HandicappedMcElroy Deborah A. 162666Marshalltown Area USBC
693SINGLES HandicappedStraw Megan J. 289666Independence USBC
693SINGLES HandicappedTevis Kristen M. 284666Independence USBC
693SINGLES HandicappedKearney Kelly M. 283666Gr Des Moines USBC
693SINGLES HandicappedVestweber Shari A. 210666Gr Mason City USBC
693SINGLES HandicappedBrooks Alisha 76666Sigourney USBC
693SINGLES HandicappedLee Shelby 86666Sigourney USBC
693SINGLES HandicappedRhine Tammy L. 23666Creston USBC
693SINGLES HandicappedTeske Rebecca K. 84666Eldora USBC
707SINGLES HandicappedHonkomp Danette S. 277665Greene County USBC
707SINGLES HandicappedVashaw Kelci J. 177665Ames Area USBC
707SINGLES HandicappedThompson Diane D. 22665Manning USBC
707SINGLES HandicappedRobinson Debra S. 246665Ames Area USBC
707SINGLES HandicappedHeuer Barbara J. 190665Muscatine USBC
707SINGLES HandicappedRicks Amy 302665Lenox USBC
707SINGLES HandicappedHolm Danielle L. 249665Gr Cedar Valley USBC
707SINGLES HandicappedHall Linda J. 223665Gr Des Moines USBC
707SINGLES HandicappedHemann Misty M. 240665Fort Dodge Area USBC
707SINGLES HandicappedKepler Tereni L. 258665Cedar Rapids USBC
707SINGLES HandicappedTippett Cindi A. 268665Cedar Rapids USBC
707SINGLES HandicappedSeifert Debora J. 37665Maquoketa USBC
707SINGLES HandicappedMisener Brynna A. 262665Cedar Rapids USBC
707SINGLES HandicappedHogan Paula J. 152665Keokuk USBC
707SINGLES HandicappedNiedert Monica A. 173665West Delaware USBC
722SINGLES HandicappedTudor Elissa R. 284664Independence USBC
722SINGLES HandicappedJellema Rebecca A. 118664Burlington Area USBC
722SINGLES HandicappedDominacki June M. 219664Gr Davenport Metro USBC
722SINGLES HandicappedForschler Amy K. 228664Jasper County USBC
722SINGLES HandicappedPorter Sharon A. 1664Fort Dodge Area USBC
722SINGLES HandicappedWeber Patricia D. 185664Gr Des Moines USBC
722SINGLES HandicappedRynearson Sherry 105664Gr Des Moines USBC
722SINGLES HandicappedReece Paula J. 227664Clarke & Decatur USBC
722SINGLES HandicappedKruse Jennifer 170664Decorah USBC
722SINGLES HandicappedShaull Joyce I. 193664Muscatine USBC
722SINGLES HandicappedKetchum Kathy 210664Gr Mason City USBC
722SINGLES HandicappedNovak Krystal 175664Charles City USBC
734SINGLES HandicappedArmstrong Jennie E. 86663Sigourney USBC
734SINGLES HandicappedThorson Lexi S. 170663Decorah USBC
734SINGLES HandicappedLarson Marcia K. 169663Decorah USBC
734SINGLES HandicappedPullman Veronica L. 148663Clarke & Decatur USBC
734SINGLES HandicappedHite Mikayla A. 264663Cedar Rapids USBC
734SINGLES HandicappedHazelton Barbara A. 252663Cedar Rapids USBC
734SINGLES HandicappedBaker Debbie K. 163663Ottumwa Area USBC
734SINGLES HandicappedWilliams Janelle R. 123663Red Oak USBC
734SINGLES HandicappedEdwards Janet M. 309663Gr Davenport Metro USBC
734SINGLES HandicappedBrothers Heather L. 64663Dubuque Area USBC
744SINGLES HandicappedKutsch Shellie J. 64662Dubuque Area USBC
744SINGLES HandicappedEhrlich Kelsey M. 99662Dubuque Area USBC
744SINGLES HandicappedDiggins Emily M. 59662Marshalltown Area USBC
744SINGLES HandicappedHopp Patricia 250662Keokuk USBC
744SINGLES HandicappedFoster Anna 101662Fort Dodge Area USBC
744SINGLES HandicappedMurphy Marlys J. 241662Anamosa USBC
744SINGLES HandicappedClewell Sandra J. 295662Gr Cedar Valley USBC
744SINGLES HandicappedDerbyshire Cherie 245662Gr Cedar Valley USBC
744SINGLES HandicappedCarey Ellen 225662Muscatine USBC
744SINGLES HandicappedBlomberg Cindy J. 204662Ames Area USBC
754SINGLES HandicappedEhlers Marcy M. 21661Manning USBC
754SINGLES HandicappedMesenbrink Cari L. 135661Manning USBC
754SINGLES HandicappedRoth Teresa 210661Gr Mason City USBC
754SINGLES HandicappedBird Nancy K. 198661Sigourney USBC
754SINGLES HandicappedSkidmore Kayla L. 193661Muscatine USBC
754SINGLES HandicappedWhisler Heather 282661Gr Des Moines USBC
754SINGLES HandicappedBallard Stephanie J. 258661Cedar Rapids USBC
754SINGLES HandicappedMapel Amy J. 106661Burlington Area USBC
754SINGLES HandicappedPayne Toni 83661Ottumwa Area USBC
754SINGLES HandicappedRumery Kelsey M. 216661Cedar Rapids USBC
754SINGLES HandicappedVolk Carol J. 215661Cedar Rapids USBC
754SINGLES HandicappedStevenson McKenzie M. 312661Buffalo Center USBC
754SINGLES HandicappedClark Janet R. 46661Marshalltown Area USBC
754SINGLES HandicappedEinck Wendy A. 28661New Hampton USBC
754SINGLES HandicappedBurgart Angela M. 26661New Hampton USBC
754SINGLES HandicappedSchmitt Karen A. 26661New Hampton USBC
770SINGLES HandicappedBantz Barbara J. 17660Independence USBC
770SINGLES HandicappedPoldervaart Stacey L. 62660Fort Dodge Area USBC
770SINGLES HandicappedHenderson Amy J. 297660Anamosa USBC
770SINGLES HandicappedHogan Tina M. 313660Lenox USBC
774SINGLES HandicappedKehoe Rita A. 33659Gr Cedar Valley USBC
774SINGLES HandicappedShemanski Cari A. 44659Sigourney USBC
774SINGLES HandicappedBenscoter Sara J. 258659Cedar Rapids USBC
774SINGLES HandicappedKeiper Sabrina 264659Cedar Rapids USBC
774SINGLES HandicappedKuhnle Karen 256659Cedar Rapids USBC
774SINGLES HandicappedJones Bonnie L. 215659Cedar Rapids USBC
774SINGLES HandicappedPatton Tonya L. 130659Ottumwa Area USBC
774SINGLES HandicappedKuehn Norma M. 294659Clinton USBC
774SINGLES HandicappedWander Rose R. 104659West Union USBC
774SINGLES HandicappedCampbell Amy D. 69659West Union USBC
774SINGLES HandicappedRalston Sara A. 220659Gr Davenport Metro USBC
774SINGLES HandicappedSchmitt Michelle M. 96659Dubuque Area USBC
774SINGLES HandicappedMoser Elnora J. 172659West Delaware USBC
787SINGLES HandicappedWeiland Ashley M. 110658Dubuque Area USBC
787SINGLES HandicappedDecker Angel D. 290658Independence USBC
787SINGLES HandicappedMcFarland Amber M. 90658Greenfield USBC
787SINGLES HandicappedDague Vi S. 232658Maquoketa USBC
787SINGLES HandicappedSylvester Sherry L. 117658Ottumwa Area USBC
787SINGLES HandicappedWheeler Jenny L. 235658Gr Des Moines USBC
787SINGLES HandicappedRothe Michele A. 135658Manning USBC
787SINGLES HandicappedLanfier Laurie L. 193658Muscatine USBC
787SINGLES HandicappedMorgan Michelle A. 190658Muscatine USBC
796SINGLES HandicappedCrum Donna R. 165657Council Bluffs USBC
796SINGLES HandicappedFrimml Debbie 212657Monticello USBC
796SINGLES HandicappedBroell Connie M. 102657Gr Cedar Valley USBC
796SINGLES HandicappedSilvers Kris K. 147657Clarke & Decatur USBC
796SINGLES HandicappedJanssen Sherry J. 196657Ames Area USBC
796SINGLES HandicappedKabele Ann E. 183657Charles City USBC
796SINGLES HandicappedFontana Jan S. 291657Fairfield USBC
796SINGLES HandicappedKusserow Cathy 85657Eldora USBC
796SINGLES HandicappedNiedert Susan J. 81657Sumner USBC
796SINGLES HandicappedOberbroeckling Maureen M. 81657Sumner USBC
796SINGLES HandicappedMcdonald Corliss R. 56657Gr Des Moines USBC
796SINGLES HandicappedStefani Deanna L. 2657Gr Des Moines USBC
796SINGLES HandicappedGarringer Connie E. 257657Cedar Rapids USBC
796SINGLES HandicappedRobinson Dawn A. 262657Cedar Rapids USBC
796SINGLES HandicappedMcClellan Angie R. 199657Marshalltown Area USBC
811SINGLES HandicappedO'Loughlin Lindsey R. 17656Independence USBC
811SINGLES HandicappedWood Carey A. 40656Maquoketa USBC
811SINGLES HandicappedWorkman Tammy L. 121656Burlington Area USBC
811SINGLES HandicappedFrantz Tina M. 272656Cedar Rapids USBC
811SINGLES HandicappedFenton Teresa K. 283656Gr Des Moines USBC
811SINGLES HandicappedKaufman Mary K. 102656Gr Cedar Valley USBC
817SINGLES HandicappedWalker Rebecca M. 167655Council Bluffs USBC
817SINGLES HandicappedWessling Bobbie R. 189655Charles City USBC
817SINGLES HandicappedRenz Barbara L. 140655Charles City USBC
817SINGLES HandicappedHarris Mindy S. 197655Ames Area USBC
817SINGLES HandicappedBenge Marilyn M. 118655Burlington Area USBC
817SINGLES HandicappedMoore Gina E. 155655Gr Davenport Metro USBC
817SINGLES HandicappedOhnemus Brenda 305655De Witt USBC
824SINGLES HandicappedVick Annette C. 220654Gr Davenport Metro USBC
824SINGLES HandicappedMichalski Michelle M. 97654Dubuque Area USBC
824SINGLES HandicappedStevens Tera R. 178654Ames Area USBC
824SINGLES HandicappedSpeake Patti A. 132654Manning USBC
824SINGLES HandicappedWoodford Victoria J. 277654Greene County USBC
824SINGLES HandicappedBriggs Deborah M. 179654Lenox USBC
824SINGLES HandicappedTabor Shawna R. 201654Muscatine USBC
824SINGLES HandicappedHenrichs Lori D. 227654Clarke & Decatur USBC
824SINGLES HandicappedGoldsberry Peggy A. 56654Gr Des Moines USBC
824SINGLES HandicappedWaldron Barbara S. 56654Gr Des Moines USBC
824SINGLES HandicappedLewis Traci L. 273654Cedar Rapids USBC
824SINGLES HandicappedLohrer Donna M. 259654Cedar Rapids USBC
824SINGLES HandicappedGaunt Kayla N. 39654Maquoketa USBC
837SINGLES HandicappedJohnson Sara M. 118653Burlington Area USBC
837SINGLES HandicappedZaugg Jessica D. 270653Cedar Rapids USBC
837SINGLES HandicappedBurch Carmelita 143653Iowa City USBC
837SINGLES HandicappedMullikin Eileen E. 205653Muscatine USBC
837SINGLES HandicappedBarnes Toni J. 78653Sigourney USBC
837SINGLES HandicappedVermeulen Beth M. 98653Dubuque Area USBC
837SINGLES HandicappedRoche Traci D. 162653Marshalltown Area USBC
844SINGLES HandicappedGehrke Janelle M. 85652Eldora USBC
844SINGLES HandicappedEbrecht Tina M. 211652Ames Area USBC
844SINGLES HandicappedWright Diane R. 208652Gr Mason City USBC
844SINGLES HandicappedRoney Roberta I. 168652Gr Des Moines USBC
844SINGLES HandicappedRicklefs Cheryl J. 223652Gr Des Moines USBC
844SINGLES HandicappedRoe Cheryl A. 267652Cedar Rapids USBC
844SINGLES HandicappedBalk Michelle E. 156652Clinton USBC
851SINGLES HandicappedTuttle Terri L. 217651Cedar Rapids USBC
851SINGLES HandicappedRuden Jodi L. 187651Dubuque Area USBC
853SINGLES HandicappedDietrich Jessica L. 31650New Hampton USBC
853SINGLES HandicappedPettinger Jana E. 287650Humboldt Iowa USBC
853SINGLES HandicappedHobbs Tammy L. 184650Cedar Rapids USBC
853SINGLES HandicappedZismer Nicole L. 42650Maquoketa USBC
853SINGLES HandicappedFunte Stacy L. 183650Charles City USBC
853SINGLES HandicappedMulligan Connie M. 132650Manning USBC
853SINGLES HandicappedBloom Lillian B. 195650Mt Pleasant USBC
853SINGLES HandicappedTurnball Deb 295650Gr Cedar Valley USBC
861SINGLES HandicappedBartlett Bonnie 103649Gr Cedar Valley USBC
861SINGLES HandicappedWest Dee L. 227649Clarke & Decatur USBC
861SINGLES HandicappedIhnen Melissa A. 5649Atlantic USBC
861SINGLES HandicappedSwanson Brittney M. 234649Council Bluffs USBC
861SINGLES HandicappedClock Judy K. 85649Eldora USBC
861SINGLES HandicappedFisher Lora L. 78649Sigourney USBC
861SINGLES HandicappedGildsig Jeanette E. 126649Creston USBC
861SINGLES HandicappedTheilen Kenya R. 304649Cedar Rapids USBC
861SINGLES HandicappedBrewer Kim 90649Greenfield USBC
861SINGLES HandicappedTilleraas Betty J. 70649West Union USBC
861SINGLES HandicappedKennedy Barbara K. 192649Dubuque Area USBC
861SINGLES HandicappedClark Amy A. 46649Marshalltown Area USBC
873SINGLES HandicappedErickson Bonnie L. 63648Dubuque Area USBC
873SINGLES HandicappedWhitlatch Sheryl L. 71648West Union USBC
873SINGLES HandicappedWarner Cathy C. 112648Ottumwa Area USBC
873SINGLES HandicappedRoose Judith 25648Pella USBC
873SINGLES HandicappedFinley Marcia M. 259648Cedar Rapids USBC
878SINGLES HandicappedBowen Stacy M. 164647Iowa City USBC
878SINGLES HandicappedPetersen Pamela M. 3647Gr Des Moines USBC
878SINGLES HandicappedOuverson Lana J. 310647Gr Mason City USBC
881SINGLES HandicappedLogsdon Linda S. 169646Decorah USBC
881SINGLES HandicappedChatfield Melinda M. 160646Mt Pleasant USBC
881SINGLES HandicappedNeebel Sue M. 245646Gr Cedar Valley USBC
881SINGLES HandicappedMcCollough Carla M. 55646Fort Dodge Area USBC
881SINGLES HandicappedBrissey Jennifer 106646Burlington Area USBC
881SINGLES HandicappedCameron Patricia A. 18646Independence USBC
881SINGLES HandicappedTheil Debbie L. 153646Gr Davenport Metro USBC
881SINGLES HandicappedCottrell Cindy 98646Dubuque Area USBC
881SINGLES HandicappedChapman Sheila R. 173646West Delaware USBC
890SINGLES HandicappedSchnoor Anita R. 300645Camanche USBC
890SINGLES HandicappedMiller Diana L. 14645Pella USBC
890SINGLES HandicappedDaub Kim 314645Cedar Rapids USBC
890SINGLES HandicappedPhelps Shelly 184645Cedar Rapids USBC
890SINGLES HandicappedRiggs Barbara A. 185645Gr Des Moines USBC
890SINGLES HandicappedTisl-Endres Mary C. 15645Gr Des Moines USBC
890SINGLES HandicappedPinneke Kimberly M. 281645Gr Des Moines USBC
890SINGLES HandicappedBastian Jeanie M. 139645Atlantic USBC
890SINGLES HandicappedShoafstall Brooke M. 209645Gr Mason City USBC
890SINGLES HandicappedWilson Tracey L. 177645Ames Area USBC
900SINGLES HandicappedVan Nice Brigitte A. 52644Grundy Center USBC
900SINGLES HandicappedWilder Brenda R. 169644Decorah USBC
900SINGLES HandicappedHuntsman Tiffany D. 180644Lenox USBC
900SINGLES HandicappedEarly Mariah E. 263644Cedar Rapids USBC
900SINGLES HandicappedNiles Susan R. 251644Cedar Rapids USBC
900SINGLES HandicappedWalker Sharon 4644Pella USBC
900SINGLES HandicappedRoths Lori L. 287644Humboldt Iowa USBC
900SINGLES HandicappedWatters Joan R. 187644Dubuque Area USBC
908SINGLES HandicappedUtter Joanne M. 172643West Delaware USBC
908SINGLES HandicappedHiatt Laurie G. 173643West Delaware USBC
908SINGLES HandicappedBarnes Kara L. 151643Keokuk USBC
908SINGLES HandicappedWilson Billie J. 247643Clarinda USBC
908SINGLES HandicappedShepherd Pamela (Pam) J. 296643Clinton USBC
908SINGLES HandicappedMarshall Dian K. 119643Burlington Area USBC
908SINGLES HandicappedProshuto Bonnie L. 40643Maquoketa USBC
908SINGLES HandicappedQuinlan Kathy W. 37643Maquoketa USBC
908SINGLES HandicappedHorsman Robin M. 129643Ottumwa Area USBC
908SINGLES HandicappedBohlen Donita R. 218643Decorah USBC
908SINGLES HandicappedAthey Abbey E. 182643Gr Cedar Valley USBC
908SINGLES HandicappedMeyer Natasha 52643Grundy Center USBC
920SINGLES HandicappedTerry Venita K. 144642Eldora USBC
920SINGLES HandicappedProuty Tina N. 177642Ames Area USBC
920SINGLES HandicappedVinton Michelle L. 292642Oskaloosa USBC
920SINGLES HandicappedMc Gaffee Carole M. 253642Cedar Rapids USBC
920SINGLES HandicappedLunsford Tanya S. 294642Clinton USBC
920SINGLES HandicappedNederhiser Tricia N. 272642Cedar Rapids USBC
920SINGLES HandicappedEarly Rebecca 263642Cedar Rapids USBC
920SINGLES HandicappedBoggess Becky L. 290642Independence USBC
920SINGLES HandicappedPullman Lorraine P. 27642New Hampton USBC
929SINGLES HandicappedThrondson Carrie 30641New Hampton USBC
929SINGLES HandicappedTaylor Kayla M. 97641Dubuque Area USBC
929SINGLES HandicappedMellencamp Micaela B. 191641Clarinda USBC
929SINGLES HandicappedFoster Samantha E. 54641Fort Dodge Area USBC
929SINGLES HandicappedCarroll Laura G. 282641Gr Des Moines USBC
929SINGLES HandicappedHowson Nancy A. 10641Clinton USBC
929SINGLES HandicappedLohf Melody A. 92641Cedar Rapids USBC
929SINGLES HandicappedBilharz Deborah D. 175641Charles City USBC
929SINGLES HandicappedBlock Barbara E. 134641Manning USBC
929SINGLES HandicappedRasplicka Leasha 77641Sigourney USBC
929SINGLES HandicappedMcIntyre Karen M. 170641Decorah USBC
929SINGLES HandicappedHancock Connie K. 124641Lenox USBC
941SINGLES HandicappedMiller Monica M. 136640Sigourney USBC
941SINGLES HandicappedBetz Debra L. 276640Greene County USBC
941SINGLES HandicappedChampion Jolene M. 10640Clinton USBC
941SINGLES HandicappedBarnes Kimberly K. 256640Cedar Rapids USBC
941SINGLES HandicappedMorgan Jamie R. 284640Independence USBC
941SINGLES HandicappedBoehmer Amy J. 27640New Hampton USBC
941SINGLES HandicappedClark Melissa S. 46640Marshalltown Area USBC
948SINGLES HandicappedRosonke Kim A. 29639New Hampton USBC
948SINGLES HandicappedRolfes Johanna S. 60639Dubuque Area USBC
948SINGLES HandicappedKruser Allison M. 186639Dubuque Area USBC
948SINGLES HandicappedWhite Joyce A. 71639West Union USBC
948SINGLES HandicappedLopata Betty J. 213639Cedar Rapids USBC
948SINGLES HandicappedSpies Litisha E. 265639Cedar Rapids USBC
948SINGLES HandicappedKleinman Deborah J. 127639Ottumwa Area USBC
948SINGLES HandicappedPenning Sarah L. 50639Grundy Center USBC
948SINGLES HandicappedCole Beth M. 303639Muscatine USBC
957SINGLES HandicappedBall Renee L. 159638Muscatine USBC
957SINGLES HandicappedDanner Stacia L. 74638Sigourney USBC
957SINGLES HandicappedReeg Amy 66638Maquoketa USBC
957SINGLES HandicappedPope Janet M. 214638Cedar Rapids USBC
957SINGLES HandicappedClark Becky S. 2638Gr Des Moines USBC
957SINGLES HandicappedWilson Roma S. 287638Humboldt Iowa USBC
957SINGLES HandicappedGoyette Donna M. 308638Gr Davenport Metro USBC
957SINGLES HandicappedSchumacher Gina M. 30638New Hampton USBC
965SINGLES HandicappedKapler Linda S. 28637New Hampton USBC
965SINGLES HandicappedHammann Laura L. 206637Gr Davenport Metro USBC
965SINGLES HandicappedZaugg Renae A. 270637Cedar Rapids USBC
965SINGLES HandicappedKetchum April S. 310637Gr Mason City USBC
969SINGLES HandicappedWittenburg Jennifer L. 182636Gr Cedar Valley USBC
969SINGLES HandicappedMackie Kathy 119636Burlington Area USBC
971SINGLES HandicappedDingman Karen L. 120635Burlington Area USBC
971SINGLES HandicappedElkins Amber 10635Clinton USBC
971SINGLES HandicappedWolf Angie A. 261635Cedar Rapids USBC
971SINGLES HandicappedMcConnell Rita K. 171635Decorah USBC
971SINGLES HandicappedFisher LoraLee 207635Sigourney USBC
971SINGLES HandicappedAlexander Beth D. 137635Clarinda USBC
977SINGLES HandicappedEinwalter Mary J. 108634Dubuque Area USBC
977SINGLES HandicappedArends Paige R. 230634Ames Area USBC
977SINGLES HandicappedStoltzfus Mindy J. 293634Muscatine USBC
977SINGLES HandicappedMcManemy Pam J. 19634Gr Cedar Valley USBC
977SINGLES HandicappedWehrman Catharine L. 94634Cedar Rapids USBC
982SINGLES HandicappedCarson Donna M. 147633Clarke & Decatur USBC
982SINGLES HandicappedRobinson Cathy 301633Lenox USBC
982SINGLES HandicappedKruger Staci L. 52633Grundy Center USBC
982SINGLES HandicappedJohnson Eilene 199633Marshalltown Area USBC
986SINGLES HandicappedSteeve Kate L. 122632Clarinda USBC
986SINGLES HandicappedPruismann Sandra J. 196632Ames Area USBC
986SINGLES HandicappedMcMullen Cherie 132632Manning USBC
986SINGLES HandicappedJacobsen Hazel M. 216632Cedar Rapids USBC
990SINGLES HandicappedRawls Brenda L. 25631Pella USBC
990SINGLES HandicappedMullins Janiece K. 240631Fort Dodge Area USBC
990SINGLES HandicappedPruismann Linda A. 197631Ames Area USBC
990SINGLES HandicappedBruns Kathleen E. 78631Sigourney USBC
990SINGLES HandicappedMurray Cheryl A. 171631Decorah USBC
990SINGLES HandicappedDibble Ann E. 69631West Union USBC
996SINGLES HandicappedSchnoor Christine A. 300630Camanche USBC
996SINGLES HandicappedPowell Anne M. 99630Dubuque Area USBC
996SINGLES HandicappedSherlock Sue M. 276630Greene County USBC
996SINGLES HandicappedZook Rita A. 213630Cedar Rapids USBC
996SINGLES HandicappedFriend Maureen J. 111630Burlington Area USBC
996SINGLES HandicappedReid Debra J. 253630Cedar Rapids USBC
996SINGLES HandicappedArndt Deena A. 83630Ottumwa Area USBC
1003SINGLES HandicappedJones Tiffany 62629Fort Dodge Area USBC
1003SINGLES HandicappedSmith Melinda S. 236629Gr Des Moines USBC
1003SINGLES HandicappedCoulter Denise M. 47629Grundy Center USBC
1006SINGLES HandicappedWenthe Susan M. 175628Charles City USBC
1006SINGLES HandicappedFrimml Kalli J. 212628Monticello USBC
1006SINGLES HandicappedHaus Linda L. 283628Gr Des Moines USBC
1006SINGLES HandicappedKoenig Julie M. 257628Cedar Rapids USBC
1006SINGLES HandicappedBloodsworth Shirley L. 14628Pella USBC
1006SINGLES HandicappedHovey Sylvia D. 38628Maquoketa USBC
1006SINGLES HandicappedRatte Linda K. 59628Marshalltown Area USBC
1013SINGLES HandicappedBloss Lorna M. 154627Gr Davenport Metro USBC
1013SINGLES HandicappedJennings Sheryl D. 202627Jasper County USBC
1013SINGLES HandicappedWeets Cynthia L. 296627Clinton USBC
1013SINGLES HandicappedPrince Linda J. 1627Fort Dodge Area USBC
1013SINGLES HandicappedSparrgrove Michelle C. 203627Anamosa USBC
1018SINGLES HandicappedSheker Tammy A. 115626Fort Dodge Area USBC
1018SINGLES HandicappedBudzyn Amanda E. 119626Burlington Area USBC
1018SINGLES HandicappedClasen Jackie J. 66626Maquoketa USBC
1018SINGLES HandicappedKlein Triscia D. 225626Muscatine USBC
1018SINGLES HandicappedMiller Lisa L. 82626Sumner USBC
1023SINGLES HandicappedMorgan Soleil 33625Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1023SINGLES HandicappedSchmidt Hilary A. 268625Cedar Rapids USBC
1023SINGLES HandicappedMathews Sandra K. 105625Gr Des Moines USBC
1023SINGLES HandicappedHolt Tracey M. 100625Dubuque Area USBC
1027SINGLES HandicappedArnold Karen M. 173624West Delaware USBC
1027SINGLES HandicappedMartin DeLois R. 104624West Union USBC
1027SINGLES HandicappedTeague Trista S. 219624Gr Davenport Metro USBC
1027SINGLES HandicappedUthoff Elizabeth M. 260624Cedar Rapids USBC
1027SINGLES HandicappedNickel Mary Lee 138624Burlington Area USBC
1027SINGLES HandicappedAxtell Linda L. 112624Ottumwa Area USBC
1027SINGLES HandicappedLamb Autumn E. 265624Cedar Rapids USBC
1027SINGLES HandicappedRibbink Cathy J. 159624Muscatine USBC
1027SINGLES HandicappedGray Debbie S. 166624Council Bluffs USBC
1027SINGLES HandicappedSipple Deborah S. 277624Greene County USBC
1027SINGLES HandicappedCassens Irene E. 207624Sigourney USBC
1027SINGLES HandicappedGrangruth Tracy L. 141624Ames Area USBC
1039SINGLES HandicappedVozenilek Jessica J. 131623Ottumwa Area USBC
1040SINGLES HandicappedGerischer Chalette L. 38622Maquoketa USBC
1040SINGLES HandicappedRidenour Alesia M. 211622Ames Area USBC
1040SINGLES HandicappedSage Karen L. 295622Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1040SINGLES HandicappedKuennen Lavell R. 104622West Union USBC
1040SINGLES HandicappedNeal Mindy L. 228622Jasper County USBC
1045SINGLES HandicappedBoyken Sheri 80621Humboldt Iowa USBC
1045SINGLES HandicappedBrink Debbie A. 237621Oelwein USBC
1045SINGLES HandicappedParcel Amber L. 312621Buffalo Center USBC
1045SINGLES HandicappedKerkhoff Kenzie K. 22621Manning USBC
1045SINGLES HandicappedWieman Deborah G. 133621Manning USBC
1045SINGLES HandicappedBushore Alexandra M. 177621Ames Area USBC
1045SINGLES HandicappedSimmons Paula R. 215621Cedar Rapids USBC
1045SINGLES HandicappedPickart Dorene C. 94621Cedar Rapids USBC
1053SINGLES HandicappedMeyers Terri A. 101620Fort Dodge Area USBC
1053SINGLES HandicappedHustad Carol J. 215620Cedar Rapids USBC
1053SINGLES HandicappedRauscher Jessi M. 116620Ottumwa Area USBC
1053SINGLES HandicappedPol Lana K. 25620Pella USBC
1053SINGLES HandicappedFoubert Linda S. 207620Sigourney USBC
1053SINGLES HandicappedHackbarth Connie J. 87620Dubuque Area USBC
1059SINGLES HandicappedWilson Mari I. 209619Gr Mason City USBC
1059SINGLES HandicappedRudolph Debbie S. 205619Muscatine USBC
1059SINGLES HandicappedSchneiderman Suzie M. 106619Burlington Area USBC
1059SINGLES HandicappedWilhelm Heather M. 41619Maquoketa USBC
1063SINGLES HandicappedWiedenhoff Alyssa 10618Clinton USBC
1063SINGLES HandicappedHealey Gail 256618Cedar Rapids USBC
1063SINGLES HandicappedHeindselman Carly M. 51618Grundy Center USBC
1063SINGLES HandicappedNixon Jodi L. 24618Creston USBC
1063SINGLES HandicappedSird Michelle L. 308618Gr Davenport Metro USBC
1068SINGLES HandicappedWadsley Carol A. 287617Humboldt Iowa USBC
1068SINGLES HandicappedEastwood Angela J. 62617Fort Dodge Area USBC
1068SINGLES HandicappedCollins Margie M. 238617Gr Des Moines USBC
1071SINGLES HandicappedThomas Jan M. 2616Gr Des Moines USBC
1071SINGLES HandicappedSchild Joy 269616Cedar Rapids USBC
1071SINGLES HandicappedWick Kat L. 131616Ottumwa Area USBC
1071SINGLES HandicappedRidinger Jessica M. 201616Muscatine USBC
1071SINGLES HandicappedHelgevold Lori L. 226616Clarke & Decatur USBC
1071SINGLES HandicappedVick Danelle C. 220616Gr Davenport Metro USBC
1077SINGLES HandicappedVogt Molly M. 100615Dubuque Area USBC
1077SINGLES HandicappedDyson Carolyn 44615Sigourney USBC
1077SINGLES HandicappedBuck Samantha J. 310615Gr Mason City USBC
1077SINGLES HandicappedDavidson Jennifer M. 140615Charles City USBC
1077SINGLES HandicappedNeff Cassandra A. 265615Cedar Rapids USBC
1082SINGLES HandicappedBrooks Denita L. 163614Ottumwa Area USBC
1083SINGLES HandicappedFleming Marsha A. 123613Red Oak USBC
1083SINGLES HandicappedWebster Debbie A. 281613Gr Des Moines USBC
1083SINGLES HandicappedBrooks Lucinda 76613Sigourney USBC
1083SINGLES HandicappedStaley Jeanne E. 174613Muscatine USBC
1083SINGLES HandicappedGeerts Rita H. 29613New Hampton USBC
1083SINGLES HandicappedNovak Laura J. 32613New Hampton USBC
1089SINGLES HandicappedMarlowe Beverly J. 174612Muscatine USBC
1089SINGLES HandicappedKrenz Sandra K. 20612Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1089SINGLES HandicappedBurchett Kim E. 280612Gr Des Moines USBC
1092SINGLES HandicappedCarlson Eileen D. 294611Clinton USBC
1092SINGLES HandicappedHubble Jesica J. 304611Cedar Rapids USBC
1092SINGLES HandicappedBogle Deborah L. 193611Muscatine USBC
1092SINGLES HandicappedBoysen Jennifer M. 239611Monticello USBC
1092SINGLES HandicappedTeff Kala M. 230611Ames Area USBC
1097SINGLES HandicappedThielen Maureen A. 243610Laurens USBC
1097SINGLES HandicappedCraig Tami S. 47610Grundy Center USBC
1099SINGLES HandicappedMuntz Beverly 78609Sigourney USBC
1099SINGLES HandicappedSwanson Judy A. 234609Council Bluffs USBC
1099SINGLES HandicappedHanna Patricia L. 12609Ottumwa Area USBC
1099SINGLES HandicappedVink Louise F. 14609Pella USBC
1103SINGLES HandicappedTeed Barb J. 216608Cedar Rapids USBC
1103SINGLES HandicappedDobson Brandi M. 230608Ames Area USBC
1103SINGLES HandicappedMilligan Sue A. 87608Dubuque Area USBC
1106SINGLES HandicappedGrey Kelli R. 64607Dubuque Area USBC
1106SINGLES HandicappedCornwell Jean R. 57607West Delaware USBC
1106SINGLES HandicappedMundell Janie A. 103607Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1109SINGLES HandicappedLueck Cheryl A. 134606Manning USBC
1109SINGLES HandicappedStone Carrie A. 236606Gr Des Moines USBC
1111SINGLES HandicappedSmith Stacy 45605Marshalltown Area USBC
1111SINGLES HandicappedSturm Nina M. 122605Clarinda USBC
1113SINGLES HandicappedSchroeder Linda K. 81604Sumner USBC
1114SINGLES HandicappedBrown Sharon R. 174603Muscatine USBC
1114SINGLES HandicappedShepherd Peggy A. 303603Muscatine USBC
1114SINGLES HandicappedMenster Ginger L. 203603Anamosa USBC
1114SINGLES HandicappedDavis Linda 67603De Witt USBC
1114SINGLES HandicappedEveritt Jennifer A. 68603West Union USBC
1119SINGLES HandicappedNelson Denise 70602West Union USBC
1119SINGLES HandicappedNew Myra L. 137602Clarinda USBC
1119SINGLES HandicappedMcallister Nicole M. 60602Dubuque Area USBC
1122SINGLES HandicappedThompson Autumn R. 116601Ottumwa Area USBC
1122SINGLES HandicappedMartens Elaine L. 139601Atlantic USBC
1124SINGLES HandicappedWallingford Stacy P. 5600Atlantic USBC
1124SINGLES HandicappedThompson Sheri L. 280600Gr Des Moines USBC
1124SINGLES HandicappedEarly Leah A. 263600Cedar Rapids USBC
1124SINGLES HandicappedRollins Tina M. 55600Fort Dodge Area USBC
1124SINGLES HandicappedDalton Rita 75600De Witt USBC
1129SINGLES HandicappedTuttle Karen 250599Keokuk USBC
1129SINGLES HandicappedThrondson Regan M. 30599New Hampton USBC
1129SINGLES HandicappedFirzlaff Janice M. 125599Dubuque Area USBC
1129SINGLES HandicappedSchwebke Joyce E. 241599Anamosa USBC
1133SINGLES HandicappedManternach Lisa 239598Monticello USBC
1133SINGLES HandicappedNovak Terri L. 175598Charles City USBC
1133SINGLES HandicappedLechtenberg Linda B. 28598New Hampton USBC
1136SINGLES HandicappedTollenaar-huffman Rhonda K. 77597Sigourney USBC
1136SINGLES HandicappedFrahm Erin A. 34597Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1136SINGLES HandicappedWhite Jennifer S. 254597Cedar Rapids USBC
1139SINGLES HandicappedMcDonald Kim S. 278596Greene County USBC
1140SINGLES HandicappedWulf Sandra S. 132595Manning USBC
1141SINGLES HandicappedMeester Vanessa K. 85594Eldora USBC
1141SINGLES HandicappedCameron Toni L. 129594Ottumwa Area USBC
1143SINGLES HandicappedMattson Kelly S. 139593Atlantic USBC
1143SINGLES HandicappedBlackford Sue D. 162593Marshalltown Area USBC
1143SINGLES HandicappedFurlong Kathryn M. 155593Gr Davenport Metro USBC
1146SINGLES HandicappedFry Tami L. 77592Sigourney USBC
1147SINGLES HandicappedVan Weelden Jo Ann 126591Creston USBC
1147SINGLES HandicappedPetersen Nicole D. 273591Cedar Rapids USBC
1147SINGLES HandicappedHenderson Linda L. 115591Fort Dodge Area USBC
1147SINGLES HandicappedRoth Stacy J. 312591Buffalo Center USBC
1151SINGLES HandicappedMullen Elizabeth M. 172590West Delaware USBC
1151SINGLES HandicappedStephens Sheri 178590Ames Area USBC
1153SINGLES HandicappedKlocke Sandy K. 40589Maquoketa USBC
1154SINGLES HandicappedKnoebel Bevan D. 40587Maquoketa USBC
1154SINGLES HandicappedBarner Laura L. 203587Anamosa USBC
1154SINGLES HandicappedGeer Tanya L. 33587Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1154SINGLES HandicappedStrothman Sue 160587Mt Pleasant USBC
1154SINGLES HandicappedSchoenthaler Becky S. 307587Gr Davenport Metro USBC
1159SINGLES HandicappedBeeh Gwen L. 57586West Delaware USBC
1160SINGLES HandicappedHarter Rhonda R. 154585Gr Davenport Metro USBC
1160SINGLES HandicappedSchwickerath Tammi R. 202585Jasper County USBC
1160SINGLES HandicappedKirsch Tiffany M. 176585Charles City USBC
1163SINGLES HandicappedAsklund Courtney M. 211580Ames Area USBC
1163SINGLES HandicappedFrazer Cindie L. 20580Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1163SINGLES HandicappedMiglia Angie K. 314580Cedar Rapids USBC
1163SINGLES HandicappedSearsen Anna M. 152580Keokuk USBC
1167SINGLES HandicappedClifford Brenda 151579Keokuk USBC
1167SINGLES HandicappedKula Vikki L. 267579Cedar Rapids USBC
1167SINGLES HandicappedMurphy Abigail K. 189579Charles City USBC
1170SINGLES HandicappedTrenholm Sharon A. 186578Dubuque Area USBC
1171SINGLES HandicappedLange Miranda M. 186577Dubuque Area USBC
1172SINGLES HandicappedChapman Lindsey M. 272575Cedar Rapids USBC
1173SINGLES HandicappedMartindale Cheri L. 296573Clinton USBC
1174SINGLES HandicappedMitchell Tara L. 229572Ames Area USBC
1174SINGLES HandicappedHelgevold LeeAnn M. 226572Clarke & Decatur USBC
1176SINGLES HandicappedSolomon Jennifer J. 32570New Hampton USBC
1177SINGLES HandicappedKelly Karma 75569De Witt USBC
1177SINGLES HandicappedBushore Cindi K. 178569Ames Area USBC
1179SINGLES HandicappedButrum Patricia J. 196568Ames Area USBC
1180SINGLES HandicappedBird Kandy S. 198565Sigourney USBC
1181SINGLES HandicappedWilke Charla R. 1561Fort Dodge Area USBC
1182SINGLES HandicappedPerez Julianna J. 201560Muscatine USBC
1183SINGLES HandicappedDuesing Linda 305557De Witt USBC
1184SINGLES HandicappedBloom Jerry Lynn 195555Mt Pleasant USBC
1184SINGLES HandicappedBruce Kay L. 272555Cedar Rapids USBC
1186SINGLES HandicappedSparks Mary J. 311553Gr Des Moines USBC
1187SINGLES HandicappedAnderson Lynn D. 166550Council Bluffs USBC
1187SINGLES HandicappedFortmann Tricia L. 246550Ames Area USBC
1189SINGLES HandicappedMarkle Charlotte L. 28546New Hampton USBC
1190SINGLES HandicappedOverhouse Kimberly A. 228544Jasper County USBC
1190SINGLES HandicappedLopez Cindy K. 249544Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1192SINGLES HandicappedBennett Stacie J. 273541Cedar Rapids USBC
1192SINGLES HandicappedHennings Laurena L. 26541New Hampton USBC
1194SINGLES HandicappedReysack LaVonne R. 140539Charles City USBC
1195SINGLES HandicappedSeyb Joyce 150536Keokuk USBC
1196SINGLES HandicappedHogan Tara M. 159530Muscatine USBC
1197SINGLES HandicappedThompson Lois M. 253433Cedar Rapids USBC
1198SINGLES HandicappedOnnen Jocilyn R. 49285Grundy Center USBC
1199SINGLES HandicappedKruger Diana L. 49282Grundy Center USBC
1200SINGLES HandicappedKruse Betty 49249Grundy Center USBC
1201SINGLES HandicappedEilers DeAnn M. 49186Grundy Center USBC
1SINGLES ScratchClemens Amber M. 274717Muscatine USBC
2SINGLES ScratchPalmer Bailey E. 285716Oskaloosa USBC
3SINGLES ScratchFoster Kirstin 285697Oskaloosa USBC
4SINGLES ScratchWoten Breanne L. 285694Oskaloosa USBC
5SINGLES ScratchPierce Amanda M. 256686Cedar Rapids USBC
6SINGLES ScratchBieri Tabitha M. 158674Muscatine USBC
7SINGLES ScratchBeck Stephanie 99673Dubuque Area USBC
8SINGLES ScratchCook Kelly A. 266668Cedar Rapids USBC
9SINGLES ScratchSteele Gena R. 267664Cedar Rapids USBC
10SINGLES ScratchHite Mikayla A. 264663Cedar Rapids USBC
11SINGLES ScratchEhrlich Kelsey M. 99662Dubuque Area USBC
12SINGLES ScratchDuver Hope E. 151656Keokuk USBC
13SINGLES ScratchCottrell Cindy 98646Dubuque Area USBC
13SINGLES ScratchPence Amber M. 107646Burlington Area USBC
13SINGLES ScratchLanfier Laurie L. 193646Muscatine USBC
16SINGLES ScratchSimpson Amber L. 103645Gr Cedar Valley USBC
17SINGLES ScratchLawrence Donna K. 294642Clinton USBC
17SINGLES ScratchWills Kelly L. 120642Burlington Area USBC
19SINGLES ScratchStaub Rebekah J. 262639Cedar Rapids USBC
20SINGLES ScratchKlein Jaycie L. 274635Muscatine USBC
21SINGLES ScratchThomas Tiffany E. 99634Dubuque Area USBC
21SINGLES ScratchBroadwell Angelia M. 151634Keokuk USBC
23SINGLES ScratchMadsen Lisa L. 225632Muscatine USBC
24SINGLES ScratchRoe Cheryl A. 267631Cedar Rapids USBC
25SINGLES ScratchWolfe Darla J. 280629Gr Des Moines USBC
25SINGLES ScratchLipes Roxann R. 3629Gr Des Moines USBC
27SINGLES ScratchRobinson Dawn A. 262627Cedar Rapids USBC
28SINGLES ScratchHiatt Laurie G. 173625West Delaware USBC
29SINGLES ScratchBloom Cheryl K. 195624Mt Pleasant USBC
30SINGLES ScratchMoore Sherry E. 3623Gr Des Moines USBC
30SINGLES ScratchEarly Mariah E. 263623Cedar Rapids USBC
32SINGLES ScratchSkidmore Kayla L. 193622Muscatine USBC
33SINGLES ScratchNederhiser Tricia N. 272621Cedar Rapids USBC
34SINGLES ScratchCunningham Linda A. 242619Gr Davenport Metro USBC
35SINGLES ScratchWittenburg Jennifer L. 182615Gr Cedar Valley USBC
36SINGLES ScratchVermeulen Beth M. 98608Dubuque Area USBC
37SINGLES ScratchNiedert Monica A. 173602West Delaware USBC
38SINGLES ScratchGibson Melissa 200600Shenandoah USBC
39SINGLES ScratchHill Theresa M. 19594Gr Cedar Valley USBC
39SINGLES ScratchCamps Jillayne E. 282594Gr Des Moines USBC
41SINGLES ScratchChapman Sheila R. 173592West Delaware USBC
42SINGLES ScratchHruska Heather E. 114586Fort Dodge Area USBC
42SINGLES ScratchDenniston Jill M. 117586Ottumwa Area USBC
44SINGLES ScratchBurke Tamara M. 288585Muscatine USBC
45SINGLES ScratchRiley Sandra R. 288584Muscatine USBC
45SINGLES ScratchKlein Triscia D. 225584Muscatine USBC
47SINGLES ScratchPowell Anne M. 99579Dubuque Area USBC
48SINGLES ScratchMackie Kathy 119576Burlington Area USBC
49SINGLES ScratchFrantz Tina M. 272572Cedar Rapids USBC
50SINGLES ScratchMorgan Jamie R. 284568Independence USBC
51SINGLES ScratchVashaw Kelci J. 177566Ames Area USBC
52SINGLES ScratchKetchum April S. 310565Gr Mason City USBC
53SINGLES ScratchMcComas Brittany L. 226564Clarke & Decatur USBC
53SINGLES ScratchSchultz Erica L. 274564Muscatine USBC
53SINGLES ScratchUthoff Elizabeth M. 260564Cedar Rapids USBC
53SINGLES ScratchArnold Karen M. 173564West Delaware USBC
57SINGLES ScratchCoffman Pamela J. 235562Gr Des Moines USBC
58SINGLES ScratchRibbink Cathy J. 159561Muscatine USBC
59SINGLES ScratchSchnoor Kaisee R. 16560Maquoketa USBC
60SINGLES ScratchPetersen Nicole D. 273558Cedar Rapids USBC
61SINGLES ScratchClark Becky S. 2554Gr Des Moines USBC
62SINGLES ScratchThomas Jan M. 2550Gr Des Moines USBC
62SINGLES ScratchNovak Laura J. 32550New Hampton USBC
64SINGLES ScratchBuck Samantha J. 310549Gr Mason City USBC
65SINGLES ScratchBennett Stacie J. 273541Cedar Rapids USBC
66SINGLES ScratchBushore Alexandra M. 177540Ames Area USBC
67SINGLES ScratchBushore Cindi K. 178539Ames Area USBC
67SINGLES ScratchRethamel Denise M. 288539Muscatine USBC
67SINGLES ScratchMensen Sarah L. 60539Dubuque Area USBC
70SINGLES ScratchCarey Ellen 225536Muscatine USBC
71SINGLES ScratchLunsford Tanya S. 294534Clinton USBC
71SINGLES ScratchRule Donell E. 150534Keokuk USBC
73SINGLES ScratchCarlson Eileen D. 294533Clinton USBC
73SINGLES ScratchPetersen Pamela M. 3533Gr Des Moines USBC
75SINGLES ScratchWaite Sarah J. 200532Shenandoah USBC
76SINGLES ScratchMisener Brynna A. 262527Cedar Rapids USBC
76SINGLES ScratchKuehn Norma M. 294527Clinton USBC
78SINGLES ScratchRoney Roberta I. 168526Gr Des Moines USBC
78SINGLES ScratchChristianson Debra S. 254526Cedar Rapids USBC
80SINGLES ScratchWhisler Heather 282523Gr Des Moines USBC
80SINGLES ScratchAthey Abbey E. 182523Gr Cedar Valley USBC
82SINGLES ScratchBruce Kay L. 272522Cedar Rapids USBC
82SINGLES ScratchClifford Brenda 151522Keokuk USBC
84SINGLES ScratchSteffensmeier Michelle L. 60521Dubuque Area USBC
84SINGLES ScratchSeifert Debora J. 37521Maquoketa USBC
84SINGLES ScratchHogan Paula J. 152521Keokuk USBC
87SINGLES ScratchChapman Lindsey M. 272518Cedar Rapids USBC
88SINGLES ScratchFischels Karen J. 20514Gr Cedar Valley USBC
89SINGLES ScratchWarren Kena K. 282513Gr Des Moines USBC
90SINGLES ScratchBurke Kerri K. 281512Gr Des Moines USBC
91SINGLES ScratchBlack Trisha D. 76506Sigourney USBC
92SINGLES ScratchRego Kate N. 254502Cedar Rapids USBC
93SINGLES ScratchThompson Sheri L. 280498Gr Des Moines USBC
94SINGLES ScratchKirchner Heidi L. 254496Cedar Rapids USBC
94SINGLES ScratchEpperson Maureen A. 20496Gr Cedar Valley USBC
96SINGLES ScratchQuinlan Kathy W. 37493Maquoketa USBC
97SINGLES ScratchZell Dee Dee A. 9491Iowa City USBC
97SINGLES ScratchHogan Tara M. 159491Muscatine USBC
99SINGLES ScratchSimmons Wanda R. 9487Iowa City USBC
100SINGLES ScratchHelgevold LeeAnn M. 226485Clarke & Decatur USBC
100SINGLES ScratchMcallister Nicole M. 60485Dubuque Area USBC
102SINGLES ScratchStephens Sheri 178482Ames Area USBC
103SINGLES ScratchDiggins Emily M. 59476Marshalltown Area USBC
104SINGLES ScratchBloom Jerry Lynn 195474Mt Pleasant USBC
105SINGLES ScratchZell Erin J. 9473Iowa City USBC
106SINGLES ScratchLaird Julie A. 19469Gr Cedar Valley USBC
106SINGLES ScratchMartin Eleanore M. 26469New Hampton USBC
108SINGLES ScratchWebster Debbie A. 281466Gr Des Moines USBC
109SINGLES ScratchSeyb Joyce 150464Keokuk USBC
110SINGLES ScratchKearney Kelly M. 283462Gr Des Moines USBC
111SINGLES ScratchOpperman Cynthia J. 191458Clarinda USBC
112SINGLES ScratchPetersen Theresa A. 9452Iowa City USBC
113SINGLES ScratchBurchett Cortney I. 281449Gr Des Moines USBC
114SINGLES ScratchBurchett Kim E. 280447Gr Des Moines USBC
115SINGLES ScratchMellencamp Micaela B. 191443Clarinda USBC
116SINGLES ScratchVine Vivian A. 169440Decorah USBC
117SINGLES ScratchWalton Janet L. 171439Decorah USBC
118SINGLES ScratchLazear Stacey 280427Gr Des Moines USBC
119SINGLES ScratchWilder Brenda R. 169425Decorah USBC
120SINGLES ScratchMcManemy Pam J. 19424Gr Cedar Valley USBC
121SINGLES ScratchLarson Marcia K. 169423Decorah USBC
122SINGLES ScratchBeske Patrena Y. 117422Ottumwa Area USBC
123SINGLES ScratchMiles Becky F. 171419Decorah USBC
124SINGLES ScratchWhite Jennifer S. 254408Cedar Rapids USBC
125SINGLES ScratchHaus Linda L. 283403Gr Des Moines USBC
126SINGLES ScratchLogsdon Linda S. 169400Decorah USBC
127SINGLES ScratchCarroll Laura G. 282395Gr Des Moines USBC
128SINGLES ScratchThorson Lexi S. 170393Decorah USBC
129SINGLES ScratchSylvester Sherry L. 117388Ottumwa Area USBC
130SINGLES ScratchKrenz Sandra K. 20381Gr Cedar Valley USBC
131SINGLES ScratchFrye Cheryl L. 171373Decorah USBC
131SINGLES ScratchKruse Jennifer 170373Decorah USBC
133SINGLES ScratchRolfes Johanna S. 60363Dubuque Area USBC
134SINGLES ScratchBakke Tina L. 170349Decorah USBC
135SINGLES ScratchHenrichs Lori D. 227348Clarke & Decatur USBC
136SINGLES ScratchFlattery Jacqulyn D. 117345Ottumwa Area USBC
137SINGLES ScratchMcIntyre Karen M. 170341Decorah USBC
138SINGLES ScratchFrazer Cindie L. 20328Gr Cedar Valley USBC
139SINGLES ScratchPinneke Kimberly M. 281321Gr Des Moines USBC
140SINGLES ScratchMurray Cheryl A. 171316Decorah USBC
1ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBunnell Debbie L. 2172,581Cedar Rapids USBC
2ALL EVENTS-HandicappedCarl Amanda R. 2332,401Stuart USBC
3ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHoughton Nicole K. 3082,398Gr Davenport Metro USBC
4ALL EVENTS-HandicappedClark Sandy 742,349Sigourney USBC
5ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBales Kelsey 1212,347Burlington Area USBC
6ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMiller Kristina A. 352,339Maquoketa USBC
7ALL EVENTS-HandicappedAleckson Serenity M. 1542,332Gr Davenport Metro USBC
7ALL EVENTS-HandicappedJohnson Jennifer L. 962,332Dubuque Area USBC
9ALL EVENTS-HandicappedPierce Amanda M. 2562,320Cedar Rapids USBC
10ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSchminke Lori A. 2042,319Ames Area USBC
11ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMiller Ellie M. 962,318Dubuque Area USBC
12ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBuckley Audra A. 2982,292Anamosa USBC
13ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWingerter Beth A. 2932,284Muscatine USBC
13ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSheley Abbee M. 3022,284Lenox USBC
15ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLewis Kendra L. 1802,283Lenox USBC
16ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSchlatter Teresa L. 822,276Sumner USBC
16ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHaertjens Barb 752,276De Witt USBC
18ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMoritz Nicole R. 3062,274Gr Davenport Metro USBC
19ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHenry Lynnette A. 692,273West Union USBC
20ALL EVENTS-HandicappedCampbell Dani 962,261Dubuque Area USBC
21ALL EVENTS-HandicappedVinton Alyssa J. 2922,259Oskaloosa USBC
22ALL EVENTS-HandicappedCunningham Linda A. 2422,258Gr Davenport Metro USBC
23ALL EVENTS-HandicappedGonzalez Jennifer M. 2892,257Independence USBC
24ALL EVENTS-HandicappedStrohbehn Jenna J. 352,255Maquoketa USBC
25ALL EVENTS-HandicappedCook Kayla 672,254De Witt USBC
26ALL EVENTS-HandicappedReed Abbie L. 2442,251Laurens USBC
27ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBuffington Darci L. 452,246Marshalltown Area USBC
28ALL EVENTS-HandicappedFeazell Jorand M. 892,244Greenfield USBC
29ALL EVENTS-HandicappedVanKirk Jennifer L. 1622,237Marshalltown Area USBC
29ALL EVENTS-HandicappedEarly Kaitlyn A. 2632,237Cedar Rapids USBC
29ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLawson Rhonda 1012,237Fort Dodge Area USBC
32ALL EVENTS-HandicappedOpal Chantel M. 1672,236Council Bluffs USBC
33ALL EVENTS-HandicappedDonaldson Chelsea L. 1442,235Eldora USBC
34ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBakke Tina L. 1702,232Decorah USBC
35ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBergstrom Susan C. 1262,231Creston USBC
35ALL EVENTS-HandicappedPence Amber M. 1072,231Burlington Area USBC
35ALL EVENTS-HandicappedAdams Cindy D. 1222,231Clarinda USBC
38ALL EVENTS-HandicappedVanZante Tiffany K. 252,229Pella USBC
39ALL EVENTS-HandicappedVan Overmeer Beverly A. 2112,228Ames Area USBC
40ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWright Michelle P. 2082,227Gr Mason City USBC
40ALL EVENTS-HandicappedDixon Jodee D. 212,227Manning USBC
42ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRaabe Shirley 922,226Cedar Rapids USBC
43ALL EVENTS-HandicappedReece Jan L. 2272,225Clarke & Decatur USBC
43ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHans Kori M. 3092,225Gr Davenport Metro USBC
45ALL EVENTS-HandicappedVinton Chelsea D. 2922,221Oskaloosa USBC
46ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBlock Penny M. 352,220Maquoketa USBC
47ALL EVENTS-HandicappedShady Dixie L. 2122,219Monticello USBC
48ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBock Darla D. 812,218Sumner USBC
48ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBanta Donna M. 3082,218Gr Davenport Metro USBC
48ALL EVENTS-HandicappedCram Audrey L. 2992,218Camanche USBC
51ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRego Kate N. 2542,215Cedar Rapids USBC
52ALL EVENTS-HandicappedClemens Mariah 2742,214Muscatine USBC
53ALL EVENTS-HandicappedShakespeare Patrice A. 932,213Cedar Rapids USBC
54ALL EVENTS-HandicappedClemens Amber M. 2742,211Muscatine USBC
55ALL EVENTS-HandicappedDuver Hope E. 1512,210Keokuk USBC
56ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBarker Noella C. 2242,209Jasper County USBC
56ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSpooner Penny E. 2222,209Gr Des Moines USBC
58ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBone Angela S. 1282,208Ottumwa Area USBC
58ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHogan Kirsten B. 1582,208Muscatine USBC
60ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKabele Ann E. 1832,205Charles City USBC
61ALL EVENTS-HandicappedAthey Abbey E. 1822,204Gr Cedar Valley USBC
62ALL EVENTS-HandicappedO'Dell Paula A. 2652,202Cedar Rapids USBC
62ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSchnoor Kaisee R. 162,202Maquoketa USBC
64ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLewis Julie N. 1682,201Gr Des Moines USBC
64ALL EVENTS-HandicappedGeopfert Allysen N. 1142,201Fort Dodge Area USBC
64ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMetz Ciony 2312,201Muscatine USBC
67ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLakey Lori A. 3062,200Gr Davenport Metro USBC
68ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLindsey Virginia 1842,199Cedar Rapids USBC
69ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSmith Jordan N. 2962,196Clinton USBC
69ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMoore Sherry E. 32,196Gr Des Moines USBC
69ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWeggen Lee Ann J. 2932,196Muscatine USBC
72ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBarrans Melissa D. 1242,195Lenox USBC
73ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRicks Mika J. 3132,194Lenox USBC
73ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKnight Ashley J. 2892,194Independence USBC
75ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBryan Amanda L. 1352,193Manning USBC
76ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWisco Olivia O. 352,192Maquoketa USBC
76ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWitt Inola M. 372,192Maquoketa USBC
76ALL EVENTS-HandicappedEdwards Lisa T. 3072,192Gr Davenport Metro USBC
79ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBurgart Wendy M. 302,191New Hampton USBC
80ALL EVENTS-HandicappedPearson Michelle A. 272,187New Hampton USBC
80ALL EVENTS-HandicappedForschler Amy K. 2282,187Jasper County USBC
80ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSackett Phyllis L. 882,187Greenfield USBC
80ALL EVENTS-HandicappedFish Sarah A. 392,187Maquoketa USBC
84ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBurns June R. 912,186Cedar Rapids USBC
85ALL EVENTS-HandicappedShoesmith Jaime L. 2332,185Stuart USBC
85ALL EVENTS-HandicappedReed Penny I. 2982,185Anamosa USBC
87ALL EVENTS-HandicappedGrego Jill M. 1442,183Eldora USBC
88ALL EVENTS-HandicappedDilks Kay C. 1052,182Gr Des Moines USBC
88ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWatson Janet S. 2132,182Cedar Rapids USBC
88ALL EVENTS-HandicappedOtt Jacque L. 1212,182Burlington Area USBC
91ALL EVENTS-HandicappedFiebelkorn Kim K. 152,181Gr Des Moines USBC
91ALL EVENTS-HandicappedStubbe Kendsey K. 152,181Gr Des Moines USBC
91ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWatson Becky A. 2042,181Ames Area USBC
91ALL EVENTS-HandicappedThein Mary J. 2252,181Muscatine USBC
91ALL EVENTS-HandicappedVanVoltenburg Kathy J. 1982,181Sigourney USBC
96ALL EVENTS-HandicappedReece Paula J. 2272,180Clarke & Decatur USBC
96ALL EVENTS-HandicappedZell Erin J. 92,180Iowa City USBC
96ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBroadwell Angelia M. 1512,180Keokuk USBC
99ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHoward Megan 2372,179Oelwein USBC
99ALL EVENTS-HandicappedFredregill Janet M. 2232,179Gr Des Moines USBC
99ALL EVENTS-HandicappedParmenter Carolyn S. 932,179Cedar Rapids USBC
102ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMcKinley Tina M. 2422,178Gr Davenport Metro USBC
103ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBrown Mallory 2362,177Gr Des Moines USBC
104ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWhittington Sharyn M. 132,176Gr Des Moines USBC
104ALL EVENTS-HandicappedChase Laura M. 1092,176Dubuque Area USBC
106ALL EVENTS-HandicappedPaustian Randi M. 3072,175Gr Davenport Metro USBC
107ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHendricks Julie A. 1132,173Humboldt Iowa USBC
107ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWilson Mindy S. 1822,173Gr Cedar Valley USBC
109ALL EVENTS-HandicappedEvans Rachel M. 3112,172Gr Des Moines USBC
109ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSeddon Wendy M. 892,172Greenfield USBC
109ALL EVENTS-HandicappedDruyff Danielle L. 2242,172Jasper County USBC
112ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHennigir Molly S. 892,171Greenfield USBC
112ALL EVENTS-HandicappedVrieze Jessica L. 2492,171Gr Cedar Valley USBC
114ALL EVENTS-HandicappedCoffman Pamela J. 2352,170Gr Des Moines USBC
115ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSchrieber Sandra K. 2442,169Laurens USBC
116ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBeske Patrena Y. 1172,168Ottumwa Area USBC
117ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHonts Ronda L. 1592,166Muscatine USBC
118ALL EVENTS-HandicappedGragg Nicole M. 2852,164Oskaloosa USBC
118ALL EVENTS-HandicappedDuffy Lisa A. 942,164Cedar Rapids USBC
118ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMc Cormick Julie M. 912,164Cedar Rapids USBC
118ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBraaksma Toni G. 1312,164Ottumwa Area USBC
118ALL EVENTS-HandicappedPotter Mary E. 722,164Dubuque Area USBC
123ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBenish Monica M. 2892,163Independence USBC
123ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMarzen Laura L. 2102,163Gr Mason City USBC
125ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBurke Tamara M. 2882,162Muscatine USBC
125ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWalker Rebecca M. 1672,162Council Bluffs USBC
125ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBaxter Brandy S. 2712,162Cedar Rapids USBC
128ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSward Cathy A. 1782,161Ames Area USBC
128ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLansing Julie A. 712,161West Union USBC
130ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLoehndorf Amanda J. 1562,160Clinton USBC
131ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKriegel Cari A. 2552,159Cedar Rapids USBC
131ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRau Madison R. 822,159Sumner USBC
131ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHake Kay A. 3092,159Gr Davenport Metro USBC
131ALL EVENTS-HandicappedOpperman Cynthia J. 1912,159Clarinda USBC
135ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKahle Marchell R. 952,158Cedar Rapids USBC
135ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRobertson Chrissy 1282,158Ottumwa Area USBC
137ALL EVENTS-HandicappedCline Brittany L. 1482,157Clarke & Decatur USBC
138ALL EVENTS-HandicappedCollins Melissa A. 3042,155Cedar Rapids USBC
138ALL EVENTS-HandicappedCottrell Shannon L. 972,155Dubuque Area USBC
140ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRiley Sandra R. 2882,154Muscatine USBC
141ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMathiews Jessica 882,153Greenfield USBC
142ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHolt Taylor 2992,152Camanche USBC
142ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBoston Liz M. 1662,152Council Bluffs USBC
144ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBrown Tori A. 3132,150Lenox USBC
144ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRenslow Shelby A. 2332,150Stuart USBC
144ALL EVENTS-HandicappedShriver Lindsey M. 2552,150Cedar Rapids USBC
147ALL EVENTS-HandicappedThompson Diane D. 222,148Manning USBC
147ALL EVENTS-HandicappedAkers Teresa A. 2922,148Oskaloosa USBC
147ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBausch Donna 692,148West Union USBC
150ALL EVENTS-HandicappedGrieder Susan K. 2602,147Cedar Rapids USBC
151ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHelms Sara A. 2702,146Cedar Rapids USBC
151ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHuppenbauer Michelle K. 432,146Sigourney USBC
153ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKelley Kim I. 1612,145Mt Pleasant USBC
153ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHess Vickie M. 1372,145Clarinda USBC
155ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBergmeier Cathy S. 1382,144Burlington Area USBC
155ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHabel Audrey R. 972,144Dubuque Area USBC
155ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHanson Bernie M. 1252,144Dubuque Area USBC
155ALL EVENTS-HandicappedStevens Tera R. 1782,144Ames Area USBC
155ALL EVENTS-HandicappedPainter Erika L. 662,144Maquoketa USBC
160ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSauter Judy K. 2692,142Cedar Rapids USBC
160ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHawley-Grimes Tina L. 922,142Cedar Rapids USBC
160ALL EVENTS-HandicappedClancy Marge M. 722,142Dubuque Area USBC
163ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSmith Renee R. 1202,141Burlington Area USBC
163ALL EVENTS-HandicappedTyler Donna R. 2522,141Cedar Rapids USBC
165ALL EVENTS-HandicappedClark Shannon 1282,140Ottumwa Area USBC
165ALL EVENTS-HandicappedDreager Karen S. 1452,140Clarinda USBC
165ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSlingluff Leah S. 452,140Marshalltown Area USBC
168ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLongnecker Jone M. 2602,139Cedar Rapids USBC
168ALL EVENTS-HandicappedCamps Jillayne E. 2822,139Gr Des Moines USBC
168ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWalker Daley L. 432,139Sigourney USBC
171ALL EVENTS-HandicappedQuick Jennifer R. 1422,138Ames Area USBC
171ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHopkins Theresa A. 2362,138Gr Des Moines USBC
173ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKramer Marlee L. 1102,137Dubuque Area USBC
174ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSimmons Wanda R. 92,136Iowa City USBC
174ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWood Chris A. 622,136Fort Dodge Area USBC
174ALL EVENTS-HandicappedStien Diane J. 912,136Cedar Rapids USBC
174ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRoberts Rhonda G. 1462,136Gr Cedar Valley USBC
178ALL EVENTS-HandicappedVanGundy Kalliann 742,135Sigourney USBC
178ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWolfe Darla J. 2802,135Gr Des Moines USBC
180ALL EVENTS-HandicappedFlattery Jacqulyn D. 1172,134Ottumwa Area USBC
180ALL EVENTS-HandicappedPayne Melanie R. 1822,134Gr Cedar Valley USBC
182ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMcKnight Marcia R. 1472,133Clarke & Decatur USBC
182ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLongcor Hannah L. 732,133Muscatine USBC
182ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRusbult Dorma J. 2602,133Cedar Rapids USBC
185ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKasper Bobbie J. 2642,132Cedar Rapids USBC
186ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMcHugh Shannon J. 12,131Fort Dodge Area USBC
187ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWilson Jocelyn M. 1422,130Ames Area USBC
187ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBuford Rhonda 2502,130Keokuk USBC
189ALL EVENTS-HandicappedAmerine Phyllis A. 1742,129Muscatine USBC
189ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMcelmeel Diane C. 2122,129Monticello USBC
189ALL EVENTS-HandicappedEmholtz Mary L. 1852,129Gr Des Moines USBC
192ALL EVENTS-HandicappedConn Morgan L. 22,128Gr Des Moines USBC
192ALL EVENTS-HandicappedCline Carin A. 1582,128Muscatine USBC
192ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBrown Chris A. 2312,128Muscatine USBC
195ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBloom Cheryl K. 1952,127Mt Pleasant USBC
195ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLee Tracey H. 862,127Sigourney USBC
195ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHogue Jacee 2002,127Shenandoah USBC
198ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMitts Faith C. 2622,126Cedar Rapids USBC
198ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLopshire Sherry L. 122,126Ottumwa Area USBC
198ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWest Bonnie J. 2372,126Oelwein USBC
198ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKress Annette M. 172,126Independence USBC
202ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKlein Triscia D. 2252,125Muscatine USBC
202ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWright April J. 1792,125Lenox USBC
204ALL EVENTS-HandicappedCook Kelly A. 2662,123Cedar Rapids USBC
205ALL EVENTS-HandicappedZell Dee Dee A. 92,122Iowa City USBC
205ALL EVENTS-HandicappedThomas Tiffany E. 992,122Dubuque Area USBC
207ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHare Alicia A. 312,121New Hampton USBC
207ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHruska Heather E. 1142,121Fort Dodge Area USBC
207ALL EVENTS-HandicappedParker Linda R. 122,121Ottumwa Area USBC
207ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBushore Alexandra M. 1772,121Ames Area USBC
211ALL EVENTS-HandicappedArndt Deena A. 832,120Ottumwa Area USBC
211ALL EVENTS-HandicappedDigman Sarah A. 642,120Dubuque Area USBC
211ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBoddicker Linda K. 2282,120Jasper County USBC
214ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBarnes Denise S. 2682,119Cedar Rapids USBC
214ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWright Elizabeth R. 502,119Grundy Center USBC
216ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBallard Stephanie J. 2582,118Cedar Rapids USBC
216ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKirchner Heidi L. 2542,118Cedar Rapids USBC
216ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWalker Sharon 42,118Pella USBC
216ALL EVENTS-HandicappedStraw Megan J. 2892,118Independence USBC
216ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKamp Holly 1102,118Dubuque Area USBC
221ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSales Jennifer 2202,117Gr Davenport Metro USBC
221ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSampson Alisha A. 1302,117Ottumwa Area USBC
221ALL EVENTS-HandicappedZaugg Jessica D. 2702,117Cedar Rapids USBC
221ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWarren Kena K. 2822,117Gr Des Moines USBC
225ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBeane Misty L. 2332,116Stuart USBC
225ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMcCoy Melanie L. 1302,116Ottumwa Area USBC
225ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMatthews Sandra J. 2752,116Greene County USBC
225ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWatje Kelsey 1332,116Manning USBC
225ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRaymer Abigail J. 1672,116Council Bluffs USBC
225ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSearcy Patty A. 2052,116Muscatine USBC
225ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBlack Trisha D. 762,116Sigourney USBC
225ALL EVENTS-HandicappedShowers Machelle R. 342,116Gr Cedar Valley USBC
225ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHeckman Adrienne M. 892,116Greenfield USBC
234ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHeacock Jolene A. 982,115Dubuque Area USBC
234ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHansen Kari A. 1392,115Atlantic USBC
234ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBarrans Jean M. 1792,115Lenox USBC
234ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHood Sue A. 1682,115Gr Des Moines USBC
238ALL EVENTS-HandicappedAlbers Lou M. 932,114Cedar Rapids USBC
238ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRitchie Danielle L. 3132,114Lenox USBC
238ALL EVENTS-HandicappedCasteel Monica L. 3012,114Lenox USBC
238ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLee Tori R. 712,114West Union USBC
238ALL EVENTS-HandicappedJohnson Sara M. 1182,114Burlington Area USBC
238ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSpicer Jennifer A. 1502,114Keokuk USBC
238ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBryant Barb A. 2472,114Clarinda USBC
245ALL EVENTS-HandicappedGraves Renee A. 792,113Humboldt Iowa USBC
245ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLenehan Chelsey L. 322,113New Hampton USBC
245ALL EVENTS-HandicappedAlbers Susan K. 952,113Cedar Rapids USBC
248ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRoe Cheryl A. 2672,112Cedar Rapids USBC
248ALL EVENTS-HandicappedJohnston Toni 2382,112Gr Des Moines USBC
248ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMapel Amy J. 1062,112Burlington Area USBC
248ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWorkman Tammy L. 1212,112Burlington Area USBC
252ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHazelett Sue 2192,111Gr Davenport Metro USBC
252ALL EVENTS-HandicappedStaub Rebekah J. 2622,111Cedar Rapids USBC
252ALL EVENTS-HandicappedIsaacs Jeanne L. 2512,111Cedar Rapids USBC
252ALL EVENTS-HandicappedJordan Stacy L. 1302,111Ottumwa Area USBC
252ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMcRobie Rebecca M. 2952,111Gr Cedar Valley USBC
257ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSchneiderman Janelle E. 1062,110Burlington Area USBC
258ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMontgomery Charlene 1052,109Gr Des Moines USBC
259ALL EVENTS-HandicappedVanHeiden Sandy K. 2612,108Cedar Rapids USBC
260ALL EVENTS-HandicappedNovak Shelia A. 1762,107Charles City USBC
260ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWittmuss Shirley 1452,107Clarinda USBC
260ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWeber Barb J. 1002,107Dubuque Area USBC
263ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMarchand Dolly L. 2192,106Gr Davenport Metro USBC
263ALL EVENTS-HandicappedFriend Maureen J. 1112,106Burlington Area USBC
265ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLuke Sara L. 1162,105Ottumwa Area USBC
265ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBucher Shae S. 2222,105Gr Des Moines USBC
265ALL EVENTS-HandicappedPetersen Theresa A. 92,105Iowa City USBC
268ALL EVENTS-HandicappedOckerman Angie D. 2352,104Gr Des Moines USBC
268ALL EVENTS-HandicappedCaves Dinna L. 2912,104Fairfield USBC
268ALL EVENTS-HandicappedFrieze Melinda S. 1652,104Council Bluffs USBC
268ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLongcor Shila L. 732,104Muscatine USBC
272ALL EVENTS-HandicappedDenton Debbie M. 182,103Independence USBC
273ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKelley Julie M. 172,102Independence USBC
273ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRandel Rachel A. 882,102Greenfield USBC
273ALL EVENTS-HandicappedGibson Melissa 2002,102Shenandoah USBC
276ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLewis Amylynn 3022,101Lenox USBC
276ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHealey Gail 2562,101Cedar Rapids USBC
276ALL EVENTS-HandicappedTauber Kimberly A. 632,101Dubuque Area USBC
279ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLarkin Donna J. 2472,100Clarinda USBC
279ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLovell Linda S. 2172,100Cedar Rapids USBC
279ALL EVENTS-HandicappedJordan Sandra K. 2232,100Gr Des Moines USBC
282ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSteele Shelly A. 1462,099Gr Cedar Valley USBC
282ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMensen Sarah L. 602,099Dubuque Area USBC
284ALL EVENTS-HandicappedShatek Jamie L. 292,098New Hampton USBC
284ALL EVENTS-HandicappedYonkie Kristen M. 1672,098Council Bluffs USBC
284ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHogue Jeana C. 2002,098Shenandoah USBC
284ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWaite Sarah J. 2002,098Shenandoah USBC
284ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMcNeil Tristen 2792,098Greene County USBC
284ALL EVENTS-HandicappedJordan Kathy L. 1292,098Ottumwa Area USBC
284ALL EVENTS-HandicappedShea Debbie A. 402,098Maquoketa USBC
284ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWisted Dorothy A. 162,098Maquoketa USBC
292ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHunt Amanda M. 392,097Maquoketa USBC
293ALL EVENTS-HandicappedCase Esther R. 2662,096Cedar Rapids USBC
293ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKirchmann Brenda 822,096Sumner USBC
293ALL EVENTS-HandicappedStofferahn Suzie B. 1262,096Creston USBC
293ALL EVENTS-HandicappedGates Karen 1572,096Oelwein USBC
293ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWelsch Brooke M. 902,096Greenfield USBC
293ALL EVENTS-HandicappedReich Karen J. 1112,096Burlington Area USBC
299ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLoban Theresa R. 2862,095Oelwein USBC
299ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSidles Laura L. 2432,095Laurens USBC
299ALL EVENTS-HandicappedCarman Susan K. 1282,095Ottumwa Area USBC
302ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHayes Tayler R. 362,094Maquoketa USBC
302ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHeisdorffer Jessica K. 1312,094Ottumwa Area USBC
302ALL EVENTS-HandicappedNovak Amber R. 1762,094Charles City USBC
302ALL EVENTS-HandicappedVine Vivian A. 1692,094Decorah USBC
302ALL EVENTS-HandicappedJones Beth A. 682,094West Union USBC
302ALL EVENTS-HandicappedFirzlaff Jessica L. 1002,094Dubuque Area USBC
308ALL EVENTS-HandicappedAmeling Amy 702,093West Union USBC
308ALL EVENTS-HandicappedStoner Sandy D. 2072,093Sigourney USBC
310ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSchaefer Ginny L. 2022,092Jasper County USBC
310ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRine Mary E. 1452,092Clarinda USBC
312ALL EVENTS-HandicappedReidy Kristi A. 172,091Independence USBC
312ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHenle Patricia M. 1992,091Marshalltown Area USBC
312ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMoran Ashlie N. 3022,091Lenox USBC
312ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMitchell Dawn M. 2082,091Gr Mason City USBC
312ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHayes Esther 362,091Maquoketa USBC
317ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBennett Natalie H. 1562,090Clinton USBC
317ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMoore Cheri D. 2752,090Greene County USBC
317ALL EVENTS-HandicappedReynolds Amanda J. 1612,090Mt Pleasant USBC
317ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBrissey Jennifer 1062,090Burlington Area USBC
317ALL EVENTS-HandicappedAdams Becky L. 1202,090Burlington Area USBC
317ALL EVENTS-HandicappedOlson Lynette R. 882,090Greenfield USBC
317ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWalker Kayla 792,090Humboldt Iowa USBC
324ALL EVENTS-HandicappedEggers Nancy 3052,089De Witt USBC
324ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHarris Mindy S. 1972,089Ames Area USBC
324ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMuhlhausen Maggi J. 422,089Maquoketa USBC
324ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMcKenzie Taylor 2982,089Anamosa USBC
324ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKearney Sarah 1142,089Fort Dodge Area USBC
329ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMorrison Denise M. 2712,088Cedar Rapids USBC
329ALL EVENTS-HandicappedTimm Kris 2552,088Cedar Rapids USBC
329ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHale Tammy A. 2762,088Greene County USBC
329ALL EVENTS-HandicappedJensen Shea A. 902,088Greenfield USBC
329ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRowley Kristin M. 1072,088Burlington Area USBC
334ALL EVENTS-HandicappedGillum Hailey C. 772,087Sigourney USBC
334ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSpainhower Jessica N. 1802,087Lenox USBC
334ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSwanson Tanya M. 2342,087Council Bluffs USBC
337ALL EVENTS-HandicappedStill Cassie 3012,086Lenox USBC
337ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWright Diane R. 2082,086Gr Mason City USBC
337ALL EVENTS-HandicappedPence Nichelle (Niki) P. 1072,086Burlington Area USBC
340ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBascom Pamela J. 2902,085Independence USBC
340ALL EVENTS-HandicappedTurnball Deb 2952,085Gr Cedar Valley USBC
340ALL EVENTS-HandicappedPhelps Shelly 1842,085Cedar Rapids USBC
340ALL EVENTS-HandicappedJones Bonnie L. 2152,085Cedar Rapids USBC
340ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLawrence Donna K. 2942,085Clinton USBC
340ALL EVENTS-HandicappedDunn Megan L. 2972,085Anamosa USBC
346ALL EVENTS-HandicappedFear Deanne I. 1122,084Ottumwa Area USBC
346ALL EVENTS-HandicappedEdwards Janet M. 3092,084Gr Davenport Metro USBC
348ALL EVENTS-HandicappedStaub Barb A. 2692,083Cedar Rapids USBC
348ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBenischek Suzanne M. 1602,083Mt Pleasant USBC
350ALL EVENTS-HandicappedEllington Dena R. 1612,082Mt Pleasant USBC
350ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMorgan Soleil 332,082Gr Cedar Valley USBC
350ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLorenz Dianne L. 2772,082Greene County USBC
350ALL EVENTS-HandicappedOverton Ashley M. 2202,082Gr Davenport Metro USBC
354ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSweetland Tina 2192,081Gr Davenport Metro USBC
354ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBantz Barbara J. 172,081Independence USBC
354ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWalton Janet L. 1712,081Decorah USBC
357ALL EVENTS-HandicappedFair Betty L. 432,080Sigourney USBC
357ALL EVENTS-HandicappedThill Joy E. 462,080Marshalltown Area USBC
359ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRoussel Melissa S. 872,079Dubuque Area USBC
359ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBaxter Regina M. 3062,079Gr Davenport Metro USBC
359ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWadsley Carol A. 2872,079Humboldt Iowa USBC
359ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHodges Stefani R. 2782,079Greene County USBC
363ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMinger Sharon R. 2972,078Anamosa USBC
363ALL EVENTS-HandicappedDenniston Jill M. 1172,078Ottumwa Area USBC
363ALL EVENTS-HandicappedArnold Karen M. 1732,078West Delaware USBC
366ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKafer Amy N. 982,077Dubuque Area USBC
366ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMc Gaffee Carole M. 2532,077Cedar Rapids USBC
366ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBarnes Kimberly K. 2562,077Cedar Rapids USBC
366ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRawls Brenda L. 252,077Pella USBC
366ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBriggs Danelle C. 1792,077Lenox USBC
371ALL EVENTS-HandicappedFrye Julie A. 2932,076Muscatine USBC
371ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHarmon Denise J. 2972,076Anamosa USBC
371ALL EVENTS-HandicappedEveritt Jennifer A. 682,076West Union USBC
371ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBrandt Tamara L. 2022,076Jasper County USBC
375ALL EVENTS-HandicappedPrickett Tasha L. 1072,075Burlington Area USBC
375ALL EVENTS-HandicappedCarlson Andrea J. 2202,075Gr Davenport Metro USBC
375ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKutsch Shellie J. 642,075Dubuque Area USBC
375ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHakert Sandy D. 1722,075West Delaware USBC
375ALL EVENTS-HandicappedGriffin Patty A. 1682,075Gr Des Moines USBC
375ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWillis Michelle 1162,075Ottumwa Area USBC
375ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHeindselman Carly M. 512,075Grundy Center USBC
382ALL EVENTS-HandicappedVestweber Shari A. 2102,074Gr Mason City USBC
382ALL EVENTS-HandicappedNelson Debra K. 1972,074Ames Area USBC
382ALL EVENTS-HandicappedFaber Kimberly S. 2442,074Laurens USBC
382ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHill Theresa M. 192,074Gr Cedar Valley USBC
382ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHolms Sue A. 2452,074Gr Cedar Valley USBC
382ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSylvester Sherry L. 1172,074Ottumwa Area USBC
388ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLund Jaci A. 1152,073Fort Dodge Area USBC
388ALL EVENTS-HandicappedCourtney Patricia A. 1472,073Clarke & Decatur USBC
388ALL EVENTS-HandicappedStorey Diane M. 1652,073Council Bluffs USBC
388ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMeester Vanessa K. 852,073Eldora USBC
388ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWoerdehoff Deneen M. 3092,073Gr Davenport Metro USBC
393ALL EVENTS-HandicappedJames Carrie M. 1382,072Burlington Area USBC
393ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMclaughlin Nicole M. 1102,072Dubuque Area USBC
393ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKessel Suzan L. 2912,072Fairfield USBC
396ALL EVENTS-HandicappedOetken Morgan E. 242,071Creston USBC
396ALL EVENTS-HandicappedManchester Sherry A. 2092,071Gr Mason City USBC
396ALL EVENTS-HandicappedOltmanns Joni L. 2032,071Anamosa USBC
396ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKlemme Cari L. 402,071Maquoketa USBC
396ALL EVENTS-HandicappedGalloway Brenda 2322,071Maquoketa USBC
401ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHomeister Judy M. 512,070Grundy Center USBC
401ALL EVENTS-HandicappedDurnan Chasity J. 682,070West Union USBC
403ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMcFarland Amber M. 902,069Greenfield USBC
403ALL EVENTS-HandicappedOetken Penny F. 232,069Creston USBC
403ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMiller Nancy E. 1262,069Creston USBC
403ALL EVENTS-HandicappedEbrecht Tina M. 2112,069Ames Area USBC
403ALL EVENTS-HandicappedAlbert Cynthia K. 1362,069Sigourney USBC
403ALL EVENTS-HandicappedFolkmann Nicole E. 2592,069Cedar Rapids USBC
409ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBurkle Linda M. 572,068West Delaware USBC
410ALL EVENTS-HandicappedDecker Peggy 2842,067Independence USBC
410ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKoenig Julie M. 2572,067Cedar Rapids USBC
410ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMittan Marilyn A. 952,067Cedar Rapids USBC
413ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBrown Ginger S. 2142,066Cedar Rapids USBC
413ALL EVENTS-HandicappedCarroll Laura G. 2822,066Gr Des Moines USBC
413ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLasher Susie C. 32,066Gr Des Moines USBC
413ALL EVENTS-HandicappedTeske Debra K. 842,066Eldora USBC
413ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRule Joy E. 1502,066Keokuk USBC
418ALL EVENTS-HandicappedDavis Nicole 2192,065Gr Davenport Metro USBC
418ALL EVENTS-HandicappedCarney Brandi 2992,065Camanche USBC
418ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMiller Jessica 512,065Grundy Center USBC
418ALL EVENTS-HandicappedProuty Tina N. 1772,065Ames Area USBC
422ALL EVENTS-HandicappedEhlers Marcy M. 212,064Manning USBC
422ALL EVENTS-HandicappedThielen Vicki J. 222,064Manning USBC
422ALL EVENTS-HandicappedNiedert Susan J. 812,064Sumner USBC
422ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKlein Jaycie L. 2742,064Muscatine USBC
422ALL EVENTS-HandicappedTeymer Jean R. 3142,064Cedar Rapids USBC
422ALL EVENTS-HandicappedTokheim Judy A. 1132,064Humboldt Iowa USBC
428ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMorehouse Mary Jo 1522,063Keokuk USBC
428ALL EVENTS-HandicappedGrim Donna R. 1122,063Ottumwa Area USBC
428ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSteele Gena R. 2672,063Cedar Rapids USBC
428ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSwanson Christine L. 2312,063Muscatine USBC
428ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSchimp Kim K. 1972,063Ames Area USBC
433ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRoth Teresa 2102,062Gr Mason City USBC
433ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKolthoff Jamie L. 1442,062Eldora USBC
433ALL EVENTS-HandicappedGildsig Jeanette E. 1262,062Creston USBC
433ALL EVENTS-HandicappedPossehl Mallory J. 3002,062Camanche USBC
433ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBrothers Heather L. 642,062Dubuque Area USBC
438ALL EVENTS-HandicappedVander Meulen Amy L. 1872,061Dubuque Area USBC
438ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWilson Roma S. 2872,061Humboldt Iowa USBC
438ALL EVENTS-HandicappedGehrke Patricia A. 842,061Eldora USBC
438ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWilhelm Heather M. 412,061Maquoketa USBC
438ALL EVENTS-HandicappedShepherd Erika S. 2352,061Gr Des Moines USBC
443ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKugler Emily E. 2982,060Anamosa USBC
443ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWilliams-Hernandez Brandy K. 122,060Ottumwa Area USBC
445ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBurchett Cortney I. 2812,059Gr Des Moines USBC
445ALL EVENTS-HandicappedAndrews Jennifer L. 2752,059Greene County USBC
445ALL EVENTS-HandicappedAdams Anna R. 1902,059Muscatine USBC
445ALL EVENTS-HandicappedTevis Vanessa L. 2902,059Independence USBC
445ALL EVENTS-HandicappedStanton Marla J. 292,059New Hampton USBC
450ALL EVENTS-HandicappedOhrt Michelle D. 182,058Independence USBC
450ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLessenger Jenny A. 1582,058Muscatine USBC
450ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLuebbers Dana R. 842,058Eldora USBC
450ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSanders Sara L. 1272,058Ottumwa Area USBC
450ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHawkins Michelle J. 2612,058Cedar Rapids USBC
450ALL EVENTS-HandicappedReid Debra J. 2532,058Cedar Rapids USBC
456ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBiwer Marguerite E. 2642,057Cedar Rapids USBC
456ALL EVENTS-HandicappedTisher Karla F. 2682,057Cedar Rapids USBC
456ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWood Carey A. 402,057Maquoketa USBC
456ALL EVENTS-HandicappedZismer Nicole L. 422,057Maquoketa USBC
456ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSuchan LuAnn 342,057Gr Cedar Valley USBC
456ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWorkman Brittany 1212,057Burlington Area USBC
456ALL EVENTS-HandicappedDietrich Jessica L. 312,057New Hampton USBC
463ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBecker Janet 2372,056Oelwein USBC
463ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSimpson Amber L. 1032,056Gr Cedar Valley USBC
463ALL EVENTS-HandicappedThorson Lexi S. 1702,056Decorah USBC
466ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMagnani Shelby A. 3112,055Gr Des Moines USBC
466ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKromminga Mary R. 942,055Cedar Rapids USBC
466ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBarnes Toni J. 782,055Sigourney USBC
466ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSchiltz Stephanie 2432,055Laurens USBC
466ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBenge Marilyn M. 1182,055Burlington Area USBC
466ALL EVENTS-HandicappedCollins Anita J. 1112,055Burlington Area USBC
466ALL EVENTS-HandicappedEich Melissa M. 592,055Marshalltown Area USBC
473ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBush Shirley M. 2142,054Cedar Rapids USBC
474ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWehrman Catharine L. 942,053Cedar Rapids USBC
474ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWalker Jessica J. 362,053Maquoketa USBC
474ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKerkhoff Carolyn L. 222,053Manning USBC
474ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLatwesen Danielle M. 472,053Grundy Center USBC
474ALL EVENTS-HandicappedDanner Carmen 742,053Sigourney USBC
474ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLaird Julie A. 192,053Gr Cedar Valley USBC
474ALL EVENTS-HandicappedClewell Sandra J. 2952,053Gr Cedar Valley USBC
474ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRule Donell E. 1502,053Keokuk USBC
474ALL EVENTS-HandicappedDarrow Mildred 1552,053Gr Davenport Metro USBC
483ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBowdry Sheila K. 2422,052Gr Davenport Metro USBC
483ALL EVENTS-HandicappedAnderson Kathleen A. 802,052Humboldt Iowa USBC
485ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHabben Dawn C. 792,051Humboldt Iowa USBC
485ALL EVENTS-HandicappedPeterie Donna J. 1382,051Burlington Area USBC
485ALL EVENTS-HandicappedPowell Anne M. 992,051Dubuque Area USBC
485ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBullington Nancy J. 1232,051Red Oak USBC
489ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHorsman Robin M. 1292,050Ottumwa Area USBC
489ALL EVENTS-HandicappedClubb Elaina 1362,050Sigourney USBC
491ALL EVENTS-HandicappedDelarm Amy L. 422,049Maquoketa USBC
491ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSheker Tammy A. 1152,049Fort Dodge Area USBC
491ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMartin Eleanore M. 262,049New Hampton USBC
494ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMcIntyre Karla J. 722,048Dubuque Area USBC
494ALL EVENTS-HandicappedShook Gail A. 1412,048Ames Area USBC
496ALL EVENTS-HandicappedCaufield Joni A. 1962,047Ames Area USBC
496ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRiggs Barbara A. 1852,047Gr Des Moines USBC
496ALL EVENTS-HandicappedThomas Tammy 362,047Maquoketa USBC
496ALL EVENTS-HandicappedPate Nada L. 1272,047Ottumwa Area USBC
496ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWarner Cathy C. 1122,047Ottumwa Area USBC
501ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMason Carol Ann 2572,046Cedar Rapids USBC
501ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHintermeister Cindy A. 1562,046Clinton USBC
501ALL EVENTS-HandicappedVashaw Kelci J. 1772,046Ames Area USBC
501ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMcdermott Jessalyn 1082,046Dubuque Area USBC
505ALL EVENTS-HandicappedEsser Dee Dee 792,045Humboldt Iowa USBC
505ALL EVENTS-HandicappedAllen Theresa 1462,045Gr Cedar Valley USBC
505ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMatti Tiffany 142,045Pella USBC
505ALL EVENTS-HandicappedNizzi Katherine L. 2222,045Gr Des Moines USBC
505ALL EVENTS-HandicappedFoster Samantha E. 542,045Fort Dodge Area USBC
510ALL EVENTS-HandicappedPullman Veronica L. 1482,044Clarke & Decatur USBC
510ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLee Shelby 862,044Sigourney USBC
510ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRobinson Debra S. 2462,044Ames Area USBC
510ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSteeve Kate L. 1222,044Clarinda USBC
514ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHutcheson Tammie D. 1532,043Gr Davenport Metro USBC
514ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRommel Connie L. 1022,043Gr Cedar Valley USBC
514ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLoring Robin D. 52,043Atlantic USBC
514ALL EVENTS-HandicappedVos Carla 42,043Pella USBC
514ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLunsford Tanya S. 2942,043Clinton USBC
514ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKuehn Norma M. 2942,043Clinton USBC
514ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWisted Sharon K. 2522,043Cedar Rapids USBC
521ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHardin Holly L. 2612,042Cedar Rapids USBC
521ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMuller Shara N. 162,042Maquoketa USBC
521ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSimmons Tina M. 1412,042Ames Area USBC
521ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRhine Tammy L. 232,042Creston USBC
521ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKruser Melissa A. 1872,042Dubuque Area USBC
526ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHughes Kaytlynn J. 2242,041Jasper County USBC
526ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSlifer Tarah J. 502,041Grundy Center USBC
526ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMeyer Natasha 522,041Grundy Center USBC
526ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSchultes Kristie A. 212,041Manning USBC
530ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKvach Jean I. 2142,040Cedar Rapids USBC
531ALL EVENTS-HandicappedTaylor Kayla M. 972,038Dubuque Area USBC
532ALL EVENTS-HandicappedCook Sue K. 2382,037Gr Des Moines USBC
532ALL EVENTS-HandicappedVan Ersvelde Amy M. 1432,037Iowa City USBC
534ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRobertson Diana L. 2692,036Cedar Rapids USBC
534ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLawson Candy S. 2462,036Ames Area USBC
534ALL EVENTS-HandicappedEggers Joanna M. 2342,036Council Bluffs USBC
534ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBailey Jesse L. 1482,036Clarke & Decatur USBC
534ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLogan Jaylee M. 1182,036Burlington Area USBC
539ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMaranville Merideth J. 1452,035Clarinda USBC
539ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHeuer Barbara J. 1902,035Muscatine USBC
539ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBoeck Carolyn J. 1342,035Manning USBC
539ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMisener Brynna A. 2622,035Cedar Rapids USBC
543ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMcGee Karen L. 2422,034Gr Davenport Metro USBC
543ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSchumacher Gina M. 302,034New Hampton USBC
545ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRoussel Sue V. 872,033Dubuque Area USBC
545ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMoritz Donna A. 3062,033Gr Davenport Metro USBC
545ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWatson Sarah L. 2012,033Muscatine USBC
545ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHogan Tina M. 3132,033Lenox USBC
549ALL EVENTS-HandicappedEpperson Maureen A. 202,031Gr Cedar Valley USBC
549ALL EVENTS-HandicappedJorgensen Patricia R. 1342,031Manning USBC
549ALL EVENTS-HandicappedFecher Shannon R. 2782,031Greene County USBC
549ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWeiland Debbie A. 632,031Dubuque Area USBC
553ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLyons Kim E. 592,030Marshalltown Area USBC
553ALL EVENTS-HandicappedFunte Stacy L. 1832,030Charles City USBC
553ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHosier Diane M. 1462,030Gr Cedar Valley USBC
553ALL EVENTS-HandicappedDobbins April 1362,030Sigourney USBC
553ALL EVENTS-HandicappedColbert Joan K. 442,030Sigourney USBC
553ALL EVENTS-HandicappedJacobs Amanda 1802,030Lenox USBC
553ALL EVENTS-HandicappedStoltzfus Mindy J. 2932,030Muscatine USBC
553ALL EVENTS-HandicappedGibson April 412,030Maquoketa USBC
553ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSpurgeon Kelly L. 1292,030Ottumwa Area USBC
553ALL EVENTS-HandicappedFrye Cheryl L. 1712,030Decorah USBC
563ALL EVENTS-HandicappedShemanski Cari A. 442,029Sigourney USBC
563ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMerkes Shelley 1092,029Dubuque Area USBC
563ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSchwarz Sarah M. 3002,029Camanche USBC
563ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHughes Deanne K. 1222,029Clarinda USBC
567ALL EVENTS-HandicappedDrummond Donna J. 1522,028Keokuk USBC
567ALL EVENTS-HandicappedPenning Karen A. 792,028Humboldt Iowa USBC
567ALL EVENTS-HandicappedFink Julie E. 1952,028Mt Pleasant USBC
567ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKetchum Kathy 2102,028Gr Mason City USBC
567ALL EVENTS-HandicappedShoafstall Brooke M. 2092,028Gr Mason City USBC
567ALL EVENTS-HandicappedFoster Anna 1012,028Fort Dodge Area USBC
567ALL EVENTS-HandicappedVon Ahsen Jolene K. 952,028Cedar Rapids USBC
574ALL EVENTS-HandicappedJohnson Cathy A. 662,027Maquoketa USBC
574ALL EVENTS-HandicappedFarrell Mary E. 1542,027Gr Davenport Metro USBC
574ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBudzyn Amanda E. 1192,027Burlington Area USBC
577ALL EVENTS-HandicappedGoyette Donna M. 3082,026Gr Davenport Metro USBC
577ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLechtenberg Abby L. 312,026New Hampton USBC
577ALL EVENTS-HandicappedReed Amber D. 2672,026Cedar Rapids USBC
577ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHall Patricia A. 2522,026Cedar Rapids USBC
577ALL EVENTS-HandicappedJones Carla R. 132,026Gr Des Moines USBC
577ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRiordan Lynne G. 1982,026Sigourney USBC
577ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWalker Jennifer J. 1652,026Council Bluffs USBC
584ALL EVENTS-HandicappedShaull Joyce I. 1932,025Muscatine USBC
584ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHalvorson Anna K. 322,025New Hampton USBC
584ALL EVENTS-HandicappedParcel Amber L. 3122,025Buffalo Center USBC
587ALL EVENTS-HandicappedFarrens Susan A. 3012,024Lenox USBC
587ALL EVENTS-HandicappedDague Vi S. 2322,024Maquoketa USBC
589ALL EVENTS-HandicappedPenning Jamie K. 2552,023Cedar Rapids USBC
589ALL EVENTS-HandicappedGarringer Connie E. 2572,023Cedar Rapids USBC
589ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHaskell Laura K. 2222,023Gr Des Moines USBC
589ALL EVENTS-HandicappedToepfer Judith A. 332,023Gr Cedar Valley USBC
589ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWilson Tracey L. 1772,023Ames Area USBC
589ALL EVENTS-HandicappedOetken Bailey M. 242,023Creston USBC
589ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLeppert Dorothy M. 632,023Dubuque Area USBC
596ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHopp Patricia 2502,022Keokuk USBC
596ALL EVENTS-HandicappedPettinger Jana E. 2872,022Humboldt Iowa USBC
596ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWalker Pat 792,022Humboldt Iowa USBC
596ALL EVENTS-HandicappedGeorge Diane 1132,022Humboldt Iowa USBC
596ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMcFarland Marla 242,022Creston USBC
596ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRibbink Cathy J. 1592,022Muscatine USBC
596ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKeiper Sabrina 2642,022Cedar Rapids USBC
596ALL EVENTS-HandicappedCook Katelynn M. 2662,022Cedar Rapids USBC
604ALL EVENTS-HandicappedVan Severen Sandra L. 2512,021Cedar Rapids USBC
604ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMarshall Dian K. 1192,021Burlington Area USBC
604ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSteffensmeier Michelle L. 602,021Dubuque Area USBC
607ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRoche Traci D. 1622,020Marshalltown Area USBC
607ALL EVENTS-HandicappedAxtell Linda L. 1122,020Ottumwa Area USBC
607ALL EVENTS-HandicappedVanBennekom Audra 2582,020Cedar Rapids USBC
607ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHenderson Amy J. 2972,020Anamosa USBC
607ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKruse Jennifer 1702,020Decorah USBC
607ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSage Karen L. 2952,020Gr Cedar Valley USBC
607ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSherlock Sue M. 2762,020Greene County USBC
607ALL EVENTS-HandicappedGrangruth Tracy L. 1422,020Ames Area USBC
615ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBriggs Deborah M. 1792,019Lenox USBC
615ALL EVENTS-HandicappedEastwood Angela J. 622,019Fort Dodge Area USBC
615ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKuhnle Karen 2562,019Cedar Rapids USBC
615ALL EVENTS-HandicappedPayne Toni 832,019Ottumwa Area USBC
615ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLaughlin Diane M. 1922,019Dubuque Area USBC
615ALL EVENTS-HandicappedOhnemus Brenda 3052,019De Witt USBC
621ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBolton Mary L. 1232,018Red Oak USBC
621ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHidlebaugh Debra A. 2312,018Muscatine USBC
623ALL EVENTS-HandicappedFarrington-Howrey Vicky J. 1612,017Mt Pleasant USBC
623ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSchramm Brooke E. 432,017Sigourney USBC
623ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLienemann Joan K. 232,017Creston USBC
626ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMorris Karen 762,016Sigourney USBC
626ALL EVENTS-HandicappedShady Debora K. 382,016Maquoketa USBC
626ALL EVENTS-HandicappedFrazier Karen C. 3072,016Gr Davenport Metro USBC
626ALL EVENTS-HandicappedNiedert Monica A. 1732,016West Delaware USBC
630ALL EVENTS-HandicappedNewton Kathy E. 1272,015Ottumwa Area USBC
630ALL EVENTS-HandicappedDavis Lorrie R. 1152,015Fort Dodge Area USBC
630ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWeber Patricia D. 1852,015Gr Des Moines USBC
630ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBruns Rae K. 2452,015Gr Cedar Valley USBC
630ALL EVENTS-HandicappedNovak Amy L. 1752,015Charles City USBC
635ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSchultz Erica L. 2742,014Muscatine USBC
635ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRynearson Sherry 1052,014Gr Des Moines USBC
635ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHamdorf Karla K. 2512,014Cedar Rapids USBC
635ALL EVENTS-HandicappedPetsche Christine A. 1922,014Dubuque Area USBC
639ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMerkes Cheryl L. 1092,013Dubuque Area USBC
639ALL EVENTS-HandicappedEarly Rebecca 2632,013Cedar Rapids USBC
639ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSchoenfelder Cindy K. 922,013Cedar Rapids USBC
639ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBall Renee L. 1592,013Muscatine USBC
643ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWilson Jewell M. 2492,012Gr Cedar Valley USBC
643ALL EVENTS-HandicappedEngledow Carilyn S. 1842,012Cedar Rapids USBC
643ALL EVENTS-HandicappedJohnson Margaret A. 1852,012Gr Des Moines USBC
643ALL EVENTS-HandicappedFarrell Sharon K. 132,012Gr Des Moines USBC
643ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMcallister Louise M. 1252,012Dubuque Area USBC
643ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHigh Marlene J. 722,012Dubuque Area USBC
643ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSullivan Sherri 2992,012Camanche USBC
650ALL EVENTS-HandicappedClark Amy A. 462,011Marshalltown Area USBC
650ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHalvorson Jennifer C. 2592,011Cedar Rapids USBC
652ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWinter Lora 2162,010Cedar Rapids USBC
652ALL EVENTS-HandicappedJensen Susan K. 1022,010Gr Cedar Valley USBC
652ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSilvers Kris K. 1472,010Clarke & Decatur USBC
652ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSadler Jessica A. 702,010West Union USBC
656ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSunderman Linda M. 1372,009Clarinda USBC
656ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHelgevold Landi M. 2262,009Clarke & Decatur USBC
658ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLongcor Emma L. 732,008Muscatine USBC
658ALL EVENTS-HandicappedConnors Penny 1132,008Humboldt Iowa USBC
658ALL EVENTS-HandicappedDominacki June M. 2192,008Gr Davenport Metro USBC
661ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMackey Keri 1922,007Dubuque Area USBC
661ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLohrer Donna M. 2592,007Cedar Rapids USBC
661ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSchone Brittany 42,007Pella USBC
661ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSchmauss Barb 1012,007Fort Dodge Area USBC
665ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWittenburg Jennifer L. 1822,006Gr Cedar Valley USBC
665ALL EVENTS-HandicappedShoafstall Karie M. 2092,006Gr Mason City USBC
665ALL EVENTS-HandicappedJennings Teri L. 1412,006Ames Area USBC
665ALL EVENTS-HandicappedEinck Wendy A. 282,006New Hampton USBC
665ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKapler Linda S. 282,006New Hampton USBC
670ALL EVENTS-HandicappedVermeulen Beth M. 982,005Dubuque Area USBC
670ALL EVENTS-HandicappedGoodenow Heather J. 382,005Maquoketa USBC
672ALL EVENTS-HandicappedPruismann Linda A. 1972,004Ames Area USBC
672ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRicks Amy 3022,004Lenox USBC
674ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMcPherson Tina L. 2792,003Greene County USBC
674ALL EVENTS-HandicappedClasen Jackie J. 662,003Maquoketa USBC
674ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMullen Elizabeth M. 1722,003West Delaware USBC
677ALL EVENTS-HandicappedPins Sara V. 1082,002Dubuque Area USBC
677ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSchmitt Karen A. 262,002New Hampton USBC
677ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHite Mikayla A. 2642,002Cedar Rapids USBC
677ALL EVENTS-HandicappedPecinovsky Norma J. 562,002Gr Des Moines USBC
677ALL EVENTS-HandicappedVan Nice Brigitte A. 522,002Grundy Center USBC
682ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLohf Kathy A. 912,001Cedar Rapids USBC
682ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSeifert Debora J. 372,001Maquoketa USBC
684ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSizemore Mendy J. 1602,000Mt Pleasant USBC
684ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHughes Christie D. 2242,000Jasper County USBC
686ALL EVENTS-HandicappedGerischer Chalette L. 381,999Maquoketa USBC
686ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKearns Heather J. 2131,999Cedar Rapids USBC
686ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKleinman Deborah J. 1271,999Ottumwa Area USBC
689ALL EVENTS-HandicappedGingerich Alexis L. 3041,998Cedar Rapids USBC
689ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRethamel Denise M. 2881,998Muscatine USBC
689ALL EVENTS-HandicappedPeterla Ann M. 1541,998Gr Davenport Metro USBC
689ALL EVENTS-HandicappedUtter Joanne M. 1721,998West Delaware USBC
693ALL EVENTS-HandicappedInman Darlene 1331,997Manning USBC
693ALL EVENTS-HandicappedStreeter Erin J. 391,997Maquoketa USBC
693ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHemann Kim K. 2401,997Fort Dodge Area USBC
696ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBalk Michelle E. 1561,996Clinton USBC
696ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBauer Teresa J. 2911,996Fairfield USBC
696ALL EVENTS-HandicappedChatfield Melinda M. 1601,996Mt Pleasant USBC
696ALL EVENTS-HandicappedOsher Roxann M. 2471,996Clarinda USBC
700ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLove Amber L. 681,995West Union USBC
700ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKirkus Kristy L. 311,995New Hampton USBC
700ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWilson Mary 541,995Fort Dodge Area USBC
703ALL EVENTS-HandicappedDickinson Laura L. 3111,994Gr Des Moines USBC
703ALL EVENTS-HandicappedDiggins Emily M. 591,994Marshalltown Area USBC
705ALL EVENTS-HandicappedGreen Tammy R. 2411,993Anamosa USBC
705ALL EVENTS-HandicappedPatton Tonya L. 1301,993Ottumwa Area USBC
705ALL EVENTS-HandicappedPetersen Nicole D. 2731,993Cedar Rapids USBC
705ALL EVENTS-HandicappedNeebel Sue M. 2451,993Gr Cedar Valley USBC
709ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHancock Connie K. 1241,992Lenox USBC
709ALL EVENTS-HandicappedClock Judy K. 851,992Eldora USBC
709ALL EVENTS-HandicappedTuttle Terri L. 2171,992Cedar Rapids USBC
709ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHall Patsy L. 2171,992Cedar Rapids USBC
713ALL EVENTS-HandicappedNeff Cassandra A. 2651,991Cedar Rapids USBC
713ALL EVENTS-HandicappedGaunt Kayla N. 391,991Maquoketa USBC
713ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRadcliff Shelly L. 3101,991Gr Mason City USBC
713ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMcClure Judy M. 51,991Atlantic USBC
717ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWardenburg Bonnie J. 931,990Cedar Rapids USBC
717ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBurch Carmelita 1431,990Iowa City USBC
717ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMcElroy Deborah A. 1621,990Marshalltown Area USBC
720ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBlackford Sue D. 1621,989Marshalltown Area USBC
720ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHall Linda J. 2231,989Gr Des Moines USBC
720ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWheeler Jenny L. 2351,989Gr Des Moines USBC
720ALL EVENTS-HandicappedNovak Krystal 1751,989Charles City USBC
720ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMiller Lisa L. 821,989Sumner USBC
725ALL EVENTS-HandicappedTeske Rebecca K. 841,988Eldora USBC
725ALL EVENTS-HandicappedOsburn Jenny M. 2701,988Cedar Rapids USBC
725ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHovey Sylvia D. 381,988Maquoketa USBC
728ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLewis Traci L. 2731,987Cedar Rapids USBC
728ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKearney Kelly M. 2831,987Gr Des Moines USBC
728ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHomeister Melanie 511,987Grundy Center USBC
728ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMadsen Lisa L. 2251,987Muscatine USBC
728ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMorgan Michelle A. 1901,987Muscatine USBC
728ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMcClellan Angie R. 1991,987Marshalltown Area USBC
728ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHolt Tracey M. 1001,987Dubuque Area USBC
735ALL EVENTS-HandicappedDingman Karen L. 1201,986Burlington Area USBC
735ALL EVENTS-HandicappedDyson Carolyn 441,986Sigourney USBC
735ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBriner Cindy 231,986Creston USBC
738ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLamb Autumn E. 2651,985Cedar Rapids USBC
739ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRandecker Tasha 2321,984Maquoketa USBC
739ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKusserow Cathy 851,984Eldora USBC
739ALL EVENTS-HandicappedJanssen Sherry J. 1961,984Ames Area USBC
739ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHancock Kari 1241,984Lenox USBC
739ALL EVENTS-HandicappedTilleraas Betty J. 701,984West Union USBC
739ALL EVENTS-HandicappedThrondson Carrie 301,984New Hampton USBC
745ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMichalski Michelle M. 971,983Dubuque Area USBC
745ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHanus Gretchen P. 451,983Marshalltown Area USBC
745ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWilson Mari I. 2091,983Gr Mason City USBC
745ALL EVENTS-HandicappedVasquez Michele 551,983Fort Dodge Area USBC
749ALL EVENTS-HandicappedPol Lana K. 251,982Pella USBC
749ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMullikin Eileen E. 2051,982Muscatine USBC
749ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSchwartz Vickie 341,982Gr Cedar Valley USBC
749ALL EVENTS-HandicappedButtolph Renae A. 271,982New Hampton USBC
753ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWilliams Peg A. 1861,981Dubuque Area USBC
753ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHuntsman Tiffany D. 1801,981Lenox USBC
753ALL EVENTS-HandicappedCrum Donna R. 1651,981Council Bluffs USBC
753ALL EVENTS-HandicappedOberbroeckling Maureen M. 811,981Sumner USBC
753ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSmith Lea M. 2381,981Gr Des Moines USBC
758ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLaube Rebecca 551,980Fort Dodge Area USBC
758ALL EVENTS-HandicappedVink Louise F. 141,980Pella USBC
758ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWeets Cynthia L. 2961,980Clinton USBC
758ALL EVENTS-HandicappedTheilen Kenya R. 3041,980Cedar Rapids USBC
758ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKillion Rebecca L. 2781,980Greene County USBC
758ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMorgan Jamie R. 2841,980Independence USBC
758ALL EVENTS-HandicappedDecker Angel D. 2901,980Independence USBC
765ALL EVENTS-HandicappedFrimml Kalli J. 2121,979Monticello USBC
766ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHancock Brandi J. 1241,978Lenox USBC
766ALL EVENTS-HandicappedTippett Cindi A. 2681,978Cedar Rapids USBC
766ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMiles Becky F. 1711,978Decorah USBC
766ALL EVENTS-HandicappedJohnson Eilene 1991,978Marshalltown Area USBC
770ALL EVENTS-HandicappedTevis Kristen M. 2841,977Independence USBC
770ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSchnoor Anita R. 3001,977Camanche USBC
770ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBurke Kerri K. 2811,977Gr Des Moines USBC
770ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWebster Debbie A. 2811,977Gr Des Moines USBC
770ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKnoebel Bevan D. 401,977Maquoketa USBC
770ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWick Kat L. 1311,977Ottumwa Area USBC
776ALL EVENTS-HandicappedReitzler Michelle L. 1431,976Iowa City USBC
776ALL EVENTS-HandicappedDerbyshire Cherie 2451,976Gr Cedar Valley USBC
776ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHemsley Connie J. 861,976Sigourney USBC
776ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMcManemy Pam J. 191,976Gr Cedar Valley USBC
776ALL EVENTS-HandicappedElam Diana 2501,976Keokuk USBC
781ALL EVENTS-HandicappedAdams Marti (Margaret) T. 1531,975Gr Davenport Metro USBC
781ALL EVENTS-HandicappedVick Annette C. 2201,975Gr Davenport Metro USBC
781ALL EVENTS-HandicappedDaniels Jordy 671,975De Witt USBC
781ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRuden Jodi L. 1871,975Dubuque Area USBC
781ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSchildroth Theresa L. 501,975Grundy Center USBC
781ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBorkowski Kristen D. 211,975Manning USBC
787ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRothe Michele A. 1351,974Manning USBC
787ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLogsdon Linda S. 1691,974Decorah USBC
787ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMenster Ginger L. 2031,974Anamosa USBC
787ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMerrick Jada L. 371,974Maquoketa USBC
787ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBenscoter Sara J. 2581,974Cedar Rapids USBC
787ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHowell Joanna 1571,974Oelwein USBC
793ALL EVENTS-HandicappedNeipert Jeannie K. 731,973Muscatine USBC
793ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWest Dee L. 2271,973Clarke & Decatur USBC
795ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBrooks Alisha 761,972Sigourney USBC
795ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWalker Jodi E. 1661,972Council Bluffs USBC
795ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMulligan Connie M. 1321,972Manning USBC
795ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRumery Kelsey M. 2161,972Cedar Rapids USBC
795ALL EVENTS-HandicappedZook Rita A. 2131,972Cedar Rapids USBC
800ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLohf Melody A. 921,970Cedar Rapids USBC
801ALL EVENTS-HandicappedPope Janet M. 2141,969Cedar Rapids USBC
801ALL EVENTS-HandicappedVolk Carol J. 2151,969Cedar Rapids USBC
801ALL EVENTS-HandicappedProshuto Bonnie L. 401,969Maquoketa USBC
801ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBroell Connie M. 1021,969Gr Cedar Valley USBC
801ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRalston Sara A. 2201,969Gr Davenport Metro USBC
801ALL EVENTS-HandicappedPayne Carol A. 1191,969Burlington Area USBC
807ALL EVENTS-HandicappedJellema Rebecca A. 1181,968Burlington Area USBC
807ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWalling Donna L. 1251,968Dubuque Area USBC
807ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSchmelzer Lila J. 3031,968Muscatine USBC
807ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRobinson Dawn A. 2621,968Cedar Rapids USBC
811ALL EVENTS-HandicappedStewart Jo 831,967Ottumwa Area USBC
811ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHowson Nancy A. 101,967Clinton USBC
811ALL EVENTS-HandicappedCollins Margie M. 2381,967Gr Des Moines USBC
811ALL EVENTS-HandicappedCole Beth M. 3031,967Muscatine USBC
811ALL EVENTS-HandicappedDavis Linda 671,967De Witt USBC
816ALL EVENTS-HandicappedCampbell Amy D. 691,966West Union USBC
816ALL EVENTS-HandicappedGray Debbie S. 1661,966Council Bluffs USBC
816ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMullins Janiece K. 2401,966Fort Dodge Area USBC
819ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBrink Debbie A. 2371,965Oelwein USBC
820ALL EVENTS-HandicappedStille Jennifer S. 1091,964Dubuque Area USBC
820ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRoney Roberta I. 1681,964Gr Des Moines USBC
822ALL EVENTS-HandicappedEhrlich Kelsey M. 991,963Dubuque Area USBC
822ALL EVENTS-HandicappedTeague Trista S. 2191,963Gr Davenport Metro USBC
824ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHaus Linda L. 2831,962Gr Des Moines USBC
824ALL EVENTS-HandicappedNiles Susan R. 2511,962Cedar Rapids USBC
826ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBrown Sharon R. 1741,961Muscatine USBC
826ALL EVENTS-HandicappedPaulsen Sara L. 2431,961Laurens USBC
826ALL EVENTS-HandicappedNelson Denise 701,961West Union USBC
826ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMackie Kathy 1191,961Burlington Area USBC
826ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBrewer Kim 901,961Greenfield USBC
826ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBurgart Angela M. 261,961New Hampton USBC
832ALL EVENTS-HandicappedGehrke Janelle M. 851,960Eldora USBC
832ALL EVENTS-HandicappedFry Tami L. 771,960Sigourney USBC
832ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKula Vikki L. 2671,960Cedar Rapids USBC
832ALL EVENTS-HandicappedTryon Camille A. 3141,960Cedar Rapids USBC
836ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBrooks Lucinda 761,959Sigourney USBC
836ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBastian Jeanie M. 1391,959Atlantic USBC
838ALL EVENTS-HandicappedAdamson Caytlyn L. 2791,958Greene County USBC
838ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKay Kim 671,958De Witt USBC
840ALL EVENTS-HandicappedOuverson Lana J. 3101,957Gr Mason City USBC
841ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLogel Karlyn S. 1901,956Muscatine USBC
841ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBarner Laura L. 2031,956Anamosa USBC
841ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMurray Cheryl A. 1711,956Decorah USBC
844ALL EVENTS-HandicappedThompson Sheri L. 2801,955Gr Des Moines USBC
844ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWolf Angie A. 2611,955Cedar Rapids USBC
844ALL EVENTS-HandicappedPenning Sarah L. 501,955Grundy Center USBC
847ALL EVENTS-HandicappedAnderson Lynn D. 1661,954Council Bluffs USBC
847ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMurphy Marlys J. 2411,954Anamosa USBC
847ALL EVENTS-HandicappedJones Tiffany 621,954Fort Dodge Area USBC
847ALL EVENTS-HandicappedDalton Rita 751,954De Witt USBC
851ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRicklefs Cheryl J. 2231,953Gr Des Moines USBC
851ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHenrichs Lori D. 2271,953Clarke & Decatur USBC
853ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMiller Diana L. 141,952Pella USBC
853ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWander Rose R. 1041,952West Union USBC
853ALL EVENTS-HandicappedEinwalter Mary J. 1081,952Dubuque Area USBC
856ALL EVENTS-HandicappedPullman Lorraine P. 271,951New Hampton USBC
856ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKepler Tereni L. 2581,951Cedar Rapids USBC
856ALL EVENTS-HandicappedUnderwood Stacy J. 1141,951Fort Dodge Area USBC
856ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBlock Barbara E. 1341,951Manning USBC
860ALL EVENTS-HandicappedVinton Michelle L. 2921,950Oskaloosa USBC
860ALL EVENTS-HandicappedFisher Lora L. 781,950Sigourney USBC
860ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBogle Deborah L. 1931,950Muscatine USBC
860ALL EVENTS-HandicappedZamastil Heather L. 2661,950Cedar Rapids USBC
860ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBoggess Becky L. 2901,950Independence USBC
860ALL EVENTS-HandicappedClifford Brenda 1511,950Keokuk USBC
866ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRoths Lori L. 2871,949Humboldt Iowa USBC
866ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSchwickerath Tammi R. 2021,949Jasper County USBC
866ALL EVENTS-HandicappedFinley Marcia M. 2591,949Cedar Rapids USBC
869ALL EVENTS-HandicappedErickson Bonnie L. 631,948Dubuque Area USBC
870ALL EVENTS-HandicappedReeg Amy 661,947Maquoketa USBC
870ALL EVENTS-HandicappedShepherd Peggy A. 3031,947Muscatine USBC
870ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBruns Kathleen E. 781,947Sigourney USBC
870ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMesenbrink Cari L. 1351,947Manning USBC
874ALL EVENTS-HandicappedFontana Jan S. 2911,946Fairfield USBC
874ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSchaffer Charlene 2081,946Gr Mason City USBC
874ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBushore Cindi K. 1781,946Ames Area USBC
874ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBird Nancy K. 1981,946Sigourney USBC
874ALL EVENTS-HandicappedFoubert Linda S. 2071,946Sigourney USBC
874ALL EVENTS-HandicappedTisl-Endres Mary C. 151,946Gr Des Moines USBC
874ALL EVENTS-HandicappedDibble Ann E. 691,946West Union USBC
881ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWills Kelly L. 1201,945Burlington Area USBC
881ALL EVENTS-HandicappedAlexander Beth D. 1371,945Clarinda USBC
881ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHeyveld Connie L. 1431,945Iowa City USBC
881ALL EVENTS-HandicappedEarly Mariah E. 2631,945Cedar Rapids USBC
881ALL EVENTS-HandicappedFrimml Debbie 2121,945Monticello USBC
881ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRidenour Alesia M. 2111,945Ames Area USBC
887ALL EVENTS-HandicappedGoldsberry Peggy A. 561,944Gr Des Moines USBC
887ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMartin DeLois R. 1041,944West Union USBC
889ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSpies Litisha E. 2651,943Cedar Rapids USBC
890ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSwanson Brittney M. 2341,942Council Bluffs USBC
890ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLarson Marcia K. 1691,942Decorah USBC
890ALL EVENTS-HandicappedStevenson McKenzie M. 3121,942Buffalo Center USBC
893ALL EVENTS-HandicappedFlaherty Sandra 751,941De Witt USBC
893ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKehoe Rita A. 331,941Gr Cedar Valley USBC
893ALL EVENTS-HandicappedZook Jean M. 2731,941Cedar Rapids USBC
896ALL EVENTS-HandicappedPoldervaart Stacey L. 621,940Fort Dodge Area USBC
896ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKaufman Mary K. 1021,940Gr Cedar Valley USBC
896ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKruger Staci L. 521,940Grundy Center USBC
896ALL EVENTS-HandicappedCottrell Cindy 981,940Dubuque Area USBC
896ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSchmitt Michelle M. 961,940Dubuque Area USBC
901ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKamp Bridget A. 1081,939Dubuque Area USBC
901ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLechtenberg Linda B. 281,939New Hampton USBC
901ALL EVENTS-HandicappedJennings Sheryl D. 2021,939Jasper County USBC
901ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSmith Melinda S. 2361,939Gr Des Moines USBC
901ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLazear Stacey 2801,939Gr Des Moines USBC
901ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWestphal Robin A. 2321,939Maquoketa USBC
907ALL EVENTS-HandicappedShepherd Pamela (Pam) J. 2961,938Clinton USBC
907ALL EVENTS-HandicappedFischels Karen J. 201,938Gr Cedar Valley USBC
907ALL EVENTS-HandicappedCarson Donna M. 1471,938Clarke & Decatur USBC
907ALL EVENTS-HandicappedTabor Shawna R. 2011,938Muscatine USBC
911ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMiller Monica M. 1361,937Sigourney USBC
911ALL EVENTS-HandicappedNixon Jodi L. 241,937Creston USBC
911ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSchnoor Rita C. 161,937Maquoketa USBC
911ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLopata Betty J. 2131,937Cedar Rapids USBC
911ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWeiland Ashley M. 1101,937Dubuque Area USBC
916ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLee Carolynn F. 1111,936Burlington Area USBC
916ALL EVENTS-HandicappedStone Carrie A. 2361,936Gr Des Moines USBC
916ALL EVENTS-HandicappedThomas Jan M. 21,936Gr Des Moines USBC
916ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHorak Shirley K. 2491,936Gr Cedar Valley USBC
920ALL EVENTS-HandicappedArmstrong Jennie E. 861,935Sigourney USBC
920ALL EVENTS-HandicappedPetersen Pamela M. 31,935Gr Des Moines USBC
920ALL EVENTS-HandicappedPinneke Kimberly M. 2811,935Gr Des Moines USBC
923ALL EVENTS-HandicappedDanner Stacia L. 741,934Sigourney USBC
923ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWieman Deborah G. 1331,934Manning USBC
923ALL EVENTS-HandicappedDohrmann Carolyn 3051,934De Witt USBC
926ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWhite Joyce A. 711,933West Union USBC
926ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHager Renae L. 3121,933Buffalo Center USBC
926ALL EVENTS-HandicappedVick Danelle C. 2201,933Gr Davenport Metro USBC
926ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKruser Allison M. 1861,933Dubuque Area USBC
926ALL EVENTS-HandicappedClark Janet R. 461,933Marshalltown Area USBC
926ALL EVENTS-HandicappedCarey Ellen 2251,933Muscatine USBC
932ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMoore Margaret A. 831,932Ottumwa Area USBC
933ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBurchett Kim E. 2801,931Gr Des Moines USBC
933ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHelgevold LeeAnn M. 2261,931Clarke & Decatur USBC
933ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKennedy Barbara K. 1921,931Dubuque Area USBC
936ALL EVENTS-HandicappedPatterson Nancie L. 2491,930Gr Cedar Valley USBC
936ALL EVENTS-HandicappedStrothman Sue 1601,930Mt Pleasant USBC
936ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBloodsworth Shirley L. 141,930Pella USBC
939ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHeintz Alissa K. 2461,929Ames Area USBC
940ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMcComas Brittany L. 2261,928Clarke & Decatur USBC
940ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWatters Joan R. 1871,928Dubuque Area USBC
940ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSchnoor Christine A. 3001,928Camanche USBC
940ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWilson Billie J. 2471,928Clarinda USBC
944ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSchwebke Joyce E. 2411,927Anamosa USBC
945ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRoose Judith 251,926Pella USBC
945ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMcLaughlin Samantha M. 421,926Maquoketa USBC
945ALL EVENTS-HandicappedFlannegan Cindy L. 2441,926Laurens USBC
945ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWhitlatch Sheryl L. 711,926West Union USBC
945ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBeck Stephanie 991,926Dubuque Area USBC
945ALL EVENTS-HandicappedGrey Kelli R. 641,926Dubuque Area USBC
951ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHemann Misty M. 2401,925Fort Dodge Area USBC
952ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHogan Paula J. 1521,924Keokuk USBC
953ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLipes Roxann R. 31,923Gr Des Moines USBC
953ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMuntz Beverly 781,923Sigourney USBC
955ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMyers Gayla C. 2411,922Anamosa USBC
955ALL EVENTS-HandicappedDaub Kim 3141,922Cedar Rapids USBC
955ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMilligan Sue A. 871,922Dubuque Area USBC
955ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMoser Elnora J. 1721,922West Delaware USBC
959ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBoehmer Amy J. 271,921New Hampton USBC
960ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSchoenthaler Becky S. 3071,920Gr Davenport Metro USBC
960ALL EVENTS-HandicappedJiruska Jourdan 2711,920Cedar Rapids USBC
960ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKlett Linda L. 441,920Sigourney USBC
963ALL EVENTS-HandicappedPregon Kandis J. 41,919Pella USBC
963ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRolfes Johanna S. 601,919Dubuque Area USBC
965ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHackbarth Connie J. 871,918Dubuque Area USBC
965ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMoore Gina E. 1551,918Gr Davenport Metro USBC
965ALL EVENTS-HandicappedElkins Amber 101,918Clinton USBC
965ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMiglia Angie K. 3141,918Cedar Rapids USBC
965ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKemnitz Sue 541,918Fort Dodge Area USBC
970ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSimmons Paula R. 2151,917Cedar Rapids USBC
970ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWilder Brenda R. 1691,917Decorah USBC
972ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRudolph Debbie S. 2051,915Muscatine USBC
973ALL EVENTS-HandicappedStaley Jeanne E. 1741,914Muscatine USBC
973ALL EVENTS-HandicappedFirzlaff Janice M. 1251,914Dubuque Area USBC
975ALL EVENTS-HandicappedChapman Sheila R. 1731,913West Delaware USBC
975ALL EVENTS-HandicappedNovak Terri L. 1761,913Charles City USBC
975ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHobbs Tammy L. 1841,913Cedar Rapids USBC
978ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSchild Joy 2691,912Cedar Rapids USBC
978ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBennett Stacie J. 2731,912Cedar Rapids USBC
978ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMcdonald Corliss R. 561,912Gr Des Moines USBC
981ALL EVENTS-HandicappedTerry Venita K. 1441,911Eldora USBC
982ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMattson Kelly S. 1391,910Atlantic USBC
983ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBird Kandy S. 1981,909Sigourney USBC
983ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMurphy Abigail K. 1891,909Charles City USBC
985ALL EVENTS-HandicappedStefani Deanna L. 21,908Gr Des Moines USBC
985ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKloser Alta D. 571,908West Delaware USBC
985ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBarnes Kara L. 1511,908Keokuk USBC
985ALL EVENTS-HandicappedNickel Mary Lee 1381,908Burlington Area USBC
989ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWaldron Barbara S. 561,907Gr Des Moines USBC
990ALL EVENTS-HandicappedAsklund Courtney M. 2111,906Ames Area USBC
990ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRoulson-Bills Cyndi S. 1041,906West Union USBC
992ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSmith Stacy 451,905Marshalltown Area USBC
992ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMcDonald Kim S. 2781,905Greene County USBC
992ALL EVENTS-HandicappedCassens Irene E. 2071,905Sigourney USBC
992ALL EVENTS-HandicappedVozenilek Jessica J. 1311,905Ottumwa Area USBC
996ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWiedenhoff Alyssa 101,904Clinton USBC
996ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSolomon Jennifer J. 321,904New Hampton USBC
998ALL EVENTS-HandicappedEarly Leah A. 2631,903Cedar Rapids USBC
999ALL EVENTS-HandicappedFleming Marsha A. 1231,901Red Oak USBC
999ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWhisler Heather 2821,901Gr Des Moines USBC
999ALL EVENTS-HandicappedO'Loughlin Lindsey R. 171,901Independence USBC
1002ALL EVENTS-HandicappedFisher LoraLee 2071,900Sigourney USBC
1003ALL EVENTS-HandicappedTenEyck Charlene 1331,899Manning USBC
1004ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSkidmore Kayla L. 1931,898Muscatine USBC
1005ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBieri Tabitha M. 1581,896Muscatine USBC
1005ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWilliams Janelle R. 1231,896Red Oak USBC
1007ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHustad Carol J. 2151,895Cedar Rapids USBC
1007ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRoth Stacy J. 3121,895Buffalo Center USBC
1009ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMundell Janie A. 1031,894Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1009ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMcMullen Cherie 1321,894Manning USBC
1011ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWhite Robin J. 2051,892Muscatine USBC
1011ALL EVENTS-HandicappedQuinlan Kathy W. 371,892Maquoketa USBC
1011ALL EVENTS-HandicappedThrondson Regan M. 301,892New Hampton USBC
1011ALL EVENTS-HandicappedClark Melissa S. 461,892Marshalltown Area USBC
1011ALL EVENTS-HandicappedFilloon Piene 1991,892Marshalltown Area USBC
1016ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSturtz Dawn D. 151,891Gr Des Moines USBC
1017ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSchneiderman Suzie M. 1061,890Burlington Area USBC
1017ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSird Michelle L. 3081,890Gr Davenport Metro USBC
1019ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSearsen Anna M. 1521,889Keokuk USBC
1019ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMeyers Terri A. 1011,889Fort Dodge Area USBC
1019ALL EVENTS-HandicappedCraig Tami S. 471,889Grundy Center USBC
1022ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRasplicka Leasha 771,888Sigourney USBC
1022ALL EVENTS-HandicappedPickart Dorene C. 941,888Cedar Rapids USBC
1024ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSparks Mary J. 3111,887Gr Des Moines USBC
1024ALL EVENTS-HandicappedIhnen Melissa A. 51,887Atlantic USBC
1026ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBilharz Deborah D. 1761,886Charles City USBC
1027ALL EVENTS-HandicappedTuttle Karen 2501,885Keokuk USBC
1028ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBoyken Sheri 801,884Humboldt Iowa USBC
1028ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRosonke Kim A. 291,884New Hampton USBC
1028ALL EVENTS-HandicappedPruismann Sandra J. 1961,884Ames Area USBC
1028ALL EVENTS-HandicappedDorweiler Virginia A. 2401,884Fort Dodge Area USBC
1032ALL EVENTS-HandicappedCrain Mary L. 3031,883Muscatine USBC
1032ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKrenz Sandra K. 201,883Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1034ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWoodford Victoria J. 2771,882Greene County USBC
1035ALL EVENTS-HandicappedJacobsen Hazel M. 2161,881Cedar Rapids USBC
1036ALL EVENTS-HandicappedChapman Lindsey M. 2721,880Cedar Rapids USBC
1036ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMcIntyre Karen M. 1701,880Decorah USBC
1038ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHanna Patricia L. 121,879Ottumwa Area USBC
1038ALL EVENTS-HandicappedTeed Barb J. 2161,879Cedar Rapids USBC
1040ALL EVENTS-HandicappedCameron Toni L. 1291,878Ottumwa Area USBC
1041ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBeeh Gwen L. 571,877West Delaware USBC
1042ALL EVENTS-HandicappedUthoff Elizabeth M. 2601,876Cedar Rapids USBC
1043ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHiatt Laurie G. 1731,875West Delaware USBC
1044ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHennings Laurena L. 261,873New Hampton USBC
1044ALL EVENTS-HandicappedNederhiser Tricia N. 2721,873Cedar Rapids USBC
1046ALL EVENTS-HandicappedCarlson Eileen D. 2941,872Clinton USBC
1047ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMartens Elaine L. 1391,871Atlantic USBC
1048ALL EVENTS-HandicappedVogt Molly M. 1001,870Dubuque Area USBC
1049ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWhite Jennifer S. 2541,869Cedar Rapids USBC
1050ALL EVENTS-HandicappedThielen Maureen A. 2431,868Laurens USBC
1051ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKuennen Lavell R. 1041,867West Union USBC
1052ALL EVENTS-HandicappedChristensen Bre M. 2861,866Oelwein USBC
1052ALL EVENTS-HandicappedButrum Patricia J. 1961,866Ames Area USBC
1054ALL EVENTS-HandicappedPorter Sharon A. 11,865Fort Dodge Area USBC
1055ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMarlowe Beverly J. 1741,864Muscatine USBC
1056ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMunson Karmen M. 2571,863Cedar Rapids USBC
1057ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWulf Sandra S. 1321,862Manning USBC
1057ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRatte Linda K. 591,862Marshalltown Area USBC
1059ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSchmidt Hilary A. 2681,861Cedar Rapids USBC
1059ALL EVENTS-HandicappedChampion Jolene M. 101,861Clinton USBC
1061ALL EVENTS-HandicappedClark Becky S. 21,859Gr Des Moines USBC
1062ALL EVENTS-HandicappedOverhouse Kimberly A. 2281,858Jasper County USBC
1063ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRollins Tina M. 551,857Fort Dodge Area USBC
1064ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHelgevold Lori L. 2261,855Clarke & Decatur USBC
1064ALL EVENTS-HandicappedDuesing Linda 3051,855De Witt USBC
1064ALL EVENTS-HandicappedCameron Patricia A. 181,855Independence USBC
1067ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLanfier Laurie L. 1931,854Muscatine USBC
1067ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBrandhorst Nicole M. 521,854Grundy Center USBC
1069ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMathews Sandra K. 1051,853Gr Des Moines USBC
1070ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSchroeder Linda K. 811,852Sumner USBC
1070ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBloom Jerry Lynn 1951,852Mt Pleasant USBC
1072ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKelly Karma 751,850De Witt USBC
1073ALL EVENTS-HandicappedTollenaar-huffman Rhonda K. 771,849Sigourney USBC
1074ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKlocke Sandy K. 401,848Maquoketa USBC
1074ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRauscher Jessi M. 1161,848Ottumwa Area USBC
1076ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLueck Cheryl A. 1341,847Manning USBC
1077ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLopez Cindy K. 2491,845Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1077ALL EVENTS-HandicappedFurlong Kathryn M. 1551,845Gr Davenport Metro USBC
1079ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHolm Danielle L. 2491,842Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1080ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBartlett Bonnie 1031,840Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1081ALL EVENTS-HandicappedGeer Tanya L. 331,837Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1082ALL EVENTS-HandicappedTudor Elissa R. 2841,835Independence USBC
1083ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMcallister Nicole M. 601,834Dubuque Area USBC
1084ALL EVENTS-HandicappedFrahm Erin A. 341,832Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1084ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRomo Ann E. 2711,832Cedar Rapids USBC
1086ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHenderson Linda L. 1151,831Fort Dodge Area USBC
1086ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSeyb Joyce 1501,831Keokuk USBC
1088ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKirsch Tiffany M. 1751,830Charles City USBC
1089ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWallingford Stacy P. 51,829Atlantic USBC
1089ALL EVENTS-HandicappedZaugg Renae A. 2701,829Cedar Rapids USBC
1089ALL EVENTS-HandicappedGeerts Rita H. 291,829New Hampton USBC
1092ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMcCollough Carla M. 551,826Fort Dodge Area USBC
1092ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWilke Charla R. 11,826Fort Dodge Area USBC
1094ALL EVENTS-HandicappedFrazer Cindie L. 201,823Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1094ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSpeake Patti A. 1321,823Manning USBC
1096ALL EVENTS-HandicappedFenton Teresa K. 2831,822Gr Des Moines USBC
1097ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMartindale Cheri L. 2961,820Clinton USBC
1098ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBuseman Randi L. 481,818Grundy Center USBC
1099ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSparrgrove Michelle C. 2031,817Anamosa USBC
1100ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBloom Lillian B. 1951,812Mt Pleasant USBC
1101ALL EVENTS-HandicappedChristensen Kelli S. 2861,811Oelwein USBC
1102ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMellencamp Micaela B. 1911,808Clarinda USBC
1103ALL EVENTS-HandicappedKerkhoff Kenzie K. 221,804Manning USBC
1104ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLange Miranda M. 1861,803Dubuque Area USBC
1105ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRobinson Cathy 3011,802Lenox USBC
1106ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSturm Nina M. 1221,800Clarinda USBC
1107ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSwanson Judy A. 2341,797Council Bluffs USBC
1107ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRidinger Jessica M. 2011,797Muscatine USBC
1109ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHarter Rhonda R. 1541,796Gr Davenport Metro USBC
1110ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBruce Kay L. 2721,791Cedar Rapids USBC
1111ALL EVENTS-HandicappedFrantz Tina M. 2721,787Cedar Rapids USBC
1112ALL EVENTS-HandicappedTrenholm Sharon A. 1861,781Dubuque Area USBC
1113ALL EVENTS-HandicappedCornwell Jean R. 571,779West Delaware USBC
1113ALL EVENTS-HandicappedStephens Sheri 1781,779Ames Area USBC
1115ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMarkle Charlotte L. 281,765New Hampton USBC
1116ALL EVENTS-HandicappedThompson Autumn R. 1161,752Ottumwa Area USBC
1117ALL EVENTS-HandicappedNew Myra L. 1371,747Clarinda USBC
1118ALL EVENTS-HandicappedThompson Lois M. 2531,741Cedar Rapids USBC
1119ALL EVENTS-HandicappedPerez Julianna J. 2011,733Muscatine USBC
1120ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHubble Jesica J. 3041,727Cedar Rapids USBC
1121ALL EVENTS-HandicappedBengerson Katie L. 1351,725Manning USBC
1122ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHogan Tara M. 1591,709Muscatine USBC
1123ALL EVENTS-HandicappedFortmann Tricia L. 2461,682Ames Area USBC
1124ALL EVENTS-HandicappedReysack LaVonne R. 1401,675Charles City USBC
1125ALL EVENTS-HandicappedAnderson Shawn 1661,441Council Bluffs USBC
1126ALL EVENTS-HandicappedChristianson Debra S. 2541,406Cedar Rapids USBC
1127ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWeig Samantha J. 481,391Grundy Center USBC
1128ALL EVENTS-HandicappedVandeVoort Jana 41,375Pella USBC
1129ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHasselmann Tina R. 481,374Grundy Center USBC
1130ALL EVENTS-HandicappedAalbers Sandra K. 41,366Pella USBC
1131ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRange Amanda 541,335Fort Dodge Area USBC
1132ALL EVENTS-HandicappedPrince Linda J. 11,320Fort Dodge Area USBC
1133ALL EVENTS-HandicappedLesley Morgan E. 1661,319Council Bluffs USBC
1134ALL EVENTS-HandicappedCoulter Denise M. 471,307Grundy Center USBC
1135ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHazelton Barbara A. 2521,302Cedar Rapids USBC
1136ALL EVENTS-HandicappedHudson Paula 131,272Gr Des Moines USBC
1137ALL EVENTS-HandicappedWenthe Susan M. 1751,229Charles City USBC
1138ALL EVENTS-HandicappedPeverill Sarah J. 1031,124Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1139ALL EVENTS-HandicappedChristianson Tabby 65744Humboldt Iowa USBC
1140ALL EVENTS-HandicappedFlaherty Morgan 65716Humboldt Iowa USBC
1141ALL EVENTS-HandicappedMason Jill D. 228667Jasper County USBC
1142ALL EVENTS-HandicappedRansom Teresa R. 253664Cedar Rapids USBC
1143ALL EVENTS-HandicappedCameron Pamela J. 65622Humboldt Iowa USBC
1144ALL EVENTS-HandicappedSchoenfield Bonita L. 19615Gr Cedar Valley USBC
1145ALL EVENTS-HandicappedVaudt Melissa A. 65614Humboldt Iowa USBC
1ALL EVENTS-ScratchFoster Kirstin 2852,196Oskaloosa USBC
2ALL EVENTS-ScratchClemens Amber M. 2742,094Muscatine USBC
3ALL EVENTS-ScratchRoe Cheryl A. 2672,049Cedar Rapids USBC
4ALL EVENTS-ScratchWoten Breanne L. 2852,027Oskaloosa USBC
5ALL EVENTS-ScratchHite Mikayla A. 2642,002Cedar Rapids USBC
6ALL EVENTS-ScratchKlein Triscia D. 2251,999Muscatine USBC
7ALL EVENTS-ScratchPence Amber M. 1071,988Burlington Area USBC
8ALL EVENTS-ScratchBloom Cheryl K. 1951,983Mt Pleasant USBC
9ALL EVENTS-ScratchBroadwell Angelia M. 1511,982Keokuk USBC
10ALL EVENTS-ScratchDuver Hope E. 1511,976Keokuk USBC
11ALL EVENTS-ScratchWolfe Darla J. 2801,973Gr Des Moines USBC
12ALL EVENTS-ScratchCook Kelly A. 2661,970Cedar Rapids USBC
13ALL EVENTS-ScratchPalmer Bailey E. 2851,965Oskaloosa USBC
14ALL EVENTS-ScratchSteele Gena R. 2671,964Cedar Rapids USBC
15ALL EVENTS-ScratchEhrlich Kelsey M. 991,963Dubuque Area USBC
16ALL EVENTS-ScratchCunningham Linda A. 2421,961Gr Davenport Metro USBC
17ALL EVENTS-ScratchWittenburg Jennifer L. 1821,943Gr Cedar Valley USBC
18ALL EVENTS-ScratchCottrell Cindy 981,940Dubuque Area USBC
19ALL EVENTS-ScratchPierce Amanda M. 2561,924Cedar Rapids USBC
20ALL EVENTS-ScratchBennett Stacie J. 2731,912Cedar Rapids USBC
20ALL EVENTS-ScratchSimpson Amber L. 1031,912Gr Cedar Valley USBC
22ALL EVENTS-ScratchLawrence Donna K. 2941,905Clinton USBC
23ALL EVENTS-ScratchBeck Stephanie 991,899Dubuque Area USBC
24ALL EVENTS-ScratchPowell Anne M. 991,898Dubuque Area USBC
24ALL EVENTS-ScratchArnold Karen M. 1731,898West Delaware USBC
26ALL EVENTS-ScratchPetersen Nicole D. 2731,894Cedar Rapids USBC
27ALL EVENTS-ScratchRobinson Dawn A. 2621,878Cedar Rapids USBC
27ALL EVENTS-ScratchBieri Tabitha M. 1581,878Muscatine USBC
27ALL EVENTS-ScratchBushore Alexandra M. 1771,878Ames Area USBC
30ALL EVENTS-ScratchGibson Melissa 2001,877Shenandoah USBC
30ALL EVENTS-ScratchStaub Rebekah J. 2621,877Cedar Rapids USBC
32ALL EVENTS-ScratchVermeulen Beth M. 981,870Dubuque Area USBC
33ALL EVENTS-ScratchBurke Tamara M. 2881,865Muscatine USBC
34ALL EVENTS-ScratchBuck Samantha J. 3101,862Gr Mason City USBC
35ALL EVENTS-ScratchBushore Cindi K. 1781,856Ames Area USBC
36ALL EVENTS-ScratchAthey Abbey E. 1821,844Gr Cedar Valley USBC
37ALL EVENTS-ScratchThomas Tiffany E. 991,843Dubuque Area USBC
38ALL EVENTS-ScratchSchnoor Kaisee R. 161,842Maquoketa USBC
39ALL EVENTS-ScratchRibbink Cathy J. 1591,833Muscatine USBC
40ALL EVENTS-ScratchNiedert Monica A. 1731,827West Delaware USBC
41ALL EVENTS-ScratchEarly Rebecca 2631,824Cedar Rapids USBC
42ALL EVENTS-ScratchHiatt Laurie G. 1731,821West Delaware USBC
43ALL EVENTS-ScratchLanfier Laurie L. 1931,818Muscatine USBC
44ALL EVENTS-ScratchMadsen Lisa L. 2251,816Muscatine USBC
45ALL EVENTS-ScratchNovak Laura J. 321,811New Hampton USBC
46ALL EVENTS-ScratchNederhiser Tricia N. 2721,810Cedar Rapids USBC
47ALL EVENTS-ScratchMoore Sherry E. 31,800Gr Des Moines USBC
48ALL EVENTS-ScratchSkidmore Kayla L. 1931,781Muscatine USBC
48ALL EVENTS-ScratchMackie Kathy 1191,781Burlington Area USBC
50ALL EVENTS-ScratchClifford Brenda 1511,779Keokuk USBC
51ALL EVENTS-ScratchMorgan Jamie R. 2841,764Independence USBC
52ALL EVENTS-ScratchHruska Heather E. 1141,761Fort Dodge Area USBC
53ALL EVENTS-ScratchChapman Sheila R. 1731,751West Delaware USBC
54ALL EVENTS-ScratchVashaw Kelci J. 1771,749Ames Area USBC
55ALL EVENTS-ScratchLunsford Tanya S. 2941,719Clinton USBC
56ALL EVENTS-ScratchChapman Lindsey M. 2721,709Cedar Rapids USBC
57ALL EVENTS-ScratchUthoff Elizabeth M. 2601,696Cedar Rapids USBC
58ALL EVENTS-ScratchBruce Kay L. 2721,692Cedar Rapids USBC
59ALL EVENTS-ScratchSchultz Erica L. 2741,690Muscatine USBC
60ALL EVENTS-ScratchKlein Jaycie L. 2741,686Muscatine USBC
61ALL EVENTS-ScratchMarvin Sharon L. 1481,677Clarke & Decatur USBC
62ALL EVENTS-ScratchHelgevold LeeAnn M. 2261,670Clarke & Decatur USBC
63ALL EVENTS-ScratchCoffman Pamela J. 2351,666Gr Des Moines USBC
64ALL EVENTS-ScratchRiley Sandra R. 2881,659Muscatine USBC
65ALL EVENTS-ScratchLipes Roxann R. 31,653Gr Des Moines USBC
66ALL EVENTS-ScratchThompson Sheri L. 2801,649Gr Des Moines USBC
67ALL EVENTS-ScratchWaite Sarah J. 2001,648Shenandoah USBC
67ALL EVENTS-ScratchWills Kelly L. 1201,648Burlington Area USBC
69ALL EVENTS-ScratchKuehn Norma M. 2941,647Clinton USBC
70ALL EVENTS-ScratchKetchum April S. 3101,645Gr Mason City USBC
71ALL EVENTS-ScratchRule Donell E. 1501,639Keokuk USBC
72ALL EVENTS-ScratchCarlson Eileen D. 2941,638Clinton USBC
73ALL EVENTS-ScratchWarren Kena K. 2821,631Gr Des Moines USBC
74ALL EVENTS-ScratchMisener Brynna A. 2621,621Cedar Rapids USBC
75ALL EVENTS-ScratchHill Theresa M. 191,615Gr Cedar Valley USBC
75ALL EVENTS-ScratchSeyb Joyce 1501,615Keokuk USBC
77ALL EVENTS-ScratchClark Becky S. 21,607Gr Des Moines USBC
78ALL EVENTS-ScratchMoore Cheri D. 2751,604Greene County USBC
79ALL EVENTS-ScratchCamps Jillayne E. 2821,599Gr Des Moines USBC
80ALL EVENTS-ScratchPetersen Pamela M. 31,593Gr Des Moines USBC
81ALL EVENTS-ScratchHogan Tara M. 1591,592Muscatine USBC
82ALL EVENTS-ScratchRoney Roberta I. 1681,586Gr Des Moines USBC
83ALL EVENTS-ScratchKirchner Heidi L. 2541,578Cedar Rapids USBC
84ALL EVENTS-ScratchFecher Shannon R. 2781,572Greene County USBC
85ALL EVENTS-ScratchSeifert Debora J. 371,569Maquoketa USBC
86ALL EVENTS-ScratchBlack Trisha D. 761,567Sigourney USBC
87ALL EVENTS-ScratchCarey Ellen 2251,555Muscatine USBC
88ALL EVENTS-ScratchMcComas Brittany L. 2261,550Clarke & Decatur USBC
89ALL EVENTS-ScratchWebster Debbie A. 2811,536Gr Des Moines USBC
90ALL EVENTS-ScratchFrantz Tina M. 2721,535Cedar Rapids USBC
91ALL EVENTS-ScratchZell Erin J. 91,532Iowa City USBC
91ALL EVENTS-ScratchMensen Sarah L. 601,532Dubuque Area USBC
93ALL EVENTS-ScratchSteffensmeier Michelle L. 601,526Dubuque Area USBC
94ALL EVENTS-ScratchRego Kate N. 2541,504Cedar Rapids USBC
95ALL EVENTS-ScratchHogan Paula J. 1521,492Keokuk USBC
96ALL EVENTS-ScratchWhisler Heather 2821,487Gr Des Moines USBC
97ALL EVENTS-ScratchStefani Deanna L. 21,485Gr Des Moines USBC
98ALL EVENTS-ScratchMcallister Nicole M. 601,483Dubuque Area USBC
99ALL EVENTS-ScratchDenniston Jill M. 1171,457Ottumwa Area USBC
100ALL EVENTS-ScratchStephens Sheri 1781,455Ames Area USBC
101ALL EVENTS-ScratchMartin Eleanore M. 261,446New Hampton USBC
102ALL EVENTS-ScratchQuinlan Kathy W. 371,442Maquoketa USBC
103ALL EVENTS-ScratchBurchett Kim E. 2801,436Gr Des Moines USBC
103ALL EVENTS-ScratchDiggins Emily M. 591,436Marshalltown Area USBC
105ALL EVENTS-ScratchPetersen Theresa A. 91,412Iowa City USBC
106ALL EVENTS-ScratchSimmons Wanda R. 91,398Iowa City USBC
106ALL EVENTS-ScratchFischels Karen J. 201,398Gr Cedar Valley USBC
108ALL EVENTS-ScratchRethamel Denise M. 2881,395Muscatine USBC
109ALL EVENTS-ScratchZell Dee Dee A. 91,393Iowa City USBC
110ALL EVENTS-ScratchMatthews Sandra J. 2751,378Greene County USBC
111ALL EVENTS-ScratchKearney Kelly M. 2831,375Gr Des Moines USBC
111ALL EVENTS-ScratchBurchett Cortney I. 2811,375Gr Des Moines USBC
113ALL EVENTS-ScratchEpperson Maureen A. 201,374Gr Cedar Valley USBC
114ALL EVENTS-ScratchWoodford Victoria J. 2771,360Greene County USBC
115ALL EVENTS-ScratchVine Vivian A. 1691,356Decorah USBC
116ALL EVENTS-ScratchMcManemy Pam J. 191,346Gr Cedar Valley USBC
117ALL EVENTS-ScratchOpperman Cynthia J. 1911,331Clarinda USBC
118ALL EVENTS-ScratchCarroll Laura G. 2821,328Gr Des Moines USBC
119ALL EVENTS-ScratchWalton Janet L. 1711,325Decorah USBC
120ALL EVENTS-ScratchBurke Kerri K. 2811,320Gr Des Moines USBC
121ALL EVENTS-ScratchWhite Jennifer S. 2541,302Cedar Rapids USBC
122ALL EVENTS-ScratchBeske Patrena Y. 1171,295Ottumwa Area USBC
123ALL EVENTS-ScratchLaird Julie A. 191,288Gr Cedar Valley USBC
124ALL EVENTS-ScratchHaus Linda L. 2831,287Gr Des Moines USBC
125ALL EVENTS-ScratchBaker Debbie K. 1631,279Ottumwa Area USBC
126ALL EVENTS-ScratchSylvester Sherry L. 1171,264Ottumwa Area USBC
127ALL EVENTS-ScratchWilder Brenda R. 1691,260Decorah USBC
128ALL EVENTS-ScratchThorson Lexi S. 1701,246Decorah USBC
129ALL EVENTS-ScratchLogsdon Linda S. 1691,236Decorah USBC
130ALL EVENTS-ScratchLarson Marcia K. 1691,222Decorah USBC
131ALL EVENTS-ScratchMellencamp Micaela B. 1911,214Clarinda USBC
132ALL EVENTS-ScratchKrenz Sandra K. 201,190Gr Cedar Valley USBC
133ALL EVENTS-ScratchBakke Tina L. 1701,152Decorah USBC
134ALL EVENTS-ScratchKruse Jennifer 1701,147Decorah USBC
135ALL EVENTS-ScratchFrye Cheryl L. 1711,130Decorah USBC
136ALL EVENTS-ScratchLazear Stacey 2801,120Gr Des Moines USBC
137ALL EVENTS-ScratchMiles Becky F. 1711,114Decorah USBC
138ALL EVENTS-ScratchRolfes Johanna S. 601,091Dubuque Area USBC
139ALL EVENTS-ScratchFrazer Cindie L. 201,067Gr Cedar Valley USBC
140ALL EVENTS-ScratchFlattery Jacqulyn D. 1171,054Ottumwa Area USBC
141ALL EVENTS-ScratchHenrichs Lori D. 2271,035Clarke & Decatur USBC
142ALL EVENTS-ScratchMurray Cheryl A. 1711,011Decorah USBC
143ALL EVENTS-ScratchMcIntyre Karen M. 170980Decorah USBC
144ALL EVENTS-ScratchPinneke Kimberly M. 281963Gr Des Moines USBC
145ALL EVENTS-ScratchChristianson Debra S. 254962Cedar Rapids USBC
146ALL EVENTS-ScratchSchoenfield Bonita L. 19396Gr Cedar Valley USBC

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